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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

7 years ago

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Post #10128 Photo of Alien at UK Trade Show Posted by unigroove (4 years ago)

Post #10230 game play video from EAG UK tradeshow Posted by Join_The_Cirqus (4 years ago)

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#664 6 years ago

Congrats Heighway Pinball team. The launch party looked like a blast and the games look great!

6 months later
#1541 6 years ago

Is there going to be a prototype at EXPO in October? I would think by now Andrew has decided if he's going to EXPO and what he will ship... Maybe its too soon for a prototype?

3 months later
#2805 5 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Soooo... Why the LE at all again? Just curious if everything can be bought optional, kinda kills exclusivity, doesn't it?

Good I hate exclusivity in pinball and if heighway offers different models and the option to add on to make those choices its way better. Pinball should be played by all not just a few collectors that can afford a collectible'piece

1 month later
#3097 5 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Damn. That's the LE door? What the...

The export LE door. The USA LE door has 2 coin slots.

4 months later
#5562 5 years ago

Out of respect for the manuafacturer and those that would like to discuss Alien open a new topic "All about Tracie" and have it but please stop posting comments about her in this thread. Geez.

Back on topic, anyone know if the Alien gameplay video was approved for online viewing?

4 months later
#7508 5 years ago

No. Alien will be revealed for the first time in Chicago on October 13.

Quoted from jonesjb:

Is there any possibility of Alien being featured at the York pinball convention?

1 week later
#7562 5 years ago

If there is a heighway party, which would be awesome, hopefully it's not on Friday night when 400 prospective customers will be elsewhere

Quoted from way2wyrd:

Heighway and team is now scheduled for 4 pm on Friday.
Is the Twin Peaks party friday night also at the same time as the Stern Party?

1 week later
#7715 5 years ago

The magic 8 ball says.....
"Ask this same question next week and your answer will be YES"

Quoted from delt31:

so one more time - do pictures of the playfield or cabinet with art exist?

#7730 5 years ago

or look at the playfield monitor? Or have they changed it to 2 separated displays now (playfield one view and backbox another view). I didn't that separated display views were available yet.

Quoted from Aurich:

Would be a huge pain in the ass to develop that, would double the work. But also, the LCD display affects the rules and the whole game. On Alien the dashboard tracks a lot of different things so you can see at a glance where you are with certain aspects of the game. Which weapon you have selected, what the effect of it is when you fire it, how your ammo for the sentry guns is going, how far you are in Lifecycle. You'd have to trap and page up through status screens without that kind of display.

#7737 5 years ago

Whats happening Thursday night in regards to Alien?
According to the expo schedule Alien reveal is on Friday at 4pm

4:00 p.m. "Alien Pinball:
The Official North American Launch"
Guest Moderator: Gary Flower
Speakers: Andrew Heighway, Brian
Dominy, Joe Schober, David Thiel, Barry
Oursler, Kelly Mazurowski, Garret Popek,
Matt Riesterer

Quoted from Aurich:

I'm sorry it feels that way, but the message has been consistent for a long time. Nothing can be shown until we get the green light. It looks like Expo will be that time. That's less than 2 weeks away now. So just hang in there until then and I'm sure it will all be clear. Then we can't stop playing the stupid dance and just answer questions.
If you think it's taken too long, you're not wrong. It has, everyone knows it. But circumstances have been what they've been. If you're coming to Expo keep Thursday night free. If you're not there should be plenty of info coming your way.

#7748 5 years ago


£6,025 (including 20% VAT sales tax – GB/NI price only) + delivery
$8,050* (excluding any applicable sales taxes) + shipping/delivery (from U.S. warehouse)
€8,500* (including sales tax for European Union countries)
+ shipping/delivery

* foreign currency prices are subject to change. Paying a deposit, and securing your game, secures your game at the price quoted on the day you make your payment. If game ships through a distributer then price may vary slightly depending on the rate of sale tax in your country
Initial Deposit: £1,000 / $1,500 / €1,500
50% Payment: Due in week of manufacture
Balance minus deposit and any fees applicable: Due prior to shipping

Quoted from colonel_caverne:

You mean i need to take the plane from France to get an answer to my question :" is the price for EU customer still 8500€?"
If i was ordering today, What would be the price from manufacturer?

#7783 5 years ago

Wow that looks awesome!!!!!! Can't wait to play it! Super great news....

#7851 5 years ago

That has to be the coolest toy in the game! Can't wait to see it work.

Quoted from jonesjb:

Looks great, also will all pins have this same level of detail in the xenomorph head (or was this just a preliminary one)?

#7928 5 years ago

Then go to EXPO and play it and decide. Certainly worth the trip.

Quoted from BudManPinFan:

No plunger is a major disappointment as that's one of the things that makes a pinball machine a pinball machine. The Heighway website still shows plungers on the standard and LE cabinets. I love the Alien movies and am excited by the potential but I want to see more of a finished product and get some impressions on how it plays before I put down any money.

3 weeks later
#9015 4 years ago

WOo, that's an awesome video and shows some things I could not trigger at expo. Love it.

Quoted from way2wyrd:

You mean this?
» YouTube video

2 months later
#10052 4 years ago

Standard (includes shipping to the USA but not to final destination)

LE (includes shipping to the USA but not to final destination)


Looks like the standard and LE come with a translite. Backbox monitor is optional price.

#10283 4 years ago

A few weeks ago Andrew said:

23 Standards are on the line. Parts are arriving every day.
We are flat out finishing the first 3 games for EAG next week. This is the major European coin-op trade show in Europe.
We aim to have 3 x Aliens there and 3 x Full Throttles.
With heavy snowfall forecast over the next 24 hours, we are hoping the roads will be clear as more parts are due to be collected tomorrow.
Finishing off the other 20 SEs won't take long. Most parts are in stock. LEs still on course for next month.

Quoted from spfxted:

Are these still proto machines or from the production line?

1 month later
#11414 4 years ago

This looks much better than EXPO and it was already impressive. Really nice attention to detail. Heighway has a winner on their hands, nice work!

1 week later
#11652 4 years ago

Wow that is the best video yet. It really shows off the complexity of the lighting/video/sound. Great stuff!So much to take in, I can't wait to play it again. I didn't see any ball locking on the left ramp, but maybe they are virtual locks?

2 small things:
* I agree with others that say there should be more play in the bumper area. Its a nice space and there should be some rocking and some rules associated with the bumpers. Then you can put those color changers to work too!
* The YOU HAVE FAILED message can simply be removed and I think it would be presented better. You have a skull/crossbones type image when you fail, simplicity would be best in this case at the end, so just remove the YOU HAVE FAILED message and I think that would be great!

Awesome game fellas! Well done!

Quoted from rcbrown316:

i'm sure this has been posted. if not...enjoy. » YouTube video

#11685 4 years ago

Wow, interesting that people are taking sides on this, lol.

I suggested it should be removed simply because it's redundant. It doesn't bother me, I'm not offended in any way. You already have a big red icon that shows before the message showing you failed (like a skull cross bones, I forget the icon). I get it, I failed, why tell me again? It's like showing a big stop sign and then following up with a message that says "Don't forget to STOP!" No big deal either way, it was just a suggestion.

Carry on, more important things to discuss.

Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I dont think people want the "You failed" Message Removed, I think the suggestion was to add other ball endings, as this ending seems to appear as the Only ending in many cases.
Just mix it up with a few others.....pretty simple, and turn the failure into a positive negative in some endings to encourage another play. "Play Better" on AC/DC is an example...Im sure there are plenty more ways.
I believe its just something coming in the future updates....

#11689 4 years ago

Curious, is there going to be a tournament mode or competitive mode?

#11771 4 years ago

I think you give a big disservice to heighway with that last comment. Andrew does not suck at communication. If anything Heighway is a company that excels at communication in this crazy industry. We've seen more videos and news from their factories at every step of the way over the past 4 years. They have missed every date that they given out, that's true, but it hasn't been for lack of trying or deception. So believe in their product, its real, it exists, its getting better and better, but just take dates given for completion/delivery/approvals as a guess-timate.

Quoted from Cheeks:

As Dano said, if you've been following this thread at all, you'd know why they shouldn't be giving out completion dates. Heighway has flagrantly missed every single deadline they have ever given out. Hell, they can't even release gameplay videos or Q&A with the designer videos when they say they're going to. So at this point, why continue to ask? You are right that it's a fair question, and one we all should expect to get SOMEWHAT accurate answers to, but it just doesn't happen. If we push hard enough, Andrew will give some answer, and then it will be wrong. What good did that do anybody?
I'm 100% in on Alien and Full Throttle, but I've given up needing to know when I'm going to get them. I'll just wait until this Summer (or at this rate, maybe even Fall) and pick them up. I've had to come to grips with the fact that Andrew seems like a great guy with no bad intentions. And thus far they're 2-for-2 on kick ass games. But there are a TON of things outside of designing cool games that Heighway still REALLY SUCKS at. Communication is one of them.
To me, the no-brainer course of action is to determine I want the games, get comfortable with not trying to own them until mid-to-late this year (since I'm intending to buy Alien and FT together), and ignore everything else about Heighway because most of it can be more frustrating that I need.

1 week later
#12041 4 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I have no idea, either. $500? Wild guess.
What's the difference that would make anyone choose to get the kit or not?
$6100 - (Kit + Computer) = X
If X is $1500, (my wild guess) would you get the kit, the full game, or neither?

Computer upgrade will cost probably $250-300. Here is the original computer

#12047 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

Andrew told me a while ago that they would move to an Intel Based mini PC (Core i3, 4Gb ram and 60Gb SSD), instead of the Linux based CPU that is used in Full Throttle. Maybe whysnow can confirm this?
Upgrade with trade in of old CPU should be around €150,-

Nice, they will still be using Linux of course regardless if they change to the intel based mini PC. Good news.

#12087 4 years ago

I guess if you really want the EL blades, you can sell your Full Throttle and order an Alien, then order a full throttle kit.
Personally I would buy a full throttle without the new cabinet as the EL blades don't matter to me. I'd probably want the chrome upgrade though, that look awesome.

Quoted from Wickerman2:

right on. You can't market the system and then make changes to the "base" of the system...a CPU is one thing, a different cabinet is not cool. If future titles have blades but because you supported the team early (and helped fund these new titles) you get screwed out of that feature? And if they made 1 game with those features they sure aren't going to waste the opportunity to add it to future games...

1 week later
#12385 4 years ago

Why stop there? You could have a full slide show of cool images from the movies during attract mode

Quoted from Manimal:

No, I probably should have phrased that better. I was talking more of a screensaver type of deal. Have the artwork display on the LCD when it is just sitting and turned on. I have no idea of what actually is displayed, but if you like that artwork, a stationary digital image would be as good as a translite.

#12432 4 years ago

This is a really nice video to show off the lighting. Also at 3:28 you can see black bases under the flipper bats instead of the stock white ones. It looks much better.

Quoted from Astropin:

This video got posted on YouTube three days ago....pretty good summary and shows some cool lighting effects I had not noticed before.
» YouTube video

2 weeks later
#12820 4 years ago

All Alien kits should come with a CPU and a return box for your old FT CPU. You can't run Aliens on the FT CPU so why even make it an option? When you return the old CPU, you get a refund. That would make it easy.

#12843 4 years ago

Hopefully the new CPU is spec'd much higher than necessary so it builds obsolescence protection. There is no reason the new CPU won't last through the next 4-5 games unless something major changes in the display technology. I'm sure they don't want to go through this again with greater numbers of customers.

1 week later
#13087 4 years ago

I don't think you'll be able to change the lighting on the game. They are all little light boards with light pipes.
Personally I think they look great and wouldn't want to change them.

Quoted from Pimp77:

I was actually thinking it was even darker than a stock WOZ. You can't see any of artwork in a dark room! This thing is going to need a pinballbulbs kit!

#13103 4 years ago

How do you propose replacing the lighting when it's proprietary? I doubt aftermarket options exist

Quoted from MikeS:

Where I play the game on route the game is in a dark room and I don't have any problems with visibility. It's not as bright as a Stern game but you can still see the ball and everything else just fine.

3 weeks later
#14071 4 years ago

That looks awesome! Thanks for the video.

1 week later
#14358 4 years ago

Wow the first LE delivered! I'd like to see more pictures of the game if you get a chance. This is great news indeed.

Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

This is how the game arrived
A sharpie was not used to " doctor" the Box

#14432 4 years ago

Wow your game looks awesome. I don't know how I missed the photos, thanks!

Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

Scroll back in the thread a page or two
I already attached plenty of pictures

#14831 4 years ago

This guy is the designer of Full Throttle and co-designer of Aliens so I'd listen to what he says.

Quoted from ezeltmann:

This guy (insider) seems to think things are moving forward. Is there any reason not to believe this?

1 week later
#15117 4 years ago

Actually most people couldn't care less that Ripley isn't in the game because the player is basically Ripley. All the stuff that happened to her is happening to you and you are seeing it in first person. So one could argue that the narrative was changed in order to cover the missing of Ripley or one could enjoy the game as coded and each time you have a new adventure

Quoted from thewool:

I know some people could not care less about no Ripley but this is why I cancelled, pretty glad I did now...

1 week later
#15282 4 years ago

All Heighway tech support has to do is make the image available on a dropbox or on their site and you download it and image it to a new SSD. Although I think Brian (BSD) said you need the SSD image and an SD card image. I would think they would WANT to support these games, geez.

Quoted from libtech:

Thanks Dan, I appretiate that, I was thinking what I could do is buy a drive dock/duplicator and mail it to you, then all youd have to do is pop out the hdd, and put it on the dock and press a button, then mail it back - super easy.

1 month later
#15682 4 years ago

That was without the large LCD monitor. I think this added another $500. = around $7300. I'm sure the prices are changed now that it's under new management. Maybe they don't offer direct purchase. I'd rather purchase from cointaker anyway with a low down payment.

Quoted from jonesjb:

I think direct was $6,450, plus about $350 in shipping.

1 week later
#15764 4 years ago

Polk PSW10 .. they go on sale from time to time for less than $99

Quoted from budroosker:

Does anyone have a good but on the cheap suggestion for an external subwoofer to buy?

#15841 4 years ago

Spotlights of course would add some additional playfield lighting but it won't be possible to upgrade the LEDS (GI or controlled). They are underplayfield boards that shine the light through plastic lightpipes.
I don't see this as a negative as I quite like the lighting, but if you want it much brighter you have limited choices.

Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

I had a light on the playfield (as I do for all my streams, makes for better viewing overall) but in general the pin is pretty dark. If I were to buy one I'd definitely upgrade the GI LEDs or throw a few spotlights in to light up the middle of the game. Not a huge deal IMO.
Watch toward the end of the stream and you'll see where the battery died on my light so you can see what it looks like without it

2 weeks later
#16218 4 years ago

Its interesting that the LE will come with the translite and not the big monitor. I wonder how its going to look with the big monitor? Don't think you can just install it as the translite will need to be cut to see the monitor, right? Maybe they have a modified LE translite for use with the big monitor.

3 weeks later
#16716 4 years ago

You probably can't buy the LE artwork either (translite). What would you do with this anyway if you had the 27 inch monitor?

Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I'm almost certain that the lit side blades were already standard on the LE. So that wouldn't add much value. I honestly would change to a standard if they would honor the price at the time of my deposit. I had thought that I did that already, but a slight miscommunication kept me on an LE. At this point your really just getting a number and colored armor. Though HP had it from the start that LE options (aside from the armor) could be added to a standard, so the only thing we lost was the fiber ramps. However that was like 600-800. At least chop off the cost of the fiber ramp, that should be an easy thing to for LE buyers.

1 week later
#16824 4 years ago

How long does the boat take from Wales to New York? Very exciting to see more of these produced. Thanks for the pics Dave and for making such a cool game.

#16834 4 years ago

Curious box #8 for the cointaker order says EXTRA. EXTRAS??? maybe parts for another game or some new CPUs for existing orders?

#16849 4 years ago

I doubt Hilton has the updated code. He probably has what it came with, which should have been what you played at EXPO. We were able to start a couple of modes at EXPO last year.

The newer games use a new computer and had several refinements. There were also new light boards (small rgbs) and a new head mech from what I read. New games are shipping with 1.02 code, not sure how much was added in a year but I'm sure the programmer has a changelog


Quoted from CaptainNeo:

is the software in this still kind of hit or miss? We played this again at Mad rolling. And really didn't get anywhere. Even by ball 3, nothing really started or happened. Was really uneventful and didnt' feel like any value for $1. I liked it more when I played the prototypes at expo. But on route the way it started off, I would not put money in it again the way it currently is. Least DE would line you up for a multiball or something to make it feel like you got some value out of your play. We had some arch of inserts all lit in green. Hitting any of the icons that were lit, really didn't start anything. Game isn't that good at telling you what you are doing or where you are shooting. I'm sure hilton has the updated code in it.

#16852 4 years ago

If that is still the way to start a mode, perhaps the programmer would consider adding an EASY option to the service menu for novices:
Hi Left or Right loop to light scoop. Hit scoop to start mode.

Certainly make the EASY MODE default to OFF, but this would allow the home user to adjust for various skills.

I've seen novices and kids play for many years and they sometimes lack the ability to hit a ramp, let alone 2 ramps. This would put them in standard gameplay and not allow them to enjoy all of the modes added. Its pretty easy to hit an orbit no matter your skill level. This way everyone could have fun.

Quoted from Agent_Hero:

Weyland ramp > Yutani ramp > shoot scoop...that's how you start a mode.

#16858 4 years ago

Thanks for the explanation, Brian. Well then, I see no reason why a player shouldn't be able to start modes. Well done. I just watched a clip of gameplay and a player shortplunged to the inlane and started combat zone. Easy peezy.

Quoted from bcd:

There is already an adjustment to make the mode start easier (or harder) if you desire. We already made it easier by default, by not requiring you to qualify the first mode - it's ready at the start of the game.
The orbits are harder to hit than the ramps, so your suggestion would have a negative effect. Also technically you only need the inlanes, not the ramps.

#16860 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

??? there is no short plunge? Just a launch button for the same result every time.

Watch the first minute of this. The first player plunged, it dropped right into the right inlane. Did it hit something?

#16864 4 years ago

ok, so basically plunge and shoot the scoop with the right flipper and you can start your first mode? Thanks, Its been a year since I played it. Maybe I will get a chance to play an older model this weekend at the York show?

Quoted from Ferret:

That's just how plunge works on Alien. Ball always feeds the right flipper. It's like Theatre of Magic (but autoplunger instead of manual).

#16977 4 years ago

None of this matters if you play the game and like it, then decide. If I had listened to the vocal on pinside I would have never bought and enjoyed XMEN years ago. Its still in my lineup and will never leave.

Quoted from nwpinball:

If you read back in the thread, greenhornet went on and on about some fatal flaw in the game that they would tell us all about soon, then when people pushed back, they eventually went away... only to come back now and post this stuff. Clearly they have an ulterior motive against Alien with their multi-pronged approach to talking down the game. The question is why?

#17046 4 years ago

I wonder if a new one will make it to EXPO next week? Hope so for everyone attending! Its going to be close!

#17096 4 years ago

Doesn't it say final destination October 17?

1 week later
#17329 4 years ago

Just you Ted.

Personally I think greenhornets assessment is 2 years late. Nothing can be changed at this point so relax and enjoy the game for what it is. The programmers are bringing the Alien/Aliens world to you under the glass and its a nice layout. Practice the shots and you'll you do just fine.

Quoted from spfxted:

Is it just me, or is anyone else enjoying the back and forth between Whysnow and Greenhornet....

#17338 4 years ago

Back to Alien. Care to share your thoughts as a new owner of this game? Hows the xeno head working?

Quoted from royneblom:

Hi All
This is the promised pictures of the first shipping Alien games coming to Sweden.
As promised this tuesday by Heighway pinball , 7 games reached us today
After a very long waiting it was like 2 year since this order was made and paid ,the games now finaly are in our warehouse ( well one in my game room )
The games will be sent out to the new owners this week .
Just had a fast time playing tonight , will do more gaming tomorrow.
So you who are waiting for your games , Heighway now finaly delivers.
Enjoy the pictures

#17421 4 years ago

Hopefully you are satisfied with explanation from the designer. post #17389 and will save us from further ramblings.

Quoted from greenhornet:

regarding my motivations, this was posted about 2 months ago and remains true today. the only difference now is that some people dont like what they are hearing.

#17468 3 years ago

Maybe the units for Nitro (canada) don't have the coin mechs. In the pic of CT #7 (second picture) it reads US COIN if I'm not mistaken.

This new pic of CT #1 says DOUBLE for the coin mechs, so maybe all of the cointaker units have double coin mechs (2 slot doors)

1 week later
#18000 3 years ago

Wow,thanks for the video. This game looks way better than the one I played at York.
The lighting is terrific and moody, I wouldn't change a thing to make it brighter.
The Xeno mouths opening slowly and closing slowly at 2:40 is super creepy, love it!
The small led screen has nice direction for the player.

Very impressive.

Quoted from delt31:

Sorry for the poor camera angle but I was a one man show tonight. Wanted to get some more gameplay up though. My screen was good too so this is prob a connection issue
Queens nest is my favorite mode so far.
» YouTube video

#18360 3 years ago

I can only sympathize with you. From Heighways facebook:

If you do feel left out, or want to ask anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail (send to [email protected]) or by phone (+44 (0)1495 305634).

Continue to do this until you get a resolution. Ask for a parts ship date.

Quoted from SunKing:

Man, how I would LOVE to be able to update the code on my Alien. I know y'all are sick of me saying it over and over, but I am stuck on version 0.94 and can not update the code on my game until I receive updated parts. They were promised to me first by Andrew - face to face - at TPF back in March. He said I'd get them in about two weeks. Since then, the hardware platform evolved more, and it seems I will need to replace all the GI LED's the drop target mech, the Xeno and the PC. I've received many promises from New Heighway and Cointaker, including the promise of a populated playfield and new PC that was to be included in the most recent shipping container to Cointaker ...but like all the others before, that promise was broken, and as of now I have no idea if I'll get anything.

1 week later
#18453 3 years ago

Nice update. You can see 2 LE's in the background getting assembled.

#18514 3 years ago

Aren't you going through a distributor? Contact them for a change order.

Quoted from Buju:

Can anyone post a non Morgan email for contact @ Heighway? I have been emailing him to no avail. 3 emails unanswered in last 6 weeks or so. Just trying to add the LCD screen to my order and can't get anything sent back to me. Thx

3 weeks later
#18959 3 years ago

If the games are coming by boat there has to be more than 6. Last time there were 20. I didn't think you could share a container...

Quoted from WeirPinball:

I was told there were 6 and 3 following in a few weeks.

1 week later
#19031 3 years ago

That sounds like a PC fan hitting some wires or some obstruction. Check the CPu fan and power supply fan, one of them is rubbing on something.

1 week later
#19231 3 years ago

So what LE transite do you get if you have the big monitor in the backglass? The pics on facebook don't show the big monitor, just a full translite. it looks great but I assume some people want the monitor in the backbox.

Image1 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#19517 3 years ago

Does your game use an SDcard or a SSD drive? If its an SD card maybe you can get an image and image it to a new SDcard.

Quoted from MightyGrave:

My problem is still alive. The machine will not boot and showing the linux error message
So i can't do any update. I think the bootloader is not able to mount the file system

2 weeks later
#19774 3 years ago

The last I read HW said no fiber optic ramp lighting. they didn't like how it turned out. Are you referrring to recompense for the pre-orders for the cost of the fiber optic lighting? Certainly they should give the LE preorders $400-$500 money back or something in place of it.

Quoted from Pale_Purple:

They still haven't said anything publicly about the ramp lights. A few people have posted what was told to them in private emails here but no statement from HW.

#19796 3 years ago

Why would they unveil a new game when they have so many Aliens to make?

Quoted from GravitaR:

Just wait for Queen to be revealed at TPF.

4 weeks later
#20197 3 years ago

It doesn't look like Heighway or their games will be present at TPF.

Perhaps Cointaker will bring an Alien game to play since they are a distributor, but nothing from the official source it appears.

Quoted from frolic:

So will there be any presence at TPF at all? Seems like a wasted opportunity if not.
If they were planning to show a new game originally, but shelved that idea, why not come promote the game they actually have for sale?
Are there that many people out there owed money/games still? Don't want to risk an incident?

1 week later
#20320 3 years ago

IF you have the DVI cables (or vga to dv adapters). I think this is going to be the delay for people changing the computer in their full throttle because they don't include the cables (or adapters) and you have to get them yourself. Not a big deal, but you can't do it unless you have the stuff.

Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

Yes I paid for a new computer with the kit to upgrade full throttle. Changing the computer takes all of seriously 2 seconds.

1 month later
#20918 3 years ago

Spooky has all the business they need AND want at the moment.

#21120 3 years ago

I’d be curious how many games could be made right now from the remaining parts and play fields and cabinets? if Less than 40 the investors shouldn’t get a penny from the liquidation for their fraud. Best wishes to the employees and remote contractors you really made a hell of a game!

#21170 3 years ago

Did engineering/documentation ever produce a manual for Full Throttle or Alien? I'm sure someone had to have documentation to work on. This would be critical to the FT and Aliens owners that have a game.

#21501 3 years ago

It would work if he had the hard drive with both Aliens and Full THrottle on it imaged or the new Aliens PC motherboard. Full throttle came with a SDcard if I recall whereas the new Alien is on SSD. I also recall one of the programmers saying he had a hard drive image that he was testing that had both games working on the new motherboard.

Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

I am wondering if take2-take5 bought an Alien from the marketplace that already runs 1.1 software, would he be able to swap in his Full Throttle playfield, side panels and the latest flash? Swappable playfield concept is what Heighway was built on. Sorry if that means you got to spend another $9k, but it would make for an interesting story and you may be the first person to have a kit. Anybody know if that would work? The unknown being his FTh currently running on an old system. Once the swap occurred to confirm it worked, you could rebuild original CPU and hardware to make that one current. Heck, then you could swap Alien into it. Haha.

#21715 3 years ago

I don't understand why there is such hyperbole when it comes to opinions about a game. If you don't like the game or don't enjoy playing it, why not say you just don't care for it or tell why you don't like the game. Saying the game is "a piece of shit" is really a terrible cut to the talented people that put hundreds of hours and years of their life making it. Express better!

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

"so here's another redundant response where I restate the same stuff and lob personal insults. Also Iron Maiden sucks in case you haven't heard"
Look, I played it, I think it's a piece of shit. A bunch of other people (in this very thread!) played it and agree. THE PEOPLE WHO DESIGNED IT say it was poorly engineered, and in industry terms, a piece of shit. All of the dirt coming out the last week or so confirms this. The game is a lemon.
I don't see why you take this so personally. We are all entitled to our opinions. I disagree with you but I don't go after you personally. And, I don't get my feelings hurt when you continue to pointlessly whine about Iron Maiden's music.
Lay off Judas Priest though. That will really piss me off!

#21736 3 years ago

No, none of them have ever been to Allentown nor will they ever go to the Allentown show. The closest you'll you see of a Heighway pinball would be if cointaker brought the pre-production Alien for people to play.

Quoted from jonesjb:

Will Heighway/Andrew/Pinball Brothers be at Pinfest in Allentown?

#21941 3 years ago

I found it very interesting that the boards on one of your games was labelled "Pinball Brothers" instead of Heighway Pinball. Seems to tell you the plan was to transfer ongoing operations to Pinball Brothers. I wonder how many pinball brothers boards were made?

1 month later
#22307 3 years ago

I think at this point it is what it is. I doubt there will be another software version, so you'll have to enjoy what you have.

Quoted from cyber-greg:

hello!! : )
After a lot of games played, I really find the shaker too missing it's really a shame.
the beacon deserves to be a little more used, but the shaker really even more. full of moment in action, have expected to have vibrations but nothing. as in sentry guns, at the moment when the machine gun was fired! it must vibrate like a real machine gun, and on a lot of actions like that, we should really feel the action with the shaker.
what do others think?

#22328 3 years ago

I'd open it up and play it for sure.

#22389 3 years ago

That looks like alot of work already done and a nice detail of the rules. Why not post this to tiltforums in the rules section? people will continue to edit it and the document will live on....

Quoted from ezeltmann:

I need to put this debacle in my past too.
Anyone who wants to take control of the Alien Pinball Rules Document (word format) please PM me and the documentation can continue.

1 week later
#22484 3 years ago

No but I think we can ass-ume they will the titles JPOP was endlessly noodling on for years.

Quoted from billsfanmd:

Have they announced a title yet?

4 months later
#23566 2 years ago

You just missed a bunch of owners trying to help other owners fix and maintain their cool Aliens pinball.
Aside from that, nothing new

Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

So I haven't checked this thread in 521 posts. Did someone all of a sudden come into the picture and decide they want to give me my money back....?
Assuming not, any other significant news I might have missed?

5 months later
#24300 2 years ago

Nice looking game. Hope you get your issue fixed. But the question is who updated the software in Feb 2019? I thought the programmers moved on to other projects outside of pinballbrothers/heighway.

"In the system menu is the Build date 16/02/2019.
SW Version 1.3B3"

Quoted from DrDoom:

Here are some pics.
It is a beautiful Alien LE late production from Feb/March 2018.
On the computer is a sticker with V 1.1. from 07.03.2018.
The 3 big PCBs are labeled with "Pinball Brothers V0.97a[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

#24312 2 years ago

The programmer would be involved in retrofitting the old code into the new cabinet/electronics/hardware IF it is getting made by a new company.

Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

What is wrong with the old code? It’s the best part after audio and video. Maybe it only runs for furry rodents.

#24363 2 years ago

You can throw 50 credits on from the coin door. That should take you a while to rip through them while waiting for a solution.

Quoted from delt31:

You're right - when I changed from free to play the light worked. Weird
ferret Anyway to get that coin door light to work on free play? would like to use it but also not have to pump quaters into the game.

2 months later
#24829 2 years ago

Nice thought, but that will never happen. Best hope is to find one for sale and buy it and enjoy it!

Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Maybe, use P-Roc and make more standardized boards that can be used in the game and also mass produced so we will forever have working aliens available.

2 weeks later
#25022 2 years ago

I wouldn;t let a few nicks or scratches in the cover bother me. Just enjoy the game!

Quoted from Oneangrymo:

I’m going to try this but I think they r too deep, I can feel my fingernail in it. I guess I will try starting with Novus 2, then 1 . If doesnt work, I may try the 3 but I hope I dont cause more problems. I can get a replacement but I think replacing it is going to be kind of a pain by myself. Or I can I guess I can just leave it alone, its not too bad, I just hate small imperfections. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Stupid pinballs! I bought them from gameroomguys on amazon, and didnt even look at them before I put them in the machine thinking ok they have to be new! Stupid me!

#25046 2 years ago

Looks very minor, just play your game and enjoy it. It won't be the last imperfection you'll see. These things are made to be played, get on it man!!

Quoted from Oneangrymo:

do you think those two rounds spots on my play field are fixable? Maybe be buffed out? I have no idea what happened! I know I may have gotten some Novus 1 on the play field, but not 2, and absolutely not the 3. But I thought 1 wouldn't cause this kind of issue.

2 months later
#25705 1 year ago

I don't know if an Alien pinball is reintroduced without a playfield monitor it won't seem like an Alien pinball. It was an interesting way to provide player information without the player looking up at the monitor/backglass.

9 months later
#27379 1 year ago

Nice to see two guys working it out on similar mods. Well done gentlemen! Looking forward to seeing both designs.

Quoted from Faust:

I will stay with my apron in this thread I think because I posted most here already. Colonel is right that with 180 machines around there is enough place for 2 for aprons.
In the end it was just accidental timing that these arrived at the same time. There was a couple if times ideas but never something concrete, so I figured; why not make something during holidays. So here it is and I don’t mind making 1, 10 or 50
I have no minimum orders and I can adapt per apron; so with LE nr in there or not and with/without the extra acid holes.
I can make them at any time also.
Looks like I’m making around 25 in a first batch. and it will cost around 150-300 euros max (depends on electronics costs).
So my flashers will just add extra leds that strobe when Xeno tongue goes out. I don’t see an easy option for keeping it on all the time during multiball, unless I make something custom.
Last: Lior making the sculptures is very nice!!! He is a great artist.

3 months later
#27891 10 months ago

While I would love a P-roc powered Alien, it would be essentially like starting over from the framework/electronics that is currently used in Alien games. I doubt that would be feasible.

Quoted from Faust:

Finally.... I got already tipped almost a year ago that they were working on it. I'm curious if it is P-roc powered and the rest more or less the same; would be an easy solution to get rid of the biggest problem; IO boards.
Dutch Pinball (TBL) also runs on P-roc and its a reliable solution.

4 weeks later
#28205 9 months ago

I seem to recall there was a version of FT that worked on the Alien computer. Perhaps check with Brian Dominy.

Quoted from dung:

As a full throttle owner I wonder if they will release the version of the code that works on aliens x86 computer. The utilite arm computer used in full throttle is nla.

1 month later
#28402 8 months ago

Nope. Pinball Browser works with Stern games mainly. (some support for data east/ball/williams dmd)

Quoted from Averell:

No, I don't use Pinball Browser and I don't know either if ALIEN is supported?

#28404 8 months ago

Maybe they separate the audio from the video file and have 2 files - one for the video and one for the audio.
I think that's how stern does it. I think is easier to process in the game a/v system.
Maybe you can look for a folder with sound files in it and see if they match the folder with the video files in it or have some logical naming convention to point to them.

Quoted from Averell:

Tried to swap video files with sound inside, but it doesn't work.
If there's someone with good ideas or more experience - please let me know.

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