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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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Post #9151 Insight from Alien's programmer on tournament mode Posted by Ferret (3 years ago)

Post #9234 Update on distribution Posted by HeighwayPinball (3 years ago)

Post #9660 Here we show you a short clip from the 'Ambush Multiball' mode Posted by HeighwayPinball (3 years ago)

Post #10128 Photo of Alien at UK Trade Show Posted by unigroove (3 years ago)

Post #10230 game play video from EAG UK tradeshow Posted by Join_The_Cirqus (3 years ago)

Post #10231 game play video from EAG UK tradeshow Posted by Join_The_Cirqus (3 years ago)

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#4247 4 years ago

Playfield looks great, wish heighway would change the cab though

1 month later
#5066 4 years ago

I'll be sending my deposit over shortly, I'm in for a standard machine

#5090 4 years ago
Quoted from chahoua:

Have you had any response from the sales email address? I sent my completed pre-order form over a week ago and have had no reply yet.

Im ordering from a distributor, not from heighway so cant help you out there

#5091 4 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Awww yeah! It will be nice for us to be able to compare our different machines. I'm not going for the larger display (not right away anyways), do you plan on it?

For sure! Still thinking on the LE but I was just thinking if I ever do take advantage of the swapping playfield thing, would eg ft look good in a lime green cab with beacons on it

I also love the std art, fits the theame perfectly..

No larger display, maybe down the road if it really impresses me, but 95% of the time its just me playing, so if its a mirror image of the pf screen its not something I need. Also, when the machine was off, Id like the translite to look at

#5106 4 years ago

I just swapped to an LE figured the shaker, green trim and mainly if you watch aliens there are beacons everywhere so I want em lol!

#24 here I come!

1 week later
#5161 4 years ago

Looks sweet! Wish I could have seen that video...

#5243 4 years ago

I was actually really happy that in a previous post they mentioned that the final ramps will be wireforms! Games look of much better quality imo with them.

#5247 4 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

I wouldn't take that to mean all the final ramps will be wireforms. He's just explaining about the mockup ramps on the prototype. From the last schematic there's only one wireform habitrail at the U-turn shot. The rest look like molded plastic and have to have the fiber optic lighting attached as well.

Yea I suppose your right, sounds like just some stuff now that I read it again. It would be awsome if the LE had all wireforms, make it look higher end. Personally I would prefer that to el wire.

4 weeks later
#5368 4 years ago
Quoted from lamihh:

Paid in full. LE incl. 27" Full HD Display. Fuck yeah!

Awsome! Post your no. In the LE thread

#5415 4 years ago

Three more days, hope all goes well with fox

#5466 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Wait.... So you're saying that I'll have to go to work today???

Lol, well you dont have a aleins pin to play yet, but maybe a video to watch? Common Fox...

3 weeks later
#6071 4 years ago

Speaking of the alien queen head Im not being critical since the model looks awsome, but doesnt the queen have a big flanged head, the model looks like a regular xenomorph where as the shot map calls it the queen. Just curious


2 months later
#6930 4 years ago

Thanks for the update, cant wait to see what your team has made

#6985 4 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

At this point, that's the plan. LEs are absolutely our priority.
However, a small number of SEs could roll out first - depending on a number of factors such as LE-material approval, LE parts, etc...
We will update you as to the situation closer to the time.

Thats awesome news, the way it should be!

1 week later
#7067 3 years ago

Lets keep this on track

I know you cant show us Andrew but hows the build going of the first production machines?

#7082 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Very well. The race is on to get the first 2 pre-production games built by a week today. It was meant to be 3, but one playfield got damaged. The third playfield is still due to arrive by the end of next week.
The ball guides should be ready by Mon/Tue.
The wireform ramps should be ready by mid-week
The new pop bumper eggs and Queen models arrived 2 days ago.
The new Xeno mech model and jumping facehuggers are due to arrive by mid week.
Most sub-assemblies are complete.
The electronics are already being wired in.
The left ramp (metal), reverso and shooter bracket are due Tue/Wed. The middle ramp is tight, but is being pushed for Friday.
There's some other stuff that will be bolted on by next week, tested and then revealed later. This amounts to 3 key features that are secret at this point.

Thats awesome Im thinking there will be more than 3 features that will still be a suprise for most lol

Hopefully it all goes as planned, Im excited to see the video once done (and approved)

1 month later
#7549 3 years ago

Any news on the promo vid? Still waiting on aproval?

1 week later
#7762 3 years ago

Sweet. Metal ramps look much higher end, well done No kidding long week indeed...

#7808 3 years ago

I think the code will get the attention it deserves, thats the difference in making one game every few years not 4 every year they can actually spend time making it great not rush off to the next.

My only concern is with the small mag cores, after owning ironman etc. Hopefully they are standard size so those mylar rings work or the cliffy metals.

#7850 3 years ago

Just looking at the shooter does it go to the right return or will it jump and go to the flip ramp?

#8106 3 years ago

Great promo vid, really makes it look great! They updated the LE feature list too shaker and EL blades included!

2nd "Translucent green or opaque black flippers and dark rubber all around."

Also just curious on the EL blades if there are different colours, maybe green instead of blue?

Looking really cool though..

#8186 3 years ago
Quoted from tatapolus:

So what's going on with the new prices on the Heighway site?

They corrected them, they had the USD/GBP prices swapped, its as it should be now.

#8192 3 years ago

Looks like (USD) $4350 kit - $6450 std - $8150 35th

Same as it was, there was just a mixup last night while they were redoing the site where they had it listed at 7100usd and guys were wondering (but that was the value in GBP, and if you selected GBP it was 8150)

#8332 3 years ago

Man those look really cool in the dark, going to have to play this one with the lights out!

Hopefully there were some learnings from expo, now it can be tweaked and made perfect!

#8621 3 years ago

Heres one I like - makes me think 'aliens' would look great with a gloss black cab

2016-10-17 22.11.06 (resized).jpg

#8738 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

So Alien LE with the LCD in the head is $8700.00 not including shipping.
These prices are....unfortunate.

Buy a std for 6450 also the 27" is just a mirror of the smaller in playfield screen, not really 'necessary' if you want a lower price. compare that to 8500 for a bm66 prem or 8000 for a DI std seems like a better value (still very expensive though).

#8763 3 years ago

Probably production of parts which would take time/money

1 week later
#9066 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

And you won't find internal disagreement, so (clears throat for Stern voice) stay tuned.


#9099 3 years ago

For the queen

Quoted from Aurich:

The team is on board with my suggestion, but until we test it we don't want to announce it. But when I saw the complaint about the airlock I felt like I wanted to address it, and say "yes, you're right, we hear you, we're going to make it better".

I thought you guys were on to something with the second LCD, make a plastic frame that looks like the outer part of the airlock and most of the time have the inner doors closed on the screen but when in queen battle mode it could be an animated battle between the loader/ripley and the queen (except it doesnt sound like you can show images of ripley..)

a2_40 (resized).jpg
Airlock_AllMaps_4print_03 (resized).jpg
1-YncRFo04nRdb8C92SzY8oA (resized).png

2 weeks later
#9293 3 years ago


1 month later
#9656 3 years ago


Quoted from PeterG:Waiting patiently on the new video and queen chamber reveal. Already 3pm in UK......I think the Heighway christmas party will start a bit later....

Considering its around 4pm over there it should be soon

#9678 3 years ago

Looks great! Good work, so many cool possibilities for modes and stuff on the extra screen, as mentioned you are doing it just needs to move over a little to the left maybe angled a bit.

Also there are only two screens to watch as the main pf screen and bb screens are mirror images as far as I understand.

1 week later
#9883 3 years ago

I think it will be cool to have the lit strips on the side rather than an old style cab, it will look unique in my game room. Also the headbox looks great.

The LE will have a gloss black cab I belive and look pretty high end.

#9950 3 years ago

It would be nice to know what us LE buyers are getting, at this point all aspects except maybe final mounting of the new lcd you'd think should be compleated.

Im sure some guys may want to swap their order to a standard if they dont feel the LE package is worth the extra cash.

Pictures and a final feature matrix would be great.

1 week later
#10130 3 years ago

Hey that looks cool! I see a hypersleep chamber that looks like a ball lock top left, the new screen and bezel look great as does the green rubber.

Also I didnt notice that the head was glossy last time, looks good, as does the backboard decal (which may have been there, just couldnt see it before with the pf not pulled out).

#10161 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

The big LCD is the back seems to have different (more) information than the LCD on the playfield, it is not just a mirror.

I noticed that too, may have to get it after all..

#10193 3 years ago

has to be the older style rotating yellow beacons as per in the film

Capture (resized).JPG

#10275 3 years ago

The beacons look fine, it would be nice if the base was recessed in the head, but as its also availible as a mod I can see why they didnt. The effect of the rotating beacons in a dark room will be killer, had it on my safecracker and loved it.

Agreed time to get 'em shipping!

1 week later
#10516 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Andrew, please send me my Alien LE so I can unsubscribe from this cesspool of a thread. Please. For the love of all that is good in this world, please, let me leave.

No kidding.. Although once games are being un-boxed, it will become happy and fun again.

#10652 3 years ago

Stds are getting ready not the LEs yet, looking good, figured there would be more sitting at 90% waiting on a part or two.

My guess is the LE art is either not approved or they are waiting and keeping it a surprise

1 week later
#10893 3 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Your information is incorrect.

Id agree with Aeonblack - they dont have to give any updates, they could just Stern it up and give you nothing.

However its in their best interests to give frequent communication, since unlike stern who is a long time pin builder, Heighway has yet to really prove they can mass produce machines.

I appretiate that Andrew personally comes on here and adresses issues and concerns. I do think if he didnt alot more people would be pulling their deposits.

#10925 3 years ago

Nice work Heighway

#11189 3 years ago

Great to see another one out the door!

Are these going to those who were paid in full first?

Cant wait to see the LE art!

1 week later
#11511 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Do you pick your LE # like Jack does, or you get number they send?
I'm ordering one as soon as I see the complete LE package.
Anyone know when LE package will be shown, TPF maybe?

Thats the question no one knows

My bet/hope is on a giger-esque style LE art package

1 week later
#11790 3 years ago

Nice video, pretty neat how much they are trying to manufacture in house

#11797 3 years ago

Was hoping to see the LE art in the backround hiding somewhere

#11798 3 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

That video did it for me. I just bought an SE with glo-blades for the sides of the PF, 27" monitor, and beacon lights. Paid in full.
It's time to visit LV-426.

Nice! Why didnt you get an LE if your paying for those extras?

#11883 3 years ago

The ramps are sick, did you see the acid burns in the art etc? Also metal looks much more premium and robust - and fits the theme better (more industreal feeling), only way they could be better is I do like laser cut graphics on them like they did on met/hobbit but they still look great.

#11884 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Side blades are an add on from what i understand.

I think they are on all games - just illuminated on the le

1 week later
#12293 3 years ago

If you listen to the audio - thats not the back glass Andrew says a few times they went down a different path (which is good lol)

Side art looks nice. But we've been told from the beginning that the STD art is included as well, so you can use it if you prefer it over the LE.

1 month later
#13340 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

One should be mine to already planned for it to be on the floor to.
Should get a lot of play this weekend.

Mine is the other lol

#13544 3 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

4.5 hours til i will be near the front of the line to play pingod's alien... then Libtech's, then pingods,then Libtech's, then pingods,..repeat

I hope you enjoy

Got to play my Aliens today, its going to be an amazing game!

Shout out to Tommy at Nitro, great guy - if your in canada and want one, give him a call!

#13583 3 years ago

They are updating the xeno mechs, so shipped without - should be here hopefully in a few weeks.

The boxed game is a ft

#13627 3 years ago

She's home and almost in, can't wait to give it a proper setup and spend some time with it!
DSC_0047 (resized).JPG

#13710 3 years ago
Quoted from earflaps:

Bummer about the ball drop chipping. I really want this title but hope they come up with a few mods in short order that help with the playfield wear.
If it helps, I spent a better part of my evening tweaking my Full Throttle as well. Changed out those ridiculous Super Bands on the flippers; changed out the audio amp as it had a broken wire clamp; added a rubber post ring on the right outlane post and narrowed the outlane posts
then spent an assload of time on tweaking the flipper settings to get them feeling like a Williams/Bally. Still need to take apart the ramps and make the left orbit smoother but hey, did I mention it's great fun...playing it is pretty cool too...haha.

I was eyeballing that full throttle all weekend, was disapointed it wasnt set up, wanted to play it! Congrats on the new game

#13723 3 years ago

Ok so a few things for you Ferret (or Andrew):

Stuff we found last weekend, Dan Mentioned:
- Airlock needs a cliffy, or its going to get blown out fast.
- Right invert ramp exit switch plastic washers break fast, metal ones on top and bottom hold well.
- if possible coil power adjustment mainly for the trough would be great

As Ty mentioned:
-50m skill shot lol, didnt get to play much at yegpin but got it well playing with a buddy here - easy 100+million game!

Other stuff:
-Modes are too easy to cycle through, I would think that not necessarily making guys complete a mode before starting the next but maybe make it so you have to at least get a few shots first or it stays on the same mode next time you start one?
-A timer on either screen to let you know how much time you have left in a mode would be great

-The EL light blades induce a good squeal into the speakers, if possible better shielding on sensitive cables?
-the ramps have tabs on the end, are they just first gen didnt get used? or is that for the EL wire etc?

All in all, so far I'm really liking it - I have it set up steep (7.2 ish) and its much faster and less floaty, however I cant for the life of me make the chest burster shot at this angle so I'll have to bring it down.
The code, animations, and sound are really really good, cant believe (compared to 'other' companies) how much further ahead it is at launch. The ambiance and shots and layout are fantastic.

#13727 3 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

The design team went back and forth a LOT about this general topic. There are pros and cons to different approaches. Doing something like you describe could cause a player to get stuck forever (or at least long enough to be seriously not-fun). For example, consider Tunnel Hunt. 3 shots followed by the Airlock to win. Two of those shots, Vent 2 and Vent 3, are upper-flipper, cross-playfield shots, relatively difficult, especially for less skilled players. So let's say we required at least two shots to "clear" the mode. Players might get through the other three Alien modes, get to Tunnel Hunt, and then be stuck trying it over... and over... until they got the harder shots. That's not very fun IMHO.
However, as I've noted here before, if you're interested in a good score, winning modes (vs intentionally timing them out) is a good idea.

Errr... there should be one on the Airlock screen.

I'm running v0.97, is there an update? have to look on the site.

Some games its harder to start modes or have short ball times (eg twd), or some games have alot of modes (eg hobbit) so its very hard to see all the modes in one game, I was just finding it seemed easy to get through all the modes but can see what you mean about making it too hard. Just a thought anyways, and you guys already discussed it. I suppose another reason why it seems this way is that base mode times seem relatively short (I'm sure you picked them for a reason) so an option would be to extend them and maybe make the shot values more hurry up/reducing based to balance the modes.

My airlock screen only shows flying though space while a mode is running good to hear there should be a timer, bad to hear mine isnt working lol:
a1 (resized).jpg

#13751 3 years ago

I think the ramps look fine - they are not pitted, or brushed just not a polished surface, so the ball lines show quickly, if it bothers you it would be easy to take them out and bring them to a metal polishing shop

Most of the lane guide metal is a finer finish

#13864 3 years ago

a few tips for guys getting their games, stuff Ive had to tweak:
-First of course mylar on the airlock, also on mother in front of the invert ramp and an bit in the shooter lane
-some switch tweaks as nessisary
-game plays great at 6.8 degrees
-check the tightness of all the screws for the flipper mechs Ive had a few fall out, and am missing a few.
-check level of the screen and mag, again a screw fell out of my screen, no big deal but if I wasnt checking it would have been
-all but one flipper mech EOS switches were stuck closed, no big deal
-plastic washers replaced as so:
PFM_0331 (resized).JPG
-right orbit guide needed to be bent back, the end was sticking out and when you hit the left orbit it would nail the end and slow it down (yes I managed to accidentally break a plastic while adjusting, hopefully Highway can sell me another ):z2 (resized).jpg

-also, the chestburster shot, hard shot, you may need to adjust the guide to hit it properly, however my switch is not clearing the shot eg. here I am pushing the button and it is not clearing (still flashing), it registers on the switch matrix test as right lane target which sounds correct? Or does it clear with pop bumper hits etc?
z3 (resized).jpg
z4 (resized).jpg

Hopefully my Xeno head comes soon, but so far a really great game, great sounds give it a great ambiance - the game reminds me of playing IJ-TPA for some reason but better, great theme integration and shots and sound and art. I have great plans for future powder coat, and do want to put some beacons on. Thanks guys for all the hard work you put into this game!
z5 (resized).jpg

#13876 3 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

There's an inductive switch under the playfield just below the standup target in that lane. On older software, it required inductive switch -> standup target in quick succession to award the Chestburster lane shot. On newer software (probably what you have), there's an operator adjustment, "Chestburster Lane Diff.", that can be Easy or Hard. If set Hard, it follows the original behavior, needs inductive -> standup in quick succession. If set Easy, it only requires the inductive switch, and the standup is basically unused. I made this change because I was seeing on streams, as well as my own game, that many shots to that lane were just making it to the standup target without enough oomph to fully trigger the standup, and thus not registering. Frustrating for what's already a hard shot. So the Easy setting makes it, well, easier. The flip side of the Easy setting -- some may even consider this a benefit -- is that sometimes the pop bumper can kick the ball over the inductive switch and award the shot. Personally I consider that an acceptable tradeoff, but that's why I made it an adjustment, so owners can select the behavior that feels right to them.
All this means that you should also use Switch Edges to verify the inductive switch in that lane.

That's awesome thanks, Ill be putting this one on easy lol, I thought there could be an inductive switch so tried the ball but didn't realize it would need both in order.

What would have been slightly better in terms of inserts would have been to have the airlock 2 shot have a 2nd chestburster light rather than another hugger insert. Give a guy some options - plus when trying to work towards the save newt you have to make the mother shot to get either of those shots and its a hugger shot already.

#13900 3 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

If you look back over the evolution of this game (somewhere in this 13,000 message thread) you'll see that originally, the Chestburster lane had a controllable drop target and a magnet, and there was to be some trickery to make it sometimes appear that the ball was bursting through a chest (the target). Those devices were only in that one lane, thus the single location/insert for the Chestburster shot and insert.
Misc. non-obvious rules trivia: when Facehugger is the currently lit Lifecycle shot, the points awarded for the shot are multiplied by the Vent number... i.e. Vent 1/Mother = 1x points, Vent 2 = 2x points, Vent 3 = 3x points.

That's an interesting idea. Sure, I can experiment with adding that as an option, thanks for the thought.

Interesting thanks for the info, found out why that shot felt impossible - it was, the eddy sensor underneith was nfg, i swapped it with one from the right outlane for now so it should register. Also looking there, there are two positions for eddy sensors on the board up the chestburster shot, the lower is empty, and the higher right by the target is the one that wasnt working, is that correct or should the lower have one as well?

#13910 3 years ago

The problem I had is they are these with black bases $11 each:

ebay.com link » 24vdc Yellow Rotating Beacon Warning Light Lamp With Speaker Spiral Fixed

I actually purchased these, lower profile but it will be more of a strobe effect than rotating, but $6 each:
ebay.com link

#13918 3 years ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

*gasp* ohh the horror, what Alien sacrilege! How could you!?!

I know, we'll see, I may have to get the full rotating beacon, but figured Id try these and see how they feel first since they would look better (when off)

Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Hey Libtech. What game was yours at yegpin? Left or right? I put 10 to 15 games on both and felt they both played differently. How different does it play now that it's set to the proper pitch then at the show?
Thanks to you and pingod for sharing your games with us.

Mine was left, Dans was right, since we didnt really have time to actually play them we just quickly set them up, which is why they were shallow (bit over 6 each) plus the concreate was very unlevel there so as they moved who knows, we also found that from movement (you barbarians with our machines ) the levelers were changing position making it worse. As mentioned, back at home now, I have it set up at 6.8, and its not floaty, still a wide body but much better than at the show.

Quoted from Ferret:

No, there is no longer a lower inductive switch in that lane... remnants of the original Chestburster design.

I figured, just if you look at the board there was no cutout for the drop target mech, so I figured it was designed later, which made me wonder, thanks

#13921 3 years ago
Quoted from sed6:

I believe those are the exact ones Heighway uses. Theirs are clearly painted black before installing. Look at the product number on the boxes Andrew has in his warehouse, they match the ones in the Amazon ad exactly. Add a $3 step up voltage booster and you can run that 24v light from something as low as 5v.

You can by them in any voltage, with or without a buzzer paint em black away you go - havent tested to check the voltage but I'd assume 12v

#13924 3 years ago

Ill be checking and will report back, probably wired to the harness for the head on every game, then the pins are just put in place and beacons installed for games that have them - Ill be ordering some and installing and try and document it for those interested.

#13934 3 years ago

yes 12v you'll need a few molex pins what looks to be .062 as well. (and a bit of wire and crimps/solder heatshrink, few rubber grommets)

#14016 3 years ago
Quoted from sed6:

Do either of you know the voltage going to the flashers? Did I miss it?

Yes, Ill be posting in the 'owners' thread from now on:

#14208 3 years ago


#14303 3 years ago

Sweet! Congrats on the first LE, looks awesome!

Thats exactly what this thread needs right now - some good news

#14639 3 years ago

My guess they have been working balls out and have 100 built ready to ship - and are going to deliver them paratrooper style across various countries... probably not.. Hope the news is good and allows for more games to be built and shipped to eager buyers. Heighway is making a fantastic product, you can tell alot of care and attention to detail that have gone into all parts of the machines.

gg (resized).jpg

#14704 3 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Don't forget the Alien parts!

Yup still waiting on my Xeno head and switches still havent shipped, however Helmut does respond to emails which is good.

#14816 3 years ago
Quoted from Mike_M:

Yet CT is still selling Full Throttle...

Probably have a few in stock. When Nitro came to Yegpin, they brought a nib one to sell

#14901 3 years ago

Love it, I really like the standard art, with the eggs and side panels look great as well, but do wish the le would have been more giger-ish

#14902 3 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Again I don't think your right. Dougie correct me if I'm wrong, you started a certain JPOP thread, asked the Mods to close it down and were denied? The Mods I believe have the ability to assess the thread and decide whether or not to close it down based on the benefits or lack thereof to the general Pinside community.

I wouldnt close this thread, just try and keep it about the game -maybe try and take all discussion relating to the investors/refunds to the new rebirth thread.

2 weeks later
#15270 3 years ago

Don't suppose anyone with a game could be an hugely awesome dude and make me an ISO of their Aliens hard-drive? My game is dead, and Heighway hasn't responded to emails

#15280 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

What do I need to do to help you out Dustin.
I am a computer dumb dumb though.
Might be able to get a friend to help me out for you though.

Thanks Dan, I appretiate that, I was thinking what I could do is buy a drive dock/duplicator and mail it to you, then all youd have to do is pop out the hdd, and put it on the dock and press a button, then mail it back - super easy.

#15281 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

This is completely unacceptable. Out of everything going wrong with HP, not responding to customers support issues is top of the list. How in the world can anyone be confident in buying anything, if the people currently out there with their product have a brick and getting zero response?
It's one thing to dance around refund requests, if there are limited funds in the bank accounts, but we're talking support here. Even just a response would be better than nothing.

Yea, I understand the xeno head and switches not being sent as they had no cash/cash is now tied up probably with legal stuff. But this doesnt cost them anything, I wasnt even asking for a new hdd, just the image file so I could re-write the drive even if I had to buy a new one. Seemed like an easy win for them.

#15298 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Well done, this is what we need more of around here. This is Pinball at its finest.
I will pay for shipping both ways if you guys will send me your PayPal.

Thanks for the kind offer! No worries though I don't mind paying for it - Dan's a good man thanks for helping me out!

#15307 3 years ago

To follow up, Helmut contacted me today, and its a known issue - he sent instructions for changes you have to make to the bios, game is working great now

Special thanks to the US team, great guys.

#15334 3 years ago

I doubt that they are getting paid much right now if at all, we should be thanking them for continuing to work on the game, this way in the event Highway fails, at least the games that do get built will have great code and sounds.

2 weeks later
#15463 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Missing the goddamn alien head mech

Mine still is as well...

#15465 3 years ago

What you see is what you get lol!

#15467 3 years ago

Didnt you get you get your playfield swapped? Or did DT get your playfield for now?

#15517 3 years ago

More good news - my Xeno head and parts are on thier way along with the update above, guys reciving refunds, things are looking up!

#15529 3 years ago

Thats going to be great to see what those boys have added! Wonder how Heighway is going to handle code updates, didnt see a section even for FT which must have had some changes since new.

#15575 3 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

Recieved my shaker from Heighway yesterday!! Thanks Helmut!
Remaining LE parts should ship soon, I have been told by Daniel!
Thanks to the Heighway Team....
Looking forward to the huge update that David and the Software team are working on!

Sweet! How are you liking the shaker on the game? Thinking of adding one

#15581 3 years ago

If thats the shaker that will be stock that will be ok since ferrit can code it to suit the game

#15616 3 years ago

Just got a care package for my Alien from Heighway/Nitro pinball. Sweet! Can't wait to get this bad boy in there thanks to Helmut and Tommy!

20170718_111950 (resized).jpg

#15620 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Mine is on the way as well.

sweet. and as soon as those molex connectors arrive, your beacons as well

Sure here are some pics of the mech, pretty simple, one limit switch on the tounge, one motor and a small motor for the jaw. Dont know what changes they made.

PFM_0400 (resized).JPG
PFM_0401 (resized).JPG
PFM_0402 (resized).JPG
PFM_0403 (resized).JPG

#15625 3 years ago

Thank you, yes I thought it was an electromagnet, but its just a permanent magnet.

There were a few guys on here that put an aliens on route correct? Just wondering how the Xeno head wears over time, there is a fairly local airbrush guy, I was thinking of bringing it over to him before I install to give it some detail!

2 weeks later
#15767 3 years ago

Finished customizing my Alien, beacons check, powder coated check, my idea was have it be a colour that looked black in most light but green in direct light, but had some silver flecks to give it a spacey feel lol, I like it



#15768 3 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

...and now they are taunting me with new code. Ohhhh - I want to update SOO BAD!! From Heighway's Facebook page:
Alien V0.99 (available later this month)
Changes since 0.98:
- Fix All Out War not qualifying after all requirements met.
- All Out War insert now lights after it has been played.
- Increased power to the hypersleep lock-up device
- Improved ball search for the hypersleep lock-up device
- Xenomorph tongue will now extend a little further in ball search
- Increased flipper power settings slightly
- Remove flipper coils from ball search
- Ball search outside of a game, or while tilted, will not display a message now.
- Updated burnin test to activate more coils, similar to a ball search.
- Ignore some spurious switch activity during bonus, while queued up display effects drain out.
- If a spurious switch occurred at game start and validated the playfield, this would lock in your choice of which movie mode to play. This is now changed so that the movie is not locked in until launch is pressed, or until the right inlane is triggered.
- Fixed some system display effects (which use the blue test mode background) from not showing correctly while a video was running. In particular this bug was hiding the volume adjustment screen sometimes in attract mode.
- Increase main HSTD table to 5 entries, and added more team members' initials onto the defaults.
- Mode timers now pause briefly while the ball is in pop bumpers
- Playfield GI changes color during movie selection
- Multiball grace period now pauses while ball is being held up (for example, while the Mother award is being announced).
- Add multiball resurrection rules. Starting Sentry Guns will now restart any other multiball that was in its grace period. Likewise, starting any other multiball will now resurrect Sentry Guns from its grace period.
- Mother add-a-ball award now resurrects any multiball(s) in its grace period.
- Fix occasional pauses at endball before bonus started.
- Fix centre ramp not spotting letters towards SHIP if double scoring was already running.
- Fix occasional incorrect skill shot value display (it was correctly added to score)
- Fix mode going into grace period not displaying its timer or its hurry-up value correctly
- Boosted priority of beacon effect during wizard modes, so that it is not interrupted as often.
- Adjust scoring for Sentry Guns to prevent some outrageous scoring possibilities.
- Ambush jackpot value now increases gradually as you progress through Lifecycles, rather than increasing all at once when a Lifecycle is finished.
- Added Scene Start Difficulty adjustment. Default now lights the scene start for free at the beginning of a game.
- Derelict Ship shots are now indicated by the main arrows, not the symbol inserts.
- Added more beacon effects
- Fixed lamp effect for combos lit disappearing on ball launch.
- Revive lamp effect increased from 1 sec to 2 sec.
- Improved Rescue mode more and added some display effects for it
- Many updated sounds/callouts:
- Fixed truncated Hudson callouts
- Add new audio clips to Loader Battle
- Added correct sound for ball saver
- Added new endgame callouts
- Added sounds for weapon use
- Adjusted volume for orbit shots
- Added sounds for Super Pops
- Improved sound on ball kickout from the airlock scoop.
- Added new callouts for "mode not ready".
- Added callouts on revived ball
- Added audio and more lighting effects with more progress towards Ambush MB.
- Improved stacking/priority of some callouts
- Added callout for Save Newt ready to start
- Added callouts for Chestburster Combos.
- Added new pop bumper sounds and mode fail sound to Derelict Ship.
- Added more orbit sounds
- Add sounds to centre ramp
- Add many callouts to Rescue mode
- Add more Mother callouts
- Misc. sounds updated/cleaned
- Modify timing for callouts related to xenomorphs hits remaining for Ambush.
- Add sounds to recharge
- Changed egg bumper explosion sounds
- Exclude some sounds when in family mod

Thats going to be a great update!

#15787 3 years ago
Quoted from Jdfitzy-in-Aus:

That looks freaken awesome mate!
Congrats, great colour (color) choice

Thanks guys, you have no idea how many colours I tested before I got the blend right.

I had a laugh over your our or spelling clarification by the way lol

1 week later
#15911 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Funny you should mention that... It's in there!

Thats awesome, good idea!

Just a quick question, on the new code coming soon, did you get a shaker in your game by chance and program for it?

2 weeks later
#16213 2 years ago

Lol, should include the non glare glass, dark game would benifit from it

1 week later
#16384 2 years ago

Art, powder, shaker, and beacons I think?

#16488 2 years ago

V1.0 changes, v0.99 wont be released

#16526 2 years ago

No they are the new ones, the servo is a sg90 servo amazon has them, 3 or 4 bucks each, you have to swap the wire order on the connectro but its not a hard change.

It gets dammaged if you try moving the mouth when powered on, when its off it moves smoothly

3 weeks later
#17028 2 years ago


#17032 2 years ago

Smartened up, Alien is no longer for sale. I was just bitter the other day and kind of tired of the Heighway scene and lack of support for their games, but I'll stick it out game is too cool and maybe someday Ill have a fully functional game with updated code.

#17125 2 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

My fingers are crossed that this container also includes replacement playfields and parts for early/beta machines.

Good luck lol, it would be great I believe every Aliens so far has at least a non working xeno and old code, and one like yours I think light board issues.

I do think it's great there are 21 more machines, but Heighway only seems interested in making a few more machines not supporting what they have built or if they actually work properly.

#17162 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I wouldn't be too excited to spend over $8000 on a companies product that has a proven record to NOT support it's existing customers! They best be prepared for that same customer service! I'd still wait to purchase a pin until I seen some positive action from HP2..like ALL the refunds and paperweights have been fixed!

No kidding, wouldnt that be nice...

#17223 2 years ago

Yes upper left is a tight shot but do-able, lower left is possible rolling, but very hard

#17236 2 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

here we have consequence number one.
the first of several.
be my guest. love your impossible shot.
Chestbuster [CB] is no 'gem' shot, but do you really want a 'gem' shot type of shot among an ABCD gameplay feature that was intended to be attainable in order to advance in gameplay? where 3 of the 4 are super 'easy' and the 4th is a 'gem' shot? and further, the 'gem' shot had to be made in sequential order? no credit for hitting the CB before A or B, credit only if hit after A and B have been collected.
that ABCD feature in alien is called a LIFECYCLE,
and players are not completing it at the rate developers expected.
if you dont believe me, check audits.
first of many metrics to watch: Lifecycles completed/total games played.
and what does completing lifecycles award you/progress you toward? and if they are more difficult to complete than programmers originally intended? what are the next consequences?

Absolutely, I would agree, the layout is really good, I like it alot - but it should have been easier to feed the upper right flipper. Thats actually the only thing negitive I can think about this game. Actually if you look back at the origional design, they had the mag/post in the orbit which would drop the ball to the flipper, then they put the posts up above the lanes - which makes it go through the pops so say 50/50 it goes through the flipper/in front of the xeno.

The UL flipper can feed the cb shot as mentioned but its a hard shot for sure (plus you have to shoot mother first and drop it to the UL flipper.

Put the CB shot on easy (inductive switch only) so you have the option of shooting the orbit to compleate it, and dont bother going for jonesey when hes on the upper left ramp

But really its great to see a non fan stern 2 flipper layout, much more origional and fresh!

#17384 2 years ago

No kidding, curious to know if the xeno is 100% now, and how the new code is!

#17436 2 years ago


#17490 2 years ago

changed the coin door, enjoy your new game!

#17504 2 years ago

Make sure you mylar that airlock scoop before you play it much

#17507 2 years ago

Dont think there is one yet, but yes that would be great.

Few changes I see, the w/y ramps hole is cut differently which should help the ball from bouncing out, also looks like the hypersleep lock parts are removed now.

#17509 2 years ago

Easy check for packing bolts on the top head holes, line up the pins on the back, then slide it in, put the three bolts on the back and the wingnut ones on the inside of the head.

Then its just a dvi wire to the monitor and power, and one wiring harness to connect.

#17569 2 years ago

Ramps look exactly the same as mine when new

#17571 2 years ago

Yes, when unboxed it looked exactly like those its kind of a satin finished metal, it will wear like mine after a few hundred games.

I was going to remove the three and maybe get them polished at some point but havent yet.

#17589 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Thanks Libtech! You are a saviour! & dammit i want your ALIEN! Did your legs come chrome? Sure looks silly with all that black armour on the cabinet. Minor details tho but def. look much better powder coated!

Of course, legs chrome as well as all of the bolts/screws, so much better powder coated!

#17609 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Going to sleep but trying to find out why two inserts don't light up. Looked underneath and took this picture where the lights are. If someone with an alien can take a similar bc potentially missing plug?

Yes there are extra connectors on most boards but Ill take a look - did they ever work?

One thing though - the side lights, most leds on these are 5v so Id check that before you run it on 12v too long. (But chances are they used a genaric 12v strip, I just havent looked) There is an adjustment for led brightness in the settings make sure its at max (8 I think) before you try other options.

#17634 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

OK, I've been a fan of Heighway (more Full Throttle than Alien) but this is crazy. This may be exposing my ignorance, but why the hell are these designed like this? All I've heard from some of the notorious cheerleaders is how advanced Heighway's design is. But hell, Christmas tree lights don't even work like "Christmas tree lights" any more. Why does an $8K pinball machine have technology that $2 Christmas tree lights abandoned?

I think thats the reality of new games with colour changing LEDs, bitch to troubleshoot too, no longer is it check for power and a ground and your good, the thrid din wire goes from each light to light in a chain.

#17672 2 years ago

I honestly think that extra lighting would ruin the ominous feel of this game, the only thing that would be cool is to have a flasher on the xeno when it eats the ball IMO.

#17721 2 years ago

Man, that sucks - I know they need to sell new games to make some money, but Heighway also NEEDS to support their games!

#17776 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Thanks for confirming. If you go into active switches in test is your alien Tongue Mark 1-1 active? Mine is....

Looks more like a resolution error on your screen? Maybe try a reset in the pc but actually hold the power button on it and turn it back on.

For your board, for sure sounds like a cold soldier joint or loose led or failed led.

Do you have a multimeter? Test your voltace for the backbox leds and Ill test mine . Also test what your 12v is coming out at on your voltage regulator.

#17792 2 years ago

Ok thats the new pc, mine is a zotac which is a compleate mini pc, looks like a mini pc mobo withought the case. Mine has a power button.

Yes once you get your tester you can check where the led strips plug in - but also on the chrome box with the warning sticker, you can adjust it on there as well mine is right at 12v.

For the inserts, I had a similar issue on my full throttle, reflowing the solder joints on the board fixed it 95%, wish a guy could get schematics would make life easier especially the way these leds daisychain...

#17839 2 years ago

As a target yes - eating the ball no

#17928 2 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

I've been playing 3 hours straight, just got mine set up late after driving 3 hours round trip to meet my other friends at the shipper depot. Got the first 3 games in Minnesota.
Powered the game up and away I went to immerse myself into the game !
Thank you to the whole team Heighway crew. HUGE thanks to David Thiel, my god the sounds, music, effects and call outs are simply amazing ! This is a dream theme and it's a dream to play.
I've seen and played the prototype at expo 2016, and Texas 2017 and it's so nice to see this finally shipping. This game is a certified hit. There is no reason this shouldn't sell huge numbers as it's so well done.
The layout and shots are fast, smooth and satisfying. Such a breath of fresh air.
Out of the box I seemed to have a xeno jaw/tongue issue as the tongue was not retracting completely and hanging up on the jaw. After going into xeno test and hit calibration I could watch the position from 0-400 ? The first 2 attempts jumped then try 3 and 4 the scrolling of numbers was smooth. Seems my potentiometer position switch was sticky. Now it's working fine.
Very happy with this purchase. Thanks to Cointaker and Nitro pinball for the collaboration of getting these games stateside. Crank these pins out and sell sell sell !
Comet the pinball cat give this 2 paws up !
Assholes and elbows ! Love the code and the Bill Paxton call outs.

Thats the same thing that my xeno does, everything else works - maybe its just the positioner on the tounge motor can get damaged easy?

#17953 2 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

I've been playing 3 hours straight, just got mine set up late after driving 3 hours round trip to meet my other friends at the shipper depot. Got the first 3 games in Minnesota.
Powered the game up and away I went to immerse myself into the game !
Thank you to the whole team Heighway crew. HUGE thanks to David Thiel, my god the sounds, music, effects and call outs are simply amazing ! This is a dream theme and it's a dream to play.
I've seen and played the prototype at expo 2016, and Texas 2017 and it's so nice to see this finally shipping. This game is a certified hit. There is no reason this shouldn't sell huge numbers as it's so well done.
The layout and shots are fast, smooth and satisfying. Such a breath of fresh air.
Out of the box I seemed to have a xeno jaw/tongue issue as the tongue was not retracting completely and hanging up on the jaw. After going into xeno test and hit calibration I could watch the position from 0-400 ? The first 2 attempts jumped then try 3 and 4 the scrolling of numbers was smooth. Seems my potentiometer position switch was sticky. Now it's working fine.
Very happy with this purchase. Thanks to Cointaker and Nitro pinball for the collaboration of getting these games stateside. Crank these pins out and sell sell sell !
Comet the pinball cat give this 2 paws up !
Assholes and elbows ! Love the code and the Bill Paxton call outs.

I was going to say too - completely different experience playing this in a dark room at home vs at a show, immersive to say the least!

#18057 2 years ago
Quoted from swenny:

Thought about it. Just extremely frustrating to have to spend a couple of hours having to clean it up just to get it in playable condition out of the box and then have this happen when you turn it on for the first time.

The switch on the tounge should be closed at that point since you can see where the switch would open in the notch on the tongue. Go into test mode and get the tounge to move and go back in - should be good after.

Or power down the game and push it all the way back to reset it. Do not try moving the tongue or jaw while powered up, you WILL damage the servo and stepping motor!

#18078 2 years ago

Since Heighway cant be bothered, would anyone with the new code be willing to send an ISO of their HDD? Would be awesome to see all the new callouts ect..

#18080 2 years ago
Quoted from swenny:

Guys I appreciate the suggestions but mine sure seems FUBAR'd. I went in and disabled the xeno head figuring I would play without it. I still get a funny noise coming from the xeno area and now when I press the start button, every solenoid fires and the shooter lane plunger fires repeatedly yet it doesn't fire the solenoid to push a ball up into the shooter lane. This thing is screwed up.

Did you go to your switch menu? Sounds like a ball search, perhaps the trough isnt registering?

#18084 2 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

Looks like it's 115 in previous pictures of working machines
Check one page back and there's a picture of the computer on the bottom

definitely switch that, check your fuse sizes as well.

#18224 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

so after almost 2 weeks, my last two issues remain a mystery. The 10 lights remain out (they never worked - 2A11 through 2A21) and after checking recently, the sockets are infact getting power and the LED bulbs do work in other sockets. The embedded PF monitor still has the right overlay distortion that is helped but not resolved by turning off. I checked VGA today and that connection has the same issue. I'm thinking it's CPU related or the monitor itself is faulty.
Again - I have a path forward here but someone who likes to resolve issues where possible (I've fixed the other problems the machine had) it's just interesting that these two remaining a problem. Still enjoying the machine though. Just wonder what it's like have those 10 lights on ; )

Try hooking the video cable up to a seperate monitor when the issue is present to test

Yes thats how those lights work, as mentioned the din trace on the pcb, daisy chain to probably the whole board and if one part screws up the board goes out. As mentioned try reflowing all the soder joints and that might do it, I wish they would post schematics for the boards so you could check coninuity between each lamp easily.

#18225 2 years ago

I also had a lightboard die on my Alien the other day, have to see if I can get it working... sigh...

#18288 2 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

I also had a lightboard die on my Alien the other day, have to see if I can get it working... sigh...

On a positive note, I fixed my lightboard - reflowed all soldier joints, mostly worked, replaced a few LED's and its working 100% now.

For the Xeno, I tried replacing the stepper motor, however it still operates the same. My guess is the code comes into play since the limit switch on the tongue registers in the switch matrix however it does not fully retract the tongue so the switch engages and the ball drops. (if someone with 1.xx code would send me an image of their HDD that would be sweet )

Also seem to have an issue with my game stopping play mid game as if the ball has drained and flippers die, however I did replace the balls a while ago so they may have a magnetized one - will test that theory tonight.

#18342 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

the energy around this pin would be ALL positive!

Pinside would find a way

On another positive note, my trough is fine, magnatized balls - the steel must not be pure stainless is all so they stick a bit make sure to use cabon balls not chrome

Also, Im told the parts to make my game 100% and update the code to current are on their way, will update when they show. But hopefully it seems some focus will be put on servicing nonworking games, which will really improve buyer confidence.

#18410 2 years ago

that star trek sticker on it makes me laugh lol

#18442 2 years ago

Now for a very important question, should I polish my ramps or powdercoat them black..

#18458 2 years ago

Maybe they are trying a different brand, with lower rez, since a few guys have had issues? Mine is clear, and flippers are strong

#18460 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Hello beacons! Now we're talking. All credit goes to pinsider libtech who's awesome for showing me the way. Just waiting on one more part so I can connect them. They really complete the machine.
I'll add a couple more steps and tweaks to the how to that he added once they work to make a little easier to follow. Wanted them installed in factory but didn't happen so went this route. Very happy thus far.

Nice work! Happy to help, sorry if my instructions were not clear

#18489 2 years ago

You have to remember that when they bild the LE the have alot of paid in full customers that they would have to give games - so that would mean no profit coming in which is what they need now. If they keep making standards and I be youll start seeing one or two les per batch.

#18511 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I completely disagree and welcome delt31 comments... otherwise seems like sour grapes. I enjoy seeing others getting the pin and feeling happy for them. I’m in on a LE and will welcome my pin when it’s ready.

I dont see what the problem is - obviously the ammount of preordered srandards was low enough there were extras availible. That is not at all his fault, most preorders left are LEs, blame Heighway for building standards first, not someone whos buying a game because its availible.

#18538 2 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

I'm just thankful for all the SE guys doing all the trouble-shooting, problem-solving and beta-testing so that when my LE arrives I won't have any head scratching. Thanks guys!
I hope all you guys wanting refunds get them, and I hope that means those of us staying in get our machines sooner.

Your welcome

#18573 2 years ago

There is an inductive switch in the lane as well. There are two settings easy and hard for the chestburster, easy is just the inductive switch, hard is both that and the standup.

#18582 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Interesting. Wonder why they just don't keep it as the target only that's what I would select. Either way how/where do I look for that?

I actually prefer just the inductive switch, as that shot is hard, then you can also hit that shot by hitting the orbit to the pops, the out the chestburster shot

3 weeks later
#18998 2 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

My experience with the clear vinyl cling stuff is that it worked perfectly on the cabinet protecting from flipper button wear,.
But it didn't work as well adhering to the playfield after a few months of the balls rolling over it. The edges eventually started to lift.

I'm going to try this stuff out, let you guys know how it works out:

amazon.com link »

#19041 2 years ago

Blue looks good, doesnt make me think 'Alien' though..

#19042 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Nothing is blocking any of the fans. But I did figure out that if I unplug the el inverter block the fan noise stops..... I lose my el blades but the noise is completely gone... I don’t think it’s the cpu fan which I can still hear minimally just like it should be

There is no fan, the el wiring causes a high pitch squeel through the speakers, try maxing the game volume and turining down the amp in the cabinet - helps alot.

#19198 2 years ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

Just do like me - buy a standard and customize it the way you want. More work - yes, but you get what you want.

Thats what I did too, when they announced the LE artwork, it wasnt for me so swapped to a standard.

I think the colours are cool, but prefer the colour I went with.

#19248 2 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

Another pinsider offers powdercoating using black with green or blue flakes.
Either are better alternatives than the factory LE powder coat colors.

If you liked mine the colour codes from prismatic are:
PMB-4104 with PPB-6016 on top

a2 (1).jpg

#19251 2 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

i was so hoping they would match the blue in the poster

Yours? Sweet poster!

#19281 2 years ago

I actually dont mind the blue with the LE artwork, but it its not 'serious' enough for the theme if that makes sense..

2 weeks later
#19400 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Curious if a green or blue LE can be easily powder coated later on as many mention they plan to do in the future. In particular, there is a colored strip on both sides of the head that would need to be changed too. That requires the side head pieces to be made of metal and to be able to be removed from the head. The black color is so neutral that the head sides wouldn't need to be done if you selected black trim and then to powdercoat with a dark color. So what about the head sides - are they decorative metal on top an already firm side panel and are they removable?

Easy to remove, external phillips screws, comes off in 3 panels for the head, all parts can be easily stripped and recoated

#19452 2 years ago

is that after updating, wont boot?

#19455 2 years ago

Did it give any options during the update? I was speaking to Helmut this morning any he mentioned only update the pc?

#19457 2 years ago

Has anyone updated successfully?

#19522 2 years ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

Update was from 1.02 - hope they'll find a solution.

Yes as mentioned above, maybe they have a way to fix it, or could just send you a drive image file and you could flash the drive.

3 months later
#20718 2 years ago

Cointaker being out is bad for distribution in the Americas, I assume Nitro is still a distro and is a very trustworthy place to send your cash.

Also I think there are more machines moving in the UK that we dont really see here.

I had pretty good response and had all my issues fixed on both my games, however if Helmut is no longer there that sucks..

1 month later
#22324 2 years ago

Damn, you actually got one, reguardless of all the BS its still an example of your work, I'd keep it.

2 weeks later
#22461 2 years ago
Quoted from swenny:

I suspect it is a board problem, possibly a bad connector or port somewhere as it will start out OK, but then act like the ball has drained mid-ball. Other times I get infinite multi-ball. Once in a great while I'll get a ball (not a whole game) where it will play normally, but that's not often.
Wish I could get it fixed, because on those rare occasions where it works correctly it really is an enjoyable pin.

Did you try fresh balls? Mine would do that too - I was using chrome balls, and the steel that they use for the guides and trough are sensitive to any magnetism, swapped to carbon balls and it stopped doing it.

3 weeks later
#22635 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

yeah LIBTECH is the man!

always happy to help!

#22637 2 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Not really NIB...A few months old....But xeno never worked. Tongue gear always stopped before ball would reach white plastic...

My game was one that came with no xeno, the first xeno they sent me did this too - seemed to be a bad tounge board, I tried replacing the stepper motor but that wasnt it - heighway sent me a replacement and it worked great afterwards, talk to the guys in the 3 aliens thread they are working on getting some built. Maybe they could help you out?

#22638 2 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

You have an Impressive line-up...so you must have solids arguments for comparing
I was thinking to trade or sell my Tron LE as I can’t get into the atmosphere of this one and gets no particular interest of theme.
Was looking for a unique layout, a theme I like and well integrated, with great rules
Alien was a candidate but as I said i was afraid to get issues with it and not able to fix them with the HP bankrupt.
It does not help either to have a « free » market with this machine, buy and sell.
What kind of machine it is if you could compare with another machine or is it unique in all aspects?

I find most parts on these games are surprisingly easy to find, there are a few key ones like the I/O boards and LEDs that you cant get (but are being reproduced) but stuff like the monitors, coils, pc's, transformers, stepper motors and such are all off the shelf components.

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