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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#16316 1 year ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Nick and I reviewed Alien in our latest talk show/podcast episode. Video is here, review starts at 1:02:21 if you want to skip ahead:
» YouTube video

I watched the video. I don't care about the shots as much as Nick. I played it a few months ago at a Pinball Expo and thought it was really cool. My question is, is the machine really as broken as you guys say? I don't mind if there are software bugs that freeze the game, etc. Bugs will be worked out with updates. But you guys made it seem like the physical pinball machine itself was broken. That major parts will break pretty quickly. That the hardware of the machine itself is half-baked.

Should I cancel my pre order? I've got it through Coin Taker as well, and I spent extra for the LE. Melissa told me they'd be collecting the balance in early September. Should I back out while I can? I saw Nick call it an expensive night light. No one wants to spend $10k on a night light. Again, I'm okay with bugs, but if the machine itself is basically shipping in a near defective state, that's a problem.

#16325 1 year ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

Isn't it pretty typical for a prototype on location to have problems? Like from any manufacturer?

From my understanding, it wasn't a prototype that they reviewed. It was one of the machines that has only been on location for a few weeks and it's already busted/unplayable, so it's one of the current machines from the new Heighway management.

They said the owner of the establishment was frustrated because it didn't work, and people who travelled to play it were frustrated because they couldn't get a good look at it in action.

#16332 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

what is specifically busted on it?

In the video review that was posted, the guys said the Alien head worked for the first 5 games and then never worked again. They also said most of the parts in the machine felt cheap. Aside from the Alien head, the "busted" stuff felt vague.

#16360 1 year ago
Quoted from daudioguy:

But contrary to the Buffalo pin my experience is that it is solid and as robust as any pin I work on.
Grab your towel and "Don't Panic"

Thanks for the personal experience. I was worried after seeing Buffalo's review, calling it an "expensive night light" and "broken." I've had my eye on this machine for quite some time and have been really excited about it, but their review came as a shock.

I'll definitely hang in there with my pre order from Cointaker.

1 week later
#16514 1 year ago
Quoted from onedeath:

All I know is my Alien is playing OK at the Cleveland pinball show. XENO is disabled due to the glass issue but everything else is working and code 0.98 is not bad, can't wait for 1.00.

What's the glass issue?

#16519 1 year ago
Quoted from onedeath:

Broke during shipping. Might want to look at the older posts....

Oh - I saw that from before. I didn't connect the two since glass breaking during shipping and the Xeno head seem like different issues. I thought it was something new that I hadn't heard of. Since I'm getting this game, I definitely want to know all the issues that are in store!

Thinking about it - how is the Xeno head related to the glass breaking during shipping?

2 weeks later
#16899 1 year ago

I just got off the phone with Melissa (cointaker). This isn't new, but she said they have a shipment currently on a boat, and that they'll be calling people on Monday to collect the remainder from any deposit.

I ordered the LE, and she said those will be about another month before they collect the balances. A month, when it comes to this game, is probably closer to 2 months (or more). Someone here said around Christmas, and I'm hopeful that that's a realistic timeline. We're nearly there!

#16910 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I don't get the desire to follow a ship. Am I missing something?

It's just a way to track an item. Same as tracking a box from the mail or UPS.

#17005 1 year ago

From the Heighway Pinball Facebook page:

Hi. We are pleased to give an update.

A container of Alien SEs shipped last week to North America and a similar number of SE machines will go to Australia, France, Italy, Sweden, the UK and the US during this and next week. We plan to ship consistently over the coming weeks.

Compared to the prior machines, we have made major improvements to the reliability and playability. In addition to the vastly improved code, we have upgraded the processor, power supply and Xeno head.

We plan to have machines around the world for you to see and play in October and November. At the Pinball Expo in Chicago with our distributor Cointaker and at the European Pinball Championships in Sweden a week later; 20 - 22 October. Alien will be at the Swedish Championships 10 - 12 November and we hope at the DPO in the Netherlands and Bünde in Germany the same weekend, and at Video Giochi in Italy 17-18-19 November.

As those that follow our Twitter feed will be aware, Ryan Adams, a keen pinball fan, was in our area of Wales playing a music festival in the summer and had a chance to play on our works SE. We are delighted that he liked it (we re-tweeted his tweets on our feed HeighwayPinball!) and we hope that you will enjoy the enhanced version of the Alien machine as they ship more widely.

Looking forward, we are preparing to build and ship LEs.

alien (resized).png

1 month later
#18450 1 year ago

Here's an update from Heighway Pinball's Facebook page:

We are pleased to give an update.
These pictures were taken in the factory today. We are close to the end of the initial run of SE production. The final machines will be finished, quality control tested and shipped this week.
The second run of production is also now in process. This will be a mixed run of SE and LE machines and pre-assembly of these machines has begun. The aim is to showcase the 3 LE versions in "made up trim" shortly, so that buyers can see them more clearly. We hope to begin to ship the first LE machines after that, for delivery to distributors and customers in December.
We can confirm that we have dropped the idea of the fibre optic lighting from the initial LE spec announced a year or so ago. We just didn't like the feature we inherited! The 27" screen in the back box will now be a standard feature and not an extra. The only outstanding matter on the LEs (and SEs for that matter) is whether we can offer the option of non-reflective glass. We will update you on this.
Production pace is gradually rising but we are also conscious of the need to make sure that the built is done carefully.
We are aware that customers want their machines as soon as possible but please continue to understand that the rescue of this business is not an overnight process. We continue to make progress week by week and have done for the last 5 months.
Alien SEs have been at various Pinball shows in the last 2 weeks in Europe and we will post some recent pictures of these later this week. Feedback has been good.
Alien will be at various shows in the next 4 weeks: next weekend in Austria (Austrian Pinball League Final) and in Italy at Video Giochi in Verona (tbc). In December, Alien will be at the IFPA Hoho Christmas Pinball Open in Fulda, Germany and on 27 December in Switzerland at the Schaffhausen Pinball Party.
Distributors - if you plan to have Alien on show in the next few weeks, please feel free to post details here.

#18451 1 year ago

Here are the pics they are referring to from their post:

alien2 (resized).png

alien3 (resized).png

alien (resized).png

3 weeks later
#18923 1 year ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

The invite is extended to any member of this forum that is awaiting a game. I’d love to have you guys by. All these Pinball peeps in Richmond have no love for this game. Calling it clunky and w.e. I have a party posted for it to show off the game and out of a bunch of people only like 3 said yes lol. Anyways, having people over that are aliens fans and getting to help alleviate the pain of waiting years and just have a kick ass time is something I’d love to do. My wife don’t play really, so bring it! In regards to the pinstadium kit. It is gonna be a few weeks. I guess he is out of stock.

What version did you order? Was it the LE? Asking because I ordered an LE from Coin Taker and was wondering if those have started to ship (I still haven't heard from them). Sorry if it's been discussed already. I'm about 50 pages on this thread behind.

#18925 1 year ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Just a standard for me.

Gotcha - so the LEs are still probably at least a few months out.

#18932 1 year ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

See LE guys, even when the game is in the US, reality finds a way to slow everything down. Lol. Jk.

LOL! The best jokes always have a hint of truth in them.

2 weeks later
#19303 1 year ago

So just wondering - how many people here have received machines that work great out of the versus how many people are having issues and can't play their game? I'm wondering if for this one, it might be better not to buy NIB and wait for a resale on a machine that's been tested.

2 weeks later
#19438 1 year ago

Okay - so I know this is trivial, but I gotta know. When you lose your last ball, does it ever say "game over man! Game over!"?

#19440 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

No not everytime

So it says it sometimes?


1 week later
#19700 1 year ago
Quoted from Astropin:

He ordered from Cointaker approximately 5 months ago...according to another thread.

That's about when I ordered mine. I think it was around June (and they said I'd get it in July lol). I only put down the deposit, and I haven't heard from Cointaker since.

#19708 1 year ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

All I know is break out the tools after you unbox your games. Love the game, but holy sh!t - lots of tweaking right out of the box to get it to work correctly - I'm still not 100% there....There is absolutely no way they set this up and tested it...
If you are not comfortable fixing your own games - Then Alien in it's current state probably isn't for you.

I'm glad people are stating this. As someone who ordered it in July, I am actually crossing my fingers that mine is one of the later ones shipped out - in hopes that they see the issues with the ones in the wild and address them.

2 weeks later
#20030 1 year ago

Has anyone heard from Cointaker lately? I called last week just to see where they were at, and they said a container of Alien LEs were on the way. Seems like there's a steady trickle. Hopefully each batch has a more robust build than the previous.

2 weeks later
#20215 1 year ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

So no LEs headed to Cointaker? No news?
Does anyone have a list of working Alien games in location in the states?

I just got an email from Cointaker asking me to pay off my LE, and that a container is on the way.

Anyone else get contacted by them?

#20233 1 year ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Any dates on the container shipment? No email from CT yet for me

I didn't get a date yet. However, I was somewhat pro-active in contacting them about the LE. I called them a few weeks back just to ask about how things were going and they told me to email them a color (black, blue, or green). If you have a down payment on one, I'd call them on Monday and just ask about if one of these that's being shipped is earmarked for you. Here's the email they sent me (it also contained an invoice with my remaining balance):

"Balance is now due as they are getting ready to ship the container,
Please make payment arrangements."

#20301 1 year ago
Quoted from Nethawk86:

Cointaker has to stay with Alien lol. They arent "CHOOSING" to. They already paid them for however many they ordered back in the day during the initial purchase and have been stuck like us to get THEIR money back. So dont try and pass off like they are honoring or supporting these clowns or are taking the high stance and continuing business with them and make them sound like they're doing this for us lol. They are stuck with them until they fulfill the orders they paid for. They just fronted the cash like ALL us preorders did, just they are lucky in the fact that they are a business entity and get priority over those that went the direct route with Heighway orders. All that money is gone regardless. Who would you rather have sue you....a individual with only a small amount of cash..or a huge pin company with deeper pockets?

True or not, the fact remains that it would be much tougher to get this game without Cointaker. And in a sense, if everything you are saying is true, they are taking one for the team (whether it's intentional or not) to get us Alien.

2 weeks later
#20424 1 year ago
Quoted from FightNightFZ:

Thanks everyone! I’ll wait for now. I don’t want to line jump anyone, I agree that it’s bad karma. I went back and read a bunch of this thread, ouch.

While I agree that it sucks for people who have been waiting for years (I can't even imagine the frustration - I feel for you guys), if you don't get the machine, someone else will. If you want it, get it. You haven't done anything wrong or stabbed anyone in the back to get it. It's just a lucky opportunity. There's no bad karma. If anything, you wouldn't even KNOW about this unless your karma was great.

I got in from Cointaker. I wasn't even around for the original Heighway fiasco, and honestly, I wasn't aware of any of it when I was on Cointaker's website last summer clicking the "preorder" button. I found out about Alien Pinball on a facebook post and wanted it, knowing nothing about the history, troubles with past customers, etc.

I can sympathize with people who have been screwed. It's a terrible situation. But if there's any blame and ill-will to be directed, it's at Heighway for not fulfilling purchases in order. Blaming people who were able to buy a machine after the initial group seems a bit unwarrented (unless that person really did do something underhanded to jump the line).

1 week later
#20505 1 year ago

Are there fully working machines out there? All we hear about are the ones with issues, but I'm hoping those are the minority.

1 week later
#20703 1 year ago
Quoted from Zennmaster:

Wow, this is a truly depressing development.
I haven't heard from Melissa yet, but I suspect I will be soon, as my LE has been paid in full with her for the last several months.
Now I gotta see if there's something else on CT's site that can fill the void. Maybe CGC's remake #3 will be announced soon!

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm going to wait until she tells me "your money is no good here" before I throw in the towel. But if I do, I'll probably just ask for a full refund and wait to see if something comes out that I really want.

#20827 1 year ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

That brings up a good question. For those people who have money with Cointaker, would you prefer a refund or a game, on the condition that Cointaker is not responsible for any warranty work?

This is the situation that I'm in, and I'm waiting to see if I can get the game. Seems like if something breaks (or doesn't work out of the box), people here have shown they will help fellow Alien owners.

The only way I'll get my money back is if Cointaker calls or emails me and tells me they decided they aren't going to take the risk and cancels all orders. I pre ordered through them last summer, and paid in full maybe 6 or so weeks ago.

#20848 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

This is too bad, I already told my wife I won another pinball machine and its on the way.. (trying to hide the cost of my machines from her). Oh well, guess Ill tell her the prize was taken back.

Number 1 - this is a great idea. Gonna have to steal it.
Number 2 - "another"?? How many times have you used this? lol

#20873 1 year ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

SOOOOOO glad I got out of this train wreck while I still could. Thank goodness. Dream Theme, but not worth a 8k brick.

I couldn't disagree more. I want to be in it. I want my machine. I don't mind working on pinball machines if I have to. Even the most bullet proof of companies has faults, and if there's a community of great owners willing to share info and help, it'll never be a brick.

Considering the title actually plays so well (from what I've seen here, and the 1 time I got to play it at a show), I think there's a good chance this becomes a rare collectors item. At that point, $8k will seem like a deal.

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