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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#5122 3 years ago

The absence of any TPF-Information tells me for sure that there will be (physically) no Alien machine.

1 month later
#5366 3 years ago

Paid in full. LE incl. 27" Full HD Display. Fuck yeah!

3 weeks later
#5786 3 years ago

Where Do I find it?

2 months later
#6939 2 years ago

LE's are first aren't they?

2 weeks later
#7040 2 years ago

In on Alien LE and being fully paid. Not nervous at all. I do trust Andrew personally and this should be remarkable as I've had a significant monetary loss @Predatorgate (@Kevin: shame on you!).
'Nuff Said!

1 month later
#8433 2 years ago

I am in quite for a time now. I am fully paid. I totally trust Andrew and his team and to all of you who were irritated by some of those poisoned posts here from some well-known, often destructive individuals:

- this company has never promised but not delivered anything. Time lines have been passed several times for sure but in smaller dimensions as we usually see @JJP for example

- statements of Andrew over here are always spot-on, he's not an aggressive salesman over here but surely always open to discuss things no matter if implementable or not. Of course now he must deliver and I am very sure that he will

- this company is producing pinball machines for a short time and was able to get one of the biggest licenses in the movie history. Afaik this is a huge success and getting approval from FOX even more

- we have seen two machines @Expo that also critics must confirm are somewhat over 90% of what we will receive as production pieces. I have understood that code must be tweaked, a toy will be tweaked and still some art stuff must be finished (or maybe was not showable because FOX has not approved all of it yet; having not seen stuff doesn't automatically mean that it is not there). This is not a 1 man show. We are talking about a company with employees in UK and USA. While ramping up for production all departments (code and art are different departments, toys is another for example) can work simultaneously and I personally see this machine in production soon.

- everybody I know (and I know quite a few) who has a Full Throttle is overall happy with the build quality, the game flow and the game itself. I am very sure that - FT was HP's first commercial game - HP is a learning company so Alien could be even better

- this company is young and has survived quite a time now where time delays on Alien surely didn't help to realize Alien Pinball. I don't know what it costs to knock a new game off the park exactly but when I read what Stern obviously said ("1 million per game") I am sure it is a lot. HP has handled all of this itself.

- though some of us don't fall in love with the design of the cabinet nobody that I have heard of has denied that the PF-swap idea is brilliant and having the choice (not being forced to though) to buy future titles as kits for a reduced price is definetly innovative and no other manufacturer offers this future variety.

- beside Spooky I see no other manufacturer except of HP being here on pinside, presenting things, discussing things, taking multiple slander and continuing being here. I personally find it embarrassing how HP has been treated here recently. I accept scepticism and find it very important to be sceptic these days but what I've read here is something else: I see a lot of negativity, slandering and even more than that. As HP has not done anything bad to the community (missing time lines which is kinda normal in this pinball world unfortunately but understandable cannot be the reason for that) I really have to say that this is everything but acceptable and I feel embarrassed for it

My name is Lars M. I am not connected to HP. I have lost money on the Predator fiasco. I am a rational guy and I felt to make a longer statement though I normally don't do this. I hope that this little summary shows what we're talking about actually as this has been torpedoed during the last days. I have confidence though I have made very bad experiences with the pre order system. I am not a nerd (imho )

3 months later
#10738 2 years ago

I'm one of the very early preorder guys and my understanding was from the beginning on that LE art only differs when it comes to translite and sideart. The other differences between Standard and LE are pretty massive imho (beacons, shaker, armor color, lighted ramps, goodies).

2 months later
#13531 2 years ago

Knowing Andrew and being part of this journey for years now/since day one I am sure he is a real stand up guy searching for perfection and trying everything to realize his version of an outstanding machine. Is this a way to pump out machines in a timely manner as Stern does? Absolutely not. But it is his way to deliver a product as good as possible for the fanboys and I respect that. Still there are little issues to be ironed out and I'm sure Andrew has learned the hard way that from times to times compromises and/or final decisions have to be made but I cannot blame him for that as I'm sure his intentions were (and still are!) good ones.

After having waited for so long my machine will finally be shipped to me by the end of the next week and will be the first one being delivered to Germany...the 7th country so far afaik. I have read about games being delivered in several countries of Europe and USA.

I will post pictures from my Alien SE (with beacons and EL blades ) in the week after next week to show production is running...slowly but running.

I trust Andrew as he promised my game to be in my man cave in a few days and as this is my dream theme I will celebrate the Unboxing )


#13731 2 years ago
Quoted from Zennmaster:

I've only been following this thread for a few months, so I don't know if this has come up. My apologies if it has.
Would it be possible, if one were to purchase a game WITHOUT the 27" LCD in the backbox, to run an HDMI cable from inside the cabinet to an external monitor, say a flat screen on the wall? That would seem like a way to get the best of all worlds: The awesome LE art, as well as a (potentially much larger) screen for others in the room to follow the action. I'm envisioning something that would almost look like a PAPA tutorial, but in real life.
Is this realistic?

...Pretty sure that is an easy thing to do.

#13753 2 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

I can't really argue with PoMC here - the ramps on Alien are not polished like what we are used to seeing on other pins. I noticed it, and took some 'Mothers' polish to 'em. They will shine up - but to do it right you will need to disassemble the ramps. For me, it wasn't worth the effort - you really do not notice when you're playing.

Nostromo is a dirty old bitch. You can be lucky that the ramps aren't rusty like hell. No really: I think the ramps NOT being shiny fits well to the theme

#13754 2 years ago

Fuck yeah!
My Alien machine will be shipped tomorrow (with a few other machines as I was told so production's running)..whoo-hoo!

Will post pictures and Andrew also told me that my machine comes with the new generation Xenomorph-head. I feel like a little boy waiting for X-Mas

#13771 2 years ago

Mail came an hour ago ))

Hi Lars,
Great news we have just sent you machine out for shipment. The tracking number for the order is xxx (deleted by myself) this can be checked on the TNT website at www.tnt.com. The machine should be with you in the next few days. We will be in touch with the cost of the shipment in the next few days.

Thank you for your purchase and we hope that you have many years of enjoyment from your Alien Pinball. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us.

Morgan Potter | Customer Services Executive
Heighway Pinball

IMG_2095 (resized).JPG

#13774 2 years ago

I was targeting for having a minimum of one machine of each "major manufacturer of nowadays". With RZ, WOZ, GB and Alien there was just TBL missing. Felt forced to ask for a refund Cointaker for my TBL-preorder a few days ago as I've decided to not ride the rollercoaster any longer. What a pity but Alien frankly speaking is the best machine for me personally when it comes to theme. Having a life size Alien in my lil' home cinema and a life size alien Queen head bursting trough the wall in that room as well you can say I'm an Alien-freak ))

IMG_8137 (resized).JPG
IMG_8139 (resized).JPG
IMG_0707 (resized).JPG
IMG_0710 (resized).JPG

#13777 2 years ago
Quoted from lapean111:

He got a refund on TBL, not Alien.

Yeah that's correct
...but still waiting for the refund from COINTAKER as I've just asked for it

#13790 2 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

More to come with tonights unboxing!!

Mine arriving 2morrow
May not be able to unbox until Saturday but a small look inside the box shall be possible

#13812 2 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

any update on that refund from cointaker.

No actually not. Thanks for reminding me though. Just sent another mail.
They were at a show two weeks ago and wanted to do the refund afterwards. They seem to be very busy

#13813 2 years ago

Shit's getting real

IMG_2174 (resized).JPG

IMG_2175 (resized).JPG

#13814 2 years ago

Peeled like a banana (better to fold and store the cardboard )

IMG_2177 (resized).JPG

#13815 2 years ago

Man that backbox is wayyyyy heavier than expected. Slim like a spring break bitch but definetly weights a lot more than a normal backbox from the old era.
Deeply impressed by the quality so far. Built like a tank.

IMG_2179 (resized).JPG

#13816 2 years ago

Hey cuties!

The facehuggers are pretty big

IMG_2178 (resized).JPG

#13818 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

That's quite a carpet you've got there!

Yeah ugly as hell...I love it

#13820 2 years ago

Will try to get it running tonight. Will check the Beacons but it looks as they are rotating inside!

Right now I'm a bit lost to assemble the backbox as I have no help right now and that thing is impressively massive

#13822 2 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Yeah man... congrats! Looks great. I'm appropriately jealous right now. Keep us updated.

No need for jealousy. Go get one yourself .

Absolute dream theme and I myself was not a big fan of the Playfield art but now when I look at it and the PF being populated with toys and the screen it really looks rad. The airlock screen is bigger as I thought and the xeno head smaller . It fits all together very well. Now I also know what people mean when it comes to the "corroded ramps". Yeah they look kinda "washed out" and I don't think this gets away but it fits to the theme somehow and I personally am fine with it. It definetly is no corrosion though otherwise I would see this as an issue. I have seen this on some flaps on new machines as well (My Hobbit had this as well).

#13827 2 years ago
Quoted from Charliew65:

Damg Larz, Nice looking RZ!!

Thanks, Bro

#13829 2 years ago


Congrats !

Did you protect the scoop or anything? Dunno what/how to do and I am a bit scared something chips off as someone stated here already

@Hilton: Did you do anything/can help us out as an alien expert ?

#13840 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

mylay strip at kickout.
mylar donut around xeno mag on pf
mylar at ball drops
all good

Thanks HILTON and the rest!

Hope my neighbor will come over soon the help me get this baby assembled and running.

Luckily the was some
Mylar coming with my RZ which i could use now as I didn't use it on RZ (the RZ PF seems to be pretty solid). So I will cut something out. As this is my first time of using Mylar here comes a pretty dumb question: I don't know exactly where to put it or how big I should make the Mylar pieces....

#13843 2 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

I *HIGHLY* recommend putting some mylar at the airlock scoop.


how big must the Mylar piece be and must it be out directly at the hole or with some distance? Sorry for asking such dumbass questions

#13853 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Could you leave it over the magnet as well?

Good question...over here they use round mylar dots for covering the magnet and the sourrounding area so Ted's question is more than valid

#13883 2 years ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

There is a cliffy that has been designed for the scoop now.

Where can I get it?

#13888 2 years ago
Quoted from calprog:

Are regulars or Le's machines shipping or both?

Regs only afaik

#13890 2 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

So the standard models can also come with the beacons? I guess so...

Yeah if you pay some extra monies

#13920 2 years ago

Sorry for the radio silence from my
side from the last two days. I had planned to make a few pics and vids 4 u but I've learned the hard way: Don't mess with a HP machine....tried to lift and assemble it on my very own and suddenly got lumbago/severe back pain.
For the last two days my wife put on my shoes (could get used to that btw.) as I cannot move myself really. So ASE stands on just two legs right now. Sorry guys will post when I'm able to get this thing playing!

Btw: Talked to Morgan @HP: the Cliffy is just designed but not produced yet. There is not time schedule right now for it but they will keep us all informed.

#14018 2 years ago

Can anybody directly help me please? Want to play the game but I need to adjust the PF screen. Don't know how to do it. Somebody wrote something about the foam being used but I cannot find it.

HELP you Alien owner ! For god's sake!

#14023 2 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Four Phillips head screw under the playfield on corners of LCD frame. Easy to adjust. Hard to adjust it just right. I had to add lock washers to the screws to get it to hold.


Now I tried to play. When I shoot the ball into the airlock scoop the ball stays in there. No mode starts. Ball doesn't come out. Flipper buttons, start button and everything not working

What to do???

#14025 2 years ago

Have the same phenomenon when the ball goes out through the main flipper fingers. Nothing happens. As in the test menus everything is working my friend says it's gotta do with the software. Mine says software date 11.05.2017 V0.9

#14115 1 year ago
Quoted from ledge:

Has Andrew actually commented on the finish of the ramps ? / reasoning etc. i may have missed it.

For me as an owner it really isn't an issue. Fits the theme

#14129 1 year ago
Quoted from PoMC:

And that's fine. I don't care about fiber optics ramps and any discussion relating to them, but I'm not trying to shut anyone down who has questions.

Just try to be smart, dude. Your comment on my last post was pretty rude. This is a place where we all share our experiences, impressions and thoughts. We're not here to answer your questions...but a few from us will when you don't act like a....well act like you actually do )

1 week later
#14645 1 year ago

RAREHERO...how can you play your Nintendo with one finger up your butt?

2 weeks later
#15208 1 year ago

My Playfield shows the number 049. I doubt that there are a handful only out in the wild. 6 went to Italy a few months ago; stuff we don't ever read here on pinside as not every owner posts here. The number still is 2-digit I guess but way higher than 24.

#15214 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

where is pf number stamped? Ill check ours

It is not stamped, it's a sticker. You can find him at the very bottom of the Playfield at the right or
left. Just lift the PF 90 degrees and you see it. The number is not matching with the machine number btw which is logical for me as people were able to secure certain machine numbers.

My machine was produced in May 2017 and it was delivered roughly 5 weeks ago.

3 months later
#16663 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Am I the only one that thinks one year from now it will be a completely different picture, Alien will be a top 5 pin, that people (including naysayers) will be scrambling to buy and play?

No I totally agree

2 months later
#19087 1 year ago

Love the blue trim

1 week later
#19273 1 year ago

Imho all three colors fit better than
the Green on AFMRLE or the Gold on GOTGLE for example and many other games. Let‘s judge when we have really seen them. I still like the blue best

2 weeks later
#19507 1 year ago

It‘s there. The blue looks marvelous (and way darker than expected). Fits perfect to the colors of TL, E-Blades and Side Blades plus PF colors. My best decision

E0892B73-8B33-4320-BE9E-9D7652BFBD0F (resized).jpeg
12DF07B5-299B-4C00-972E-31B5FE1BC30E (resized).jpeg
88A301B7-6F45-4701-8127-3CFFF53F8E18 (resized).jpeg

#19586 1 year ago

Owning literally machines from nearly all relevant manufacturers like JJP (WOZ), Stern (GOTG), Spooky (RZ), B/W-DP (BOP 2.0) and HP’s Alien (Blue) I can absolutely affirm that this is by far the most impressive machine in my collection when it comes to immersion and bang for the buck.

#19589 1 year ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

Would you be willilng to post some more photoes of your Bleu LE Alien?

Will do when I am able to possibly by the end of the week.

3 months later
#20761 1 year ago

I was a very big supporter of Andrew and HP over the years when it comes to
money and time investment (working for free like doing translation work/sounding board stuff). I have never been treated like that in my whole (business) life and I’ve learnt it the hard lesson. In the end I’ve received my Alien with a serious damage transport that was documented by DHL and by me at the same day it landed. No answers to my mails anymore. No regulation (backbox severely damaged wood broken) for 4 months now. Shame on you!

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