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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#2573 3 years ago

Not sure if this has been mentioned before but since the large LCD is meant for spectators...how cool would it be to have the ability to switch to another input for a playfield camera ? I know I wished Stern had a large screen showing the GOT LE playfield at Expo.

#2576 3 years ago
Quoted from accidental:

Given that it will just be an HDMI display I don't see any reason why you couldn't simply unplug the main feed from the computer and plug your own HDMI camera into it instead.

Yeah I know the possibilities are there but make it real easy/bulletproof for on location video and now you've given operators another reason to buy it too. Also Heighway has mentioned some future online capabilities built in. Think about streaming your games on league night...or multiple location tournaments...

2 weeks later
#2709 3 years ago
Quoted from ecurtz:

Has a machine ever done a surprise multiball mode that can just happen during normal gameplay with no warning? That would be great for an Aliens ambush.

And and along those lines, having balls stored normally in various places around the playfield in front of a kicker instead of a only in a trough would be necessary and pretty cool. STTNG and TZ does this to some extent. Probably too late to implement in Alien if not already there but I give permission for this idea to be used in a future game.

1 month later
#3198 3 years ago


#3246 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Heighway should do The Running Man or Total Recall next, Blade runner is another one that would be amazing.

Mad Max!

#3294 3 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

I agree. I'm not a big fan of the 27" LCD, especially if all it does is mirror the Playfield LCD. I appreciate the backglass art & find it odd to have it missing, & that's why I ordered a Full Throttle se with No 2nd screen.
I did pre order an Alien LE with the small backglass LCD. But at this time I'm not a fan of that huge 27" void where custom art is suppose to be. Just my $.02

I think a large screen in the back box makes perfect sense. With distributed control there's no reason for a back box anymore, everything needed is in the cabinet. Why not have an interactive screen that can display any artwork or game info? Who knows what the plans are for the display but the possibilities are endless. Otherwise the back box is nothing more than a swap box to hang art in.

#3331 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

The wait is what it is. Some things you can't control like Fox. Others you can
Andrew should make an appearance every two weeks with some kind of an update.
Even if it's to say he's alive. Surely there are some progress details that can be released.
What's the downside of keeping people talking positively about your projects? I don't get it

Tough crowd. Here you go.


#3362 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

For those interested, this offers really nothing of substance.

Well it is a forum so if you have a question someone from Heighway answers the question. If you come here and post a question someone will most likely have already answered it (and will answer it again, and again...). Otherwise Andrew jumps in and responds. I don't see any other manufacturer with this kind of transparency or response.

1 month later
#4674 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

If the fact that the science isn't perfectly sound and some of the characters contridict themselves in a film about Aliens and weird organic fluids and things that gestate inside a being then pop out of their chest aren't exact is the reason to hate this film then...I don't know what to say. I never noticed that and kinda happy that I didn't, I don't know how you can watch any SciFi films under that context.

SciFi by definition is fiction based on science. If the writers can't even keep simple facts straight then it's a fantasy. And what's up with all the sound in space these days!!? Can you hear me scream!

2 weeks later
#4892 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Thought it was going to have a plunger...

No way, this baby needs to drop into my FTH cab!

#4942 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

"Bezel" doesn't bother me one bit...what is the actual surface area difference from other machines with side rails/lockdown bar? Not much I suspect.
Chrome looks incredible but be prepared to wipe it down every time you touch it otherwise it will be a mess of finger/palm prints. I'll stick with the industrial standard look.

Brushed chrome would look good and eliminate the fingerprint issue. Plus this is a race bike theme - not a hog theme.


#4948 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'm just asking some questions and I will get ignored as usual.
That's ok. I lost a tiny bit on Jpop by comparison. I'm pretty dumb but this one seems like it will come together and be awesome.

All we have to go on is history. This came out before the latest update.

Disclaimer: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

1 month later
#5326 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfanoz:

If you guys havent played this, you owe it to yourselves to... it's very well done. Can't wait for the Zen game either.
» YouTube video

I like the motion tracker in the apron.

1 week later
#5448 3 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

A nice spinner shot with appropriate sound effects could really add to the sensation...


1 week later
#5536 3 years ago

Bringing her back on course Captain...


1 week later
#5726 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Wonder why they never made a Traci Lords action figure

Doesn't Ted have a machine that can make those?

#5931 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

....waiting for the first sad grumpy pinsider to complain about gettin' off-topic (again)!

I hope it's original hand drawn art cuz....oooff that photoshop artwork would be scary indeed.

2 weeks later
#6395 3 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

Maybe I do not understand the "Trophy / Achievement" thing in newer games systems since I'm a pinball person. But don't these already exist in pinball?
Besides the GC and top player lists there are many other lists in pinball -
AC/DC has a complete set of champions for each of the modes.
LOTR keeps a DTR shortest time
TOTAN has a sultan's table
SS has a Scared Still table and a Spider MB table
WH2O has Insanity Falls champion
There are lots of these or am I missing something? Obviously with the newer games having a complete computer system inside this could be expanded.

Yes but I think an online server that is automatically updated with this data is what people are talking about here. I don't see it happening unless a third party manages the software and servers. Maybe like Farsight?

#6397 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Dutch Pinball is doing what you're talking about.
You can even watch live DMD footage if a game is in play.
Bop2.0 live stats http://www.dutchpinball.com/bop2/live/
If you click on game, then a person's player profile, you can see the trophies they have earned.

Oh cool didn't know that. I think a neutral third party with a subscription model would attract the maximum participation. Otherwise interest will die off if there's not a lot of activity. Cross promotions at tournaments or live twitch feeds would help create the buzz necessary for this kind of thing to survive.

#6465 3 years ago
Quoted from daudioguy:Even though the background is atmospheric it will still be powerful and totally mask pin mechanics assuming that the system volume is sufficient.

Now I have another reason to get the external sub working with my Full Throttle.

#6481 3 years ago

I went direct but only because I ordered before Cointaker was a distributor. In the end I actually could have received it (Full Throttle) faster from Cointaker at the same price including shipping. In my experience Cointaker is great to deal with. Whenever I've called they answer the phone, and they return emails promptly. I think it helps Heighway more to support the distribution channel plus you'll have another avenue for customer service and support in the U.S. if you need it.

2 months later
#7255 2 years ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

Once these new gens are fully built up for testing, I'll be playing one of my favourite games; 'A Lie-In'.


#7257 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

lie in
phrasal verb of lie
remain in bed after the normal time for getting up.

Ah. Earth humor...AR! AR!

2 weeks later
#7476 2 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Strange. But good to know.

I pre-ordered a Full Throttle direct from Heighway. It ended up being exactly the same as Cointaker's price including shipping.

#7482 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

They list FullTh at $6995 w/Free Terminal shipping
Heighway direct buy is $5,950.00 plus shipping which is around $300-400.

No idea on what "options" cointaker has on their models though...so, who knows?

Cointaker SE includes 27" large screen and black trim last time I checked.

1 month later
#8626 2 years ago

I think black trim with chrome legs fit the theme perfectly...


1 week later
#8786 2 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

Does anyone have a sense for how
technically difficult it will be to swap out the CPU?

The CPU is that little white box in the bottom of your cabinet. Should be plug and play. And you might be able to turn the old one into a Chromebox as a bonus.

1 week later
#9087 2 years ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

Best thing for him IMO.

Then you may appreciate this

IMG_4695 (resized).JPG

#9139 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

What exactly is balanced scoring?
To me balanced scoring has the inference that there should not be a shot that can be worth a ton of points. For example, IM has the Do or Die shot that can be worth 50 million points (on older code). Is that balanced? It takes a fair amount of skill to set up that shot. To me, the DoD shot is one of the best things about the pin. I think it was determined that 50 million was a bit too high, so they reduced the DoD shot to 35 million in a later update (I still prefer the 50 million and have kept the old code because of it).
What about the huge song jackpots that you can build up on AC/DC? Is that balanced scoring?
What about stacking the 3 multiballs on BSD, making each jackpot worth 30 million points? Is that balanced scoring?
If not, then I don't want balanced scoring. One of my criticisms of Hobbit is that the scoring is a bit lacking in what I call "dynamic scoring" where once you get to a certain mode or achieve a certain goal, you get the opportunity to score some pretty huge points. These should not be easy to get to obviously, but without this type of reward to go for, and pin can lack in the adrenaline rush that I look for in a pin.
I hope that Alien will give us that dynamic scoring potential.

This is something that a tournament mode should address

#9158 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

BTW, balanced scoring (whatever that means to any given person ) has nothing to do with Tournament Mode. Alien fully supports Tournament Mode -- both Brian and I play lots of tournaments, that's important to us. But Tournament Mode means that the random number generator has no say in what happens: if two players shoot the exact same sequence of shots with the exact same timing, they'll wind up with the exact same score. So if Tournament Mode is active, the Mystery awards will always be the same for a given game state, the Xenos will always attack in the same pattern in Ambush Multiball, Jonesy will always run in a predictable pattern during Find Jonesy. If Tournament Mode is not active, Mystery awards are somewhat more mysterious (biased random), you won't know where the Xenos will appear next during Ambush, and Jonesy will go wherever the catnip leads him.

Great! Sounds balanced to me.

2 weeks later
#9379 2 years ago
Quoted from DJKYrtgfsRFw:

2) And noticed ripley quotes and sigourneys likeness is in Zen. How did they get licensing and heighway not?

I watched the Dory movie with my kids last weekend. It was filled with Sigourney Weaver quotes. Really sad. She must seriously need the money.

3 months later
#11675 2 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Come on, "You Have Failed" is too harsh? heres an idea when you see that message pull ur skirt over head and run away crying.

I think a "You Have Failed" Trophy would help kids cope with the disappointment. No need to try harder, that would be uncomfortable.

#11891 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

That is most likely what they will be looking at. The lighted blades might be out of reach for us early adopters.
I suggest a cabinet exchange, so we can upgrade to lighted blades and won't have to install the CPU by ourselves

Or just the cabinet sides shipped flat. I believe the cabinet is screwed together like a piece of Ikea furniture?

1 week later
#12190 2 years ago

A Weyland-Yutani playfield container would look sweet in my gameroom

400px-WeylandYutaniShippingCrates (resized).jpg

#12193 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Oh that needs to be done! I would happily pay a little more for custom game cases, great idea

Even better replace the legs with a crate like Whoa Nelly

#12338 2 years ago

I guess Dave likes a bit of randomness as part of the overall game balance? I get random drains down the left outlane on my Full Throttle too.

2 weeks later
#12663 2 years ago

I think playing as the main character is fine and makes perfect sense for the theme. It always bothers me when I start up GOT and you "Choose Your House" and then later you battle your own house? Maybe I'm missing something.

4 weeks later
#13744 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

ramps are not worn at all. They look industrial and fit the theme/game very well IMO.
I have no idea if they are doing anything to change them in the future, but they are NOT "pitted" or "worn". They are 'raw' would be more appropriate. Either way, they look cool as is IMO.

They should be 304 stainless to prevent rust. I have no idea what Heighway is using.

#13759 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I am no expert but they appear to be 304 stainless. That was stamped on the bottom of one of our ramps (maybe another number, but I think it said '304')
They look the same material as other metal ramps we see on games, just less brushing

Check with a magnet. 304 SS is non ferrous.

1 week later
#14124 2 years ago

As long as the ramps are stainless steel then passivation will remove any discoloration from the weld. Check out this video.

#14544 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Btw, I hope he can buy 10 porches down the road due to the success of Heighway Pinball!!!!!!

Or at least one Hellcat!

1 week later
#15112 2 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

The debate about whether Ripley should be in the game is long over, I'm just curious about what the actual story was about what happened internally.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there was no money in the budget to pay her.

#15148 2 years ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

Why walk away and hand over all the assets to investors, there is money involved, sold his shares or is still a share holder
There would be a contract of sale of the business, not just new directors signing on that is for sure.
It will all come out in time

Owning a business and being in debt was the most stressful part of life for me. With so many people relying on you, wearing many hats, putting out fires, playing mommy and daddy for your employees, etc, etc, the pressures are tremendous. I can tell you that there was a point when I would have happily walked away if someone came in and offered to pay off debts in exchange for the company.
I hope it all works out for everyone involved.

1 month later
#15699 1 year ago

Anybody get an update on the swap kits for Full Throttle owners yet?

1 week later
#15912 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I am not sure why the screen would have any scratches. More than likely just needs a cleaning. Reality is that the screen is very durable, but if you were concerned then just do the mylar sheet like JM suggests (nice way to ensire it stays level more than anything). If the screen they are discussion actually has scratches then it is due to a bad ball being in the game that is pitted.

completely agree, but you can swap out for a locking screw and then it holds pretty steady I have found.

Can you share more details on the locking screws you used?

#15956 1 year ago

This is the 2nd one reported here with glass broken in shipment out of how many? 20 shipped so far? I wonder if something has changed with the glass magazine.

1 week later
#16187 1 year ago
Quoted from redman822:

Wow....can someone post a TL:DR summary of that?

Here let me summarize:

Opinions are like @ssh0les...

1 month later
#17150 1 year ago
Quoted from bcd:

For various reasons, there isn't likely to be another Full Throttle update for the original PC (Utilite). 1.41 is the last version.
However I have been porting all of the system updates, including newer shaker motor code, into a Full Throttle 2.0 package for the newer PCs that we are using on Alien. If you are getting Alien and want a Full Throttle kit, you'll get somewhat newer code. No rules changes, but lots of system bug fixes and system improvements. My personal Full Throttle is already updated to the new PC and it works great. The new PC is more reliable and makes future updates even easier, so perhaps someday there will even be a few rules changes that I've been working on.

I'll take one! My FTh is solid but I would still like to have a backup for the Utilite regardless of whether kits become available.

2 weeks later
#17884 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Are these issues design issues, parts quality issues, or manufacturing line issues putting the pin together?


5 months later
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