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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#941 4 years ago

Whitewood looks great. I like the layout so far. I'm not sure what direction the art will take. I don't think a bunch of dark textures with a bunch of Alien creatures will do. Much like the movies, I think the Alien (or Aliens) should be hidden until key parts in the game. You have to have the motion sensor and all those great sounds to build up tension just like in the movies. Of course, you absolutely, without any question, have to use Bill Paxton's "game over" sound bite at game over or ball drain. Look forward to more updates!

6 months later
#2417 3 years ago

Looking really good so far.

#2541 3 years ago

It's easy to be critical but whatever is done, you hope that it is done well. The egg might not be your favorite image from the movies but it is done well. I see nothing but good things with what Heighway is doing. Everything from the modular design, dual color displays, and constant improvements. They just put one game out and already showing work on the next game.

I'm actually pretty excited to see how this pin turns out. I can't say that about any other pin on the horizon. Stern's next game will no doubt disappoint on some level. Who knows when JJP will actually ship their second game so no reason to get excited about their 3rd. Spooky is limited on production and I'm not into the horror theme stuff.

1 week later
#2678 3 years ago

More love for this project. Layout looks extremely promising and a good modern 4 flipper game is pretty rare. I really hope a lot of lines from the movies can be used. Love to hear Bill Paxton's callouts for some comedy relief. Aliens is full of great callouts.

#2714 3 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

interesting. i just got congo and midnight happened for what appeared to be no apparent reason. i don't know the rules though. is that the deal?

Clock is not set to correct time is all. Same thing happened to one of my boys while I was watching. I thought something was wrong with the game for a second but then it went into Midnight Madness. My boy was ecstatic and it a lot of fun. In a game like Alien, it would be cool to have an attack mode pop up now and then in a random sort of way. There could be elements in gameplay to build up defenses to prepare for those attacks. That would keep the player on edge all the time and would be intense.

2 months later
#3384 3 years ago

It would be awesome to get a peek at some of the playfield. I don't like preorders well in advance of production but I do think releasing some of the development builds interest. Pins are expensive so if anyone is going to buy a nib pin, it will probably be only one in a long span of time. Showing the game early might mean that you will prevent someone from buying a pin in the short term in order to save/wait for Alien.

#3776 3 years ago

Nothing easier than being a critic. I really don't think you can be critical until you see it populated. I don't think the playfield should be too busy, loud, or be some kind of artwork that you would hang in your living room. The toys, plastics, ramps, lighting, etc. should be able to stand out. The inserts look very clean and I like the colors up top. It looks like there is a ton of detail that would be easy to miss. I look forward to seeing more because I like what I see so far. Thanks for sharing!

#3923 3 years ago

It would be no fun if every game was done by the same artist, with the same style, same color schemes, etc. I love the look of some of the classics but that's what makes them classic. I want new games to look different and some effort in making things look cool. I don't want Alien to look like the old Bally Space Invaders. That would look so out of place on a modern machine. I can think of a few things that could be better but good enough for me.

#4281 3 years ago

I think Alien is one of those themes that is more about the universe than specific actors. Sigourney Weaver is a big part of that universe but tough to focus on only one character with so many others. I would just like to see a collection of sound bites from the movies. Seems like if you had the movie rights you could use anything from the movie but what do I know? I wouldn't call it a deal breaker if you can incorporate the Alien hiss sounds, motion sensor sounds, weapon sounds, screams, and such from the movies. I do want to hear the "game over" Paxton rant on ball drain, though. Maybe find a guy that sounds just like Paxton?

1 month later
#4698 3 years ago


#4716 3 years ago

Looks awesome! Really like the dark colored background and attention to detail. Thanks for sharing pics!

#4793 3 years ago

I think it's pointless to be critical when all you have to offer is that you want something different. The playfield has aliens, machinery, and style cues from the movies. What else is there? I can see wanting more of a Giger style but kind of dark for pinball IMO. You need colors and contrast. The only thing lacking is the characters but nobody seems to mind that. Plus, this is functional art. It's important for some of the art to stand out as well as the inserts to know what different shots are for. Pinball kind of has it's own design elements that most of us expect or at least appeals to fans more.

3 weeks later
#5038 3 years ago

I don't see the need to take sides. GB has me excited and looked forward to seeing gameplay. I would like to get a premium but no hurry to do so. I'm still excited for Alien. Plenty of room in this world for more than one great new pinball machine. My wallet may disagree but I would expect great games to be on sale for a while so no need to make quick decisions. Even though it's nice seeing updates, I do think it's best to announce a game when there is an actual prototype.

1 week later
#5233 3 years ago

Did I miss pics of populated playfield? It looked like there was a pic of one on the banner at TPF but it was small and grainy.

6 months later
#8543 2 years ago

Like the sound of lifecycles. Nice to have things to shoot for outside of modes. It makes me think of MET lighting hurry ups. Love that.

2 months later
#9799 2 years ago

Just saying game looks awesome. I can't believe people are complaining about having an extra display. Pinside lol. I say put a few more in.

9 months later
#17632 1 year ago

Thanks for bringing Alien, sunking. It was my first time seeing one and thought it was pretty cool. I bet it is awesome when you can hear the sounds. Love how they did the display. It fit the theme very well. I was waiting a turn to play and noticed the woman had a high score. Game looked like it was stuck in a mode and there was an endless ball save. Very strange. She just kept playing. I walked away thinking it was going to be a long wait to play.

5 months later
#20692 1 year ago

Wow. I've been following this thread for a while. Really liked what HW was doing design wise and thought Alien was shaping up to be a really good pin. Awesome theme, great atmosphere, interesting layout, 4 flippers, great display, cool toys, etc. Since HW already produced one pin and had the platform, it sure seemed like doing another pin would be easy. Sad to see guys get screwed over in this mess. I don't get why people preorder vaporware games but this was different.

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