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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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Post #15501 Copy of update posted to Facebook by the new HP Posted by Dust2000 (2 years ago)

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#1246 4 years ago


2 weeks later
#1620 3 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

Need to play in uniform...this shirt from Magnoli Clothiers, and a pistachio green tee underneath.image.jpg

nice, but $195 nice? that's a bit rich to plunk down to show up and play "in costume" @ expo. plus, I'd still have to splunge for the green tee

5 months later
#3725 3 years ago

<begin offtrack>
and now for something completely related, but not. is it just me, or does the alien queen look like its wear stilettos?

<end offtrack>

looks good so far lovin' the radar proximity meter playfield artwork tie-in with the inserts

#3727 3 years ago

dropbox and link to a higher rez one please!

nevermind, the image looks great if you click and zoom it

#4297 3 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

All these complaints will be lost in time...like tears in the rain.

somebody's been listening to bif naked again

1 month later
#4895 3 years ago


fantastic progress so far. so awesome that I dropped my cup

1 week later
#4993 3 years ago

found these on ebay for anyone wanted to start modding up their playfield
ebay.com link » Face Hugger Alien Nostromo Collection Titans Vinyl Figure

1 month later
#5473 3 years ago

my mother's birthday is today, but I couldn't find an alien queen b-day card for her

1 week later
#5560 3 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

This is now the porn trivia thread. Today's topic: Traci Lords, discuss.

she performed "fallen angel" from her electronic album "1,000 fires" in "virtousity", starring denzel washington and russell crowe

2 months later
2 weeks later
#7066 2 years ago

what if a new section of the forum for "official" company announcements was created whereby the owners of the IPs (and only the owners) could create a thread and "announce" game releases. I don't think we'd see stern in there, but it might be a great platform for heighway, spooky, PPS and the other boutique companies

these "official" announcement pages could have links to all of the relevant discussion threads (created by the moderators), but this way, we could have a clean, [strictly the facts] thread where all of the available and disseminated information could be easily found (rather than having to wade through countless pages of whining and name-calling and other non-related discussions

just my 2 cents

4 weeks later
#7466 2 years ago
Quoted from dri:

ALIEN PINBALL - Official Game Thread, 75 new posts - NOTHING even related.

and this is exactly why I'm really starting to get annoyed with this hobby.

imagine a company like baskin robbins started to promote a new ice cream flavor with next to no details about it and then followed up with a marketing campaign "coming 2018!". a year later, they release a b/w photo of said ice cream but you still have no idea what flavor it is or what's supposed to be. we'd probably all shake our heads and forget about the whole thing.

I understand that when working with a company who owns the IP, you have certain obligations to uphold and meet, but to announce something like this and now [almost 2 years later], we [the potential customer] still don't know anything more than we did over a year ago. that's pretty disappointing.

and while I'm not advocating that stern is perfect (far from it with all of their recent issues), it's amazing that they are able to keep most of their details completely under wraps until they are almost ready to release a product. that's the one area that they have been more than successful at, keeping the time table short enough that the hype train continues to move forward at steady pace

I have high hopes for the title and I hope that andrew and the team can pull it off and meet the expectations that have been building for the better part of 2 years. thank god expo is less than a month away now

3 weeks later
#7756 2 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Pedantic but the metal Ramps were what broke on hobbit originally
Looking forward to watching from home.. charge your phones folks!! In for some long days!

ramps on TH broke due to the way that they were constructed (spot welded). as stern has shown with the metal ramps on MET, a simple slot and tab assembly works great

#7763 2 years ago

any update from approval from FOX? I'm guessing that you're a go based on the launch party but I don't recall seeing anything "official" from you

#7939 2 years ago
Quoted from zeddex:

How dare they remove the manual plunger!

I didn't realize that twilight zone didn't have a manual plunger
tz front (resized).jpg

7 months later
#14104 2 years ago

I played a brand new pro alien this past weekend and here are my thoughts

the good
- the build of the cabinet and backbox are very nice. I'm not too keen on the playfield glass set up (it's damn heavy) but on the plus side, doesn't take a ton of space in front of the game to remove
- I wasn't a fan of the backbox until I actually saw it. it really is a nice design and a leap forward from the wooden and metal backboxes of the stern and jjp games
- the quality of both the 25" backbox display and the one under the playfield is fantastic. the coders have done an excellent job of integrating the films' footage and game modes
- I love the fact that both the outer side panels and interior [blades] light up

the indifferent
- code version on the machine that I played was 0.97 and had some issues (like scoring getting all messed up with a 4-player game
(granted, this will be addressed with future code updates, it's kind of disappointing that this far after the game being showcased at expo last year, that they are still having issues of this nature. additionally, with a 4-player game, multi-ball modes would start randomly at the beginning of ball one for player no. 4
- the drop out flipper mechanisms are an interesting change from what we're used to. it will be very interesting further down the road, just how available (and how expensive) replacement parts are
- the way that the playfield monitor is mounted should have been like the windows on CftBL and Congo with studs secured to the underside of the playfield and grommeted locknuts securing the panel. having to screw [into] the bottom of the playfield is just asking for trouble with stripped out screw holes. the small pieces of foam which are meant to act as levelers will break down soon and need to be replaced. additionally, if your playfield isn't perfectly flat, there's just no way in heck that you are going to get all 4 corners (and the edges) of the display level with the playfield cut-out. we ended up installing a large sheet of removable mylar to prevent the playfield from getting ball chips at the edges

the bad
- the scalloped edge on the left ramp was very sharp to the touch (just an FYI for all you new and potential owners) where the cut ended near the top before the loop back
- the metal ramp was filthy with residue from the welds. initially, I thought that it was an effect of an old weather starship that they were trying to achieve, but it was quickly pointed [to me] that on the ramp, the pattern of the ramp's filth matched that of the welds
- the same goes for all of the lamp boards underneath the playfield. apparently, heighway hasn't heard of running the boards through a wash cycle after applying all of the components. fingerprints and flux residue covered every one of the strangely cut boards.
- the ball kick out cut-out of the apron is too large and causes the ball to get "hung" to the left of the shooter lane almost 50% or more of the time. we had to fashion a make-shift plastic shim to close up the hole to prevent this from happening

the ugly
- half of the rubber rings were dry rotted straight out of the box and needed to be replaced. (just how long ago were the rings purchased and have they not been stored properly?
- changing out the rubber rings led to accidentally breaking one of the acrylic (not PETG) playfield protectors while trying to free it from the posts. acrylic was NOT a good choice
- the game that we received did not include the xenomorph head [at all]. we were told that it would ship at a later time, but only after inquiring (and we were not given a date at which it would ship

looking above, one might get the feeling that I do not like the game. that's far from the truth. even with all of its shortcomings, we had a lot of fun playing it for about 4+ hours, but truth be told, I really have the feeling that machines are only being shipped to placate the people who paid in full and have been waiting too long.

it's quite obvious that the game still needs some major tweaks (straight out of the box no less) which shouldn't be the case for something that you're paying north of $7K for

just my .02

#14106 2 years ago

the theme is great (not my "grail", but great implementation nonetheless

two other things that I forgot to mention:
- we experienced quite a few airballs, straight out of the box. maybe the posts with the sleeves are not completely perpendicular to the playfield, causing the balls to jump quite a bit. this will require more investigation
- the exposed wiring for the switch [above] the kickback scoop that feeds to the wireform leading back to the right inlane seems like a cheap cop-out. even a simple black rubber cover would have been preferred to the exposed switch (or it could have been positioned differently and out of sight completely

2 months later
#15907 1 year ago
Quoted from oyvindmo:

Nice review on TWIP!
About dislike #5: "The example TWIP played showed some wear and scratches on the playfield screen. Granted this example had over 1,000 plays." I'll be putting this on location, and "over 1,000 plays" will hopefully be reached quite quickly. Maybe this has been covered before, but:
1) Is the screen cover easy to replace?
2) Has anyone considered or tried putting mylar on the screen area? Cheaper to replace a mylar sheet than a screen cover, is my thought here.

we had to put mylar over the screen from day one. the way that the LCD panel is installed, there's not a lot off wiggle room for getting the panel leveled with the playfield surface. (it would have been nicer if they would have used something similar to the grommet type setup that CftBL and Congo use to secure and level the window

consequently, we weren't sure how well that the LCD panel's screen would hold up, so the mylar served double duty as both protection and helping to keep the playfield edges from getting chipped from the balls

1 month later
#17051 1 year ago

nice muttonstatchechops!

1 month later
#18615 1 year ago

are you you telling me that our deal is off? and that we're not going to be the next group of investors for heighway? what ever will I do with that huge pallet of money just sitting in my guest house?

#18678 1 year ago
Quoted from Travish:

Nice downvote?

well, look at his username. I guess it fits (I karma balanced him out

5 months later
#20969 1 year ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

No worries! You JPOP victims were the first to get screwed over in what ended up being a long line of shitty pinball people. If I'm ever in a place to buy you a beer, I'd love to.

beer?!? hah! kim's only good at stealing all my good whiskey!

#21152 1 year ago

how sad is this that it happened on "alien day" as well? hats off to the people that created the game. they did a nice job. it's just a shame that [andrew] heighway went and screwed things up so much that it came to this

2 weeks later
#21967 1 year ago

it begs the question of whether or not all of the facts, figures and statuses of heighway pinball were divulged when the investors stepped in or were they that daft?

1 week later
#22190 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I dont think its wise to give any pinball company money that isnt on US soil. Dream theme's included. Just dont. Your better off betting 10k in vegas on long weekend. Sadly, better odds in vegas than getting a preorder pinball overseas.

I think that you should remove your "that isn't on US soil" clause. for a reason why, just ask all of the people who lost money on predator 'cause last time I checked michigan has not become a sovereign state and is still part of the united states

1 month later
#22548 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Does anyone know the best way to clean up the ramps a little bit, they have a lot of ball marks/scratches here and there on the metal areas

remove the ramps and run a scotchbrite pad over them in the same direction that the ball travels
if the trails are really bad (meaning highly polished), you can take some 400/800 grit sandpaper to scuff them up and eliminate the ball trails (again, running the sand paper in the same direction) and then use the scotchbrite pad on them

the weird part is that every single alien machine that I've seen, the ramps and boards both have a strange haze to them like they weren't cleaned properly before being installed

for flat parts, like metal ball guides, you can use a scotchbrite lap brush connected to a drill motor

#22551 1 year ago

I thought that the only difference in art between the SE and LE was the alien queen on the backbox (which is mostly disrupted by the 27" display

#22611 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

They're at the Winchester, something about waiting for this to all blow over.

I've actually been to "the winchester" (which was actually "the duke of albany" in new cross gate, london

I've got a photo somewhere from one of my trips to england

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