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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#569 5 years ago

Man this pin is looking veeeeerrry tempting. I like the idea of starting a certain movie mode, completing it, then moving on to the next movie mode (plus choosing the one you want to start with when you push the start button). Plus, I LOVE the way they keep us up to date on their progression of the pin, even for us non-buyers at this point. Great customer service. I would love to see this baby in my gameroom, so I keep checking up on this forum.

1 week later
#632 5 years ago

Man I hope these guys can pull it off and put out some stellar pins. I watch this thread like a hawk, knowing it won't take much for me to put a down payment on their Alien pin. I kinda worry about the shipping to the States though.

#644 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

They have a chicago depot. All games will be sent from there. You only need to pay for shipping from chicago.

Awesome. Thanks Frolic!

5 months later
#1055 4 years ago

I think it would be sweet to see an Alien tongue come out of a creature head, grab the ball with its tongue (via a magnet) bring it back into its mouth and lock it into place for a (3) ball multiball later. Im thinking something along the lines of the Thing hand from AF. Man I can't wait to see the playfield and specs on this baby!

1 month later
#1232 4 years ago

I said this before and I'll say it again. I watch this thread like a hawk because I'm REALLY wanting to see how this pin turns out. I LOVE the Alien films and the idea of those flashers lighting up my gameroom as I blast the alien creatures while being accompanied by the pulse rifle sound effect after a well placed pinball shot (Who am I kidding, I suck at pinball). The movie sound effects alone would be enough to make this pin ROCK!! Love the idea of the egg pop bumpers, plus the mod ideas mentioned by Star Gazer of possible toys on the pin. (Andrew, sign that boy up). If I wasn't so paranoid about pre-ordering a pin again, I would have sent my money in. I know once the playfield specs and pics are released I'll give in just from the excitement of playing an Alien pin.

Still, I want Andrew and team to take their time and make this right. For us video game nerds, I don't want another Alien:Colonial Marines fiasco (if you guys know what I mean). Plus, it gives me time to save my money up to get this bad boy.

#1238 4 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

I agree, but I would be concerned with the LE's selling out quickly after pics/videos of the playfield are released. I can see the remaining LE's selling out in a day after the announcement. To me putting down $1500 to secure an LE early was a no brainer.

I know Zamp. Every time I buy something pin related I think about how I should be saving the cash and buy the Alien pin. Haven't been super excited about a pin announcement since Stern announced TWD.

#1239 4 years ago

Just curious and not to start a debate, but any future window of when the Alien pin will be developed? Only asking because I'm always thinking of ways to crunch the finances to get this puppy.

5 months later
#3872 4 years ago

You know it, I really like it. I didn't really want a over-populated playfield. It reminds me of my Stern ST pin. I think once the toys and display gets added to the mix this playfield is going to rock (more than what it does). Besides, I think it will fit perfectly next to my ST pin. Good job Aurich.

As for early notices, I really appreciate these "cell phone" pics. I don't think it was a dick move. Just another pinsider sharing some early excitement to us pinheads who couldn't make the trip, so thanks. Besides, we knew it was coming today. Aurich hooked us up with that great high res shot later, so thank you sir.

Super excited for this one, even though I haven't put my deposit in yet. Just watching this thread VERY closely. If Andrew keeps this up, I'm going to have to book him on the next Ed Sullivan show for this "British Invasion".

1 month later
#5031 4 years ago

I just ordered a GB LE, but that still didn't stop me from checking this thread everyday. Still didn't contain my excitement of finally seeing (and hopefully playing) this pin in final form because I LOVE the Aliens theme (like Ghostbusters).

No reason I can't own an ectoplasma gun and a pulse rifle, right?

#5034 4 years ago

LOL. Never thought of that!

I know Frolic, most first announcements always hurt pre-orders with other companies. I hate the waiting game.

1 month later
#5555 4 years ago

I can only imagine Andrew checking in on Pinside, clicking on the Aliens forum and see that it went to talk about a porn star tape. He's probably thinking WTF! LOL

1 month later
#6690 3 years ago

I'm getting excited for this one. If this pin comes out and rocks, then I will carry Andrew's Alien baby. Not full term, mind you

1 week later
#6725 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Is it better to send the deposit directly to Heighway or go through Cointaker?

I ordered mine from Melissa at Cointakers. Although this is only the second pin I ordered from her, I was just major league impressed with her friendliness and conversations. Plus, she saved me the hassles of shipping and dock fees (and whatever else) and made arrangements just to have it shipped to my house. I think any which way would be fine, but I just felt more comfortable doing it this way.

Can't wait to get this one! C'mon Andrew, bring it home to daddy!!

1 month later
#7320 3 years ago

Rats farts! Congrats on the emails fellas. Here's hoping Melissa from Cointakers comes knocking on my email door

1 week later
#7486 3 years ago

Waiting for my alien arrival.

image (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#7972 3 years ago

I can't wait to see a video of this pin's gameplay. I like what Heighway Pinball is doing and I LOVE their second choice in taking on the responsibility of making a pin on a Hollywood SciFi/Horror classic knowing there's going to be a HUGE fanbase watching over this like a hawk. I put a down deposit on a LE version because I think this pin is going to rock. I'm going to put this puppy next to my other brand new company widebody pin (WOZ).

That being said, Kudos to pin developers for having the thick skin to listen to the gripes, complaints and questions regarding in the making of the pins (Gary, Jack, Spooky, Andrew). I totally respect the way Andy comes on once in awhile and address some issues, even though they may not be to his liking. and calms the natives down. Not saying I like all of their choices, but at least they're out there making them. I wonder if Andrew's blood is made up of acid.

1 month later
#9507 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

thinking about upgrading that SS Ted? About time you stepped into this century
Figured this may be on your short list.

I wouldn't mess with Ted. The man shoots lazers out of his eyes for Pete's Sake!

#9539 3 years ago

Hey Andrew. What about us pinsiders who put money down on the Alien pin thru a distributor? I put some money down to hold an LE model, so I was just curious where we would be on the production list. No hurry though, just curious.

10 months later
#17123 2 years ago

You Rock Melissa! Cant wait to play this pin!

#17175 2 years ago

I'm impressed with the new JJP pin as well, but I already have a really good POTC pin already.

Alien is one of my favorite movie franchises and beats out the POTC franchise, at least IMO. I'm hoping I get my standard soon because I love the ambient tone and feel of the Alien pin. I always wondered what would have happened if Stern or JJP would have got the Alien franchise. Still, I can't wait to play it.

#17250 2 years ago

Damn, I logged on and saw 40 something posts about Alien pinball and I thought someone got their Alien pin in from Melissa and Cointakers

I don't worry about how shots are going to feel in a game because I SUCK at pinball and I wear it like a badge of honor. I can't hit free throws either, but when I do get lucky enough to hit one it's the game winning shot in my mind if that helps.

On Alien news, I haven't heard nothing but can't wait to hear from other pinsiders when they get their pin, with hopefully some of them taking the time to take pictures and maybe a Youtube video or something to please the others.

I had a LE Alien on order, but I cancelled it and went standard because I didn't feel like waiting any further on the LE. Besides, the EL ramps taken off and the backglass just didn't justify my reason of sticking with the LE. Besides, Murphy's law usually kicks in with me and I don't think I'll have one by the weekend because I'm off with no plans, it will probably come in next week when I have a full week of work ahead of me. Don't get me started on the huge gouge marks I put on the inside of the SW Premium pin that happened when I tried to pull the playfield out in the process of putting mirror blades in. Yep, it came out at an angle and had to be forced out. Luckily the mirror blades covered the damage. New world problems, huh?

#17623 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

So who has the other CT Aliens? Guessing they are being shipped to end users.....anxious to see more unboxings!!!

Hey MK!

I'm hoping to have mine from Cointakers by Wednesday ( just in time for Halloween). Going to have some buddies over to open and play it, including Greg from the SDTM podcast in order to film it. I'm hoping to have everything filmed, including fly by of the pin inside and out.

#17747 2 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Further update...scheduled for (this) Thursday delivery.
But you people are scaring the crap out of me with all the reported issues. I will report in detail the condition and operation of my game as soon as I can.

LOL Same here Astro. Just got word my pin is in Louisville, KY right now (just across the river from me). I'm going to put a hold on it and pick it up tomorrow instead of waiting on the final shipment to my house on Thursday. Having some people over and I know (3) of them are pretty good at troubleshooting and solving pin issues. I know it sounds weird, but I'm more nervous than excited in getting this pin because I hope it works fine. Never felt this way before in getting a NIB pin.

I'm hoping once I get it in the gameroom and the moving is all done and whatever problems I have with it (hopefully nothing major) will be settled and we can enjoy the pin.

I would be lying to you if I said I'm kinda concerned about Heighway's communication. Just curious how you would update the pin for future updates. Is it done like JJ and Stern, just downloading an update file on their web site or what?

Anyway, my buddy Greg from SDTM will be filming the process and I'm sure doing a podcast on it at a future date, so here's to keeping the fingers crossed and hoping I'll have some good news for the future buyers (if any) for this pin.

#17806 2 years ago

MK, you're always the voice of reason here!

#17836 2 years ago

Hey Guys. Well, as I promised, here is my short review on my Alien pinball unboxing.

I have to admit, I was nervous as hell when I got my pin in. Before I go on, a HUGE thanks to my buddy Marcus for picking it up for me at the terminal. It saved me a day of reviewing, plus I already planned a big welcoming party for the Alien pin. Thanks Mark! Okay, here we go.

Before I start, my buddy Greg from SDTM filmed the entire session of me and my pinball buddies (Rick, Greg, Hoagie, Mark) unboxing the pin, as well as putting this monster together and getting it ready for play. So, Greg should have the video up soon and it will explain more better than I can put in words.

When I got the box, it had a huge dent on the top side which worried me more. However, upon opening the box we didn't notice any type of damage within. The box had all kinds of warning stickers on it saying it was a high dollar item, but it's all good.

Let me say the first thing about the build of the pin. It's built like a tank. I can't describe the outer part of the cabinet, except the material used on the outside of the cabinet feels like a surface of a truck bed liner, only smoother. It has grooves notched on the cabinet to perfectly fit the legs and looks great. Don't worry about buying some button protectors for this baby. The game didn't come with any type of instructions or goodies (key fabs, extra plastics, etc), but no biggie. It took us awhile to figure out how to properly install the backbox, but after doing so we kinda looked at each other and told Greg to edit that part out in his video. LOL Speaking of backbox, it it a lot skinnier than Stern or JJP and, upon looking at the top part, I don't know how or where the optional beacons will sit or fit on it. There is no pre-drilled holes on it or anything like that or places where wires can be run later to the beacons, but maybe the LE models will already have them on them. Still, if this was going to be added on later as an option, I don't know how I could do it. Still, a minor complaint. The cabinet I have to rate a very solid A Plus!

The playfield looks stunning and the art package is great. I swear to you, this is one of the BEST playfields I have seen in quite some time in regards to the toys and overall look of the area. It reminds me of JJ Woz pin in regards to the toys and the interactive playfield toys just making you feel like your part of that universe. I'll say this again, it just looks like Alien. I also did love the way each alien creature is put on the playfield, from the eggs to the facehuggers to the adult alien head. Only thing missing is the chestburster. I do want to bring up one thing for Delt, maybe it will help solve his problem.

I was lucky enough to have pinball buddies, who I would officially call "Pinball Surgeons", who was there with me when I initially opened the pin. I wanted to make sure they were there just in case something broke or came loose that I didn't detect and they could fix it in minutes which would take me hours to do. When I was unboxing the pin, I began to remove the Styrofoam pieces from the corners of the pin. While doing so, one of my buddies asked me what the plastic baggie was that was found almost underneath the Styrofoam piece. I reached down and pulled out the baggie from behind the piece (like a small Ziploc bag) and on the outside was a small note stating something about "before you power up the machine, be sure to replace these fuses (which was in the Ziploc bag) with the ones currently inside the board of the pin". I don't know if Delt saw this or not, but I could see if he somehow overlooked it because it was well hidden. I thought about Delt the whole time, thinking maybe that was why he was having problems with lights not working properly on his pin. Anyway, if you did see it Delt and was able to replace the fuses,I hope you get your pin up and running soon.

We did replace the fuses and, after getting everything done, finally powered up the pin. Okay, everything looking good. The alien mech head began to move and the tongue came out perfectly. All of the monitors fired up and the light boards all worked. One thing to note. When I removed the playfield glass, this thing is a beast in terms of weight. Very well made and protected and slid off pretty good, just be forewarned it's going to be heavy since you probably will be so use to lifting and pulling out the lighter weight glass only.

The side art worked and lit up nicely, just not really too bright (which is fine with me). I really liked the small handle they put on the plastic side art, making it easier to pull it out of the pin (even though on Greg's video I struggled with it with other guys pulling it out with ease). I swear, sometimes I have problems peeling off the wrapper of a Tootsie roll, but I blame that on my old age.

The game played great and any Alien fan will truly appreciate the work that was done with this pin. The overall look and atmosphere just screams Alien. The pin is dark, but it just fits the mood perfectly. I don't know if I'll get the pinstadium light for it or not (because they do look great), but at least it's an option later on. In terms of other mods, it always had a color screen and button protectors, along with side art inside the pin, so that's a big plus in terms of spending more money on it.

The modes are sweet and there is all kinds of sweet and tricky shots in the pin. I kept forgetting about the upper left flipper on the pin for some reason, but I know over time I will get used to using it. The ramps feel like they are actually built into the game and just shaking them will shake the whole playfield (again, see Greg's later SDTM video), which is good. Early impressions I have to tip my hat to Ferret for helping putting this together.

I had a blast that night with it and it was played probably non-stop for around 6 1/2 hours. All of my guests really loved it as well and bragged about it. The only negative thing I can say about the play is sometimes it would take a couple of hits before the ball was ejected properly from the shooter lane. One time my daughter was playing the pin and she had a mutiball going that seemed endless. I think it happened during "Bug Ambush", but don't quote me on that. Anyway, I went ahead and turned off the pin and waiting a few seconds before re-booting it (much to my daughter's dismay LOL She had one hell of a score going) and, upon doing so, the pin played good the rest of the night. After the party I played one game and it did the same to me, but the game finally quit shooting out the balls. I don't know, maybe I was just kicking ass during that mode, but I doubt it.

Anyway, that is my review. I think if Heighway can get this thing going and get these puppies shipped out to eager pinball fans' hands, they are going to see strong sales in this one. Heighway has to understand they can have a winning horse in this race, with a lot of pressure on them to see this thru. Alien is the PERFECT pinball theme, with non-stop action and a loyal fan base. They opened a HUGE can of worms upon obtaining this license, knowing the fans would want this pin and the expectations will be high and I thank them for it. I think Gary Stern is kinda feeling it right now with the Star Wars fans out there watching his pin.

A special "Thank You" to everybody who came last night for some good food, pinball playing and laughter. This is what the hobby is all about. I think we talked more pinball than anything else, so thank you to everybody who came out and made the arrival of the Alien pin that much more special to me.

#17844 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

indypin what version of software is installed and is it the latest?

I have to double check, but I'm pretty sure it's the latest.

#17848 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

That is a weird spot....
Thanks for the review. Quickly put 400 games on it and report back! We need to know this is not a fluke

LOL Definitely!

#17853 2 years ago
Quoted from bcd:

On the ball launch problem, is this at the start of a ball or during multiball (or both)? I would check the alignment of the ball feed.
On the long multiball, the most likely cause is a chatty left outlane sensor. Chech the sensitivity of these two switches in single switch test. They may need adjusting slightly. I'll look into workarounds for this in the next version of the code.
Thanks for the detailed report.

Yes sir. Thank you!

#18064 2 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

I'm digging this game !!!!!!
Have one helluva last ball !

Damn Son!!!!! I can only dream about that score.

#18204 2 years ago

Of al the posters on this thread MK, you're the one I most would love to see to finally get your pin. It seem like you've been here since day one. I sincerely hope that all early buyers get their pins (LE or standard) because once you have it in your home, I know it's going to give you the feeling of "water under the bridge" and you'll forget about the headaches once you hit the start button on this game. I hate hearing about pinsiders waiting for refunds and no communication and I blame the Predator fiasco for this. I think once you get your game you will be happy with the wait. MK knows what I'm talking about after finally getting the chance to play the pin.

I had mine for about a week and I LOVE IT! It's just a blast to play and it's the one I turn on when I go downstairs in the mood to play some pins. I know I'm in the newlywed phase, but I just got SW in the week before and I do play it a lot, but not as much as Alien. I can't explain it, but the playfield shots just seem so different than any other pin in my collection. Now if I can only hit the hypersleep shot more consistently!

Like I said before, I backed out of my LE order and changed it to the SE with Cointakers when I had the chance. Now since I have the pin, I kinda wondered what the LE offers now only because of what the extras would look like on it. When I first get a pin and start playing it, after a couple of weeks I start thinking about mods I can do for it once I feel it's going to be a keeper for me (side art, color dmd, etc). Ofcourse, the Alien standard already comes with the goodies, just stretching a point. Still, I don't regret my decision. Also, I never entertained the idea of switching out playfields on my pin because I knew nothing could replace the Alien theme to me.

Happy Halloween Pinsiders!

#18278 2 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

the only reason people are waiting for refunds and/or communication is because the new investors are still there. if Andrew had closed shop, nobody would be waiting for anything today. but to blame HP's poor customer service on Predator?? now that's a stretch.

Missed my point totally Greenie. Predator comes to mine with pinsiders when you think of putting money out to a person (or company) and not getting anything in return. At first, I was nervous as hell when I sent in my total payment for WOZ to a new upstart company and waiting a long time for it, but luckily Jack came thru with flying colors. Those poor pinsiders with Predator didn't get nothing.

3 weeks later
#18772 2 years ago

Hey guys, just an update for you.

Really hit the Alien pin hard this holiday weekend. Had family and newbies over and they really bragged about the pin and the theme. I was FINALLY able to achieve the hyper sleep multiball. I know small potatoes to pro players, but a HUGE accomplishment for a guy like me who sucks at pinball.

Haven't made any adjustments to the pin yet because of new grand daughter time, but the ball every once in awhile will not shoot up the ramp at the beginning of the ball, but I read where Delt said adjusting the ramp or something about removing a lower screw possible on the ramp? Every once in a while the alien mech head wand acts up, but not bad. Also, I shoot the outer lanes to hit the pop bumpers, but it seems like the bumpers don't react as much when the ball hits them. Again, probably just minor adjustments needed on my part.

Still, I love playing this pin. It has shots on it that I haven't seen on a pinball before. In this day of age of players complaining about how one pin shoots like another (AS plays like MET, which plays like GOTG, etc), this is one pin that just plays so differently from the others. Not bashing Stern, because I LOVE that lay out regardless of the theme switching. I play Alien then walk over to another pin and it feels do different than say playing SW. I know.... I know....it's a wide body pin. But I played wide bodies before and I never felt the change before (in a good way).

The pin is dark and I'm still contemplating about getting the pin stadium lights, but the darkness really adds to the mood of the pin (and I'm the type who LOVES bright play fields).

Keep the faith fellas and I hope you get your refunds or your pins shipped, whichever you prefer. I would be lying to you if I told you I didn't get nervous on the long wait and broken promises, prompting me to drop my LE version to a standard version when the opportunity was given to me. Either way, you're going to want to play or own this pin and I'm glad I got it for my collection.

#18785 2 years ago

Hey guys, just one more update.

I had the boys (Greg and Zach) from Straight Down The Middle over at the house today to do some filming of the Alien pin for a show review and overlook coming up. Greg noticed a couple of small little fixes on the pin and, after adjusting a few switches and targets, the pin is working great.

The guys really loved it and we had a blast with the pin. Don't want to spoil the show, so keep an eye out for their broadcast. Thanks again SDTM.

Now if can just get an invite to Chris Bucci's house.

#18828 2 years ago

SDTM just filmed another gameplay video to be posted soon on my pin in action.

As stated before, I LOVE this pin. It has shots I have never seen before, at least all together in one game. I play the crap out of it and the theme is perfect for pinball. I can't think of one pin, of all the pins I owned in the past or played, that looks, plays, and feels like this pin. Can't wait for future updates Ferret!

You just have to play it I guess to see and feel what I'm talking about. I really want the other buyers to get their pins. You can check my Pinside feed back and see I don't post like crazy, so you know when I post about a pin it's something special. Call me the silent majority I guess. LOL

One last thing. I love the ball save outer lane. A whole lot better than the 2 ball saves on WOZ, and I love WOZ.

1 month later
#19617 2 years ago

I don’t know if this will help or not because I’m not the most savvy when it comes to pinball help, but I had the same problem on my ball launch as well.

I noticed the ball launch was very loose on my game. The firing mechanism would fire but would hit the small circle, thus not getting a full hit on the ball while it was sitting in the trough. I know this may sound silly, but I just took a small piece of plastic and wedged in between the ball launch and the inner cabinet, keeping it in place.

Since I did that, the ball fires 99% of the time now and works perfectly.

Still love playing this game. Got the nasty flu virus so I haven’t got the chance to do the newest update. Can’t wait!

#19626 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

ALMOST perfectly ....

Damn you Ted and you’re perfect math! LOL

2 months later
#20628 2 years ago

Thought I would post a quick update on my Alien pin.

The other night I went downstairs to the mancave and decided to play the Alien pin. If you read this forum long enough, you REALLY start feeling paranoid about getting, or better yet, staying with your order on Alien.

But DAMN, I love playing this pin! I can't put in mere words how fun it is to play! The lights, sounds, theme, shots, and monitor interaction just makes you feel like you're fighting for your life thru the Alien universe. I can't get enough of the hypersleep lock shot. On bad days, I will play 20 games in a row if that what it takes for me to get hypersleep multiball! ( I know, I'm persistent) Like I said before, I got Alien around the same time I got SW Premium and let me just say I just sold my SW Premium for an ACDC Luci. Thanks Zach and Greg from SDTM. More on that in a minute.

Do I still have minor issues with the pin? Yes, yes I do. Does it bug me somewhat? Sure it does. The left flipper is still a little wonky, every once in awhile after playing a couple of games the playfield monitor turns a light green color (which goes back to normal once I power down the pin), the ball still doesn't eject every once in a while (even after tweeking) and the alien mouth rod will every once in awhile get stuck on the jaw as it tries to snatch the ball during gameplay. But after all these minor gripes, I still can't muster up the courage to sell it because it's just a blast to play. After all, when I unboxed my Luci pin I had some minor problems with the Stern NIB (ball getting caught up in the lane under the cannon, LED lights won't stay in place behind the lightning bolts, etc) I don't remember these kind of problems when I originally owned the ACDC premium version out of the box. Not to Stern bash, but I guess every once in awhile a NIB pin will cause you headaches.

That being said, Heighway pinball really concerns me though. If you didn't know my story, I had an LE on order for awhile, but decided to change over to the regular version because the container coming in to Cointaker had an extra regular version on there. I ended up having to pay more from the original LE payment to the regular version, but I just wanted to end the waiting game. Heighway obtained an absolute beautiful licensed/theme with Alien and a huge fanbase and it bugs me knowing why this pin isn't in deep production by now. I would be lying to you if I told you the fear of being stuck with an excellent pin that has mechanical problems I can't get fixed because of hard to get replacement parts or a support cast from the company later down the line. I mean, I appreciate the software guys coming on here and doing their work on this pin, so a HUGE thank you to you and your hard work. It is appreciated! If I ever decide to sell my Alien pin, it would be for this reason (partially because I'm not that mechanically inclined and would rather avoid the headaches and trade it towards a NIB pin). Flame suit on!

One last point. I'm a HUGE Star Wars and Alien fan, so it was a no brainer for me to get these pins because of my fanboy attitude. While I did like the SW Premium, it just didn't "side" with me and I don't know why. Now Alien on the other hand just clicked with me and made me feel like a part of that universe and I found myself playing that pin more. Maybe it's because I felt like SW was more for pin players who was more of a "professional" player than I was (going for mulitpliers, etc), where Alien felt more mode based to me which I like more in pins.

I would sometimes think what would have happened if this Alien pin was built and distributed by the other pin companies mentioned above? Buyers will (and have) jump ship for other titles being released by Stern, JJP and Spooky, and it's a shame because, in my opinion, Alien is a blast to play if given the chance to grace the confines of a home arcade.

#20634 2 years ago

You know, one last thought and it might sound crazy.

What if Heighway Pinball (or it's new investors) could make contact with Stern to see if they could help in the production of the Alien pin? I'm looking at what Planetary Pinball did in terms of Stern manufacturing the remake versions for them. That way, Gary gets a couple of bucks in his pocket and Heighway gets these pins moving on the assembly line. If nothing else, maybe just for the North American market to save time waiting for shipments from across the ocean.

I know the factory is probably crazy busy, but how hard could it be to possibly produce (5) Alien pins a day and ship it out the door?

Okay, I'm putting back on my straight jacket. Just a thought before I go back to playing dominoes with the pink elephant in my padded room.

PS He ALWAYS wins.

#20635 2 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

All great stuff..............IF....you are able to even get one.
That's the big thing right now, and sadly, by far, Heighway's biggest obstacle.
Where is that boat with 20 or 25 of them coming to the US again....?
I mean, the US is supposed to get a boatload of them, and nothing - but then some guys over in Europe just get them out of no where with zero communication leading up to it (at least what we've seen here on the forums).
It's just way too much a complete random guessing game. I, as well as many others here, don't feel like playing Russian roulette with $8000+. Now, IMDN Premium on the other hand.....

I know. That pin does look awesome.

#20652 2 years ago
Quoted from epotech:

Are you going to make them without getting paid first? If not, how would it be any different to Heighway fessing up for all the parts to build them themselves. Why would you finance a competitor?

Wouldn’t you consider Planetary Pinball a competitor? I would.

1 week later
#21428 2 years ago

As an Alien owner, I must admit one thing that brings me down. I noticed on Pinside several forums opened up about owners threads on different pins. I love looking at those threads and looking at the adjustments, mods, gameplay talks, code updates and expanded gameplay additions, along with pics of other Pinsiders pins sitting in their man cave/gameroom.

Thanks to Andrew and company, this owners thread turned into a shit show and will never turn into a fantastic owners thread like the rest of them. How can you screw up such a perfect license like the Alien franchise??? If it’s true about the new owners reselling the container of Alien pins to other buyers already paid for by other customers, then they are worse than Andrew IMO and should be charged somehow in a civil or legal court. As an owner, it just pisses me off knowing I can’t get into a fan club with other owners because they didn’t receive their pins as promised.

After reading thru the forum, I thought about selling my Alien pin and I went downstairs to play it for maybe the last time. Didn’t boot at first, so I had to turn it off and on again and played about 5 games. I can’t help it, I LOVE playing this pin and I just can’t part with it. I got to loader battle and the shots and lights show just got me pumped. I even got my favorite multiball hypersleep, which is one of my favorite shots in the game. Will it go down in value? Should I sell it now while it’s still working to help finance purchasing the Aerosmith or Iron Maiden pin I’ve been lustfully looking at lately? Will it become the next King Kong or BBB of the new pinball era in terms of collectibility and rarity? I asked this question several times to my pinball buddies getting various answers. Most tell me to sell it.

I can’t say if I will sell any pin in my collection at any certain time, regardless how much I love it within the first few months of ownership. Alien is no different. But, I know if it comes to selling Alien it will be because of parts breaking and unable to buy or fix it properly and because of the gameplay getting boring to me. I haven’t felt and loved playing a pin this way since I first bought my MM and STLE.

My wife who, God love her, never got into the pinball hobby but wants to make me happy, was told by me about this fiasco. The woman wouldn’t know Captain America from a xenomorph, but she gave me the best answer. She said Larry, it’s already paid and not hurting anyone sitting in the basement, so if you enjoy it keep it and sell it if you get bored with it.

I love that woman.

#21444 2 years ago

Thanks fellas! BTW Gap, keep making your YouTube videos. Love them

2 weeks later
#22168 2 years ago

Rumor has it they’re talking about the Alien pin and the newest update on the Iron Maiden thread forum. I’m so outta here!!!

1 week later
#22256 2 years ago

Sweet deal MK! Not the price, but I’m just glad to know you FINALLY got one because I know you were in the battle the longest. I honestly think you did the right thing because it would have driven you crazy not knowing how good your grail pin is to finally play in the comfort of your man cave/home arcade.

If it’s any consolation, I still love the pin and I feel the honeymoon phase is way over. Some say it’s clunky, but I feel all wide body pins are clunky in some shape or form but are still a blast to play. Full immersion with the shots, rules, gameplay, and the sound and audio will make your bones shake. Seriously, I have to crank my Stern pins up to around 25 to get a good sound and the other night I had to turn my Alien pin sound down to one just to hear my wife yelling for me ( which isn’t a bad thing). I’m cranking away on multiball and trying to keep the balls alive, too nervous to look away from the flippers at times to find my shots. But as long as I hear the Alien squeel with each hit shot, I know I’m kicking Alien ass in the game!

Seriously, keep me posted on your pin and how you like it. The LE looks beautiful!

On the flip side, that damage on the other pin would have made me sick. Here’s hoping he gets it fixed right.

#22269 2 years ago

Thanks Ferret, but I kinda love it the way it is! LOL But I'll try it out.

4 weeks later
#22443 1 year ago

I'm checking in and still loving my Alien pin. One of the best looking and immersive pins I have ever played.

2 weeks later
#22575 1 year ago

Aurich you should make that into a poster and sell them. I would love to have one hanging in my gameroom!

#22576 1 year ago

BTW, that would have looked AWESOME in the backglass of the Alien pin. Andrew is crazy!!

6 months later
#23755 1 year ago
Quoted from Per_:

One exceptional aspect of the Alien is the light composition created by all the different light sources. There are so many cool picture motifs for a photographer... I reserved a special dark place for the Alien pinball in my cellar and I added some more alienish light sources - like a (cheap) LED beamer showing Alien poster pictures and video clips.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Man, that does look awesome! Not bad......for a human.

1 month later
#23913 1 year ago
Quoted from webdiddy:

Here's my other figure mods I posted in another thread.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks to you, I was FINALLY able to find these Alien mods. I ordered the APC, the chestburster and the mother alien as well. I already had the die cast version of the landing ship and placed it at the same spot. These mods look highly detailed. The APC would look perfect over the APC targets, giving you an idea what to shoot at. The mother Alien obviously has to be by the eggs guarding them (just like in the movie) and I can't decide where I'm going to place the chest burster yet once I get them in the mail. (overseas shipping, ugh)

Had to get the chest burster since it's the only stage in the birth of the Alien that is not represented in a toy figure. (egg, facehugger, chest burster, alien). Can you send a pic of your Alien playfield with all of the mods installed showing the whole playfield?

We modders have to stick together.

#23914 1 year ago

One last question. Did you place the figures on some plastic plates and then onto the playfield? You made yours look professionally installed.

#23916 1 year ago
Quoted from webdiddy:

Yes. I think these figures are perfect for the pin.
I will take a picture of the whole play field tonight.

Yes. I cut small acrylic stans for the figures and drilled holes where they needed, I then hot glued the figures to the stand.
When you get you figures remember to use some glue on every piece during the assembly, especially on the Queen figure as it includes many tiny pieces.

Thank you sir.

#23918 1 year ago

Nice! Thanks buddy! Damn those ramps are clean and shiney! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and marvel at this pic some more.

#23951 1 year ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

Hi! Can you please share the URL, where to get the figurines? Thanks!

I found them on eBay. Just type in the search button Konami Alien figure, or just Konami Alien, and they should pop up. Just a tad pricey, but they’re really detailed. The drop ship is a little bit higher than the other ones.

3 months later
#24711 11 months ago
Quoted from megaladon:

Just curious. My preproduction Heighway cabinet #101 alien has gun turret spinners rather than alien heads. Anyone else have these? Always find it interesting when you see slight changes in games.[quoted image][quoted image]

Mine has Alien heads, but it makes more sense with the gun turrets since you have to hit the outer loops in order to advance sentry gun multiball. Interesting.

5 months later
#25812 6 months ago

Just a simple post. For the holidays we had a few friends over, with some of them playing the pinball machines. My wife (who doesn't really touch the pins, but supports my hobby) went into the gameroom and started to play Alien. She played about 3-4 games and called me over, just to tell me how much she LOVED the pin. Again, remember, she's not a pinball fan and walked past the newer Sterns I had (IMDN. JP, Elvira, DP, BK3), but she couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had playing the game. She said the atmosphere and the shot(s) really pulled her into the game and she even brought it up several times the following day.

I'm telling ya, that's saying something.

3 months later
#26387 70 days ago

Does the new open egg come with the facehugger attached, or is that an added mod?

3 weeks later
#26553 46 days ago

I would get one of these even without all the fancy lights and electronics on it. Looks WAY better than the flat plastic!

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