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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

8 years ago

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#26 8 years ago

I'm thinking Alien and TBL are Stern and JJP's worst nightmare…...

#30 8 years ago
Quoted from kirkgun:

From what I've seen from the expo coverage, Heighway has been the manufacturer that really stole the show. There are other cool games out there for sure, but this is the company I keep wanting to see more from.
I wish I had the money to be buying NIB games. If I did, I'd be all in for this platform. Such a good move to allow multiple games into a single cabinet. And a brave move trying to increase value for the customer. That's a breath of fresh air in the pinball industry. I hope for nothing but explosive success for this company.
Great move on teasing everyone with Alien as the next title. The sketch of the shots above looks like a fun player. Can't wait to hear what other games are in development for Heighway.

Jared did a great interview with this guy.

If you look at his website pictures I counted 13 employees as part of Heighway. A very good sign.

#49 8 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Also, I reeeeaaally hope then consider making the screen hole more interesting. That's honestly my biggest complaint about Full Throttle. The rectangular hole showing the screen looks really afterthought-y. Real turn off for me personally.
Find a way to shape the opening for the screen in a more interesting fashion. A decal under the plexi maybe. But make it feel like an organic part of the game, with a UI that matches. Would elevate the game so much more.
Or what if the screen hole was just cut into a rounded 4:3 rectangle, like an old CRT tube (what the Alien movie monitors were) and the monitor was mounted down a little below the playfield, at a slight angle towards the player, with the inside frame and edges of the playfield painted black? Maybe even use a lightly smoked piece of plexi for the window, so it was basically black when it was off.
Would be pretty cool to see the score and images almost floating in space below the playfield, pointed right up at your eyes.

Please listen to Aurich!

#178 8 years ago

Got to send the Form! Yes, I have it printed out, sitting right there on my desk at work!

I'm letting it all soak in, I'm so dangerously close to just calling in one of my assistants and giving the order to "fax" and "pay. It's too easy

#185 8 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

Downo ad the form. Open it in word. Fill it out. Save it as pdf. Email it over.
Easy As pie.
#425 but trying to switch to #223.
Iceman. If you get one that will be 3 LE in Texas that I know of

Congrats Jeff! I just popped on TBL so I let want to give a day or two to let the dust settle. I'm still feeling the thrill of that one

1 week later
#303 8 years ago

I'm #44, the Iceman, George Gervin, don't expect too many pinheads to understand that!

3 weeks later
#389 8 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Could be wrong, but I believe Andrew and gang are " good guys" and have a great deal of the manufacturing shit well under their belts by now....we shall see....mark

He was the most impressive guy at Expo along with DP and he appears to have a team of people in place, from his website, to actually represent a real business.

I've done my fair share of "supporting pinball companies" with many pre orders. Not that its the case here but it doesn't make sense to alienate anybody like some others we know.

#435 8 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Dennis Nordman doing Aliens with an LCD on the playfield, amazing.

I'm with you Hazoff, no way to go wrong with that combo!

2 weeks later
#479 7 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

i have this r-e-a-l-l-y sinking feeling that when this pin comes out, i'm gunna want it
i'm already out of space, selling stuff off, and have more on the way already. arrrg.

You can pay mine Lab

#508 7 years ago

This thread needs a little titty karma. Ted? Where r your girlfriends

#536 7 years ago

I'm impressed with Andrew and how he has handled things so far.

I'm disappointed that Nordman is gone but I'm staying in, Iceman #44!

Ted's girlfriend got me excited again

1 month later
#715 7 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I am taking a risk by being an early buyer, but I like new technology pinball.

I do as well, that's why I'm in on Alien, let's hope this doesn't go the way of Jpop, I have faith in Andrew.

3 weeks later
#763 7 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Hi everyone,
Ball guides installed - electronics hooked up ... game flipping at 17.00 today, UK time
We took some video and will edit it in the morning and then post it here later in the day Friday.
It will be very basic footage of course, but you can get an idea of how some of the shots play out.
Already though, there are some really fun shots

I like the sound of that Andrew!

#789 7 years ago

Yeah, I'm just excited that Andrew did what he said he was going to do!

That feels like a major victory in and of itself given some of the other projects out there

#797 7 years ago

Well, I said it watching Andrew at Expo give his interview and I thought he had his shit together.

So, naturally, being the start up pinball supporter that I am, AND the fact that the Alien theme is awesome, I dropped into it with a deposit.

I always knew I was gonna get a Woz one day, 4 yrs later, I suspect Andrew is of the best of the best top notch caliber as well.

Hey, it's pinball, and I love it, and I like to support groups like this!

#800 7 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

So add the ramps and toys, then we will be impressed.
It's cool to see, but it's way early to pass any judgment besides it has tremendous potential.

As we know Hank, Andrew over Jpop right now

1 month later
#908 7 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Is this still true? I want the LE features, but I don't love Alien so much it needs to be a dedicated machine. I want your games for the swapability, but I don't really want to compromise features either. If I want one Heighway cabinet and a bunch of Heighway playfields, can I still have all the LE features like the toppers and ramps?

Then what makes it "LE"?

There would be no point in anybody buying an LE from a collectable standpoint if you could just buy a regular version and make it one.

If there are no differences, by adding all the features for the regular, then I'd have to rethink my LE decision.

#925 7 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

On the Heighway forum the official response to the question of differences between the SE and LE has been this: "...I can assure you they will be significant and something special for the collector!"

The key word for me being "significant" as far as the differences go.

Quoted from MK6PIN:

As long as the "LE" designation makes it an "ultimate" choice for this title, that's all I care about.

Me too.

#971 7 years ago

As an Alien LE preorder guy, great update Andrew.

Don't F ing let us down, I get that the licensor has delays with artwork, etc. but you need to be ready for production while you wait for approval to show us what you have accomplished.

You told us at Expo that we would be in production around this time, now its August, that's ok by me but stay on top of it and get this shit done unlike everybody else.

Don't tell me what I want to hear, I'm tired of that shit. You better make August happen, if you don't think you can, send me my refund now

If you F us, I'm flying over there to whip your ass personally!

3 months later
#1206 7 years ago

#44 here on Alien LE

I ordered before Jpop went down and would still do it today obviously because I can get a refund.

I got TH refund after expo and jumped on this one after seeing Andrew and crew discuss and reveal things

I will always be ok putting down $1k or $1500 on a pin for pinball innovators. Never get sucked into the Jpop rabbit hole again though

Plus this pin has gotten cheaper the last several months in U.S. Dollars

#1390 7 years ago

Pin A that has an LCD display over Pin B that doesn't gets my money going forward.

Yeah it's a big F ing deal

How great would TWD or ST be with it?

Sorry, the era of DMD and Atari are OVER!

I played pong in the eighties, I want LCD in my pins now. Obviously some have figured it out.

1 week later
#1557 7 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

This is what Andrew said earlier in this thread:

That is only a few weeks away. If that has changed he should probably temper expectations then.

I'm in on an LE, #44.

I guess it was right after Expo and Andrew and crew was hoping to be in production by this past April.

I thought I read somewhere that was part of the reason Nordman and Heighway parted ways because Dennis felt the timeline was unrealistic.

Now we are hopefully two weeks away from the "global launch".

I've got to tell you, after Jpop, Woz delays I lived through, TH delays etc.

I have gotten myself into ZERO expectation mode on any timeline.

I don't think it matters who says it. Count on delays, that's the only given.

But I sure hope Andrew shocks me and actually delivers something in relative close proximity to the stated new timeline. D

#1560 7 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I would guess that means "flippable whitewood", but I'm not at all involved in the plans for the party, I won't be there. Not even an option for me to be, I'll be in New York for business with my day job then.

What is a "flippable whitewood"? Been waiting for years for Jpop to produce one of those!

I'd bust a nut if we actually get to see one in a few weeks.

#1574 7 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Thank you Zamp.
I'm digging chrome trim. Alien teeth were chrome like! Green just isn't doin it for me, too Shrek-ish.

Chrome would be sweet.

Welcome to the club brother Rick!

#1632 7 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

I'm just excited about it. Hoping the license does not limit the ball interaction.

I don't believe that story with TH and JJP. Makes zero sense.

I'm excited as well for the UK reveal!

#1634 7 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

What is the rumor? What will we see? Art work? PF toys?

For quite some time the UK party is/was supposed to be the global launch of Alien and hopefully showing at least a "flippable whitewood".

All we have seen so far is an updated shot map.

Hopefully it will happen, really excited to see something besides paper!

1 week later
#1674 7 years ago

Am I surprised, not at all, fully expected it.

Disappointed, yes. I got in after Expo.

"Suppliers have let us down". If you aren't Stern its just a fact of pinball life.

After the Jpop "disappointment" I have gone through, this is relatively minor, and I've come to expect it.

3 weeks later
#1868 7 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Alien display: High rez LCD screen. Movie clips, instructions, scores and stats? No problem. GOT: Low rez dots. We haven't seen them yet. We know that if they try to use clips from the show they're going to be a smeary mess though.

Hells yeah! Along with everything else mentioned.

And one very obvious huge difference you failed to mention, a guy named Aurich is doing the artwork!

#1896 7 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Is the LE going to sell out or can we decide later?

As a guy that is already in on the LE, months ago, I'm thinking you can wait.

If I were you I'd wait until a significant reveal and then decide. It's been a very long time to show anything of substance.

Theme, LCD, artwork, layout, toys, etc. seems like a give, software and code is a huge question mark.

1 week later
#2143 7 years ago

I'm in for polished chrome. Sign me up!

3 weeks later
#2287 7 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

The more I learn about the behind the scenes aspect of pinball the more I learn why you have to be patient.

I have been in on Alien LE since day one and "the more I learn" about the SELLING of pinball via the mistakes of many others, "patience" is a virtue BUT telling us WHY we are being patient, at regular intervals is very IMPORTANT.

Even if its telling us something mundane. Show up and give some kind of update, the closer you get you should be able to hone in on the timeline updates.

You could even show us a picture of the BOX it will be showing up and we would get excited

More communication is a great thing, no matter how big or small it is.

#2294 7 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

I love you man. Succinct and in my head as usual.

My brother from another mother

No pressure Aurich, we have seen Rob Zombie and I believe Stern is SIGNIFICANTLY upping their art game for the future

1 week later
#2479 7 years ago
Quoted from voodle:

With the full LCD back-box, like the one on Wizard of Oz, although a nice idea, I don't think it works. Why? Your head is generally down playing the game. Only rarely do you glance up. When you do you know where to look with a DMD. It's compact.
With a massive LCD there is just too much information. I don't see it as an advancement. I see it as more expense and a big black screen when the machine is off.

Total nonsense. Always glance up. DMD SUCKS.

#2497 7 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

Just wait till the whole package comes out and all aspects from both films are shown along with integration of screen clips and intros. I think yall will be floored.
I especially liked the animated? intros. Oh also Jonsey

Since you've seen it Jeff, good enough for me!

#2624 7 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

Layout looks a lot like X-Men... one of my favorites... lots of shots.

Oh no! As long as Wolvie isn't crowding the left part of the play field.

3 weeks later
#2810 7 years ago

I'm guessing there are plenty of LEs available at this point.

I'm #44

When Andrew finally shows the pin I think they will go quick.

Unless, the LE really isn't that different from the regular then I'll be switching down myself.

If you can get a regular and make it into an LE by buying the add ons you want then that may be the way to go.

Different artwork is not enough imho

1 month later
#3047 6 years ago

I'm pretty sure Andrew knows that 2+2 is 4. He can do some math?

If there is zero benefit to get an LE then he won't sell any "LE's" because everybody, including myself, will get the standard and add all the extra crap to it.

The whole LE thing is BS anyhow. If there is not any differentiation then he's an idiot and I doubt that.

2 weeks later
#3330 6 years ago

The wait is what it is. Some things you can't control like Fox. Others you can

Andrew should make an appearance every two weeks with some kind of an update.

Even if it's to say he's alive. Surely there are some progress details that can be released.

What's the downside of keeping people talking positively about your projects? I don't get it

#3332 6 years ago

Thanks for the link. Didn't know it existed, never got the memo

#3360 6 years ago

For those interested, this offers really nothing of substance.

#3383 6 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Well it is a forum so if you have a question someone from Heighway answers the question. If you come here and post a question someone will most likely have already answered it (and will answer it again, and again...). Otherwise Andrew jumps in and responds. I don't see any other manufacturer with this kind of transparency or response.

Actually I do. Spooky is far and away the best at communication and customer involvement right now. And it ain't even close.

The programmer and board engineer are now discussing options and updates with the RZ buyers, on Pinside.

Since Andrew is the one who started this thread, this is where I expect to go to get information and updates. I shouldn't have to "ask questions". Get it?

That said, thanks for showing up with a great update Andrew!

#3386 6 years ago
Quoted from karl:

What more do you want?

A regular progress update. That's it. I'm NOT asking questions.

It's for their benefit as well. Keeping us talking about it. We are interested to know what's going on not just with Alien but Heighway pinball. Sort of like Spooky taking pics of their new building they are constructing. Promotion?

I don't think taking 15 minutes every two weeks is too much to ask.

#3393 6 years ago
Quoted from foureyedcharlie:

Yes, you are asking too much. That would be the last thing i would do if I ran the company.

You obviously don't run a company and it's NOT asking too much.

Whatever, do whatever TF they want. It's a simple request from somebody that has paid in since 2013 after Expo.

And for that matter you can go back and look at my praise for Andrew and Heighway over the last 2 years.

I'm not going to apologize for not being a total 100% ass kisser! But since my post requesting it, it looks like we have an EXCITING update.

#3399 6 years ago

Thank god, I thought he might have bit the dust the last several months!

#3403 6 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Not to sound ominous, but iv'e always wondered about the succession plan of these pinball companies...hopefully a woman takes over one someday so I can get "my little pony" MLPLE

Yeah, and to think, that's what our biggest concern was with Jpop back in the day. Did he have a key man policy!

#3424 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Whoever you're talking to is on my ignore list, so I don't know what the question was and probably don't care, but you're dead on with your answer.

You can probably imagine who that might be!

He wants to give you the $500 difference you would have paid on the SMVE

And he has this question for you,

Quoted from kaneda:curious, how big was the team over on FOX's end that approved this?

#3434 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'll say this: while it took a really long time for Fox to approve it, and I'll admit that I was getting nervous, they didn't ask for a single change. Not one. We really carefully documented everything, showed the origin of everything, and in the end after running through the process they said "good to go".

See, there was never anything to really worry about. Imagine what else you might have been able to get away with.

I'm sure it didn't reach FOX CEO level but hey, "no changes" is always a good thing to hear regardless of what you do, must mean you are doing a lot right

#3437 6 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I know I can be annoying at times ...but ignoring users is even more annoying. You miss half the discussion. Can't claim to have thick skin and use ignore at the same time. Come on Aurich, let's make SMVE happen!!! I'll make it $550!

You don't really annoy me Kaneda. You definitely have a bad case of "diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain" like most of us at times, but you just have A LOT more challenges in that department.

I'll say this, you take a LOT of shit pretty well. That of course you bring onto yourself when you talk out of your ass mostly but hey I find it entertaining and it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. You sir, are on your own island!

Why don't you just paypal Aurich the $550? Even though he has you on ignore I'm sure he'd appreciate the gesture.

#3442 6 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I would...but only if he orders a SMVE! I just find it funny that people would want to ignore others on this forum. ICE, you hear every word I say and is it really something you have to run and hide from?

It's not anything malicious or mean spirited it's just some people think you are annoying as shit! It happens to the best of us. Maybe Aurich will change his mind over time. He's a great guy.

When you act like a little chihuhua barking all the time and driving people crazy sometimes they want to put the little chihuhua under the front wheel and roll back and forth over it. I'm sure you are a good dude and mean well.

You are a thinker Kaneda, like Shaq and Aristotle.

If you do the "Big Apple Pineda Podcast" then you might get an actual interview from Aurich and Andrew!

#3450 6 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

There's some positivity!!! I was getting tired of seeing all the new posts be "Ignored User Comment" and complaints on the day of the big announcement no less.

Well get over it, been waiting a long time. But I get your frustration.

Kylo, the pf reveal is next week so your timing is good but I think there are 499 LE deposits down, including my own, that means only 1 left so you better decide quickly.

#3463 6 years ago
Quoted from jwo825:

I'm guessing the license probably didn't include the Ripley underwear scene. ☹

Kaneda is going to re enact that on his Alien podcast. Along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles underoos

#3472 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Uh. I really have no idea what's going on here, but I don't want or need anyone's money. Unless you're buying a mod from me please don't paypal me anything.
Speaking of which, at some point I'll have to think about Alien mods I guess. Even though I'm doing the game there's always something more to play with.

Hehehe. It's a good thing you live on the West coast. A LONG way from Krapneda, that's all you need to know.

#3481 6 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

Deposit in 6 months ago!
It will sell out fast!

Deposit in over a year ago

Because I wanted to support Heighway and I love the Alien theme.

This is a typical stupid statement

#3483 6 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

It's only $money$ Ice I'll make more tomorrow.

I like it! Great attitude.

And I'm with you but I doubt it "sells out fast"

#3494 6 years ago
Quoted from Kylo_Ren:

Haven't pre-ordered yet. Thinking I should. How many LE's are there going to be?

500 and unlimited of the rest

We just got an update that is coming next week.

I love what I have seen so far and I'm sure Aurich is gonna kill the artwork.

This is pinball so get used to over promising and under delivering

#3497 6 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Andrew and company...
Learn and adapt Charlie Emery's communication ethic. (Spooky pinball).
You're never too busy to answer questions.

I would never call or email to be a pain in the ass like a lot of the "whiny little bitches". Getting in front of it all to the masses makes sense to me but maybe individual email/calls are more efficient. Doubtful

Spooky, JJP, Heighway or whomever. What they do says it all.

#3498 6 years ago
Quoted from bane:

Did you receive an update other than what is in this thread?

??? Did you understand the update? Pf reveal coming next week sometime.

#3500 6 years ago
Quoted from bane:

I comprehend well. Do you?
I received no update. The only reason I know anything is by clicking on a website unrelated to Heighway Pinball. Again: did you (or others) receive an update about Alien pinball independent of this site?

No. This is it. Only update. As far as I know

#3525 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Or the refunds will fly fast and furious, you never know!

All you have to do is be better than GOT (not really but I thought I'd set the bar very low)

#3598 6 years ago

I got #44

#3620 6 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Aliens is a theme that commands mood lighting, I hope we see something special in that regard.

Like the TWD, and modes that take advantage of that.

Actually, the theme lends itself to what could be some of the best/creative lighting ever.

#3643 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

With Andrew traveling I'll post the art. I get up early, but I'm on the West Coast, so give me a little time.

8 am Eastern should be about right

#3700 6 years ago

Rise and shine Aurich (in other words get the F up!)

Looking great so far

#3875 6 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Reminds me of Stern Star Trek with the grid, space background and icons floating on top.

ST art sucked IMO. This does not! The only thing it has in common is space

#3890 6 years ago
Quoted from maf-mi:

Maybe we should start a topic on professionalism.

Let's not go down that road please

#3911 6 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

No, it doesn't. You missed the point of Star Trek's playfield. See above.

It does imo, and is one of the reasons I canceled my LE order amongst others, cab is gorgeous though, but I wouldn't expect Captain Kirk or Jean Luc to agree with me.

Hopefully somebody can overlay the shot map here so we can get a better idea of what's going on.

#3983 6 years ago

Aurich, what was the thinking on the eggs/pops being in the galaxy versus being in the dark bowels of the ship with the pulsing green light?

I'm terrible at visualizing anything so I'm not sure, maybe its gonna pop against the red colors?

#3993 6 years ago
Quoted from TVP:

Both playfields look amateurish compared to jjp and stern offerings.

#3995 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Ok, I know this is not going to be popular....and I like this playfield...I just don't think it's THAT much better than the Rob Zombie playfield.

It's true though. I think both play fields are really good and Aurich did a great job with the assets he had to work with.

#4002 6 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

He's half right. Way better than Stern, better than Full Throttle, but Hobbit is better.

TH is better and Alien is 10x better than ST or GOT, I agree.

Initially, TH was horrendous, and they have had years to finally get it great

#4139 6 years ago

Bright ramp stickers +1000

#4160 6 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

Lots to like about the art and lots not to like. Overall I find a lack of consistency in the style of the art, seems like three of four different styles combined and that just seems off to me. I think TBL has a little bit of this mixed style as well, but to a far lesser degree, since it seems, based on memory, to be just the characters that were of a different style than the rest.

There other aspects that don't sit right, but really hard to really judge until it is populated. I don't get the closed in feeling of the movies, that added to the intensity.

I think the key thing is that it's so hard to judge until its fully populated and we can't see the lighting effects and how it works to create the "immersive" feel like TWD does.

However, I agree with you in that when I think of Alien/Aliens I think of the "closed in feeling", tight quarters in the ship, intensity, chest bursting, Ripley blowing up pods, etc. not necessarily space, moons and the galaxy up top, more of what we see on the bottom of the play field.

You also think of all of the great characters that are in the movies and SO integral to the experience. I guess the Lcd will make up for that?

Maybe you can create some of that atmosphere with pin blades, if ever there was a pin crying out for it this is it. The EL wire is going to help here too, big time.

Not what I expected but I respect the efforts of Aurich and Andrew, great guys, and I think this it's going to be a GREAT pin at the end of the day, the layout, mb's and modes look fantastic.

#4162 6 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Tone and mood is survival in far space

I agree, inside the ships and space station, not floating out in space, BUT, if its even close to being as immersive as TWD I'll be thrilled Rick!

#4196 6 years ago

Nice Ted!

Totally agree with Jon M, I think Aurich did the best with what he had to work with so I'm happy with it.

It's just a "shame" for all the reasons discussed with this theme.

Onward and upward!

#4283 6 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Sigourney Weaver is a big part of that universe but tough to focus on only one character with so many others

Well, Ripley is THE FOCUS on all of the Alien movies.

Bishop, Paxton and a few others from both films have to be incorporated into the game or its not Alien/Aliens.

I don't expect custom callouts, who cares, we have pinball browser now and that's why Andrew needs to leave the ability to make changes open like Stern does.

Andrew said he wants what we want, I'm just wondering why this is still even an issue when production was supposed to begin in April of 2015?

And the play field is done without having final access to all of the assets, clips and characters?

#4291 6 years ago

And Rick, Daryl and Mischon on all over the apron.

#4292 6 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

BUT, if there are no movie clips or callouts I am not a buyer

Substitute callouts I can live with, sure, no movie clips is a deal breaker for me too.

#4346 6 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Ugh! Drama fest has completely tainted the love fest!
Any chance we can just scrap the whole Alien thing...Re-theme this awesome table to something unlicensed and let the Aurtist have free reign?
You did it with the Animal house deal to Full Throttle...

Can we go back to Animal House? Would love that.

#4351 6 years ago

Ripley/Weaver is in GB.

Will she be in there?

#4394 6 years ago

I stumbled onto the Giger bar in Gruyeres Switzerland by accident about 5 yrs ago on our way driving from Montreux to Interlaken

Very cool town, walking down Main Street towards the fort, saw the bar, and it was WTF is this doing here!

This place is not on the beaten path

#4447 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You guys are some crazy mother-fers and I salute you. I'm in on TBL, and I thought I'd never pre-order a game (let alone pay that much for a damn pin), but at least I've played it and seen it and chilled with Dutch Pinball. Alien sounds absolutely bad ass, I love the theme to death, but you haven't even seen the art yet and you're pre-ordering?!
Looking forward to the reveal, and I love me some Dennis Nordman, but I gotta see the art before I even think about it.

So what do you think now Aurich?

4 weeks later
#4748 6 years ago

Getting rid of the red galaxy up top makes a 1000% difference!

So much better.

#4835 6 years ago

I'm guessing it will all get cleared up with Ripley soon enough. Can't imagine Stern could offer some deal for GB and get some kind of pinball non compete in return. This is peanuts.

The movie clips is all that really matters to me at this point anyhow, on the play field and very large on the back glass.

#4837 6 years ago
Quoted from Expletive:

So if there is a potential licensing issue with having Ripley's (Weaver's) face/image on the PF/Plastics, would there also be an issue using her in any of the movie clips on the LCD? Or is it two different things since one is from the actual movie, while the other would be her "likeness?"

From what we have seen go on with TBL, who TF knows, but there can't be any movie clips without Ripley or the rest of the characters!

#4840 6 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Fox probably does not give a single thought to Kevin.

Agreed, he's a fart in the wind. Fox could give a shit.

This isn't even a rounding error. It's so immaterial to them. The delays I'm sure are simply because they have about a 10,000 other bigger fish to fry and this is sitting on the back burner.

1 week later
#4933 6 years ago

So everything seems to be moving along nicely

Is there an updated timeline yet as to when we might see production and then shipping? I know there is many a slip between the cup and the lip but in broad time frames?

The software guys. Spooky has done a phenomenal job with code.

We always break down and praise or bitch about Stern code.

What is the goal/expectation for Alien? We have all seen what guys like Keith and Lyman can do for a pin.

Are we even gonna be in the ballpark of those guys?

#4935 6 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

If Full Throttle is any indication, yeah we are definitely in the ball park! I'm very impressed with my Full Throttle out of the box (1.3). Now I've had to tweak the ball guides & some leaf switches, but overall it's been unbelievable!

Great to hear Zamp. Everybody seems to love Full Throttle.

I think the whole package on this one is going to really come together great

#4947 6 years ago

I'm just asking some questions and I will get ignored as usual.

That's ok. I lost a tiny bit on Jpop by comparison. I'm pretty dumb but this one seems like it will come together and be awesome.

#4964 6 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Realistically, production before or by the summer is achievable.

That's really good news!

I'm settled in for the ride and looking forward to the rest of the journey.

1 week later
#5074 6 years ago

Like I said in another thread, I don't care if the Alien play field looks like a bag of shit biscuits, it's the THEME, call outs, code, shots, video etc. that will make this pin what it is.

I'll put it right next to my GB LE.

1 week later
#5145 6 years ago

Anything else? Play field look?

1 week later
#5266 6 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Additional global ALIEN DAY partners include:
Not Heighway
Come on Fox...

Yeah that makes no sense. Maybe the physical pinball machine is not very relevant or material to them.

Digital pinball yes because it involves xbox, playstation, etc.

#5273 6 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

That's why it makes perfect sense to me.

1 month later
#5633 6 years ago

Come on Fox! Get off your f Ing asses and approve a video for crap sake.

Or Sony or whoever the F it is

#5648 6 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

but based purely on the amount of reporting we're getting on this thread alone many people are upset about the excess of off-topic posts.

What are we, a bunch of 4 year old tattletales? I'll never understand why anybody would waste their time or mod's time whining about OT posts.

About 11.5k of the 12k posts in the GB thread are dupes and worthless OT posts. Must have a whole team of mods working that thread with all the complaining and moaning.

All that said, this is another worthless post! I'm boring myself to tears right now. Need an update.

#5660 6 years ago
Quoted from hassanchop:

So I wonder why something as insignificant to a licensor as a pinball machine can take so long..

Because the janitor hasn't gotten around to signing off on it yet. Or maybe he accidentally threw it away.

Imagine a stack of 1000 licensing issues "Fox licensing" is dealing with regarding the Alien property. Where do you think the pinball machine issue is in that stack?

Another way to say it is our "sense of urgency" doesn't match the janitor's "sense of urgency".

#5676 6 years ago

By comparison, look at the TBL thread, its like a morgue even though games have started shipping now.

Very few people seem to even give a crap now, the one's that have paid and are still waiting.

Dutch has "ramped up" to producing 1 pinball machine per week. 250 pins = 250 weeks! Hopefully the "ramp" gets better.

Since Full Throttle is out there and the manufacturing process and crew is FAR superior to what DP has, any idea how many pins Andrew has said he plans to produce per week?

Maybe Andrew can chime in here while we wait for pictures.

#5710 6 years ago

Yep, good update, expectations set!

OT city until then

#5746 6 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Genius? Billionaire? Playboy? Philanthropist?

Wasn't what we were thinking. Starts with an I and ends with a T. Figure it out.

#5747 6 years ago

Well, at least when we pay for and receive Alien, 1) the theme is F ing awesome and one of the best ever, 2) we should still receive it long before the TBL disaster 3) it will be better and cheaper than TBL and TH, 4) GBLE is coming to fill the time void.

So its still a boom boom no brainer! What's not to like?

Andrew didn't say how many on weekly production. "Time is money".

#5749 6 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Plenty of things. A great theme does not a pinball make.

It's a great start though. And we don't have to pay for it until we get to see the finale.

I chose not to get the "sneak preview" because I want to see the full reveal when its ready.

I'm betting on the jockey Andrew.

We all know everything could turn into a shit sandwich. I've eaten a few of those.

I'm thinking glass half full, don't bring me down Lawman.

#5762 6 years ago

Woah, slow down, slow it way down.

Even you, as misguided as you "expletive" may be, know the difference between Jack and Andrew. If not, then you are an "expletive".

#5794 6 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Industrialist? Instrumentalist? Illusionist? Imperialist? Impressionist?

Cold, very cold. But funny.

I . . . T

Yes the play field art doesn't come close to the GBLE i have coming (which is MUCH nicer art than the big Stay puff marshmallow turd).

However, not much else out there compares to the GBLE artwork. I'll take both.

Quoted from Pimp77:

The difference is two games released instead of just one.

With lies and misrepresentations all along the way by Jack. As you know I spent 4 years of it with Woz, which i love by the way. The REAL difference is between the two individuals, a straight shooter and a crooked shooter. But i also get why Jack had to distort the truth so many times. And now other people are running his company.

#5804 6 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

And since that time Jack has never posted on pinside again.....

Yep, Jack did it to himself. A salesman that just can't get past only telling people what they want to hear.

I appreciate Woz, TH and what's coming in the future now with the new $$$ and management.

Jack's distortions certainly weren't limited to Pinside. He just got called out here. The Google group is more of a controlled environment

#5811 6 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Why can't I?

I hope you've played it enough. I think GOT is awful. Just me but hey, good luck with it.

#5814 6 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Was also trying to hold out to see what Alien looked like and see if it was a game for us, but would rather play than wait.

Never can go wrong with that strategy. And you have a game in house to play now. Pinball and patience go together, but its hard to exercise patience!

Have fun with your GOT. Gotta keep momma happy.

#5843 6 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Easy, just drain it and don't come back anymore!

RandomGuy is right. It's Andrew's thread, lock the "Official Game Thread" and come back in August.

Nothing but garbage until then.

The rest of the numb nuts can start their own circle jerk thread with Kaneda and his podcast.

#5845 6 years ago

The Alien theme itself will be worth the wait and Andrew and crew will be around for a long time to support this pin, FT and many others to come.

By contrast, nobody gives a crap about TBL and DP. And they have taken people's $$$ up front, 100%, years ago and if you are far enough down the list you still have years to wait before you even get your pin. Total BS!!!

With Heighway, there is a small deposit and nobody is holding a gun to anybody's head, like DP did when they asked for 100%.

Lock it up and see you in August!

#5861 6 years ago

Andrew clearly has consistently misfired in a major way on timeline, again and again.

I'm assuming that Alien has had to take a back seat to getting FT out the door which was also delayed obviously.

The delays hurt nobody else other than Andrew and company. The overhead meter doesn't stop running from month to month.

JJP wanted all of my Hobbit deposit a few years ago, I canceled after that infamous expo with TBL.

I don't think a small deposit is too much to ask. Not for me.

Nobody says you can't wait until its complete to then order and pay for your game.

#5882 6 years ago

Adios "little Enis"

The fact that FT is being so well received as a first effort by Heighway is very encouraging.

I'm reserving judgment on the art until the play field is fully populated. With the exception of truly great art like GB, most unpopulated play fields looks like a disjointed crappy mess.

That said, Alien art certainly isn't what i expected.

#5899 6 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

This is pretty much what he HAS said.....But some just refuse to hear it......I give.....there is an AlienLE w large screen coming my way when they release them ( probably in the first batch). Zero worries, and the $1500 ( for me) serves me zero purpose otherwise....minimal deposit( refundable) for maximum return....it could be 18 months late ( 13 now)....whoa, the sky is falling....whatever...

Amen brother.

#5960 6 years ago

If you want a trip down memory lane, scroll down to the Andrew presentation.

Even though late, very late, Andrew and crew are impressive.

Back around expo 2014 they leased a 41,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility to be able to handle the ramp up in production. That's a big nut, I'm sure there is sure nobody more antsy to get games out the door than Andrew.

Says they started pinball project 2 1/2 yrs prior to expo 2014.


As you scroll down, have a laugh and flip the bird at that doofus Jpop.

#6016 6 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

Let's get this train back on the track...

There is no train until August. Until then, the shit show will go on.

#6078 6 years ago

I chose not to get a preview showing because i want to see this killer pin at the finish line!

From the sneak peak accounts of some I'm more excited about this pin that any of them coming on line.

Large screen is a no brainer. Immersion should be off the charts.

I hope it rivals my TWDLE.

#6207 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

A quote is made: ‘C'mon let's go, pull back’ The sound gets even more intense and you see an Alien being on fire and her body parts being ripped off by the fire. And then…..the ball is lost. ‘That is it man, Game over man, it’s Game over!

THIS is just one fine example of why the LCD is so huge for a theme like this.

How much greater could TWDLE have been with scenes like this rather than that BS DMD?

#6295 6 years ago

Flow and variety of shots look awesome!!

Much better layout, especially the left loop back ramp that now is hit from the upper right flipper instead of blocking that left side from orbit flow shots.

LC F Ing D baby.

Mix a little Thiel and one of the greatest themes ever.

How can you F that up?

3 weeks later
#6531 6 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

I mentioned Heighway. She said she knew about it and had to sign off on it. Take that for what it's worth. Read nothing into it.
It was a 30 second conversation

That's great Jeff!

I really hope Weaver is in Alien, I was told by someone that should know that she was exclusive to GB and Stern a while back. Made zero sense so let's hope that all she did was put her auto on the Alien contract too.

WTF is up with Newt! She still an actress?

#6570 6 years ago

Are we gonna get 5 pages of Newt BS?

Put it in there and stfu

1 month later
#6836 6 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

I wonder if there will be many who opt for the LE but not the 27". Anyone here doing that? I'm going for the 27" on my LE.

Large screen on my LE. Not even a second thought about it.

#6869 6 years ago

Hello Kanedaripley.

#6900 6 years ago

My nuts are getting tingly with August right around the corner!

#6952 6 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Are these timeframes realistic?

Thanks for the update Andrew and its fantastic that we are getting really close!

I'm hoping the timeline is "realistic" but if we get to see the game by Expo and pins start shipping in December I'll be thrilled.

2 weeks later
#7047 6 years ago

What a F ing joke this is!

Looking forward to the Alien reveal soon.

2 weeks later
#7288 6 years ago

Got mine as well, "production to start in 2-3 weeks".

#7331 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

100% how I feel. I know I am very likely going to want this pin, but I've actually learned to have some patience in this hobby and will wait for a lot more info to come out, and probably wait for the first reviews of gameplay, before placing an order.

You have much more willpower than me Rob! These great themes have a spell on me.

My pledge today to myself, NO STAR WARS no matter what

3 weeks later
#7586 6 years ago

As time has gone by and other games have come out, like BM66LE, and now JJP#3, I'm wavering on AlienLE.

After BM66 comes out and all of the Expo reveals, I'm gonna let the frenzy play itself out I think. Exercise a little patience for once.

1 week later
#7878 6 years ago

Wish I could be at expo for the reveal of this one and every other pin.

Since I still have an LE pre order from way back, I'm still having a hard time figuring out what is different from the standard and what optional items are there to add to both standard and LE.

I'm confused, which is par for the course!

#8067 6 years ago

Wow, Alien compared to Dialed in!

There is no comparison. One is an epic fail.

If my LE just went down to $7100 then thats great

Heighway just blew away JJP and Lawlor.

Still LOVE my BM66LE

#8135 6 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I could leave the show tomorrow....BM66LE....IN....ALIENLE.....IN......DIALED IN.....out

Check, check and check.

As my wife was reluctantly watching the JJP reveal, I can't even remember the name of the pin, great marketing, she said aren't you glad you weren't able to go. Looks disappointing!

Well, I wish i could have been there because Batman66 and Alien have me thrilled and excited!

I know the game play was limited on Alien but it looks very promising.

#8139 6 years ago

Totally agree Jazzmaster. Need some real gameplay video.

And a real no BS timeline. I'm ready with $$$ but when you say you are ready for production and you can't get your games to play functionally at the show, it needs a little more light shed on it.

Give us more clarity please, especially for those of us that weren't there.

#8187 6 years ago
Quoted from DialedOut:

Before ordering, maybe check this out. Can't post link...just put a h t t p s : and see for yourself.

Stern or JJP employee? What's your best guess

#8227 6 years ago

Thx for clarifying the back story RD

Didn't know. Yep, typical non issue security agreement

#8233 6 years ago

So what were the F ing truth bombs? Is it that hard?

#8247 6 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

There was also a comment made at the show that potentially it was her Agent, and not even her, who gave the "no"...point being, I wouldn't take it as a definitive answer just yet, and certainly does not ruin the game, regardless.

Well Stern put the block on that one with an exclusive through the GB deal. Can't believe it actually happened with the chump change that they get on pinball.

So yes, Stern did it to F Heighway. Thought everybody knew that one.

#8248 6 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

Simmer down you drunk.

And your point is? At least you F's are there and get to enjoy all those pins.

#8251 6 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Their Facebook page is saying there in production.
Is that a production game or a Proto game at expo?

Trying to get some actual info and updates here from Heighway.

Would be nice to know what is going on, a real status report for those that couldn't be there.

I'd like to send in my production deposit but I need more details and timeframe and some actual video of somebody playing this pin.

#8324 6 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Christ there are some dicks on pinside.

Ya think.

Great pics Hilton, I think the game looks awesome and will be unbelievably "immersive", the reveal exceeded my expectations, the whole package, including the art, good job Aurich.

Maybe i missed it, I was under the impression that even though Stern had an exclusive with Sigourney Weaver that she would still be in the movie clips and the sound.

Is that not correct? If you have the rights to the film assets that has to include her right? And Fox would pay her and others some kind of royalty?

#8327 6 years ago

Let's hope they are working on it with Sigourney

I'd throw in extra cash to help get her into a pinball machine that is titled ALIEN!!!!!!

How can you NOT have her blowing up pods and rolling around in her underwear scenes?

We all need to pitch in and figure a way to get to her with an impassioned plea and huge fan base. Would she really NOT want to be part of an ALIEN pin?

Can we get the real story?

Andrew, these other ________ are creating all kinds of LE, SLE BS

Is it a $$$ thing? Figure something out to make a SLE of Alien, raise some more $$$ and get her ass in the pin!!!!!!

What can we do to help?

#8357 6 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Too bad. But...
An IMDb search for quotes by Ripley from the Alien and Aliens movie reveals we aren't missing anything save for her only popular line: Get away from her you bitch.
I'm relieved. It appears all the great lines from the movies are from others.

I'd like to see a clip of her blowing up those pods

You know what though, it's still 1000 times better than a POS DMD

And maybe somebody will figure out how to add it after the fact like pinball browser

#8361 6 years ago

Bill Paxton is in there!

Look at TWDLE. It has nothing in there and is my favorite pin of all time

Same thing for GBLE. Ernie Hudson and a pos DMD. Still love it

Ok, I'm over the no SW deal. The clips and sound by Thiel is phenomenal immersion

#8419 6 years ago

You get an LE for $8100 that will be amazing.

It could blow away the BM66LE i just bought for $9500.

I have totally gone from teetering on being out to ALL in

A great immersive theme is what i look for and this is it.

#8423 6 years ago

Whomever it was, thank you for ejecting Kim out of this thread. Total inappropriate Libelous slander intent on trying to destroying somebody's business while you have NOTHING but hate to talk about.

And meanwhile, this SHILL is pumping up AP to sell his "position" to some poor fool. Worse than Jpop himself.

Carry on Andrew

I'll be sending in my production $$$ next week

Awesome show

#8425 6 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

So le game art isn't even started... Will need approvals... Major toys are being redesigned.. And production was starting right away... How do people reconcile these facts and claims? Sure seems like alien is a lot further away than the projections of just weeks ago... Which were off from the weeks before that. I just wish the forward looking statements were a bit more realistic

Who doesn't. How about JJP "forward looking statements"?

So you aren't sending $$ in? Just trolling as usual?

#8437 6 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

So the le comes with all the extras but non reflective glass and u need shipping ? So all in it wld be near 9k also ? Was their or is there a deal for early adopters or if paid in full ?

heighwaypinball.com $8150 today plus $210 if you want the glass, clear and simple, not 15 versions

here you go

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 2.06.13 AM (resized).png

#8440 6 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

How about shipping ? U keep saying di is 9500 but with shipping so alien is 8360 and another 500 for shipping i assume?

Unless you want to swim over there, put it in the raft and float back I've been quoted $350

Yes I am a smart ass right now. How the F are you still up on the east coast BigD?

Mind you, that's for the 500 run LE. That's it, no more JJP versions

#8441 6 years ago

Now if you prefer the super duper STANDARD version. Which is clearly marked "standard", its only $6450, how about that?

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 2.19.13 AM (resized).png

#8444 6 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Na i like all the extras but its a good option for people

I think shipping is sent to Chicago free? Or somewhere like that and then its on us.

I think this pin is going to be a home run, if you like the theme

#8459 6 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

Am I the only one who actually prefer the standard version? I don't care about the topper and the second (optional?) screen, and I do not like the green LE. A standard would be my choice.

I told Andrew he needs to get into the SLE game like Stern and JJP! A lot of people don't like that idea but enough people do as BM66 just confirmed. Maybe next time

I agree Jim, i think the standard is the way to go here. Looks like great value AND you can simply add on the other LE features that you want!

#8460 6 years ago
Quoted from Russo121:

That said. As a Predator/Kulek victim, i must urge extreme caution when sending large amounts of money to anyone for long periods of time. Use a credit card, and credit card only. Then sit back and wait for your machine to arrive.

It worked out very well for me with JJP and Woz, not so much with Jpop.

Clearly, there is NO comparison with Kulek and Jpop versus Andrew.

There are risks, for certain though.

#8463 6 years ago

Does paypal offer the same protection? Just sent email re credit card payments and how to?

#8466 6 years ago
Quoted from Russo121:

You can use paypal, but make sure its tied to a credit card. If tied directly to your bank account, the paypal protection is worth less than half of sweet F.A.

Does my credit card have to offer protection if used through paypal? If so, that's a good option.

Certainly wouldn't trust paypal like Nepsath says with a bank account.

#8477 6 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Healthy skepticism is not trolling. It's being a smart consumer. I question promises that don't pass the sniff test. I don't see how the statements made in August and since have been made in confidence.
I guess people quickly forget the comments from nordman about impossible promises when he left.

Your last post wasn't over trollish like the other one

Since we all have a pretty healthy dose of skepticism from deals gone bad and warnings signs, to step in here and slander another company like Kim did with the intention of destroying his business and jeopardizing our deposits is WAY over the line.

I've done plenty of due diligence and I'm moving forward but thanks for your concern anyhow

#8488 6 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

My content didn't change... Just defended my reasoning to recap those points.. Yet you've posted the same claims about shilling (while refusing to man up and make your claim defendable) what... 6-7 times in the last 24hrs? Don't wrap your mission about Kim up with me.

I'm very good at reading between the lines

I have no idea what your man up issue is but I'd suggest go trolling another thread

It's not my mission with Kim, he did it to himself

#8489 6 years ago
Quoted from fishbone:

I guess it's something to get used to.
They asked me at DPO 2015 what the first thing was I would change to the cabinet. The bezel sprang to mind, it is unusual.
Anyhow, it wouldn't keep me from buying a machine I really wanted. ^^

I think the bezel and the back box look funny at the outset. I didn't like it a first either

Now that I've got used to it and see those great images on that huge LCD I like it and it's something different

#8492 6 years ago
Quoted from Air_Pinball:

She licensed herself recently for the Alien video game.
Was she flat out not interested in the Pinball game, or was the money offered too low?

I don't know for sure but I think Stern had a pinball exclusive with her pre GB

That was probably the agent for her that screwed that up, signed an exclusive contract, didn't care or know that another pinball machine was coming up