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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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Post #15501 Copy of update posted to Facebook by the new HP Posted by Dust2000 (1 year ago)

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#845 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Until the Terminator: Genysis pin from Steve Ritchie and the recently returned Dwight Sullivan!

I'd rather have seen Salvation in Pin form though...

8 months later
#2968 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballSam:

Really looking forward to seeing the large LCD in person!

The large LCD in the backbox of Heighway games is nice.
Seems like it has a good refresh rate and nice resolution (easy on the eyes).

5 months later
#5613 3 years ago

Oops, Sorry, I forgot to upload this / misplaced it for a while until today...

1 week later
#6226 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I believe you can use this as a reference for the number of ramps:

Frankly, I dig the 4 flipper setup, but...
I would REALLY like 4 buttons for independent flipper buttons.
For even the above average and savvy player,
they can handle and level up their skills to handle this 4 button type of setup.

#6227 3 years ago

ALIEN pinball makes a cameo in this Heighway youtube video...

1 month later
#6656 2 years ago
Quoted from jungle:

Apart from EU/worldwide banking collapse and hyper-inflation everything OK !

LOL, now now, we all know hyper inflation is a myth and legend,
central banks know what they are doing at all times with pure accuracy,
and that magic comes from all printing presses!

5 months later
#9397 2 years ago

Will someone being doing a release party in America when it ships?

1 month later
#9956 2 years ago

I've just gotta say it again,
I would totally like to play one on location at a movie theater someday!

1 month later
#10842 2 years ago

I just wish there was a flipper button for each flipper. We're at the point where many players are skilled enough to take advantage of this type of setup.

2 weeks later
#11423 2 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Here IS the latest gameplay video we promised you that shows many of the shots, flow, combo opportunities, modes and features in the game
» YouTube video

-Fun video to watch overall.
-I dig the green post rings (what brand are they?).
-I'm impressed with how much action you get out of the magnet up top,
my Godzilla has like 3 and I barely get that much action!
-Queen ball grab lock is slick in action.
-Also, my view is that the center post isn't required,
instead I would just up the duration of the ball save for each person's preference...
-Lastly, the game isn't level, so the ball is floating to the left at times,
does that help keep the ball under control better?

#11427 2 years ago
Quoted from mtdouble:

AMAZING. Are these still for sale? How much? What are the different models available?

The American distributor...


2 weeks later
#12026 2 years ago
Quoted from Jared:

Awesome thread!!!

Makes ya wanna watch the movies again?

#12027 2 years ago

I wish there was like a queue on the website to what customer is in line for each game next.

#12069 2 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

Here's a hypothetical. I'm not sure if this is valid, but let's see what the group thinks.
Scenario 1: I paid $6200 for FullT, I decide to get Kit, for (let's say) $4500 with computer upgrade...I've now paid $10,700. What's my game + PF worth after 1 year of play? No idea. I'm guessing $7K-8K and possibly a tough sale.
Scenario 2: I paid $6200 for FullT, then pay $6300 + tax for Alien. I paid $12,500+ What are my games worth after a year? I'd guess I get $5k each, $10K for the pair. Perhaps easier to sell?
These are guesses. Lots of assumptions.
I'm speculating that the game with 2 play fields depreciates faster than the 2 separate games.
So, given plenty of available space and the ability to afford the initially higher cost of scenario 2, perhaps this is the better approach.
What do you think?

Also, if they are bought to route on location
2 games always earns more than 1.

#12070 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Wait so I can't play my PS4 games in my Playstation 1?

Shit, you can't play PS1 games on a PS4...

#12103 2 years ago

I now wonder how many Pinball 2000 kits were sold in relation to total of games sold in total.

#12170 2 years ago

To add to the current derail...

16864867_642862362587316_8188786105090022886_n (resized).jpg

#12177 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

yeah, there are actually LOTS of other shots I left out of that drawing. I made it in 2 minutes to demonstrate that Aliens is a 3-way fan layout. People were discussing other popular games and I used it to illustrate that Aliens if multiple fans laid on top of each other.
I can draw a new one with ALL the shots and the many backhands I left out.

I'm fond of sick back handable shots in games. That to me makes ooh and ahh shots.

1 week later
#12426 2 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Apologies for the delay in replying. I am way behind emails and Pinside having gone straight from Texas to Italy.
To answer your question - games are shipping out all the time at the moment - albeit in small numbers.
Everything is being done to seriously ramp up production to 100 games a month. All of the parts are on order to achieve this, and many are already in the factory. This will happen very soon - but I won't give any dates right now. I will, however, let everyone know as it happens.
We have a serious number of games to make this year and it's in our interests, as much as all of our customers', to be making large quantities of games ASAP.

PR Idea: Somehow get it at the premier of the NEWest ALIEN Movie: Alien: "Covenant" This year!?

#12427 2 years ago

3RD Alien pinball on location now right?

Meta Games Unlimited in Springfield, Missouri.


AlienPinballinMO (resized).jpg

1 week later
#12609 2 years ago

Will Spooky build more pinball machines this year than Aliens are built this year?

#12740 2 years ago

How many have been shipped/delivered so far?

#12748 2 years ago

I'll amend my last question...
How many pre-production units have shipped and how many production ones have shipped?

#12752 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

My impression is at least 20 built and sounds like another 10 are shipping to cointaker ? this week?

From what I gather, only the first 2? (maybe 5) were prototypes) Starting with the TPF ones they appears to have produciton boards and production flipper inserts. Froim what I know, there is an updated Xeno mech board that needs to be installed but those are coming. (all based on feedback and some redesign/coding changes to how the mech operates and is coded. Some great changes to make it more robust and function reliably. In short, not relying on opto to sense and ability to adjust over time to be correct action; think thing flipper auto adjust style)
I think you can consider anything prior to #10 a sample/pre-produciton pf. Anything after #10 appears to be full production with likely a few minor tweaks that are easy to do for an owner.
I personally am very glad they have done this method of trickling out in smaller batches and making adjustments as they go based on feedback and audits. It should help to really bullet proof the game for those future owners (ones that also are not as adept and making some to the modifications and giving the feedback)

I'm glad any manufacturer prioritizes a few if not most of the first runs to go on location.
JJP has been good with Hobbit and Dialed in and I'm glad to see Alien on location and look forward to see many more on location.

1 week later
#13553 2 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

I was hoping to play aliens at Allentown to see how it has progressed since I played it at expo. Unfortunately, it was down from about 1:30ish until I left the hall at 3:30. One thing that I noticed that I didn't notice before was the power cord is plugged into the bottom near the front of the pin. I like the accessibility but don't know if I like the cord laying on the ground under the pin like that. Not a big deal, just never noticed it before.

I'd use one of these...
1AnglePowerCord (resized).jpg

1 week later
#13901 2 years ago
Quoted from lamihh:

Man that backbox is wayyyyy heavier than expected. Slim like a spring break bitch but definetly weights a lot more than a normal backbox from the old era.
Deeply impressed by the quality so far. Built like a tank.

Nice Predator Pinball Skull and Spine Toppers

#14149 2 years ago
Quoted from fastpinball:

SFGE gets Total Annihilation, NWPAS gets Alien. I wish both could have both! Next year!
FAST Pinball
PS: SFGE will have Spaceballs... w/ an alien mech!

Will Spaceballs do anything this year?

#14156 2 years ago
Quoted from fastpinball:

John has been working away. There thread dedicated to it here on pinside.
FAST Pinball

I just thought it was mad silly to bring a game that did nothing at all the SFGE last year,
but... if it were like JPOP it'd be news worthy and cool to some...

#14163 2 years ago

People may have asked a few times but...
Southern Fried Gameroom Expo?

This is the Biggest show in the South-East and the other is way towards the end of the year being FREEplay Florida.

Most people in this region have not seen ALIEN in person and this is a great shot at showing it to this region of America.

#14164 2 years ago


Heighway Pinball certainly has bigger fish to fry in their hierarchy of duties, BUT,
it will baffle me if it doesn't make at least a showing at SFGE or FreePlay this year...

#14606 1 year ago
Quoted from rvdv:

Would it help to start a Gofundme
For Andrew ? Just thinking.
How much you need Andrew ?
Just put some gifts( swag) in return
Or spare parts for Alien;

I'd buy a LE Backglass for sure!

#14674 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Maybe Heighway is forging an alliance with JJP and with one fell swoop they will crush the competition and restore order to the pinball marketplace?!

It's more likely that ARA would become majority owner than that...

#14741 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Its time for the small guys to band together.
Highway, American Pinball, Jersey Jack, and dare i say Dutch pinball. Maybe even spooky.
They should get together and form super pin company!

Congrats on the Worst idea of the day!

#14753 1 year ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

JJP and Spooky are doing just fine, they have product to sell. Dutch and Heighway are in trouble and would likely drag the others down. Too early to tell for American Pinball.


#14754 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Are you sure...ive read quite a few bad ideas in this thread?
I know Super Pin would never happen. But in today's economics, it just might work and save pinball.
Unless you want Sterns the rest of your life.

Even if all companies were already located in the same city, shared the same parts vendors, etc... horrible idea...

#15027 1 year ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Maybe...maybe not. Announcing Alien early might have killed off a lot of potential FT sales. Who wants FT when there is big licensed game right around the corner? So now they have a completed and fun game...but no sales and only some early "deposits on Alien" money coming in on a game that hasn't even been designed yet...killer.

Plus, if they had had a booth at all conventions instead of a sparse few,
they could have sold a few more Full Throttles...

#15058 1 year ago

What is the full list of ALIEN distributors in America?

#15069 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

If by America you mean the US I believe Cointaker is the exclusive distributor.

Excuse me, let me be more precise, I mean Murica!

Well, yeah, it's back on their site!


1 week later
#15299 1 year ago

So, after playing an ALIEN this weekend a lot in a home environment with the volume up and an external sub-woofer attached,
I must say that it lived up to much of the hype it may have, it lived up to most of what I wanted it to actually be and it left me
really wanting to play it more and if the planets and stars and craftsmanship of the new management team aligns... I'd like one.

I truly enjoy some Early solid state era Wide body games.
I truly enjoy some 90s era solid state games.
It merges many great playfield characteristics of both eras.

The display in the backglass was very nice and very useful (I did enjoy how the clip artish inserts were utilized in the backglass
animation area to explain what shots to make, it was useful, tasteful and unique).
The movie clips grabbed were good and well implemented.
The mini display did add a fun flare and visual element to the playfield and actually makes more sense the a mini me version
of the queen alien that was to be there originally.
The display in the playfield on this variation of the game was in-between unrequired to semi helpful.
In a mega dark room, sure it could help, but in a kinda lit room it wasn't that helpful if at all.
But... if someone went with the small backglass screen or LE backglass, it would be required and helpful.
All of the shots are doable other than the inside ramp if the back legs are raised up.
The audio quality of the license assets were great as expected.
The code for me is enough where is sits and doesn't need too much added to be "finished".
The weapon selection option and usage functions were very unique, fun and fascinating to me.
The beacons are quite neat and aren't under or over used.
It'd kinda mean in the vein of BSD that you can have a really short game or a decently long and enjoyable one.

What I didn't care for...
The damn EXTRA Ball/Weapon selection button on the front left of the cabinet...
It's too damn close to the start button, it's the same sized and frankly why the hell isn't it on the left or right
side of the cabinet near the flipper buttons? Pinball people are accustomed to multiple buttons on a side or two at times.
It was missed just a little lighting in the middle area near the right ramp to me (no big deal).

I'll bite my ALIEN tongue from going on tangents about the game not being available to be and if/when...

But damn... I know this game would earn in the movie theater location I could put it at and many many many
non-pinball people would play it due to the theme and it's look...

1 week later
#15436 1 year ago

Can we get a few more reviews of ALIEN pinball on here by those that have spent a good amount of time on it?
I'd like to see where it starts to fall in the top 100 list.

2 weeks later
#15647 1 year ago

This is with legs kinda steep too in the back, so subtract 1 inch is fair?

2 weeks later
#15867 1 year ago

I do wonder how long the license extension (there was one right?) for Alien pinball gives Heighway to produce the game?

I do wonder why not sell/produce LEs for the first 500?
Then if interest still exists for more than 500 (yes that is a lot of a games for it's price range from a boutique company that
isn't manufacturing the game where an overwhelming majority of games will be shipped to which is the U.S....)
and then if the license to produce is still going on then produce SEs.

Considering the delay after delay after delay after delay...
don't LE owners that have paid in full deserve their games first?
Also, the SE owners that paid in full deserve their games around first right? So why not give them a free upgrade to an LE
because... these funds have helped fund the companies operations.
Also, considering that we really don't know if/when 500 LE games will actually sell,
why not utilize that leverage of selling only LEs help make at-least 500 of ALIEN pinball?

3 weeks later
1 week later
#16632 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Well here we go.....11am already UK time. I'm hoping those suckers are being loaded now. I'll keep you guys posted about any status updates from CT by EOD. I will certainly be reaching out if I don't hear back.

I'm kinda surprised the first 100 or so didn't just ship in the U.K...

#16668 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Am I the only one that thinks one year from now it will be a completely different picture, Alien will be a top 5 pin, that people (including naysayers) will be scrambling to buy and play?

Yup, ALIEN will never eeever be a top 10 pin.

People will still seek to play it because it's rare and the vast majority will not have played it yet still.

Alien / Widebody game fans will seek it mostly.

#16752 1 year ago

I wish they'd just sold 1000 of one package version for like 10k shipped...

2 weeks later
#17235 1 year ago

Thumbs Down This Post if you think 100+ Aliens will ship by year end
Thumbs Up This Post if you don't think 100+ Aliens will ship by year end

This isn't a troll post, it to me is the easiest way to find out what others believe on this topic.

1 week later
#17830 1 year ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Jesus, this thread would scare the living crap out of a potential Alien buyer! How is this company going to survive?? Even if they get all of the Aliens shipped, they will need a lot of money to develop a game 3. This is a bummer!

No, actually Andrew said the 3rd game has been developed and has art, so...

1 week later
#18388 1 year ago
Quoted from Davidus56:

Yes. This would be a labor of love. Very difficult to make a profitable business. But, if you control costs with low overhead and use programmers who are willing to develop after hours, at a steep discount - perhaps with some equity.... AND you have an awesome design, then you can probably turn a small profit.
The first thing I would do is try and negotiate a manufacturing partnership with someone like Charlie at Spooky, Gerry at Multimorphic or even VPCabs. This might also be an avenue to getting the I.P. On The Big Lebowski. My goal would be to build high quality, completed games and hopefully not lose more than one or two hundred thousand doing so.
I’m a successful, retired entrepreneur. I started a company ‘in my garage’, back in 1996, grew it to 300 employees and sold it for a nice sum. Today, 55,000 doctors use software that I designed. I know how to bootstrap a business. Pinball is a bit different from medical software. For one thing, we sold our software with training for 20k. People will pay 10k for an exceptional pin. That is probably what it would take to build 200 or 300 of these pins without taking too big of a bath.
Frankly though, if I was trying to make a profitable business out of this, I would concentrate on simpler pins that could be sold for 6-7k while still maintaining 50% or higher margins. Andrew’s biggest problem, I’m guessing, was that he was grossly undercapitalized. That magnifies every other problem that crops up. He then made promises he couldn’t keep. I imagine the stress must have been overwhelming. He also had rather grandiose, expensive designs. The K.I.S.S. principle for the first few pins helps you learn how to walk before you have to run.

There is no way to have a profitable pinball company if it isn't manufactured in America...

2 weeks later
#18724 1 year ago

2018: Announce 3rd HWP game, suckers gonna suck, take the bait, hook in mouth like a billy big mouth bass,
that $$,$$$.00 will fund a few ALIEN games and in the end a few but not all may end up getting their ALIEN games.

Now, I'd prefer that in the alternate universe of Earth that all of those that ordered by now get their game
in 2018 and it works and that support is good, etc etc etc... then at Expo 2018 they show the 3rd game
and that all shit it together and in gear, but...

4 weeks later
#19232 1 year ago

Thumbs up this post if you believe all Alien pinball games should have black bolts in the cabinet instead of shiny metal ones.

#19317 1 year ago

I sometimes wonder what a JPOP Zidware Alien game would have looked like...

3 months later
1 week later
#20605 1 year ago
Quoted from O-from-DO:

All black? As LEs they should have powdercoated black legs, like the green LEs should have green legs, but the shown pins all have just silver legs. Seems like one more feature has droped out of the list.

Just needs all new black leg bolts and carriage bolts.

1 week later
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