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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#1588 3 years ago

Lot's of promises to live up to...

#1640 3 years ago

Has it been confirmed whether or not the "game over" call-out will be Bill Paxton's famous line "That's it, man. Game over, man. Game over, what the fuck are we supposed to now, huh, what are we gonna do?"?!

Because that would be awesome!

1 week later
#1682 3 years ago


2 weeks later
#1748 3 years ago

I think the only point at which you're allowed to express concern is after someone makes a Hitler Reaction video and nary a moment sooner...

#1781 3 years ago

What sort of licensing deal do you have where you can show it to the public in a physical room, but you can't show a photo to the wider public of the internet?

#1866 3 years ago

Could you say that realistically GOT and Alien actual release dates are probably a year or more apart?

On paper, Aliens sounds like the better theme, better art, and better video display.

GOT could have great gameplay and programming, but don't expect that on day 1, as it will probably ship with unfinished code.

When is one of the new pinball companies going to offer the option of custom ROM programming? There are a lot of talented community members who could add extra aftermarket value and novelty to the games.

4 months later
#3511 3 years ago

The pinballs should be shaped like eggs!

#3796 3 years ago

Do the xenomorphs show up better when the blacklight mode starts?

#4419 3 years ago

Sigourney was always a fox. Even at 90 she's still looking good!


3 weeks later
#4629 3 years ago

I just re-watched Aliens 1-4 and Prometheus.

Is the Space Jockey / Engineer a part of the game?


#4635 3 years ago

She's hot for android.

#4670 3 years ago

As far as I know there isn't a director's cut, but the rumored missing scenes help to paint a more cohesive story:

There's still a lot of plot holes and unanswered questions though, which maybe the Prometheus sequel will delve into?

Like who would in a battle of Engineer VS Predator? Or maybe Predators are mutated Engineers?

1 week later
#4842 3 years ago

Spaderman Spaderman, does whatever a spader can.

1 week later
#4946 3 years ago

ThinkGeek.com has a topper candidate for $50.

Or if you just want a xenomorph to protect your stash of chocolate chip cookies.



1 month later
#5430 3 years ago

That Aliens arcade game used to be at just about every motel we stayed at as a kid. That and MJ's Moonwalker. Right next to the pool. You could smell the chlorine wafting off the pool while you'd jam quarters into Alien/Moonwalker all morning.

1 week later
#5578 3 years ago


1 week later
#5778 3 years ago

#Release the transcripts

1 week later
#6058 3 years ago

"Every time I do a pull-up... I'm thinking of you..."


#6174 3 years ago
Quoted from PorkChopExpress:

Did you call another man's workplace to tattle or did you not?

It was me. I called, what I assumed was his babysitter, and made sure they weren't lapsing on giving him his crazy pills and daily diaper changes.

I enjoy listening to the interviews on K-holes Pinball Podcast, but the "rants" are seriously pathetic. If a guy has been banned from 2 of the most popular Pinball/Arcade internet forums, there's either a problem with the rest of the world or with him.

#6333 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

we'll see if horny pinsiders can from keep lusting over it so they have to mark it NSFW.

And then I...


Excited to play this game. Might not have the same immersion when played on location (VS in home) because games in a bar have their music/sounds often drowned out by talk/bar music, etc. Hopefully Whysnow (graciously) puts this one at Schwoeglers!

4 months later
#8057 2 years ago

It's hard not to grin when you first see the xenomorph head eat that ball. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that on a pin.

#8418 2 years ago

The game looks really exciting!

It's disappointing Sigourney passed, but oh well.

Can you play the game from the perspective of Jonesy?

Jones-500x750 (resized).png

1 week later
#8821 2 years ago

It's not unprecedented...

gen32_1024x1024 (resized).png

#8853 2 years ago

If you take the playfield and the computer out of a Heighway pin... what exactly are you leaving behind?

A wooden cabinet, speakers, some mounting hardware, and maybe a sub-$100 LCD display?

3 weeks later
#9294 2 years ago


2 weeks later
#9451 2 years ago

Please remove the image of the bra in the Jonesy mode, as this is a children's game.

(Game looks and sounds awesome)

#9491 2 years ago

Damn, it looks like assembling a pinball machine is so much fun!

How do your employees heat their lunches?

2 months later
#11323 2 years ago

Watching an unboxing video is like watching an "adult-education" video... you get to vicariously settle a primal urge without any of the associated cost, commitment or clean-up.

4 weeks later
#12183 2 years ago

What is the cost of a wooden cabinet, a backbox with LCD and metal legs? Is that really 40% of $6450 or $2580? Will someone else sell a compatible shell for less?

So many times here I read about people who are too lazy or busy to go down to their basement to flip a power switch, that I wonder about how much of a deterrent switching out a whole playfield will be?

I've even heard rumors of a man who was so lazy he hacked a 100 disc CD changer to remotely change his XBOX360 games for him without leaving the couch.

1 month later
#13343 2 years ago
Quoted from KerryImming:

Do you have a source for this fact that you can share?

carlreiner (resized).jpg

#13482 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Just curious. Does anyone know who the investors are? We know about JJP, American Pinball, etc. Who is keeping staff and employees paid all this time? Who is paying for lease equipment, factory rent, overhead, etc. Parts?
They have to be over $600k in, right?

Is that you Kaneda borrowing Ted's login? I wonder what an IP address comparison would show...?

2 weeks later
#14094 2 years ago

Drama follows K-trowel cause he has a mancrush on Hilton's flip phone and because he thinks he's pinballs best marketer because he got Marty Mcfly to go back in time to give Slash a Dr. Pepsi so that China could be a Democracy. #realtalk

2 weeks later
#14956 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

To those that can't understand the business sense, come'on, think sensibly. This is the way the Private Equity investment firms are able to make money:
Take a business that has difficulty due to business process and such. Turn it around. Profit.
NOT: Take a business is operating efficiently, pay market value, contribute nothing in terms of process improvement. Make marginal return.
The value (opportunity) is in turning around the business, the modular IP, and the Alien license. While there is risk of the investors losing money. There is also huge possibility of significant returns. Simple case of risk and return. It's not a dumb play by investors in any way.

And I thought a lot of PE firms work by gutting the company to make the books look better to the next sucker with a fist full of dollars?


#14957 2 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

Although he was overly harsh on occasion, in all fairness, his suspicions about Alien production turned out to be justified.

A broken score wheel digit is right several times per game.

1 month later
#15455 2 years ago
Quoted from CubeSnake:

FWIW, Cointaker (Whom I do indeed trust) has mentioned that I will receive Aliens by 1st week of July. I was out before I contacted Melissa. She assured me that it'll be at my door at that time. Heighway or whomever is in charge now, should really give credit to Cointaker as they've talked many potential refunders from the edge. Let's see what happens come July....

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