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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#23549 7 months ago

Hello people,

I have an Alien Le with some issues and am wondering whether someone actually has a manual?

#23552 7 months ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

No manual yet, what are the problems and where are you located

located in Geelong. return ball launcher in outer stuck and probably overheating.Machine cuts out on rare occasions.Possibly a loose connection.Just would help if someone got access to a manual and any code updates.

4 months later
#24024 85 days ago
Quoted from TomDK:

A friend of mine importet my Alvin G. "Dinosaur Egg" for me from NY to Cologne/Germany. Shipment was 450 Euro .. as the word tells you , by ship in a container ....

Air freight is the only way to go IMO.A bit more expensive but at least it arrives quickly and more securely than a six week trip via container.

2 weeks later
#24272 65 days ago

This may have come up somewhere within the thread but has anyone put an Opto in the VUK to replace the wire setup.

#24278 64 days ago

Thanks guys.This was only suggested to me because the airlock switch got bent probably during a multiball.This caused the solenoid to overheat and damage one of the IO boards.

#24294 64 days ago
Quoted from DrDoom:

Here is a pic[quoted image]

Do you have other pics showing the machine.This build date is strange?

#24295 64 days ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Uh .. I hope I did not spoil something ... bad situation.
A german pinhead visited me some weeks ago to play my Alien. He was very intrested in buying one and finallly ... 2 weeks ago he bought one from a german dealer. He has problems with his new pin. One coil burned and a fuse is always blowing. Very bad luck .. so he asked me about the software and I told him 1.2 is actual. He wrote back that his machines shows 1.3 B3. I could not believe it and asked for a pictures .. here we go .....
So he asked me if that software version may responsible for the burning coil and fuse and if it is possible to go back to 1.2
I adviced him to join us in this thread becaus e I can not help him with his problems but maybe others might ... so we came to the pic of 1.3 B3
Story ends ...
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

This is what happened to my machine.Same fuse.Same solenoid.And a damaged IO board.

#24297 63 days ago
Quoted from DrDoom:

Thanks, and how do you solved it? New I/O Board and new Coil HPC-C020?
I'm worried it's gonna happen again...

Yes new IO board and solenoid and new fuse.I am changing to an Opto set up because my airlock switch got buckled and probably was the cause.

1 week later
#24389 51 days ago
Quoted from bcd:

The coffee can ("Alien chamber" as I referred to it in the code) was a prime example of the frustration of not having a physical game in front of me to work on. I did all of the programming on the can with almost zero information about how it was constructed - no motor specs, no sensor placement data, and no pictures of it. One of the earliest complaints was that the wiring harness would eventually come apart after extended use - I had no idea how the cables were even mounted. The code was almost completely lifted from the Valentino mechanism on Full Throttle, but the mech wasn't the same, so of course it didn't work.
I could tell similar stories about the lockup and the magnetic tongue. Thankfully I eventually got my game and was able to get those working pretty well in the last code release.
I supported the change to the LCD mainly because I knew that it would give the programmers more control of the situation, and it did.

Can I ask what the last code release was?

#24416 48 days ago

Just wondering if any of you guys have noticed that when doing a coil test not all react?

1 month later
#24559 17 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

Cool, 426 from 500 by only 200 produced machines at all - that's great marketing!
Your 426 was just a marketing gag for ALIEN Day on April the 26th - remember?
So my 45 is just more credible and this phantastic 426 can't do even more or something better, just being much more expensive.

Interesting to see how many people on pinside have an LE just to see how many may have been made.Mine is 126.

#24576 16 days ago
Quoted from dung:

Don't really get the le obsession on this title. Artwork for the cab and backglass and a different powdercoat? Seems a but moot.

Have you actually played the game? I personally do not buy pinballs for the artwork.It is all about the rule set and how a game plays.If I had a machine that was painted by Rembrant and played like a broken guitar I would lose interest pretty quickly.

#24578 16 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

I think Dung was saying he doesn't see much difference between the "standard" and the LE. Which is pretty legit.

Forgetting again about the artwork there were a number of add ons to the LE otherwise it would not be an LE!

#24593 15 days ago
Quoted from dung:

Uh, might check my collection...

Are you checking your collection for.......pinballs with great artwork that play crap?Or ....for a pinball that plays great with not so great artwork?

#24596 15 days ago
Quoted from dung:

You asked if I've played a game I own. Rub more than two brain cells together before typing a reply next time.

I actually asked whether you have played Alien? Perhaps have a child read it back and explain it to you.

#24599 14 days ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Both you and dung take it to PM please..

And you are?

#24601 14 days ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

knockerlover is the man who saved my Alien and help others with his knowledge.
The Alien community is great thanks to guys like him.
Please go to PM for your stuff.

Appreciate your input but perhaps the Alien community needs to look at others and their smartarse comments before having a go at my replies.

#24603 14 days ago
Quoted from Cigaretteman:

I was the Danish distributor for Heighway and got my order of 3 of the last produced LE’s out just before they closed the doors. All 3 are green and all 3 are still in Denmark. I sold 2 and kept one for my own collection. It is LE #200 and it is still sitting unopened in the box.
It is a fantastic and very special game there are no doubt about that(yes I have played the game a lot). Taste varies and I say if you have an Alien and don’t care for it sell it to someone who want one!

Just wondering from your experience how many do you think were made?

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