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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#13228 3 years ago

I just watched the video and super stoked I ordered one. Game looks awesome!!!!!!!

4 weeks later
#14549 3 years ago

Andrew, I have also been emailing you and Jay for the last 2 weeks. I'm paid in full and still no response. I'm a patient person and very understanding, but when there is complete radio silence that's alarming. I think you owe it to the people who have paid for a game in full a private email, explaining what is going on. If people are pulling out, it's because of lack of communication. I'm 100% in, but if I don't hear anything from you personally via email, I may be pulling out and wait til there are games available. If I hear a response and happy with it, Ill update this post to say I heard back and still in. You made a incredible game !

4 months later
#17961 2 years ago

Received my game today, planning to unbox tonight. Hoping others receive their games quickly and others to receive their refunds. Watching Rufers video, this game looks incredible. Wishing the new Heighhway owners much success.

20171027_124845 (resized).jpg

20171027_124849 (resized).jpg

#17991 2 years ago

Here are are some pics of the game being unboxed and set up. The game plays great, I had a small issue with cpu randomly resetting. , but tightened cables, tightened up couple of cable screws to cpu, seems to have fixed the problem. Also little tweaks here and there nothing major. ALIEN heads needs a little adjusting. Going to g o over machine tomorrow and dial it in. Great game, very fun and challenging.

20171027_204056 (resized).jpg

20171027_204138 (resized).jpg

20171027_204754 (resized).jpg

20171027_205706 (resized).jpg

20171027_205750 (resized).jpg

20171027_205755 (resized).jpg

20171027_210610 (resized).jpg

20171027_211119 (resized).jpg

20171027_222342 (resized).jpg

20171027_221637 (resized).jpg

20171027_223151 (resized).jpg

20171027_223219 (resized).jpg

20171027_223157 (resized).jpg

#18005 2 years ago

SE came with LED lighting for the side panels. That was not an option I ordered, but is standard. I ordered shaker and beacons from the factory and came installed.

#18012 2 years ago

Yeah I did not order the interior lit side blades. And yes that is an option.

#18035 2 years ago

Pins may have issues do to shipping. These games go through a lot of vibration when being moved. I ship a lot of games so I know. Also as a distributor , you get games to a location and some may have minor issues. It happens with all maufacturerers. Most are just bad connections due to vibration or little tweaks. Most issues I have encountered are very very minor and can easiy be fixed, the key is taking a deep breath and problem solve or talk to tech support. In my case I can also work on my machine. Remember these games shipped from Heighway in a container to a boat , sailed the seas that shipped to Cointaker , then shipped to my location. I had a resetting issue that I resolved easily by reseating connectors. I get the disappoint meant when a new game arrives, I still go through it, but if you take a step back relax and work through the issue 90 % of the issues can be resolved. I also understand, that If you are not tech savey, then you are at the mercy of others to help. I wish Heighway, much success. I believe they will make everyone whole, unfortunately it's going to take time.

#18142 2 years ago

I am having random resets also. I have reseated all connectors on cpu and power supplyand turned shaker power down to 30 and also turned down power on gi lights . So far so good. Could be a power supply issue. A friend of mine who is a great Pinball tech is going to meter the power supply to see if it drops while playinga few games.

#18146 2 years ago

I had a killer game after did those adjustment, no reset.

#18152 2 years ago

I have resets and I have shaker. Resets to bios.

#18155 2 years ago

I have the shaker set to 30, so far so good. I'm going to disconnect the shaker and see if my reetting issue goes away. Still extremely happy with the game. It's really fun to play, very difficult but satisfying. Game has great flow also .Heighway has an incredible game here, they just need to get the factory cranking out games.

#18164 2 years ago

Ok I disabled the shaker and no resets,.played 10 games. Normally I couldn't complete half of the games with the shaker on. I can say at thist point that the shaker on my game is causing my reset. Either it is shaking connections loose or drawing to much power restarting the game.

#18166 2 years ago

We just completed a video of the new Alien pinball machine. Love this game!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy it!


#18188 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Anyone else have their ball get caught in the small gap that exists in the right flip ramp shot? It's happened about 5 times in past two weeks but when it's caught only a major tilt gets it out. When I get my new game I'm thinking about putting some clear in that crack to prevent assuming that one has a similar one....


#18279 2 years ago

I received an email from Helmut today about My resetting problem when shaker is set to 70%. He said to lower it to 50% and all should be good until there next code update. Just keeping the thread updated.

#18313 2 years ago

Mine flickers also, seen video of others with the flicker. Good to know its common on all new games, though it does concern me a little!

#18318 2 years ago

Just a heads up Morgan and Helmut have been very responsive to my emails. Hoping they are turning the corner and reading these posts. Again hope everyone gets there refund who has requested it and hope they ramp up production for those that want one . Truly and Incredible game, nothing like I have played before. You get sucked into the game play and really feel like your battling Aliens and that you are a part of the movie.

1 month later
#19222 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Also an update in regards to my xeno mech ferret bcd daudioguy, I noticed that when the mech mouth is not at home and I go into calibration or the testing area, it still suggests the position is 0 even when it’s pressing up against the inside of it’s mouth. So not only is it not staying put, but it’s like it isn’t even registering that it has been continually sliding forward. Do you think it’s a gear slippage/motor issue or something. Obviously it isn’t the switch or code like you all have suggested. I am just trying to get helmut the best info possible and for him to contact me about it to possibly replace the thing and I can send it out to you it’s or back to them or w.e

I have the same problem. I emailed Helmut on this. Definitely a flaw.

#19223 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Anyone here Ever had any issue with the airlock struggling to shoot the ball out? Tonight it started to shoot out weak and now it takes like 4 or 5 tries. Update: nothing is loose the coil fires strong. It appears that it fires so strong that it shoots it straight up and hits the top of the curved metal at the top of the scoop and then comes back down. I’ve tried to bend it up and then it doesn’t go forward it just shoots up, hits the metal curve and then back into the hole, o tried down and it works but it makes the ball hop hard onto the pf infront of the airlock shot making dents on pf and then barely rolling down the pf... it’s almost like it needs to move forward and add more curve, it’s like the curve is too far back as the ball isn’t traveling along the back it’s shooting in the middle of the assembly and hitting the top and going back down. Any ideas? I have no idea how I would do that. Or perhaps someone else has a better solution?

Again I have the same problem. There is a design flaw in the aitlock kicker mech. Kicker housing is welded and you can't manually bend it so the kicker fires to the back of the curved part of the kicker housing. Also there is too much slop between the kicker and the coil sleeve. I have also emailed Helmut on this.

1 month later
#19852 2 years ago

I just got off the phone with Helmut at Heighway pinball and was very helpful in troubleshooting 2 issues I have with my Alien pinball machine.

1st issues is the Air lock. He is sending me a replacement part next week with a cliffy protector and a new revised vuk assembly which will resolve the issue of the ball not kicking out properly and hitting the edge of the scoop, possibly damaging the playfield. Sound like games going forward will have the new kickout vuk.

2nd issue is with the Xenomorph, tongue moving forward on its own during game play and getting stuck against on the inside of the Xenomorphs mouth making it non functional. He ran down a few things to look for, loose nuts holding nylon casing, improper switch alignment, improper switch bend and adjustments with pot on servo motor board. As for this, I made a few adjustment and played a game and for the first time Xenomorph worked fine. Again this was only one game, so going to play test it a lot tonight and continue to tweak. He stated that if the Xenomorph issue continues he would replace the whole Xenomorph. I'm happy to work with the one I have until I am forced to replace.

Helmut was great to talk too. We set up a time for him to call and the phone rang right at the appointment time. Helmut was very helpful and great to talk to.

The thing is, is that most of these issues I have with my game could have easily been caused by shipping. I ship a lot of new games and have seen this happen. They need to use better lock tight on bolts and also hot glue on the servo motor pot at factory once Xenomorph is dialed into its proper setting.

Cheers to Helmut and Heighway Pinball for helping resolve my issues. I look forward to the replacement parts and I look forward to seeing more Aliens out in the wild or being delivered to home.

Kick Ass Game


2 months later
#21431 2 years ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Indeed she is, and I wouldn't sell your Aliens any time soon Indypin.

Dont sell your Alien. Like you said, you love playing it. It sucks the way things went down, but if you enjoy it, keep it and play it. I have one and also worried about parts and repairs, but there is enough of us, that we should be a able to keep them running. We can always start a new thread "Keeping Alien Alive" and start fresh.

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