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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#5445 4 years ago

A nice spinner shot with appropriate sound effects could really add to the sensation of running away...

1 week later
#5570 4 years ago

Things weren't so quiet when Aurich was posting.

I wonder how the LE artwork is coming along???

1 week later
#5725 4 years ago

Just wanted to mention that I played Full Throttle on the weekend at the YEGpin show in Edmonton. I've played the game before so nothing new to report there (fast & fun, I don't dig the artwork), however, the full size display in the backglass is really nice. Sharp and bright and *really* dark blacks, like plasma TV blacks, which should bode well for a dark theme like Alien.

If you ordered it you won't be disappointed.

1 month later
#6486 4 years ago
Quoted from Dano:

I was on the fence about the backbox screen due to the extra cost but after seeing the movie clips and how it looks in FT, I'm not sure how I'm going to talk myself out of it.

Yeah, having recently seen the screen on a Full Throttle I was really impressed by the picture quality, colors really popped and the blacks seemed super "plasma like" black. Really nice!

3 weeks later
#6721 4 years ago
Quoted from Nevus:

It's really a c-section. It also forgot to close the uterus and abdominal wall. The staples in the skin were cute, but she would have died about an hour later instead of running the Alien decathlon.
Yeah... I know.

That's because the machine was calibrated for men, wasn't it? Men don't need at that mamby-pamby sewing of the abdominal wall, just a few cosmetic staples to keep our guts from falling out and we're good to go!

1 month later
#7120 3 years ago

Fools! The real Alien reveal will be happening at the Vancouver Flipout Pinball Expo on Sept. 23rd!


...okay probably not, but a guy can hope for some super-secret info drop though, right?

#7145 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

When Apple makes a keyboard that isn't flat as a pancake I'm happy to try it, but until then they're RSI city for me. I use Microsoft Naturals and Logitech Waves, they both let me type with my hands in a proper neutral position, instead of over pronating. And I hate doing graphic work with a trackpad, they're just not precise enough input devices. Fine for web browsing etc, but that's about all I can take.
Alien has been all done with a Logitech mouse and a Wacom Cintiq, if anyone cares.

You need to pick up one of these: FK403-Left-890 (resized).jpg


I've been using mine for over a year now and couldn't live without it. Once you experience the joy of a split keyboard you'll never want to go back! I use the Mac variant.

...unless, of course, you do a lot of one-handed keyboarding while working a tablet with the other...

3 weeks later
#7448 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Thank you for that, I can now ignore this thread for another week.

Soooo it's maybe looking like a big reveal could happen as soon as next weekend (Sept. 24th) at the Vancouver FlipOut Expo!


...Ah crud! I just noticed that Andrew is no longer on the Speakers page (he was until recently).

2 weeks later
#7675 3 years ago

I get that folks have been waiting a long time for this game but it is far more important "what" they show than "when" they show it. They only get one chance to grab the spotlight and a full reveal with everything as final and solid as they can make it is in their best interests.

They wouldn't want the post-reveal discussion to be centered around something relatively inconsequential to the big picture by showing something unfinished or rough ( eg. "yeah, but the giant space monster didn't work very well...", etc.)

Just look at momentum The Big Lebowski lost between their stunning reveal and when games started shipping. Everyone knows Alien is coming anyway, so if I were them I'd save the reveal until they were ready to start shipping games imminently.

As far as competition goes, there will always be other games freshly released to compete against so I don't see it as that relevant. ...though an overpriced rehashed B level game with a 50 year old super-hero theme, from a company that seems to have lost the ability to ship games without defective playfields probably does feel like a tempting opportunity!

4 weeks later
#8993 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Heighway doesn't need FullT to do great anymore... that ship has sailed. All efforts are focused on Alien (as they should be). Alien has all the upside.. FullT has already shot it's load.

I'd say that Full Throttle generally impresses those who get a chance to play it, and that without having played the game the theme (for us Americans, anyway), and artwork aren't so compelling to stimulate a sight-unplayed(?) purchase, (similar to Dialed In). The other challenge is it's the first game from a new company, so no positive history or famous designer to market it with.

So, given these realities, it was always going to be a slow burn, with sales gradually increasing as more people play it and Heighway develops a positive reputation. If Alien is as successful as it seems poised to be I would expect a fair mumber of new Alien owners to pickup FT (probably even in kit form ) over time, so in that sense it still has sales "legs" going forward, IMHO.

#9000 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Your argument is 'give it a chance'... I'm saying that it has had that chance.

No, all I'm saying is the more popular Alien ultimately becomes the more Full Throttles Heighway will sell as well.

Not everyone goes to shows, they wait until someone they know or a nearby location has a game to really try it out. Plus, if they have a positive experience with Alien picking up another game as a kit for a lot less than NIB Stern, etc. would make sense, vs. buying it as a complete game.

1 month later
#9388 3 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I will own this game one day! Terrible negotiating tactic, I know..but damn! Can't wait to try one next may in Edmonton

What you wore out that Metallica already??

I also feel like this game wants me bring it home...

#9430 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Hi everyone,
Not the production update today - but a sneak preview of one of the 'Alien' modes.
In this short teaser video we show you the mood, and some of the shots, of the "Find Jonesy" mode.
This short video is just a teaser video, and does not reveal the true depth of this mode.
» YouTube video

Not sure what to make of the audio in this clip, since it seems to contain movie clips that aren't actually used in the game (?), so maybe doesn't reflect the actual in game sound effects, etc.

Anyway, I hope the spinner makes an awesome sound(s) and isn't ignored, or worse yet, annoying and lame (I'm looking at you RBION!).

#9442 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Ah, yeah, that would make sense. To be clear, all the clips in that video are in the game.

Yeah, the way the video was cut I wasn't sure the clips were directly from the game.

But I didn't hear any specific sound effect when the spinner was hit so that's what prompted the comment. Probably just a side-effect of how the video was put together.

#9444 3 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Not sure if it's been done before, but Alien does have distinct spinner sounds during Sentry Guns Multiball, which is a spinner-centric multiball.

This is awesome news!

One of my favorite shots is ripping the spinner in Black Knight. But way better is ripping the lit spinner in BK with its glorious early 80s Williams algorithmic digital sound!

...pure heaven is ripping the lit spinner in BK so hard that the sound effect "wraps around" from the highest pitch back to the lowest one. That is one of the simpliest but most enjoyable things that can happen in pinball.

#9480 3 years ago

The way I look at it, we've all been waiting *30 years* for this game, what's another month or two?

#9553 3 years ago
Quoted from Elwood_BE:

I'm curious, what is the use of this sheet of plastic ?

Enormously thick playfield protector on every LE - confirmed!

1 month later
#9996 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

It was originally supposed to ship in April 2015, not that any of us really believed Andrew on that one. I would consider that almost 2 years at this point. Would saying 21 months late make you feel better?

C'mon guys. In life, the anticipation is almost more fun than the realization anyway.

I'm sure we'll see Alien shipping soonish, but getting cranky about it isn't going to change anything.

#10037 3 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

So... if you hop over to the skit b thread, there's a ton of fun over there, oh and also the jpop thread, I hear there's magic tricks and stuff.
Kidding aside, that was like saying "anticipating sex is almost more fun than the actual thing"

Hey, I said "almost"!

#10220 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

The Batman topper is simulated beacon with LEDs and I haven't heard anyone say it was anything less than awesome. No one complaining that it doesn't look "60s".

Yeah, but that was Batman, totally fake and not real like Alien...

I think having one beacon in the middle would look better and less like little antlers. But really, WGaF, let's play the game already!

2 weeks later
#10501 3 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Looks like about 100 machines worth of eggs there! That's what we like to see

Yeah, but where's the queen...

2 weeks later
#11015 3 years ago
Quoted from violinfather:

Does anyone know how many standard editions that they are going to make. I did not preorder as I was too nervous but now I want one. If I order now how long will it take to get it? This pin looks amazing!

Too late! They made the one they planned on making already...

I'm sure they'll make as many SE's as they can sell for a couple of years to come, anyway. I hope they sell 10K of them - love what they're doing!

2 weeks later
#11451 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

All depends on how the LE artwork looks. I'm thinking green may be the way to go through considering that that green is used in the Alien logo, there's green rubbers in the game, the aliens acid is green and hell a lot of people think aliens are green, lol.
The second film, Aliens, has more blue tones on its official poster and at times there is a blue cool tone to some scenes in the film. I think that is why Heighway offered blue as another trim option. If the LE artwork has a blue Aliens vibe to it then blue may be the way to go.

Shiny / Jet black would be my choice.

There is enough going on with the art package in this game and lighting it doesn't need eye popping rails, etc. Plus black would "hide" the otherwise more noticeable bezel around the top of the glass a little better, look classy, and would work for any future Heighway game kit that you might drop in.

#11454 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Yes gloss black is the objectively correct answer

Though I will say that when I saw the brilliant red Full Throttle cabinet, with the glossy black bezel and legs, for the first time it was stunning. So, yeah, still glossy black.

full-throttle-limited-2 (resized).jpg

#11514 3 years ago
Quoted from Deadpin:

So I'm thinking about the LE, but some of the details are a bit murky.
Based on some of the pics, it looks like the LE has a the 27" screen in the backbox - I am assuming that's standard on the LE?
Or is that an add on?
I see on the Heighway site that many of the add ons are specifically mentioned as included on the LE, but the backbox screen is not mentioned..

I have to say, after revisiting the Heighway site yesterday, the information could be presented a lot clearer, plus a lot of it is old. The chart that was posted here isn't even on their site, from what I could find. Kind of a hindrence to people looking to make a quick purchase decision.

Of course, I'd rather they build more games right now myself if that is the choice, but I can't fault folks for asking the same questions over and over after seeing how they are presenting things.

#11550 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballpete:

I was confused as well. The thing I am wondering now is what does the backglass look like without the monitor? Is there just a big black hole or is there art for that space? It may be cool to have the full art in the backglass and then use the playfield monitor for info. If there really is no option without the monitor then I say clean up the site. Add $500 to the price and make it any easy buy now without the confusion of all the add ons.

Here's a pic I stole from the http://www.heighwaypinball.com/alien/ page...

alien1 (resized).png

#11721 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Is it for sure going to be revealed then?

Yes, because that's what "fingers crossed" means...

Just everyone being eager and hopeful. No official statement one way or the other from Heighway AFAIK. I'm sure they'll show as soon as they can.

#11815 3 years ago
Quoted from mayuh:

I love the cab design
Anyway: Stefan brought a machine to the Austrian CS finals. I can't stress enough what an awesome looking machine that is. Congrats to aurich for the design, the modern retro looks and all the detail like double edges on insert prints...
Also the left return ramp that's made from plastic only, and kinda looked wonky to me on the pics I saw, is really solid. Nice engineering throughout the whole machine.
Here are a few details I took photos of -- edit: can't upload from iPad for some strange reason - sorry, here's a FB link:
Also, here are the innards:

Love the heavy duty "service bars" on these playfields! Love the large subwoofer! And absolutely love the real knocker!

Pinball is back baby!

#11827 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

6 games leaving the factory today.
Huge effort by the Heighway team

Are you sure that little "euro-truck" is rated for that load?

Congrats guys! This feels like the early stages of something big.

2 weeks later
#12400 3 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

You are right 1. bothered by all my fellow pinheads that have lost good hard earned money with Zidware and now looking like DP.
2. bothered by my loosing good hard earned money on Zidware and now looking like DP.
I will be glad to sit on the fence now with the wickets shoved so far up my ars, it reminds me to never give anyone money until I know exactly where the company stands and when I can get my pin if I order today. So perhaps Andrew can let me know the answers to my questions.

If I were as uncomfortable with pre-order as you appear to be (rightly IMHO, due to the unfortunate situations with Zidware, DP), I'd simply wait and see how things unfold in terms of the production ramp-up, etc.

Doesn't matter what Andrew says at the end of the day (and I have nothing but admiration for what Andrew and the Heighway team are doing), the only thing you can "bank" on is seeing games being delivered in a timely manner and at an ever-increasing rate to thrilled customers.

If you must have an LE, then a min. deposit to a distributor is the safest option. By the time your full payment is due there should be ample evidence of volume delivery, I would think. If things went completely off the rails for some reason, your deposit should be refundable by the distributor.

Or just wait and pick up an SE when they are widely available. Anticipation is half the fun.

2 weeks later
#12652 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Just to give you an update on LE art - we have told FOX that we need to hit one of either Alien Day or the release of Alien Covenant for revealing the LE artwork.

I'm sure that Fox's "Alien" marketing dept. is pretty swamped due to the new movie coming out and all the associated marketing initiatives that must entail, that a pinball project would reasonably be considered lower priority.

Here's hoping they make it happen for you guys, but either way, love what I'm seeing of the game and looking forward to playing one soon!

#12665 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Are you forgetting this game was supposed to ship April 2015? Fox isn't the problem. The recent movie has NOTHING to do with what's going on here. Also, there isn't an "Alien marketing department". Product licensing & movie advertising are entirely different departments.

You sure seem to *know* a lot! So what IS going on here? Do tell...

2 weeks later
#13378 3 years ago

A few (2 or 3) more Alien games will be in Edmonton at the Yegpin (http://www.yegpin.com/) show this weekend, and going home with customers afterwards. So there are games going out, just not hundreds.

I didn't really expect them to ramp to large quantities quickly, I've yet to see any pinball manufacturer achieve this without a significant amount of time to do so. Just the nature of the beast I think. Too many (literally) moving parts to expect mass production to be achieved quickly. It's one thing if you have an established operation already rolling, but something else to ramp up from a small number of games being made to a larger one.

Patience is the key. I'm sure more and more games will be going out over time, just not 0-60 in 8 weeks flat.

#13645 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Thats good to know then,guess the high scores on my game probably aren't legit

Hey, the one I put up is!

#13666 3 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Thanks very much for this bug report. Actually had nothing to do with the skill shots themselves (the code for which hadn't changed in ages) but a totally unrelated buffer-corruption bug when switching players. Happened pretty recently. A fix has been checked in...

Ah, well, what can you expect from crufty old hardware that's been floating in space for so long, neglected...

I think a glitchy computer fits the theme perfectly.

Seriously, awesome that you are here and responding to issues and suggestions!

#13668 3 years ago

Was fortunate enough to get some quality time on pingod and libtech ’s Alien machines at YegPin on the weekend. Played probably 10 games on Friday just hours after they came out of the box(es). Was especially awesome playing against friends during the late-night VIP party where the house lights were lowered, music was pumping, and beverages were flowing - lucky us!

Since these were just unboxed, being played uncalibrated on a show-room floor, ability to hear varied between a little to not at all (due to loud show conditions, not the game), and didn’t have the Xeno head installed, I will reserve final judgements until I can play the game in a controlled setting, fully equipped, etc.

Initial Impressions:

I really like the cabinet, it looks and feels industrial strength. Side blade lighting and side cabinet lighting is really great in a darker room. I like the refined details like the recessed legs and the industrial looking plates. The glass bezel really frames the playfield and provides an extra level of security when you pull the glass against accidental shattering.

The game feels really solid, when the slingshots fire, for example, you feel it, but nothing like the cabinet thumping that you get from a recent Stern game. I would wager these cabinets may be virtually indestructible and are definitely built to last many years with different games installed in them. I get why traditionalists won’t like them at first, but I think playing on one would grow on most people, it feels really good to me.

The 27” backbox screen is completely extraneous from a player’s perspective, when I’m playing I rarely have time to look up and all the information is right there on the playfield, which is a great approach IMHO. However, for people watching the game, or if the game was on location, the large backbox screen is amazing! Feels huge when you are right in front of it, and really grabs your eye from a further distance out. Animations and effects are fantastic as well, they’ve done a great job of it.

But how does it shoot? I was able to make all the shots in the game while I played and once you get some flow going with successive shots it really speeds up fast. However, it is definitely a wide-body game and it is also easy to brick a lot if you aren’t on the mark. It actually reminds me of STTNG a bit, in that if you are off your game (or the game isn’t setup well) you will may have a tough go of it being unable to make the shots, but on a properly setup game and a little skill/experience on the game you will have an amazing good time. The game has a ton of shots from different angles. I think it would offer a lot of depth in a collection as it would take some time to master them all, which is a plus in my book. When I was playing well on Friday night I found the ball times quite long, actually, so not a real drainfest. It’s not looking to rob your ball at every turn like a GB.

What I really enjoyed about the playfield is the way the shots can be so counter-intuitive to most other games. For example, nailing the left loop from the upper right flipper instinctively feels like it will return the ball the upper right flipper, ala STTNG, ST, TS, etc., but instead it goes whipping behind it and down the playfield. That sucker surprised me everytime! Also, the center post is great for the same reason, you have to keep your wits about you to use it effectively, and not many recent games have one. I really like a game that has challenging shots and variety so this is a win in my book. Forces me to up my game, both physical and mental (do the right thing, at the right time, and not the same thing everytime). When you do string a combination together it feels really good.

Didn’t get much of a feel for the modes, but I did play a variety of them and a couple multiballs, but was hard to figure out what to do in the show setting. The Ambush (?) mode with the scanner is awesome, very adrenaline inducing to hit the incoming aliens before they reach you. Like a hurry-up mode on steroids. Find Jonesy was fun too, with the need to follow the orange insert “Jonesy” as it sneaks around the playfield, and avoid other shots at the same.

I’m looking forward to getting more time on this game in a controlled setting with the Xeno mech, etc. to truly experience it, but my initial impressions are mostly positive. It’s not perfect, certainly, needs some additional GI lighting on the centre of the PF for darker play conditions, several glitchy switches and sw, missing xeno, but I guess I discount a lot of that as being relatively minor stuff that will get worked out eventually.

#13779 3 years ago
Quoted from lamihh:

I was targeting for having a minimum of one machine of each "major manufacturer of nowadays". With RZ, WOZ, GB and Alien there was just TBL missing. Felt forced to ask for a refund Cointaker for my TBL-preorder a few days ago as I've decided to not ride the rollercoaster any longer. What a pity but Alien frankly speaking is the best machine for me personally when it comes to theme. Having a life size Alien in my lil' home cinema and a life size alien Queen head bursting trough the wall in that room as well you can say I'm an Alien-freak ))

That Robocop is pretty cool too. I assume you also have a Robocop pin?

#13847 3 years ago
Quoted from lamihh:

how big must the Mylar piece be and must it be out directly at the hole or with some distance? Sorry for asking such dumbass questions

For the scoop, make it extend out approx. 2cm from the hole on all 3 sides, and also down into the scoop to cover the pf wood edge there the width of the pf.

For the magnet, cut a circle that is maybe 2 cm wider in diameter (so it extends 1 cm. out from the magnet edge) than the magnet core itself, apply it centered over the magnet, and then using a razor knife carefully cut away the portion that is covering the magnet (cut in the gap between the magnet core and the pf). First check that the magnet core itself is level with the pf. If it is noticeably higher or lower than the pf, adjust it's height before applying the mylar (some mechanism under the pf for that).

I'd also do the shooter lane, just cut a rectangular piece that covers the section of the lane that the ball shoots into when fed from the trough, including into the trough hole itself as this area gets smashed with the higher power coil they are using there.

For the ramp drops, just cut a small square big enough to cover the precise section where the ball drops from the ramps.

Good luck and congratulations!

#13852 3 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Could you leave it over the magnet as well?

If you do the ball will wear through it very quickly, and make a nasty looking mess of it. It's actually very easy to cut out the circle around the magnet once it's placed, just be careful not to stab or catch the blade on the pf finish.

#13867 3 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

a few tips for guys getting their games, stuff Ive had to tweak:
-First of course mylar on the airlock, also on mother in front of the invert ramp and an bit in the shooter lane
-some switch tweaks as nessisary
-check the tightness of all the screws for the flipper mechs Ive had a few fall out, and am missing a few.
-check level of the screen and mag, again a screw fell out of my screen, no big deal but if I wasnt checking it would have been
-all but one flipper mech EOS switches were stuck closed, no big deal
-plastic washers replaced as so:

-right orbit guide needed to be bent back, the end was sticking out and when you hit the left orbit it would nail the end and slow it down (yes I managed to accidentally break a plastic while adjusting, hopefully Highway can sell me another ):
-also, the chestburster shot, hard shot, you may need to adjust the guide to hit it properly, however my switch is not clearing the shot eg. here I am pushing the button and it is not clearing (still flashing), it registers on the switch matrix test as right lane target which sounds correct? Or does it clear with pop bumper hits etc?

Hopefully my Xeno head comes soon, but so far a really great game, great sounds give it a great ambiance - the game reminds me of playing IJ-TPA for some reason but better, great theme integration and shots and sound and art. I have great plans for future powder coat, and do want to put some beacons on. Thanks guys for all the hard work you put into this game!

Sounds like the Heighway factory could use some lock washers and Loctite on those machine screws under the pf. They are awesome for re-use over the long-term, but not as snug against loosening via vibration.

Alien owners will want to pick some up: amazon.com link »

#13878 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

I thought it wasn't registering my shot all the time.
Now I know why,thanks I'll change my setting to.

Pingod uses 'easy' settings! Might as well leave the glass off while you're at it Dan!

3 weeks later
#15121 3 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

Doesn't really matter now mate, just glad I got out when I did.

So why are you here?

1 week later
#15236 3 years ago
Quoted from daudioguy:

I hesitate to dive in on this one but I have a personal perspective. Right now I have both at my studio. I've had DI since Nov 2016. I've only had Alien for seven days (thanks to Tommy of Nitro). It was one of the failures of previous management that pins didn't get into all the US dev's hands sooner. This is getting better.
DI shoots great, you don't need my perspective on that.
I first shot Alien at Expo last October. I'd been working on it for ten months and I was a bit anxious. By my second game I was shooting combo (using all four flippers). I was relieved.
DI shoots smooth naturally, it does what you expect.
Alien is a little eccentric and it takes a few games to learn where the shots are. But they are there. And there are so many of them. Multiple targets are possible from multiple flippers.
The Alien pin that I have is fully functional (it took a little tweaking). The Xeno mech works. The egg bumpers have great action (thanks to some professional adjustment from Tim M.). The EL blades, the lights, the switches are all working. All the modes work with AV assets except the final final mode. With games getting into dev hands we are providing feedback to Wales production and QA.
I can't imagine two projects more different than each other in every way. Comparing them will be a polarizing activity.
I am thrilled to be associated with both of them and in very different ways I have done my best work for each.
As far as Alien goes I will not predict any outcomes that are out of my hands and I will only speak to what I am directly experiencing.
I would just say that "DI just plays different than Alien". After that it is a matter of taste.

Fascinating as always to get your expert insider's perspective.

I just wanted say thanks for all your contributions to pinball sound/music. I'm a big fan of dynamic audio where the pitch, speed, etc. changes in reaction to what's happening in the game and you're a real innovator in this aspect of pinball sound. Playing my Medusa this morning makes me wish someone would make a game with pumping early 80's algorithmic sounds again. Seems like so much could be done with today's knowledge. See this amazing demo written for the C-64 recently: https://linusakesson.net/scene/a-mind-is-born/index.php.

Maybe some edm or other electronic background music with these types of game sounds? I guess TnA might come close?

Anyway, sorry to get so far off topic. I've played a fair number of games on Alien and a couple on DI. DI shoots easy and is tailored for newbie/low challenge players. Looong ball times, childish theme elements, and trendy gimicks. It should do really well on location with casual players, which is a great thing. Call-outs seem kind of annoying, reminds me of the god-awful ones in Whirwind. Also probably too expensive for a location game.

Alien has one of the most immersive theme integrations in pinball, a large variety of mostly challenging shots that reward precision. You won't get far flailing on it. I love the way some aspects of it seem counterintuitive to most contemporary games, upper loop routed behind the upper right flipper, center post, penalizing hitting 'bad' targets in some modes. This is a players game IMHO and would last a lot longer in my collection than a DI.

As they say, different strokes for different folks.

#15258 3 years ago
Quoted from RazerX:

Seriously using the word serious in the same sentence with pinball sounds like it's sucking the fun out of it.

Dude has 57 games. That's a "serious" pinball addiction. Seriously.

3 weeks later
#15562 3 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

No idea what Iceman's post is referring to, but I'll always thumbs-up applause for David Thiel.
It's been quite an honor for me to work with David on Alien. I was aware of and quite enjoyed his work on pins of the past decade or so, but after chatting with him, I learned about all his other work... Reactor? As a kid I'd go into arcades and hit buttons in attract mode on Reactor just to hear its cool music. QBert? Legendary. DE Time Machine? Always one of my favorite soundtracks of that era. The man is ridiculously talented, great to work with, and just a super nice guy.

That's amazing! I had no idea he did classic arcade games either. And Reactor, QBert, and Mad Planets, those are the BEST!

"Hero status achieved!"

1 month later
#16002 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

thanks I will. I'm thinking more about it and will prob wait for used. Game looks good though. Wish the exterior was nicer but the game itself looks good.

I find the game looks pretty stunning in person, esp. with the lit side art. Really stands out from the crowd, in a good way IMHO.

#16139 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

ummm.... why not just spit it out. You have spent more time writing now about your looming announcemnet of an announcement than anyone not debuting a new pinball machine should
What audits are you interested in particular?

Indeed. But now I'm curious. greenhornet you might as stop posting until you can publish your paper and we all have something concrete to discuss, otherwise it's just unsubstantiated trash talking of the game.

#16165 2 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

If it is the drains I could care less about out of balance drains! Lots of great games have out of balance drains.

Agree. If, however, the left flipper sees 300% more action than the right, that's a cause for concern (# of flips). However, if the theme rocks and the game is fun then who cares?

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