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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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Post #15501 Copy of update posted to Facebook by the new HP Posted by Dust2000 (1 year ago)

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#16304 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Alien impressions.....
I found myself in Buffalo for work and decided to stop by the place shown on the recent Buffalo pinball stream to try out Alien. The place is called Pocketeer billiards and it has a ton of really good games. Met the owner of the machines who was really nice and helpful.
I was VERY impressed with Alien. The stream really grabbed my attention but to see it in person and someone that was critical of it's looks, I can say it's a very nice looking machine. I own a RR WOZ which I consider to be one of the nicest looking pins and I would compare this to that but in a very dark and twisted way - essentially the horror version. It's widebody but def needs it all, the screens are super clear and although I didn't think the screen on the PF was necessary, I'll take it. The cabinet was also much nicer in person.
The music and movie integration is amazing. I love how there are two different music themes for either movie (which you pick when you play a new game) - the effects are just amazing and the sound quality is insane. Prob the best integration I've seen period - topping Indy (although that is a close one).
The shot variety is very impressive too. That shot which flips up and then comes down back to the flipper is very cool. So many flippers, so many shots.
On the negative side - I thought the quality was good although not as solid as JJP. Better than stern though. I wish the pops were a little more intense. The game is DARK. I'll compare it again to WOZ in that you wish there was more GI although one could argue the light show makes up for it and I will say the color changing RGB really does a fantastic job accenting the modes.
Here is my bigger concern though - after playing almost 20 games, the machine froze on me and I couldn't do anything. In fact before I played the game, the ball wouldn't come out to start and the owner had to open the game up and replace a fuse. He mentioned that support is few and far between as well and he seemed very frustrated. For any Alien owners out there - are you experiencing the same?
With all that being said, I'm so impressed with this game that i still might buy it now. It's prob one of the best I've played (although I should mention that I love the Alien series so I really value the integration and I love mode games). On a side note, my time with Dialed-in confirmed that it has one of the best layouts in recent history however I just don't like the theme at all. The cell, the call outs, the music, it just takes away from what is a really good shooter. Removing this game from the list has really put the spotlight on Alien which is why I might be joining the inevitable club soon.

This is one hell of a review... Basically everything I am looking for in a machine at the moment (except the customer service issues during the restructure).

Makes me even more excited to receive my machine!

#16310 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

If cointaker is getting a C-container...rummered to be 40 plus machines.
1- if i was Highway id be pretty proud of this and show some pictures.
2- Highway would make this a sales pitch and show some pictures, proof of this.
3- Show a picture of assembly line, been awhile.
If im a betting man, and i am, there is nothing in a container yet, or left for states.
For those that dont know. Awful lot of paperwork with a container, yes..ive done a few. You can even track the ship as it moves on high seas.
Pics or it hasn't happened!

Melissa at Cointaker told me yesterday that Heighway received replacement ramps last week for the batch of the machines going out. After they install they were due to leave this week and would take about 20 days until they reached them. About 11 days on the water and the rest on land.

#16312 1 year ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Nick and I reviewed Alien in our latest talk show/podcast episode. Video is here, review starts at 1:02:21 if you want to skip ahead:
» YouTube video

Watched it last night. Nick seamed butt hurt about his Alien experience.

#16313 1 year ago

Love your show by the way. Listen often.

#16347 1 year ago
Quoted from Astropin:

But then Cheeks doesn't get the big discount. I would do this with him if I was trying to bail.

I have done business with Cheeks via Pinside (long distance) and have been very pleased, for what it's worth. In case anyone is considering.

2 weeks later
#16656 1 year ago
Quoted from chris_brim:

i dont regularly come on pinside but do read this post
reading some posts on here i do wonder why coin taker put up with lie after lie from hp and dont just bin them off i see some weeks ago ct where told they had shipped but not excuse down to the weather i then see another post they would ship friday i now see a pic of the factory and they are still there its sunday here in the uk today oh another lie why cant hp be honest or just say nothing the pic only shows around 13 in the box and others i various states around the factory 21 isnt even a full container so that is not very cost affective

"First larger batch of 25 built. Some still need to go through QC." Let's repeat... "Some still need to go through QC". In other words... they were not packed yet. Sheesh! Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

#16659 1 year ago

I saw that Heighway Pinball updated their address on FB and their website. Did they move the facility?

1 week later
#16796 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Not getting hopes up but tomorrow is weds so hopefully we receive an update from Heighways facebook or Cointaker with some info. Last time it was early since they are 6 hrs ahead so we could (and mean that in the strongest sense of the world considering track record) by tomorrow morning, who knows. CT did say they received "final" confirmation. Could tomorrow be the day to break this streak......

I was told the same thing by Melissa on Monday so I am with you in good vibes... fingers crossed for tomorrow. *but secretly, I am not holding my breadth*

#16820 1 year ago

Travel safe... I will see you soon!

Any of you in the SF Bay Area? One of these will be on location at The Flipper Room in Concord, CA.

3 weeks later
#17477 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Maybe the units for Nitro (canada) don't have the coin mechs. In the pic of CT #7 (second picture) it reads US COIN if I'm not mistaken.
This new pic of CT #1 says DOUBLE for the coin mechs, so maybe all of the cointaker units have double coin mechs (2 slot doors)

I spoke with Melissa and she said all of hers have coin mechs, but there were a few (as seen in the photo) that do not.

#17637 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

So who has the other CT Aliens? Guessing they are being shipped to end users.....anxious to see more unboxings!!!

I received the tracking info today from CT. Looks like the ETA to California is Friday. That would make a wonderful start to the weekend.

#17921 1 year ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Logs get removed when you power-cycle the game, so sending me a log tomorrow is unlikely to help. Best bet is to capture a log immediately at the time you notice that it seems to be infinite ball saving. Doing this shouldn't even cancel your game in progress, should you wish to continue it. (This is certainly not restricted to ball saver analysis, of course... anyone can follow the steps I outlined above if you encounter anything that seems weird in software.)
BTW, to be clear, I am not an official Heighway Pinball support channel... but in this case, I see no reason to burden the Wales crew, who I know are crazy busy, when they'd just be forwarding these logs to me and Brian anyway.

such a treat to have you in this thread!

#18090 1 year ago

Took us quite a while to dial in this beast. We also had dirty ramps and the metal burr issue like I read earlier, but wizwiggy used his polishing skills while I filed down the sharp metal. All good in the end, but the QC department definitely needs to step it up a notch at HP.

There are still a few minor details that need to be addressed, however it plays nice and is an amazing machine. Theme, concept, and design are awesome.

IMG_20171028_1329178 (resized).jpg

IMG_20171028_1240033 (resized).jpg

IMG_20171028_1827000 (resized).jpg

IMG_20171028_1218347 (resized).jpg

#18181 1 year ago
Quoted from GAP:

Ok I disabled the shaker and no resets,.played 10 games. Normally I couldn't complete half of the games with the shaker on. I can say at thist point that the shaker on my game is causing my reset. Either it is shaking connections loose or drawing to much power restarting the game.

We also disabled our shaker and have had NO resets.

#18182 1 year ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Since doing my "fix" on the launcher it has worked 100%. Here is a picture of what I did:

Thanks for the tip. This fixed our plunger issue as well.

#18339 1 year ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Been playing it a lot and it's simply time to admit to myself that this is the greatest pinball machine I've ever played. It's the complete package. Of course if it breaks in a week and I can't get fixed I'd be pissed.
It does take getting used to. You are going to CLUNK a lot of shots until you figure them out. The shots are pretty tight and some are really tight. Once you start to get a feel for them this thing can really flow! Upper right though the upper left loop is STUPID FAST. Even back to back outer loops can get cranking.
Favorite shot of course is the lower right to the middle left to the upper right to the upper left ramp. It's like nailing the "Picard maneuver"...but more satisfying.

I have been saying the same thing. It just keeps getting better. I have not played a new machine that has sucked me in as much as this one. I f'n love it.

#18428 1 year ago
Quoted from mufcmufc:

Shipping is definitely happening, received a standard yesterday, I was promised it this week by Mike at Heighway 3+ weeks ago and sure enough I got a call from Morgan on Monday and the machine arrived Tuesday. I have no space as I've had 5 pins delivered in the last week but it will be set up tomorrow.
They've started to get documentation together too, it seems things are starting to improve.

Whaaaaaat.... I want those key chain plastics, mine did not come with them. Thanks for the picture, next time I talk to Helmut I am requesting those. All my machine keys have them but Alien.

5 months later
#21928 1 year ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

I made a copy of the SSD in my alien the first week; Afraid of getting a corrupt drive. If anyone gets hosed I got your back on that front.

Much appreciated!!!

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