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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#5070 4 years ago

I have both Alien LE and GB Prem on pre-order, decided on the GB yesterday after the announcement, decided on the Alien after the playfield was shown as I TOTALLY love what Aurich did here. With this pin I am getting a wide body, a badass theme, I trust their design choices after I saw what they did with Full Throttle (which I should receive within the next 3 weeks), and I love love love the fact that I have this "threatening negative space" feel between my colorful Sterns. It does everything different, and that is the draw for me.

But to be honest: nothing has killed the vibe for me when it comes to GB, the opposite is true - I only fell in love when I saw what they came up with yesterday. But all this bickering here in the Alien thread is a real mood killer...

1 week later
#5126 4 years ago

That is great news, I will keep checking back here tonight.

2 months later
#6206 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

That's exactly it.
Pinside is so disrespectful to every manufacturer's representatives, that it is no surprise that there is only a single company left posting any information here.
"How come Stern does not just answer our questions here on Pinside ???????????"

If I am given the chance to either meet a guy who can afford a Porsche or meet a guy who was one of the developers, I want to meet the developer.

In this forum we have people who drive the developers away which is a bloody shame. I do not care for their elitist remarks and their bashing of product or marketing, I want to read about how it's made or how it's fixed. This is what drives me to this forum. Or how I stated in another thread, I prefer the tinkerer over the credit card user.

1 week later
#6420 4 years ago
Quoted from dnikolich:

Andrew Heighway, CEO of Heighway Pinball, will be speaking at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown, June 10-12. Heighway Pinball is the UK's first major pinball manufacturer. Come meet Andrew and learn about Full Throttle pinball and Alien pinball. Buy your tickets at http://www.pinballshowdown.com

Link is either bad or down

3 weeks later
#6640 4 years ago

I guess Aurich is allowed to purchase direct, in pounds. Which is of course great for him and would explain why he did not have to read Heighway's order page.

Wish I had a buddy in England, one that would order for me and export to me incl. getting the VAT back. I would love to take advantage of the exchange rate.

The US supplier is enjoying an ever growing margin. It would make more sense for Heighway to gain sales numbers due to a dropping price point instead. At least right now in the early stages of the company where they need daily cash flow. Instead a non-stocking dealer makes more and more money per sale.

2 months later
#7311 3 years ago

And here I am, down payment through CoinTaker many months ago - no emails in months, no email today....sigh....not that this email will get the pin to me any faster, but it would have been nice to be part of the LE clientele that got a notice All is good, all is good....

#7384 3 years ago

I would pick that for sure, already own FT LE, cannot wait to see the Alien reveal

1 month later
#8040 3 years ago

Ok, I pre-ordered in January, had high hopes....this exceeded them. Phew. Cannot wait to seensure this in the dark, like others said

#8042 3 years ago

Ok, I pre-ordered in January, had high hopes....this exceeded them. Phew. Cannot wait to see this in the dark, like others said

#8436 3 years ago

For those who will get the Full Throttle board with your Alien - you will be blown away. Whenever I have friends over, FT is all they want to play that evening

#8583 3 years ago

Plus, the cabinet walls are thicker due to the drop-in side art blades.

1 week later
#8861 3 years ago

Question for Heighway:

Full Throttle LE owner here. Do I need the new CPU/Computer upgrade if I want to use code updates past 1.41?

Or: will I be able to install future code versions (which I truly hope will come in 2017 - I would need to be able to disable the shaker during the skill shot for example, it tears my cabinet up right now) with the current stock hardware?

Thank you for any information.

#8865 3 years ago

Both my flippers were torn apart, both coils dropped from the playfield into the cabinet below.
I would like to be able to run the shaker during game play, but avoid the huge vibration during the skill shot ^engine rev^

But more important- will I be able to keep my processor and still be able to use future code updates? Since we are talking about new architecture here.

#8867 3 years ago

Thank you, good news for me.

3 months later
#11060 3 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

That works for me.

That is ridiculously low. I would expect that to come to US $1000 fully insured. Easy.

4 weeks later
#12024 3 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I hear you. I support Heighway. But, why would they not have done the kits first? It seems like it would be simpler than building complete games. It would've built good will for the early adopters and supporters of a new company. Instead, complete games are going out and orders are being placed. We, the very few Full Throttle early adopters are left waiting. Poor form, imho.

Not only that, you have to buy the upgrade kit and do not have the recessed version to run the inner sideblades....

1 month later
#13622 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I thought previously Andrew said the shipment was ready, but the "ball was in their court". Not sure what that meant.

If there were 20 games on their legs, ready to go - we would have seen them, a photo or video. As this would be the ultimate proof for production having started and a love you note to K.

As it is Cointaker is being asked to pay in full in advance and they have been around for too long to do exactly that.

#13672 3 years ago

How was it Cointakers when Andrew sold them for cash. Wake up.

1 week later
#14087 3 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Jesus. Take it to PM. Nobody gives a shit about pinsider drama.
Looking forward to the next production update. With all this activity I thought there was one

What are you talking about???
The drama is what makes me log in daily and it has been lack luster the past few months...I hope Shillton can pick it up a notch or two

#14292 3 years ago

Owner had armor powdercoated. Was thinking to do the same for my FTh LE - if that piece of furniture would not be bricked for months now thanks to a broken computing unit. As it is I do not give a rat's ass for my FTh LE anymore, I am frankly fed up with being an owner of a product which receives no support, one that breaks down left and right. The broken computer is just the pinnacle of nothing but disappointment so far.

I have a new computing unit on order with Chris and Melissa, but if even they cannot get pre-paid pinball machines shipped to them, what hope do I have to get a new brain for my broken FTh.....

#14304 3 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

Are you claiming the LE photos are fake? If so please explain the LE art work. While delays are not the greatest news , I am still stoked to get an LE and am biding my time
- Jeff

Nice, you 100% ignore the problems I have as you could not care less it seems, and then you don't pay attention to the photos in this thread. This "LE" had black armor a few days ago. Now it's green. So unless the owner shows photos of either two LEs next to each other or a second set of black armor next to the green LE my 3 cents say that he went ahead and had it powdercoated.

So, piss on someone else's shoes, not mine. And get used to biding your time, that is all I did ever since I became a Full Throttle LE owner.

#14307 3 years ago

I am NOT challenging that it says LE on the box nor that he has the plaque.....you guys are something else......
I am two steps ahead, am Heighway FTh LE owner and DID cancel my Alien LE months ago.

#14314 3 years ago

I am no Sherlock Holmes but most likely out of that cardboard box shown in the photos???

At what point will you acknowledge that the guy got an "LE" but most likely had to powdercoat himself?

#14319 3 years ago

Jeff...communication through forum posts sucks. Please know that I have nothing but the highest respect for you and your reply, I never intended to come across as "hostile" towards you at all, Jeff. Should I have raised your pulse and got on your nerves I hereby apologize. I am very frustrated with the current state of affairs and that 140 pound brick in my collection and all I wanted to do is bring my struggles to other's attention. Hope I didn't ruin your night....if so I apologize.

#14323 3 years ago

1 cube of truth and 2 shots of suspicion

#14328 3 years ago

point is it doesn't matter whether Ice had a drink or not, his last post was the most sober I read all night

#14331 3 years ago

"why pick on ice? Game delivered with black trim turns green? kinda strange. "

Maybe he got a Hulk LE by mistake???

#14335 3 years ago

"The dichotomy is in conflict with my buzz! "

only one way out - one more beer

#14336 3 years ago

the guy who didn't get FOs with his LE

#14340 3 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

Only 1? Im pounding a 18% stout blend. Bruery Black Tuesday. Maybe only 2.....

Now I feel like a wimp with my metrosexual Sam Adams

#14344 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

One of the guys trying to get a refund knows the supplier. Imagine that? Yes I believe him.
Once the order is placed it will take 2-3 months to deliver. Hmmm....
I'm staying sober tonight, had a bit too much fun last night!
18% Jeff, dang

I have their FOs in my FTh LE. They work like a charm and are beefy as all can be. I tied 6 more color changing RGBLED's into those drivers, no issue at all. Those FOs and their respective drivers are badass. Props to the supplier.

#14348 3 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Jesus, I'm taking everything with a grain of salt now, but damn those LE pics are confusing as hell. I'd like to hear Cirque explain how his Alien went from black to green trim after 10 days, and how it can be called an LE when the FO isn't installed & there's no plaque saying #94. Not trying to stir the pot, but it just doesn't add up.

The LE plaque on my Full Throttle LE is dead center below the screen. Where is it on Alien? Size is about 3x1 inches, slightly silver/grimy/dirty in color

#14368 3 years ago

Found the politician

#14388 3 years ago

"I mean isn't this just a standard, with LE art and a plaque?"

He didn't even get the plaque.

I have a FTh LE and the plaque sits on the backbox bezel. Nothing on this "Alien LE"

#14391 3 years ago

"Plaque and Fiber will come soon, not a big deal to me anyway"

Bottom line, LEs are not shipping. But DIY LE kits are available.

#14458 3 years ago

Well.... not everyone prefers first hand bullshit

#14472 3 years ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

Whatever the circumstances, your assumption that their PayPal account is suspended is way out of bounds. Do you have any proof of their suspended account? I get over 10 mil in PP payments a year, and having a truly suspended account is a rare thing. Hell, if you receive over a mil in payments, it's a whole different ballgame in how your funds are held, accessed, and disputed. It's clear you don't have a clue, at least on the PP side.

Say again?

#14476 3 years ago
Quoted from JeffF:

I requested a refund of my deposit yesterday.
Originally Andrew PM'd me here after reading something I posted about SE shipping times. He was great... we went back and fourth and I was happy with his responses so I sent a deposit. Woot!
Around a month, month in a half ago I was excited and had a Heighway neon sign made so I shot him a message showing it off. Then a few weeks later my son asked if we were still getting the SE in the timeframe Andrew stated so I shot him a quick message about that(again, very nicely worded with excitement bubbling over). Then Pinfest happened and I was absolutely thrilled with Alien! So again I shot Andrew a little message about how awesome the game played and also that I've been into the arcade hobby for 20 years so getting a game that may need attention is no big deal. We just want one!!!
Finally after about a week of sending that message I noticed Andrew hadn't signed onto Pinside since May 5th so I emailed him the last message.
Nothing. No reply to any of those messages. He was quick to message me when I was on the fence with the game. And he went back and fourth for a day with me to put my mind at ease about ordering one.

So I emailed him, Jay, and someone else that was CC'd to my original receipt yesterday. Again, very nice email. Regretful and apologetic even. I don't expect a reply so a PayPal claim will be filled next week(and if that fails, I will open a CC claim).
Really, REALLY like Alien and would love to have one here eventually. Just not at this time due to all the silence... that and there is only so much time you have to file a PayPal claim...

#14477 3 years ago
Quoted from JeffF:

So I just went to PayPal to see what the actual claims procedure was. The first part of it is "establishing email communication" so I figured what the heck, I'll do that.
Well shit on a shingle...
PayPal instantly came back with they are "no longer able to communicate with Heighway Pinball" so they took me right to the actual claim form.
This don't look good...
Ok, now I went to the claim details page and it looks like PayPal must have some way of communicating since they said they are waiting to hear back from Heighway Pinball. If they don't hear back by June 7th they will move forward(hopefully that means initiate the refund).
Looks like they skipped over the "Dispute" and the "Escalation" steps.

#14484 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

While I agree that does not look good (at all) it still isn't proof of a suspended account.

theres-nothing-to-see-here (resized).jpg

#14487 3 years ago

Nothing better than good news, cheers to that!
I would love to see this ending on a 110% positive note for everyone involved.

#14492 3 years ago

Hello Andrew, great to hear from you.

Could you please send Melissa and Chris at Cointaker a new computing unit pre-loaded for my FTh LE?
My pin has been bricked for months now and I would like to get playing again. As you are planning to ship them 5 games right now anyways it would be great would you ship the unit with these 5 machines and invoice Chris for it.
Thank you

#14528 3 years ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Hello Andrew, great to hear from you.
Could you please send Melissa and Chris at Cointaker a new computing unit pre-loaded for my FTh LE?
My pin has been bricked for months now and I would like to get playing again. As you are planning to ship them 5 games right now anyways it would be great would you ship the unit with these 5 machines and invoice Chris for it.
Thank you


Since Andrew is back in the thread

#14777 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I keep hearing this. Over and over.
What makes everyone think a distributor is any different to a manufacturer?
We had the case of the official Australian Jersey Jack distributor stealing everyone's WOZ deposit and payments a few years ago. JJP didn't ... the distributor did. JJP came through and made as many machines that they'd been paid for (with the initial payment from the distributor), and eventually people got a proportion of their money back.
All I'm saying, I'm not giving money to anyone unless there's a machine on a truck the same day.

I had my Alien LE deposit with Chris and Melissa at Cointaker, they refunded me right away.

So there is that

#14785 3 years ago

Listening to K's interview with Jersey Jack this morning was eye opening.
But listening to someone who has been there, done that -once you hear the amount of millions that it took you will fall off your seat.

Best of luck to Heighway, this will take quite the business angel investor

#14790 3 years ago
Quoted from flippersandballs:

I'm trying to think of industries where customers, not banks, finance the company through pre-payments, no interest gained either mind me, then wait months or years for delivery of a product and get no email replies nor refunds when nothing ships. There must be others but I can't come up with any.

Fixed it for you

#14798 3 years ago
Quoted from flippersandballs:

I'm sure you meant well, but why does being edited by someone not me bother me?


Meant no harm

#14799 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:


You need to find better vendors

#14820 3 years ago
Quoted from Mike_M:

Yet CT is still selling Full Throttle...

Yes...that is the one they cannot give away. Has been in their warehouse for ages.

#14856 3 years ago

In regards to Aurich:
But why? This is the Pinside Alien thread, not the Pinside Heighway thread.

#14939 3 years ago

Listen to JJPs interview on Kaneda's and you will hear that it will take several millions, not just one.

And that is why Aurich keeps recommending what he does. All the respect for him, 2 years in and yet he somehow manages to keep his calm, remains analytical - not emotional

#14943 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

How do you know? (hint..you don't). You can't say this is exactly the same situation as JJP. We (none of us) know the current status of Heighway with assets vs debts. It might cost 1/2 a million it might cost several "we" have no frigin clue so I wish "we" would all stop guessing.

Of course you are the expert, Jersey Jack does not have anything on you.

Not having an argument with you, btw. You are part of the reason I visit this forum. Highly amusing.

#14949 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Sorry...while a few of Kaneda's podcasts have been amusing in a strange way, his venom for Aurich and Alien was ( is) very real. I avoid most of them ( listened to the Gomez one...tame enough)....".believe half of what you see....

I as referring to what JJ said. Not K. No venom there, just facts

#14969 3 years ago

Pinside - so good right now

#14986 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

All I know is I would very much like to buy an Alien kit for my Full Throttle cabinet. So, someone get their shit together and you can have my money.

A) you will need the new computer unit
B) no inner sideblades for early adopters like you and me, we got the old style cabinets which are missing the inner pockets.

And this upsets me quite a bit. I was promised that I would be able to drop games in as they are released.

But even if I do spend the money on a new computer (and I have to as the one in my FullTh bricked my game) - I will have the sideblades missing which is unacceptable to me personally. All my games are tricked out, I turned my FullTh into the nicest one out there. To get the "too bad, so sad" from Heighway in regards to the sideblades and my cabinet sucks.

When I bought my FullTh i was told that the sideblades would be released shortly. I was even promised a free set as I was one of the few (only one?) who bought an LE - well....that never happened and now I know why. I was lied to at the time and that is that.

#14994 3 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

Andrew also pissed away a good amount of time and money coming to different expos in the states when he should of got his factory line running.

He was busy setting up direct sales to sideline his distributor.
Chris and Melissa are way too good hearted. I would have stopped working with him right there

2 weeks later
#15279 3 years ago

I got an email late last night from them to help me with my bricked FTh LE.
I will keep you guys posted.

#15301 3 years ago

I exchanged emails with Helmut Langenbruch at Heighway today. He is wanting to prepare a quote for me for a Zotac mini PC replacement for my Full Throttle's broken utilite.

Which would make me believe three things
- some of the old guard are still there, great news!
-they are trying to help us FTh guys out right away
-the FTh software can, at this moment, already run off of the current Alien generation Zotac mini PC - has been successfully transferred

I will let the forum know once Helmut confirmed that they are ready to ship, that is when I will finalize the order.

My pulse has come down a hair, this is finally some good news for me. I did not buy NIB from Heighway direct but rather from their US distributor, but Heighway are now following up, which is great.

#15354 3 years ago

I don't get it, guys.

- The new owners have to be much more afraid of losing Ferret at this point and moment in time than vice versa.
- If Ferret would be an ass he would renegotiate right now for better terms. But he is a top notch guy who stayed on board during the bad Andrew times, and why? Because his payment is part to fuel his income, but definitely part to fuel his passion for pinball. Hence he will stay on board now that everything looks to get better after all the pain.

So, ease off, you guys are baking up the wrong tree.

#15355 3 years ago

After all these years it is almost as if some of you here on the forum hate the idea of having people participate on Pinside that create what we all love. As if you feel threatened be these gods walking amongst mere mortals....

3 months later
#17323 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

curious, what games have you designed and programmed greenbornet?
you sure are a pro at this and must have lots of experience.

Shillton calling him Greenbornet....pinside back in full swing....nice....

#17604 2 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I wasn't sure if you could or not, that makes it a much more viable option, what if you don't have a smart phone? I wonder if the lit side rails add extra light to the game the thing with apron led strip and spots is that you get needed light close to flippers but the rest of the game, side plastics etc. stay dark which I like, I haven't seen pinstadium in person so I don't know, looking forward to seeing what the new owners do to correct this, man its killing me, might have to get a new CC and buy one, I said I was going to wait for a year but damn it this is the coolest pin on the market.

That's my FTh
I added 6 RGB lights which are tied into the LED wires, shooter lane light, led Flipper buttons, through light, 3 bikes, exchanged white back board strip for red, clear rings

1 week later
#18127 2 years ago

Hate to mention it, have you manually removed all balls and counted them?
Having one too many would do exactly that

2 months later
#19648 2 years ago

3 hours ago, at time of posting, it was 11PM in Germany. he was probably already drunk off his ass...


1 week later
#19748 2 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Holy shit Punctuation dude, you should try it sometime.

He is most likely on a phone and using speech to text.
That's all

#19856 2 years ago

Helmut is the man- has been there for a while, is name should be toHellandbackMut

2 months later
#20805 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

CT is looking out for their customers. They are sitting on Alien games right now that do not work and have long been awaiting parts to repair them (in same cases months). They see the hazards of releasing funds to HW and having 40 of their customers with potentially broken games and no support/parts to follow up with. That would create a nightmare for CT and their reputation. I applaud CT for taking caution with their customers cash. At least they either have a game or refund to offer. Much more than can be said for many of the unfortunate folks that sent cash to HW. What can you do when the only person that responded to inquiries has now left the company?


#21048 2 years ago

Well..to all the shills....and we all know who they are....how about growing up now.

#21296 2 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Where's Waldo?

We need "Shillton,shuttup" shirts.
The guy is nice enough, when he doesn't shill something.

#21514 2 years ago

Hilton, just shuttup for 2 weeks.

2 weeks

#21603 2 years ago

You say that because you were one of the cheerleaders.

I'm amongst the 5 first Heighway game owners in the US and noticed you and your behaviour when you started to pop up in the threads.

1 week later
#21886 2 years ago

So what do you guys think will happen to Alien prices in the collector market in the long run.

Drop or rise?
Full Throttles you could not give away the past 2 years.

What now that production has stopped?

Will Heighway machines become collectable all of a sudden?

2 months later
#22752 2 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

And on that note... please don't rate the "pre production" games.

He paid full price and not one of his dollars was broken.

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