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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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Post #15501 Copy of update posted to Facebook by the new HP Posted by Dust2000 (2 years ago)

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#46 4 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

So, here is the basic playfield layout, with shot descriptions:

Heighway Alien 05 09 14 Model (1... 300 KB

Nice varied layout. I like how one shot can lead to another in different ways from most recent games.

2 years later
#8885 2 years ago
Quoted from Farhan:

Pinball has been around for how many years?
How many times has swappable playfields been attempted? Did it ever work?
I just think if it were a truly viable platform that Stern or others would have attempted it. It seems good in theory but a playfield is HUGE and just tucking it away in a box doesn't seem like a viable option.
I want more people to share their thoughts on Alien and less about swapping stuff in and out. So, how was the game?

Pinball became mainly a home hobby over the last 15 years. Now many people are running out of space. Swapping playfields may be the best way to continue to sell more NIB games to the many people that are out of space.

#8887 2 years ago
Quoted from Farhan:

Has anyone seen what the playfield in box looks like when it's stored under the pin? I'm just not seeing how that would look good in someone's game room. I get why the concept seems to make sense. I just don't think it's very practical. Time will tell. Still hoping to hear from people who played Alien. How was it?

I would imagine the box for a playfield swap is about 1.5 feet tall. I believe a lot of people in the hobby have plenty of space to stack 5 or 6 of that size. I notice you are listed in London where space is of a premium. Have you ever seen typical middle class American single family houses? They tend to be more house than most people need and with typical 8 foot ceilings you could stack 4 or 5 playfields in one spot if the boxes are 1.5 feet tall.

#8889 2 years ago
Quoted from Farhan:

No doubt more room in American homes. I'd love to see a photo of how the playfields store / look like stacked. Did they ever release one?

I doubt they have shipped any playfields alone since Alien is not available yet. It would be nice if Heighway would finalize the packing and storage information and make it public.

#8976 2 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

For the cab haters...
I think the Heighway cab is regal and a damn sight attractive. Can't wait to have this in my game room with the Alien LE art lit on the outside of the cab along with the lit blades on the inside. The word stunning comes to mind.
Drops mic...

I think the cabinet looks great in a dimmed light gameroom setting when the game is on.
Having less of the cabinet painted with art is a very small trade-off to me for the ability to have several games per cabinet.

#9008 2 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

How about a deeper cabinet, and 3 playfields....

Could be a little difficult to engineer so that it could be worked on easily.

#9041 2 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

I'm hearing vicious rumors flying about again...every time someone tries to elbow in this hobby they get burned down.

Just don't listen to Kaneda or Kim for your info/news. I am not saying they will be wrong or right but they certainly have been biased and seem to want to see a train wreck.

Also, Alien is a big enough license with an already demonstrated game that someone should step up and help out Heighway, ala Wcbrandes, if that was determined to be needed and assuming the license is legit.

#9044 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Who is Kim? And Kaneda appears to be taking another break from his podcast through the upcoming holidays.


Have fun reading the back and forth between him and Aurich when you have some time to waste.

#9046 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

That does sound like fun, but I thought you meant he also has a podcast.

No. It has nothing to do with the podcasts. Kaneda appears to post here whenever he wants with various new usernames that get banned along the way.

#9050 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I don't think this kind of comment is helpful at all in terms of trying to stomp out any rumors. I know it wasn't your intent, but talking about the potential for someone being willing to step in to help Heighway (if needed) only furthers the rumors.

You are right, it was not my intention.
I guess I could have just recommended that nobody pre-pay for any game regardless of the manufacturer, buyer beware. This has nothing to do with Heighway and everything to do with the state of the hobby. In the last five years we have been witness to a lot of disappointment in this hobby.
We have seen at least one distributor run off with people's money when selling one company's LE games. We have seen one distributor selling a manufacturer's games go bankrupt or sell off his distribution company leaving pre-payers stiffed (lost money) during the design and build stage of a game. We have seen one guy lie that he had a license and end up stiffing all of his pre-payers under the ruse of having one homemade game. We have seen one previously highly-esteemed pinball designer form a company only to screw over all of his pre-payers up to now (not holding my breath on that one).

I believe Heighway has something worthy of success with Alien and the platform they are using. I hope they are successful because I really would like to have multiple quality games for one cabinet.

#9075 2 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

Aurich is the only person I have ever put on ignore and since that time my blood pressure has gone from 155/102 to 118/78.
Thanks Ignore Button!!

Please don't bump posts that are 17 days old from people that are banned from the thread.

1 month later
#9612 2 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Yes to both questions.

Currently we only offer an un-branded non-reflective glass. However, we are about to offer a second alternative - PDI. Anyone who has purchased the non-branded one will also have the option to upgrade to PDI if they wish

Is the glass on your games a non-standard size?

2 months later
#11626 2 years ago

I would still give Dennis credit as one of the designers since the general layout was used and adjusted. The before and after layouts show normal functional adjustments between schematic design and final design. A good designer is going to find the problems with the original schematic design when the whitewood is built and used for flipping and then make adjustments. If you go back and look at WOZ you will see very similar if not more changes from beginning to end.

Was Dennis there for the first whitewood flipping and adjustments? Similarly, I certainly suspect people will consider JFlop one of the designers for Houdini if he did give American Pinball and Balcer a starting point layout for that game.

2 weeks later
#12147 2 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

Ask the guys who have a SWEP1 kit for their AFM. How often do they switch out?

That is a terrible comparison because JPOP screwed the pooch on SWEP1.

#12166 2 years ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

Nobody could possibly have given their best work on SWEP1 given how restrictive the licensors were in curtailing communication even between different departments in order to curtail any movie information from getting out.

Have you ever heard the audio from when George Gomez spoke about JPop working SWEP1? George was pretty much disgusted by what Jpop did with the video content in the game and that was all on JPop. What Jpop did was not the vision that Gomez and Lawlor had for Pin2000.

From the JPop failure thread:

Quoted from gambit3113:

He obviously never listened to the Topcast episode with George Gomez. Gomez made it very clear that he blamed John for effing up SW1 and not using the Pinball2000 platform competently. There was no ambiguity to his feelings toward JPOP. George wasn't signing off on bringing him into the Stern fold.

Quoted from PinB:

For those that haven't heard this, here's a link to the Gomez Topcast episode:
Skip to the 1:53:20 mark to hear Gomez go off on JPOP & SWEP1.

2 months later
#14657 2 years ago
Quoted from tp:

If stern were to take it on, cointaker wouldn't be out....must be a company cointaker dosnt sell. Or atleast that's my take on it.


#14659 2 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

You people are nuts.

I am just asking him what he thinks since he seems to be implying something.

#14983 2 years ago

Did we ever find out why Nordman left? Was it because of lack of payment?

#14987 2 years ago

I also am glad JJP and Heighway are still alive. Some of the tactics to stall customers were wrong but in hindsight those guys probably were in a big enough hole that they were left just hoping to buy time to find a pathway to make it still work out. I still suggest being cautious with the new Heighway until they can ship games on an acceptable schedule and get ready-to-buy stock to distrbutor's inventories.

I suspect having a factory was a big selling point to make the business attractive enough to the investors for both JJP and Heighway. Dutch does not have such a luxury.

#14991 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I've always thought that motorsport themes were a bad idea, because there's something about them that really turns off non-fans. Like some themes might not be magical or special for you, but you don't actively dislike them and will buy them still. But racing and motorsports just seems to be real love/hate. If you're not into them you want nothing to do with them.
On paper it's a game with a solid layout, shoots fast, especially for a widebody, LCD display, RGB lighting, all kinds of stuff that was more exotic feeling at the time. The oft-requested hand drawn art and unlicensed them! If the theme was different I feel like everything would have come out differently. But people saw Moto GP and backed away.
The Circe's Animal House thing always felt a bit obscure to me, gotta really know your Greek mythology to get the name, but it could have been a way more collector friendly game. You can go after ops later, sell to the collectors first, that's how you build up a game library and a company. IMHO.

The animal/pub theme was just bizarre. A basic Greek mythology game, Alice in Wonderland, or another ufo game would have been a lot better choice.

#14993 2 years ago

Here is a theme that would be cool, Galaxy Wars, a futuristic theme where our galaxy and other galaxies attack each other with technology more advanced than what we have today.

#15070 2 years ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Excuse me, let me be more precise, I mean Murica!
Well, yeah, it's back on their site!

So, the standard Alien went up in price $1500 to around the Stern LE and DI Standard pricing range?

#15072 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

And they want to sell more machines...?
Price bump sucks...this is another nail in the coffin for Highway..
Time to start the...Remember when we almost had Aliens thread...

This huge price increase is not just a nail in the coffin of Alien pinball, but to Heighway pinball and their modular system. The modular units are only attractive if they are at least $1000 less than Stern Pros and it does not appear that price target is going to be feasible.

#15082 2 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Just so you guys know, this was the price on Cointakers website about 2-3 weeks ago. Before everything went down with Andrew and the new investors. I know because I checked their website.
Also, if you look closely, the price includes the 27'' screen, inside side blades, and shipping. All of which were add-ons to the original $6,400 (?) price tag.

I believe you are right. I mistakenly overlooked those costs/features.
Then I guess for the base game it is about a $500 price increase and about $1000 in add-ons and shipping that make the price go from $6500 to $8000.
How much will the modular kits cost? $5000 for the kits is going to price most people out when they can get a whole Stern Pro with LCD for almost the same price shipped.

#15083 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

The modulare swappable playfield never interested me. I wouldnt want to store a populated playfield, it doesnt make sense.
I see it for guys with small footprint basements in europe, but thats it.
Also, theres only one other table available.
Im also not seeing company make it to 3rd table. Look how hard its been for these two.

It would have worked for me as a way to have more games without being limited by the wife. Space is not the issue.
Like you said, the future does not seem bright for this to work out.

1 week later
#15313 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

I've been really happy to hear reports recently of some people getting refunds, some people getting their games. I personally feel the new investors/managers are making all the right moves to get things settled; it won't happen overnight, but I think it's happening. I'd love to see everyone get their games ASAP, but I certainly understand those who want to get their cash and run. I hope everyone winds up with what they want.
But I have very little special insight about what's happening in the Wales factory ... so I thought I'd share a few thoughts on what's happening on the software side of Alien. LOTS! Our Slack channels and to-do list have been hopping with more activity in the past couple weeks than in the past couple months. daudioguy got a game into his studio last week, and since then he's tuned or added ~50 sound effects and callouts. We've got new Game Over callouts (yes, we know already, Not Bad For A Human!), tweaked scoring rules, better choreography, bug fixes... and much more on the way. We're all excited to make sure the software shines as much as possible when people do get their games.
To that point: in recent weeks, as more people have played the game at shows and private homes, I've seen comments like "the software seems almost complete". That's... almost great! If you've played the game and have feedback, please don't hesitate to tell us (either publicly or by PM) what about the software didn't work for you or seems incomplete. I know what *our* to-do list is, but if there's something in the software that didn't feel awesome to *you*, let us know about it. No promises of anything, but we'll definitely consider all feedback.
Thanks! And if you're able to play the game, I hope you have a great time with it.

Are you getting paid for doing the software?

#15329 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

It is sad and disgusting what so many of you are insinuating regarding the team that worked to put this game together!
I suggest taking a step back and realizing that they are not schilling for a game so they can get paid. If anything they have all been the opposite and have been open about the situation and provided insight to others that may feel left out of the communication loop.
These guys are all first and foremost pinheads and have so much passion that they have been working for free in many cases. They have so much passion and desire to help that they made arrangements to NOT get paid unless the game does well and actually sells. Many of them take payment of an actual game and pennies for the time they put in. Please take a moment to reflect on the reality of this situation and stop attacking your fellow pinheads. If anything you should be supporting them and commending them for their hard work to get the game this far, their passion to keep pinball alive and keep it moving forward, and their willingness to come here and provide info when they are able.
They are all super genuine guys in real life and frankly some of you are being HUGE dbags to them.

WTF. I asked a simple question because I don't know what the incentive is for anybody to be working on the game presently. I was not insuating anything.

#15330 2 years ago

Wow, you guys sure are reading things into a generic and sincere question:

heighway (resized).JPG

#15333 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I'm just wondering what business it is of yours? are you a full paid or just a deposit customer? and why would he have to tell you if/what he is being paid? sincere question.

It affects just about everybody in pinball what happens to these pinball manufacturers. If games get made then great. If not then then that is lost money in the hobby that will not be going to the manufacturers that are surviving and also possibly causing people to drop out of the hobby over disgust. The less people in the hobby the less the games are in demand.

I guarantee you if I contacted Heighway and got a job building pinball mechs there and posted about it here, many people here would be asking me if I was getting paid because they would be curious what incentive I had to work there?

#15338 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Completely agree. People do things for their own reasons, and see zero relevance to why the company is in the state it's in. Aurich gone from here, now I'm sure Ferret will be hesitant to post, as well. If/ how much compensation is given to an employee is between them and their employer. F**king rude question, period.
I'm out of pinside for awhile (at least)....really turning south for me. Love pinball, Hate this shit......

Nobody asked how much.

#15341 2 years ago

I should also add, if Ferret is continuing to do the software as a job then I sincerely hope he is being compensated or has already been compensated. If he is doing it for the love of the game or pinball in general then I applaud him for his service to the hobby.

#15343 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

either way it's NONE of your business. how much are compensated for your efforts at work? you also didn't answer if you paid in full or just a deposit! So I'll assume neither and you're talking out your ass. Sonny_Jim is now the self appointed voice of the "short changed" staff members?! who the hell asked you to do that!? this thread is asinine! I come here in hopes of hearing news on alien pinball, not a bit of dip shits talking out their ass about shit they know nothing about!

Once again, nobody asked how much.

Anyway, my compensation for my job is public record, FOIA.

3 weeks later
#15588 2 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

Recieved my shaker from Heighway yesterday!! Thanks Helmut!
Remaining LE parts should ship soon, I have been told by Daniel!
Thanks to the Heighway Team....
Looking forward to the huge update that David and the Software team are working on!

That is the first Dialed In topper I have seen.

9 months later
#21780 1 year ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Ferret...I forgot...did you get paid?

I already got bashed for a similar question many months ago:

Quoted from DCFAN:

Are you getting paid for doing the software?

It is not surprising that Whysnow was one of the downvoters.

#21948 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Pinball News posted an article about the liquidation and financials of Heighway.
Theres a section in the article regarding company creditors with money owed to the creditors totaling nearly $2 million! CoinTaker is on there for $80k That sounds like they had paid $80k for games they then never received.

Wow. That is horrible. Did Cointaker lose money with JPop as well?

#21980 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Anyone know why PinSide now lists Spooky as the manufacturer of Alien?

This is how rumors get started.

#21986 1 year ago

I would like to know how they can run off with the Queen license without liquidation bidding for remaining assets.

#21988 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Anyone know why PinSide now lists Spooky as the manufacturer of Alien?

It has now been fixed.

#21999 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

Also who the hell wants a Queen pin?

They are a whole lot bigger and more timeless than RZ or Alice Cooper.

#22135 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

Quality of band = irrelevant to pinball.
"AC/DC is trailer trash music... OH MUH GAWD THE RULES!"
"Metallic sucks and killed Napster OH MUH GAWD LOOK AT THE ART!"
"Aerosmith sucks... OH MUH GAWD LOOK AT THE ART!"
"Iron Maiden sucks... OH MUH GAWD LOOK AT THE ART!"

What is your point? It is important in pinball for manufacturers that do games in volume such a Stern to have themes that cater to large groups of the people that buy pinball machines. It is obvious that AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and Metallica resonate with a decent portion of the pinball buying audience. The art and/or code help but they would have sold ok initially without those aspects.

#22138 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

I don't think Queen's music fits pinball. Neither does the Beatles. Guess we'll see.

I don't understand what people mean when they say a certain music does not fit pinball. Beyond the rock band and heavy metal pinball machines we have seen released in the last 7 years, there are tons of different types and styles of music in the non-band games. Some of the music is very subtle and some is on the hard side. The music provides the background ambience for the game. Just about any kind of music works if the game is coded well. Go listen to LOTR, Spiderman, and TZ to hear some examples of what I mean of variety of music types/styles (soft, hard, moderate).

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