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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#22274 2 years ago

Hello. I am from France, and I have an Alien product in March 2018. It works perfectly at 100% The only concern he had at the moment is that a few times, the tongue remained pulled, but no problems with the update 1.2

I had before that a model first series, then a model of September 2017. This version of March 2018 had many fixes compared to others. this one works really well. I am very happy, it's a great pinball!!!

sorry for my english is very bad!

#22276 2 years ago

yes it's a good thing. I have a question, among many others

What shaker may have used on this pinball. can we use a shaker data east for example?

I added beacons, but I find that they light up very rarely, when are they going to light up?

thank you!!

#22281 2 years ago

ok thank you very much for this answer. after doing a lot of parts, they actually work properly.

more than find what model of shaker to choose to install. because I did not understand which one to choose

#22283 2 years ago

thank you very much for your answer, because I in stock shaker data east, and shaker spike. does it work on alien? Or must you shaker quake?

#22285 2 years ago

ok thank you very much Epotech for this valuable information. that's really nice

thank you

#22286 2 years ago

I will install a spike shaker

#22297 2 years ago

Beyond all this history with Heighway Pinball, it's true that this game is extraordinary. it is sublime, and is really a great game. It's been 20 years since I Pinball machine, I had a lot. but it becomes my favorite pinball!

I thank all those who contribute to the life of this pinball today, without forgetting the other passionate who created it.

thank you all!

#22299 2 years ago

Hello, do you know what these settings are for: Shaker frequency and shaker limit?
thank you

#22300 2 years ago


After about 10/15 play after the installation of my shaker, for the first time I am a little disappointed. in more than 10/15 play, I had only two small shakes .....

In test everything works very well. if I had known, I would not have bought a shaker! lol jokes aside, I understand the idea of wanting to have vibrations at high moments, but here it is cruelly manly, I was waiting for me when the action is strong, sentryguns! no shaker, ambush, no shaker, lots of moments where the action is strong! no shaker. it's a shame I think. I have more often beacons that are already rare that the shaker

maybe the settings are not correct, I hope!

#22306 2 years ago

hello!! : )

After a lot of games played, I really find the shaker too missing it's really a shame.

the beacon deserves to be a little more used, but the shaker really even more. full of moment in action, have expected to have vibrations but nothing. as in sentry guns, at the moment when the machine gun was fired! it must vibrate like a real machine gun, and on a lot of actions like that, we should really feel the action with the shaker.

what do others think?

2 weeks later
#22445 2 years ago

I had 3 different alien. a pre-production, a production of September, and my last of March 2018. The differences are obvious! a lot of worries with the pre-series, minor minor worries with that of September, especially the head of the xeno who had problems. my last game of March 2018 works perfectly without any problems! a wonder

#22467 2 years ago

the link of the update 1.2 is no longer valid?

2 weeks later
#22565 1 year ago

it seems to me that LE also have translight lighting that changes color with RGB LEDs?

did anyone add this equipment to his SE?

#22566 1 year ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

J'ai vu le fil à peu près autant de jouets moulés fabriqués, mais des sources au sein de l'entreprise disent que c'était plus comme 200.
N'oublions pas qu'Andrew aurait pu demander à la Chine de copier les moules et de les produire pour moins cher, tout le reste était sous-traité.

mine would be the number 254?? or not?

it's about 250 game and works perfectly for the moment

20180525_103940 (resized).jpg
#22653 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Est-ce risqué d'acheter une machine Alien maintenant? Y a-t-il des problèmes de mech connus ou autres? Le code est-il terminé? Est-ce que le code est génial? J'ai toujours aimé le thème, mais hésitait à acheter coz de tous les dégâts HP.

oh you here!

Alien is a unique and extraordinary pinball machine, hardly comparable to anything else.

Call me if you want additional information on these flipp, I start to know them

#22664 1 year ago

me for beacons I opted for a more modern style.

20180527_182351 (resized).jpg20180527_182358 (resized).jpg
#22666 1 year ago

absolutely! it was the other question from the outset at HP, respect what would be the film, or the design of the pinball. both are finally valid, I myself hesitated a lot. what helped me was that I had in stock this beacon! lol

and in the movies there is a lot of white flash

#22746 1 year ago

my SE 100% work, no problem

20180525_103940 (resized).jpg
#22760 1 year ago

the problem of the pinstadium is that it ruins all the effects of the pinball light.

so yes we can see better to play, but it spoils the immersion in light, and the scenery lit up over it I do not find it pretty.

on other pinball why not, but on alien it breaks the atmosphere.

3 weeks later
#22976 1 year ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

Zpeakabonk en France, RS Pinball en Autriche pour n'en citer que quelques-uns. Ils ont les machines en stock (que j'ai payé par ailleurs mais peu importe)

zpeakabonk in france has not sold for a long time... no more professionals have new in box for sale in France.

1 week later
#23067 1 year ago

EL BLADES they are standard on all games, it is their backlight that is an option on the SE

I have never seen an alien without the big screen

1 week later
#23171 1 year ago

can we adjust the opening range of the mouth? and the closing position of the mouth?

#23185 1 year ago

the game uses the shaker too little, it is also his biggest fault.

2 weeks later
#23328 1 year ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Pas de sortie de lumière. Ils créent plus de diffusion et ajoutent une qualité esthétique. Mais je dirais en fin de compte à la préférence personnelle. Je les ai ici ..
https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/5050-LED-Lens-10-5mm-Bump-Shamian-60-degrees-CREE-XML-T5-T6-U2-Lens-5050/219000_32366563985.html? spm = 2114.12010608.0.0.5a8826e8QrDlMF

and suddenly you will make new led for GI to have lighting like totem LED?

1 week later
#23372 1 year ago

some had ramps with longer metal ramps and then reduced again

#23389 1 year ago
Quoted from adamross:

Est-ce que la mâchoire xeno de quelqu'un fonctionne réellement? Mon original non, pas plus que la nouvelle tête de remplacement que je viens de recevoir.

My Xeno works perfectly since the first day, it has about 250 games, the only thing, I have the impression that the language makes a little more noise than before.

7 months later
#24453 1 year ago

I never had a reset on mine, or lack of power on my flipper, is very strong!

#24454 1 year ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

Oui, le mode attract est revenu rapidement. Merci pour l'info.

es-que toutes tes cartes I/O sont à jours?

3 weeks later
#24580 1 year ago

finally, the rarest are the SE

1 week later
#24637 1 year ago

the code is very good. my only regret to this almost perfect game, the lack of flash light, and the lack of vibrating effect

#24644 1 year ago

I have a stern, not a quake, the problem is not the power, but the frequency of use is too low.

#24647 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Donc, vous ne pensez pas que le shaker en vaut la peine? Je me souviens d’avoir installé un tremblement rouge de CT qui, en général, est trop dur, mais j’ai été vraiment déçu car il n’a presque jamais eu lieu. J'entends parler du nouveau code, mais c'est pour cette raison que je pensais en obtenir un pour mon nouvel extraterrestre. Je n'ai pas commandé car j'attends Maiden

the bass HP offers more beautiful sensations! in any case much more often

#24648 1 year ago

does the perfect game exist? no. but alien is almost there. it's one of the best game in the world.

4 weeks later
#24811 12 months ago

it's no LED, but électroluminescent paper

#24900 11 months ago

At home, in France, they have not yet understood that it was a pinball of great quality and extraordinary. it's a great game, with an interesting story, and an amazing community, I've never seen that before in the pinball community.

#24910 11 months ago

Originally, there was the option of having a small LCD screen between the speakers. option available on full throttle but not alien

1 week later
#24964 11 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

quelqu'un a-t-il réellement Alien en route? Je ne sais pas si cela ferait bien, probablement avoir un signe de panne tout le temps. Quelque chose ne va toujours pas, c'est mon expérience avec deux extraterrestres jusqu'à présent.
Mais mec, quand ça marche, et qu’il ya un jeu sans faille, c’est mon épingle préférée… c’est incroyable. J'aimerais juste que ce soit plus fiable.

My last alien built in late March 2018 and unpacked in May 2018 works perfectly well, never had any particular concerns with.

1 week later
#25028 11 months ago

there is the ribbon cable connector on the power board. next to where the vibrator is plugged. you need a long cable

3 weeks later
#25316 10 months ago
Quoted from take2-take5:

En fait, j’ai eu des courses plus tard avec des bordures noires et des jambes argentées ... évidemment, cette palette de couleurs n’a jamais été une version officielle ... suppose-t-on qu’elles ont épuisé leurs jambes noires à la fin.
- Ils étaient nouveaux dans les machines à cartons et peuvent confirmer qu'ils sont bien des LE. Quelqu'un d'autre en a-t-il reçu un comme celui-ci vers la fin?

do you have the EL Blade artwork inside cabinet illuminated ?

I know from a fairly reliable source that the very last LE was actually standard ironed in LE

anyway, apart from some visual elements, SE and LE are exactly the same flipper. but in the end it is the SE the rarest since there has been much more LE manufactured.

#25317 10 months ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

C'est génial. Avez-vous une image?
Cela vient de FT, c'est sûr!
De même, ils ont commencé les premiers extraterrestres avec des taxis de type FT avec un autocollant de type FT .

yes it was the preseries "often said prototype" that was like that. I had one.

#25318 10 months ago
Quoted from Mik-ReadingUK:

Je pensais que je partagerais cette image de l’assemblage du levier pour les deux nageoires sur Alien, après un spectacle assez chargé le week-end. Je me demande quelle pourrait être l'origine de ces pièces[quoted image]

I have already had this concern on customers alien. in fact they are made by HP, but it's inspired by bally / williams. installed bally williams kit without any problem it's exactly the same, it works very well.

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