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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#7550 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

vague protestations...symptom

Wickerman is spot-on with the diagnosis. Throw in a little BPD and Bi-polar disorder and you have yourself a Kaneda. God, what an annoying person....

5 months later
#11639 3 years ago

My wife is actually more stoked than me about my recent Alien purchase..she picked this up for me to get things started..

key1 (resized).jpg

key2 (resized).jpg

#11748 3 years ago

OK, if one were to order an Alien today -3/8/2017, from Heighway's US distributor, when is a realistic date to expect this to be in their game room?

#11818 3 years ago

FWIW, I find Andrew much much more communicative than anyone at Stern has been. This alone will make him a success. Add in the fact that his pins are actually interesting and innovative. They don't have the ''cheap, homeowner-grade" look that Stern pins have. We don't know this yet, but if he doesn't play games with his pricing like Stern does, then he will certainly be a good competitor to them (I don't like to use the term "threat" in this context). Heighway seems VERY open regarding their production facilities and methods. Can't say the same for the other guys, who, for some reason keep information at 1950's-era cold war levels.

1 month later
#13673 3 years ago

OK, if one were to place an order for an Alien TODAY (5/8) WHEN could one expect delivery?

1 week later
#13974 3 years ago

I think it would be prudent at this time for either Andrew or Cointaker to chime in. People are getting antsy and other's are bailing out to buy other pins. Not good. Just a very simple update stating, "we're building X machines daily and shipping out the same". Right now, if one was to place an order, there is NO IDEA on when to expect it. Not good business form, IMO.

2 weeks later
#14762 3 years ago

Isn't there an announcement coming soon that we're all "supposed to be happy about"?

#14823 3 years ago

I'm sad that this story seems to be taking a turn for the worse....Andrew seems like a driven, stand-up guy-NOT a scammer. I still don't think he is, but what my imagination is telling me is that maybe-just maybe-there is a production-type problem with this pin. Maybe a victim of it's own success? Maybe HP has sold too many and they're at a loss on how to produce/ship them? I don't know. Communication is the only gripe I have with this company. Giving out little blurbs about some upcoming announcement or the like just will not cut it anymore. People don't want to be teased, they want to be informed. Anyone who has a stake in this (as do I) has a right to know what the progress, or even LACK of progress is. Anything. But not silence and conjecture. That breeds fear and that fear will get people to drop out and request refunds en masse.
I myself still want to support this project and I will....for 1 more month. If nothing happens by 7/1/2017 then I'm out. Maybe when the pin is actively being shipped and delivered I'll rejoin, but maybe not.

2 weeks later
#15266 2 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Dude has 57 games. That's a "serious" pinball addiction. Seriously.

Nope-it's just someone with a checkbook and the space to hold and ''mod the hell out of them''. Dollars to doughnuts he's probably been collecting for , oh, a big 10 years!

#15359 2 years ago

FWIW, Cointaker (Whom I do indeed trust) has mentioned that I will receive Aliens by 1st week of July. I was out before I contacted Melissa. She assured me that it'll be at my door at that time. Heighway or whomever is in charge now, should really give credit to Cointaker as they've talked many potential refunders from the edge. Let's see what happens come July....

#15366 2 years ago
Quoted from BudManPinFan:

That's like a little over a week away...in order to get the pin shipped overseas and get it to your door by the first week of July I'd say it would have to be completed by the middle of next week...so either the production line is up and running, which didn't sound like that was the case yet...or they had completed pins which hadn't shipped yet, which again didn't sound like that was the case. It'll be interesting to see if it does show up the first week of July. I hope it does but I might be a little skeptical of what the distributor is saying.

I agree with you 100%. I was/am still a *bit* skeptical over this, buy I must say, to date, Cointaker has been very straight with me so I'd see no reason for them to start BS-ing now. Again, let's see what happens in July.

1 week later
#15457 2 years ago
Quoted from guyincognito:

Did your game come today?

Nope-but my refund from Cointaker did. I have no idea why they sent that back to me as I stated that I was going to stay in as long as the machine would indeed arrive within 2 weeks. Frankly, I'm relieved...this is going to end and end now. There is still way too much uncertainty regarding Aliens. The whole saga has been a turn-off for me so I'll spend my $$ elsewhere. Maybe-just maybe when these have shipped and someone gets tired of theirs I'd consider it, but for now, nope!

1 month later
#16096 2 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

While everyone is considering pricing and trim and options , you might might want to take a step back and ask :
Can Heighway pinball in it's current form provide fully functioning production machines on a consistent basis ?
Also , can they fix machine with flaws in a timely manner, diagnosing and sending parts when needed?
The Alien Std. at Pocketeers was a Hot Mess of multiple event resets and refusing to take coins. Owners are not happy at this point. 3 days of rebooting the game and waiting for your game to suddenly end had many people frustrated with the game.

These are very well thought out points and observations. Read them again and don't take them lightly. FWIW, I was a HUGE supporter of this pin. Then came the false timelines, then the lies, then so on & so on. I bailed and got my refund. (Thank you Cointaker!) What I think will kill it for many other potential Alien customers is the price increase, necessary as it may be. It is now in a different league.
Simply stated, I think this pin was rushed to production-if you can call this 'production' and if you consider 3+ years 'rushed'-but I feel that is the main crux of this pin. Sad, too. because what an awesome theme! But fraught with S O M U C H drama that I'm simply disgusted with it and will probably not look back. I am NOT bashing the pin, just the illegitimacy of it's backstory.

1 week later
#16335 2 years ago

When was the most recent communique from the new owners? Just curious.....

#16381 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Does anyone else think they should just do away with the LE completely and just offer the add ons ala cart?

How about, "Does anyone think they should do away with the LE/SE bullshit and just DELIVER THE FRIGGEN GAMES??!?"

#16459 2 years ago
Quoted from Nethawk86:

I got an email saying "what if I promised you your LE at your door within 30 days! Seriously we just got told they are shipping our pins now". I told them that sounds good and after again sending a couple emails with no response and excuse after excuse of why, I finally got them on the line again to vaguely answer some questions. I sent them the remaining due and was paid in full with the promise of my game arriving at my door end of July. July came and went, finally called cointaker and got immediate response. Was told they had an issue with the computers and they were delayed while they are upgraded. I was annoyed o

I had a similar experience w/Cointaker. I spoke with Melissa and she talked me back from the edge. She said the same "we can get it to you within 2 weeks" That would've been 1st week of July. I said "OK let's do it!" of course July comes & goes and I got a refund (!) mid-July. Remember-I initially called her asking for a refund but decided to stay in. The issuance of the refund was a mistake. However- I AM SO GLAD Cointaker made this mistake since I want absolutely nothing more to do with this pin. The lies, the fake timelines, the price increase and the downright deceit associated with this pin is a HUGE turn-off.
To all of you who are staying in-best of luck to you. I truly believe you'll get your pin eventually. Ths has turned into a personal thing for me as I simply do not want to support a company that employs tactics such as they have. It's a shit way of doing business (Heighway) and and even shittier way of cleaning up your predecessor's mess (New Heighway, or whatever the hell they're calling themselves).
FWIW, I am not faulting Cointaker in any of this. I believe they're simply parroting what they're being told from New Heighway.

#16556 2 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Heighway 2.0 really need to get their shit together with this lying thing. Two completely different stories about delays is amateurish.

A-freakin-men to this. Lies from beginning to end.....

#16560 2 years ago

Melissa has not lied, but has been lied to-many times. She can only relay what's been told to her....

#16576 2 years ago

I wonder what the excuse will be on Friday...should be interesting as they've used up nearly every possible one at this point.

#16619 2 years ago

At the end of the day, it is simply Optical Glass. ...

5 months later
#20296 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

You know, 75 don't fit in any container! I do this for a living, I really know. 2 containers yes, 1 no.

Well, it really doesn't matter as what they're telling everyone is just plain bullshit. Seriously, I've never seen a company that consistently lies & lies about it's product the way Heighway/New Guys have. It's actually quite insulting to be a part of this abomination. I would never want something so bad as to put up with the absolute unthruths they have throw at people here.
Not directed at anyone on the list, mind you, in fact I admire their faith in people, but maybe I'm just jaded.
When I bailed out back on June 18, I was told that if I stayed on board there would be a pin delivered to me within 2 weeks of that date. Nope-I bailed out and got a refund. Thank God I went thru CT, although if I were them I'd seriously take a 2nd look at all the negativity that this particular pin has spawned and drop them (Heighway) as a client. People are people and it will only be a matter of time before they'll blame CT for this.

2 weeks later
#20384 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

More than likely its on the ship that should be making port next week.

You mean the SAME ship that was supposed to be in port in May of 2017..wait..no, no sorry, I mean July of '17-Hold on..I meant to say August..definitely August of '17...Dammit--I REALLY meant to say last week of November '17. I don't know what's wrong with me...what I meant to say was "Q1" of '18.....
Seriously guys, this is pathetic.

#20434 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Is the Cointaker container lost at sea?

I'm betting the container missed the boat entirely.

1 week later
#20525 2 years ago

When the storied ship left some months ago (June '17?) wasn't there a posting on the actual status of where it was en route? Whatever came of that? I'm sorry, but I simply cannot slog through some 10k+ posts to find it.

#20540 2 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

After years of anticipation, I was recently in Buffalo & finally got a chance to play Alien at Pocketeer Billiards for the first time. Everything I’ve come to believe about this pin was confirmed.
Looked much nicer in person than I expected. Great theme & atmosphere. Screens, plastics & toys looked great. GI lighting was lacking & pretty fricking dark overall, spotlights should have been included during manufacture. But I have to admit, one nice looking pin.
Then I started playing.... scoop wasn’t working, so I couldn’t start modes. It wasn’t recognizing ball drains correctly, kept spitting out random balls, etc etc etc. When the game did finally manage to end, a coil kept firing repeatedly during the attract mode. They just shut it off. Basically a wasted negative experience. What a shame. And I know this game as been at this location for a long time. Still can’t keep it running properly.
Just add this to the long list of user experiences. I think the real story here is that some owners do manage to get lucky & receive a functional pin. Many receive a lemon & get tired of dealing with all the bullshit & just sell it/move on. And worst of all, some people haven’t received anything YEARS after purchase! So yes, the whole project is a smoldering dumpster fire IMO.
I’m sure it’s really fun to play when you can get it working. But why anyone would take the risk today on a new Alien purchase is beyond me. I, like many others, have just moved on from this pin, and specifically from this company. As I said, this just reinforced what I already believed. Glad I got out. I’d never buy one.
Hope you preorder guys get the machines you deserve before they shut the doors for good.

My sentiments exactly. Could not have stated this any better. Aliens as a theme has a soured taste to me now.

#20553 2 years ago

This is going to probably be an unpopular opinion, but I think that people should be putting much much more pressure on CT. They're pretty much the only legitimate (for now) link with HW and they're quickly becoming more & more suspect because of their evading questions from their customers. I wonder when they'll realize that possibly, just possibly it wasn't such a good idea to get into bed with HW.

#20621 2 years ago

I wouldn't think they should be discussing ANY new theme other than Alien and while they're at it, perhaps build up some (real) trust so that they can be a viable and trustworthy company. At present time they are neither.

#20648 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Interesting as multiple people here were told by CT to pay up and games would be shipping soon 4-6 weeks ago

Even MORE interesting is that CT told me that "if I stuck it out, (as opposed to requesting a refund) that I would get delivery on my Aliens within 2 weeks"
That was July of 2017. They have GOT to cut this shit out. Stop making promises that simply aren't in your control. It strains my credulity and frankly turns me off to both HW and CT.

#20656 2 years ago

Boy, the ship that's carrying these to the states is travelling mighty sloooow......

#20834 2 years ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

I'm interested in approx how many are in the US right now...

As am I...I'd wager <100 at this point?

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