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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#8547 3 years ago

I have to say I am SUPER impressed with the Alien team! GREAT job so far and they are all really great guys to talk to as well! Andrew was a great sport and I had a blast talking and joking around with him! Don't forget to enter my cash deposit onto the books! haha!! You can really tell they truly care about this project and really want it to be great and very successful. They did a great job getting the proto games to Expo and for that I thank them! I was looking forward to seeing this pin the most at expo....hell, I walked out of the JJ presentation 5 minutes after the reveal so I could get to the Alien launch party on time!
I LOVE the theme and even now as a proto, the game is awesome! I can't wait to see what it is like when it is 100% complete! They did have issues with balls getting stuck, i.e. the left ramp "flow" issue, center scoop kick out issues etc, but these are all things that happen when you ship a game that is just finished the week before to a big show where it will get constant play. I bring my games to the show and talk about a perfect testing ground to find any issues and bullet proof a game...this is it! Hell, they are 16 years old with a proven design and they still have issues sometimes that need tweaking!
The small issues on the game will get fixed....take for example the scoop kick out issues they were having at the Thur night launch party. Those were completely gone the next day and all weekend! I saw absolutely no scoop kickback issues after that.....so they will tweak the games and fix the minor issues....and it will be even better still!
My favorite mode by far is the ambush mode with the trackers where it shows you where the aliens are and what shots you have to shoot to kill them and when you make the shot the alien on the tracker screen disappears. VERY cool integration of the tracker!! Second favorite is the sentry gun multi ball!! BAD ASS!! I am trying to figure out how to scrounge up enough money as we speak so I can put a deposit down and eventually buy one of these bad boys! Very well done Alien team and it was a pleasure meeting you at the show and I really enjoyed being able to play your machine! Thank you!!!

#8680 3 years ago
Quoted from dgpinball:

Read about the last 20 pages or so of the thread, glad people are impressed with the game, but it sounds like there is quite a bit to do before they start landing in people's basements. That said, Alien/Aliens is a top 5 theme to me, I'm sure once they get the bugs out and the code refined, it'll someday find it's way into my collection, just wish there was a alternative to the glass bezel, just a bad look that I can't get used too.

You don't look at the glass bezel when you play do you? It's just like anything else that is different....new car model that changes the shape of the body that you liked for so long and you say " I hate that new model"...then you see it for a while and you get used to it....then it's not so bad. Just got to get used to it. I think it helps being wide body.


1 week later
#8897 3 years ago

Man, what's with all the crap talk about the swappable play field? Worried about how the BOX will look under a row of pins or A pin? MAN you guys nit pick! Who gives a crap about how the box looks under the play field. You look at the pins not the floor! I'm really hoping I can buy Alien someday and I also hope they come out with some other awesome themes because I for one LOVE the idea that I can buy another pin but pay 60% of the cost of the new game! I think it's great! As far as play field storage is concerned since that looks like all this thread is talking about now....I would just put the play field under the pin (it has those rails all the way down so it can sit on them nicely) and then I'd just throw a nice sheet over it.....WHAT??? There, no ugly box problem!! haha!

As far as game play....I love how it plays! Not a big FLOW game, but it's not designed that way. I love the modes and I think for a prototype game, it was awesome! The left ramp shot got stuck a couple times, but they are fixing that....it's a proto after all. My favorite mode is the ambush...player has the tracker and it shows where aliens are coming from and you have to make the shots to kill them....VERY cool!

Keep up the great work Highway Team!!!


3 weeks later
#9299 3 years ago

Great update and great job Andrew and team!! This pin keeps getting better and better!! Can't wait to see the final version!!


2 months later
#10962 3 years ago

SWEET!!! Congrats Andrew and Heighway Team!! I was excited at Expo to see it, more excited to play it, and now I am even more excited to see it ship!! GREAT job!! I'm saving up my money as we speak! I plan on buying one by the end of summer!!! Christmas in July baby!!!

Brian.....who has a lot more dollars to save after the one I gave Andrew at Expo for my "official" deposit...(kidding for all those that might take that comment seriously!)

Brian giving deposit for Alien pinball (resized).jpg

#11029 3 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Maybe this has been answered but will a widebody PDI sheet of glass fit on Alien? Same dimensions?
And congrats on getting a game out the door! Hopefully number two and on will be soon

Don't know if that would work, since I'm pretty sure the glass is integrated with the rails and lock bar.....but then there has to be a way to replace it if it breaks so maybe!


1 week later
#11440 3 years ago

Simply AWESOME!! I think it was a brilliant marketing strategy to get the first two machines shipped to people who were putting them on location. This way many people can play them and get the good reviews going/spreading instead of just two people in their homes. VERY smart!! This will be my first NIB purchase since starting this hobby 17 years ago! Anyone want to buy a condo so I can pay for this puppy?.....faster than planned! Now to get an SE or LE.....Hmmm....part of me says if I'm going to do it, I might as well go all the way...first NIB and all!


#11567 3 years ago

I've decided I'm going to be buying an LE for my first NIB machine!! I have also decided that after I take delivery, it's time to retire my MM that I have been taking to all the Midwest shows for the last 6+ years and bring something else to share....an Alien LE!! I made the decision when I was wearing the launch party shirt from Expo Friday at the LAX show and I had a bunch of people come up to me and ask if there would be one there and they were all bummed out when I said no. Was pretty much a no brainer after that!


1 week later
#11953 3 years ago

For me, it is a no brainer on the LCD screen. If you are buying this machine, you HAVE to have the 27" screen! When you see one in person, it looks amazing!! Hell, I went with the PDI glass on my LE and I don't have that on any other pins in my collection. When you are spending this kind of money, what's another $250. Go big or go home baby!!! #131...whohoo!!!


#11989 3 years ago

My guess is it isn't going to be ready for TPF. I just sent a wire transfer for my 27" screen and PDI glass and asked about the LE art status as well. Below is what they told me:

"In regards to the LE artwork we are still in the approval stage at the moment and are waiting on FOX. As soon as we have approval from them we will be proudly displaying the art work included with the LE."

Seems like FOX are the ones that are slowing the process down, not Heighway. Probably not much they can do besides wait for FOX to get off their asses and approve it!


#12089 3 years ago

Ok, looks like people are just trying to find anything to talk about since there is no new news from Heighway....ok, I'll contribute too.....how about those leg levelers that they are using...are they the same as the ones on the Full Throttle pin? If not, they need to change them asap! does anyone know what color they are? I tried looking in the pics, but I just couldn't see.....I wish they would add them to the option chart so we know, I mean, WTH!


1 week later
#12346 3 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

jeeze i feel like i am gonna be unboxing my le come around christmas time.

Honestly, I'd be happy if I was unboxing my LE at Christmas time. I hope I'm wrong, but FOX is just taking their sweet old time on the approval process! I'd like to call whoever is doing the art review and bug them every day until they finally approve it! haha!

I'm hoping for 2017, but we shall see...


#12363 3 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Yup, we just put it on location tonight! I spent and hour or so cleaning, mylaring and adjusting things and it is playing great. Got the screen leveled out and it is a nice smooth transition now. So if you are in the Missouri area and want to give it a go, head to Springfield.
That said, I played several games tonight after dialing it in and it just played so much better than it did at TPF. If our customers like it I will probably end up selling my GB Prem and buying one of these. I already enjoy playing it more. Big thanks to Tommy for allowing to give it a test run before he can take it over to Indiana.

MAN, all these locations getting an Alien! That's awesome! Someone in the Cincinnati area PLEASE put one on location so I can get my fix until my LE arrives!!


1 week later
#12506 3 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

Has anybody heard anything from Andrew?

No, he's too busy building pinball machines!!


#12593 3 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

You didn't get the email saying they are now in production and your 50% deposit is now due?

I've got the money for the rest in the bank waiting for the 50% payment email. I'd love to send the rest to them now, but it's a little hard when they aren't even making the LE's! I WANT to send them my money, but I just can't right now. Not until I see some LE's being made AND shipped. For now, I'm getting into Spring/Summer mode where I focus on other things instead of pinball.....makes the time go by faster.


2 weeks later
#13066 3 years ago

WOW!!! Absolutely Badass!!! Congrats Andrew and team!!!


#13140 3 years ago

Yeah, I don't think the #3 he was talking about was LE #3, I think it was a standard edition #3 off the line if I am not mistaken.

I'm still hanging in there (only have a deposit + $ for LCD and PDI glass)....the LE art looks amazing and I am pumped for this pin! I'm not sure what more info people want as Andrew has given us most every information he can, other than daily updates on issues they are working out and how many pins were made each day etc, which no manufacturer will do....hell, if this was a Stern, we would be getting ZERO information! Ok, yes, I agree they need to start ramping up production, but they are tweaking/improving boards etc so the pin is reliable and functions 100% as it should. Would you rather wait a while longer or get a pin with issues and then be pissed....and no doubt bash Heighway which is what Andrew is surely trying to avoid....I know I would based on the conversations here....I was getting a little concerned with the delay in getting FOX's approval on the art and showing it and the ramp lighting, but they showed that, so I'm good. It's summer anyway and I have a TON of other things to do besides play pinball in my basement, so I will keep busy and not wish away summer....Go Heighway!!


2 weeks later
#13907 3 years ago

Looking Awesome!!! MAN I can't wait until i get my LE!!! Keep shipping those babies out!!


#13960 3 years ago

I'm really surprised that people are backing out NOW when they are that pins are actually shipping now. I don't get it...wait for two years plus, then when you see if start to ship...ok, I'm out....weird, but to each his own.


#13982 3 years ago

Just sit back, enjoy your summer and let them build the games. Everyone is so damn impatient. If you don't want to have all the money tied up, then just pay the deposit. Relax, breath....They'll ship your game eventually.....Hell, check that.....no they won't......Everyone bail so I can get mine sooner!!!


1 week later
#14689 3 years ago

I'm still in for an LE!!! Patiently waiting!! Go heighway!!! Alien baby!!! Bring it!!! Don't listen to all the negativity on here!! You guys rock Andrew!!!


#14694 3 years ago

Gooooood!! Everyone bail so I can get my Alien LE sooner!!!


4 weeks later
#15398 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I emailed Roger on Monday responded Tuesday, same thing stated things are moving along, only words I know but at least it hasn't gone silent, where are all the refunders, any progress?

After multiple requests and getting the same "hurry up and wait, we promise we are working on getting you a refund" response, I filed a Paypal claim for the $1500 deposit. I still have my $800 out in limbo that I wire transferred for the back box display and the "PDI" glass. Paypal got back to me in about a week and said they decided in my favor on the claim and are giving me my $1500 back. I was tired of waiting for Heighway so I did what I had to do to get my money back! In case anyone is wondering, I put my deposit down on March 11th, so it hasn't been too long. I'm still going to bug Heighway for my $800, but I'm not as confident that I will be able to get that back. Still going to try, but just not as confident...


1 week later
#15536 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Morgan emailed me this morning and requested bank transfer info, I sent it, lets see how long it takes, still I'm happy with the quick response.

Oh Morgan replies quickly, but good luck with that wire transfer. I asked for my remaining $800 two weeks ago and he finally said send me the wire transfer info and I did last Thur. I still have yet to get the $800 and he keeps saying he doesn't know why it is delayed and says he needs to talk to Daniel to get information on the status of the transfer.....I think it's all hot air until they actually do something which has yet to happen. So far all just talk, talk, talk....I am asking for my money every day now! I am going to be such a pain in their ass that they will give me my money back just to get rid of me!!


2 weeks later
#15698 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

That wire form coming from the ball eject has always been there?

Yep, you plug the ball and it goes up a wire form and drops down onto the play field.


1 month later
#16696 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

You're right - and I very well could be in the same boat but it's the only thing I know right now. Never said I guaranteed I'm getting 1 from the first 21. I will say that if CT renages on what they're saying (and I'm actually not in the first 21), I'm dropping out b/c that would be deceitful. I don't think that's the case though. Call me naive but I've dealt with CT before and it's been on the up and up. I have faith they are pulling through here. If not, lesson learned and I drop out and get my 1k from CT.

Good Luck....There are many others that have been waiting a lot longer for their pin, and you want one of the first 21 shipped....not sure how that works, but good luck....


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