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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#310 5 years ago

Can someone confirm the differences between the standard and LE? I've seen the website and assumed that was correct, but someone posted an image of an LE shot map with a bunch of additional playfield features unique to the LE that were not listed in the website comparison chart. Nobody even commented on the LE shot map so I'm wondering if it is even real.

I'm debating on LE or standard. If the website is correct, then really only the beacons and ramp lights matter (can do without the green powder, especially if I plan to swap in other games that won't look right with the green). Sounds like the beacons and ramp lights will be available as upgrade mods, so if these are the only differences and the playfields are the same, there isn't a lot of urgency for me to get an LE.

#318 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

This is the case.

Any idea what that other "LE shotmap" was then?

The other argument against getting LE is that (I think) standards can only swap with standards and LEs only with LEs. This would mean if you start LE, you can only buy the LE playfield for every game you want to swap. So, if I "love" Alien and want an LE, but only "like" Full Throttle and prefer a standard, I'd still need to upgrade to the LE.

But beyond the money, I wonder how they're handling the limited production when it comes to just playfields. Are they only doing 500 Alien LE playfields, or are they just capping the cabinets at 500 and will produce unlimited playfields to swap? If the playfields themselves are limited, then you could get completely closed out of certain games unless you're an early adopter.

#330 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

btw...the "LE" shot map was obviously a joke....

Shows how closely I looked at it then...

Thanks for the clarifications.

#349 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You guys are some crazy mother-fers and I salute you. I'm in on TBL,

To each their own as they say. I'm not in on Alien (yet) but I'm considering it. I went to expo with several pre-orders already in-hand, but with no intentions of getting anything else. I played TBL and recognize it was the sexiest game at expo, but it didn't intrigue me to want one what-so-ever. I previously had no interest in WOOLY, but jumped on one after only 2 games, it was that good.

I didn't have a good experience with Full Throttle (air balls, etc) and thus transferred those concerns to Alien. Love the sci fi theme, but questioned the quality. However, the Heighway guys assuaged my concerns with their candid response and I'm seriously considering Alien at this point.

I've almost maxed out the space for my collection. I have a pretty decent amount of games, but am nearing the point where I need to sell to buy. As such, the swap-able concept is appealing, especially with a killer theme and designer.

Historically I've never been a NIB guy, despite my recent flurry of pre-orders. That said, I'm way closer to (pre)ordering Alien than I am TBL. Mostly has to do with theme I guess.

3 weeks later
#459 5 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

The thing about the LE that has me interested the most is "Fibre Optic Ramp Lighting" which sounds similar to TronLE. If I could get a mod to add that, I think the Standard would be good for me also.

Andrew said the fibre optic ramps and the topper will be purchasable upgrades for the standard. Now, how much they cost and whether there is a price difference to make the standard + mods any cheaper, that's still a question.

#467 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Sort of hoping the LE will have something that sets it apart from standard ( maybe extra mode or something) beyond the " bling" ...making it a true LE....will anxiously wait and see....

If it was a dedicated machine (like most other manufacturers) I would agree with you. But given that this will be a swappable system, it kind of defeats the point of a true LE model for me. Who cares about an LE Alien cabinet once you have Full Throttle inside (or any other Heighway game). Given this, I really hope (expect) that you should be able to replicate the LE playfield / gameplay features on a standard.

2 months later
#674 5 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

There have been some modifications to the ramp files, so prototype ramps will not feature on this whitewood, as they will change significantly by the next prototype playfield.

What does this mean? Does significantly mean the ramp layout is different that what was in the drawings? Or does it mean that the final measurements on the physical playfield are off enough that the original ramps won't align, but the overall ramp layout is the same?

#711 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

About a month ago I was told production "starting" end of Jan, with first batch of machines going out end of February. Today Andrew said the production is starting mid-Feb but they think they can still get the first batch out the door end of February. My machine is part of that first batch.

It feels like we're close, sort of like the very last of the MMR wait, where it was week-to-week checking if things were on the line at Stern. Obviously this being pinball, nothing is certain until there is a machine sitting at my house.

Did you play the game at expo? Did you notice the airballs and such off the bent back stand-up targets? I made a comment here and Andrew acknowledged there were some proto parts in the game and they will make things more durable in the production version. I'm curious if you experienced this because I'd love to know from a user how differently things feel on the final game.

My basement is near full and I don't have anything I really want to get rid of, so I'm really excited about the swappable systems with Heighway and P3. I'm not into motorcycles, but I'm really considering both Full Throttle and Alien, but only if the quality is raised from what I experienced at expo.

#728 5 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Good point. I guess I should say that I wish these pin manufacturers would take some risks and really push for creative use of the licenses. Barring that, try an original theme. It's been too damned long.

Ben Heck: AMH
Spooky: Zombies (upcoming)
Heighway: Full Throttle (upcoming)
Multimorphic P3: Lexy Lightspeed (upcoming)
Riot: WOOLY (on hold - didn't sell enough pre-orders)

1 month later
#817 5 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

A question about and a thoughtful ambition for the Dual Yellow Beacon Topper...
Looking so forward to the day I get to see and especially hear the sounds of the Alien 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Pin in action.
I always thought the Topper With Yellow Beacons would absolutely Command a room or establishment or home basement full of games as the Beacons are randomly spinning and stopping - simply in the attract mode.

Dualing Beacons.jpg
But you know that's me just assuming the Beacons will be designed to revolve. I've just always assumed they would revolve to create formidable tension in certain modes of beastly chaos. Imagine the beloved Klaxon Alarm unique to the Alien Movie is whaling while a T-Minus Count down is droning and reducing, your desperately trying to hit a target or series of shots to 'survive/kill/escape' while the dual Yellow Beacons are throwing a doomsday revolving flash of panic all over the room surroundings.
Truly the potential for an outstanding experience, but you know I never read anywhere that the Beacons will actually have any kind of Revolving movement capability.
Can anyone tell me if the Yellow Beacons will revolve like the one on the loader in the gif below?

Example of a revolving light.gif
Or will they simply be steady on/off lights under a plastic dome?
I think I read that the Topper Beacons might be an optional accessory that can be added to the standard non LE Pin.
Will the Beacons use modern tech? Halogen... LED ... incandescent bulb/s? Will they be of a largish size? ...please not little 3 inch domes I pray. They should be BIG and cast a far reaching light... after all they are being called "Beacons" right?
I guess if planned and designed early enough the beacons might have the capability to have it both ways!!!!
Imagine the effect of a revolving strobe light in a dark room? Muahahaha! This would be nuts on a Pinball Machine! And I totally want this Pin to have that additional feature capability now.
...and what if the Revolving Beacons had the capability to gradually slow and then reverse and... Ok I'll stop dreaming. But you get the idea... this could be a Highly Interactive Game Topper/Changer. And Heighway has always spoken of pushing Pinball Tech forward... and if this Beacon Topper has a bit of technical sophistication and is integrated in game play to take advantage of that sophistication ... WOW!
For those planning on owning this Pin someday... would you want Revolving Beacons or Fixed on and off Blinkys? Not matter? Revolving Strobe effect? Revolving speed increases as T-Minus count down gets closer to Zero? Run them independently of one another? ...Meaning one starts flashing when you get in a little trouble, then it starts revolving solid when your in a lot of trouble, then it starts to strobe while its revolving when your in big doo doo, then the other side starts escalating through these stages as your situation continues to intensify until both sides are going nuts and your screaming for your mommy.
I Know - I'm dreaming again.

I can virtually guaranty that you've thought about these beacons far, far more than Heighway has.

1 week later
#850 5 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

The last official announcement I'm aware of said Aliens was shipping in April (next month). If Andrew/Heighway Pinball is so transparent they should state their revised ETA for shipping. It seems pretty obvious there is no way the game is shipping anytime soon..

Quoted from MK6PIN:

He's listening, and the extra wait time is minor compared to the norm, for sure....

I think everyone expected that they would be late, so not much to get too upset over yet. Just too bad they lost Nordman on the rest of Alien development over this timing issue we all knew wasn't happening. I'm sure there could have been other issues behind the scenes, but if I remember correctly, it appeared mainly over the fact Dennis refused to agree that the game could be shipping by April. I suspect he will be right.

I'm a huge fan of the swappable system, so I'm waiting to see both Full Throttle and Alien and might pop for both when they're ready.

#891 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

With his April release date going out the window I'm sure he has regrets about being so bullish about stating it,

Especially since they lost Nordman over the bullishness.

I'm really interested in Heighway because of the swappable system, but I need to play a finished game before I buy one. I had some serious concerns about the build quality at expo. Andrew said those issues have been addressed, but I need to experience it for myself first. If the new quality seems up to snuff, then I'm all in on both Full Throttle and Alien.

#906 5 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

So, back to the metal trim and Bemmett's question. The LE's are meant to be 'collectable' items, so customers will likely not want to swap other games in and out of their LE cabinet. However, this is a question of preference only because there is nothing to stop any other HP game being switched in and out of an LE cabinet.
The question then becomes one of metal trim. Currently we do not offer LE 'upgrades' because this becomes very complicated from a hardware perspective. However, we do intend to sell SE metal trim packages. Therefore, an LE owner could buy an SE cabinet and/or metal trim package to convert their LE cabinet back to an SE cabinet - should they wish to.

Actually, I would think the main question is the LE features, like the spinning light topper and the neon ramps. Can those be added to the standards and what will they cost? Your response above makes it sound questionable whether those will be available since you only addressed the trim. Back in November I emailed you and you gave me the following response:

Me: Will the Alien LE features be available as upgrades to the standard?
Andrew: Some of them yes, like the Topper and the Ramp Fibre Optic Kit.

Is this still true? I want the LE features, but I don't love Alien so much it needs to be a dedicated machine. I want your games for the swapability, but I don't really want to compromise features either. If I want one Heighway cabinet and a bunch of Heighway playfields, can I still have all the LE features like the toppers and ramps?

#922 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

My two cents: Beacons and lit ramps aren't exactly "gameplay" features, but they interact with the ball (I assume, no idea how the ramp lights work). I'd prefer personally that anything that is actually tied to the gameplay be available to anyone. Have a Full Throttle and want to convert it to an Alien? Pay extra and get all the features.
Let the LE be limited to more cool stuff that's not really gameplay related. Special powdercoat sure, but maybe an exclusive art package that only the LE can have. That keeps it limited, but not at the expense of people getting the full game.
That just seems to fit with the "modular" idea. You don't want to feel like you can't get a full game upgrade. But it still makes the LE special for people who love the theme and want a really dedicated cabinet for it that shows that they got the special version.
I guess I just would prefer things to be player first, collector second, in terms of priority, while still be sensitive to the concerns of both sides, since they both matter.

Agree completely. I really like the Alien theme and am very interested in this title, but I don't have such a hard on for it that I need to have it for the collectability nor do I need it to stay a dedicated machine. I have a lot of games and not many I want to get rid of, so space is a premium. That said, I want all the gameplay features in their swappable format.

#961 5 years ago

Sorry to ask this in an Alien thread, but will a production Full Throttle be showing up at any US shows coming up? I'm really interested in getting a base game and multiple playfields to put in it, but I have some concerns over the FT that was at expo, so I'd like to play the revised version before committing.

3 months later
#1172 5 years ago

This is a great example of the hypocrisy of people regarding the "I'll buy any original theme" line they like to throw around. Full Throttle might as well be a non-licensed game for us here in the states, and obviously Alien is a license. Everyone is clamoring over Alien. That's understandable. But everyone also keeps saying Full Throttle is a bad theme...why?

I'm not into motorcycles, or real life racing of any kind, etc. But I think this game looks fun. There are some really neat shots and why wouldn't you like the concept of a competitive race during the game? How is this game's theme all that different than High Speed or Get Away? Everyone seems to long for the 90s games and their unrestricted themes, and here you have a game that feels like that and most are complaining. I'm not surprised since I've called BS on the "I'll buy any non-licensed game" hyperbole before, but I'm just pointing this out as a great example here with Heighway's games.

1 week later
#1458 5 years ago
Quoted from Maken:

Full throttle is playing great, tight shots and tons of speed. But, lots of airballs. Can't wait for the seminar tomorrow!

BUMMER! This was the problem I saw last year at Expo. I was told it was due to some prototype parts that had been adjusted and that those issues were fixed. I was starting to get excited about getting both FT and Alien, but if FT still has the airball issue, I'll definitely be out. It was a real problem at expo, so I was hoping it had been resolved as they described.

#1556 5 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Actually if black powder coating was an option for the LE, that might be a nicer option for those wanting to do a swap down the road. Something to consider maybe?

I really LIKE Alien, but it's not a theme I am infatuated with (no offense to those here that are). So, I fully plan on getting the game and swapping the playfield out with others. I only have a couple Sterns, but I got LE for each. For Alien, I would absolutely add the beacons and ramp lighting to a Standard. If the LE is priced competitively to the Standard plus LE additions, I would consider that. If it is considerably more, I would never buy it since I don't envision it as a full time stand alone. I'd be more likely to buy a second Heighway cabinet if I ended up with 4+ playfields as I would not want that many sitting unplayable with only a single cabinet to play them in.

#1611 5 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

I found this fact interesting: "Interestingly, the makers of 2014's Alien: Isolation video game actually reverted to 1970's video technology to make the game feel more like the original movie. The game's menu screens were first rendered in software, then recorded on to VHS video tapes, played on a CRT display, filmed, and imported back into the game.)"
That's going the extra mile...ha.

Quoted from Jeekayjay:

Awesome game. Can't wait to try it with oculus rift

I downloaded this game from Steam, but have not played it yet. It's in my queue, but I'm looking forward to it.

2 months later
#2662 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Not kidding, Aurch if you want to pitch the idea. Basically Moto GP is as big a selling point as if it was an Ophrah pin. However if it was changed to something cool, just a simple theme switch like FG and Shrek it would sell much better here in the states, something like 'Nuclear Apocalypse Bike Racer' (tm) you could sell a but load of them.

Let's not go overboard. I'm not into motorcycles or motorcycle racing. That said, I don't find it any more or less appealing from a theme standpoint than Getaway. I've always thought racing video games were fun and I see this in the same way.

If you'd seriously just assume have an Oprah pin, well...you get a jackpot, and you get a jackpot, everyone gets a jackpot.

3 weeks later
#2819 4 years ago

I would also think for anyone that want the kickass large screen in the backbox, the LE becomes even more irrelevant. There is very little backbox artwork around the large screen frame, so ultimately, the only difference between LE and pimped SE would be the side art.

1 week later
#2914 4 years ago

Literally could not care less about the LE artwork. I'm interested in the FATBOY LCD, which pretty much negates any distinguishing visible artwork between the models. I'll add the cool LE playfield features to the standard.

#2936 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

It was cool to see both the big and small back box screens side by side at Expo. I must say I was naturally attracted to the large screen and went right to that machine first. Have to realize right now it's just duplicating what's on the small play field screen so it makes you wonder where they could take this if they were to head the way JJP is with theres'. With Alien it could be over the top cool. I hope they are intending to improve upon, big time, from their first go!

Quoted from PinballRulez:

Andrew said they won't head for the JJP way. But it is very likely that animations are going to be implemented. Maybe already for Alien.

Look at how much better the backbox LCD is in Hobbit than WOZ. JJP learned a lot and implemented something far more polished and integrated in their second attempt.

Heighway is just getting started and has not produced enough of anything to have learned much from the field. As a result, Alien may not be as many leaps and bounds better than Full Throttle as Hobbit was from WOZ. That said, even without going the full JJP route, I would fully expect them to learn a TON over time and implement those things going forward. For better or for worse, I would expect Alien will not be their best implementation of the LCD screen. That said, I'm guessing it will be cooler than Full Throttle (which was already pretty cool on the big screen) and certainly for anyone planning to swap in future games, their usage will only continue to improve.

1 month later
#3237 4 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

Look at promo video 2 of 2 at 2:00 - slide of pf and 6 connectors.
Promo videos
» YouTube video
» YouTube video

As with any promo, it wasn't as quick and easy as it looks there. The physical swap wasn't too bad, but there was still the software swap. If you didn't have 2 daughter boards (or whatever they were called) then you needed a laptop and certain software to re-write the ROM to the new game. It took 10-15 minutes to load the new software, on top of the time to do all the physical swaps.

All this just compounded the fact that SWE1 sucked.

2 weeks later
#3715 4 years ago

I don't want to be negative, so lets just say that based on the flyer, I'll reserve judgement until I see it populated.

#3739 4 years ago

OK, after seeing the high res images, this already looks and feels a ton better than the flyer picture.

Looks like Heighway got 5 minutes of their own "Stern-like crappy cell phone reveal" to garner some initial skepticism. Glad to see they headed that one off quickly.

1 month later
#4865 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

We've talked about this very thing actually. And not the Predator "invisible" stuff. Just straight up UV reactive ink. You never know.
I love the word rad by the way. But I'm from the Bay Area, where we say hella, so we're not worried about what anyone else thinks of our slang.

UV ink would be DOPE!

4 weeks later
#5174 4 years ago

Looks super coo, but can it possibly be to scale? That thing looks massive to be on the playfield somewhere.

4 weeks later
#5356 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Too much art on the PF...it's really taking down the immersion.

Seeing all 3 Zen tables is really telling when you compare their playfield "artwork" to Heighway's. I'm sure all 3 of them are more like what everyone was envisioning and hoping for. What a shame.

#5394 4 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

I would believe in the celebratory spirit of Fox's "Alien Day," approval of a public showing would be readily forth coming and provide for the community a glimpse of just how far the Heighway Team has been allowed to travel down the Alien rabbit hole.
Really looking forward to an example of what a tangible pin designed to be "true to the Alien/s Universe" will look, sound, and play like. Fingers crossed.
Certainly a video of such consequence would go viral surrounding the context of that particular day and give Heighway worldwide exposure to the people most interested in the Alien/s theme.
Or am I just dreaming?

Dreaming, I'm afraid. Even as someone who owns almost 30 pinball machines, I'm still aware of the bitter reality that in the broader social context, pinball is essentially irrelevant.

3 weeks later
#5711 4 years ago

Let's hope "released in September" doesn't turn into Heighway's new "released in April" all over again.

2 months later
#6936 4 years ago

How far behind the Standard game are you expecting the LE release?

1 month later
#7400 3 years ago

Does anyone have pricing info on LE vs Standard with LE options? I emailed Andrew last week and have not heard back. I'd like to know that and make a decision about LE vs Standard w/ options before the reveal and the possible sell out of the remaining LEs.

4 weeks later
#8001 3 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

anyone preorder with cointaker yet? i think they will take a credit card for a deposit but not sure. If you have do you have any timeline expectations?

I just talked to them yesterday. They don't even know the prices yet because of the newly introduced options. They told me I could reserve one after expo if I still wanted. They didn't seem at all concerned about LEs not being available through them.

#8004 3 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

Are you saying CoinTaker won't be carrying Alien LE?

They didn't feel any urgency based on their presumed allotment potentially selling out. I asked about reserving before expo and they casually told me to get back with them after the show. They didn't know exactly how many they would have to sell, but like I said, they don't even know pricing yet.

#8456 3 years ago

Does the LE come with the 27" backbox LCD? I know it was an option originally, but I thought I read somewhere that they were making it standard for their models going forward. It is not listed in the feature list for either model on their site.

#8546 3 years ago
Quoted from karl:

The only small concern I have is with the smoothness of the far left ramp. From what I could tell out of the few gameplay clips I have seen, the ball seems to be almost stopping and losing momentum, before the ramp turns downwards.

Quoted from bcd:

Dave Sanders confirmed yesterday that this is a known issue on the prototypes and a fix is already in the works for the production games.

Glad to hear they are fixing this. I was commenting all weekend that I really HATED the design of that ramp. The ball goes up, hits the target, loses all momentum, kind of get caught in the crease toward the return ramp, and then dribbles down. Horrible flow. I would hope they put an actual curve in the upper part of the ramp and change the switch to a leaf or something. Anything to keep the flow of that ramp would be a good thing.

Lots of other parts were pretty clunky as well, but I chalk them up to it still being a proto. Looking forward to this game as the theme integration was amazing.

And to anyone interested, Full Throttle really is awesome. The one they has at the show played like ass, but in the few games where it was working correctly, it is a blast. I'm not into motorcycle racing at all, but it was more fun to me than Alien. I will no doubt be adding it as a kit.

1 week later
#8832 3 years ago
Quoted from moto_cat:

It happens in many industries all the time .That's why they state *specifications subject to change.

I hear you, but it's hard to deny that buying a system that's inter-changeable, only to find out it isn't actually inter-changeable without upgrading is pretty crappy. If the required upgrade came down the road with game #4 or later, there wouldn't be the same complaint. Buyer would have had an opportunity to swap games, and everyone expects (or at least they should) that tech will need to be upgraded over time. You just don't expect to upgrade it before you can even use it.

I'm sure Heighway will do what they need to to make it right, but it's not hard to see why people would blast them prior to hearing the resolution.

#8851 3 years ago
Quoted from PBFan:

I also like modular stuff because it helps put the "hobby" part back into the collecting. I would love to have the ability to program rules, change content, etc. I enjoy seeing the amazing mods that people come up with in the same way I like to go to car shows to see what people have done with their cars. I think the Heighway system has potential to help the hobby even more in the future. I really hope their concepts take-off and they do well as a company.

Quoted from Wickerman2:

Check out P3 as well

Not to turn this into a modular war vs P3, but that will prove to be a much better MODULAR system than Heighway. Whether they ultimately produce better games is a completely different story, which is completely unknown at this point. But for modularity, P3's model is Nintendo. Their playfields swap in under a minute (I know Heighway swaps quickly as well), their playfields are small (as compared to Heighway's full playfield) and they are targeting $1500-2000 for a game (as opposed to ~$4500 for Heighway). Not only are people going to have somewhat of a storage space issue with multiple Heighway playfields, but how many people are going to be able to justify $9000-18,000 worth of playfields sitting around not set up? I love the modular concept and plan to go that route with both Heighway and P3, but I don't see myself anywhere less than a 2 playfield to cabinet ratio with Heighway games. P3 on the other hand, with the smaller storage issue, lower price, and the ability to load mini-games, is much more prepared to exercise the modular concept. That's the basis of the P3 philosophy, it's more of a "by the way" in Heighway's direction. It doesn't make one system better than the other, they just have different primary focuses.

#8875 3 years ago
Quoted from accidental:

You brought up Nintendo. Do you apply the same argument to owning dozens of Nintendo games when the console can only play one game at a time?
The 3-minute turnaround time to swap a highway playfield is about how long it takes to swap a disc on a game console and boot to a point where you're actively playing. The $9000–1800 worth of playfields are your game library and you could play several of them in one evening with just one cabinet in your house.

Nobody I know has multiple game systems set up in a row for multiple people to play at the same time in a party/social situation. And even if they did, video games cost $60.

Most people that have rows of pinball machines it's partly for their own variety, and partly for multiple people to enjoy and not wait in line. I'm not saying the swappable thing is bad, I will own Alien and Full Throttle with only 1 cabinet. I'm just saying the storage space for full size playfields and the economics of $4500 don't really support the argument for tons of cabinetless games sitting around. I just don't see loads of people having what many people spend on an entire collection, sitting in storage boxes. If I own 6 Heighway games in the future, you can be sure they won't all be running out of 1 cabinet.

#8904 3 years ago

HUH? People buy pinball machines 100% based on how they look? I think the Heighway cabinets look pretty crappy. I think the backlit art is cool, but the huge black voids around it looks like ass. You know what? I'm 100% in on Alien and Full Throttle. I couldn't give a rip what the side of the cabinet looks like. I have almost 30 games and you know how many of them I can see the side of the cabinet on? Only 3. I know some people care, but when the games are in a row, I just don't get why the cabinet matters. I can guaranty you, nobody is basing their purchase decision 100% on how the cabinet looks. smh

#8961 3 years ago

Man I wish that was a movie instead of a book.

#8962 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I must say....Full Throttle was not a theme I was interested in, but literally blew me away with the flow and speed when I played it at Expo. It was truly a " fun" play, and some of the loop shots were refreshingly new for me. This only reinforces my take on Alien, and my excitement on future titles.
Can't put my finger on it, but the games felt very, very solid, and had a very satisfying element to gameplay. ( don't know if this fits into current thread activity, but figured I'd post it)....

I'm not into motorcycles AT ALL. But FT is fun as hell. And in the midst of a game, who can't get into the general concept of winning a race? That main guy is so smug it made me want to beat his ass every time I played so I didn't have to listen to him laugh at me in disgust. I know this is sacrilege in this forum, but I'm more excited about getting FT than Alien based on the playing I did at expo. Alien was cool and I'm sure it will get better as it becomes production ready, but FT is fun in a "one more time" sort of way. Hopefully Alien will get to that point as well as it matures.

Unless a motorcycle ran over your grandmother or you've had some other traumatic moto experience, people need to get over the theme as if it's something you need to be passionate about in life and just play FT. It's such a vanilla theme it's easy to get past. It's not like WoZ that's totally in your face. It's a ton of fun and unlike any widebody I've ever played.

#9155 3 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

I don't know the answer; that's up to Andrew. My personal preference would be to offer a basic guide to gameplay (perhaps on YouTube, as was done for Full Throttle), but NOT publish our entire rulebook. For me, a big part of the joy of a new game, whether on location or as a home owner, is the discovery process: finding the tricks to boosting scores, finding the right combination of features to stack, learning that how you do on this thing influences that thing over there. Publishing the full rules would short-circuit most of that discovery experience.

I couldn't disagree with this more. You know that just because a rulebook exists, people don't have to read it. I get that some people want to explore on their own and don't want to know anything they didn't figure out themselves, but others don't have the time or the energy to fully explore all the permutations of different play tactics, especially if they're not good enough players to full execute what and when the opportunities arise. I'm somewhere between these two extremes. I'd like to save the "surprises" but get the details on play strategies.

I don't have the time or attention span to learn what impacted what fully on my own. But I will read rulesheets and try to execute those strategies. If you want to be surprised by everything, just don't read them.

I can tell you for sure, that I have gotten SO MUCH more enjoyment out of games after reading rules and strategies. Back when I first started collecting I would print off the rulesheets from pinball.com and read about all the modes and scoring tactics. This made the games so much more fun. More recently, I have a Hobbit and didn't know what I was doing. I was seriously thinking about selling it. Now that I've read the rules, I'm really loving it.

By not releasing rules, you are hurting the people that want to read them and learn strategy in that fashion. On the other hand, by releasing them you give people the choice. I don't read spoilers online for shows I'm watching. Players that like the suspense can do the same thing here.

#9208 3 years ago
Quoted from jungle:

I don't know when the multimorphic system is ever going to have the ball interacting physically as the major part of the game rather than images on the screen. There will be people maybe young people that don't care but we will have to see if it's big numbers at 10k.

Just stop already!

1. The major part of P3 IS CURRENTLY the ball interacting physically with the machine. The physical to virtual interaction is secondary.

2. This is a Heighway thread. You have not even played the P3 before, why do you need to bring your lack of knowledge about the system from the P3 thread into a Heighway thread?


1 month later
#9712 3 years ago

To be honest, myself and everyone I played Alien with at Expo never got our info from the playfield LCD. As good of an initial idea as it was, the new giant screen is just easier to read. I know not looking up is helpful, but the font is small enough that I can't just make a quick glance to soak it all in anyway. I wish they would ditch the 3rd LCD and rather than mirror the backbox and playfield, they would make the playfield LCD more of a HUD with mode/shot related info. The reason they "need" the 3rd LCD is because they're not really optimizing how to use the two they already have.

I love Heighway and want both Alien and Full Throttle, but you can see this LCD thing is a victim of evolving their original concept rather than stepping back and rethinking.

I'm sure I have some of the details here wrong, but essentially:

Originally they ONLY had the playfield LCD, so it had to have all the info.

People clamored for a backbox LCD, so Heighway accommodated with the small version and the screens were mirrored.

Heighway surprised everyone with a full size backbox LCD. This is where they should have rethought the use of the two, but I think there were hardware issues with 2 video streams.

They teased a possible third screen, but this was to be for short clips, etc. and they still had an issue with the technical ability to add another video stream.

Now they apparently have figured out how to add another video stream for the third screen to show mode info. Isn't this exactly the info you want without having to look up. Sounds like a great role for the playfield LCD rather than putting general game info in front of the player and making them look to the back of the machine for the immediate mode related stuff.

I refuse to believe that if Heighway re-conceptualized everything knowing what they know now that they would purposely incorporate 3 LCD screens. Seems like it would be cheaper and a better end experience to re-think how they're using the screens they already have versus adding a new one to supplement what the playfield one could have been doing all along.

#9870 3 years ago

I like some of the ideas about the new uses for the Airlock LCD, but I really feel like things could be more strategically implemented going forward if they made the large backbox screen standard and then designed each of the dedicated screens for specific uses. I have to imagine that the overwhelming majority of people get the large screen, and duplicating the playfield screen is pretty much pointless outside of needing to do it for those that don't have the backbox screen. If the large backbox became standard, then the development team would be designing around known quantities rather than accounting for contingencies, not knowing what configuration users have.

There isn't a single other instance in all of pinball where the game designers are faced with not knowing whether a user's machine has a feature this integral. Everything could be optimized and strategically used if there was a fixed core configuration that they were designing to.

Aurich mentions the large readability of the design for the airlock LCD, but that mentality should extend to the playfield display as well. If it didn't HAVE to be designed as potentially the only display, it could be used in much more helpful and readable ways than a mini version of the full backbox.

#9937 3 years ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

Anyone else holding off sending in the next payment. I pre ordered a LE from the start but would love to see a finished LE. Any reason besides moving up the list in terms of receiving the game sooner than later. Any thoughts on early games produced having issues with later games being more solid. Looking forward to having this beast in my game room this year!!!

I would be hesitant being too close to the front of any new production run. Just about any game released these days you end up seeing the early adopters having to retrofit fixes that the later machines come with. I'm not keeping up with the Stern releases, but this happened with both JJP games, Spooky, and it certainly will happen with Heighway as well. It's the price for being one of the first to get one.

#9939 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I don't know how decals would hold up on the flipper hole nylon inserts, but I'm happy to use the CAD files to extract that portion of the art to try, it exists in my file, might be an easy aftermarket thing to mess with. Not sure they would hold up well enough to be an 'official' supported mod, but for home use I'd think they'd be fine.
So no promises, but if it bugs you to not have art there we can try and mess with it. I don't have a game to physically test that kind of stuff on, so give me some time.

Andrew said the inserts will be black in the production game, that should be good enough I'd think.

#9941 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

This really needs addressing, so many of us are in for LE's and really haven't seen what we will be getting (not completely, anyways).

Does it really matter, honestly? I'm not getting an LE, but the reason why is that it's just not that much different from SE (other than features you can add). If you are getting the large LCD screen, there is virtually no room for artwork to be much different. Side art could be different, but if games are in a row it never matters much there either.

Not saying overall package won't be better, but the artwork differential between models will be small at best.

1 week later
#9985 3 years ago
Quoted from tp:

Stop me from buying a woz, by giving me a reliable release date. I'm weak.....not sure I can hold out much longer and I can't afford both.

No offense, but what could possibly be conceived as a reliable release date at this point? After being almost 2 years late, and having missed (I've lost track of how many) release dates to this point, how could anything other than "we're shipping today" be considered reliable?

I really like Heighway, and I will be purchasing Alien and Full Throttle, but I've learned to completely ignore all promises about timeframes. You need to determine whether you'd rather have WoZ or Alien and ignore that one is available today and the other is still an undetermined amount of time away.

#9989 3 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

The Game was only announced 2 years ago. Quit exagerating

It was originally supposed to ship in April 2015, not that any of us really believed Andrew on that one. I would consider that almost 2 years at this point. Would saying 21 months late make you feel better?

#10004 3 years ago
Quoted from take2-take5:

Nit Picky really? I think it's a fair question the one I'm raising, I'm fine with the way it is - it looks great but since it's a pin for both Alien and Aliens I would've expected some Aliens artwork is all...
Those who are more of an Aliens fan (which chances are, possibly higher than Alien) and are getting one of these would probably prefer it to give off more a Aliens vibe on sight and it's only natural you'd want that - but yes it's not 100% necessary.

Thanks for the link was good to read the posts here.
-Sounds like the LE art package will be different (Excluding Playfield) so hopefully we will get something that represents Alien & Aliens or just Aliens, knowing that we'll also get the standard version as well.
It looks like this table was made to tie in with the Alien 35th Anniversary so I understand the Art design choices, The LE even says 35th anniversary edition but it would seem to me we already got that with the standard edition.
Chances are you're not needing this to be more Alien 79ish (how could it be?) - It would be cool if 86 fans could get a package to do with the more recent Aliens 30th Anniversary.

You're kidding yourself if you think the average fan has any clue about the aesthetic differences between films. Super fans, as are swarming this thread, for sure. But not the general sci-fi / average Alien fan. I love sci-fi movies, enjoyed the Alien movies, and have even seen them multiple times. That said, I don't really distinguish between them aesthetically. As long as it looks like Alien the franchise, I think myself and the vast majority of general fans will be happy and be none the wiser.

#10095 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Because it works?
On the other hand, you can post something critical on Stern's FB page but they will just delete and ignore.

His point was you shouldn't have to resort to posting in public to get a resolution. Things should get resolved long before someone considers posting in a forum about it.

#10142 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:


And these are supposed to be shipping *now*?
Well, this should put a stop to the people asking for refunds.

Quoted from iceman44:

These are supposed to be games that are "going home with somebody".

And this is why nobody should ever be clamoring to be one of the early games from any manufacturer. No matter how bad I want a certain game, I refuse to pay to be a beta tester on these things. I'll wait until the kinks are worked out before I get on board.

All this is only made worse by announcing the game so early and being SO late. Everything about this process feels thrown together. I mean, they can't even keep the games working on DAY ONE of a show, where customers were supposedly going to take those games home with them. Should this be surprising when Andrew was saying things would get done for the show because "new parts are coming in every day." That's a bit seat-of-the-pants for me.

I really wish they would just take a step back, say the game will be done in June, and do everything purposely and effectively, rather than continue to make arbitrary 3 week deadlines that get missed while they run around like headless chickens. Stop over promising and work realistically. Customers are quick to forgive missed expectations when it's a deadline but the company still shows some signs of forward motion. People will be much less willing to forgive Heighway if their letdown starts coming in the form a shit quality game in their basement, especially if Heighway's customer service / tech support is as timely as they process refund requests.

I don't mean to throw shade at Heighway, I really want them to be successful, but it just seems like they keep shooting themselves in the foot.

#10313 3 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

I think what the mech will do, will be very cool... BUT if your expectation is that it's going to look exactly like the film... you're in for a HUGE disappointment. It's a tiny little mechanical toy in a pinball machine. As long as you keep that in mind, it'll be great!!
I think this is shaping up to be a nice pin. Congrats to the entire team for accomplishing the marathon of getting it this far, and good luck with the Iron Man Triathlon of actually getting it in homes!

Agreed. When I see people expecting this to be "downright chill-inducing" I have to laugh. In the grand scheme of special effects, this is a crappy little mechanical toy. Every effect in every pinball machine is. Doesn't mean it isn't neat, and sometimes cool. I still love blowing up the castle in MM. But they're just not very sophisticated effects. There's no chance this is going to have more than a crude resemblance to the way the scene in the movie looked, and that's OK. That said, some people expected Smaug to breath fire and fly around their basement too, so this isn't too surprising.

#10383 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I've played a fair bit of FT and it's indeed a very smooth flowing game. I don't care for the artwork and I found the gameplay a bit "meh" but no one can knock how it shoots. Very nice. For their first game I think it's pretty good - not a home run, but better than a lot of early Sterns.

Depending on how early you're talking, I would say FT is better than ALL early Sterns. Big Buck Hunter, High Roller Casino, Striker Extreme, Roller Coaster Tycoon...Blech!

Full Throttle is awesome, most early modern Sterns sucked.

#10389 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I think you need to take BBH out of that list or at least learn when it came out

Fair enough, but it sucked like it was from the pre-TSPP days.

#10406 3 years ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

Well I designed Full Throttle, and I like Big Buck Hunter. Somebody has to.

My inclination is to assume you have bad taste, because BBH is pretty brutal. But Full Throttle is THE SHIT, so you sir, can like whatever you want.

2 weeks later
#10831 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

I think being upset about those white flipper markers on the playfield is totally appropriate. This is an obvious oversight and flat out mistake that is trying to be glossed over. An undeleted layer and no one at a press check and boom you've got a bunch of misprinted playfields. Talk about QC. If games ship out like this its just shameful in my opinion. For everyone hoping to be immersed in this theme its really going to tear down that fourth wall every time you flip the flipper and flash back into reality. But to overlook the egregious error would only be par for the course in this thread. Imagine how a mistake like this could spoil the fun in some of your favorite games.

Always great when someone makes an ass of themselves trying so hard to make someone else look like an ass.

#11010 3 years ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

Hey heighwaypinball Andrew,
Just curious if you have thought about a package deal if someone wants an Alien and a FT kit at the same time?

My plan was definitely to buy these together as well.

1 week later
#11298 3 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Damn, says I need a Facebook account to view. F that, hopefully someone will get some YouTube video up.

Why people REFUSE to create a Facebook account when so many videos they end up wanting to watch are there, is beyond me. I get it, FB has a stigma from the "older" crowd (which I'm a part of). I literally don't understand why people use FB. But they do, so get over it.

There are things posted there that have nothing to do with "using" FB that you want to see. Regardless, people are on here almost daily saying "screw FB, when will someone post that video somewhere else?!?!" Get over yourselves.

I have a FB acct with EXACTLY zero friends. I don't "use" FB, but I have an acct so I can see this sort of stuff I want to see that people post there. It's free, took seconds to sign up for, and I still get to tell people I don't use FB. That's right people, you can have a FB acct without actually "using" FB.

Or I suppose you can keep torturing yourself and complaining while you wait for someone to post the video somewhere you feel is worthy of you accessing. So be it.

1 week later
#11592 3 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

I'm of the opinion the playfield LCD should be removed, save the $75 it probably costs and use the difference to help make the main screen standard.
I never looked at it in FT or Alien. They've done a fantastic job with the text, typeface and feel of Aliens but it's hard to read on the little screen.
Or perhaps if their SoC can do dual screens, if large screen installed make the PF one just have mode shot arrows and basic, large text info.

I agree with you in spirit, Ben. I've said this before; I refuse to believe that if Heighway had originally intended to use the backbox screen that we'd have 3 LCD screens today. The backbox should be roughly what's on the backbox/playfield screen now. The playfield screen should be something along the lines of what the airlock screen is for. Much more mode/shot specific information that the player needs real time. Bigger font that can be easily read at a quick glance. Mirroring the backbox makes the playfield screen too small to ready without focusing on it rather than on balls in play. This strategic implementation of the screens with specialized functions would allow them to remove/never have added the airlock LCD.

#11595 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I'd be interested to see if anyone actually orders one of these games without the big LCD in the backbox. It should really be standard but I guess having options isn't a bad thing. I know it's not technically necessary but it just makes the game that much cooler to play! And $550 is only $150 more than a ColorDMD. Seems like a bargain considering it's a 27" full HD display!

Not only that, but as optional hardware, they need to program the game not knowing if any given machine will have the backbox LCD. If they made it standard, future code could treat the various screens in a more specialized manner since they would know the hardware specs of all their machines. The fact that they never know if a machine is going to have it or not, they end up coding for the lowest common denominator and that lessens what the result could have been if they designed toward a known spec.

#11770 3 years ago
Quoted from violinfather:

Well what you said makes absolutely no sense. One would think given that it has been more than a 100 years since the advent of the industrial revolution that mass production of items have some type of assembly schedule. I am not asking to know when every pin walks out the door just when production is going to ramp up....just saying.

Quoted from Deadpin:

Seems like a legit question that's been asked several times without an answer. If they were flying out of the factory and people were receiving them and posting about it then it wouldn't be a question. The first two went out with fanfare and then....nothing. A little odd to be honest.

As Dano said, if you've been following this thread at all, you'd know why they shouldn't be giving out completion dates. Heighway has flagrantly missed every single deadline they have ever given out. Hell, they can't even release gameplay videos or Q&A with the designer videos when they say they're going to. So at this point, why continue to ask? You are right that it's a fair question, and one we all should expect to get SOMEWHAT accurate answers to, but it just doesn't happen. If we push hard enough, Andrew will give some answer, and then it will be wrong. What good did that do anybody?

I'm 100% in on Alien and Full Throttle, but I've given up needing to know when I'm going to get them. I'll just wait until this Summer (or at this rate, maybe even Fall) and pick them up. I've had to come to grips with the fact that Andrew seems like a great guy with no bad intentions. And thus far they're 2-for-2 on kick ass games. But there are a TON of things outside of designing cool games that Heighway still REALLY SUCKS at. Accurate communication is one of them.

To me, the no-brainer course of action is to determine I want the games, get comfortable with not trying to own them until mid-to-late this year (since I'm intending to buy Alien and FT together), and ignore everything else about Heighway because most of it can be more frustrating that I need.

#11777 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

As Dano said, if you've been following this thread at all, you'd know why they shouldn't be giving out completion dates. Heighway has flagrantly missed every single deadline they have ever given out. Hell, they can't even release gameplay videos or Q&A with the designer videos when they say they're going to. So at this point, why continue to ask? You are right that it's a fair question, and one we all should expect to get SOMEWHAT accurate answers to, but it just doesn't happen. If we push hard enough, Andrew will give some answer, and then it will be wrong. What good did that do anybody?
I'm 100% in on Alien and Full Throttle, but I've given up needing to know when I'm going to get them. I'll just wait until this Summer (or at this rate, maybe even Fall) and pick them up. I've had to come to grips with the fact that Andrew seems like a great guy with no bad intentions. And thus far they're 2-for-2 on kick ass games. But there are a TON of things outside of designing cool games that Heighway still REALLY SUCKS at. Accurate communication is one of them.
To me, the no-brainer course of action is to determine I want the games, get comfortable with not trying to own them until mid-to-late this year (since I'm intending to buy Alien and FT together), and ignore everything else about Heighway because most of it can be more frustrating that I need.

I suppose it depends on how you define communication, but point taken. I edited my post to say "accurate" communication, which is what they obviously struggle with. The frequency and willingness of Andrew's communication on Pinside is not in question. The fact you can't trust much that is said, is another issue. To me, this falls under the umbrella of shitty communication, but whatever. I like Andrew, I believe his heart is in the right place, and I don't feel he's being purposely dishonest with his inaccurate promises.

#11869 3 years ago
Quoted from sed6:

Are the ramps going to stay the ugly metal (or are they wood), or can we hopefully expect clear plastic like FT?


#11894 3 years ago
Quoted from chucksmith:

Q: How is the Heighway Shaker motor ?
Those who own Full Throttle can comment. Is it more or less shaky than Stern's shaker?
Deciding if I want to add the shaker to an SE.
Is there a picture anywhere of Heighway's Shaker motor assembly ?

If you plan on swapping games into the Heighway cabinets, it makes sense to add everything you can to it (Shaker, 27" monitor, PDI glass, etc). Dividing those costs across multiple titles makes them extremely cost effective compared to non-modular games. I can't speak to the shaker integration in Full Throttle or Alien, but I'll be adding one none-the-less counting on continued integration across current and future titles.

1 week later
#12149 3 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

Ask the guys who have a SWEP1 kit for their AFM. How often do they switch out?

Aside from the fact that it's RFM, not AFM...

This still is not a fair comparison at all. Not only did SWE1 suck major, but the actual swap process was a complete pain in the ass if you didn't have 2 prism cards. And even then, you had several connectors to switch, boards that had to be swapped from the computer in the head, etc. I had both games in 1 cabinet and if I remember correctly, it was like 20+ minutes to swap playfields and flash the other game software.

A ~3 minute plug-and-play swap is not comparable to the PB2K experience at all.

#12284 3 years ago

Did they mention anything about the game + kit package pricing?

1 week later
#12500 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

I would definitely wait to buy one until they are physically available.

Totally agreed. I've never understood why people want to be first in line when EVERY manufacturer has issues out of the gate that get resolved later in the production run. This is only exaggerated with Heighway's Alien because the machines are still just cobbled together. Not even they have seen a full production machine with all the options installed, so who knows what's left to be found out and fixed going forward.

Quoted from chrisnack:

I've had quite a bit of correspondence with Heighway this week and I played Alien (pre-prod) last night. I'm still on the fence as to whether i should order one. The lighting and art package is fantastic. The pre-production game obviously had some issues and non of the call-outs were working (in terms of where you should shoot) so the game was hard as hell to figure out what you had to do.
The outlanes are absolute drain monsters, unique design, but man i spent alot of money last night.
I love the movies, love the theme, just not sure on the pin yet though.

I've been assuming I would get an Alien once it was out as part of a package with Full Throttle. But I hear what you're saying because as cool as the game looks in design, I'm not sure how fun it is going to be, especially for more casual skill level players that aren't specifically into Alien. I know the game has changed for the better since Expo, but I WAY more enjoyed playing Full Throttle than I did Alien at the show. I'm not into Motorcycles at all, but that game is just fun. I'm am into Sci-Fi and I like Alien, but to me the jury is still out on the end result fun-factor.

All the more reason to sit back and see how everything turns out before diving in.

#12536 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Quoted from Cheeks:
Totally agreed. I've never understood why people want to be first in line when EVERY manufacturer has issues out of the gate that get resolved later in the production run. This is only exaggerated with Heighway's Alien because the machines are still just cobbled together. Not even they have seen a full production machine with all the options installed, so who knows what's left to be found out and fixed going forward.
Quoted from Cheeks:
I'm one of the founding people who jumped on back when the P3 was a bunch of PVC and tech demos. Really excited to see this coming to form shortly.

OK, first off, that's a little creepy that you're researching old unrelated posts of mine to dredge up in this thread.

Regardless, to show that despite that quote, I am completely consistent, last year when Gerry announced they're nearing production, I requested to be at the end of the line. Even on something I've been bought into for years, I still don't want to be first.

Quote that...

#12563 3 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

LOL at attacking someone who literally reads that person's posts. The irony............ And ad hominem attacks are weak.
FWIW you aren't being "completely consistent". Look at the context with Pinstein's original statement that you quoted and your first words.

Astropin has a point when he finds in one thread that you have no problem buying early in a new production, yet in another thread you "totally agree" with waiting until later to buy. Your subsequent notion of getting a later production unit is tangential and irrelevant (non-sequitor) to the context of the posts and the point Astropin made.
It sounds like you maybe never meant to literally "totally agree" with Pinstein. But as presented, Astropin's feedback had merit.
Ad hominem attacks and calling a member creepy for using historical information and examples is becoming a favorite diversionary tactic by some on pinside.

A lot has transpired in the industry since I put money down on the P3. I personally have gotten burned by Jpop, many others have gotten burned on other fronts, every manufacturer is putting out games with considerable issues early in the run, etc.

****Deleted the rest since I'm just not interested in internet word fights.****

1 week later
#12647 3 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

The "you're playing AS Ripley" angle is still pretty weak.
Imagine these pinball machines with the main character replaced by the player.
T2 WITHOUT Arnold.
Nightmare on Elm Street WITHOUT Freddy.
Apollo 13 WITHOUT Tom Hanks.
The Avengers WITHOUT Hulk.
Tron Legacy WITHOUT Flynn.
Demolition Man WITHOUT Stallone.
Star Wars WITHOUT Luke.
Addams Family WITHOUT Gomez.
The Shadow WITHOUT Alec.
Kiss WITHOUT Gene.
Iron Man WITHOUT Stark.
Jurassic Park WITHOUT T-Rex.
Batman WITHOUT Batman.
That being said. The Game is still really amazing in spite of its main, beloved character being absent.

While I would prefer Sigourney in the game no doubt, most of these analogies don't fit. She may have been the main actor, but let's be real, the ALIENS are the main character in this context, not Ripley.

#12753 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It's April 2017. They shouldn't need small batches for owners to beta test. What on earth have they been doing over the past couple years?

And this is my biggest concern about Heighway. We still have not seen a single game with all production parts in them. Every manufacturer is having some issues with early run games and reacting accordingly. Using customers as quasi-QA/beta testers is going too far for me. Updated Xeno mech boards? WTF! That doesn't even touch on LE art, fiber optic ramps, etc, etc.

I'm fully behind Heighway and the games they're creating. I want Alien and a FT kit. But there are serious red flags here. Glad I'm on the sidelines until things shake out.

#12765 3 years ago
Quoted from sed6:

If you have no skin in the game (like made a payment to Heighway) then it's not you place to complain, or second guess or stir the pot. Plenty of us have put money down and are waiting patiently for our games to arrive. Your concerns are unfounded and serve no purpose other than trying to cause concern or angst for those of us waiting to take delivery.

I've pre-ordered (paid in full) at least half a dozen machines over the years. I have concerns and reasons why I won't pre-order from Heighway right now, but it's not my place to articulate that? I've never been a sky is falling person on any game, I've been fully supportive of Full Throttle, and have made clear my intentions to eventually buy both Alien and Full Throttle. If your comment was directed toward one of the countless yahoos on this site that want to rip down everything for the sake of it, that would be one thing. But I've been pretty Pro AND Con about things and feel completely justified expressing an objective opinion about concerns. Putting down money is not a prerequisite to having a legit opinion.

#12793 3 years ago
Quoted from windoesnot:

My biggest issue so far is that the ruleset not being very good at giving the player feedback, at times you felt a bit lost in what you are supposed to be doing both during modes, multiball and single ball play. The display does help show things but so often it is showing clips and animations that the info is not there. For example when you start a mode the display tells you what to shoot but then if the shot needed then changes, it will only say so after the video clip has finished and by that point you're often not in a position to be able to read it. The insert colouring could be made better to help with what you are to shoot too. Finally its not obvious either say for Ambush multiball how many more Xeno hits are needed. It works the same way as Sparky multiball in Metallica but at least that has 3 progression inserts by the shot, here there is no clear indication of how close you are to starting it. Obviously continued work on the code can help make all this better

This is disappointing. There are now 3 LCD screens so there's no excuse for not giving the proper information.

This is just another reason why I wish they would make the backbox LCD a standard feature so they could design to that spec. I feel like the movie clips could go on the backbox LCD and then use the playfield screen as more of a HUD for constant realtime status. Information could be formatted differently and sized up to make it easy to read on the fly. Things could be so much more efficient if they created uses and information for each specific screen separately rather than creating something that has to work in the backbox and then is just scaled down for the playfield.

#12817 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I thought the PC upgrade would be free for FT owners that are upgrading to Alien?

Given that their "swappable" system needed an upgrade before any early adopters could even swap in a single game, I think it's kinda shitty that people need to pay for these. If this was a few years and several games later, I wouldn't have an issue because hardware evolves and people should expect there might be upgrades over time. I wouldn't have expected the base system to be unable to accommodate what it was sold to do.

That said, if you're going to stick it to the handful of early adopters, $150 is a reasonable price to upgrade the computer.

#12861 3 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

Is the savings greater than having two games out where previously there was one? I see no justification to have .55 of a game in storage.

Quoted from tezting:

Are you only here to troll or can't you read?

You know, those two things aren't mutually exclusive...

1 week later
#13000 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It's Alien Day. If Heighway had some kind of marketing or video plan to take advantage of this day, he blew it already. You know what would help is company? Not just placating hardcore pinball enthusiasts who already know about his project and have seemingly endless patience...it would be introducing Alien Pinball to EVERYONE INTERESTED IN THE ALIEN FRANCHISE. This opportunity has been lost time and time again.

Agree completely, and I almost posted the same thing you did about the LE artwork. With the backbox LCD, who cares about the LE-specific art? There is so little of it, I'm frankly surprised anyone is wasting this much time on it. Why aren't we seeing the rest of the LE package? Or is Fox holding up the ramp lighting kits too?

I never understood the importance of sending out marketing materials on "Alien Day" to a bunch of pinball nerds (including myself here) that are already fully aware of this game. As you said, the bigger opportunity was to introduce Alien pinball machines to the greater public by piggybacking on existing Alien marketing. Why they didn't do this (even it was just with a loaded standard) I have no idea.

Combine this with "why the hell aren't standards flying out the door" and you have the real concerns of the moment.

#13220 3 years ago
Quoted from metallik:

Andrew, if you're still in the building, the earlier you can definitively answer that question, the better. You probably got hundreds of thousands of dollars in orders just sitting on the sideline waiting on a concrete production schedule. I'd buy one today if I could drive up to Ostrander and load it up tomorrow

I actually applaud Andrew for not doing this AGAIN. He has given countless definitive answers for when things will happen and every single one of them has been wrong. I'd rather get no answer than a bullshit answer.

I do wish he'd address WHY production isn't in full swing, but I don't want to hear WHEN things will happen from him until they've created a smoothly operating process that could possibly predicted.

If you can't take the waiting or the lack of answers, get out (or don't jump in). The lack of shipping is suspicious for sure, but I believe Alien will ship relatively soon. However, given how hard it is to show a full package with all the features working, I don't want an early game. I'll jump in once all you early adopters flush out the countless issues.

#13334 3 years ago

I know everyone is fixated on the LE art, but what does that have to do with production delays? People keep saying that since LE art and ramp lighting is released, now games can start rolling off the line. These have nothing to do with one another and apparently there are other issues preventing full-scale production. I won't speculate on what those might be, but it's disappointing to say the least. I'd like to see fully functional and relatively issue-free games start going out.

1 month later
#15193 3 years ago
Quoted from flippersandballs:

I've played Alien. It's not that great. Dialed In! is actually a lot more fun.

Given my experience playing at shows, I actually found Dialed In more fun than Alien as well. That said, there's something about Dialed In that I'm completely not interested in, and something about Alien that makes me assume I'd grow into it in a home environment.

#15244 3 years ago
Quoted from Davidus56:

I'm a very serious collector with almost all the top pins.

#15247 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Hey guys, I'm just curious... What makes a serious collector?

To almost anyone not on Pinside, most of the people here could be considered "serious collectors" compared to the general public.

To anyone on Pinside, someone qualifying their statement by calling themselves a "serious collector" does nothing but make them sound douchey.

#15254 3 years ago
Quoted from Ive:

I spent several hours playing Alien in a private collection. Whilst I loved the whole look and sounds of the game and I am a fan of the theme, I just couldn't help feel it isn't the game for me.
Hard to put my finger on but I'm just not sure how much *fun* it actually is. I was also surprised how 'clunky clonky' it was ...noise of the mechs etc ... I dunno, regardless what has happened I was very glad I hadn't put money down before playing. I have no doubt its a decent game, but just not the game for me.

I'll be honest, this is one of my concerns as well. I have not played Alien outside of a show, but every show where I've played it and Full Throttle at the same booth, I enjoyed Full Throttle FAR more. I own a lot of games that I wasn't into at first, but even though theme-wise Alien is way more appealing than Full Throttle, from a fun standpoint it has been a landslide for Full Throttle to me.

3 weeks later
#15541 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

You would be right. The fiber ramps could turn out to be absolutely badass...I'm staying LE....

You could both be right, but from what I saw, I'll be SHOCKED if I think the fiber is bad ass in this game. Regardless of the fact I don't think it fits the theme so well, the ramp construction just doesn't allow for anything other than a homemade looking attachment. At best I see it being...MEH...and that's not good enough for an $800 mod.

#15547 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

A soft green or red that pulses during different modes will be anything but meh. Then maybe a bright white or yellow for shot time....possibilities are endless. Ramps not as "flowy looking" as my TRONLE, but think it can be integrated far more than a home made looking mod...we shall see...

Well, one of my pet peeves is people that try to put EL wire on wireforms. It never actually comes out straight and always looks like you asked a drunk guy to draw a straight line with a marker. Not surprisingly, Heighway's implementation of this looks about as amateur. Unless they release a less flexible material, this won't change. Tron has the benefit of using the plastic ramps as a guide and a constant contact point, Alien's ramps make the fiber look like an after-thought at best.

#15555 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I think the problem with the fiber optics is that it was a feature thrown onto a list of LE options way early in the announcement of the machine. Something to grow that list, when the game basically didn't even exist.
Then it became a feature that had to be shoe horned in at the end to fulfill the early LE promise.

Could not agree with this any more! To me, the entire Heighway premise was half-baked, and it kept shifting to try and be more things to more people. This is at least one element of their initial failure. The fiber is just one instance of this where they had a line item idea (theme and machine agnostic) that they then needed to wedge into the plan whether it fit or not.

This same mentality has perpetuated through the evolution of the various LCD screens. The fact that developers don't even know the base configuration of user machines is a huge problem. But Andrew had this idea you could piece things together in any combination to try and satisfy everybody. What they need to do going forward is make the backbox screen a base feature, not an option. Then the development team can design assets specifically for a known setup -- this stuff goes on the backbox screen and this stuff goes on the playfield screen. Other features, like fiber, are determined on a game-by-game basis. Buyers don't need a million configuration options. Andrew thought it would make for a better product, but it's really done a lot more harm than good.

Hopefully Heighway cn real things in and make themselves successful. I still really want Alien and Full Throttle, but I'm not yet convinced to jump onboard.

#15559 3 years ago
Quoted from daudioguy:

(Krull, for instance)

Krull was DOPE! Still is.

#15563 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I disagree that the playfield screen shouldn't mirror it. When I play the ONLY time I see the backbox screen is during a ball lock or video mode. Otherwise I never see it. I've owned IM for over two years now and still have no idea what is shown on the display 90% of the game.

This still doesn't mean they need to mirror each other. The only time you're "watching" the playfield screen is for video clips and such when the ball is not active. Most of the time you're glancing at it as a HUD to get status of current mode, next shot requirements, and other immediate need info while you're flipping. If the playfield screen wasn't trying to mirror the entire backbox screen, much of which is not critically important at any given moment, then the info you actually need on the fly could be displayed much more prominently.

It seems pretty basic to me, but I'm not suggesting they change anything like this for Alien. I do however feel this should be the strategy going forward. Put videos and "full game" info up on the backbox screen. Put mode specific things, and other "I need to know this now" stuff on the playfield screen. Lose the 3rd screen.

There just isn't a rational reason why the designers couldn't make each of the screens work better if they were able to specialize them for specific needs. They weren't able to do this up until now because they never knew what config a given user would have.

2 weeks later
#15688 3 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Does the PF art look different in front of the alien head? I wonder if those prices include the big screen and if they'll stick with the lighted ramps for the LE/add-ons.

I was wondering if that price included the backbox LCD screen as well. I have always thought Alien looked cool and wanted one, but I'm not sure I'm $8K into it given some of the mixed gameplay feedback. I guess it depends on whether they have a package deal with Full Throttle or not.

2 weeks later
#15932 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

My thoughts exactly.....If there is nothing different or unique about an LE than a plaque, I'll be changing my order...
Definitely 2 camps on this topic, discussed in other threads....
I've never understood the problem with offering features ( including gameplay) that would be exclusively found on an LE ( it would further validate price hike, and actually make it Limited in nature). Happens all the time in virtually every other luxury market I can think of.
Even in Sternland, for example, a pro is different than a Premium in several areas, not just art ( lower pf on AC/DC for an example). Core is the same, but a Pro could never be a Premium, without extensive changes. People buy the one they like, and move on.
Why an LE is not allowed to follow suit (gameplay wise) is beyond me.

"Stern does it, so others should too" is completely flawed logic. I get wanting to differentiate an LE, but gameplay should not be how that's done.

First of all, companies, Stern in particular, have enough code issues regarding timing and completeness. Splitting the codebase for different gameplay features only compounds this issue. Make a kickass game and charge more for it if it's warranted. Fine!

Even if you wanted to copy Stern, then make the entry point similar to the Pro, don't gimp a Premium priced game.

The other issue I have with splitting gameplay is it was the single biggest ploy Stern used to originally jack up pin prices. It didn't take long for the "normal" Stern level game to become the Premium. Pros typically have gimped gameplay, and LE is the bling. There are a few examples where people like the Pro better than Prem/LE, but those are typically cases where Stern pooched the "upgrades" and didn't make them worthwhile.

While prices still increase slowly, the introduction of the Premium concept jumped the price several thousand dollars to get Stern's full featured game.

I own a couple Sterns, and there are a couple more I want, but I hope none of the other companies go down most of the roads Stern has chosen to go down.

1 week later
#16028 2 years ago

I was all over the kit concept and was prepared to buy Alien with a Full Throttle kit as soon as they proved stability going forward. The new prices are crazy, especially for the kits. I always liked the gameplay of Full Throttle better than Alien, but I'm not going $6K+ for one. Oh well, good thing I have P3 and TNA coming, cause it looks like I'm out on Heighway for the time being.

1 week later
#16344 2 years ago

Are any of the outstanding refunds for Standards? If so, what price did you get in at? I would CONSIDER buying a spot for an SE at the pre-order price, but I would need to confirm a few things with the buyer and Heighway first. PM me if interested.

#16348 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Wouldn't someone with a Standard on preorder just be better off getting the refund directly from Heighway, as opposed to going through logistics of transferring?

If Heighway was dishing out the refunds without issue, then yes you're right. However, people are having issues getting refunds, and I'm offering a potential option. What's wrong with that? I'm sure Heighway would approve.

Quoted from drypaint:

I have done business with Cheeks via Pinside (long distance) and have been very pleased, for what it's worth. In case anyone is considering.

THANKS for the vouch!

1 week later
#16471 2 years ago
Quoted from Nethawk86:

I paid in full. And had a deposit down for years. They told me to keep from canceling that I would have my game within 30 days idiot. Very quick to throw out elitist and make me sound like an ass, and clearly you don't know my situation. But I was just in the same boat as you, waiting. But cointaker and such made a promise that they didn't keep. And it sounds like they did it to others as well. So I am just holding them to their word. No "jumping the line" you pompous ass. I've been in the line a long time as well. Not my fault someone came to me and others and said "I'll get you your machine in 30 days" and not you. That's them, not me.

Bitching skills far exceed reading comprehension skills for many around here, so don't take it too personal.

I understood your original comment and was going to respond to that other message in kind, but figured I'd leave that for you to point out.

2 weeks later
#16755 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeHogue:

I sent a $1500 deposit by way of Paypal Oct 21st 2014.
I asked for a refund on June 12th 2017.
I asked again on Aug 22nd.
I asked again on Sept 18th.
Still waiting.

Limited or Standard? I made an earlier offer to people not getting refunds that I would *consider* buying them out if they had gotten in on an early priced Standard. Anyone interested can PM me.

1 week later
#16971 2 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

TNA is the better pin of the two.

Not sure why this is funny. Green Hornet is a tool with an agenda no doubt, with his secret dissertation on fatal flaws and all, but that's another topic all together.

I've been wanting an Alien, but I'm 100x more excited to get TNA than I am about Alien (I payed for one and not yet the other). I've played Alien a bunch of times and I haven't convinced myself it's fun yet. I keep telling myself once I get into the rules I'll like it better, but that's still speculation. TNA...my wife and I knew after one game (on the whitewood no less) that we had to own it. There's no questioning that game is fun. That's not necessarily a knock on Alien, but sometimes a game is more than the sum of its parts (TNA: single-level, meh art, no toys, etc - but fun as hell) and other games seem to be less than the sum of theirs (Alien: great theme, pretty cool art, PACKED unique playfield layout, great sound work - but sometimes is a clunk-fest and I'm not sure if it's fun).

Gonna make the trek to expo specifically to play some more Alien, but my gut feeling is that if I left expo with a Heighway game, it would be Full Throttle and not Alien (and I'm not into motorcycles any more than I am into retro 80s nuclear generators).

1 week later
#17129 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I wouldn't be too excited to spend over $8000 on a companies product that has a proven record to NOT support it's existing customers! They best be prepared for that same customer service! I'd still wait to purchase a pin until I seen some positive action from HP2..like ALL the refunds and paperweights have been fixed!

Yeah, I have been looking at buying a Full Throttle, but have been gun-shy for this reason. And the fact that Heighway seems totally disinterested in continuing the kit model.

#17148 2 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

so instead, Multimorphic did.
in the end, i expect they will understand why it isn't a good idea as well.

Quoted from solarvalue:

Multimorphic's game change system is a lot more practical than Heighway's. Modules are smaller and lighter, making them much quicker and easier to change over. And there's a whole lot more to the Multimorphic P3 than just being able to swap games. By the way, check out their new website:

Yeah, the P3 did kits right. Their kits are WAY smaller than Heighway, the layouts work for multiple "games"worth of content, you can buy software/rule only games from their online store and download the new code, and they are WAY cheaper than a new game (playfield modules ~$2400, software only games [new rules and graphics for an existing playfield module] are ~$500). I should be getting my P3 in a couple weeks and I'm pretty stoked.

All that said, I was still VERY interested in the Heighway kit setup. I have almost 30 games, but there's always a "where can I fit one more" mentality, and since I refuse to let them migrate out of their half of the basement, I'm in a one-in-one-out situation. I would have rocked the Heighway kit for sure. Disappointed in the quality of everything thus far, even more disappointed in their apparent piss poor customer service, and even if they rectify all that, I'm disappointed they are pricing kits so that virtually nobody will buy them. I was planning to have 2 Heighway titles by now, but it's looking like I might not ever have any.

#17152 2 years ago

Anyone know if there will be a Full Throttle at expo this week?

#17188 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Anyone know if there will be a Full Throttle at expo this week?

Turns out there were no Heighway games at Expo. I was hoping to play both Full Throttle and Alien to potentially restore some enthusiasm for these games, instead I found Pirates (absolutely NO interest in the theme) and it was kinda incredible. Definitely thinking more about that direction than anything Heighway at this point. More Heighway missed opportunities I guess...

#17284 2 years ago

Internet fights...

#17628 2 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

The lamps are kinda like Christmas tree lights, they come in strands... if there's a break in a strand, it takes out the rest of the strand.

OK, I've been a fan of Heighway (more Full Throttle than Alien) but this is crazy. This may be exposing my ignorance, but why the hell are these designed like this? All I've heard from some of the notorious cheerleaders is how advanced Heighway's design is. But hell, Christmas tree lights don't even work like "Christmas tree lights" any more. Why does an $8K pinball machine have technology that $2 Christmas tree lights abandoned?

#17668 2 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Not on TNA. As I understand, TNA has individual cheap RGB LEDs which are driven by multiple driver boards. The costs might add up with the cabling etc, but easy to swap if needed, and probably more reliable. This is the way to go, not these huge boards which are hard to diagnose, uninstall & replace. Other companies should take notice.

TNA is awesome, but trying to accomplish another level. I would think Stern Star Trek Premium/LE would be more comparable. I've never heard of entire strings of lights going out on those. Believe me, Stern has enough of their own issues to complain about, I'm just still amazed at the one-light-out-kills-the-string technology. Someone referenced if everything wasn't like this if the board went out, but that's different. Yes, if a "column" or "row" went out in the "light matrix" then yes, but you certainly don't lose multiple lights if a bulb goes out.

Anyway, not gonna start a greenhornet like rant on the bulb technology, just surprised.

#17690 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Who's the Benjamin Franklin geezer in front??


#17730 2 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

Well CRAP!!!!!
I hate to bring down the vibe of happy folks getting their games, but I just got confirmation from Cointaker that the parts I need to update my game (hardware needed to update software) were NOT included in the recent shipment. This, despite several promises from the new Heighway team.
So I have not idea when (or if) I will get a working Xeno, working LED's, working playfield LCD, and updated drop targets - all of which are REQUIRED before I can update my code (stuck on version 0.94).
Yeah, I'm a little bit frustrated.

Quoted from Whysnow:

agreed 100%
We are going on 2 months now with no communicaiton from the New Team heighway.
If you guys are reading this, then please reach out to me ASAP.

Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Next to still pending refunds, this is the most worrisome issue at Heighway IMO. There is zero excuse for this, and there's no reason why these parts cannot be mailed to these customers. I know they are pre-proto machines, but damn, you've got to support your product & make your customers happy. If they wanted to make this happen, they easily could get it done, but clearly support is not a priority right now.

Despite Heighway blatantly directing away from a realistic kit model, and my lukewarm opinion of Alien (although I was really hoping to get more time on one at expo - or if someone in Chicago would get one), I still really love Full Throttle and want one badly. However, it is the above issues that made me chicken out of buying one second-hand this past week. Found an LE in great condition at a great price, but I just couldn't pull the trigger worrying about whether I'll own a doorstop if something stops working.

#17832 2 years ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

No, actually Andrew said the 3rd game has been developed and has art, so...

He said Alien was shipping a few years ago too. Just sayin'...

3 weeks later
#18549 2 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

Yep, at the Houston Arcade Expo in October, my facehuggers each lost a tail which ended up wedged in the ball trough. They were NOT rubbing on the glass. However, this is the least of my worries, as you all know (and yes I'm going to say it again) I am stuck on code version 0.94 until I can receive the new hardware needed to update my code. Since March of this year I have had many promises from Heighway and Cointaker offering a resolution - but as of today - November 16 - I still have no idea if or when they may ship them. ...and I have offered to PAY for these parts and shipping!! ....still no luck.
I'm a patient guy, but if Heighway announces a new game at TPF, and I STILL don't have updated parts - I promise I WILL stand up and speak my mind - asking when they are going to start supporting customers who purchased a game at TPF ONE YEAR AGO! Might put a little damper on their party - so I'm hopeful that won't need to happen. ...'cause I'm SURE I'll have my parts before then.....right??

Between situations like yours, and the open admission by Heighway that they are passing up long-standing customers to sell new SE games, it's bad enough. However, it's not a stretch to say "they gotta do what they gotta do" in the hopes this is temporary and that they're doing everything in their power to get things righted ASAP. BUT, this isn't what the below suggests.

Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

All of which is true; Barry and his vast experiences is right here in the office behind me, with everyone around a big desk with the third game's blueprint on it, and the game's artist has been getting his brief for the game along with plenty of research material on how best to approach it and ideas we've been throwing at him. It's been a really busy and productive week - with multiple projects on the cards at once, game three is something of a joint collaboration between Barry and myself with Barry at the helm giving his guidance and me assisting, while game four - whatever it turns out to be - is a more solo game on Barry's part.

Flat ignoring all current customers AND diverting time, energy, and money into anything beyond the immediate, especially toward game #3 and beyond, is a slap in the f'ing face. I find it so disrespectful how they're treating everyone vested in this game. Heighway may have changed ownership, but unfortunately they appear to be exactly as classy as they've always been. For Karma's sake, I wish every customer involved would be made whole and then the company would implode. I got screwed by Jpop, so I feel bad 1st hand for all the customers. Screw these dicks!

1 month later
#19360 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Happy New Year!!! Hope all LE owners get one asap!
btw - anyone get their pinstadium kits in? I'm now thinking of getting and want some additional feedback. I believe one alien owner was getting it. Just interested in having a very low power lighting effect so i can play well in no lights.

Unless you can't stomach the price, PinStadiums are a no brainer. You can set them to literally any color and any brightness. Get it with the GI integration and it won't interfere with any of the designed "lights out" effects either.

PinStadiums get a bad wrap by some people because so many users post "clown puke" pictures of them. But they're like LEDs, you can do it right and it's awesome, or you can do it obnoxious and it looks like shit. With the included app you can literally change the color to anything you want on the fly in 2 seconds. For a dark game like Alien, I would get them without hesitation.

#19362 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

So I did it - will report back and post pics. I'm just looking for a nice subtle lighting to cut the black. If it's too bright, I'll just sell on pinside for less.

You can change the brightness from 100% all the way down to 0%. It literally can't be too bright unless you don't want extra lighting.

3 weeks later
#19724 2 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I hear this sentiment a lot but doubt that it's true.
I suspect that if Heighway (and other struggling manufacturers) were truly transparent and communicated more, people would run for the hills.
From the manufacturer's point of view it's probably better to let people fill in the blanks with their own imagination rather than lie, string them along or confirm their fears. Communication can wait until there is something positive to share.

Totally disagree. Companies don't need to be transparent to all the granular details (we shipped out 5 non-working games this week because our main QC guy was out with the shits), but acknowledging faults, generally explaining why they existed, and communicating what will be done to prevent them going forward would help tremendously.

I know there are not a lot of people in on the P3 yet (I have mine and it's pretty awesome) but Gerry was the gold standard for this. He sent out a monthly public update that was reasonably high-level, but gave a general state of Multimorphic. He also sent out a newsletter to people who had pre-paid, or were on the "I intend to buy" list and gave even more details about any delays, production hiccups, process changes, etc. I had my money with Gerry for A LOT of years with that project, and the reason I never worried about it was because I always knew Gerry was shooting straight with me. If Heighway did even 25% of that, people would know where things stand and would feel a lot better.

Well...Unless it exposed that Heighway had no answers as to how to fix things, or if the inevitable direction was down the shitter. Then I guess that might explain why they're being so secretive. Who knows.

#19756 2 years ago

Finally got to put some real time on an Alien yesterday. Was a fun game, but what struck me was that it felt like a HEAVILY routed 90s Bally/Williams game, complete with blown out scoop hole and numerous other issues.

Sound and ambiance were better than I assumed from watching streams. Rules seem pretty fun. Shots were pretty fun, and it wasn't as much of a clunk-fest as I felt the first time I played at expo a couple years ago. But how does a game that HAS to be reasonably new feel like it has 20,000 plays on it? This was a location with lots of games, who knows how to take care of them, so it wasn't from operator neglect. It comes down to crappy quality. All these fanboys claiming "best quality machine ever" can't see straight through their Alien glasses.

The production value of the game was excellent. The fun factor was decent. The durability of the game sucks, pure and simple. I played a Rollergames that was down the row from Alien and it had the same "worn out" feel to it. Still worked, was overall in good shape, and was fun, but had that played to death feeling. Difference is that game is 30 years old, not less than 1 year. Maybe these will hold up fine in a home, but wow...

1 week later
#19905 2 years ago
Quoted from Radius118:

This is true. I've been trying to get parts for my FT since *May* of 2017..

I want a Full Throttle SO bad, but this is exactly why I don't take a chance on this company. Such a shame.

2 weeks later
#20185 2 years ago

Drove 45 minutes to go try Alien again and see if the game was playing any better than the last visit I had. This location has 29 games. Only ONE of them was broken. Of course Alien. Half the lights seemed out and it kept spitting out balls non-stop. Totally unplayable, so I just turned it off.

I had re-watched the Alien movies this week in anticipation of trying to follow the game better. I want to like it, but it's a dog! This location has games from almost every era, and Alien seems to be the only game they can't keep working.

#20192 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

did you at least contact the operator and tell them?
What location is it?

They have their own onsite tech, and yes they know it's broken.

2 weeks later
#20354 2 years ago
Quoted from Alphajerk3000:

Is there an Alien on location in Chicago anywhere?

Quoted from Hammer1021:

Logan's arcade in Chicago fyi last time I was ther it was not working.

I've been there multiple times to play this game, and it's been a variable shit-show each time. Different levels of problems each time, ranging from playable but really tired feeling, to completely unplayable. Different issues each time I've been there. I went there to convince myself to possibly get an Alien, since I've always wanted a Full Throttle as well. To the contrary, it convinced me I should stay a mile away from all Heighway games.

1 week later
#20383 2 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Did Heighway 2.0 hire a Nigerian Prince to write their emails?

That was literally the first thing that came to my mind too.

1 month later
#21207 2 years ago

How long until a *certain* Predator / Heighway cheerleader shows back up and starts telling everyone to support Pinball Brothers?

#21237 2 years ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

I'd disagree with you only because I know so many people that like pinball and buy machines, but don't know shit about what goes on outside of their own game rooms, and frankly, don't care. If it's a game available through a retailer/distributor that they like they'll buy it.

This is my concern. Especially having been caught up in the JPOP fiasco, I don't wish ill on any undeserving buyers. That said, I hope all the asshole owner/investor people involved in Heighway crash and burn! The thought that they could circumvent and come out the other side as "Pinball Brothers" and potentially still be successful makes me sick! I hope all these lying bastards take it up the ass like they deserve! As much as I used to want both Alien and Full Throttle, I just wish they would go away and we could all close this chapter in pinball history.

If you're a pre-order and have some means of getting a game out of this mess, by all means take it. For anyone else that would consider supporting these crooks in ANY capacity going forward...shame on you.

1 week later
#21926 2 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

My Full Throttle was down on location for 2 months due to software corruption. That stunk. I miss the game but I am relieved it sold for asking price.

Quoted from parabol420:

Yep, mine as well. Power driver failures, coil failures, those special inductive switch failures, two playfield screen failures, and software corruption that was never rectified. Sold mine for a $500 hit and was happy. Shame though, when the game did work, it was a blast to play, almost everyone that played mine on location said the same.

These are exactly what I feared when I was considering a Full Throttle. I'm not into motorcycles at all, but this game is FUN (so much better than Alien in my opinion)! I have always wanted one, and near the end, was considering one of the many in the marketplace that the owners couldn't seem to give away. I was always worried about being able to keep it going. Despite what flynnibus is saying (although he does mention this), I don't believe there is sufficient upside for anyone to reproduce all the things that could go wrong with HP games. The quoted messages above show how much actually can go wrong. As much as I would love to have a fully working Full Throttle, I wouldn't touch one these days for even half of what people currently can't sell them for. Unlike anything B/W or Stern, HP games run the risk of being a brick that can't be reasonably resurrected, and I'd hate to be on the wrong side of that value shift.

1 week later
#22127 2 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Welp, what’s your measure then? Queen has sold more than 200 million records, and basically stopped making them 30 years ago. Of Stern music pins, only ACDC is close in album sales, and they still trail Queen.
Queen has had multiple #1 hits and albums, and yes, in the USA too. For a brief time, Queen was arguably the biggest and most successful band in the world.
Queen has played to some of the largest crowds in concert history, and was heralded for one of the best festival performances in rock history.
Queen has had at least TWO iconic songs that people of all ages all around the world know: Bohemian Rhapsody and We are the Champions/We Will Rock You. We are the Champions has been used regularly in stadiums and on TV as the anthem to celebrate the victors in major sporting events. For decades.
Most people can name at least 3 Queen songs.
So yeah, Queen is a “good band”. Lulz.

"Hmm...what do I want to do today? I KNOW! I'll get on a pinball website and flex my keyboard in an internet fight about old music bands."

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