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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#1747 4 years ago

Full throttle looks great and the price is right. At least there is one game out and that makes me fill better about Aliens. I personally think this is a great time for pinball. Let's all be happy there are choices and more choices to come. The biggest complaint should be finding room. I too hate waiting when I have money on a game. But has happened with all manufacturers big and small for me personally. Yes even stern. I am looking forward to adding this to my collection .

#1772 4 years ago


3 months later
#3133 4 years ago

I'm very excited about this pin. I feel that full throttle is a very well made pin, and more choices now from all new companies is always good for pinball. I like that their style is different, and very cool imo. Aliens is on my wish list.

#3197 4 years ago

I hope they can work a motorcycle into Alliens somehow.

#3227 4 years ago

They should do a music pin like Iron Maiden. We just saw what great artwork you can put on a pin. They have a whole collection of art and music that could scare the shit out of most. I like this company and personally very excited about Alliens. I like the theme. Full Throttle looks very well built and very complete, so Alliens should really be great. I pretty sure the art on the LE is going to be great. I own 3 of his pieces already.

#3301 4 years ago

I am waiting to see Aurich's art myself to decide if I even want a screen.

2 months later
#5020 4 years ago

Has there been any prices given out for the extras, fiber optic ramp, shaker,etc...??

#5075 4 years ago


#5100 4 years ago

Any prices announced yet on shaker and optic ramps?

#5103 4 years ago

Thank you so much for everyone's response. Iam 90% sure that I'm going to put a deposit on a standard with those upgrades. Unless the price just makes more sense to do the LE. I'm very excited about this title aswell. Hope they can ship this year.

5 months later
#7063 3 years ago

It's a shame you see this kind of bashing all the time now. People should let people be happy and excited about all these new companies and games. The fact that these companies take part in pinside is amazing to me, and they have feelings too. Pinball is a lot of work, and I am very grateful and excited to be able to have so many choices these days. Aliens is going to be amazing, keep up the great work to all who are involved. Never stop dreaming.

#7170 3 years ago

This game is going to be amazing

#7179 3 years ago

What no ghosting. Sorry couldn't resist. I'm even more excited for this game. Keep up the great work.

1 month later
#8344 3 years ago

They got a prototype to expo,they keep us up to date and answer questions on pinside,their game looks awesome and is offered at a respectful price point. Is this not what everyone on pinside has asked for??? Great job to the whole team on this one. You have earned my order.

4 months later
#11244 3 years ago

I've been telling my wife about how I want one, and now after watching the live stream she is all in. Now to start saving. great job Andrew game looks awesome.

#11275 3 years ago

Are you putting this one out into the wild? The people of Madison are so lucky you have a lot of great games on location. Congratulations and please share some pics or video.

1 month later
#12676 3 years ago

At least Andrew comes here, at least there are some games,and most importantly this game looks bad ass. I am waiting patiently till shipping ramps up only do to a personal promise I made myself to prove I'm not an addict. Ok I am but still going to try and wait. I have been excited about this since the beginning of this thread and wish Heighway the best.

#12687 3 years ago

#12691 3 years ago

#12697 3 years ago

It's photoshopped.

3 weeks later
#13617 3 years ago

Has Cointaker shipped out any of the 20 they were supposed to get?

1 week later
#13803 3 years ago

Can't wait to get mine please post a vid or pics.

#14006 3 years ago

We collectively need to stop sending large quantities of cash to all the manufacturers. This desire to have a game with a .50 cent number on it is insane. Make a product then sell it. We send people money and human nature takes over. That's why we have credit cards. When you have a large sum of money out there then tempers rise. Stop preordering and that would take away a lot of heat on here and make manufacturers do what they need to do. Everybody wants to be the first and a fool and his money have become easy targets in pinball. People are even on Craigslist and eBay scamming people nowadays. The word is out people into pinball have money and blind desire and probably very little street smarts.

#14007 3 years ago

Pinball is a hell of a drug. Hi I'm Buzz and I'm an addict.

1 week later
#14390 3 years ago

I've been excited about this since the thread was started. My excitement is turning to confusion at this point. I am waiting for a standard that was part of 10 paid over a year ago and nothing told they are waiting on boards etc.. and all of a sudden an LE pops up. I would like to know when this LE was ordered??? This is starting to get a little weird and all the not so flattering posts on here are starting to make me rethink my decisions. Please answer when you ordered I didn't see an answer to that question yet.

#14398 3 years ago

That answer to me is the problem. Why have people paid in full and have not gotten a game let alone the 10 that were ordered. Someone comes in late in a time many are asking for refunds to try to keep the excitement alive while others are getting screwed that have paid seems a little off and wrong. Why not take care of the people that have already sent money and let them post pics to keep the excitement alive???

#14400 3 years ago

Starting to seem like a cash grab con unfortunately. Get people excited if they buy now they can get their game but the majority will just join the rest of us with no game then trickle out another one or two to try to get more money

#14403 3 years ago

Ok thank you for that answer a lot of us have and it's been starting to get a little weird and this thread doesn't help make me feel warm and fuzzy all over like it did in the beginning. I hope games start getting to where they need to be so we can all share our excitement for this game and change the vibe here.

#14405 3 years ago

This is why people who have paid a year ago need to get their games and people waiting on LE's need the option to just get a SE at this point and wait for the upgrades. The excitement needs to be backed with some trust that your money is safe. The more people that bailout the harder its going to get for Heighway for sure.

#14408 3 years ago

Pinball is a rough business for sure. I'm keeping minimal hope for my Alien and TBL but it's getting harder everyday I thought this one was going to be a lot smoother.

#14439 3 years ago

Spooky doesn't drive a Porsche or make wild claims and throw parties. Something for these new companies to look at. Hell Stern is a giant and makes the customers pay for the parties. Wake up and get your shit together and make and send games or deal with the fact people will want out faster than the money came in. What does Aulrich have to say about this project now. Just curious about a lot of things nowadays.

#14445 3 years ago

This game has always sounded great and looks great. Just need to get them out and more orders will come instead of this sky is falling. Andrew needs to put a stop to this fire before it turns into a out of control wild fire that will burn him and his dream to the ground.

#14491 3 years ago

Good for you for speaking up. I hope the news coming is great and can change the tone here. I am really looking forward to my game and hope you shipping the games that need to go out happens a long with your good news.

#14493 3 years ago

Games will equate to more sales and a happier thread.

#14532 3 years ago

I hope your plan is to get the games shipped out. Nothing will squash this shit storm more than games to homes. I will post my pics and praise the game if it deserves it. I have been all for your success and game from page 1. The tone and missed promises about shipping are starting to where on us all. I'm staying in and doing my best to stay positive, but more games need to go out for sure. Best of luck and look forward to my game I feel you did a great job but I have never gotten a chance to play yet. First game will be when I get my chance to own one.

#14685 3 years ago

Still in on an Alien, but I need to get my game soon this monkey on my back is getting heavy and needs to be fed.

#14688 3 years ago

Monkeys got good taste.

#14750 3 years ago

Tilt the book coming this Christmas great stocking stuffer. First 50 orders get a free key fob of a game that never happened.

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