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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#5 5 years ago

You had me 'hi everyone', excited to see more and more!

#167 4 years ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

Anyone preorder and get an email response from Heighway Pinball? I jumped in and am trying to contact them and Andrew and there has been no response so far. I realize they may be getting flooded but would like them to confirm orders placed. Anyone have any luck?

I ordered right after the announcement and e-mailed them immediately after I ordered with some questions, I got a response early from Andrew Heighway himself this morning so I do know they are getting through them and they mentioned in the e-mail they had a ridiculous amount to get through, so I know they are trying.

#177 4 years ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

The form! ... Crap. I just did that the payment that was just for the serial number right?

All I did was e-mail him to indicate what # I requested and they responded to me with that. Assumed that was good enough, I didn't use a form.

1 week later
#353 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You guys are some crazy mother-fers and I salute you. I'm in on TBL, and I thought I'd never pre-order a game (let alone pay that much for a damn pin), but at least I've played it and seen it and chilled with Dutch Pinball. Alien sounds absolutely bad ass, I love the theme to death, but you haven't even seen the art yet and you're pre-ordering?!

Looking forward to the reveal, and I love me some Dennis Nordman, but I gotta see the art before I even think about it.

That's why refundable deposits are great! Get in, get a chance to check it out and get out later if it isn't for me. Just like TBL I was in within 10 minutes of the announcement, show my support for a new and exciting manufacturer and am 100% happy I was and get mine earlier now which is good because I don't want to wait to have this bad boy in my basement once it's out!

On that note #6 LE here for Aliens. That number has significance because.................ok it has no significance but I am excited nonetheless.

2 weeks later
#384 4 years ago

I'm saying this somewhat tongue in cheek and meaning no disrespect to anyone as people's choices are their own but Heighway pinball has offered a pre-order that is 100% refundable at any time and looking for backing and support from the pinball community to help gauge the production for this machine. The formed a forum to keep those pre-order people up to date on something they have put their money in to support(I myself being one). I am all for keeping people updated on here as well and hopefully it spawns new excitement leading to new buyers and customers but if you have such an interest in it, put some money in on a pre-order and get it back if it isn't something you care for later. That's what I did, hopeful it is great and meets/exceeds every expectation I had, if not I know I can back out. I get it if people say they don't have the money to put on a pre-order but then the reality is they probably don't have the money to buy the game later anyway. Just a point, I am all for supporting new companies and pinballs that get me excited, was day one on TBL and on this new project as well for Aliens, exciting times and I hope to be able to support many new titles and companies that come out with great ideas and games.

#393 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Honestly, forget that. I'm not putting money down on a product just to find out more about it.

We're a huge customer pool, you can either cater to us or not. But I'm not reading the PPS forum to see what Rick is doing, I'm not giving money to someone for access, be it Heighway or Jpop, you either tell me what's up in the hopes that I'm interested or you don't.

Again that's twisting what I said, I said put an investment in a company and the game if you like what they are doing. Just as you went on about "investing" in TBL and DP after meeting them. I am not saying they hold information hostage to a forum, I am saying people that have some interest in the machine, put your money up to show your support and interest and judge as you go. Some people view the pre-order model as insulting which is fine, I don't as long as they offer me 100% refund from day one until production of my game begins, I believe that is extremely fair and while not for everyone again opinions are what they are

We get a lot of people on these forums complaining and offering criticism and critiques on everything but yet they never have any skin in the game. I am saying if I was Heighway Pinball my most valued critique is from those that have trusted in me and put some skin in to show their interest and support and excitement for my company.

#394 4 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

I joined as "Hudson" and started a couple threads on the Heighway forum earlier which I will post over here to attract perhaps a broader scope of perspectives.

Alien Pinball: Movie Quote Call Outs
Alien Pinball: This is What we Want

I read that, some good ideas for sure. The plunger rod without question has to be the glowing egg, how could it not be?! Although that could be quite a cool playfield toy as well with little alien popping out of it. There is so many cool ideas. I have been gathering a lot of mine as well and look forward to posting as you did. I do hope the guys are active and responsive to things on the forums as ideas and critiques and brought up.

2 weeks later
#496 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Ok I was contradicting myself and I'm moving on.

WAIT, don't admit you are moving on and contradict yourself from moving?!

Little bummed to hear Dennis moved on, I don't know exactly how the production cycle of a pinball goes, obviously as stated the layout design is complete. But to me it begs the question is it really ever complete until it is on a line in production? Looks at JJP and tweaks made to Hobbit late in the game. If what has been said so far is true is the game is in final approvals for licensing, etc still is being worked on then I would have to think the design of the playfield has a very probable chance of having to be changed in certain ways as well if a certain playfield mechanism for instance has to be changed due to licensing, etc. So now Dennis is not there to finish what he started?

Never comforting to see a main "piece" of a game move on(look at the stir Phil leaving Dutch Pinball caused and he was just the marketing dude basically) but again not knowing enough of the exact processes that go on through production cycles, hard to say what it means in the end. I would hope major updates and unveiling is happening this year or I might just go wait on the sidelines as well.

Here's to hoping 2015 is as awesome for pinball as it appears it's going to be!

#503 4 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

I'll log onto the tweens angst forum.

Link please?

#504 4 years ago

Oh and on a side note I do believe I am going to now declare Whitewater my favorite game of all time passing/equaling AC/DC. I lent my Whitewater to a friend for awhile and just got it back and I missed it so much! Long live Dennis!

3 months later
#895 4 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Maybe getting an LE is more for those that just plan to buy the whole units everytime? This is one of the big reasons I'm leaning more towards the standards.

I feel this is a big issue and needs to be addressed to make everything interchangeable possibly including trim? I want the LE features but seems silly if it doesn't allow me to transition it to the next game(s) well then seems standard is the way to go. Curious to see how this all plays out.

2 months later
#1042 4 years ago

Any Alien news? Just anything positive in the industry anymore, been all bad news lately it seems.

1 month later
#1528 4 years ago

I still am a little confused, I like the portability of the game and I am in on an early LE but with that trim and other custom items am I really going to be able to port over and install a new playfield on their next game?? It just seems if I get an LE then I am more or less stuck with custom trim and things that likely won't mesh with the next game? Can I possibly choose to get an LE without custom colored trim for less bu still have any other add-ons?

On that note can I put a full throttle in if my first game is an Alien LE?

2 months later
#2486 4 years ago

I'm kind of sick of discussing art, can we see the playfield and some gameplay

3 months later
#4623 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I hope its GB's, would like Aliens to stay as generic as possible. Love the PF for this very reason, zero pictures of the cast

Yes generic and lets change the name of it to "Space Creature Things" to make sure that it doesn't become and actual Aliens pinball.

If you license a product to build a pinball GET ALL THE DAMN CONTENT! I know easier said than done but I'm sick of half ass efforts to get a license and not including the full gambit of options with pictures/videos, music, voices from a movie/show **Cough cough*** TWD

1 month later
#5129 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

In 2-3 months maybe?
Rocky Mtn. Pinball Showdown and Gameroom Expo June 10-12, 2016

Sounds like perfect timing to me Actually hope it's well before that but lets just have you all aim to have a playable Alien here instead

2 months later
#6199 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

So I see the party is still going strong here Time for part 2 of the prototype video review. Hope you enjoy it


3 weeks later
#6495 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Watched the infamous video. Actual flipping game being played on assembled Alien playfield...so yes, it does exist. Looks great! Sounds/video clips look awesome...game over man! Queens Nest, acid burn, clips of the eggs hatching. Playfield art looks great on populated playfield. Hopefully this Fall will see it in production and my playfield kit will be on it's way.

I wish I was more sober when I watched it, I recall it being awesome but really can't remember many specifics on it.

I can say one thing Andrew is a first class guy, was such a pleasure talking to him many times at the show. So excited for their continued success hopefully!

1 month later
#6748 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

I heard he(Andrew) was friends w/J.K. Rowling

Oh no! Please no

2 months later
#7776 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

I like the idea of something being announced, like Fox approval or something, but I doubt we'll get visuals before the expo reveal. I have to believe this, or I won't go to bed.

You may rest peacefully. REVEAL!
Alien Pinball Official Game Flyer - Back (resized).jpg

#7777 3 years ago

Alien Pinball Official Game Flyer - Front (resized).jpg

#7778 3 years ago

Here is the e-mail I received, removed the personal payment/wiring part:

Further to our email at the beginning of September, we are pleased to inform you that we have received approval from 20th Century Fox and it is full steam ahead for the commencement of Alien Pinball production!

As promised, please find attached the official game flyer. On Thursday 13th October 2016 at 9.15pm US CENTRAL time our new website will go live: www.heighwaypinball.com Here you will be able to see our brand new promo video for Alien Pinball, plus many high resolution photos of every angle of the game.

As previously advised and as per our payment terms, we now request you make your next payment; this can be as per the installment agreement or if you wish you can pay in full.

To pay the next installment which is 50% of the order, the amount is $ 3925.00

However if you wish to pay in full, this would be $ 6225.00, giving a discount of $ 125.00

Neither of the above payments includes shipping costs or optional extras.
Shipping upgrades can be purchased along with optional extras from our new website at 9.15pm US CENTRAL time on Thursday 13th October 2016 when it goes live.


Optional Extras

Below is a list of upgrade options. Optional extras can be purchased up to one week prior to shipping of your game, and can be purchased online from 9.15pm on Thursday 13th October 2016 (prices will be listed on our website)

27” backbox LCD
Fibre Optic Lighting package
Blade EL Lighting system
Shaker Motor
Amber Rotating Beacon Topper
Non-reflective glass
Polished chrome trim package
Door to door shipping by Airfreight (7-10 days as opposed to 4-8weeks by sea)
Coin mechanism – single
Coin mechanism – double
+ more to follow

If you have any questions, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Heighway Pinball, Unit 35 Rassau Industrial Estate, Ebbw Vale, NP23 5SD United Kingdom.

1 week later
#8593 3 years ago

I think someone mentioned it not long ago, what about this possible black nickel trim selection that was mentioned awhile back? I don't love chrome on this machine at all and with being an LE I am kind of worried the green is not going to translate well from game to game and not 100% sure it is all going to be interchangeable(I have e-mail in to Andrew to try and understand better). Just wondering if anyone heard any other update at the show, I wasn't able to catch up with him to talk.

#8638 3 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

If that's a concern. Buy a standard with add ons.

I don't think people wanting an LE and in on it should need to bend on what they are getting to be able to "utilize" the functionality that Heighway games are founded on, which is interchanging them later. There either needs to be an easy and affordable way to change trim/accent colors for different games moving forward or give a nice neutral option for the LE people that would work with most any game(black, gray, etc.). Then if people want more bold or crazy color options, that is the change, not vice-versa IMO.

Chrome is cool but honestly I'm over it, every game I've had it on I would totally prefer not to, looks great but is higher maintenance to clean and has been overused now on games. For $800 extra I can promise I'm over it and not an option.

#8641 3 years ago

This is a forum for suggestions which they are reading and responding to and have already said nothing is in stone for colors but thanks for telling us what to buy, I'll continue to try and come up with constructive ideas to help.

#8644 3 years ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

How about "Jones Fur" furry armor. Then when you drain, you can just pet the game and relax? Plus, it gets a permanent home in the "Cats and Pinballs" thread.

I'll +1 kitty fur armor, I think it's settled purrfectly. See what I did there.

Guess I'll go back to work now that I have gotten this lame by noon.

#8690 2 years ago

Has anyone made their payment yet that was due? The whole way it is being handled is kind of odd, then stating not to wire money due to e-mail fraud is a little scary. I'm all about getting it paid but I wanted to have all my options selected and pay for it all at once. Not separate payments and add-ons later and whatnot. Seems like a jumbled mess that could get things messed up later. Wondering how strict on these payments being received and in what time frame they are needed for certain.

1 month later
#9598 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I also would add the beacons, the Blade EL lightning system and PDI glass

I asked what manufacturer it was going to be for the non reflective glass and was given this answer below from Heighway like 2 days ago, so don't assume it is PDI, doesn't seem that is confirmed unless someone else knows something different.

"Unfortunately I don’t have any information about the brand of non-reflective glass at the moment because we currently have new supplier for the glass. I will keep you up to date in the near future."

#9605 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Not sure if you were directing that at me, but "museum glass" is pretty much the same thing as Invisiglass, very very low reflection, probably would still see the DMD a tiny bit

Think he is referring to the generic glass Heighway seemed to be referencing. I went with PDI as my choice as I know them and they are good but curious who this new "no name" company is and if they can produce a similar product for cheaper, all the better and hopefully comes available retail if so.

On a side note as I was finalizing my options for my Alien LE, I had asked a few questions on e-mail and as side note to e-mail told Andrew to call or e-mail me for clarification on a few items I was kind of confused about. Within about an hour Andrew called me and as always was super informative, answered all my questions and has been listening to the feedback being given time and time again to try and produce best product. Met him at shows and always top notch class A guy. Way to go Heighway pinball, excited for this game and all future ones, you all rock!

#9647 2 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

It's just color changing balls - what is that suppose to be?

Jonesy is just watching the person die from the Alien, he ain't exploding! NO ONE KILLS JONES!!!!! He lives forever!

#9658 2 years ago

Was it ever said if the mechanism that came out of the Alien mouth for the ball grab was going to look more like "alien" something or it was just going to be a metal looking rod?

1 month later
#10549 2 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

I must learn to deal with deadlines better - I know.
We plan a video update from the floor tomorrow Rob

Do it right and once they start coming out and if they are working without any major issues, all will be forgiven for anyone complaining I'm sure.

I'm excited(and honestly the wait is nice cause I don't have room anyway)

#10762 2 years ago

What was the other color trim option that was announced for the game? I still feel like I need to see the LE art to decide which trim package would look the best but they already made me make my decision and not sure if it is going to be a pain to change later once the art is shown?!

1 month later
#11917 2 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

ENADA show, Rimini, Italy.
All set up and ready to go for tomorrow with our Italian distributors

Any further update on LE approvals?!

#11983 2 years ago
Quoted from the_one:

I would like to see Alien LE art package at first before driving myself nuts with respect to the 3rd game title

Yes what is the word on LE artwork, kind of shocking that is still not been shown or approved and games are shipping out?!

#12130 2 years ago

I am going to continue be a broken record here but any update on LE artwork and status?! So happy everything is moving forward and games are shipping but kind of feel locked in a box here with an LE and haven't even been able to see the game :wall:yet!

#12207 2 years ago

LE artwork there to be shown and get the LEs shipping out?!

1 week later
#12479 2 years ago

Hey uh....LE artwork approved by chance? Am I the only one feels this has dragged on way too long especially with games already shipping?! It's getting to the point if LE buyers get both sets of art with the game, why can't the LEs ship with the standard art package and then the LE artwork shipped at a later date?

Yes I'm an early LE order and I want my game!

#12544 2 years ago

Really would like some updates on the LE status?! Been way too quiet for way too long, I know it's likely cause there is no update but this whole Fox approval thing has been going on way too long and why is it still even in this approval stage with games already shipping out! I don't want to raise too much of a fuss but that's a little concerning to still be trying to get an approval at this stage where full flipping games are shipping..... Oh well I'll go back to my first world problems.

2 months later
#15294 2 years ago
Quoted from Davidus56:

I ask forgiveness from anyone I have offended past, present and future. I am not worthy. What can I do to redeem myself?

You could change your avatar picture, it is kind of creepy.

#15357 2 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

The people told their game was shipping and it was time to send their money in? After being shown photos of other customer games being shipped from the factory?
There was straight up deceit happening towards the end here. And likely some time before the end, sadly.

I am in this boat, I have one of the early LEs and was told I need to make full payment a long time back cause my game was going to be shipping soon and so I did. I will put blame on myself sitting around like an idiot for months after thinking the delays were all warranted and it would come eventually. Fast forward to now, I am paid in full, just getting same generic answers from them as everyone else and hoping they figure their shit out and actually do ship my game eventually. I am waiting for dispute with my bank but I think too much time passed and might not be able to get that refunded now.

1 week later
#15419 2 years ago
Quoted from MattS:

She expects my game to be at Cointaker in the next 2-3 weeks.
She also said she has had more communication with the new owners in the past few weeks than she did with Andrew in the past 2 years for whatever that's worth.

What # LE are you? I am paid in full and had my money held hostage and am in first 10 of their LE orders from day 1, I am going to be pissed if they are selling new ones before I get a refund or my damn game. Sorry no disrespect meant to you but I'm really hoping you are wrong.

#15424 2 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Just speculation here, but I wonder if they might proceed like JJP did with WOZ and ship "newer" orders (Cointaker) first to get capital to continue making games, and then move on to the paid in full orders (which in fairness should ship first, but which will net them less/nothing in cash now)?

I can't get a response from the new investors/owners as usual but Melissa was kind enough to call me when I asked for clarification. It makes sense what she was saying in how they have indeed been told games could be shipping within the month and needed to collect money for payments in advance. They were obviously in on some early orders as well. All of this is fine with me as long as I am contacted too in the near future for shipping of mine as I was "suckered" into paying back 6 months ago in full and was one of their first 10 orders received when this was originally sold. I hope it works for all in the end but really hope they don't start pulling BS of screwing people with money in longer to get fresh money in along the way but I don't think that is what this situation is from what I understand in talking with Melissa(who by the way rocks and Cointaker too), not many would go out of their way to call me to discuss out of the blue when I asked on a Friday morning.

Time to enjoy some good things in life this weekend and thru the 4th, life is too short.

#15426 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

... meanwhile back at Heighway Pinball World Headquarters, workers are frantically searching files for someone named bemmet who may or may not be wearing a Packers helmet. Boss says send him to the top! GLWYP (pin)

I would like to think that is happening..............but I doubt it.

And yes I am always representing my Packers, GO PACK GO!

Cool picture I took in Vegas that I just remembered I had. Wish I got a better angle on it, was damn cool looking.
IMG_20170602_110933 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#15721 2 years ago

Pretty sweet, I have some other Aliens art that will frame nicely around this. Gonna look sweet next to my game(if/when I ever get it).

#15831 2 years ago

So it sounds like it is likely they aren't going to continue to do the fiber optic ramps in the LEs anymore(e-mail this morning stating that from Heighway). I think obviously some kind of add-on/replacement is due to those of us in on the LE. I would be happy if Roman's glass was included as the replacement for no extra cost. Not sure they are thinking a replacement is necessarily warranted but I think most of us that paid extra for the LE would agree that something definitely is and we might need to push the envelope to get that message across. Maybe reduced/half cost additional back box screen? Thoughts or other ideas?

1 month later
#16818 2 years ago

So anyone gotten any word on the solution for LE owners and removal of fiber optic ramps? Lesser price, different add-ons.........anything??? I have asked Heighway 8 different times and gotten the same "we don't know" answer. Seems a little late in the game to not know if production is really ramping up.

3 months later
#19590 1 year ago

I'm really burnt out on this situation and Heighway's complete lack of communication. I have a LE order and I know I was one of the first in line(honestly don't even care if I get pushed back in the order I'd probably prefer it to get more bugs worked out). I have been trying for 2 months to get some estimates from them on shipping time frames, production order, really just anything and have gotten zero response in the last 2 months. Trying to re-instill confidence in a company, they get a big fat F, better get their heads out of their respective asses and get communication flowing again to their current and future customers or they can forget about any future in this industry.

2 weeks later
#19775 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Certainly they should give the LE preorders $400-$500 money back or something in place of it.

Well with their stellar reputation for "certainly" doing jack shit to make people feel good about them I wouldn't hold your breath. I've been hitting them up monthly for any update(as I am early order LE), usually get no response until the 3rd or 4th time and I get rude and when I do get any update it is the same nothing BS answer.

1 week later
#19925 1 year ago
Quoted from Dano:

I'd order the glass but I dont want it to delay my game 6 months.

I'd be happy to get my game without any glass at this point. Amazing they can roll out petty little updates like this and probably expect applause but not give any substantial update on bigger news or where the hell all our games are for those of us waiting for years.

#19945 1 year ago
Quoted from Dano:

It's about time for me to send them another email even though I know what the reply will be. Are the communicating with you at all?

Usually takes 3 or 4 attempts and months and once I get rude sometimes that gets them to reply but then it is just the copy/paste response that they are sorry and have no updates, blah blah blah. I can promise they are 100% dodging the main part of my question which is I know I was one of the the first 10 orders ever made for an Alien(LE) which Andrew did confirm for me years ago and if I will get my game first or near the front. I was drug thru the mud with getting conned into paying in full cause it was "ready to ship" over a year ago, never once have they actually responded to that question or really addressed anything on early LE orders. There is no question they are looking for new money and will continue to bend over their original supporters. It honestly is a clown show, it is funny how people still try and put lipstick on this pig.

I'm at the point I have no confidence in their company so I really don't even care too much anymore, I just hope to someday get a game and them make things right for all the people and BS they have put us thru.

#19947 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I make no excuse for the poor communication, but a few things: I don’t think many (if any at all) LE’s have been shipped stateside.

Oh I know I am not saying they have, I just have no faith since I ask the question direct and they won't even give me an answer on it knowing what order they will produce or when. They couldn't even tell or show the LE features until recently and still are fuzzy on it all. But just like the SEs, new money will seem to win the day I am guessing.

#20076 1 year ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

I never said that,

I was told these LE's are going to existing customers old orders new orders and a few to Nitro to Canada

I'll say it, I received direct communication from Heighway admitting they were sending orders out for new money and admitting I was one of the first in line and paid for an original LE. Weird thing is I don't have an LE and am not in these ones going out. The usual apologizing and hopefully they'd be sending "private" orders soon is all I got. I'll at least give them credit for flat out admitting they were filling new/other orders for money, at the end of the day I just want my game and want to be given some benefit for having paid first. Here's to hoping this is a positive sign of some games(LEs) actually going out and more to follow soon.

2 weeks later
#20279 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:


Received reply from Morgan right away. Very encouraging email.

They are working towards satisfying both the Cointaker shipment AND "early private buyers". What that means exactly will be communicated "shortly".

Let me preface this update with I received this almost identical update about early private buyers about 3-4 weeks ago(I'm guessing their new standard answer to questions regarding it) and made me feel better at the time but that wore off quickly. No new information since then obviously, here's to hoping "shortly" will be soon and this isn't just them pushing off people again with same BS stock answers but I'm not holding my breath for anything Heighway related.

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RIP Alien pinball, I wish I would have gotten to know you better before your passing.

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Quoted from rosh:

the question is what would it take to do it, what are those costs and when all is said and done and is there enough upside to do it . . .

1) replace electronics, not like any existing company would want to use a different control system then then use and have to maintain it, make the boards, etc. so what does it take to re-engineer and port it over to that companies platform.
2) Code -- this also likely needs to be ported to a different system, what is the time/cost of doing that? Can the original developers do it, or would that require getting them up to speed on the new platform vs re-doing it with one of your own developers. How much re-work to assets is needed, etc.
3) Cabinet -- hard to see anyone keeping the current cabinet design, so what is involved in re-engineering the game for a different cabinet, power supply, etc.
4) its a wide body game (and not sure if it is even standard wide body dimensions) -- so, can this playfield size go down the existing assembly line.
5) Are new vendors going to be needed for the game specific parts, meaning if current vendors are owed money are they going to be willing to be involved. Tooling costs?
6) Are the current unique mechs reliable, or do they also need to be re-engineered, etc.
7) you need to renew the license with fox, and given the issues with this, they may certainly want more money this time and a larger guarantee. They may also decide they just don't want to do it.
8 What do you do with those who paid for machines and never got them, you have no real requirement to make things right but does that leave a cloud handing over this.

So you have all of those costs, all of these downsides, so how much are you now willing to spend to acquire the 'assets'? What are they really worth given how much needs to be done? Probably not enough for this to make this make sense. Not saying it is impossible, but, there are some pretty big hurdles to overcome and very little upside vs doing your own title.

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