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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#12948 2 years ago

I really hope people aren't let down by the LE artwork after the long wait. Hopefully we'll finally see it tomorrow...

I have to admit that I honestly wasn't that impressed with the drafts that were shown at TPF. In all fairness to Andrew, he did say that they were older drafts that they were not moving forward with, but if the overall "feel" of them is the same, I still think it's a little underwhelming. It's entirely possible that the final drafts could look a lot different though, so I am certainly curious to see them!

Since the standard editions focused on the green and black color scheme from the first film, I sort of expected the art package of the LE to match the blue and black feel of the second film, especially if the xenomorph/biomechanical textures and tones of the queen's nest were used. It seemed like this would be a great contrast to the standard art and would look fantastic!

However, the LE concept art shown was an odd blending of the blue and green from both films which is sort of jarring since neither film's branding had that appearance. I believe people generally think of the first film in terms of green tones and the second film in blue tones... I know I do. The green and blue together makes sense from the standpoint that the machine features both films, but the two colors together just don't feel like either film or the brand as a whole. The queen was featured in the backglass art shown, but the design would only work as a full backglass layout and not with the large LCD. It would have to be redesigned to fit the odd border space around the LCD. It's definitely a tricky design challenge. I think it's a bit of a catch-22 because the LE is also meant to be a 35th Anniversary edition for the second film - but it features the title treatment of the first film, not second...

I guess what I am hoping for is that they will just go all out second film styling and colors with the artwork if it's truly going to be an anniversary edition for the second film, but it seems like it's going to be an amalgamation of the two. That'll probably be fine for many folks, I just thought it would be cool to have one edition represent Alien and the other represent Aliens.

#12955 2 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

If the words "35th anniversary" are featured everywhere on the final LE art, what would be kind of a bummer, but that's what I'm kinda expecting.

Yep, I have to agree with you on it being pointless identifying the 35th anniversary of the first film at this point, especially since the 40th is in 2019. I believe I was mistaken in thinking it was the 35th anniversary of the second film that was being referenced in the concept art. It made sense to me at the time since that was only last year. Nevertheless, it was definitely referenced on the backglass and side art panels.

Going with an Aliens look and feel is definitely the way to go to differentiate the two machines more. I guess we'll see soon enough.

#12982 2 years ago

Some thoughts from everyone's favorite pinball podcaster were just posted in a new episode...

#13012 2 years ago

Beautiful backglass artwork! Definitely a huge improvement over the drafts shown at TPF and I applaud the decision to use hand drawn artwork! The predominant blue tones look a lot better! Will be interested to see how it is modified for the backbox LCD versions. I also think the side panel art looks much better with the Queen head near the back of the cabinet rather than the front as the xeno head is on the SEs. Feels more appropriately balanced from back to front.

11 months later
#21124 1 year ago
Quoted from jlm33:

Not going to write anything about Andrew, or I would have to moderate my own post.

I know this is sort of meant to be a joke, but I have to admit that this perspective of not calling a spade a spade or raising red flags here on Pinside is utter bullshit. At this point, Andrew Heighway deserves to be called out as the lying piece of shit con artist that he is without a lick of moderation...and he deserved to be called that years ago. Yet Pinside protected him...

I get that you guys have to make tough decisions and just want everyone to get along drama-free, but it is still pretty eye-opening that people were moderated, suspended, or ejected back when they were trying to show that there were red flags about Andrew and his business history, yet people like Hilton were allowed to continue preaching on with unsubstantiated claims about how everything was just fine and Andrew needed to be supported.

This situation absolutely sucks and I truly feel for the employees that were victimized by this as much as the customers. But I think with this being the third company to go down in flames after conning people out of tens of thousands of dollars, Pinside needs to reconsider its approach to people that are raising legitimate concerns about these companies and allow them to ask the hard questions.

If the company has nothing to hide, then they should be able to defend themselves.

#21178 1 year ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

The post you're referring to was made by someone who has a history of trolling manufacturer threads pretty hard.

We don't protect manufacturers from criticism. We don't moderate opinions. Heck, I've thrown in my two cents at times.
What we do moderate are personal attacks and name calling.
What we also moderate are anonymous drive-by shill accounts. If someone has information or comments to share, it should be done from an established/legitimate account where someone can be held accountable for what they say, and not just posted with a throwaway account then run away.
There have been several instances where these drive-by throwaway accounts have been used to spread false information, stir the pot, and cause drama. So, it is general policy not to allow accounts like this--whether they are posting legitimate information or not. We simply have no way to verify it or hold anyone accountable for it.

While I completely agree that fake accounts should not be tolerated, under certain circumstances like the ones that have transpired over the years with this saga, regardless of where the information came from - shill account or not - the information about Andrew which turned out to be very revealing and foreshadowing of what has happened was still swept under the rug and more or less erased.

I understand that name calling could get out of hand if not moderated, but on the other end of the spectrum, people relentlessly shilling for a company in a positive light (when they are not fully informed of the real situation) can be just as harmful because it makes everything sound like there are no issues at hand. Andrew absolutely deserved to be called out in the harshest of manners and that didn't start happening until much later on.

My point is just that the manufacturers need to be kept in check, held accountable, and communicate with people if they are going to use Pinside as a platform to beg for money in order to keep their business afloat. When companies start completely ignoring their customers, they deserve to be called names until they hopefully wake up to the turmoil they're causing.

#21200 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Unfortunately... the bigger the impact, the more scrutinous you must be. If you don't, people abuse it because they know they can achieve their goal and get away with it. And either way, it creates huge liabilities for the site.
If someone wants to 'leak' info... there are plenty of ways to do it. But you can't let 'hit and run' content that can't be substantiated be the norm... because for every 'legit' one, you'll likely have 10x more that are more harm than good.
Imagine how easy it would be to smear an individual or other pinsider with a hit and run attack with with a simple post claiming serious, undesirable behavior without needing to back any of it up if no such scrutiny or forced focus existed.

This is true and I believe that when potentially damaging info is brought forth, it needs to be looked into rather than Pinside deciding that the account is fake and therefore the info must be automatically deleted. How many more people sent in money to Andrew and never saw his failed business history? Everyone needs to be a responsible, informed buyer for sure, but if information is deemed relevant to the trustworthiness of a company selling their product here, then it needs to be kept available.

The people who are positively shilling a product with completely unsubstantiated information are indeed getting away with it and causing just as much damage as someone that says something slanderous. My point is that perhaps there needs to be some honest, raw negativity so the unrelenting positive claims from some people are not so overwhelming and misleading of the real problems.

#21215 1 year ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

In general, we don't check information for validity. We don't have the time, resources, or special magic powers in order to do that. We just enforce the forum rules to ensure the site runs (reasonably) smoothly.

It's not complicated--if someone has information to bring forth, it just needs to be posted from a legitimate/established account.

There is. And quite a bit of it. The problem is that some people put blinders on and only read or remember things they agree with and ignore the rest.

I won't beat a dead horse any longer and will say that I honestly don't disagree with what you're saying. I think you guys do a fine job keeping the peace here and I have a lot of respect for all the mods. The guys I know personally are great friends that I am very glad to know.

I realize it's hard to police all of the drama that goes on here and don't expect you guys to be private investigators when it comes to looking into info brought forth about the manufacturers. But, shill accounts or not, I feel like the lesson learned is that even if it sounds like someone is trying to sink a manufacturer or slander them, don't completely write them or their info off. We have seen people with real accounts and real concerns still get burned at the stake by the sycophants only for people to later see that they were right. And when that happens, where are those cheerleaders? Oh right...certain infamous ones are nowhere to be found in this thread right now. They disappear without any repercussions just like Andrew has.

If we automatically always take the cheerleaders' or manufacturer's side as gospel, we've seen there's a good chance people are being blatantly lied to in order to keep their money in order to continue fueling bad business decisions.

#21232 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Had the right PREDICTIONS or right FACTS?
Don't let the revisionists distort that difference.

Sure, it's some of both. But it goes both ways...the fanboys are equally as guilty of promoting predictions and facts as accurate information that can and has led to people being misled or distracted from what was actually going on.

All I'm saying is that maybe when someone calls bullshit on something and raises a red flag, regardless of whether it's a prediction or is blatant fact, we all just need to stop and think about it for a moment. Could it be possible? It's so easy to want to be an optimist about this stuff and only see, read, or believe what you really want to believe and not face the actual truth of what could be happening. We have seen time and again how these companies will lie right to your face to keep the train from going off the rails sooner.

#21248 1 year ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

However, from a forum perspective, if Pinside allows shill accounts to slander a company the potential negative impact is much greater (ie. the company folding) versus Pinside not restraining fanboyism where maybe someone is influenced to pre-order a machine.

If a company folds due to people making snide or slanderous remarks on here, than they obviously have way more problematic issues to deal with and would collapse because of that...not some harsh words thrown at them.

Had this been the first time it happened, then I would not have ever chimed in, but this is a cyclical problem we have seen 3 times now and could certainly happen again... The rabid, bandwagon-jumping fanboyism is a problem and makes it even easier for these con men to hide behind their lies if everyone is led to believe all is fine.

It truly sucks and I am quite sure some of the employees would have gladly spoken up about the problems they were seeing had Andrew not been such a sleazebag and threatened his own people with lawsuits.

#21250 1 year ago

Yeah I recall some of them coming forward with cryptic information. Like you said, the signs have been there for a while.

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