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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

4 years ago

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#25 4 years ago

If I'm not mistaken, this isn't the first stab at an Alien theme...is it? I think Clay's interview with Barry Oursler revealed that BSD was originally designed for the Aliens license but was re-themed due to some hiccups with the license.

Hope this one turns out AWESOME!

1 year later
#3966 3 years ago

I can't believe anyone is complaining about this art. It looks absolutely amazing.

Great work by the design team... Can't wait to see a populated playfield!

#3968 3 years ago

So what are the odds that this game will fully ship in 2016?

#4282 3 years ago

Has Heighway announced any kind of game to market timeframe?

#4290 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Look at TWD LE as an example. When you look at that game there is no indication of Rick, Daryl, or any of the characters but yet it works.


#4305 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

That's the Pro Version. LE doesn't reference the characters anywhere on the cabinet or playfield and they are all absent in the software on all versions. Only reference is on the apron stickers.


Here's the premium...makes 2/3...And the secondary market firmware has lots of callouts from the show and that download is mega-popular.

Just say'n....


#4380 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

To me twd pin is more of a generic overall zombie theme rather than based on the show. If you were to only see the play field not many people wld know its twd.

Accept for the fish tank... "Woodbury" shot, well Walker... The obvious prison...

If you watch the show, it's obvious how many of the elements were used...

#4401 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

That's what's great about the TWD integration -> it works if you've watched the show or if you never have

That may be true... But it's not a "generic" zombie theme. And the playfield is literally riddled with evidence of the show.

#4402 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

That's what's great about the TWD integration -> it works if you've watched the show or if you never have

That may be true... But it's not a "generic" zombie theme. And the playfield is literally riddled with evidence of the show.

#4403 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

That's what's great about the TWD integration -> it works if you've watched the show or if you never have

That may be true... But it's not a "generic" zombie theme. And the playfield is literally riddled with evidence of the show.

1 month later
#4815 3 years ago


I can't wait to see this populated... most excited I've been for a new table in a long, long time...

2 months later
#5704 3 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

In all honesty I was very excited about this title , but due to the delay I have lost interest and will probably look for something else...
...in full disclosure I have not put any $ in, I was planning on purchase as soon as they were available...
Reminds me of what people are experiencing with The Hobbit...

I was in this same boat and just pulled the trigger on another title that has been out for a while...feel the exact same way about JJP #3 (which I had been told, several times, would be unveiled this Spring)...

Some of my choice to put $$ elsewhere came from the wait...some of it came from some of Aurich's comments on C2C and his overall level of enthusiasm about some of the art issues (perhaps I read into it...don't know...but some of it came off uninspired)...and some of it came from feeling so-so about my playing experience with Full Throttle (which, as a package, just didn't do it for me). So, my coin is going to a completed game with advanced code. Perhaps Alien will be at that stage sometime late next year (purchasable production, good code). Who really knows?

I'm definitely intrigued by the title and think that the revealed playfield looked very cool...just not ready to (A) Wait endless months for deadlines that may or may not come and (B) pay thousands to become a beta-tester.

All that being said, I hope they get it out sooner than later...that it rocks...and that my budget will open up to allow one into the collection.

1 week later
#6164 3 years ago


This is one game that has been all over my radar since announcement...but this thread and some of the personal inside details being shared are just flat-out weird. You look at companies like Stern, and I'm really beginning to appreciate their closed-door professional approach to business.

This Alien thread is turning into a huge turnoff. I know I should probably just drain it, but I keep hoping that some new info about the game is contained in the new posts. As I said pages and pages ago, I had earmarked 2016 pinball money for this game...but I've decided to go a different the direction this year, rather than wait --- and a large part of it has to do with some of the weirdness that's getting laid-out here.

I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Andrew Heighway...if it were my company, I'd be livid.

I agree with Stones. Mods should clip Andrew Heighway's posts... put them in a new thread and start this thing all over. This thread needs to be erased.

#6166 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Andrew just said the other day around 3 months until we see something. The only new info is some people saw the secret video, and can describe it to others; somehow not the weirdest thing in this thread.

That's cool...and if he hits that target, great. But we also heard there would be a reveal over a year ago. There's a point to which the reveal should be the reveal...no promises of dates...just say "we're working on it" and show it when it's done.

1 month later
#6634 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

The plan is this Fall. That's as specific as anyone can say right now.

Let me translate this...

May 2018


#6638 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

On the bright side US buyers are sitting in a pretty good spot now, the dollar vs the pound hasn't looked this good for a long time.

As the folks above pointed out... This statement is wrong. It shouldn't be... But it is...

3 months later
#8142 2 years ago

Is Alien $6500 for standard?

2 weeks later
#9012 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

dont waste your time, timebandit.
User is Kaneda once again (if not him then an obvious dup account with some issues and an axe to grind). The guy has some serious issues. Best practice is to just ignore him and click the report to mod team button. He is not even remotely part of the hobby. His hobby appears being an internet troll as he spends hours of his days trolling arcade, pinball, and even collectible figurine websites. He has little knowledge of anything pinball, has only owned 2 games ever (which he pays top dollar for since he has no idea how to actually work on them), and most notable aspect of the pinball hobby is him getting booted from Pinside multiple times to the point of starting a podcast so now you can listen to all the glorious improper pronunciation, misunderstood pinball vocabulary, and ignorance first hand if you like.
The sad part of it all is that Chris is actually a decent guy in real life and he just wants a couple friends, but has still not learned how to make friends. Toss on the fact that any interaction can be assumed to become part of his further online hate fueled rage or obsession with podcasting about people rather than pinball, and I have learned to just ignore him rather than even give him a chance to become a friend again. I tried to give him a chance at an event last year, which it then became obvious was just storyboard for his podcast. I have since stopped listening and throw his dup accounts on ignore. Trolls just crave attention. Unfortunately with Chris he seems to have some deep seated issues. Normal trolls tend to disappear after so much effort is needed to maintain multiple fake accounts. Chris seems to just feed off the negative interaction and like to go scorched earth on anyone that even attempts to be a friend. Life is too short to deal with this amount of negative energy. Best to just ignore.
On topic, I was originally planning to buy an Aliens kit to swap into the FullT cab like you timebandit. Now I am thinking full Aliens game. FullT is still a top earner on route so no reason to swap it out at this stage.
For any operators out there. If you want to talk percentages, feel free to reach out. You all know what games we have out and we have put FullT at 2 of our 3 locations and it has done well at both. IMHE, FullT has been a good purchase for route and you should try it out if you are on the fence.

Key word here: "ignore"

Then why follow that with paragraphs railing on the guy?

You guys gotta let it go... talk about not feeding the trolls and then you load up a plate of garbage scraps and serve it up for dinner? Huh??

2 months later
#10135 2 years ago

I'm really curious to see what that sign says...

"Coming 20___"

What? 17? 18?

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 11.51.39 PM (resized).png

#10144 2 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

Those beacons look shit!!!!!!!!!!
The whole backbox just looks like a toy imo.
playfield looks good to me

Oddly enough... it IS a toy!

#10162 2 years ago

Does anyone else look at this game and immediately think: Sega?

#10327 2 years ago

Is there custom speech in this game, or what?

1 year later
#21107 1 year ago

Wow, everyone in this loses.

Money down and no game? Loss.

Received a game but now have no manufacturer support? Loss.

Sorry guys. This is obviously the worst possible outcome. Watching this mess of lies and deception unfold has been like watching a slow motion wreck. SUCKS!

#21304 1 year ago
Quoted from AndrewH:

Statement From Andrew Heighway
I am truly sorry to hear about the turn of events announced today.
In June 2017 I sold my controlling stake in Heighway Pinball Limited – including its commitments and liabilities - to a group of investors who claimed to want to put significant funds into the company, achieve mass production and deliver part-paid and fully-paid games to customers, as well as new machine sales.
Throughout the five years that I ran the company, we developed and sold games up until the time of my departure. This was never a ponzi scheme, as some have suggested. A mix of technical problems, supplier quality problems and unrealistic timeframes resulted in delays that financially crippled the company. We were all committed to delivering games to all paying customers. I personally apologise for the unrealistic timeframes.
There have been suggestions that I stole or diverted company funds for my own ventures. These are very serious accusations and never once have I been interviewed by the police for any alleged wrongdoings. The company’s accountants have never suggested any wrongdoings by me. It can be proven that the company owed me significant monies and not the other way round. I would therefore advise people to refrain from making any libellous or slanderous statements about me – as I will defend myself and my integrity.
I very much regret that the company’s owners have closed the company without honouring its commitments to all paying customers and I wish everyone the best in pursuing their claims against the investors or via the insolvency practitioners.
This situation has appalled me and I am extremely sorry for the anguish that it will inevitably cause.
Andrew Heighway

Wait... after all of this, you’re going to come on here and threaten people??

Are you kidding me?????

Wow. Just wow.

#21326 1 year ago

I sure hope Andrew’s little boat works better than the xenomorph head...

58501388-B973-450B-9FCD-A6307064ABB9 (resized).jpeg

#21394 1 year ago

Andrew’s post now has more downvotes than games his defunct company shipped.

#21485 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Bullshit. Your intent is clear, esp since you opted to edit many of those quotes to your liking. Anyone pulling quotes 1 year old quotes out of context and editing them to paint the exact story they want has a clear motive and intent.

Gotta agree with marv on this one.

Schilton, you’ve done enough damage... and you’re going to call out someone on painting a story and carrying clear motive and intent?

How your account hasn’t been forced inactive is beyond me.

#21490 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

You may want to actually take a look to go click on each of those quotes he used and see the actual content, before jumping on me. the guy edited and cherry picked stuff over the past year to push his storyline. Many of the quotes said entirely different things before he edited them down. he was specifically attempting to create a back and forth storyline between multiple users and editing comments as he did. THat is frankly bullshit.
If he wants to actually quote entire posts out of context that is one thing, but I don't think anyone (including Kim) apprciates him doing what he puposefully did by altering quotes.

And you may want to revisit your posting history... it pretty much speaks for itself.

#21511 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

My posting history on Alien has been pretty clear. great game, super fun, love the layout, built well. But DON'T PREORDER PINBALL MACHINES UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND THE RISKS and take accountabilit for your actions.
DEspite some people being incapable of understanding that I learned from the SkitB fiasco and have been explicitly clear numerous times about why people should not preorder these toys... my posting history has been very clear for anyone to read without improper edits.

Look, anyone can select your name and go back and read your gushing and unwarranted cheerleading across multiple threads (not to mention your general approach to interacting with collectors here on Pinside)... for long time users that know your history, it probably was just ignored, but for the more casual buyers that just browsed looking for data to make a purchase decision, it's a real shame.

But to say that you didn't outright encourage others to have faith and plop their money down based on your level of expertise with Heighway... that's just plain false:

Quoted from Whysnow:

Got about five games on it this evening. these are prototypes but look close to me. They look AMAZING in person! THey play very good, esp for being prototype/pre-production/whatever you want to call them.
The audio is phemonenal and will likely get way better. LOTS of shoots any they feel good. I played a few games w Steve Bowden and he agree that it is solid and fun to shoot as first impression and going to be great once at production.
Most importantly for me (and iceman). They have the X factor. IMERSION! Toss on your headphones, turn it up, rock a beverage, and step into the world under the glass.
Super pumped to see the final product. ICeman, just send the deposit! It is just a deposit and you are gonna want to get in the cue now IMHO.

Pretty unbelievable that lots of folks lost money on this... and the history of misinformation and false promises coming out of Heighway is massively disappointing. Thinking back to that ridiculous Facebook post that showed one game getting boxed and loaded in a truck...literally stating that more games would be shipped later that week (or the next)... and the terrible support customers ended up receiving. You lost if you never got a game... and the fact that games that shipped aren't all working... good grief!!!

#21519 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

again, taken out of the context of when that was said and trying to twist me giving Iceman a hard time about putting a deposit down as me whole hog telling people they should go send full payment.
If you really want to start pulling old quotes out of context, you should probably start printing them on sweatshirts. I here that is a thing now-a-days on the east coast???

Hmmm... sweatshirts, eh? Not a bad idea. But I think I'll take it up a notch and go with a hoodie.

Now, which quote to start with?

The last sentence from this post would be a good place to start, don't you think?

Quoted from Whysnow:

Settle down ROb.
Are you a FullT owner?
I am and most importantly I am willing to sit tight and wait it out to see what Heighway offers up before going crazy. I assume I will have to pay something, but it will be a drastically reduced rate. I am also under the impression that it will be a huge upgrade and bring lots of added value.
As an owner, I expected some kinks along the way from being a first game adopter. I am very happy to see they are working these things out now with #2. I am also happy that Andrew has said he wil make it all work out.
While sometimes a little delayed (while they ramp up for Alien/s) Andrew has ALWAYS come through on his word.

#21539 1 year ago
Quoted from JodyG:

This one aged well, from back in the Predator days.

It's the same old - same old - with this guy. To your point astropin, you're right. No one is forcing anyone to pay anything. But the narrative typically is aggressive and let's be honest: in this hobby we rely on information from other hobbyists to make sound decisions. It's just the way it works. At this point, regulars can see a source and recognize its validity and weight or lack there of. But non-regulars who don't spend hours on end here could easily mistake utter nonsense and schilling as legit opinions and facts.

manimal post (above) states it best. It's this kind of stuff that is toxic and damaging to other collectors... and it's not the first time this has happened from this source.

#21663 1 year ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Other people have commented about various warnings/concerns being posted and then shot down by people clamoring for their GRAIL game. My comment goes along with that discussion and is another example of someone being flamed for not knob-hobbing Andrew and the game. blah blah blah

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.57.32 AM (resized).png

1 week later
#21977 1 year ago

This goes to show: never make assumptions about the stability/health of one of these companies. You look back at the chatter about the great intentions of Heighway — so far off the mark it’s BAD

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