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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#24456 5 months ago
Quoted from DrDoom:

Thanks for your advise.
My flippers are very strong, no problem with them.
So regarding the sporadic reboots it makes more sense to change the 12V power supply for a stronger one.


#24458 5 months ago
Quoted from RazerX:

So is the capacitor mod even necessary if you have the transformer in there instead of the switching PS?

probably not...

2 weeks later
#24487 4 months ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

Just curious: how many games has your Aliens pin so far?
I just saw some used one one threads.
Mine has 800 plays. 600 in the last 3 weeks... (Very good moments I have to say)
I wonder about the lastability.

Had me curious...I crossed the 1k mark several months ago, before I reset everything, and did some shoring up w electrical and plastics replacements....Suspect I'm around 1500 now ...Game is very solid now, however, when friends come over they shy away as it shoots so different.... Intimidating on several levels...Love it!!!

#24491 4 months ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

hello. Not sure what is the best thread to post this:
looking for help for my Alien which constantly reboot now. running the 1.2. I've update my IO boards recently to .9 version. This didn't solve this issue but now the right flipper, once pressed during gameplay, make some leds to bright with it...
here are the traces from the log file:
during gameplay:
8980 ERROR: ioboard_thread(2): ERR: 18
3100 ERROR: ioboard_thread(2): ERR: 18
3104 ERROR: ioboard_thread(2): ERR: 18
5464 ERROR: ioboard_thread(0): ERR: 18
9844 ERROR: ioboard_thread(0): ERR: 18
6944 ERROR: ioboard_thread(1): ERR: 18
just before the reboot, I have this infinite loop
2888 deff_start 141 AMBUSH MB JACKPOT
2896 Stopping leff 41
2896 Closing leff 41 (idx 10)
2896 Started leff 70
2900 replay award
2908 replay award
2920 replay award
2928 replay award
2940 replay award
2948 replay award
2956 replay award
End... with reboot
5588 replay award
5588 replay award
5588 replay award
5588 deff_start 69 ACID MODE WIN
5588 queueing[0]
5588 Hurry 75 exiting
5588 deff_start 31 WEAPON AWARDED
5588 ignoring[0] 58 < 147
5588 AIRLOCK: kicking now
Any Idea would be appreciated?

I'd sure do the simplest first.....reload clean code, reseat usb to I/O boards then see what happens....the game will not boot properly as is on occasion (hasn't happened to me since I upgrade the P/S)....then at least you can start again w troubleshooting

#24494 4 months ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

Thanks for this. The .9 version upgrade for the I/O board didn’t do any good for me. Is this the version you’re running on your Alien?

yep..1.2 software, .9 on the I/O

#24504 4 months ago
Quoted from megaladon:

Update: got the game up! Got the weir update to work. It’s running 1.02, how do I update the iO boards since some lights that were working b4 in .94 are not now?

congrats!!!!....it's in the service menu...just go to "I/O" boards, and select "update"....(remember to do for all of them)

#24506 4 months ago
Quoted from megaladon:

Do I have to have the USB in the computer I’m just wondering where I find the updated code for it? Because the lights on the map don’t match at all for the lights on the flashing on the playfield.

Nope....you loaded the new I/O code when you updated the cpu......should be in there....when you go to the service menu, just choose the I/O boards, and it will ask if you want to update the boards....

#24508 4 months ago
Quoted from megaladon:

Well then there something wrong because the lights don’t match up at all to what’s on the play field? The only boards that match are the mode boards toward the bottom.

Did the I/O boards take the update?...Not quite sure what you mean by " not line up"? Guessing attract mode is good?

#24539 4 months ago

And all is now well in Alienland again.....good to see you back!!

#24544 4 months ago
Quoted from Averell:

Here she is... what a beauty.
No damage, no scratches, it's out of the box like a brandnew pin.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Game looks exceptional in black, and do believe it was the "rarest of the rare" color-wise, in the final run. congrats....enjoy it!!!

Quoted from delt31:

wonder if there are any limited edition emblems available for sale like everything else. The #XX out of XXX in those pics.

Suspect any print shop could generate a pretty accurate replica (like any other game's LE designation badge)...can't imagine the value in it, however. The LE's are marked as such at various areas of the game, along with receipt....would be easy for someone that wanted/ found an LE could easily find out if it was authentic or not.

#24556 4 months ago
Quoted from rlslick:

Thanks Ferrett!
Is this the one I need to buy? If not, can someone provide me a link to where they purchased theirs that once replaced provided some stability?
Thank you! Arthur[quoted image]

These are what I used:


sold by the meter...1.5 works fine (decided to keep length the same to eliminate any possible issue there). Expensive, but w strain relief, check the box on that issue (though it's a good idea to make sure they are seated properly @ the I/O board everytime you pop the hood).

Connectivity, and acrylic plastics...2 biggest issues on final version of the game....enjoy!!...mark

#24557 4 months ago
Quoted from royneblom:

The last Alien New in box ??
Well there are one more Alien LE new in box left in my warehouse.
Not only is it properly the last one in the world its also the most wanted one LE NO 426.
This game has a long story and was bought on place in Merthyr Tydfil ( i visited the factory ) from Andrew Heighway when we still was buying full throttle games to Sweden .
I got it in a deal when we bought some full throttle and prepaid 8 Alien games to help up with money to the production.
After a long time ( like 2 year ) waiting for the prepaid games we lost them in the bankruptcy of Heighway pinball.
And i thought the LE 426 was gone forever with the rest of my money.
But some games was deliverd to us in the last shipping from the factory ( we bought them and paid for them again as we loved to keep the delivery to the clients that hade orderd LE from me "www.retroarcade.se" , a few styed in Sweden and 3 games was sold from us to USA where they found nice homes.
The last game i have was "born" in the factory as LE 350 in green trims but was also deliverd with the LE 426 batch as that was what i had bought from the begining.
I say thanks to the "Pinball brothers" that keept the promis that Andrew gave me long time ago.
So i like to see if there still is some who like to own the most legendary alien game
Its up for sale for 18500 usd or best offer ( higer or lower )
Can be shipped to any loctaion against freight cost
For you who dont know the planet in Alien movie is LV-426 , that way the games is so special
More info : https://alienanthology.fandom.com/wiki/Acheron_(LV-426)[quoted image]

royneblom is a great guy, and you can deal w confidence (wonder where one of those 3 games that made it to the US went? )

#24563 4 months ago
Quoted from gold1:

Interesting to see how many people on pinside have an LE just to see how many may have been made.Mine is 126.

#139 here, green trim, born late February,18.

#24565 4 months ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Nice story told but ..
Mhh .. I know you are a businessman and need to make some cash. But making 10K profit ... wow.
Okay .. you had also a big loss on the first order.
Sorry, I am sure that this is not the last Alien NIB and I am also sure that you can get a NIB much much cheaper.

You can buy AlienLE NIB now? Please share...

royneblom is one of the very, very few that kept his word when all this shit went down...A far cry from others that promised many things...

#24575 4 months ago
Quoted from dung:

Don't really get the le obsession on this title. Artwork for the cab and backglass and a different powdercoat? Seems a but moot.

LE's were the last run, so less to do to sort the bugs. Artwork is outstanding.

They are all " limited" of course...

#24591 4 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

It seems like buying an Alien LE is like going to this steak house I used to go to in Chicago. Every time I ordered the Prime Rib, they would say " You are in luck, we only have one left!" . Literally.. every single time and I went there like 20 times. Must be more LE NIB hanging around like prime ribs.

Yea....No. Still only made around 200 total units.(SE and LE)..confirmed multiple times...the vast majority of those stayed across the pond....Maybe a dozen or so " born" last run LEs in the States... the rest overseas...scattered wherever...could be had and shipped over, but the well went dry over a year ago...

Steakhouse finds new cows...these for all intensive purposes are gone...everyone should source overseas if there are any left...good luck

#24597 4 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

can't still figure out my back two rear eggs. One game they are fine, another they go in and out. Has to be loose connection somewhere.I guess Ill just lift the playfield and start pushing on things.

Gonna have to drop that board after running lamp check to reseat/repair the bad LED in the chain.

Owning an Alien can be a PITA sometimes...but end result is so worth it...

#24621 4 months ago

Think the code is quite good. Maybe some slight glitches here and there, but overall quite solid.

The engineering is where the shortfall came, and believe it could be said of any title....Alien never had a chance to develop, work the hardware, connectivity issues out, and provide the true factory support needed to have the game thrive. Plastics, no hall effect sensor or opto to sense the ball, I/O connectivity, PS issues were the biggies. Alot of good in this machine, however.

This title would have been sold solid #'s....one of the few out there that really plays differently, and doesn't need gimmicks to pull it off. Layout is so unlike anything I've had or played prior.

1 week later
#24694 3 months ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Cointaker Red Tremor shipped from the factory for many/most of the games... that one has good oomph.

That's what mine came with...Fits this game perfectly...Plenty of power...

2 weeks later
#24754 3 months ago
Quoted from megaladon:

For the Alien community! I was brave enough to pull the plastic backboard off. Going to Find a place they can scan it in. You can see where the corner right side is cracked maybe you can clean up digitally?[quoted image][quoted image]

I'm in for one if they'd be willing to make 2...mine took a ball hit early in same spot and has a chip up there...PETG there too, hopefully, as that piece is also acrylic.

#24755 3 months ago
Quoted from Averell:

Hello guys,
is the apron an own product from Heighway Pinball or is it similar or same to other manufacturer like STERN or JJP?
Is there any chance to get that apron made of metal?

Similar but not the same. I've got one at my local machine shop now on his slow "to do" list. Will be metal w inserts cut for lighting....

#24796 3 months ago
Quoted from bcd:

A strobe on the xenomorph as it extends and grabs the ball would have been awesome.

I've absolutely figured that out, with a working version on my bench. Just slowed a bit as I'm trying to find the correct covers to protect the Xenon tubes during gameplay. Still working through it, and promise to post the parts list once sorted. Truly not that bad....

Did a mock test on the game once with everything in, but no ball in play (as I didn't have protective covers on the tubes)..looked sick!!!!! (blinding like AFM)

#24819 3 months ago
Quoted from Averell:

Now here's my suggestion to make the translite better lighted by the given LED-Stripe in the Backbox.
An exact reproduction of the speaker panel made in acrylic glass interchangeable with the original parts.
The first prototype pair is in delivery and I can check the result on wednesday this week.
If it works I will start a very small limited series.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

In for a set if you make a run...Should I send a pm

#24866 3 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Are we really at the point where we need to explain to fellow pinsiders why leaking of the alien code is beyond ridiculous? Really?
Let's talk about those new panel pieces! I would like to see those in action

Man, you hit the nail on the head w this comment!!!!!

Bring those acrylic speaker panels!!!!!

#24867 3 months ago
Quoted from Ferret:

I just want to strongly agree with what Aurich said. I can't and don't speak for anyone else on the team, but I was contracted to do coding for hire, that code to belong to Heighway Pinball, not me. Fortunately, eventually, I was paid the compensation that was promised (including a game). But even if I hadn't been paid, it would've been my own damn fault for continuing to do work when payments were in arrears... I wouldn't get to arbitrarily decide on some sort of vigilante justice. You know the cliche about two wrongs not making a right. AFAIK, Pinball Brothers is the owner of that IP now, so whether they choose to use that IP to make more Alien pins, sell it to another company, or print it on toilet paper, that's their choice, not mine or Brian's or Aurich's or David's or Kelly's.

And the voice of reason...thanks Joe.....spot on!!!!

#24881 3 months ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Mhhh .. I have a file and I have a guy lasering PETG to help out with the backboard.
So you need one due its cracked ?
Or are there other pictures on some machines ? My Alien has exactly that backboard in.
Can someone provide the measurements ? I will not fiddel out my backboard ....

Mine took a ball strike, top right, and broke a piece of the plexiglass as well ( EL paper was fine).

That thing is a PITA to remove, so I'm in the same boat...Only want to pull it once. Can try to confirm dimensions in the next few days.

Have never seen a file for the backboard ( files I sent you long ago don't contain them)...

#24894 3 months ago
Quoted from SDpinballer:

The machine has rewarded me for not abandoning it. Not often I get a score anywhere near this. thanks to Mark and Aaron and Bob for talking me off the ledge![quoted image]

Great score, and you're welcome. The game is just too good, and there are zero guarantees that once the remorse set in (and it would) you could actually get another one. Mine is playing so well and reliably now...... Alienland is a great place to be!!!!....mark

#24897 3 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I'm glad to hear as well.
Here's my advice - completely disregard no worries but look at my history. I've sold a ton of games. A ton. I regretted one. Only one. To the point that I told myself if I ever have the opportunity to get another I would never sell it. I don't care if I lose all the money associated with it. I don't care
That game.
That game is Alien.

AND...He never changed his avatar through it all...Had a million chances...

1 week later
#24960 82 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

does anyone actually have Alien on route? I dont know how well it would do, probably have an out of order sign all the time. Something always goes wrong, this is my experience with two Aliens so far.
But man when it works, and there is a flawless game, this is my fav pin.. its amazing. Just wish it was more reliable.

No reason one couldn't live and thrive on route if the basics were sorted. This pin is not for everybody from a tech standpoint...no schematics, proprietary components, and things have to be adjusted for it to behave properly.

Mine has been rock solid for hundreds and hundreds of plays (thinking over 1200 and still looks great). Playfield looks amazing, PETG replacement, everything works, w final nail in the coffin being the upgrade to a beefier 12vdc power supply, virtually eliminating resets.

Again, not for the weak of heart, but amazing once it's finally sorted.....

#24963 82 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Ur machine sounds awesome ! Did u have to fix any trough issues and what did u do ? Mine ejects two balls sometimes and pisses me off

Balls probably magnetized...Change them out and see if it persists.

#24981 80 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Too soon now target 2-13 stuck in active .. back to the drawing board

Mechanical issue?

#24985 79 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Ya looks like the plastic front of the switch keeps getting stuck on the metal sides of the switch I’ll remove it and play around with it unless u got another suggestion

Pretty common on the left side of right ramp ( weapon target). Just loosen and move it as far left as possible, then tighten back down. Should be fine...

#24988 78 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Messing with the switch for like an hour I think the problem is it’s just not High enough to get past playfield so it gets stuck . I gave up and just deactivated it . It’s not a very used switch anyways. It’s the weapons switch all the way to the right side of playfield kind of above the apc drop targets

It's very valuable in gameplay. All must be lit in order to accumulate very powerful (and necessary) weapons. I'd step back, then go at it again at some point....

#24989 78 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

There're only two sets left!!!
Here the multi-part panels are cut with the laser.
You can see the slotted holes for the upper mounting screw to have the option to adjust the panel behind the translite sideways.
[quoted image]

Too excited for this!!!!

#25004 77 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Yep, I just returned my order of 12 balls to amazon today. Stay away from BC precision.[quoted image]

Yikes!!!! Ball Baron for the win....

#25005 77 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

[quoted image]

You have had a go of it......probably the HDMI cable connectivity.

It is SOOO important on this machine to take your time, and do proper cable management, strain relief at all wiring connections.

I probably spent 2 days rerouting, securing cables, tightening euroblock screw connectors on the motherboard, and overall tidying up the infrastructure. If you don't, every time you pop the top or have extended play sessions, things tend to connect intermittently, leading to weirdness.

Using USB, HDMI, and euroblock (screw) connectivity is just not the best thing for a machine that vibrates...is what it is.

Good news - it can be made very solid and reliable...bad news - it takes time and understanding how to properly wire for strain relief using these connection methods......

#25014 76 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Hey man can u give me a link to which balls u recommend for alien ? Believe it or not I had brand new gameroomguys balls and I think they scratched my
Playfield display ! I’m so bummed on closer inspection they had tiny bit pitting!


get the carbon steel ones for Alien, NOT the Ninjas....

#25017 76 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Hey guys just curious is the playfield display something that can be swapped out also replacing the piece on the actual playfield that the ball rolls or is the top of the screen on the playfield part of the playfield itself ? Like if I remove the display is there a big hole in the playfield?

All comes out (not part of PF). Been awhile, but seem to remember there is a cover you take off, then can drop it all .....only adjustment to square w PF are (4x) rubber spacers, but you can get it to sit flush.

#25031 73 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

All 25 sets are ready and will be prepared for shipping back to Germany tomorrow.
I think delivery to all the customer will start at the end of next week.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Hooray...haven't popped the top on this game in awhile (wait, it's in the backbox)...very excited and confident it will give the art a much more balanced light enhancement...thank you for doing this!!!

#25043 72 days ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Yup, please see JJP and Wonka clear coat issues.

The JJPPOTC and Wonka PF's are Mirco( serious cc issues), but those problems have nothing to do w the hazing that I see in this pic.

Mirco's QC definitely comes and goes...I've got several (including my Alien" which still look like glass (w a few dimples...normal). Your circles look like areas that you went at it w an abrasive cleaner of sorts.

I'd take Delt's advise....using cleaners/ polishes, etc. improperly can lead to a big headache. That's what appears to be happening w yours (not a pf defect).

Even the wrong cloth or application technique can bring nightmares..Vid's thread is awesome on this...think I'd let someone else handle it for you..hate you're having so many problems...relatively small, but add up and can get worse in a hurry.....mark

(man, you definitely don't want to try a pf swap on this game by yourself, if you've never done one....yikes!!!)

#25055 71 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Yeah Im just joking, Im not ever going to mess with my Alien ever again. Does anyone know anyone in Michigan who can come and polish/buff out those spots on my playfield?

Whew...Concern here ...

Seriously, I think that area can be addressed fairly easy by someone that's used to doing it..Buffing/polishing as you suggest.

I truly believe you flickering pops are a poor sear in one of the LEDs further up the chain btw. Maybe you can find a tech in your area that can address these minor issues at the same time....Same thing happened to me some time back ( think in the threads).

Had to replace a bad led ( Mike's version) but required pulling the center I/O board and dropping the large PCB board to get to it...No problems since...

#25077 69 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Like by who ? Fixed by who ? I’m willing to pay but who !!!??

Agree w jonesjb and roostking comments. You seem like a great Pinsider (I tried to buy your TWDLE, and have had several PM's)....absolutely no shame in reaching out to get this taken care of. I've made a million mistakes when I started working on these things..have come a long, long way electronically, but PF restoration is definitely not in my wheelhouse. Having a spare pf is cool, but highly doubt you will need it, and surely don't want to pay someone to swap out, given you're only dealing w some swirl marks.

As I read through the threads, it seems you've had several issues (switches, lights, screens, and pf surface), all of which can be handled by someone who is used to working on these games. I'd reach out to a local, reputable operator or distributor in your area and get their take.

Alien is scarier due to lack of schematics, parts, etc., and truthfully, can be a pita to get everything sorted (wait until you decide to replace the acrylics w PETG...nightmare!!!). Those swirls in the pf can certainly be addressed and disappear however.

My OCD is quite high regarding my machines...everything has to be right. With that said, playfields will dimple, parts will wear, and clear pf windows will get nicks if you play the game at all over time.

Look through the pinside directory...maybe someone pops up close.....you have a great game!!!

#25079 69 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

so I installed three shakers to my alien (finally got the red tremor from CT) and the latter worked the best but it just isn't very strong. I'm tempted to up the strength of the shaker in the settings but considering my alien has been perfect, I'm kind of worried juicing up the shaker 25% could result in an issue.
Any thoughts on this? I remember shakers causing issues in the beginning of this games release but not sure if that was software or hardware. I'm thinking I might just return it and not risk it.....maybe I'm too used to sterns!

Final run of AlienLE came w the red tremor (I've got one in mine)...settings I landed on:

Limit - 100

Frequency - 50

Power - 50

Works great......

#25101 68 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

Hello Guys,
the first shipment to the States leaves tomorrow.
Of course, all parcels are insured and tracked by an extra service.
1 x Alberta (Canada)
1 x Arizona
2 x California
1 x Indiana
1 x Michigan
1 x Missouri
1 x Pennsylvania
1 x Virgina

Wait....No North Carolina??

#25143 66 days ago
Quoted from Nethawk86:

cool....then we just get the back stickers done as well and all of us can sell ours as "LE"s (*sarcasm*)

And inside stickers.... why would anyone want an LE plaque for a non LE game

#25145 66 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Its called upbadging in the car world and its happened forever. Makes for more $$$ when selling.


#25149 66 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

I don't think of it as upsell at all. There is no true LE anymore bc everything is available. Folks who pay more for an LE doesn't make sense. I just wanted to have more alien merch. Mine isn't going anywhere!

Not true. There were less than 100 true, final run LE's made before everything went way south. Parts are out there to build many "LE" clones from different manufacturers. Doesn't mean one is "better" than the other...just the #'s match as it was built that way (Tron always comes to mind).

In Alienland, it's all about the build date for factory released machines...LE or standard. It's not hard to even sort the cobbled "standards" of the past, from later versions.

Easy to pick out a real LE when you pop the top (plaque helps as well).....

#25151 66 days ago

They're all "limited" anyway.....grateful some actually hatched and made it out....

#25158 65 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

Some news regarding shipping of the panels.
All parcels are held at customs in Rodgau and will be flown from Frankfurt Airport to the States tomorrow.
I've checked the tracking service and all information is complete.

Appreciate you providing these....can't wait to see all the artwork!!!

#25159 65 days ago

Hoping I'm inspired enough by this to finally install my xenon flasher in the machine and get it off my bench. Triggers from Xeno tongue, and should look badass.

I won't sell them, but will provide a parts list for those that want to build their own. The only real effect that I believe is missing on the game....

#25176 65 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

The idea with the Xeno flasher is not new, someone told me that heighway had planned a stroboscope effect for this.

I believe that....It sure belongs in the game

#25179 65 days ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

Is there a video somewhere to show how it looks like?

Just a white strobe effect sitting on my bench currently. I'll post a short video once I put it in the game. The flash rate is adjustable, and will trigger when the xeno tongue comes out and play field goes dark...Hint - we all know there is a spare leg on the tongue end-of-stroke switch...

#25183 64 days ago
Quoted from bcd:

I should point out that there is a tendency on many games for the rod to slide outward on its own due to vibration. The game code will immediately pull back when it sees that switch go off when it isn't expected. So it is possible for your widget to see a brief switch pulse in this case. You may want to add some sort of short delay before triggering the strobe.

Good tip, and I've got a trigger delay feature on the relay that will hopefully address.

This would explain why on rare occasions, when game is initialized, tongue goes too far out, causing it to not cycle proper. I've simply powered off, pushed the tongue all the way back in to engage the switch, then all is good.

Wonder if a slight amount of pressure being applied to the tongue might eliminate this ( perhaps a spring which provides enough pull to keep it seated, yet enough travel for full extension)...Kind of fun getting granular on details, now that the other stuff has been sorted

1 week later
#25245 57 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Yes I think you are right. U guys r going to think I’m a weirdo but my wife and I had a hard time conceiving so we hired a shaman . He came to the house and wanted me to get rid of all my pinball machines and said there was a vortex in the basement . He said there were also unwelcome people in the backyard . He did a ceremony and ever since then my wife and I don’t have nightmares anymore and we have a baby now . When I used to be in the basement I would feel like
Something was behind me and this cold wind would be on my neck . Made me shiver . Ever since his ceremony it went away

Great stuff!!!...Been chuckling all day w this one...

#25247 57 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Umm .. I’m being serious

Eek... sorry man...glad it worked for you...

#25288 53 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Did most of you guys change your plastics to PETG? Some of mine are starting to fall apart especially near the flippers. Its crazy, its like the drawings/coloring is just coming off .. hilarious.

If not, do it when you can get a set (they seem to come up for sale every now and then when people choose to run them). Acrylics break like crazy.....

side note - it is a MAJOR pita to change them all, but worth the time

#25313 51 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

the decal for the coindoor is ok, but the backbox plate isn't good!
I have also redisigned the coindoor decal, but in the original way as Limited Edition and only for these!
[quoted image]

Thanks for doing the coin door decal for LE owners...looks great!!!

Still waiting on my acrylics...no worries...been in lazy mode lately and just enjoying playing the thing.......

#25333 45 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

Regarding delivery of the panels... I have two deliveries left open and one of it was deposited on August the 26th at a local store.
Who is still missing it's panels?
Someone must received a message to pick up his panels at a local store.

Just got mine today....a fun project for this weekend!!!! (I'll be using a foam surround as you showed to block unwanted light leaks)...will post when done....thanks!!!...mark

#25339 44 days ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

I love it when custom mods are made and they don't seem like a mod when your finished! It just looks like it should have been this way from the factory Thanks so much Averell for sharing your hard work with a few of us! Looks incredible with full lit art...

The best mods are the one's that genuinely look like they belonged in the game to start. This one definitely qualifies.....

#25370 38 days ago
Quoted from Per_:

Last weekend was rainy and I took the chance to add a Xeno Flasher to my machine:

Furtunately all necessary power lines and signals are available at the "Xeno Drive" connector where the Xeno stepper board and the tongue switch are attached to the I/O board #3. I just looped the signals over a small board and added an Arduino Nano to listen to the traffic. I attached a picture of the board (to be mounted on the back panel) and the prototype schematics. More information regarding the stepper driver and signals is available here: https://www.pololu.com/product/1182.
It is sufficient to check the tonge switch (high level when moving) and the "Dir" signal (low level when moving outside). If this condition is met, the LED output driver is repeatedly activated in a loop. The Dir signal alone would also work, but during power up it is low all the time...
Finally I mounted 3 bright white LEDs behind the left ramp, using a piece of foam jammed between the two plastics at this place. This was a quick solution, but it isn't too bad as the place offers good protection.
Although the effect runs rather short, I like it a lot and it really seems as something like that was originally planned.
I will now build a second, much simpler version based on an NE555 timer chip (instead of the Arduino). Stay tuned
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Very nice!!!!! I'm taking a bit of different approach with real xenon flashers that will mount to the corners of the backboard.....trigger is similar, but using a more simple relay type approach.

Going for a blinding effect...your's looks great, however!!!!....

#25378 36 days ago
Quoted from PinDoctor82:

Great story...
So I got an Alien LE as I posted before after wanting one since it was announced. My dad found out how much it cost me and said that I was crazy and that no pinball machine is worth that. I took him to play it and honestly, he didn't say that he was wrong, but he was talking to his buddy on the phone the next day and I heard him talking about how amazing it was.
Later on I said 'So Alien pinball is pretty freaking awesome...' and he said 'Yes, yes it is.'.

your Dad is correct.....

1 week later
#25421 27 days ago

Probably one of my favorite modes in the game is Loader Battle. They did an amazing job emulating the beacons on the play field...May not get there often, but we'll worth it...

#25427 26 days ago

Swear I'm getting my Xeno Xenon's in the game this weekend or next...keep turning it on for fun on my bench, continually blinding me..my lazy meter has been high as of late...

#25444 20 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

I had heard this on the grapevine but didn’t know if it had any truth to it, I would be interested in seeing how they would make it a standard body.
And if PBbros do come out of the woodwork first off the bat I’d like to see them make anyone who’s still out of pocket whole.

Heard the same...standard wide body... regardless, your last statement rings true... wouldn't mind my $1500.00 back, and know of many that lost more than that...Is Deeproot doing something like this ( are they doing anything)?

#25485 17 days ago
Quoted from Franking1302:

I was blinded Xeno-Mod...

Getting there....off the bench this weekend...it's embarrassingly simple, and you can vary the strobe speed (true xenon bulbs) to your liking. Hardest part is finding the correct lens that will mount and protect the bulbs....

(off the shelf, preassembled controller/ power, btw....trigger relay is the only add)...amazing what 12v stuff is offered in automotive world lately....

#25510 12 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

Work on cabinet and backbox is done.
A lot of things have been improved... Connectors (especially mainboard), Wiring (Cross section), Ground, exchanged bass, electronic coin controller, Decals, Screws, Knocker Assy and many more.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
Next step is to improve the playfield and all the parts beneath... Plastics, XENO, Fingers (ALU), Assemblies, Connetors, Wiring, Mods, and so on.
Man, I love this machine.

Well done!!!! I've taken a similar approach with mine...(no knocker, however), literally dismantling and reassembling the entire game, bettering where I could. Super reliable now, and can only imagine what would have been if they had stayed with it. Some amazing people in this thread that allowed it to live on "better than new".

#25517 11 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

And the next step is the backplex plastic.
I have disassembled the wooden panel and removed the plastic for an exact measurement.
Fortunately the plastic is in best condition.
Now we try to recreate the backplex in unbreakable PET-G or Vivak.
[quoted image]

I'm begging you to make this and sell me one, please....only piece on my game that is not PETG now (and is broken in the corner, of course)

#25518 11 days ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

When you say connection improvements and those improvements in general, what exactly do you mean? A usb connector connects the same as all mini usb connectors so I am not following. Pardon my naivety.

averell is correct. All USB cables are not created equal. Larger than that, they should have NEVER used USB as a transmission method. The cable end design doesn't have a mechanical lock so it's prone to not seating properly, especially in a pinball machine. Why they didn't use standard, RJ45 CAT6 cabling for interconnect is beyond me, and next to the acrylics, the worst design aspect of the game.

combine that with euro block screw connectivity on motherboard (I used loctite during the rebuild) and wimpy power supplies was a recipe for disaster.

The good news...it can all be addressed, and the gameplay is worth the effort. The effort needs to be thorough, and possibly not for everyone, however.

I love this game, and never a doubt it could be shored up....

#25530 6 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

Reassembling of the playfield, next step is the improvement of the complete wiring and bad connections beneath the playfield.
I have also installed adjustable ALU-Flipper Fingers, bronze bearings and STERN-Clamps to the assemblies.
[quoted image]
Here the new stainless steel protectors at left outlane and right shooter lane.
[quoted image]
Adjustable ALU-Flipper Fingers
[quoted image]
Bronze bearings and STERN-Clamps at the assemblies
[quoted image]

If you ever have the urge to make a real, metal apron, I'd love to share some thoughts....my machine shop buddy is buried w commercial work, and can't think of any game that deserves a proper apron more than Alien.

#25532 6 days ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

To me that should be the number one part to change. Clumsy. Not saying that could cheap or easy... I still don’t get this knowing all the rest is solid build and good quality...

Definitely hit or miss....this had to be one of the last things to make with no $$$ left....I feel for the team trying to code/ finish this thing. The only good thing on the Apron is the Heighway logo in the middle....So much real estate on either side for (2x) "tips" in monstrous lettering...ugh.

A real apron would absolutely make the game, imho....

#25540 5 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

If I remember correctly, Aurich threw those apron graphics together in like 5 minutes shortly before the game was first revealed at Expo, because we wanted to communicate how the weapons worked... it was basically a placeholder. And then, well, you know...

I 100% believe this!!!!! Man, how good a real apron would look!!!

#25573 3 days ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

I might not be an expert but it’s still a toy for me and I played it everyday. I prefer spending my time playing than looking for potential parts to change. Do you even play it every day?

I enjoy tinkering w my games as much as playing them. Alien provides the best of both worlds..." Needs" tinkering/re-engineering in certain areas, not for the weak of heart, and a phenomenal game to play.

There are about 4 things on my list to further the game...Xenon Strobe and apron are "next up" for me.

I don't have metal fab nor plastics creation in my wheelhouse, so have to outsource.

Gets done, but time consuming, and no ability to bring any of the things to market for others.

Maybe someday, but currently my job requires me to integrate/engineer several systems, so enjoy keeping my pinball projects as a hobby...No deadlines..

#25611 1 day ago
Quoted from Averell:

We have to test this and first find the perfect magnet. The mounting is not the main problem.
If the gear rack have to be modified it must drilled very precisly in a lathe machine.
I'm gonna try the old magnet and see how much power it has.

I've had zero problems w my magnet coming off the tongue. The natural magnet has plenty of grab for the ball. I put a small spot of KB weld on mine, and new shrink to seal the assembly....Don't see a problem here....Over 1000 games and solid...

#25612 1 day ago

Only occasional hiccup w tongue is it " floats "above the drive gear, and will occasionally drift down a bit. I'm drilling a small hole in the back of mine and using a tensioner to insure the teeth stay engaged, and detent remains in reliable fashion ( crucial to my strobe working correctly...)

#25614 1 day ago
Quoted from Averell:

The assembly has two screws next to the servo drive, I think it's possible to adjust the gear rack.
These two screws just need to be glued to be fixed when the gear rack is working properly and maybe there's no modification needed?
I will check this...

I adjusted those, then picture ( took it completely apart to understand it even though mine was fine). Very rarely does it happen, but a slight tensioner ( spring) would ensure the tongue shaft doesn't "drift" down during play, and gear mech stays engaged.

It will generally happen after a long evening on the game, but still rare. Important for me now as that switch will also trigger the strobe, so don't want it moving.

Link your findings....

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