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ALIEN PINBALL - Game Over, Man, Game Over

By HeighwayPinball

5 years ago

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#3049 3 years ago

For the life of me, I will never understand why people continually get worked up over this LE shit.....

It is freakin as basic as it gets....is there some sort of rule ( only for pinball, of course, because everything else retail wise of substance has " limited editions") that all shall be equal, regardless what you paid for it? WTF?

How is it determined to be " limited"? Who cares? Is it different from a "standard"? You better count on it, or they wouldn't charge more. Is it worth it? That is determined solely by the person buying the f**king thing, no one else.

Do I condescend or have " pin envy " over a guy that has a BSM and I have a red one? No....and if they chose it because they wanted it, then how is that wrong, or an " ignorant" choice? Everyone has unique wants/ tastes....time to let it the f**k go....

Check the options, buy what you want ( or not) , and move on.....whining on and on about this shit is just pointless

( sorry for excessive profanity, but this judgmental crap just pisses me off)....

#3057 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'm glad Alien has an LE, means I get to do a backglass that's my design, since the Standard one was more constrained.

Even though I edited out the first part, I think this is the key phrase, and ties into why I personally like the LE model. There are only going to be so many of these ever made....EVER. Imagine wanting something that was unique because the theme, title, artist, designer, etc. really struck a positive chord with you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being different, for better or worse. This part of the "LE" equation has nothing to do with money, but rather a passion of wanting something that isn't " one in a million".

I do think the "LE" term is used a bit excessively and sometimes for the wrong reasons ( generally money based), but to have a " flagship" (LE) model of anything just enhances the pursuit/ ownership process. This does not detriment a "standard" of anything, but rather exhibits the prowess of an " all in" approach.

Do I need/ want a limited edition, unobtanium HO train set from the '60's....not really ( well maybe). But for the person that does, there is nothing wrong with that, and it's cool to know they are out there.

I think pinball machines themselves are all LE in the fact that compared to video games ( #'s and relevance) there just aren't that many anymore.

I'm grateful for the artists, engineers, programmers, dreamers, etc. that still exist for this hobby.....if they want to make a limited run of something special I like (and can afford) it.....I'm in......good stuff man.....

#3058 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

In the meantime, Alien LE will be pimped out, non-LE buyers will have a shot at some/most of the pimpage, and I think everyone will end up happy.

This^^^^^^^ bring it!!!

#3079 3 years ago
Quoted from PBFan:

Slow Friday. Figured I would join some of the LE discussion. What does LE really mean? Typically for many products it means there will only be a set number. Doesn't mean there will be fewer of type "A" as opposed to type "B". It also usually means "more expensive", which is why we have the term "LE". Manufacturers, artists, etc. use the concept of "limited" to drive up demand in order to increase profit margins. It really is that simple. This part of capitalism has been going on forever. Why? It works. If you want someone to buy that product for Xmas (right now) and not spend too much time thinking about it (and maybe buy a competitors product or something else) then apply some pressure to help make the decision. Ohhh, "Limited number", "Limited time offer", "Special early-bird price" ...
It is about generating sales and guess what it works. Very few people would pre-order anything if availability was never an issue. (Always a few that want to be "first"). Sometimes this marketing allows for inferior products to survive; sometimes it allows companies to simply survive and get established; sometimes it allows companies to gouge the consumer; sometimes it pisses people off because they can't have something that they desire).
I think the LE concept is a great idea (but I really do hate the fact that I am not rich enough to be able to afford Pro and LE models of every pin made).

Disagree, but won't thumbs down.....

"LE" stands for "limited edition"....there have been a gazillion "LE's" released in other consumer markets AFTER the original was released and established. It just means something about the item is not necessarily available on a "standard" or "current" model, making it unique or "limited". That is the short of it.....

I think there were actually "limited edition" Air Jordans (shoes) that released long after the originals hit the market.

And I've found "limited edition" coin sets at flea markets for a great price, back when I was into coins.....

Granted, a current trending "LE" anything will be more money, but consumer driven, period......

(for the record...I now have 9 pins, only 2 of which are LE's...love all 9 of them...AlienLE will be my 3rd)....been playing the hell out of my FGY lately....oh the horror!!!.......

As stated by others.....bored w this topic....on with actual game updates, please......

#3085 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I think you guys are selling short what this is going to add. Yes it will be on a small screen in the center of the playfield, but having the clips/animations large and on that backbox is going to something special. Too me, its going to put you into the movies or a let give you that feeling more so. Besides I'm used to looking up for DMD animations and will be looking up for them anyway regardless if there is nothing there. Every game has pauses that allow you to take these animations or movie clips in and I want to see that large and in my face for this game. Also, who's to say that they don't have that give a separate feed at some point? How cool could that be? At least that's my 2 cents here.

Big, Big, Big time point being made here.....whatever......

#3112 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

FTH is selling like hot cakes, 10 Pinsiders own FTH compared to 81 who own AMH

I think there were only "x" amount to buy from first batch, correct? They are certainly building quite a few more at the moment, for the next container.....can't imagine these are going to be stockpiled....give it time....

And suspect once Alien arrives, you may not want to compare those #'s to AMH....

#3113 3 years ago
Quoted from rlslick:

They've only taken deposits for LE's that are fully refundable, no payments in full. 1/2 when your game is being built and final payment when the game is shipped. I'm in for an LE.

Correct and congrats!!!

#3184 3 years ago
Quoted from molspin:

Somehow despite all the 'Kanedians' and statistical math in this thread I'm *STILL* excited for my Alien pinball to someday arrive.
Keep up the awesome work Heighway!

As you should be!!! That's all I can add tonight....

#3224 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

For me, Full Throttle is what is giving alien a chance. That is the game actively being built and getting the gears moving. Sure will be cool to see alien but without fullt i would not even be considering alien.
What i really hope is that we eventually see a wooly kit!

Or a kick ass Star Wars...

#3300 3 years ago
Quoted from jasonvhsp:

I don't want to stare at a blank screen when it's turned off. Maybe if they could work in like a color e-ink display or something? I do like the option to have the smaller screen in the back box though so people watching can see it too.

There's still artwork around the large screen ( Aurich's on the LE), so the whole backbox is not blank even when off.

Probably a good idea to check out how it looks before committing...my 80" TV looks pretty boring when it's off, but I sure don't mind after I turn it on....

#3303 3 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Would love to, anytime Heighway wants to show something. If no serious showings by spring I'm out. Already a year+ late, I can understand folks frustration. Enthusiasm wains with time.

Agreed and understand.....I'm confident for TPF reveal.....

#3324 3 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

What I know so far...
An alien pinball machine is being developed by a company that has invested a lot of money into it, and that company already designed a cool game and is shipping that game.
Alien art is being developed by a really great graphics designer that already has a reputation for making amazing pinball art packages. Fox is still chewing on the design.
We can preorder the alien machine, we have seen a playfield design, and it looks nice and interesting. We've been promised that it will not disappoint.
The LE package will be great, the regular package will have opportunity to add LE elements (I think this is great. Remember tron? The fiber ramps had to be redesigned by a hobbiest because stern made them completely unavailable for the pro, how many out there bought those fiber wires for their pro? How many are searching and begging for an LE?)
We have a great forum here that will allow us to read new info first hand.
We gripe about everything under the sun and put pressure on pinball makers to be excellent, and to show us all their cards "right the hell now" because we did or didn't put $1000 down
Making pinball is hard. But they're doing it with out 80 years of experience behind their company.
when they release art or a finished package, we've been told it will be amazing. It takes a lot of time to get things right.

EXACTLY!!!...Bottom line....Alien is my Grail theme. What I've seen, heard so far is outstanding, communication great.

I was a week one preorder for LE, and don't mind the wait, knowing they are really going to nail this.

Heighway is fully aware how important it is to make a "statement" machine, and lucky for us, most of them are Alien freaks.

TPF would be about a year ( 11 months) beyond initial stated drop date...this is far, far from unacceptable, given everything they've done improving on the product. I work on large construction projects that go years beyond scheduled completion dates...happens everywhere, all the time. This is not unique to pinball. Let it go and wait, or let it piss you off and whine. Neither will effect the timeline.

If it shows then...awesome..if not...I'm still not going anywhere...I want this machine...the wait will be worth it.

BTW- When screen clips are revealed, you're gonna want to project the damn thing on a wall, so the big screen is an absolute no brainier ( for me).

2016 will be year of Alien!!!....

#3492 3 years ago
Quoted from Kylo_Ren:

Haven't pre-ordered yet. Thinking I should. How many LE's are there going to be?

That would be 500.....have no idea how many are left

#3495 3 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

Only time will tell.

Will see what time tells everyone after TPF.....

#3536 3 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

I have a feeling when artwork is released the LE's will sell out fast.

I'm not so convinced there are a ton left at this moment, to be quite honest......

#3542 3 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Where's TeeKee?

Not my intent to create any haste/ justification in preorder or not....I 100% don't care one way or the other if someone gets in now or not...just stated an observation, opinion I had on how many LE's might be left....period.

#3549 3 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

I'm much more surprised people committed to an 8K+ LE completely sight unseen

I committed $1500, refundable dollars, to a dream theme ( for me). If I don't like it, I sell it ( highly doubtful). This guarantees me a machine, and the LE is their best offering....kind of simple....

#3558 3 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Wow, the big Aurich translite reveal is a studio image egg. You guys need to wake up. More to come in my podcast....

Ok, you win...got my downvote, and the attention you crave for some reason. Now, why not stop being an antagonist, play your machine, or stfu with stupid rants.....weird....sometimes you post things that actually have relevance, but most of the time, designed strictly for a reaction ( don't think you care which).....give it a rest....thanks....

#3560 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

I just put my deposit down on an LE! I've been mulling it over, and to be honest, it just has to be comparable or better to Stern and I'll be happy.

Welcome to the Club!!!....an awesome machine and good times on the horizon...

#3567 3 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I just ordered an Alien LE. Why? Just in case. haha you guys are so silly. Go watch football and get the F off Pinside right now.

Mods...please!!! Now, in addition to berating Aurich, he is antagonizing an excited BUYER.....poisoning this, as many other threads....

#3572 3 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

Makes me Not want an Alien!

He didn't order one, just making fun of another Pinsider who did......needs an eject....

#3574 3 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I just ordered an Alien LE. Why? Just in case. haha you guys are so silly. Go watch football and get the F off Pinside right now.

Quoted from kaneda:

Just ordered! Mohahahhaha

Quoted from kaneda:

I did. Photo proof to come later. Can't share via phone.

Wow......I've wasted 10 minutes of my posting life w this bullshit.....done...

#3587 3 years ago

Direct for me too.....agree on the plus side of locking in your price.....I was in early @ $7850.00....extra saved will be going towards the large monitor.....

#3592 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

i bought kaneda's

Hey!!!...you're supposed to be guarding the TRON thread..based on Flanks latest avatar, we could be in trouble over there...( btw, you NEED this pin, as well...)...

#3594 3 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

What was the lowest # available when you got in?

Not sure....a lot of #s were gone even way back then....I took 212 because it matches my TRONLE ....

#3595 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

When I ordered I was asked to choose 5 numbers spread out across the whole range. I don't think it was ever done as first-in-lowest-number type thing.

Exactly my suggestion.....I do know some key #'s were gone.....

#3597 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Are you guys going CC and eating the surcharge or bank wire transfer?

Wire here....solid company, zero concerns, smooth transaction....no surcharge....

#3600 3 years ago

Maybe should start a separate thread w these #'s...might be fun to gauge how many gone already, and give us something to talk about until the reveal......Ill do one now.....

#3606 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Wow. look at how fast this thread went back to topic.

My bad....just getting labnip onboard...what's your #?

#3609 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Amazing how one person can take over a great thread!

Whew, no doubt!!!....blondetall rocks!!!

#3636 3 years ago

Tomorrow will be a good Alien day!!!

#3655 3 years ago
Quoted from rolandthoms:

Fiber optic ramps....

KILLER fiber optic ramps!!!

#3660 3 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

But we can upgrade to the fiber after the fact, (as well as the shaker and beacon lights) correct?

And so it begins again.......

#3987 3 years ago

Been working my ass off all day, and finally got to look at the thread. I'd seen the PF before, but truthfully, the more I stare at it now, the more I like it.....I'm no artist ( by a long stretch), but the colors lend to a nice, dark feel, along with random images ( TZ'ish) which I think will really give the game staying power ( i.e.-" I didn't notice that before" effect). Very well done, and can't wait to see LE artwork!!!....

Thank you Aurich and team for continuing to impress....this will be an awesome pin!!!....Mark

#3999 3 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Ok, I know this is not going to be popular....and I like this playfield...I just don't think it's THAT much better than the Rob Zombie playfield.

I think Rob Zombie PF looks great.....but doesn't hold a candle, theme wise, for me compared to Alien

#4008 3 years ago

I really like the final TH PF too ( may get one of those down the road), but again, theme wins again for me here...

#4017 3 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

you cannot possibly be serious.

He appears to be some kind of ghost.....may not even be real....

#4355 3 years ago
Quoted from BoozeMarlin:

Nothing major just an aggravation. Was told the none of the 3 numbers I had requested were available so Heighway emailed me a list of numbers available. The one I chose from their list turned out to be part of a distributor's allotment. Found out 2 months down the road. Now I'm numberless

There's another # w your name on it....will still be Alien LE and still be yours....

#4442 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Hang in there homie.
Your Alien pin artwork rocks.
This is going to be the most kick butt immersive experience the Sci-Fi world has seen in decades & you're the front man bringing the visual together for the entire world to enjoy.
This pin will be hoarded by collectors & players for generations & the envy of the current and the growing future fans.
It is truly a work of art & an important piece of sci-fi & entertainment history.

Labnip speaks truth!!!....

#4466 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

..Aurich puts his best foot forward always, and genuinely cares about the hobby.

It will come shining through in this project....of this, I am positive.......

We unknowingly, are going to have a chance to witness, be a part of something monumental for our hobby.

#4512 3 years ago

Ahhh...back to Alien!!!....

#4521 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

So the logo is just here for reference, but here is what the backglass looks like with the screen in it. So it will need a new design obviously. It needs to feel connected to the Standard, but I'm working now on how that will go.

Anxious to see what you come up with!!!....as I anticipated, plenty of room for cool art AND screen....

4 weeks later
#4746 3 years ago

Looks great!!!!.....shiney and dark.....anxious to see populated....this is going to be a gorgeous pin!!!

1 week later
#4914 3 years ago

Need to jump over to the official Heighway thread to check out fiber ramp lighting, and chrome hardware...badass!!!

#4966 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

That's really good news!
I'm settled in for the ride and looking forward to the rest of the journey.


#4982 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

In my world and having grown up with GB's it still doesn't even come close to a theme like Aliens with relation to pinball and really anything else

Completely agree......

1 week later
#5004 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

GB has time in the spotlight, but let's keep it out of this thread, it doesn't belong here. Plenty of other places to discuss it.

Completely agree.....good grief!!!

#5005 3 years ago

Wtf man.....he's been permabanned from here and other sites for a reason.....take that shit somewhere else!!!

#5010 3 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

Hey all let's try to stay on topic here. If you want to discus certain podcasts please do so in the appropriate threads. Don't bring it here with the sole purpose of being inflammatory and driving this thread off topic.

Thank you!!!

#5078 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Whats amazing to me is that pinsiders will rip the shit out of a game based on cabinet and PF and backglass without seeing gameplay and obviously vice versa when really sound/lighting, rules and gameplay is what will make or break the game, I can't imagine the gameplay in GB's being bad but WTF? Sorry but the GB's theme and a film that really was a childhood classic and remains kinda kiddie in a way verses Sci Fi horror with the all the elements that come with that is a pinball dream, I do like GB's but I'm also 41 years old and for me there is no comparison, Alien is quite simply the coolest theme to date for me, and seeing FThrottle in action makes me very excited as to the potential not too mention Andrew's love of the seriers, glad both are being made but man its night and day, in a sea of mostly family friendly crap I for one am greatfull.

Correct. ..it's Alien!!! enough said!!!

#5094 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

$1500 Tied up on thin air, that's my thought. Why tie up any money based on pre-order history? Just buy it when it's available or at the very least place $1500 down once an actual complete game is shown?

Far from " thin air"...it's a refundable deposit for pinball machine with long lead time.... geesh....and once a full game is shown, the $1500 LE option may not be there...already many spots taken. everyone should do what THEY are comfortable with....there's really no pressure here, I just don't get it.

Agree the drama needs to leave this thread, especially when one of its most valuable contributors is fed up with it ( Aurich). "Social media "can certainly be "anti social" at times...

#5139 3 years ago

From some of the clips I saw some time back, the big screen is an absolute no brainier ...this game is going to have serious creep factor going on......hooray...

Aurich....don't sweat the cave...that's where I go every night

#5141 3 years ago
Quoted from rvdv:

Room for two in the cave ?

Different caves...mine has the room, but generally habitated by just me...Wifey doesn't like pinball.....

#5168 3 years ago

Me too...was in before the distributers were setup ( sorry for using wrong quote previously..hence the thumbs down)

#5224 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

I've bought direct from Heighway. Cointaker is US distributor.

Me too...early adopter .....

...quoted wrong post earlier..sorry...this one correct..Cointaker rocks ( as Melissa and Chris already know I'm a long time customer)

#5250 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Just as long as the wireforms are not lime green on my le, I would love wireforms.

Not sure....think the fiber optics on plastic trump wire forms ( I do love them, though)....

1 month later
#5447 3 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

Yes. On the Left Orbit "C".


Seeing this again reminds me how much fun/ potential that upper right flipper is going to be!!!

#5450 3 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

For the record that playfield layout is ancient history. All those ramps & return rails have changed.

Well, that answers that....should have paid more attention to the pic.....admit...I'm starting to get really excited to see a flipping version soon....just feels like time for the proto to show up.....

#5520 3 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

I'm giving serious consideration to the Alien 35th Anniversary Edition. I think the large screen is an additional charge; are there other options to consider for the 35th?

There will be hardware options, as well...not exactly sure what will be offered..custom green powder, black, and chrome, I think.....the LE will have everything else included, to my knowledge ( fiber ramp lighting, beacons, shaker, etc.)...gotta have the big screen...

#5522 3 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

Thanks MK6PIN! So at this point, I would make my deposit directly through Heighway rather than with Melissa at Cointaker, right?

That's what I did, but I was an early adopter .........before they had established a US distributer....mine will be coming straight from Heighway.....

#5573 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Unfortunately this is what happens when theres nothing relevant to discuss, I need an update, I know Andrew's hands are tied with things being approved by Fox but really hoping something is shown soon, ever so slightly losing interest, just a tiny little bit but thats how it starts.

I'm counting on the update to be a flipping proto that blows our mind, and substantially complete...gotta be close....

#5599 3 years ago

On topic....we know FOX won't let them show the game until finished ( as it should be)....also know game exists and is going through the paces w a " all hands on deck" approach.....100% this is going to be a ridiculous machine!!!

Can't imagine the wait will be much longer, but will be WELL worth it........

#5603 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I not only have a feeling about it

Hmm....wonder what that means?...ditto here

#5758 3 years ago

Andrew is as anxious as anyone to get this thing out.....he is doing things the right way, and the end result will exceed expectations. I can only say, if you are onboard, and passionate about this title. Pm him.He's been more than upfront every time I've inquired. Suspect most of his " Alien" eggs are in this basket, and can't dick w other titles until the major one is released, and he's officially on the map.
There are little hints throughout the thread recently....the machine does exist, an awesome video does exist of it flipping, and shows some things that will blow your f**king mind. Whining or making up shit will not expedite the release by one day. Nothing else to say at this point. I am more than content waiting on this thing....it's real!!!...

#5761 3 years ago
Quoted from Expletive:

Just like Jack was as anxious as anyone to get WOZ and Hobbit out. Just like John Popaduik was as anxious as anyone to get Magic Girl and his Zombie pin out. Just like Kevin was as anxious as anyone to get Predator out.
An owner wanting to get the pin out is of no relevance. It is stating the obvious.

Only one of the three you mention actually MADE a game...putting those other 2 even in this conversation is total bullshit.....missed my point entirely.....Andrew wants to show stuff without blowing smoke out of his ass or breaking boundaries set by the License. His ONLY fucking foul is being behind, of which he's publicly admitted. New ( but real) company, monster title w real License restrictions, needs it to be as right as possible out of the box. Surprised it's behind? Really?

All I'm saying is cut the company some slack. If you don't want to, all is good, go buy something else. Change your mind? Get your $1500.00 refunded and put it in something else....geesh...

#5764 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Woah, slow down, slow it way down.
Even you, as misguided as you "expletive" may be, know the difference between Jack and Andrew. If not, then you are an "expletive".

Ditto....sorry for excessive profanity ( and I'm not even drinking tonight) but some of this shit has to stop. Let them build the game...then bash away, if you'd like.....

#5791 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

i like aliens
they are cool
this pin is going to rock
the end

Ahh....a voice of reason drifting into Alienland...thank you Labnip!!!

#5799 3 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

Looks like Andrew effectively reiterated what their position has been the entire time. Maybe it will sink in this time....

That's way too logical.........never fly here......

#5825 3 years ago
Quoted from chet218:

On Kaneda's most recent podcast he said someone took a real cheap shot against him. From your comments, I'm guessing Aurich contacted Kaneda's boss. If that's true, who would do something like that? I quit tattling when I was 5.

Really?....really? I had hoped this thread could maintain relevance to topic, with only updates on the machine, and occasional humor....an idiot, I am....will be hard to ignore a thread about a machine I have such passion for, but will attempt to for a bit.....podcast poison is a part of life, I guess...

#5834 3 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Kaneda has proven himself a 100% reliable source. So thrilling to see the Pinside community is finally investing his words with the weight they deserve.

A reliable source of starting shit...period...this is why he is gone from Pinside, this is why the majority of members cringe when his name shows up in a thread they enjoy contributing to or reading.
He's getting the attention he craves when he reads this kind of crap.
This post is so off topic, and harmful. ...take it somewhere else, buy yourself a Tee Shirt or something...otherwise stfu. ...

(Edit - it was not "abundantly clear" that your post was sarcasm, hence the response. ..his name does not have relevance or bring anything positive to this or any other thread)

#5858 3 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Ok, then which of these should I believe? How does that fool me once saying go?



I don't care about JJP delays, jpop/skit b scams & pinball is hard etc...
Conversely, I don't care about the efficiency of Stern & Spooky...
This is Heighway Pinball, Andrew Heighway told me things that were untrue which compelled me to give him my $$, and the above statements are his words to us all...

And I don't think ( or care if) you are some " random guy off of Craigslist".... spare us all of your wisdom.....if you "don't care" about these other examples , you should at least pay attention....we all do....Heighway is behind, that's it.......save yourself...just get your $$ refunded and move on...wow, that was easy!!!...

#5881 3 years ago
Quoted from Sonny_Jim:

He's already made one pinball table, that was hilariously late. So he understands better than anyone else just how hard it is to make a pinball table. Why do you think Nordman left? Perhaps he did not want to be associated with this particular 'advertising' method.
It just feels disengenios for him to keep annoncing dates that he knows full well won't be met, just to keep pre-sale money coming in.
What was that Douglas Adams quote "I love deadlines, I love the whoooshing sound they make as they past by"

Now we have mind readers chiming in.....I would suspect if he wanted more pre-sale money he would be asking for installments, giving reveals he shouldn't , etc....the exact opposite of what he's doing. The game has gone through changes for the better BEFORE we get it, based on his previous experience...he gives ( granted overly optimistic ) updates, and has stated the whole game will be released, per FOX directive. There is a flipping, bad ass game video of this thing, it just can't be released publicly...why is that so hard to understand?
No way he wins for some...EXCEPT the people that are in on the game. Think the holidays are going to be good times....

#5896 3 years ago
Quoted from Sonny_Jim:

So not why just say "It'll be done when Fox lets us release it?"

This is pretty much what he HAS said.....But some just refuse to hear it......I give.....there is an AlienLE w large screen coming my way when they release them ( probably in the first batch). Zero worries, and the $1500 ( for me) serves me zero purpose otherwise....minimal deposit( refundable) for maximum return....it could be 18 months late ( 13 now)....whoa, the sky is falling....whatever...

#6054 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I think they will go for drop targets (supported by led lighting -> see 2 big white circles. Could be for leds). It also looks that the targets are used for more than one purpose

You could be on to something there...

#6059 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You don't need permission from Fox to talk about things you've seen, just saying.

Always good to see you on this thread, and Pinside , in general....

I dropped some hints, but it didn't seem like anyone was paying attention....then lately it's been a shitshow...

So, being more direct ( and ON topic) I HAVE seen the April video, and the lit drops, facehuggers, rgb egg pops ROCK...

But the thing that blew me away the most was the video interaction w gameplay.....man, some of the sequences were simply off the charts...tied in audio clips, video scenes and mode completion very, very well. The playfield keeps the look of the game dark, and f**king creepy a couple of times.

My only STRONG suggestion...you MUST get the large backbox screen!!!!....seeing " Queen" mode up there, beacons flashing ( they are pretty large and powerful, btw) and the ball flying around the playfield....shit!!!...I haven't felt that immersed in a game in memory....looked like the guy playing was literally going to die or something.

Summary: This game IS real, alive, and flipping, and going to be a fast, scary, badass ride. I know nothing about licensing, but do know I'm glad I'm in.......

Ok......pretty good blab session....

#6228 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

So I see the party is still going strong here Time for part 2 of the prototype video review. Hope you enjoy it
If you missed part 1 you can find it here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/alien-pinball-official-game-thread/page/122#post-3159966
The Acid Burn mode is started.
The Acid Burn aniamation is also accompanied by an intense sound. It is hard to describe but for reference what to expect this is the closest thing I could find: » YouTube video Listen to this from beginning to 1:30. This kind of music was in the pin but even more intense! To get an impression how intense listen to this: » YouTube video and go to 0:53 – 1:15 Cinematic Loop 1
A call out is made: ‘I think it is going to eat through the goddamn hull. Come on'. I did search for the quote on the net but it doesn’t come near the intensity as used in the pin. I think David has run the quotes and music through his ‘spice it up’ module to make the call outs and sounds sound awesome.
A cartoon like picture is shown and green luminous letters are shown with the text ‘Acid Burn’. When looking at the Internet I came across this article: http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/Xenomorph_blood and the picture in the top right of the text area gives you an impression what is used in the clip. When the mode starts all GI and some inserts lights are turned very bright and this also gives a very cool effect on the ramps.
During the Acid Burn mode also the APC targets are shot. For every letter shot an animation is shown were the APC vehicle http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/M577_Armored_Personnel_Carrier is driving from the screen towards you accompanied by an animation of the letter you just shot. During the mode a kind of twilight zone riff is being played through the music that really adds something to the atmosphere.
And then………Queen's nest mode!
This mode is shown from the big screen and from what I noted the Alien word on the screen bezel is placed really well. It makes it part of the total dashboard and that is way cool. You see an animation of the queen and eggs coming out. You hear the sound of violins like in horror movies. The beacon lights are on. They turn heavily and an orange light wave is pushed into the room, together with the sound and animations it is something I have never ever seen on any pin to date. It is like you are sucked into this story, you are a marine, chaos is coming…..AAAHHHHHH. I think in this mode you have to burn eggs cause also animations are shown with fire and the sound of eggs being destroyed. This mode is I-N-T-E-N-S-E. I think people will walk out of the room, children will be evacuated……you will be on your own! The animations of the Queen are awesome. A quote is made: ‘C'mon let's go, pull back’ The sound gets even more intense and you see an Alien being on fire and her body parts being ripped off by the fire. And then…..the ball is lost. ‘That is it man, Game over man, it’s Game over!'

Great additional info!!!....you conveyed a lot of the elements I didn't include in my previous assessment of the video....the biggest thing for me was the immersion feeling ( and I was just watching the video, not playing the machine) the acid burn was bad ass....it only showed the whole machine a couple of times in full frame while the guy was playing it....very, very dark, creepy feel....way excited for this thing!!!

#6316 3 years ago

Ahhh...ALIEN!!! I've never been so excited to play a machine as this!!! So glad I got it in early....

#6321 3 years ago

It WAS yesterday, I think they're playing the damn thing overseas and not sharing....give it up!!!

#6322 3 years ago

An Alien Christmas, it shall be!!!

#6339 3 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Wow! Agreed. That is an outstanding idea and it would be a cool special effect. Imagining a shotgun sound and the spray of green acid spattered across the screen. It could even be used as a quick flash transition or to reveal information for the player underneath as the acid eats through.
Even if the video programming work making such an idea come to fruition makes the pin delayed further, it would be worth it having such an immersive mind blowing effect IMO. Mixed with a little smoke in the visual and a caustic acid baking sound when it's happening to varying degrees around the LCD, just nuts.
Of course people are going to see that on the big mirrored back box LCD, and what circuitry guts are behind that location to be revealed?
Still, that effect (the way I imagine it) would be mezmerizing and pull me towards the pin from across the room if I were on location and noticed it, not that a wailing klaxon siren with a loud foreboding count down and bright yellow revolving beacons cascading light all over the place wouldn't do the same.

There is an "acid burn" scene in the video, about 54 seconds in...."it's going to eat through the god damn hull!!!"

Xenomorph eating balls then exiting through a tunnel ?!?....This thing is sick.....

#6345 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Wow! This thing really is interactive!!
How does one get ones balls under the glass? Sounds like a Pinball Oympics event ...

Not sure, but it can't be pretty, that's for sure....

#6346 3 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Found some Alien bling to twist around the front leg of the pin. Or maybe crawling over the back box between the revolving beacons. Wanted this for Halloween because we're always out and leave a bowl out for the tots. Availability November though , it would have been guarding the Halloween bowl and the little tots would have to reach through it's fingers to grab a handful.
Aliens Facehugger 1 Scale Foam Life-Size Prop Replica:
• Released due to popular demand.
• Features a bendable tail!
• Measures nearly 3 1/2-feet!
• Features hand-painted foam.
As seen in the 1986 horror classic Aliens, this full-sized replica measures nearly 3 1/2 feet long and has a bendable tail, so you can pose it anywhere... waiting to drop on unsuspecting prey from above, even attached to your face! The Life Size Facehugger is made of detailed, hand-painted foam - perfect for costuming or decoration!

Maybe because it's Jager night, but seeing the underside of facehugger w her holding it....My mind is starting to wander....

#6348 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

HR Giger man, it's not the Jager, he did that stuff entirely on purpose. Have another drink and ponder the shape of the xeno's head.

Think I shall.....

#6373 3 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

Just got off the phone with Melissa at Cointakers....reserved an LE.
Heighway----I will purchase an LE on one condition:
When the ball drains, I want to hear the callout from Hicks, "forget him, he's gone!"
Looking forward to this machine!

Bam!!!...congrats....make sure to post your # on my other thread:


I'd be curious how many LE's are left.....once the proto shows, it's " game over man, game over"...

2 weeks later
#6506 3 years ago

THAT is funny as shit!!!

#6535 3 years ago
Quoted from bane:

Deposit 7/26/15. Refund request 5/13/16. Confirmation email from Heighway regarding cancellation 5/16/16. No refund yet. I'd love for Andrew to pop in and let me know when refund is coming.

Have you called Andrew? Would think a private PM would be most effective ( don't see many manufacturers posting any personal transactions in a thread). Anytime I try to get a refund on anything I've special ordered, it's always been at least a 30 day wait....not defending Heighway, but maybe you let a little more time pass here, before thinking it needs to be a concern on the forum. Pinball isn't Walmart.....

#6611 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

» YouTube video

Oh shit!!!

3 weeks later
#6743 3 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Pre order without any expectations!
I preo'd direct early on and looking back at all the missed release dates made me a little bitter...not from an impatient standpoint like mk6 always tries to pitch at me, but more from an expectation of honesty and integrity especially from a new startup trying to build trust!
I like Andrew Heighway and the enthusiasm he brings, and I really hope his talk of "consolidation in pinball" doesn't become a statement of irony...

DO expect a great machine, and I only bring up the impatience part from a realistic standpoint. Not " pitching" anything...just think Andrew was over zealous in his timeline ( mass produced pinball is new for him). Doesn't affect his ( or Heighways) honesty or integrity imho, unless a deliberate deception occurs ( selling vaporware, full prepay in advance, no refunds, etc.). we've all seen many examples.....This machine IS coming, so whatever...preorder for an LE, wait, don't buy one, whatever. End of the day, my opinion doesn't mean shit to anyone except me.

I admire Andrew for taking nothing but the high road, hasn't engaged in any of the drama, has 1 title already out there, and is insuring his product is improving as the maturation process occurs. THIS= integrity.

#6745 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

How many LE's are left?

0 after that video or an updated version of it is made public.....

#6746 3 years ago
Quoted from Sticky:

What I liked that I learned is that they have another three games on the way and one already has the rules done. Awesome.
That game swapping feature is really going to be put to use!

I'm really hoping he got South Park....

#6757 3 years ago
Quoted from accidental:

For what it's worth, I'm 30 and I agree with you. I watched Alien on TV for years when I was young before I realised how old it actually was.

We can stop all this nonsense now....I remember seeing it in the theatre....

#6792 3 years ago

The good news is we are close......time will fly, and expo upon us.....most of the wait behind us, and there were cool improvements made during the wait ( mainly that screen!!!).....can't wait to see/ play this damn thing!!!

#6794 3 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

Absolutely! I'm moving to Chicago next month, so you KNOW that I will be at Expo this year to see what Andrew has for us.

I shall see you there.....no way I'm missing this!!!

#6796 3 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

No kidding!!!! Did everyone upgrade their lcd screen? Right now....i have not.

I did it the day I saw the video......badass is the understatement of the year when you see some of the interaction on it....this is going to be unbelievable w it on the big screen AND playfield...

#6800 3 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

Damn secret video i will have to see the reveal to make a final decision.....im sure its going to be a no brainer

Yep.......I'm sort of glad for no more " teaser" anything....FOX wants it DONE before it's shown, and that's really what we all want at this point ...a FINISHED machine to play and drool on...let them make a few tweaks based on the thrashing, then send mine to the house!!!

#6802 3 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

I was going to go standard, but i love machines that have powder coating......and the optic lighting on the ramps. It was worth the bitch bites from the old lady to upgrade to the LE.

And a wise move.....agree on both points....and the beacons are bigger than you may imagine.....maybe I've never seen any on a pinball before ( in fact, I know I haven't) , but when those bastards went off during the Queen attack mode it was VERY impressive....even the guy that was playing looked like he was getting the shit scared out of him...

#6839 3 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

i have an le on order. i assume they contact you before its built to add options? i am gonna go with 27" and check the list of mods for upgrades.

They definitely will....and yes the 27" is a must.....bad ass to the bone on this one... ( heavy scotch night...hope I'm posting ok).....

#6842 3 years ago
Quoted from Half_Life:

I'm not as think as you drunk I am.

And that's about how I felt....a self imposed ban is in effect.....too old, and my recoup time is getting longer....

#6853 3 years ago
Quoted from daudioguy:

Kelly Mazurowski is creating the video assets (with some direction from Aurich) for Alien Pinball. He is doing a fantastic job. We are doing more than just shoveling video from the movies. There are some very creative/functional visualizations of mode progress that Aurich/Kelly are creating that are all Alien but unique to the pin. Team Alien is creating something special.

Majorly impressive!!!! thanks to the entire team in advance for the dedication and attention to detail required to make this pin what it will be...a game changer!!!.....

#6904 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I finally broke down and went in for an LE. Thank you Cointaker for making it super easy! I'll find out my # on Monday.

Congrats!!!...make sure to post your # in the other thread....

#6905 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Not sure if you are joking, but some people don't get that a playfield has to be designed with purpose, different sections to complement the various aspects of gameplay, which becomes a whole greater than the sum of it's parts. It's not meant to be a piece of art you can hang up, otherwise half of Ripley's face would be covered up with a ramp, there would be a VUK coming out of the alien's nose, and it would just look amateur.

I actually think the pf art looks fine, and when fitted with the game will look great.....I would prefer to NOT have a bunch of overdrawn shit on this PF....this is a dark game, don't need a playfield circus....

#6953 3 years ago

The thought of playing mine by Christmas is beyond exciting!!!!!!

#6956 3 years ago
Quoted from nman:

That is exciting, but makes me wonder whether i should be extra conservative in setting my cash aside just it case it happens to be before xmas. I was realistically expecting early next year for my LE. Would be great if they were ahead of schedule though.

Generally, probably a good move to have cash or means ready when commitment made ( just my opinion, though). Doesn't mean you pay before you have to ( I'm not), but ready to move when it's time to buy.

#6966 3 years ago
Quoted from Bryno:

Maybe a silly question, but how wide is it? Only thinking about it at the moment, but if I can't get it through my door I can stop thinking about it and move on. Thanks.

Simple fix.....widen your door if in doubt...

#6980 3 years ago

LE's first for early adopters.....hooray!!!!! The time will be here before we know it!!!!

1 week later
#7055 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

What a F ing joke this is!
Looking forward to the Alien reveal soon.

Ditto....saw all the posts and thought I missed something. Pathetic is a word that comes to mind ( that I can post). Alien time soon!!!

Andrew- class act, period!!!

#7056 3 years ago
Quoted from Sticky:

Considering how much these machines cost and that there have been several fiascos with people losing money to various pinball companies it is perfectly valid to ask questions about the business. If these questions linger it simply erodes consumer confidence.
The questions were answered. No big deal. Some people may not have the courage to raise them.

On a public forum, as opposed to verifying/ pursuing in legitimate fashion ? No.....f&@k no...just stupid. My last post regarding this topic in an otherwise amazing, generally calm thread.

There is excitement around the corner!!!

#7074 3 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

I didn't mention this before, but after this latest round of bullshit....I thought I would share (to get back on track). I emailed Heighway about a month ago to discuss my LE number. I learned #500 is already taken....so I'm cool with whatever number I'm given now.
I also asked Heighway if it was possible to hear the call out from Hicks when the ball drains..... "Forget him, he's gone!" Andrew said everybody always wants to hear "Game Over Man, Game Over." Andrew liked the idea of the Hicks call out. I told Andrew, "Dude, do you know the serious drunken fueled bragging rights I would have on unboxing night? People hear "Forget him, he's gone!" ...and I can say...that was my idea!
So very curious to see if the Hicks call out makes it in there for a ball drain, OR if Andrew was politely saying...yea yea yea...go away.
Can't wait to get my LE!

Sweet!!! Maybe he will alternate them.....LE Fever setting in again!!!

#7081 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Once the build is complete, and the game is working - still scheduled for the end of this month - then it will be submitted immediately to FOX for approval

Sounding like the home stretch in site for proto!!! You, your company, and this killer machine are good in my ( and suspect many others) book. My take.....don't feel like you have to cut a corner to meet a deadline. I'd rather have the full realization of you and your teams vision for this title, and it be solid. Quality in the finished goods will make the extended wait anxiety vanish in a heartbeat....

New popper eggs and Queen models??.....I can't wait to see/ play/ own this thing!!!

#7083 3 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Thats awesome Im thinking there will be more than 3 features that will still be a suprise for most lol
Hopefully it all goes as planned, Im excited to see the video once done (and approved)

Aware of one of them....a real game changer....have no idea of the other 2.....can't wait!!!

#7096 3 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

is # 426 taken ; P

Check the other Alien thread......think that one was taken a long time ago.....

2 weeks later
#7259 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

It would be a rare day indeed when Thiel doesn't live up to the high bar that he has set based on his own work.

This ^^^^^^^^^^

#7270 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Andrew just sent me a photo of the playfield plastics, still on one sheet, going to be cut tomorrow. I'll likely make some adjustments once I see them installed, but that's a milestone, going to look like a proper machine shortly! (We've had test plastics on the earlier proto, but nothing was really final since there were changes to the CAD.)


#7283 3 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

According to the Heighway site the 35th Anniversary Edition is already coming with "Pinball Goodie Bag, With Magnets, T-Shirts, Posters, Badges + Much More."
I wouldn't be caught complaining if I found an egg, or a facehugger, chest burster, key chain, Aspen Beer koozie, alien head bottle opener, exclusive Heighway T-Shirt made for Alien LE buyers, or even the Alien cookie jar, etc...
That would all fall under the "+ much more" category right?.

I'm sure the goodie bag is low on priority list now, but man, I've been begging for an Alien Barstool for a possible add....completely the ultimate "goodie" in my opinion....TBL had the rug.....barstool for Alien!!!....

#7328 3 years ago

Whoa....Ill be watching my inbox tomorrow!!!

#7332 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

This was a good post, but I admit I had to get our my dictionary to look up some of the unfamiliar words, like "patience" and "wait".

You're not alone......

#7333 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

You have much more willpower than me Rob! These great themes have a spell on me.
My pledge today to myself, NO STAR WARS no matter what

STAR WARS!!!....please tell me this hasn't been announced yet !!!...I caved way to fast on BM66LE...my willpower and ration thought are weakening......

#7334 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

100% how I feel. I know I am very likely going to want this pin, but I've actually learned to have some patience in this hobby and will wait for a lot more info to come out, and probably wait for the first reviews of gameplay, before placing an order.

A better man than I.....

#7351 3 years ago
Quoted from Makakka:

"At this time, you will also be offered additional options – such as LCD screen upgrades, if you have not already upgraded, Non- Reflective glass, Polished Chrome trim, and other options."
Deez other options...


#7354 3 years ago
Quoted from nman:

Is it PDI for sure, and not Invisiglass?!

I'll let Andrew officially reply.....

#7371 3 years ago

No Chrome for me.......looks beautiful, but doesn't match this theme (imho), and impossible to keep the smudges off.....

#7381 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I think a black nickel option would look great on an Aliens LE and be more compatible with Full Throttle and future games.

completely agree!!!!!

#7487 3 years ago
Quoted from Indypin:

Waiting for my alien arrival.

Looks like yours arrived early!!!

1 week later
#7635 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

As a Full Throttle owner, I've had the small dmd size lcd first, before it was replaced with the 27". The 27" is just a superior experience and it made the entire machine look next generation. I can't be bothered or consider how the game looks dark.

Ditto, except I have a WOZECLE, no FT (yet). Would never downvote anyone for not wanting the larger screen, but can tell you when the machines are on, the screen looks killer (suspect the immersive nature of alien will further that experience). When the machines are dark, it still looks fine (there is a Artwork, just smaller), and I don't really care when they're off, anyway.........

#7688 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

This has been posted in this thread before and isn't a secret in any way, but with 154 pages I can see how it would be missed.
Besides myself the Alien US team is -
Kelly Mazurowski - Animator
Joe Schober - Programmer
Brian Dominy - Programmer
David Thiel - Sound
Kelly is a professional animator and pinball player, you've probably seen some of his work if you've played Metallica, Star Trek, or Mustang as he contributed some dots to those games. Otherwise his commercial work has been outside of pinball. He's a good friend of mine down in SoCal with me, so we work together in person on ideas sometimes.
Joe and Brian share programming duties, and are both tournament players. Joe is more focused on the rules, and Brian more on the low level stuff, but they work together as needed, so whatever needs to be done is handled one way or another.
David Thiel I would think needs no introduction, he's been a joy to work with. Really the whole US team is awesome, love working with all of them, and we collaborate really well.
Brian wrote a simulator that allows us to test the rules, hear the sounds, see the animations, all that good stuff. But since we're not in Wales obviously we haven't had hands on time with the game yet. So that's what I mean by after we've had that time we'll start working on polishing things up.
And it's polish work, the heaving lifting is done. This game already has more complete code right now than some shipping commercial games have had for instance. Nothing I'm talking about from our side would delay production. But we're going to see the game for the first time as everyone else, so I'm just saying if there are any things that need some attention to bring it up to our standards don't worry, we're going to take care of it.

Exciting stuff Aurich....can't wait!!!

#7744 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

where 30? 'special' people will be. Make sure someone brings the calipers to help them measure

Hoping meet and greet is for all BM66 who put deposit down?....getting confusing. Think Alien is Thursday night? In the middle of JJP3?..all the same hotel?...shit, getting very confused....

#7769 3 years ago

Shit is getting real now!!!!! can't wait!!!!!!

#7844 3 years ago

Received my email this morning....very excited to see and play this thing next week.

I suspect more clarity will be achieved on the " options" list, as the LE possesses all of the accessories except the big screen (?) Hardware choices (?), and rumored PDI.....


#7847 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

The pin looks great, but I have a feeling it's really going to pop with the lighting.

Agree big time!!!

#7861 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

It sure does. Looks like there is a lot going on.
Artwork still doesn't work for me personally. Still seems dark and just doesn't jump out as being particularly noteworthy. It just kind of disappears. Also, I get that the black cabinet fits the space theme, but it seems rather boring. Is this cabinet for a regular version or LE?
Then again, it is hard to tell a lot from these flyers, and the whole package might look a lot better in person.

This has to be a standard.....hardware, and nothing different in the art....although it does have beacons...

#7866 3 years ago

I blew up the pic on my iPad...ALOT to do!!! Can't see the back of the PF...curious if the ramp shot runs " thru" the backboard, similar to IM?

#7869 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Thanks for all the positive messages.

The Xeno model has changed a little - due to requests from FOX. But the same level of detail remains, and will be present on all games.
Hilton - we are having a brand new coin door design manufactured especially for us. The current 2-slot door can clash with our ball trough. The new design brings the 2 x coin mechs aligned to the left of the door. The note validator plate swaps to align on the bottom right of the door.
One of the reasons the engineer model was dropped is that we realised we couldn't give a good enough representation due to the height restraints at the front of the playfield. The turret, and its angle, simply wouldn't fit.


Is this the Standard Art package? Appears so, as does the hardware(?)

#7875 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Hi Mark,
Yes, this is the Standard Edition hardware package.
This is also the Standard Edition trim.
The topper, and the Blade EL Panel lighting kit, are optional extras

Thank you Andrew...anxious to see you and the Team next week!!!

#7888 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

I WILL be ordering the optional door to door air freight! No way I'm sitting around for ten weeks watching you mofos play while my machine plods around the world on a boat.
I think by the end of next week they are changing the main structural materials used on the LE. From then on they will be made from unobtainium.

Ditto, and agree with your assessment!!!

#7962 3 years ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Actually, for a pistol, a shotgun, a smart gun, a pulse rifle, or a flamethrower. Each must be earned and each one does something different. Use them wisely. Or save them up to increase the value of wizard modes.

Love it!!!

#7996 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

This is what mine said
"Below is a list of upgrade options. Optional extras can be purchased up to one week prior to shipping of your game, and can be purchased online from 9.15pm on Thursday 13th October 2016 (prices will be listed on our website)"
I think either a replacement of the green trim to black or chrome should be part of the LE. I would rather have the standard trim and a discount than the green. I need to see this blade lighting and I wish the non-reflective glass was part of the LE as well, I don't think I've seen the non-reflective glass in person, unless all JJP games come with that standard, is that really worth it? might be with the large screen.

Agree, and non reflective glass IS worth it....rooting heavily for PDI (don't believe it is included in LE base price, however).

#8111 3 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

The consensus among a couple of people i respect, keeping in mind the freshness factor, is that it flows well and the shots feel good. The machine is in prototype stage ( i believe) and things weren't working 100%. Sounds and callouts should be top notch. Playfield lighting looks great in dark room.

Correct...machine was buggy, and still has wreaking to do, but MAN!!!...love this game...it really has a personality and "feel" of its own...very solid ...lots of meaningful, tough ass shots...ALL 4 flippers have purpose.....

I could leave the show tomorrow....BM66LE....IN....ALIENLE.....IN......DIALED IN.....out

#8236 3 years ago
Quoted from Alphajerk3000:

Sorry, I'm just stunned that the star of the movies is only represented by a silver ball.

The game rocks...easily the most immersion of the new releases.....buggy as anticipated, but has the makings of a truly outstanding machine.....the game is called ALIEN, not Ripley....as it should be.....good grief

#8242 3 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

If he said in there he wouldn't care if you said it here...why the secrecy?

I was there....not really a big deal...basically what skins said

Edit: can't remember exactly what he said....I've been drinking since 10 this morning, so a bit foggy...

#8246 3 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

My guess different times, different contract stipulations.

There was also a comment made at the show that potentially it was her Agent, and not even her, who gave the "no"...point being, I wouldn't take it as a definitive answer just yet, and certainly does not ruin the game, regardless.

MANY people were blown away with it, even in current state ( non tweaked, etc.)..lots of positive vibes around this game for a good reason. I was happy to put my hands on it and actually flip a bit. Became obvious early this one is going to be good.

#8266 3 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNemo:

Why would you send more money to Andrew Heighway at this point? Let's look at the facts.
1. Andrew hasn't fulfilled his full throttle orders. Ask him. Coin Taker hasn't even gotten their orders filled. Ask them.
2. The US Heighway team has NEVER seen a physical game yet. The first they saw it was at Expo. They've been designing the game virtually.
3. Denis Nordman said at Expo he was never paid.
4. Andrew has ex employees suing him for unpaid wages
5. His game is based on Ripley yet S.Weaver denied them permission....seriously...Zen Pinball got permission.
All you have to do is ask Andrew himself if he's shipped more than 100 Full Throttles and that's all you need to know. 4.5 years...4 factories. Countless employees. Does that sound like a man who has money to build you Alien pin. You're all fools and it's gonna be hysterical when you fail to see the truth.

Who the f**k are you, and your post has some blatant bullshit in it.....

Biggest thing to know...he's not directly asking for more money right now.....just email sent "to prepare for payment as production is close" I'm not sending more money yet, nor am I remotely backing out.

There are still things to sort ( LE artwork, armor, PDI ( or like) glass, etc.

These were proto machines...the US team JUST got to get their hands on them earlier in the week. Things will progress at a much quicker pace now.

I believe he is ( reasonably) staged, and will be able to bang these out once the US team can put the package together, tweak, etc.

He wanted to have something people could put their hands on and play ( to a degree) at expo. He did that. Overwhelming opinion that it was the coolest reveal at the show.

In my house by Christmas? Judging by the Protos, not likely but possible. 1st quarter 17?...much more likely. But I see zero reason to panick ( quite the opposite), nor a need to send more cash....they're not in production yet.

#8273 3 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNemo:

Look, Andrew chimes in to every thread where he is questioned.

And that, from a manufacturer standpoint, proves to be a liability to virtually EVERY one of them when they venture on here.

Just because of shit like this. The attempt at buzzkill after the showing was viewed by many ( including me) as a MAJOR hit is just wrong.

How many manufacturers state the actual # of games sold? Better yet, how many have been sold to end users/ operators.

Answer----0. Now go away

#8275 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Well you know the answer to that one....

Truth there....

#8278 3 years ago
Quoted from bane:

I guess it's plugged in now. Looks great.

It was plugged in ( 2 of them) and working ( with glitches) for 2.5 hours last night, w nonstop play ( even though single ball)

#8280 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Got about five games on it this evening. these are prototypes but look close to me. They look AMAZING in person! THey play very good, esp for being prototype/pre-production/whatever you want to call them.
The audio is phemonenal and will likely get way better. LOTS of shoots any they feel good. I played a few games w Steve Bowden and he agree that it is solid and fun to shoot as first impression and going to be great once at production.
Most importantly for me (and iceman). They have the X factor. IMERSION! Toss on your headphones, turn it up, rock a beverage, and step into the world under the glass.
Super pumped to see the final product. ICeman, just send the deposit! It is just a deposit and you are gonna want to get in the cue now IMHO.

Well said!!!...

#8283 3 years ago
Quoted from tacshose:

BUT, I am glad they brought the games, and they LOOK awesome, I mean that is WAY better than JJP waiting until it's "finished" and we all laugh...

You will want in on this if you're a fan of the theme. Only a deposit needed....I've ranted long enough...game does NOT need defending...not even close. I'm sure we'll know when finished versions will be ready to ship soon enough. When that happens, THEN send $$$$$....

#8287 3 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Don't know about you but I've got the email that is clearly stating request for the next50% payment, as per their payment terms.

Last one I received regarding $$$ ( treated it merely as a heads up, because that's how it reads)

"Dear Mark

I am excited to tell you that we are nearly ready to begin production of ‘Alien Pinball’.

In the near future, we will be releasing a promo video, and some playfield images, for you to see.

The purpose of this email is to give you 2-3 weeks’ notice - before we will ask for the 50% payment of your game – which is due when we begin manufacturing these games.

At this time, you will also be offered additional options – such as LCD screen upgrades, if you have not already upgraded, Non-Reflective glass, Polished Chrome trim, and other options.

As soon as we have received final game approval from our Licensor, 20th Century FOX, we will begin production.

You will be able to make your payment via Paypal, Worldpay or bank wire transfer. We are advising all of our customers to pay by bank wire transfer, to our U.S. bank account, as it avoids costly fees and charges.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Otherwise I will be in contact with you in a few weeks time.

Yours sincerely,

Aimee Dando| Chief Administrator"

Heighway Pinball, Unit 35 Rassau Industrial Estate, Ebbw Vale, NP23 5SD United Kingdom.
Email: aimee@heighwaypinball.com Web: http://www.heighwaypinball.com

#8288 3 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Can we please get some clarity on this?
I thought I read today that 50% was due the week of production, then the last 50% was due when game is ready

You are correct, and that's always been my understanding...

#8291 3 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Correct and now as I said earlier and from what is on their Facebook page they are now in production.

Hmm just looked over there " production" would be the term to be clarified and quantified a bit, I believe. Hopefully, we will gain clarity soon...

#8296 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Ok so....Just wow

Agreed....I believe "production" is overstated in this case. Meh...I'm just not worried. I pay when I see an invoice, until that, not even on my radar. When that shows up, we'll see where we are.

#8299 3 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

How do you feel about this grossly late pin being ready for its worldwide premier at expo being completed "to a degree" ?
Because supposedly the only thing holding it all up was fox...I'm a preorder same as you and have no problem admitting that I have been completely bullshitted
Oh and your Aimee email was sent a month ago talking about production in 3 weeks...again, more bullshit

They talked a lot about how FOX did cause significant delays, but have gotten what they need now.

I wanted the game in my room a year ago worse than potentially any of you ( maybe a few exceptions). I'm just convinced they've done a lot to this pin since inception to improve it, which also sucked time ( no one knew about the lit inner panels, and he went into great detail as to how hard it was to do). FOX did impede the timeline greater than they had expected.

It's taken longer than he or any of us wanted, period. But what was shown is incredible ( for me).

Back to square one....we all knew this some time back...his timelines are overzealous. Game is living, it will be tweaked and done soon. We will get billed when it's being produced. If you're uncomfortable, get the refund ( stated a thousand times previous).

I don't call bullshit ( usually done w intent) , I call " overoptimism" with unforeseen obstacles, some can be managed, some can't......shit...I've got an early flight back tomorrow...wtf am I doing....peace....mark

#8302 3 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Andrew, you do realize that you are getting played right? Coming into your own thread and calling a pinsider a coward.
Poor form sir.

Nah, Andrew has passion and will defend his company......I actually respect that. It is unfortunate that public forums are not the best way to address people w nothing better to do than start shit....I AM out now...must sleep

#8322 3 years ago
Quoted from freezie:

People on here are unbelievable sometimes . A guy has a passion to make pins and people will do their best to bring out the torches and pitchforks . I'm sure they have no intentions whatsoever of buying , they just get off trolling.

Perfectly stated...blows my mind

Quoted from PACMAN:

Ahem... Predator had prototypes and lots of pictures of parts.

I can only believe you are being sarcastic with that statement

Regardless...flying home with a great confidence, and more excited than ever to own this, after finally getting to experience it first hand.

#8400 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

and happier I could not be. I'm loving the playfield, no bad drawings or pictures of the cast is a real bonus here, would have made the pin look childish.

I have to agree..a minor piece, imho.....the game was immersive even with glitches, and a 70" LED sports screen glowing over the top of it. Imagine a weaker version, fully unfit, in a dark gameroom...shit!!!...the real deal here....I like the monsters !!!

#8409 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Kaneda and I had a face to face talk after he and Andrew talked, worked things out like human beings. No shouting, and I'm taking him at his word that he's not looking to stir up drama. And I gave him my word that I'm not looking for that either. We shook hands, that's how you settle things. Can I ask that we try and just let the gossip stuff die? Make pinball, play pinball, enjoy pinball? If the two of us can do it then anyone can.
Kim would have gotten the same courtesy, but frankly I'd been awake all of 20 minutes, just stumbled down to the hall with the Alien animator (we shared a room) and I wasn't ready for someone to start getting in my face. I regret that I wasn't composed enough to de-escalate things, and let my emotions push him away. I looked for him later, we have a mutual friend who agreed to help mediate a truce, but there wasn't another opportunity.
This isn't about being a keyboard warrior, or a tough guy bad ass. I play Street Fighter, I don't fist fight. We're here to make pinball. I'll talk with anyone if you just don't come at me weird.
Honestly I'd just like to talk about the game.

Wow, you did have an expo....huge kudos for taking the high road...and yes, this is only pinball, not MMA......

#8412 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

My favorite thing about seeing the game in person is how much better the egg pops are now that they're not green. I have one of Matt's original casts, and the green ones light up ... green. We have 5 individually addressable color changing RGB LEDs under the eggs, it's so much better now that we can really light them up in color. Flickering flames, and even the stirring motion of a face hugger, it really looks great, and I'm gonna think of ideas to have Joe try now.


#8428 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Carry on Andrew
I'll be sending in my production $$$ next week
Awesome show

Doing the same, after some soul searching, I will stand by my statement " truly believe he's one of the good guys" and pretty obvious he's funded most of this interenally ( loans or whatever)...I want this machine, and want help where I can. I'll pay the half, with backbox upgrade, and just settle up on armor when he sorts out what will be offered.

Aurich doing the LE artwork will kick ass, regardless, so I'm wading in a bit deeper...let's do this Andrew!!! Mark

#8607 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I also can't say enough about Aliens! Indeed, a few bumps, but all to be worked out.
Andrew and his team must have drank all the coffee there to keep up, as the energy and enthusiasm was
But I do have something to say on the game. I'd call this a strategic game, like we haven't seen before!
Gameplay rules shine in the way players want. This is not a game you play and walk away from.
It's like chess to checkers. A user competitive game among friends or alone in battle.
It succeeds in this way different than others.
It's so much more than shoot the blinking light. Strategic play will give this game tenure and respect once more people
get to play.
The toys are great, the screen clips integrate beautifully, and in chatting with Andrew about lighting
....thats not even been touched as to what's coming!
It's not Batman, or Dialed in. It's not better or worse, it's just so creatively different, that I'd say it's the most challenging!
Based on guessing Batman, which will be Nostalgic fun, and Creative code, Dialed in for fun, it's Aliens for a challenge, a battle,
and the endless fun of repeat game, point, mode, and battle strategy!
I get the feeling when these start getting in locations, tournaments, and homes, more will share their unique strategies in play.
IMO, if I had all 3 new games, I'd play dialed in for fun, Batman for nostalgia, and Aliens for battle.
There's so much to get excited about on this game, I'd need months of play to scratch the surface.
I honestly feel this a game that is needed in every collection, for what it offers in brilliant play.
Now, which games to sell to make room.....
Damn great job! Thanks to all at Highway and on the team.
Your passion shows, and we are all rewarded with an instant classic of endless challenges!

Couldn't agree more ( except the Dialed In part)....the pin just has an amazing feel to it, and even though it was shown in proto form, this machine WILL be a must have, if you're at all interested in the theme ( maybe even if you're not).

Andrew and team were unbelievable as well....I've never seen quite the " party crash" that happened at the Twin Peaks reveal. I was there a bit early, the hostess actually asked me for my invitation, and I patiently waited for 9pm, as the team was frantically setting the games up.

At approx 9:05, the side doors flew open, and literally hundreds ( yes, at least 2-3) crashed through the side doors, and consumed the place...Alien and FT playing non stop, lines ( sort of, more like mob packs) at the machines, and mounds and mounds of chicken wings, with endless beer pitchers. No way Andrew could have anticipated this, and the team kicked into gear ( even though they couldn't be seen most of the time). Very, very impressive. ( would not want to have seen that tab).

This pin is something special, make no mistake...great to see all the positive posts!!!....

#8610 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'm not an expert, but from what I've heard black nickel is crazy toxic, and a lot of places don't want to touch it, the environmental regulations are a giant pain in the ass.

Potentially black chrome?

#8612 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

What about standard trim on the LE with a discount if worse case? I'll be honest not interested in the green or chrome.

Think the LE deserves some kind of cool armor over the standard, just to help justify the higher initial buy in. Lots of case area to cover, it's going to be a key visual for this game ( that's why Full Throttle looks amazing in chrome...LOTS of surface area to shine).....boy does my mind wander when it comes to some kind of wild cut armor, themed to the game ( I can't draw, but guarantee Aurich could draw some badass side rail concepts)...

#8619 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I mean, this isn't my call, but F that. The LE needs to look bad ass. I'm not seeing a lot of enthusiasm for the green, and that's been the case from the start. Andrew and I will figure it out, but my opinion is let's get the LE art done, and then pick something that looks awesome with it.
There are tons of ways to do killer 2 stage powdercoats for instance. We'll sort it out.

+ 1000!!! No way you can release an LE w standard trim...wtf....Art ( including armor) need to scream on the LE!!!...confident you will do just that!!!

#8646 3 years ago
Quoted from nman:

Yeah, i hope they are able to work it out so that black nickel or something similar is an option. The only way i see myself wanting a green is if it's something prismatic, textured, etc. like some of these

MAJORLY like the 1st and 4th pic, if they go w green...dark w color!!!

#8664 3 years ago
Quoted from nman:

Yeah, the fouth (wheel) is my favorite. I'm actually starting to think it might even look a bit better than the black nickel
Of course, as Aurich has said, its probably going to depend on how the LE art turns out.
Btw, anyone know yet who's making the non-reflective glass?

I'm with you, but am confident Aurich will come up with something sick!!!!!

rooting heavily for PDI on the glass.

#8728 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

So Alien LE with the LCD in the head is $8700.00 not including shipping.
These prices are....unfortunate.

Rob.....something seems high about this....may want to reach out to Andrew next week...I'm going to dig out my paperwork tonight...

#8729 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

So Alien LE with the LCD in the head is $8700.00 not including shipping.
These prices are....unfortunate.

My receipt math shows $8400.00 based on my receipt, shipped to my door....not a big difference, but something.....

#8749 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Mark, didn't you get a cheaper price for putting money down so long ago?

Yes, Rob. The early price was $7850.00. I'm just figuring on $550 add for the big screen backbox. Custom armor should be included in LE price.

I am pretty sure Andrew stated that the big screen is going to be standard now on the LE, but doubt he will include it for n/c for existing LE orders ( hopefully a reduced price, but IDK). Seeing the lit side blade art in person is stunning. Included on the LE, and I REALLY suggest this add if not too expensive.

#8934 2 years ago

I must say....Full Throttle was not a theme I was interested in, but literally blew me away with the flow and speed when I played it at Expo. It was truly a " fun" play, and some of the loop shots were refreshingly new for me. This only reinforces my take on Alien, and my excitement on future titles.

Can't put my finger on it, but the games felt very, very solid, and had a very satisfying element to gameplay. ( don't know if this fits into current thread activity, but figured I'd post it)....

#8964 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

I'm not into motorcycles AT ALL. But FT is fun as hell. And in the midst of a game, who can't get into the general concept of winning a race? That main guy is so smug it made me want to beat his ass every time I played so I didn't have to listen to him laugh at me in disgust. I know this is sacrilege in this forum, but I'm more excited about getting FT than Alien based on the playing I did at expo. Alien was cool and I'm sure it will get better as it becomes production ready, but FT is fun in a "one more time" sort of way. Hopefully Alien will get to that point as well as it matures.
Unless a motorcycle ran over your grandmother or you've had some other traumatic moto experience, people need to get over the theme as if it's something you need to be passionate about in life and just play FT. It's such a vanilla theme it's easy to get past. It's not like WoZ that's totally in your face. It's a ton of fun and unlike any widebody I've ever played.

Completely agree with everything you said, except Alien is a grail theme for me, so still trumps Full Throttle, preference wise.

I do find it amusing that a " non licensed" theme has been discussed in other threads like it's a major leap of faith, risky undertaking, etc. This is how Heighway STARTED their lineup....incredibly smart, imho. It seems others stated that unlicensed themes will get stronger over time as people get to play them. But yet here, some choose to bash the amount of units sold to date. I think Andrew and team are much wiser than given credit for.

Make a machine that plays great, nobody can bash the relevance to license ( well, except pinsiders), and prove you can actually produce and sell a title. I really couldn't believe how much I enjoyed playing the machine and how smooth and fast some of the shots were. The GAMEPLAY was very addicting, that's ultimately what it's all about.

My ALIENLE will stay as such, but I am now anxious s to hear about licensed title # 3, as I suspect there will be a Full Throttle playfield ordered with it.

2 other points that have been beat to death but need to be put to rest ( after seeing the machines):

Cabinet Art- Most gamerooms are dark. Artwork vanishes, but the lit side panels on these games looked badass!!! I spotted both Alien and Full Throttle through hundreds of people @ twin peaks reveal, and the visual for both was stunning, offset well by the " plain black wood sides" . Imagine if they ever developed interactive lit panels!!! Give it a rest.

Interchangeable playfield - Watch the video. 5 minutes on a bad day? Store the other one underneath w a shelf system? No, this hasn't been fucking done before ( like this) , and yes, it's very appealing for people with limited space or wanting to SAVE MONEY ON NEW TITLES!!! Isn't this the biggest complaint on here? Again, let it go.

( feels good to be away from work and rant a bit).....Mark

#9037 2 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

Sounds like the lit LE blades also include the back wall of the playfield as a lit EL piece. So there are 3 pieces to the lighted blade kits? Or is the back piece standard and lighted on both SE and LE? How does that work?

I interpret the lit LE blades as a 3 piece set, included on the LE, optional upgrade on the Standard. Look amazing in person, btw....

#9081 2 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Did anyone hear that music during Tunnel Escape, thats simply amazing, for me like Seige mode in TWD or Horde, those moments are super rare in pinball, I think this pin will do some serious blowing of minds in a home environment with darkness and good volume, how couldn't it, very excited.

Playing it at expo w headphones at expo, EVEN w a 60" LED blaring like shit( with sports) right over the top of it was still a defining moment. The reveal had amazing vibe, imho.....no blankets, no huge marketing buildup, no " leave the room and come back"...just a badass machine stuffed in a bar w mob environment.....almost like some kind of secret release that was a true game changer. Really, really glad I was there to witness pb history....I've got the T shirt to prove it....

Just can't describe how immersive the game is. Hope everyone gets to play one someday....

#9082 2 years ago

Might be "pinball poor" now, but am blown away with the chance to grab a nostalgia grail ( BM66LE) , and SciFi grail ( ALIENLE)....no way I could be more excited to add these....

#9166 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I don't think this should be the Number One objective.
Getting rid of that airlock thing and making sure the game is rock solid should be Numero Uno.

Agreed....this insures the steady cash flow. People like the game = $$$..... done.....