Alien artwork

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Alien artwork

By pinchamp

3 years ago

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#101 3 years ago
Quoted from dluth:

Disappointed there's no gradient behind the egg and no drop Shadow work on the logo

Beat me to the Punch Line!

Looks Great!

Giger would have been proud!

Nice work, Aurich, and Andrew.

#102 3 years ago

My lordy, all I can think of is the full screen LCD in the back surrounded by Aurich's artwork with that Alien picture pulsating in real time, and other random movie clips here and there, wow I have a little bit of a chubby right now.

#103 3 years ago

The Hugger on the bottom right. It's tail was changed....why?

#104 3 years ago
Quoted from Damonator:

I think the LE artwork package will have different side panels too in addition to the different backglass.

Yep. On the Heighwy Alien web page:

"Exclusive '35th Anniversary Edition' Backglass and Sideart (+ Standard Edition Art work Pckg also included)

#105 3 years ago

i think its fantastic! nice work

#106 3 years ago

I wrote up some quick thoughts about the artwork process in the main Alien thread here:

The short version is that the brand requirements for this were pretty fixed in place, as far as what I could use and where I could take it. So I worked with what I had, and I stand behind that work, not apologizing for it. But it's also not what I would have done if I had total freedom. If you want total freedom don't license, and don't get the awesome Alien(s) universe.

Totally cool to be critical! I have thick skin, you won't hurt my feelings. I'm in my Expo hotel room, getting ready to get going, so I'm not going to directly address any specific comments at this time, but I will read and respond more later.

To everyone who had positive things to say, thanks, I do appreciate it. And if you had concerns, I can't promise I can address them all, but hang tight for the playfield art.

#107 3 years ago

Overall, I think it looks great!

#108 3 years ago

Looks great. Stoked I'm in on the LE!

#109 3 years ago
Quoted from notaflyingtoy:

Looks like the SE backglass was designed with backlighting very much in mind.

After seeing Full Throttle lit up in person, I can tell Aurich took into account the cool white lighting Heighway uses in the design and added more of the green "mist" on both the BG and side to give a more ominous/eerie backlit appearance, instead of the "phoned-in" standard static space/stars cut-and-paste job.

Guessing that the LE art package will swap in blue for the green?

#110 3 years ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

Finally we can show you something!
Working to strict licencing rules and regulations doesn't allow for as much creative freedom as I'm used to. I had originally designed 4 translites and Fox went for this one. They seem to like that egg! Aurich then took my basic design and made it look more appealing.
It does look impressive all lit up!

Hey Russell, I was wondering if it would be possible to post the basic design that Fox chose. Either way thanks.

#111 3 years ago

I hope fox allowed the playfield to contain characters from the film and isnt just a geigeresque alien collage.

#112 3 years ago
Quoted from Taygeta:

The cabinet is very bland. Hoping that isn't close to final. Doesn't incorporate anything from Aliens, which supposedly the game is half based on?

The game is based around the 35th Anniversary of A L I E N...not Aliens. I, for one, am super glad the art reflects this - its my nostalgic hook. Not saying thats right or wrong either, just my personal angle. That the game itself will incorporate both films is an awesome gimme...and who knows, perhaps the LE backboard will be ALIENS themed.

#113 3 years ago

I thought it was both films....

#114 3 years ago

I have enjoyed Gigers Art...Dark, foreboding and Sexualized.

Not sure if all of it fits the Alien Genre for a pin...but if you havent looked....

#115 3 years ago

Both films are in the game (and Heighways license covers both)...but the lynchpin event of the property that fox was/is pushing is the 35th Anniversary of ALIEN. There was a slew of licensing behind it. And although non of my co-workers under 30 are able to really distinguish between the 2 films time wise (to them, they all came out close together as part of a planned thing)...they are very different from a licensing perspective and whatever arcane rules are included with that. All this really means is that I am old, because I saw ALIEN in 1979.....

#116 3 years ago

You can do the art many different ways. I like that it looks like a movie poster and kind of mysterious. Having a bunch of actors' faces is what Stern would do. Then everyone complains that minor actors are shown over major actors. The alien creatures are the center piece and we all know they come out at night ... mostly.

#117 3 years ago

Once you actually get to see the detail the back box image looks awesome!

#118 3 years ago

Should have really focused on this!mIEXGvvL_sIOIDGfSdv75qw.jpg

#119 3 years ago

Looks great so far. Works really well with the constraints of the Heighway cabinet design, which I've never been a huge fan of. All the dark tones and black areas work with the large black frames of the cabinet to come off looking like something mean and badass, which I expect this game to be. Can't wait to see more

#120 3 years ago

Euchrid said: "Im not a hater, but I'm so-so on it. I mean, it's totally better than cut and paste of movie actor heads, but it feels like a movie poster. I like the movie poster feel and all well enough, but was hoping for something more original/unique for the pin. This look makes me feel "been-there-done-that". All-in-all it wouldn't keep me from buying the pin if the gameplay is good."

I'd been thinking about this for a while, because in the pin world we talk a lot about the lack of hand-drawn artwork. One day it hit me that pinball art has always reflected the art trends of the time. And oddly, it's always looked like the movie posters of the time.

Look at machines from the 70s, and then look at 1970s movie posters, magazines, album covers, advertising, etc. In general there is a look that is shared by them all.

You can still do hand drawn today, but it would have to tie to the theme or it would look out of place. It works for Metallica because of their covers, it works for Whoa Nellie because it's retro ... but for something like this, it has to resemble the other material related to the movie.

#121 3 years ago

Great Job by all involved! Cant wait to see all the the art. This is what an intergration of a kiss ass theme should be. Wishing the company many years of success.

#122 3 years ago
Quoted from clg:

It looks good but I am worried that it will look like crap in the southern hemisphere becasue of the coriolis effect. Ship one to me and I will test it out for you so you can make sure it is OK!

You should know nothing good south of the Bombay hills in nz lol send to Auckland

#123 3 years ago
Quoted from HeighwayPinball:

Here are some better images for you all:

Alien_Pinball_Backglass_Standard_Edition_Final_Low_Res.jpg Alien_Pinball_Side-Art_Standard_Edition_Final_Low_Res.jpg 1Alien_Pinball_Standard_Edition_Cabinet_With_Final_Artwork.jpg

Thanks for those pictures. Looks great! Those other pictures were doing the game no favors.

The 90's called. They want their crappy projector back from Expo.

#124 3 years ago
Quoted from zeddex:

Should have really focused on this!

I have one of these in my kitchen so I can do my Kane impression with proper atmosphere (Tyler is there to observe).

#125 3 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

The 90's called. They want their crappy projector back from Expo.

I think it looked fine in person, but I was sitting to the side of it on stage and couldn't really see it.

#126 3 years ago

Nice clean look. I like it, I think it's spot on.

#127 3 years ago

Looks good, I think it's tricky to try and mirror that original poster though. The word "A L I E N" was set off in the darkness, much smaller...I'd almost think that changing the look of the word ALIEN might help...that basic small look on the original poster conveyed the whole vastness of space...stuck up top away from the egg and smaller--that won't work on a backglass obviously. I'd like to see it with some alternate "fonts" I guess. Sure Fox won't approve but I bet it'd look better if it wasn't trying to stay with the original. If any of that makes sense..? Also...more green!

#128 3 years ago


#129 3 years ago

I found a picture of my actual Alien slot machine from a few years ago. I would love to see this and the pinball side by side!

IMG_4483 (1).jpg

#130 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Totally cool to be critical! I have thick skin, you won't hurt my feelings.

#131 3 years ago

The translite looks great once I saw the high res version. What are the odds the artwork can use luminescent ink? I can only imagine what this might look like in a room lit with only a blacklight.

#132 3 years ago

Iconic logo. I think it's great. Sooo nice to have no actor faces on the translight. I also think it's a great application of the cabinet. I can easily see how a black Full Throttle can become a black Alien.

#133 3 years ago

Looks awesome my only small wait a minute moment looking at the art is the game focuses on both Alien and Aliens, yet the artwork at least for the cabinet is Alien. Is there going to be more of a mix of art/movies on the playfield? Other than that it's cool and the simplicity (which is often much harder to pull of than going photoshop crazy) is awesome.

#134 3 years ago

Cool! turns out nice..

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