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Alice Cooper ACNC Bug and Enhancement Feedback Thread

By xeneize

8 months ago

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#1 8 months ago

Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle is an an amazing title produced by an incredible group of people!

After some discussion in the club thread, it seemed prudent to create a dedicated place for ACNC owners to provide feedback regarding code bugs and requests for enhancements.

The purpose of this thread is to provide constructive feedback in an organized and respectful manner. An attempt was made to collect any posts regarding bugs identified since the last code update and acknowledge the original poster.

#2 8 months ago

possible BUG:

bemmett - when I got Pit creature it lights the 3 shots initially to find him, the crypt, the scoop and mystery I think. I hit all 3 shots multiple times and it never said he was found?! Every time it would just say he not there. Eventually drained the ball and mode was over but it never found him. I have no idea if some weird glitch or a possible bug


ghostbc - I am also a location and can not get bonus credit feature to work. I am trying to make it 3 plays for $2.
Any help would be appreciated.


aeneas - A bug I just had on the latest software: on ball 4 and 5 the skillshot screen wouldn't go away. I made several shots, even locked a ball in the crypt, but skilkshot screen was shown all the time.


punkpin - One repeatable bug I noticed with Ethel and it may have already been addressed. When you have hit an orbit to a room and have Ethel locked in. If you start a crypt multi ball it will change monsters. Does not matter if you lock the crypt ball before or after room travel. Also with a ball in the left Frank lock the upper drop target used to drop when you shot the upper playfield from the left ramp. This no longer happens so alot of the shots hit the back of the target an go to the subway or left flipper return.


kinghebes - 1) Had another weird bug today during league. 4 player game. Player 1 ball 1 noticed the left orbit was not lit for skill shot. Left orbit lights appeared to be out the whole game. The monster mode select lights also were not working. I went into werewolf and it was just super weird. The save lights weren't working properly either. I started a crypt multi ball and drained 1 of the 2 balls right away. The mode ended even though ball save was still flashing for a few seconds after. Power cycling seemed to fix the lighting issues.

2) Also noticed i can't see the grand champ score on mine. Running latest public release. I tried cycling with the flippers it only shows high scores 1-4. Also once i cycled around to my last games score display i was unable to change screens with the flipper buttons anymore.


drizzt76 - tested the shaker in the menu and it don't work, nor does any of the coils. But it plays fine


superhawk2300 - Select Ethyl. Hit an orbit to lock her in. The next steps I cannot remember the order - either hit the crypt multi-ball then the secret passage to start the monster mode or the other way around, but do them in very quick succession and Cold Ethyl does not start - Igor does. Did it 3 times now.


zacaj - There is a bug about it losing track of locks after releasing them in ball search, as I've reported previously, but releasing the locks to free a stuck ball that potentially is in a lock is the right thing to do.


coyote - 1) I think it takes a few more hits of the Vampire target after the first monster multiball. Several times I have seen a big yellow target on the display and a number of hits to go, it seems to reset the count if you drop from the upper playfield. I don't think it resets the WHOLE count, but it DOES reset the drop target - so if you have one hit left, hit the upper drop target it will then stay down. BUT, if the ball then leaves the upper playfield, it will reset the drop target, requiring you to knock it down again. (This is, IMHO, a bug. The drop target should just stay down.)

2) Werewolf: When the center targets are lit (to fire your gun at the werewolf), something will cause the other shots to become re-active. It will play the bad shot, and say you took damage, but won't actually reduce your health bar. I have noticed this in as well.

3) After your Frankenstein Monster multiball is over, the "Lab Lock 1" like will flash blue, but the Lock Diverter will not open. The lock diverter will not open until: A. You drain and start a new ball, OR, B. Shoot up to the Mini-PF, and then drain OFF of the Mini-PF.


dunfielder - Orbit skill shots light your saves centre and outline. Ramp and crypt lock skill shots light saves and the secret passage. Here’s the kicker though, in the secret passage does not light up right away. It is lit but not lit, if you shoot it you will go right to the monster, a code bug. As soon as you lock in a monster with an orbit after your skill shot it will actually light. I have also noticed many times the first right orbit shot after a failed skill shot will not advance you. I assume this is also a code bug.


poibug - noticed in utilities that the date was wrong as it was showing 2021,and it was a day early. So I set it to correct date, it said it was saving new date then rebooted. But it was still showing the original 2021 date after rebooting. Tried it a couple of times

#3 8 months ago


calfdemon - when you get monster ball lock 1 and it goes in the washer machine, there is a moment of silence each time and it just kind of kills the atmosphere. I wish there was some extra sound effect in there like a loud metal locking door or something to fill in that silent break. I don't know why that bothers me so much, but no where else in the gameplay is there a sound break like that...

xeneize - 1) in addition to echoing the request from calfdemon - many callouts seem to be cut off prematurely or clipped - particularly at end of game. 2) The screen tearing during animations seems to be excessive and has gotten worse since the last update.

#6 8 months ago

coyote and mr_outlane - edited post #2 based on your updates - thanks for your feedback and helping keep the list "clean"!

1 week later
#13 8 months ago


In addition to the glaring silence during Frank ball lock on the left, we really need some kind of sound effect for achieving the bonus multiplier. Normally, hitting that "third X" is a big deal, but in ACNC you can totally miss the fact that you've even hit it.

thenotrashcougar , please work some of your magic!

5 months later
#31 85 days ago

It would really be nice to see incremental code progress made on this game. As a TNA owner maybe I have become spoiled by the amount of polish that game has gotten from thenotrashcougar - it is practically perfect.

This title seems like it got sold out and abandoned just as the R&M hype train left the station. In addition to the documented bugs here and in the main thread, there are so many times that the game just feels "unfinished". I know it's different developers, but that game (R&M) seems to be updated constantly.

In addition to the bugs, little (simple) things are missing like no call out when "CoOp" mode is selected. The long dead air when Frank ball 1 is locked. No call out or effect for an X multiplier hit/achievement, the LCD screen still tears quite a bit. I could go on...

Most of us here are patient (many waited a year + for their game) and I think it is safe to say that we would just like to have some communication confirming that ACNC owners haven't been forgotten.

A suggestion - we don't need more Alice call outs, why not add more using the Ethyl voice talent - or even add some random screams/laughs when a target is hit (instead of nothing)? This game has so much potential - please fawzmagames take it all the way to the finish line! GRACIAS!

#33 84 days ago

Great point of reference below. Thanks guiitarman for documenting!

Quoted from GuiitarMan:

Main ones I've seen so far after the most recent update...Feel free to add more...

*Wrong text on 1st Mystery Award (Should be 'Advance to Monster', but instead reads 'Advance 2 rooms'.
*Hitting Crypt MB while on Ethyl changes mode to Igor (losing your weapon)
*Skillshot screen staying locked (no matter what you hit or how many balls you drain, the skill shot will not reset which effectively stops any mode progress). You can only play Frank MB at this point and have to start a new game to fix it.
*Mystery award is sometimes triggered by the crypt hole or dropping it into the subway from the upper playfield (left bonus X rollover).
*Game occasionally forgets there is a ball in the Frank Lock 1, causing ball searches once you drain until Frank releases the ball during ball search #4.
*Voice getting cutoff during end of game sequence.

*When a weapon is available to collect, the 'Alice in the tower' insert should change to a different LED color. If you have Frank MB lit, you can't tell there is anything different since both flash white. Maybe just change the color to red when a weapon is available to collect and alternate red/white flashes when both Frank 2 is ready and there is a weapon available at the same time.
*Spinner needs a counter on screen with something tied to it (Spinner MB for getting 100 spins or something). Currently, it feels like the spinner is pointless.
*Need to bring back Easy and Hard modes in addition to the current progressive difficulty. I want to explore the castle, not fast track the 1st half. This just makes the game feel more linear (I always go for Ethyl, Zombie, Igor first since those weapons can't be missed like starting Alice Cooper, Insects, Pit Creature, etc that have weapons in the mid-tier rooms.
*Make the options in the menu work correctly (music offset, attract music, etc.)
*4 ball MB - Why have 4 balls in the game if there are only 3 on the playfield at one time? Add-a-ball mystery during Frank+Crypt or something would be a nice addition.

I absolutely love this game. I would just like to see the polish to make this one of the greatest of all time.

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