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AFM vs MM vs Alien - What would you choose?

By Deadpin

2 years ago

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“Just strictly on *gameplay* value, if you could only have one, which would you choose?”

  • Alien 93 votes
  • Attack from Mars (either original or remake any edition) 83 votes
  • Medieval Madness (either original or remake any edition) 68 votes

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#21 2 years ago

MM and AFM are both classics that have stood the test of time. With that being said they are both 20+ years old and I've played the crap out of them over the years and I'm kind of over them. Plus everyone seems to own them so they aren't hard to find if you want to play one. My choice is Alien just because it's new and shows a ton of promise. Love the layout and the theme integration is top notch.

#47 2 years ago
Quoted from Yoski:

If the overall layout sucks the specific shots mean nothing.

Except that the layout for Alien is exceptional! I'm fortunate to be able to play Alien on route and have logged a good number of games and would say without a doubt that Alien has a better layout than MM or AFM. MM and AFM are basic fan layout games and Alien is truly unique and has four flippers with unique shots and a non-Italian bottom. Alien also has more immersive modes.-to be fair MM and AFM aren't really mode based games. Alien also has far better light show (full color changing leds), sounds, and display effects.-Of course it is also 20 years newer so it should! I do think MM and AFM have better humor and are likely to draw in new players since Alien is more challenging and isn't as approachable for beginners. I think what makes MM and AFM great is that someone that doesn't know pinball can walk up and play them and know exactly what to do. Alien has a steeper learning curve. I think all the games are great, it's just a matter of which type of game you're looking for. Personally, I have a hard time spending that much money on a 20+ year old game with older technology. I think you get more for your money on a game like Alien which has more state of the art features for the money.

#95 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

flow, stackable mode to MB, upper right flipper shot feel, required decision making on the fly

I'd also add that Shadow's modes are tough to complete (much like Alien) but completion isn't necessarily required to progress to the wizard mode. I also think that both games are rather difficult and make you really work for everything you accomplish. ie. getting the Super jackpot in either Shadow or Kahn multiball is no picnic. Even starting multiball in Alien isn't easy. I don't think either game is especially newbie friendly. They are what I'd consider "players" pins.

#99 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I'd say TS is on the easier side of the spectrum as far as difficulty to be honest. I'm not a great player and have seen Final Battle around a dozen times. Beat it once, LOL.

What % of the time do you actually complete the modes on Shadow on default settings? What % of the time that you start Shadow MB do you actually get the Super Jackpot? And you answered my question about how difficult Final Battle is to complete.

Alien it is easy to start modes and progress towards the mini-wizard modes. If you watched the DeadFlip Alien stream I made it to one of the mini wizard mode on my first game. What's difficult is completing modes and actually doing well once you get to the wizard modes and unlocking the game's potential.

Now compare all this to a game like MM which hands out Super Jackpots like candy. AFM roving Super isn't that difficult either. Probably helps that they are 2 flipper games with a familiar fan layout and easy shots.

#103 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Depends on the mode...but certainly I don't remember them being more difficult than other games. Shadow multiball SJ is tough. I haven't owned the game in ages, so it's hard to remember success rates. Mode hole is toughest shot on the game though. Khan hole is easy. Loop left and hold upper right flipper up for success every time. Double and triple those JPs!
To compare to MM: I've reached BFTK maybe 5 times. Beat it twice.

I've owned 2 Shadows and the "hold UR flipper to Kahn hole" trick didn't work on either of them. And I always put new rebuild kits in my games and line them up correctly. I could see the game being a bit easier if that's the case! The default mode timer of 30 seconds is also too short especially since most modes require you to hit the hardest shot on the field (mode start) to complete them. You basically have to hit all your shots perfectly to complete your modes in the allotted time. As far as mode based pins go I still think it's one of the toughest. Luckily you don't have to complete them to advance towards "Final Battle". Shadow mode completion % is still probably a bit higher than Alien but both games have far tougher than average modes.

#108 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Those games were set up wrong then. By design that should happen (left loop to raised upper flipper to side hole). 3 of the 6 modes require the mode start shot to end it, which IS difficult. Farley, Hotel Monolith, and Duel of Wills do not. Either way, there is no requirement to complete them to advance to Final Battle. I can think of much tougher modes to complete on other games.

Pretty sure that's not by design. Probably a game with worn flipper Mechs and coil stops. I can pretty much guarantee if you rebuild that flipper and pitch the game above 6.5 it will always hit below the Kahn hole on a held flipper. My game is pitched as high as it can go. I can see why you think the game is easy if you can hit the Kahn shot "on demand" like that. Plus it makes it easy to start modes and get Kahn Super jackpots.

Yes there are games with harder modes than Shadow. Witch King on LOTR comes to mind. But as a whole I think Shadows modes are among the toughest as an overall package. Monolith and Farley are the easiest since you don't need to hit the mode start shot to end them and Dual of Will's is a video mode. If anyone is finishing the other 3 modes more than 25% of the time than color me impressed!

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