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AFM Painting saucers

By Skypilot

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

I'm in the midst of restoring an attack and wish to enhance the saucers.Has anyone painted,airbrushed the saucers on their attack. I would love to see some pics.

#2 8 years ago

You need to really wash all the old smoke and oil from them, then prime them with Plastic Primer.

Paint away!

#4 8 years ago

Thank TeeKee, I need ideas on what to do with mine. I like the black rails. Just picked my rails up today. I'm going Black Attack. just not sure what to do with these saucers.

#5 8 years ago

I painted mine. I used a color changing paint with UV highlights on them.


#6 8 years ago

Dang, Phoebs. That looks sweet!

#7 8 years ago

I did color changing metallic on mine too. Also mixed up the dome colors as well to splash it up a bit - too much grey and red. I painted the chute too.

You can see before and after here....https://picasaweb.google.com/108543089600325575434/AFMMod#


color saucers.JPG
#9 8 years ago

I had my air brushed. The look wind swept with black so it looks like smoke. The natural gray looks nice with it.

#10 8 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

I had my air brushed

Can you put up pictures

#11 8 years ago

That's very nice.

#12 8 years ago

Peer, What was the technique used?

#13 8 years ago
Quoted from teekee:

Chris painted mine and they turned out great!

That is not paint .

#14 8 years ago
Quoted from McCune:

That is not paint .

Vacuum chroming... plastic plating...

#15 8 years ago

I believe a good number of people have reported using Model Master Metalizer on them, and that is what I used as well. Here's a link to show what the can looks like, but I got mine from a local hobby shop.

The one major complaint is that it is pretty fragile, even after dry. You can't use tape to mask it, and they recommend handling with cotton gloves to avoid leaving permanent fingerprints. I haven't found it to be a problem, though.

Here's a decent picture of how mine turned out, but they look more metallic in person.

#16 8 years ago

Any type of paint will be somewhat fragile on plastic but once the saucers are installed there is really nothing coming in contact with them... guess if you're really serious find someone who will plate them.

#17 8 years ago

Lightly sanded, use Krylon for primer, gun metal to metallic silver fade, then clear coated.


Nice work Peer, very cool.

#18 8 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

Peer, What was the technique used?

If you are going with gloss black trim, how about doing black chromed ships? Plastic chroming is pricy, but it does look sweet

#19 8 years ago

I'm leaning towards black/chrome. Still liking all the ideas I see

#20 8 years ago

// Error: Image 209920 not found //

Just airbrush

image-440.jpg image-692.jpg image-716.jpg
#21 8 years ago

OK, black metallic . Its a start.

Misc 055.jpg Misc 056.jpg
#22 8 years ago

Looks great.

#23 8 years ago

Just painted mine. I started off with metallic black to body it out and the laid metallic silver down.


#24 8 years ago

in the process of doing mine as soon as the weather breaks. testing krylon colorshift galaxy and duplicolor mirage to see what i prefer. have some glitter spray that i tested but its way too overkill, but the light overspray that is in the colorshift test patch does look really good...

#26 8 years ago

Black by definition is the absensence of light. By base coating in black it gives you a solid background to build on. It ads a depth to it. When you give body to something, you make it solid, not in structure but in appearance.

#27 8 years ago

I get it.

So I'm still playing with ideas.think I will try reversing the colors

Misc 057.jpg Misc 059.jpg Misc 063.jpg
#28 8 years ago

reverse,which do you like better or neither

photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG
#29 8 years ago

I would go with solid black or chrome.

#30 8 years ago

Peer, did you airbrush those legs yourself? Those are awesome! Exactly what I was thinking legs with stars and outer space stuff. But those are better than I could even imagine.
Skypilot, I like both but the silver with the black panels are what I would go with. Very cool stuff in this thread.

#31 8 years ago

I like the black with silver panels better.

#32 8 years ago

I was hoping for more input from the masses. Oh well MMR and wpc 2.0 are keeping everyone occupied.
I'm leaning towards basic metallic black

Misc 056.jpg
#36 8 years ago

Green metallic with black accents...image-560.jpgimage.jpg

#37 8 years ago

. Might need to paint. But original is good.


#38 8 years ago

Silver with black looks better than the other way around but both look like hubcaps to me. I prefer one color with some accents.

#39 8 years ago

I like the black base with silver. Seems to go really well with those dark black wire forms.

#40 8 years ago
Quoted from Miniflipper:

Peer, did you airbrush those legs yourself? Those are awesome! Exactly what I was thinking legs with stars and outer space stuff. But those are better than I could even imagine.

The woman that airbrushd the Matrix did the leggs for my AFM.
I'm not finished with the AFM.
Still a lot to do

image-717.jpg image-575.jpg image-534.jpg image-840.jpg
#42 8 years ago

Basic metallic black looks great.

#43 8 years ago

I got it! I will post when they are done.

#44 8 years ago

Sometimes less is more. I vote for metallic black (single color). Keep up the good work.

#45 8 years ago

I say make them each a little different. Do you have the ability to make them look like they have taken a laser blast? That would be cool!

#46 8 years ago

That lock down bar looks amazing!

#47 8 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

That lock down bar looks amazing!


#48 8 years ago

Mine, wind swept smoke look. Done by a local artist I know

#49 8 years ago


#50 8 years ago
Quoted from wvpinball:

Green metallic with black accents...

image.jpg 349 KB

image-560.jpg 282 KB

They look fantastic! Just like the were supposed to look back in that cheesy sc fi period from the sixties seventies.

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