Aerosmith owner? Then walk this way!

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Aerosmith owner? Then walk this way!

By TimeBandit

1 year ago

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#531 1 year ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

How many people would be interested in lighting up those stern side rails rather than mirrored cardboard?
Basically like I did the the Tron legacy side rails a few years back.

And I did to my Met

Very easy to do, not too expensive and looks great. Lots of different colours that can be chosen as well.

EL Met (resized).jpg

#546 1 year ago

Just got an AS PRO at home, was really looking forward to it after playing it on site and at a friends, but am starting to get the feeling that it's not really a deep enough game for me with the current code.

What settings has anyone changed from factory to make it more 'interesting'?

I seem to end up timing out the modes, unintentionally, and then getting to mini wizard, which seems like a waste of time atm.
Elevator multiball is so hard to make any significant progress on, especially as it's a pain to actually light the locks and start it!

A smart bomb seems incredibly rare to get - can you only get one from a mystery award, or am I missing something?

Really think it could do with an update, as it just doesn't seem deep enough for a home environment.

#555 1 year ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

WJ, you just listed three things you can't do on the machine: finish modes successfully, elevator MB, play long enough to get a bomb. OK the last on is a stretch for anyone.
If you think Elevator is especially hard, work on it. It's just orbits and elevator.
This machine is simple, but not easy, just like the classics. Doesn't need deep code if you 'can't finish it' regularly.

I'm not saying I don't like it because I can't finish it.

I've been to the mini wizard mode (for starting all modes) a fair few times, I've even completed all of the modes, with the exception of Elevator, plenty of times as well. At the moment the game just seems to be play constantly start multiball taking a mode into it and then see where it gets you. Any score, or bonus, you get from completing a mode pails into insignificance in comparison to the points available in multiball.

Starting Elevator isn't the problem, even if it needs accurate loops, it's making progress through it that's the issue. Closest I've managed is a 6th floor jackpot.

I've had smart bomb a few times, but only from a mystery award - is this the only way to get it currently?

IMHO it definitely needs a code update. Integrating a skill shot, smart bombs being more readily available - maybe from a skill shot, or 3-way combo, or progressing up a spinner or pop bumper level, rather than just a mystery award, which by default gives you extra time if in a mode or add a ball if in multiball.

There's no way I'll "give up on it" until I've completed the Wizard Mode, as that's the way I am, but my partner and many friends have already dismissed it as just shoot the toy box and is boring. As it stands WPT and MET are getting more play.

3 weeks later
#588 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Will try this, thanks. My AS seems to be a real drain monster but it has a ton of 'one more game' appeal.
Now we have been told a code update is coming, what is essential?
I think in no particular order -
1. Smart missiles. Way more of them ( still haven't seen one in 200 games! )
2. Medley. Too difficult/not rewarding or enough high scoring. Major adjustment needed.
3. Outlane sound, goes without saying.
4. More call outs. From the band? Yeah Dream On And an extra song?
5. Bug fixes.
6. Champion awards - essential to have TITA , Elevator MB. Bonus to have others.

Agree, with all of the above, plus need a skill shot for a plunge to the lock - maybe award a smart missile for that.
Medley Wizard Mode - songs should either follow song order you played them (like Encore in AcDc), or skip to those songs you have yet to complete (like SoS in Tron)
Champion awards for each mode, as well as Medley and Final Tour.

I also just want to leave this here Got this last night by completing Final Tour Wizard Mode and cashing in a 1.2 Billion Jackpot

Aerosmith (resized).jpg

1 month later
#637 1 year ago
Quoted from Pin_Guy:

Small correction:
You only need 4 balls locked to start a 6 ball elevator multiball; the reason for this is that with 4 balls locked, when you start elevator MB you have ball 5 in play and only one in the trough, the game empties the trough first (2 balls) and then has to dump the toybox for the 3rd ball, this gives you the rest of the balls.
Side note: If you play on a Premium/LE that looses ball(s) under the upper playfield, locking the 5th ball will result in an immediate free 5 ball multiball since the game has to dump the toybox in order to put a ball back in play; then, locking the next ball will award you a 6 ball multiball even with no balls in the toybox

Or just lock 3 balls, then start Elevator MB, and get an add a ball award from the mystery/scoop.

2 weeks later
#715 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Getting the main wizard mode would be very difficult I would think

Getting to Final Tour Wizard Mode isn't too difficult. The main blockers are Super Jackpot in Toy Box multiball, and completing Sweet Emotion. Neither of which remembers progress so need to be completed in a single attempt. Best strategy is to try and stack the 2 together as they're the same shots required for completion.
3 of the other songs you can time out to completion, and the others (including Elevator multiball) remember progress, so you just need to keep plodding on through them if you don't complete first time.

Medley multiball is not worth playing IMHO, boring objectives, that never change order and not worth many points.

Final Tour multiball, although a simple rule set, is a blast to play and worth a LOT of points. (see post #588)

2 weeks later
#767 1 year ago
Quoted from pinden007:

2. Ball gets tossed into the toy box and then the machine can't find another ball. After about 6 ball search sequences it dumps the toy box.

I'd suggest most likely cause of the fault is that it can't detect any balls in the trough.

Could be caused by a dodgy opto, but MUCH more likely the connectors to the boards on the trough have come lose, or oxidised. Simply disconnect and reconnect all of the connectors leading to those boards.
Happens on virtually ALL Sterns.

2 weeks later
#822 1 year ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

I have new balls installed, so I think it must be something else.

Are they carbon steel balls, specifically designed to not magnetise as quickly?
It certainly sounds like the balls are becoming magnetised.

1 month later
#885 12 months ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Ok I’ve had this game since last summer and I still haven’t hit whatever the wizard mode is when you start all the modes. I get close but can never quite make it. I’m not great but I ain’t terrible either. Any tips?

Depends how much you want to change on your game to make it possible to get to mini wizard (Medley Tour).

Simplest method is to reduce the time of all modes in the settings to the minimum, 10 secs I think, you won't need to trap up and time out modes.
That only leaves the MBs to start. Take Toy MB at 3 balls, then just focus on Elevator (or change the setting to easy, so the locks are already lit).

Medley Tour Multiball is possibly the worst mini wiz mode I have ever played.

Final Tour is much better, and worth a huge amount of points.
If you want to make it easier to get to that, reduce the time in modes which self-complete, and increase the time in the modes you need to complete.
This will only leave you with Toybox MB and Sweet Emotion which need completing on a single attempt (as these have no memory on progress when you end the mode)

It really depends what you feel you would achieve if you made the changes to the settings to make it easier. Change to 5 balls? Tighten outlanes?
Personally I feel no sense of achievement if I get to wizard mode by timing out modes. (At least Star Trek changed the scoring so that timing out modes to get to KM multiball made it worth significantly fewer points than if you played the modes.)

1 month later
#1197 10 months ago

Having seen the code update for GotG, and how awesome it is - I really hope that the update for AS (as the modes are almost a direct copy) is along a similar vein, and we don't have to wait too long for it.

#1233 10 months ago

Such a disappointing code update from a gameplay point of view.
Hopefully there's more to come in the future, don't think I'll bother updating just yet.
More than happy to reset high scores and set a new target, but don't want to lose this just yet

20171003_184132 (resized).jpg

#1258 10 months ago
Quoted from swampfire:

WJxxxx, how the hell did you score 1.8B with the glass on? I consider myself a pretty decent player, and my best score with factory settings and outlanes is about 320M. I’m just wondering if there’s some magic stack I’m missing.

I completed Final Tour Wizard Mode.

I had double shot scoring on the scoop (where final jackpot is collected), I hit the final shot as a combo (score doubled again) and I may have had double playfield scoring as well.

It meant that a single shot was worth a little over 1.2BILLION when I collected the final jackpot shot which is the addition of all of the other shots made in Final Tour.

The points didn't particularly come from modes, they were just played to complete and move on. 2 Extra balls (one from starting 3 modes, and the other from Jacky shots).

Never managed it again though

#1259 10 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Or they changed the programming of the node board software. I wish they weren't so secretive about this crap

IMHO the reason they don't broadcast that they've changed stuff like this is that would then be admitting that the original board, or code, or whatever, was faulty and causing the issue. That could then lead them open to lots of people claiming their costs back if they have had to buy replacements.

When there was the issue with Sparky coil locking on, there was nothing in the code update about a fix, but miraculously all of the issues disappeared (including on my machine)

1 month later
#1432 9 months ago
Quoted from swampfire:

“Smart missiles” should be earnable, and not random.

THIS is my main gripe with AS at the moment.

First wizard mode, Medley, is very poor as well. The songs always being in the same order really screws it up, as well as the low scoring. I'd like to see the songs in the same order you played them, with the payoff for each song being the same as what you earned when you played them.

An option to have memory on Toy Box MB would be nice.
As would a skill shot.
Maybe an even lower mini wizard (Like Cherry Bomb & Chaos on GotG & DI) for completing a certain no. of songs.
Less modes you can time out to completion.
A high score record for each individual song

Final Wizard mode is OK, but a bit basic - hit each shot 3 times, then collect Super.

2 weeks later
#1471 8 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

IMDN has a spinner high score

IMDN has so many high score entries it's unbelievable.

I played one at a local arcade yesterday. I now have my initials on there 21 times, and still loads of default scores.
The more different high scores the better, you may not be able to beat the GC score, but you can certainly aim for one of the 'minor' highscores.

I don't see why all games don't have this, or something similar. It's not as if the coding is especially tricky, plus it gives more players the chance to get their names up.

#1509 8 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Man you sound like Aerosmith, Same old Song And Dance. You posted that
#1411. I'm trying to Dream On. I'll have a new pin by then and this will become a Toys in the Attic.

It's enough to make you Crazy, or get you Cryin'

1 month later
#1630 6 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I was being sarcastic but as far as I’m concerned, my measure is based on kids out of school to kids back in school and we are past halfway on my calendar.

I base it on;

Summer - Jun, Jul, Aug
Autumn - Sept, Oct, Nov
Winter - Dec, Jan, Feb
Spring - Mar, Apr, May

Or maybe it could be based on the Summer Solstice being the mid point of the year (Jun 22nd)?

So by my reckoning we're already halfway through Summer - and the code's late, hardly a major revelation.

1 month later
#1771 5 months ago
Quoted from Jgel:

So having owned this pin for 4 days now I have a question. How do you light the special on the let outlane? And what does it give as its bonus?

I got it as a mystery award.

Don't think there's any other way, don't remember getting it even when I completed Final Tour.

#1852 5 months ago

Glad to see they listened to my suggestions (post #588 11 months ago)

I just hope that the updates haven't gone too far in making the game too easy on default settings (or are people changing the settings to easy?). Especially as 2 people have already posted pics of their Final Tour high scores.

With new code for AS and a NIB IMdn arriving this afternoon it's going to be a tough decision as to which to play. (1st world problems)

#1993 5 months ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Speaking of Portal, now THAT is hard. I’m one of less than a few that has beaten Portal.

Have you also beaten - Iron Throne, SuperHero, Encore, Champ1, Gotham City, Valinor, Saved Xandar, Sperm Attack, Do or Die, Open Season, EotL, Armageddon and Last Man Standing (on a pro)?

FWIW I believe the default settings make it way too easy, you also can't make Medley any harder than it is. Why should you be able to continue making shots once you get down to a single ball AND get an add a ball?. I've got it set for 2 shots in a mode before you can take CIU.

#1999 5 months ago
Quoted from Shredso:

I don't know if this is a bug, or if I'm missing something. Some of the modes, Walk this Way, Rats in the Cellar and I think 2 others are solid when you finish regardless of whether or not you finished populating the flower. When you get to Medley Multiball these need to be finished to progress even though they are solid. What is the point of having them solid if you need to complete them? I wonder if you have everything solid entering Medley you get a bonus and go directly to Final Tour, sort of like Portal. Otherwise I see no point.

The 3 modes which appear solid, even without completing the flower, are WTW, RITC & BITS. If you drain after hitting the CIU but without completing the flower they will appear solid, so you can move on to the next mode - but you'll need to complete them in Medley.
If you complete the flower - you won't have to complete them in Medley. All other modes you have to complete the flower to have them lit solid, and negate having to do them in Medley.

I assume that this is a hangover from the original code, and/or to stop you from playing them over and over and boosting super ramps, spinner and pops.

The first mode you complete is worth 10mil when you start Medley, the second 20mil, then 30mil, etc. If you go in to Medley with everything complete it awards you 200mil and goes straight to Final Tour.

4 months later
#2317 20 days ago

Had a couple of games on this over the weekend, I had only played it a couple of times since the previous update as IMdn has been taking all of my pinball playing time.

I still don't think the game is great, once you get to Medley, you're pretty much guaranteed to get to Final Tour - which is definitely not difficult (hit any 25 shots in MB with a ballsaver before hitting the scoop for jackpot) or fun to actually play.

Back to IMdn

20190125_174959 (resized).jpg20190125_174947 (resized).jpg
#2318 20 days ago
Quoted from KingBW:

The 3 songs would auto complete at end of ball if you got 1 shot and crank it up. Not sure on a longer timer, but it does seem like it. Maybe just because the auto complete isn't there anymore. That makes Rats a lot harder and longer.

Although previously it did show as lit solid, if you didn't make all of the shots you still had to play the song to completion in Medley.

Rats is now the mode to take into MB IMHO, had a score of over 108million due to so many shots being lit.

Now that you have to hit at least 1 shot to be able to progress any mode has to be an improvement, to counter players just trying to time out modes to get to Medley. It was fun watching Zach against Keith in the SCS finals. Zach was trying to time out Back in the Saddle by just hitting the centre ramp and trapping. He did this right the way through the timer and was confused as to why Medley wasn't then lit and had to restart BitS.

2 weeks later
#2355 4 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thsts true but under the old code, being able to get to or being within reach of Medey Tour Multiball was always a super adrenaline rush on a pretty regular basis. Now that almost never happens unless you are a great player. You could also complete the songs if you made it to the main wizard mode. Downvote me all you want but the game was more fun under the old code.

And this is why I think the 'middle' code was the worst of the bunch. It was just too easy to get to Medley, and then once you get there, it was too easy to complete to get to Final Tour. IMHO an 'average' player shouldn't be getting to the wizard mode on default settings on any machine 'on a pretty regular basis'.

The game is much more balanced now, although I think it does still need some adjustments making to the rules on Final Tour - just hitting any 24 shots to light super jackpot at scoop is lazy and uninspired code. It also only takes about 90 seconds to hit all the shots then it's over. What an anti-climax.
I'd have it that you need to hit each major shot (city) once to light a continent jackpot at the scoop, worth the sum of the shots hit, once the continent jackpot is hit all shots relight and you move on to the next continent with all major shots worth double, then treble, etc. Once all continents have been collected a world jackpot is lit for collection.
3 continents would be the default (Asia, Europe, North America) but could be increased up to make it harder/more valuable if desired.

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