Aerosmith owner? Then walk this way!

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Aerosmith owner? Then walk this way!

By TimeBandit

2 years ago

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#367 1 year ago

I'd like to see some award for a skill shot. It's unlikely we'd see a video mode, but I could picture some guitar hero esque play riffs in time with the buttons.

#370 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Not sure if this was coincidence or not, but yesterday I was playing a Pro on location and dropped 3 consecutive skill shots all for lock. When the 3rd skill shot landed it lit the extra ball.

That's cool. I don't completely understand the mystery Jacky extra ball, could it have been that?

3 weeks later
#438 1 year ago

I think it's decent. You can check mine out before you buy if you want.

Quoted from Rascal_H:

Anyone added a shaker to their pro? How's it feel?

3 weeks later
#544 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Arrrg, I'm such a newb! For the skill shot I plunge to try to get it to slide in the back door of the lock?

It depends where I am in the game. I try to always keep lock lit, especially early in the game. The kickout of the lock shot can be just as brutal as the pop bumpers. I find myself short plunging to right flipper and going for the box to light more locks. My strategy may change if a code update makes that backdoor shot valuable.

As it stands, there really isn't a skill shot for points as far as I can tell. I could see the lock shot as being a standard skill shot, and a short plunge to any shot sort of like the long plunge on Metallica. I can't wait for an update!

2 months later
#710 1 year ago

Every time I see this thread with a handful of comments I'm hoping it's because of new code. Fantastic game that I think could be a real Gem (cheesy Aerosmith reference) with a little more polish.

1 month later
#853 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

I would like to see higher point values in Elevator Multiball. I just got to Level 6 and felt like king of the world... until I saw that the points values weren’t all that great.

Is it 12 floors to finish this multiball? I don't see myself ever getting to that. Tron had a couple modes that were insanely difficult to complete before the final code update. It turned an awesome game into an amazing game. I'm hoping for the same with Aerosmith.

2 months later
#1165 11 months ago
Quoted from KirboTurbo:

here are some new rules cards i put together. I really like the photo of the band.

Cards look great! Left handed guitar is little out of place, but that's me being super picky.

1 week later
#1341 11 months ago
Quoted from JOESCHALL:

Yes, there are at least two f-bomb drops by Jacky in adult mode. Also, during Elevator Multiball, I'm sure that when the girl steps into the elevator, you can faintly hear her ask a suggestive two-word question (about which direction they are going--hint, hint), after which you hear something that sounds like Steve Tyler's distinctive chuckle ("he-he-he"). However, the audio is very faint and easy to miss, and the irony is that you can hear the same thing in family mode. Again, I assume it's a coding issue.

The elevator line is from the video. Classic.

1 week later
#1360 11 months ago
Quoted from pinden007:

I tried to update the code last night without success. The PIN never seemed to recognized the files on the flash drive because it kept booting up as normal.
I took a brand new USB out of the package, formatted it FAT32. Download the zip file. Extracted the 3 files (.readme said there would only be 2 - nice Stern) to a folder. Copied the 3 files to the root of the USB. (there was still a folder on the USB which came from the formatting).
What did I do wrong?
I can post pictures of the files system later today.

It took me a few tries with a few different USB sticks. I don't even remember which one finally worked.

3 weeks later
#1450 10 months ago

117 volts should be fine.

1 month later
#1588 8 months ago

I love Aerosmith, but Iron Maiden is so polished in comparison. I'm sure I'll find issues as I play it more, but as it sits the code is superior. Aerosmith has so much potential, it's such a fun shooting game. I'd say we are close to mid summer territory, keeping my fingers crossed it comes soon and is a major update.

3 weeks later
#1681 7 months ago

I really hope this next week for code rumor is true. Is it backed by anything more than the middle of the summer comment Stern made?

1 month later
#1745 6 months ago

This month...

#1784 6 months ago

Can you guys all pause your downloads so mine can finish? It's taking forever!

#1796 6 months ago

Edit: forgot you needed to extract the files.

#1897 6 months ago

I've been playing quite a bit today. The new code is great. There are a few things I'd still like to see, but I wouldn't be upset if it ended here. Elevator is finally doable, I think I only got it solid once or twice before. I've gotten it solid a few times today. Smart missiles are cool, although I suddenly can no longer do the plunge skill shot that I could hit every time when it wasn't worth anything. Scoring for Medley Multiball is much better, I love the way they stole the mode completions from Tron. The game is also much less stop and go, which is great. The sound quality also seems better. I finally just got to Final Tour, I did well. I think I only had 3 or 4 shots left. I wish I could have seen the screen.

My (unrealistic) wishlist:
High Scores for every song and every multiball (This can't be too difficult)
Incorporate the coins (does anyone know what they do, if anything?) Buy new instruments that give perks with the coins? Permanent bonus multipliers, things that make certain modes easier, etc.
Video Mode- something you could disable in the menu for the haters, why not a Guitar Hero style video mode with the 3 buttons?

2018-09-08 20.17.11 (resized).jpg2018-09-08 20.17.18 (resized).jpg
#1904 6 months ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Also, does the combo champion actually work now? I set the champion to 2 combos and it didn't seem to save that...did I miss something?

I agree combo champion was weird on old code. I did finally get my name up, but I feel like it wasn't right. I got combo champ in the first few games on the new code so if it was weird I think it's fixed.

#1906 6 months ago

I was just browsing through some settings and noticed some things I hadn't before. Coin Door ball saver and coin door disable tilt. I did a quick search on my Maiden and didn't see either adjustment. Cool features if they are what I think they are. If you get a stuck ball and can just open the coin door, shake the crap out of it and dislodge it without tilting that would be neat. I'll start shaking and do some testing....

#1977 6 months ago
Quoted from Coolpinballdino:

Tried updating the code tonight I downloaded it and then I inserted the usb into the game but nothing happened so I gave up after a while I guess I will try again tomorrow.

Is the drive formatted FAT32? Did you remember to extract the files first?

#1984 6 months ago

I beat Final Tour! The third time I got to it I had my son watching the LCD. I needed a coach!

2018-09-12 20.10.40 (resized).jpg2018-09-12 20.10.45 (resized).jpg2018-09-12 20.10.49 (resized).jpg2018-09-12 20.11.16 (resized).jpg
#1998 6 months ago

I don't know if this is a bug, or if I'm missing something. Some of the modes, Walk this Way, Rats in the Cellar and I think 2 others are solid when you finish regardless of whether or not you finished populating the flower. When you get to Medley Multiball these need to be finished to progress even though they are solid. What is the point of having them solid if you need to complete them? I wonder if you have everything solid entering Medley you get a bonus and go directly to Final Tour, sort of like Portal. Otherwise I see no point.

#2035 6 months ago
Quoted from Moeman65:

Caught mistake that the code allowed. Locked 3 balls in toy box to go for the fourth. My daughter up next hit the lock for her 3 ball multi ball took the award and ejected her ball into box and it then unloaded the balls giving her total of 4. The way to correct this would be to minimize the power of ejected ball and issue the other 2 from the shooter lane leaving my 3 in the toy box. Ok STERN there is your assignment.

This wouldn't work. The toy box is used in Toys in the Attic multiball. You can lock balls for multipliers.

As long as it's not a tournament, I like the idea of stealing locks in multiplayer games.

#2045 6 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

My toy box shot is far less accurate now than it was before the update.

Mine as well.

3 months later
#2215 3 months ago

I feel like I'm the only one that is glad Dream On isn't in the game. I'm a big Aerosmith fan, but I'm so sick of that song. The song selection is perfect. It has lots of hits. Sure, I'd love another song, but anything but Dream On, or Train Kept a Rollin. Skip that one too. How about Make It, Walkin the Dog, so many great tunes to choose from. Why pick the ones that have already been played to death?

1 week later
#2265 86 days ago
Quoted from dogwith1eye:

Was playing down out the arcade this evening and got the Combo Champion High Score with 16 combos. Don't think I've ever done this at this home.
Any idea what counts as combo? Couldn't really find anything in the rules about it.

Are you running the latest code? I feel like this didn't work properly in an earlier code release.

2 weeks later
#2280 72 days ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Shaker: So we have one 'yah', and one 'nah'. We need a tie breaker!

It's not the best integrated game, but it's cheap enough. Shake it up. If you decide it doesn't shake enough for your liking, move the shaker to another game or sell it.

#2287 71 days ago
Quoted from Sinistarrett:

Was considering moving my shaker from Aerosmith to Iron Maiden. Does the shaker get used more often in IMDN?

I would say shaker integration is much better in Maiden than Aerosmith.

1 month later
#2360 34 days ago
Quoted from DaveH:

I realize this game has only been in my house for a few weeks, but I’ve really taken a shine to it. Normally my “honeymoon phase” with a new game lasts less than a week. But I just keep playing this thing. I can’t really put my finger on why, with the simple exception that I really enjoy the game. I like the shots, the rules, the music. Really all of it. Another unexpected winner of a game.
PS: I updated to 1.07. I figured that’s the version Stern wanted me to play, so I’ll play it.

I honestly don't understand the hate for this game. It's simple fun. The latest code seems to be a good balance. I don't know the numbers, but the older code was too difficult, previous code before this was too easy. This seems well balanced. I wonder if this will be a low production game like Iron Man that people take awhile to warm up to. My only gripe is the Jacky voice.

I just thought of something crazy while typing this. I played in an Aerosmith tribute band for awhile. I bet I could talk the singer into doing some voice overs to replace the Jacky voice. I'm sure it wouldn't be free, and I've had a few drinks, but it sounds like a great idea right now. Can someone with some Pinball Browser experience chime in to how much work this would be? I have the recording equipment, more than would be necessary for simple voice overs.

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