Aerosmith owner? Then walk this way!

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Aerosmith owner? Then walk this way!

By TimeBandit

1 year ago

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#519 1 year ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Pro all the way on this game, for me. Save your LE $ for GoT, much better upper playfield.

Wooooooooooooooh big fella! The GOT pro is the way to go with that title.

I bought an AS Pro too. I played both at Texas, pro will do me just fine.


1 week later
#527 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how good the game sounds with the factory speakers. I know it's not mind blowing but it's not bad at all really.

The new Spike games sound pretty good for stock machines. Separate bass and treble controls in the menu too.

Not quite the same level as Spooky machines though. They kick ass.


#554 1 year ago
Quoted from JimB:

Where? I don't see any on BM66

Have a look in the Utilities menu ...
On the first page, Around the middle.

On that screen, you'll see the VOL menu.

That's where it all is.


2 weeks later
#574 1 year ago

It's arrived! Finally ....


IMG_7057 (resized).JPG

IMG_7081 (resized).JPG

#584 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Would appreciate any tips to score big as just can't score high on this game - highest score so far only 120 million.

6 games in I have 200m plus ... it's not that tricky.

First up - practice looping the centre ramp over and over again. Try and hit it 10x in a row. This is the same as KISS ... the centre ramp is an important shot. When you light a multiplier X, I'd multiply the centre ramp.

Gameplay: I would start with Walk this Way. Spank the ramps. Completing the mode gives you super ramps which is sweet points. Start Crank it up if you can, this gives even more points during the mode.

Multiball: aim to light all the locks ASAP. if you can, be ballsy and go for the 6 ball multiball, it is worth a lot more points. ALWAYS start a mode before a multiball. This applies to every game. Try and shoot the LOCK lane during MB which will give you 2x scoring for some seconds. If you shoot it again, you'll get 3x scoring for some seconds. Well worth doing!!

That'll give you enough to get more than 120m.

More tips and knowledge on Tilt:


1 month later
#677 1 year ago
Quoted from PW79:

Ah, so no fix yet for resets.

Have you tested your line voltage?

Maybe have someone meter it while you’re playing your pins and see what happens ....

If it gets too low, I think that could drop the 48v down and it will reset at like 47.8v.

Report back ...


#684 1 year ago

Huh? What’s funny?

It was a serious question, I was trying to help you.

If you don’t want help, stop bitching about your resets every 5 minutes.

Seems you’d rather continuously moan about them rather than attempting to fix them.


#686 1 year ago

I fixed one. It was a GB pro, it would reset occasionally then it got worse and worse until it would reset every ball.

New power supply sorted it.

The problem is the front node board has a watchdog that resets at 47.8v (from memory) and fluctuation from the power source will drop the voltage. Hence “check your voltage” Old Pins used to have a adjustable power supply for exactly that reason (you can wire them for 115v or 110v) Spike games do not.

I also believe the power supplies have a pot to adjust the voltage (so the tech told me, I haven’t had the need to open one). If it is set a couple of spots higher, say to 48.2v, the likelyhood of a 47.8v reset is gone.

So you can fix it. Get into it and fix it.


3 weeks later
#750 1 year ago
Quoted from Coolpinballdino:

I started elavator multiball so it just released all my balls from the toy box. Is this a code glitch

No, that’s called “a win”

Take it with both hands.

Legitimate strategy.


2 weeks later
#802 1 year ago
Quoted from Bruce_Pickle:

Thanks for the beer tips and no, the glass doesn't fit inside the fridge (especially when there's beer in there) you funny buggers ?Cheers

Wouldn’t it be easier to swivel the front of the game sideways over the green couch rather than moving the fridge?

Signed - a guy who moved furniture for 30 years.


4 weeks later
#866 1 year ago

100 games in the gamesroom - and this is the one that’s usually in action.


234802B0-A776-496F-B009-9F326CC1ED71 (resized).jpeg

#870 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Sounds awesome until he IS your neighbor and you're in a constant state of brownout.

Yeah, the power bill REALLY goes up when they’re all turned on. When I turn on all the Comp games in the car garage as well, there’s like 115 all running at once.

Here’s the actual weekly power usage graph ... pick the day of the pinball meet ...


BD4F5EF9-A948-4D3E-B0CD-E7AA3CFFECCE (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#884 1 year ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Ok I’ve had this game since last summer and I still haven’t hit whatever the wizard mode is when you start all the modes. I get close but can never quite make it. I’m not great but I ain’t terrible either. Any tips?

It’s a tough game. I’ve only got to the Wiz once (admittedly mine is set up pretty tough)

Quoted from djreddog:

1. Simply time out the modes

That would get you to the mini-wizard.

To get to the proper Wizard you need to complete every song.

I would argue that you’d get more points completing songs (with shot combos and exploiting the super modes) and aiming for 5-6 ball Toybox MB than going for the mini-Wiz. But if you just want to get to the mini-Wiz, yeah, time out the modes.

Quoted from djreddog:

2. Start sweet emotion during MB. This will give you more balls to complete the mode

Agree with this. Sweet Emotion is the toughest to complete, try and start it when you have a good MB ready to go.


#911 1 year ago
Quoted from sulli10:

Any one know if there are any written rule sheets for AS?

Yep, up on Tilt Forums.

Google “tilt forums Aerosmith rules”


#947 1 year ago

If you want to know how to play Aerosmith properly, listen to this 15 year old girl (and INDISC Champion) give you the tip.


#954 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Nice. She makes it sound so easy.
Those shortcasts are a great idea BTW.

It is a pretty simple strategy. Works sweet too. Where’d you think she got it?


#1000 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Unable to figure out how to setup the game to award points for extra balls. I’ve tried all kinds of settings, including installing competition mode. I can disable EB’s, but I’m trying to find the setting that awards points for any EB achieved.

3rd or 4th adjustment in “SPL” adjustments is “max extra balls” or similar.

Factory setting is probably 5 or something. Set that to 0 and it will award you points instead of an EB. Can’t recall what the points are on AS but they can be quite lucrative on Stern pins. Sometimes the points are not displayed on the screen (it still says EXTRAAAA BALLLL) - but they are added.


#1001 1 year ago


Post #1000. Do I get a prize?


#1004 1 year ago
Quoted from swampfire:

My friend pinnyheadhead and I both own AS, and we were talking about the way those 2 big posts guarding either side the right ramp make it a really tight shot. They really should be closer to the metal and just a bit farther apart. I wish they had used the blue nubs of death here. Who wants to be the first to try this mod?

The ramp is pretty narrow as it is ... all of Borgs latest games have really narrow ramps. Pretty challenging to hit at times .... I always found the KISS right ramp really tight.


#1006 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Which is just the way Gene and Paul wanted it.

I’m talking about the ramp, not their wallets.

Did you hear when Vinnie Vincent joined KISS in 82, they paid him $500 a week?

He was playing in front of 200,000 people in Brazil. For a couple of hundred bucks ...


#1020 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Cool, first try lol
» YouTube video

Good work. It’s pretty easy from a trapped ball. My machine is 7.3 (give or take) and it makes it fine.


#1044 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

For Aerosmith, the Premium is definitely the way to go. It changes the gameplay because you can get a stackable multiplier with the upper playfield that is ONLY available on the Premium.

Everyone who owns a Premium/LE will say their machines. Cause they will.

However, the pro is the way to go.

A/ it’s wayyyyyy cheaper

B/ got 90% of the stuff, and the other stuff isn’t required.

The only advantage I can see of the Prem/LE is Elevator MB is easier to start and so is double scoring. Does easier scoring make it worth around $1500-$2000 more?

The market has spoken ... pros haven’t dropped much in price, Prem/LE aren’t moving even at a good discount off new.

Exactly the same as GOT.

And GOTG will be the same.

(If you do want a Premium KPG was trying to sell his as new HUO for 5500 from memory in the California For Sale thread)


#1060 1 year ago
Quoted from swampfire:

For me the big question when I buy any game is “How big of a hit will I take if I sell this?” If I can keep it under $500, I’m happy.

That’s a very intelligent way to approach it.

That’s why Pros are so good. You can buy one, play it for ages and sell it and not lose too much cash.

My buddies in SoCal buy Pros in bulk at a good deal, and play them for 6 months and sell them at what they paid for them. Lots of buyers around the $5000 mark.

Here in NZ, if you buy a pin over $10k (premiums are 12500 and LEs are $15k .. JJPs are $15k..) when you sell it you lose thousands.


#1088 1 year ago
Quoted from taylor34:

EDIT: I checked, there are two Aerosmith pro's in Kansas owned by collectors. Yes, two.

Come to NZ. There is one.

There is another Pro owned by an operator, and one Premium that is privately owned. That’s all I know of.


2 weeks later
#1196 11 months ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Trust me this wasn't a play better problem. It was plunge poppers straight nothing but net right out lane. I closed the right out lane the one notch. Which I reluctantly did. But the only post I see by the pops is in between the top and bottom pop. Nothing at the bottom.

Sometimes new games play like that.

I remember my Transformers LE was unplayable for months. Now you can play it for hours.

It’ll settle down.

In saying that, I did have the Jacky magnet throw 3 balls in a row down the right outlane last night. Shit happens. Haha.


#1230 11 months ago
Quoted from PW79:

Remember that one time you said Aerosmith doesn’t reset
Then you said it again?
(Lol, just giving you shit mang. I had to)

Mine hasn’t. Yours did.

I don’t think my AS has ever reset. Actually ... maybe once?

My GOT pro has a few times - maybe 5 times since I got it (about 2 months after first release...)

BM66 has never reset. And we are playing it hard out.

Those are the 3 Spike games I own.

Same with TWD. I’ve never had any resets - ever. You did. I’ve never had any SAM game reset, ever!

You seem to have drawn the short straw. I think I said at the time, maybe check the line voltage or something. Seems weird you have all these problems and most don’t.

** I had a GB Pro at my house for a couple of months - when I first got it, it would reset every maybe 10 Games. It got progressively worse and worse until it was resetting every ball! It had a faulty power supply. Stern replaced it and it never reset again.


#1249 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Likely those resets were a "spike special" where the power supply dropped *just below* the baseline and the machine reset. All the Spike machines can do this trick and it's not related to a certain mode, but only when the machine is under heavy load, usually in multiball. You can open the power supply and turn a pot to up the output from the power supply a smidge so this doesn't happen when the machine is under heavy load (like in massive multiball).

This. The original flipper node board had a low voltage watchdog on it and that’s what caused the resets.

The later versions were modified somehow.


#1251 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Wait, so do the newer spike/2 flipper node boards NOT have that watchdog circuit anymore? I didn't realize they had changed the design...

I was told by the local Stern tech that Stern told him (after 2 hours waiting on the phone) that the board had been updated. Whether that means they just changed this actual chip, or they made more detailed changes, I don’t know ...


#1308 11 months ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

I have never understood the need to replace Stern's Factory speakers. They sound great to me.
This extends into WPC era games and beyond. Don't get it.

I think some people just like blowing money on “stuff” ...

With the older games, the amps in those are like 4w output - putting in flash ass speakers is like sticking a 4” exhaust system on your Smart Car. Or plugging some KEF speakers into your iPhone.

The Spike games sound damn good stock in my opinion. I have them around mid volume I guess. Not super loud. I pumped up the bass adjustment to full on BM66 and the cabinet speaker peaked - I wound it back a little and she’s fine, at the volume I have it at. Plenty of bass, no distortion. More than adequate for me.

PS - I remembered I have a cheap ass Fusion 10" sub here, which I found worked well in the Whitestar/Sam games, I'm going to put it into a Spike game and report back.

This Fusion 10" sub is so cheap and nasty, the little amp actually drives it OK. I experimented with some quality Rockford Fosgate subs in some pins, the amp is so wheeeezy it wouldn't even move the cone to any great extent. Basically a waste of time. The shitty Fusion worked way better due to its complete lack of any quality or finesse lollll


#1310 11 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

But what else are we going to do with it RD?
Never seen a hearse with a luggage rack on top.

Dunno - build an asset base that will provide for your family and create a legacy long after you’re dead?

Funny you mention a hearse - after 2 years off the road, today my hearse is drivable again!

New fuel lines, brake lines, and an ECU issue sorted out.

Just gotta finish off a little underfloor surface rust and I’ll be off to get me some licence plates!!


EB981441-08F4-40CB-A956-8A2FA2F75B28 (resized).jpeg

#1312 11 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Dani already has 200 pins to inherit, what more does she want?



#1314 11 months ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

My best friend drove a hearse in high school. The rollers in the back weren’t comfortable to sit on.

I bet!

However, they are excellent to roll pins on.


FACD0E29-D10E-4F74-905D-868AFA571FA2 (resized).jpeg

#1318 11 months ago
Quoted from StormyX73:

Is there any reason sometimes the toybox closes and the launched ball hits Jacky in the face rather than going into the box when it's open?

Because there are balls in there.

Machine won’t load more balls in the box than required.

ie if lock 1 is lit, and there are balls in the box, it will close the lid and hit him in the face.

You see this most in a multi player game.

If you hit the lock hole, and there are no locks lit, generally it launches the ball out slowly .. and it goes across the PF, not in the air. Occasionally, it will hit him in the face for novelty value - “you wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses would youuuu?”


1 month later
#1452 10 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

I adjusted the leafs on the left closer

Generally, EOS switches want to be further away.

On older pins, the longer the “stroke” the more 50v power you get. The EOS turns off the 50v and starts the 12v holding power. So you want the EOS to open a MM or so right at the end of stroke. (Hence “end of stroke switch”).

However, on modern machines like SAM (and I’d be pretty sure SPIKE is the same) the EOS performs a different job.

The flipper is fired by 50v a set period of milliseconds and then changes to 12v hold.

The EOS is used so if the flipper button is still held in, and a ball hits the flipper and the flipper falls down and opens the EOS, the 50v fires again to hold it up. So your EOS wants to be adjusted correctly at the end of the stroke, so that the flipper doesn’t fall too much and “double flips”. The extra 50v fire should be pretty much not noticeable. If your EOS switch was broken or there was a wiring problem, a ball landing hard on the flipper would push it back down as the 12v wouldn’t be enough to hold it up. You could test this with your finger - hold the flipper up and push down with your finger. The flipper should resist.

I know GOTG has had problems with flippers dying due to software issues. Hilton’s machine has been playing up. I haven’t heard of it on AS but maybe there is a software issue.


#1454 10 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

You are correct , after thinking about what I had done. It was like what was I thinking. After moving it away it works a lot better. Even doing TBMB and Love in the Attic. It seem to be fixed. Thanks for your input. rd


1 week later
#1485 9 months ago


Reseat the trough jam molex connectors.

Up at the front end of the trough.

(Aka the trow). Lol

Pull them both off and put them back on again.


#1495 9 months ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

So guys that have had this from the beginning, are you still playing it as much? Would you buy again? There is a Prem somewhat local to me, selling for $6400 with topper, or $6200 without

Fair deal, but as Art says, buy a pro. New or used, it’s $1000+ less. And better IMO.

I was literally just playing mine. Still the most played pin in my arcade, so that’s saying something. Got to 340m and the first wizard again. Still haven’t got to the second one.


#1518 9 months ago

Tyler looking particularly “pirate” in this photo ...


E69B0A82-3F1A-4B66-BFB6-563450346E5B (resized).jpeg
#1520 9 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Could have played in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Rrrrrrrd

Shiver my rats in the cellar!


1 month later
#1575 8 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Check your switch under the pop. It may be gapped too close so that a small vibration is setting it off. If you nudge the table does it pop? If so. Adjust the gap in the switch.


Turn off the machine before adjusting anything.

Switch contacts want to be a bit further apart.

Your coil is hot because it is working so much.

Easy fix.


#1587 8 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

I hope it is a major code update and not just a few bug fixes and an outlane drain sound. But I am not getting my hopes up.

It’d pay not to. Only leads to disappointment...

Quoted from Rascal_H:

What’s supposed to happen in Medley Multiball? I finally got through all the modes (like 2nd time ever) and it gave me a 3 ball Multiball with some version of Same Old Song and Dance

Spoiler -

Each song comes up again and you have to complete it. Same old song and dance is first, toys in the attic is second ... etc etc


#1594 8 months ago
Quoted from tilted81: I’m also hoping for some cool new features. I still very much believe this is a sleeper title

I already think it is ... as it is now ...


1 week later
#1628 8 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I would not hold my breath waiting for "Deep Code" on AS. I feel the update will be similar to GOTG rules


If anyone is expecting AS to somehow turn into The Hobbit overnight, you are going to be disappointed.

And to be honest - if it did turn into the Hobbit, I’d sell the thing! Haha


1 week later
#1678 7 months ago
Quoted from Jon9508:

I am so on the fence about this machine. One popped up locally in great shape (huo) for 4500.

Go buy it.

Fun game.


#1695 7 months ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Make bonus x 99x deep. Yeah, you won't get 99, but getting 9x (the cap is way too easy) Let's get that bonus cranking

I’ve never worked out how to get bonus X?

Same with KISS ....

How do you do it?


#1697 7 months ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Right and left inlanes, however, only the left side is changeable, meaning that once you random roll in or from a ramp on the left switches, you can only change the left two switches. Right is not changeable. In other words you have to make at least three shots or roll ins to get “X”
Kiss I can’t remember but it might have to do with getting a lot of bonus to get that 2x on the pf

The 2x and 3x on Kiss are the PF multipliers?

I’d imagine the bonus X is the same as AS - most things are.

That lane change sounds broken, the way you explain it. Do you think it has a bug? Surely the lanes should all change?

(I’m away from my AS so I can’t check it ...)


#1701 7 months ago
Quoted from Hawks:

Apparently Stern has completely stopped production on Aerosmith already
Great game, hopefully it gets another run

If there are orders, and the licence is still valid (or extended) they’ll make em!

Title might have done its dash though - everything runs it’s course eventually.


2 weeks later
#1731 6 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

Guys, serious question:
I am seeing lots of aerosmith's selling for 4500 (pro), and am wondering.... why? Does the game not have legs? I played this five times and LOVED it, and I want one, but man is it making me nervous to see all of them for sale so cheap. What's going on?

All used Pros should be 4500-4700.

I paid $4600 USD for mine new. I think my buddy in California paid $4900. So that pricing is spot on.

Other pros are around that too - saw a late run Star Trek Pro for $4500 last week.

You’ll see lots of pins coming up on the marketplace with all these new pins hitting the market. Most people only have limited money, limited room, and a lot have ADHD and “FOMO” for the new titles.

So buy one for $4500 - enjoy it - then sell it for $4400 when you’re done with it.


#1734 6 months ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

The code is pretty good as it sits, I’ve been to final tour twice. Each country you visit pays off scoring wise pretty large, then it heads back to the U.S, starting in L.A. I ended up in Toronto I think it was, I’m assuming the ending was Boston. My friend filmed it, it was pretty cool, especially the animations.
With that said, the biggest problem with the game is it’s really hit or miss, because there’s no save progression for sweet emotion and toy box multi ball. Love in an Elevator is hard enough, because it takes more and more shots just to start it.
The game really dictates where you’re going based off whether or not you pulled off all three of those and completed them and it’s hard to juggle those multiballs to do so.
It’s a beautiful pin that despite some of its short comings is still a lot of fun to play.
I’m hoping, though however unlikely, that they implement some vip passes like medals awarded in Star Trek, that are cashed out during either wizard mode, real incentive based stuff. CIU like Metallica would be a decent addition too.
Combine that with saved mode progression, and this game would be a total blast, it’s a shame that most people won’t see the final tour as it sits, but if they were to do things like those listed above, you’d have a fantastic push start again and again type of game. Fingers crossed.

I approve of this post.

Yes, getting to the final wiz is hard. I almost did it once ...

I agree, some progression on Sweet Emotion and TITA would be good.

People like skillshots (I could care less...) so maybe the shot into the lock could be utilised.

Drop it in from the top = 300k, plus spots a toy box lock.

Super skill shot - plunge all the way round and shoot the lock shot = 600k plus spots a toy box lock.

2nd skill shot - slow plunge to left elevator lock switch = 300k plus spots a elevator lock.


1 week later
#1789 6 months ago

A fun game just got better.

I really like how the mini-wiz has been changed. Now plays the songs in the same order you played them. And if you beat a song, you don’t play it. Like SOS in Tron.



#1826 6 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Any tips on how to get it to download from Stern site. Mine will get stuck at a percent for like an hour

I’ve never had an issue with the actual website downloading ... haven’t heard of any other issues.

I’d suggest it’s something in your network, like the connection dropping out upstream.

Good luck with it.


#1888 6 months ago
Quoted from T7:

Pro was never the best version on Aerosmith

The only people that say that are the ones who bought a premium/LE.

The reality - like it or not - the John Borg pro is “the game” - The AS upper playfield is tacked on to create a version of the game they can upsell and charge more money for.

Same as KISS - take the Pro, add in a drop target in front of Starchild and a ball that floats up the backboard and charge a heap extra.

And Guardians - add in some plastic arms and some trinkets and charge a heap more.

Welcome to pinball in 2018.


#1982 6 months ago
Quoted from windoesnot:

The toy boy is ejecting balls at random

Time for a new toy boy.


#1992 6 months ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

I don’t think it’s too easy, I think it’s just right. Remember, the previous code was VERY hard, in a bad way, because it was so do or die style

Yeah, I agree. For a factory setting, it seems about right. The old code was pretty tough.

For a tournament setting, easy enough to install HARD from the menu.

Add me to your “I beat portal” list.


1 week later
#2082 5 months ago
Quoted from windoesnot:

Am really enjoying the way this game makes you think, especially the further you get into it

Yep. That’s why I’ve always liked it (and Kiss before it) because I think they’re good players games. Do they have 1200 different characters and 200 different modes?

No. Thank goodness.

New code has upped the game too. Though I gotta laugh when I see “the game is totally different!” It’s not really. It’s 90% the same as before with some nice cream on the top to finish it all off.


1 month later
#2115 4 months ago

Aerosmith pro was a hit at last weekends Southern Hemisphere Pinball Champs. Got heaps of plays and positive comments.

Remembering that most people haven’t played it much here - there’s my pro, a pro out on location somewhere, and a premium in a house down in Wellington. I think that’s it, 3 in the whole country.

The tournament was Pinburgh style, I had set up 20 banks of 3 games.

I was top qualifier so I got to “drive the bus” for my finals - and my choice every bank was Aerosmith, Addams and Centaur.

This treated me well for my 3 first finals games, Centaur first, win that, and then AS, which I got 200m+ 3 games in a row. Nice.

Into the grand final with the ex #1 from Australia, he beat me 960k to 940k on Centaur and then got 180m first ball on AS. I couldn’t get my 5/6 ball MB started that I needed to catch him - had 4 balls locked but really needed 5/6 to get the points I needed. I lit the 6th lock and the magnet flung it SDTM at such speed it hit the arch with a big WHACK! Haha

So I lost and came 2nd.

But Aerosmith was the winner on the day!


1 month later
#2218 3 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

I just don't see the treble and bass adjustments in the 1.07 code. And I even look thru the manual so I don't have to nag you guys (and gals). Where is this magical adjustment located?

Look on the UTILITIES menu. Should say “volume” there, from memory - that’s where everything is.

Quoted from Shredso:

I feel like I'm the only one that is glad Dream On isn't in the game. I'm a big Aerosmith fan, but I'm so sick of that song. The song selection is perfect. It has lots of hits. Sure, I'd love another song, but anything but Dream On, or Train Kept a Rollin. Skip that one too. How about Make It, Walkin the Dog, so many great tunes to choose from. Why pick the ones that have already been played to death?

Couldn’t agree more. No Dream On required.

So many rocking songs including the ones you’ve mentioned. Add to the list Draw the Line and Lord of the Thighs.


#2231 88 days ago
Quoted from Blu:

Check the connections on either side of the toy box. My leftmost one has come disconnected a couple times. When it does, it acts just as you describe.

Also the 2x trough molex connectors.

Remove and reseat.


#2234 88 days ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Do you mean the trough under the apron? Or something else?

Yeah, the one up the front.

Very common issue for Sterns - those molexes work loose and the game keeps kicking out balls or doing funky stuff.


1 month later
#2354 35 days ago
Quoted from Sako-TRG:

Is Stern still making this Pin?

Nope. They took “final call” orders for the 3 rock music pins in December, and they’re done.

Unless they vault them down the road.

PS new code is way better.


1 week later
#2361 28 days ago
Quoted from Shredso:

I honestly don't understand the hate for this game

I don’t think there is any?

Maybe indifference. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone saying “I HATE THIS GAME!!”

Except in a tournament when the magnet hoofs the ball SDTM lol

I think when people get some time on the game, they like it.

Maybe it suffered from “same as KISS” when it came out - and Stern can only blame themselves for that.


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