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Aerosmith owner? Then walk this way!

By TimeBandit

2 years ago

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#401 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Yeah! Both TWD and AS are fun, but a totally different type of fun.


I have a TWD with the Nine Inch Nails audio. It's a bloody, dark, stressful, intense, industrial, gritty adrenaline rush. I can't play it before going to sleep because it gets me uptight & takes me a while to unwind.

AS on the other hand can be a rush but it's got humor, some classic rock tunes that do not seem harsh (Metallica) & its more upbeat/positive.

I played AS @ CP Pinball & knew right away I was going to buy one. That says a lot because, pun intended, I'm "Jaded" after going there for 8 years & playing everything ever made for the most part. It's rare I play something & say "let's buy this complicated 300+ pound pain in the ass that costs a stupid amount of money" but Aerosmith grabbed me.

Maybe it's just the perfect contrast to my collection & I'm easily amused?

1 week later
#480 1 year ago

No sound when pressing the flipper buttons during attract mode either.

#485 1 year ago

What is the deal with the hidden Jacky shots?

Am I wording that right?

I see Jacky's icon on the LCD border with a decreasing # as I play.

#498 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

So, I have been practicing trying to finish songs and get the super modes.
I would really like there to be song champion high scores added like there is in AC/DC for example. It would mean that you could have a game and just try and beat your best 'Walk this Way' score or any other song.
I haven't noticed Toys in the Attic or Elevator Champion either??
Would be some great extra polish if these were added next update and it's not asking for much
I can only see a Combo Champion so far.


On TWD there's many different high scores recorded based on objectives.

I like that.

1 month later
#569 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think AS is bettwr than SW also....who would have ever thought? It does seem like the AS buzz has died though for some reason. People are overlooking a great pin.

Stern buzz in general has died.

4 weeks later
#597 1 year ago
Quoted from Zdoor:

Few more pics. The metallic is gorgeous.

Aaaaaaand now my Aerosmith sucks.

Thanks a lot... I'm gonna have to put you on "ignore"

1 month later
#668 1 year ago

Aerosmith... there’s just something special about it. We love ours

But when the heck will we get a skill shot, smart button implementation, outlane sounds, attract mode flipper button sounds, song selection bug resolution & some other ill shit?

I see there’s 2 tech bulletins requiring a spacer & capacitor. Is that related to the game resets & loud ass power supply that sounds like a hovercraft? The tech bulletin itemized symptoms vs fix but IMO it was sorta vague still somehow.

#670 1 year ago

Ah, so no fix yet for resets.


#674 1 year ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

I have never had a reset on my pro and I often restart a game even before the toy box empties.

Good... Good for F'n you


#675 1 year ago

FWIW never have I had a node board fail

Yet Stern issued 2 tech bulletins for node board failure

So the universe does shit on some folks & not others

Meaning some of us get split cabs, ghosted inserts, dead node boards & spike resets.

Some of us get none of that.

I'm jealous of the latter

#678 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Have you tested your line voltage?
Maybe have someone meter it while you’re playing your pins and see what happens ....
If it gets too low, I think that could drop the 48v down and it will reset at like 47.8v.
Report back ...


#680 1 year ago
Quoted from pkrobin:

I can't imagine why restarting a game before the Toybox empties would ever cause an issue.

I can't imagine how killing zombies in a pinball game about killing zombies can cause a game to reset

Pinball is weird like that

#685 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Huh? What’s funny?
It was a serious question, I was trying to help you.
If you don’t want help, stop bitching about your resets every 5 minutes.
Seems you’d rather continuously moan about them rather than attempting to fix them.

Ah dont take it personal Rotor I appreciate ya mang

The lol was because you are like the 100th person to offer advice that will not work & at this point all I can do is laugh.

Everyone told me TWD Horde resets were my outlets or my game or blah blah blah. Then Lyman rolls out an update saying "Fixed the horde reset"

Aaaaand with Aerosmith its the same thing. I can meter my peter but it aint gonna fix it because I am not alone with my Aerosmith woes. In real life or on Pinside. I mean just look @ the comments in this thread. Something is wrong. Only TWD & Aerosmith reset in my house. Never TSPP, LOTR or FGY.

So I appreciate you bro, I'm just at my end here with modern Sterns resetting in my house & the 2 locations I frequent.

2 weeks later
#721 1 year ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

How are Aerosmith’s holding up physically? Does the game suffer from any of the known Stern issues or have any QC or other issues specific to the game?

My PF has some debris in the clear but so do some of my other Sterns.

My cabinet was a F’n sloppy mess but Stern replaced it.

There’s 2 tech bulletins with 2 kits but Stern has ignored 2 emails from me so far. Guess I have to call starting Monday.

Seems buying a Stern is like having two hobbies. The first hobby is pinball, the 2nd hobby is requesting repairs, fixes, following up & waiting for code? That’s about the same experience with any pinball manufacturer tho.

I love the game. It’s been trouble free other than 2 resets & a shit cabinet. No regrets. Get one for yourself after the next code update if you enjoy the software.

It may sound like I’m crass towards Stern but I’m just too lazy to write long winded tip toe sugar coated replies about my experience. It’s been far from perfect but the good outweighs the bad & I love their pins.

#724 1 year ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

Is this a normal looking coating on Aerosmith?

Mine has a “ribbed” appearance too. The clear is smooth however.

My TSPP & FGY have ribbing as well but not as noticeable, likley due to having dimmer lighting & less clearcoat?

I turned the back box illumination down on Aerosmith to reduce glare & a side effect is the ribbed PF artifact is no longer visible.

2 months later
#904 1 year ago

We're running out of February

Whurr dat code at?

#913 1 year ago

Someone here said their source mentioned an update in Feb.

If that aint the most unsubstantiated convoluted malarkey I dunno what is.

Yet I repeated it as if it were gospel.

#918 1 year ago

Shit like this makes me want to buy an AFMr & email the unboxing pictures to Stern.

1 week later
#956 1 year ago

It’s March

What you got on my code update Craig?

9C2321D6-A739-443E-B531-1D5FB8721EEB (resized).png

1 week later
#1036 1 year ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Who else thinks Premium>Pro? Pro is pretty addictive. Is Premium worth the extra scratch? How does it change the gameplay?

Might want to wait until another code update before deciding

Stern says summer


#1042 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Correction, they say the unloved code group updates MIGHT START in Mid-summer ("we expect" is not "will"), which is August. They called out KISS, Ghostbusters, and Aerosmith, plus other unnamed games, so there's no guarantee at all Aerosmith will be this Summer


That’s why I typed “says” twice

#1054 1 year ago
Quoted from MacLean:

... now that you mention GB. Can the flippers be any wider apart? Trudeau must've had his mind elsewhere when he made that flaw. I'd love GB if it weren't for this huge blunder, & putting an add-on apron post in the middle (as some have done) is, IMHO f'en ridiculous.

Purdy sure I read somewhere here the intended JT gap was accidentally applied twice to the cad file at some point resulting in a 2x JT gap.

Seems like someone measured the GB gap compared to other JT gap & confirmed the rumor.

Or it was all a shitshow of speculation?

#1074 1 year ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

This one hurts guys ...
I'm out before I ever got in .
Uncle Sam decided to take rather than give this year to the tune of $4500
F me
I always get a very nice return .
Damn !

On the brightside your taxes will be complete by April 15th

The same cannot be said for Aerosmith

1 week later
#1093 1 year ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Yes, Mine was that way too. I'm even missing a bolt on the front that I have been begging for with no response.

I never got a reply for my spike repair kit either

This is Stern's new culture it appears.

Reminds me of my ex.

She was such a bitch.

Her best friend was hot tho

2 weeks later
#1213 1 year ago

I told you F’rs this game resets when ill shit is stacked.

Same for TWD. I tried to tell people about the Horde reset bug.

In both cases I was called crazy & then BOOM a code update drops with fixes for resets

From now on, don’t question me

#1214 1 year ago

Skill Shot?
Outlane sounds?
Song selection bug?
Scoring changes?
Score keeping changes?
New modes?
New sounds?


Good thing they got Switzerland all squared away tho lol

#1222 1 year ago

All stabs aside I’m glad to see this update

It’s nice to see some cleanup resulting in a stable game.

#1227 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

We will get an AS update and then and only then we will both get IMDN.
Doh! I lied. I am weak. I have IMDN coming and I don’t even like the band. It will be put next to AS. I did not show Stern. I know. I know. I suck.

Keep it up & one day your whole collection of games will be incomplete

#1228 1 year ago


Remember that one time you said Aerosmith doesn’t reset

Then you said it again?

(Lol, just giving you shit mang. I had to)

#1281 1 year ago

That's because there's no attract mode

No messages, no sounds, nothing but 4 screens scrolling.

If you press the flipper buttons.... no sound.

2 weeks later
#1363 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

AS got company when I added MET and IMDN to my gameroom last weekend.
Sick of music pins?! Ha! If they are like IMDN, MET and AS buy them all!

"Wish you were closer"

2 weeks later
#1426 11 months ago

I haven't loaded the new software yet.

Had my 4th reset in 750 games yesterday.

Purdy sure 2 resets were during single ball & it occurred when hitting the crank it up scoop to add more time right after the mode ends & the points start to tally up & display.

Guess thats the graphic conflict mentioned in the readme of the most recent code update.

(I am gonna update today)

2 weeks later
#1493 10 months ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

So guys that have had this from the beginning, are you still playing it as much? Would you buy again? There is a Prem somewhat local to me, selling for $6400 with topper, or $6200 without. Just curious how many would buy again or buy at that price. I know for me personally, I've had games that I loved early on, and then got VERY tired of VERY fast (Hobbit, Avengers LE)

Just wait until the summer update IMO

I regret buying “early”

2 weeks later
#1535 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

He will say it again about 500 games from now.


Every 500 games Jackie will drop an F bomb, you will get the smart button award & then a power reset.

Lol, cant resist. Looking FW to a legit update this summer.

#1548 10 months ago

FTP means something different in STL

1 month later
#1655 8 months ago
Quoted from djreddog:

No facts. They announced in March it would be mid-summer.

They (Stern) say a lot.

Big hat, no cattle.

Times may be a changing however. Additional programmers bring hope.

It would be cool if (useful) new AS code dropped next week. But, IMO when Stern makes an announcement two things are happening.

1. They’re trying to restore consumer confidence & sell more new shit.
2. It’s a forcest of a project’s progress not a deadline set in stone

If Stern did drop code next week it would be a coincidence. Sure, it sounds like I just want to be right so I’m hedging my bets but I gave up trying to be right after getting married

3 weeks later
#1730 8 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

Guys, serious question:
I am seeing lots of aerosmith's selling for 4500 (pro), and am wondering.... why? Does the game not have legs? I played this five times and LOVED it, and I want one, but man is it making me nervous to see all of them for sale so cheap. What's going on?

Sorta 1993 Data East software... well, minus the attract mode, outlane sounds, working skill-shot, etc.

Other marks against the game would be no updates for a year, misc bugs, not the most awesome theme, etc.

I dig mine a lot but I’ve got code masterpieces like TSPP & TWD so AS is a great contrast. Its a looker with that art within more art containing references next to more references. IMO it has cool animations & the awesome Jacky.

The vibe of the game is retro & it sometimes tricks my mind into thinking I’m transported to the 70’s and playing a NIB game from that era then I snap back into reality & feel as if I’m playing my most modern game yet. It’s a weird sensation. Maybe it’s somehing I ate/drank

You’re in a good place if you like a game others sell @ a discount. Get a deal on one & join the club if the next update is legit.

It does need some more meat n taters in the rules department. It’s not a turd IMO, it’s just not on par with most Stern offerings in the code department. Not even close.

#1736 8 months ago

Under the right ramp me thinks

20180826_144010 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1753 7 months ago
Quoted from djreddog:

We did. They said code is in final testing stages and will be released this month. So the maximum amount of wait time is 26 days.

The clock next to your avatar says 2 years

You should know better by now my friend

#1756 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thats good news. Only 26 more days until our game gets its well deserved update and best of all, PW wont have anything to bitch about anymore........yay!

Not true

Moving forward I’m only adding the newest buggiest most incomplete NIB’s money can buy.

My new hobby is misery

#1757 7 months ago
Quoted from shelby1000:

Has anyone else had a weird glitch on their LCD screen where during the animation of the band playing the screen just goes all black at times except for the edge where it shows the score and ball number information? The game continues to function normally otherwise and you can still play and then the animation will come back after a bit and all is normal until it happens again. So far it was observed to happen only during the band animations and not any of the other animations. I also saw the band animation lock up and freeze for about 30 seconds but the music, sound effects, and game would still play.
I hope this is just a software glitch and not a board or connection issue. I'm currently running the 1.02 version and haven't updated yet as I'm just waiting for the latest update. The game was bought NIB and doesn't have many plays and it just started happening.

Sounds similar to my experience with the song selection bug

It was copy/pasted over from KISS, almost like pinball herpes

#1761 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Why do you not have IMDN yet PW?

I’m not buying another NIB until AS is complete.

By the time that happens I will be choosing between Maiden & Munsters I assume.

Stern really is making awesome shit right now. I can’t wait to add another. Played AS twice today & had a blast.

Quoted from shelby1000:

So is it a software bug then? I just need to update the code and that should fix it?

Yes, but the code you need doesn’t exist yet.

What you describe does resemble the song selection bug. I think it’s if you press the flipper launching the ball before it triggers a PF switch the game loses its shit. It’s happened to me a time or two & the screen was black but some animations did appear IIRC.

#1765 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

If you think AS is a blast just wait until you play IMDN! You are gonna shit!

I've played Maiden. Waiting for the Munsters reveal before buying Maiden tho. Used the same strategy w/Star Wars. Knew I wanted an AS but knew SW was in the pipe so I waited. SW did not impress me so I ordered AS.

AS has that vintage vibe to it. Love it. I bought it because software was in a good place @ initial release figuring the final version was near but it's sure as shit stalled since.

I made the mistake of buying early. I wont do it again. The games I'm willing to buy in 2018 will likely be pushed into 2019 based on historical data.

In a way I'm glad things are incomplete. Stern is killing it right now & I promised the wife I wont buy more than 1 game per year. I've yet to cash in my 2018 purchase & I may not at all. Let's see if she remembers that if I get 2 games in 2019

Quoted from Spiderpin:

You certainly have a right to your opinion, even if it is wrong.

Lol, get him. Get that Whodey guy. Getumm!

Quoted from shelby1000:

Yeah that sounds like what my son described.... Hopefully this new code comes out soon and it takes care of it.

I think it will. If not then I'm going to slip into the Stern Expo tour & do a Braveheart speech.

#1776 7 months ago

Got dayum!

#1780 7 months ago

V1.06.0 - September 6, 2018

- Added outlane sounds.
- Added speech effects to outlanes.
- Changed the criteria for when outlane speech is heard.
- Now Medley Multiball Wizard mode ends differently. If multiple balls are
still in play after making the final shot the flippers are momentarily
turned off. While the remaining balls are draining you are shown the total
points collected before returning you back to 1 ball play.
- Added Medley Multiball post final shot speech while the balls are draining.
- Increased score awards for Super Scoring.
- Fixed a bug where Super Lanes score awards were maxed out too early.
- The Aerosmith targets/rule is now available during the first
(non-Cranked Up) portion of the Same Old Song and Dance mode. Once the mode
is Cranked Up, and the Cranked Up targets are used to finish the Same Old
Song and Dance mode, the normal Aerosmith targets/rule is no longer
available until the mode is over.
- Now completing Same Old Song and Dance will also light the shot multipliers.
- Fixed the left scoop mode award lightshow (when the shot was lit solid) that
inadvertently flashed all the playfield lights for 1 frame.
- Added Super Lanes full playfield lightshow awards.
- Added Super Lanes completed lightshow.
- Fixed a bug where ejects/scoops/vuks would not wait for "Dude Looks like a Lady"
award's presentations to finish before kicking the ball back into play.
- Added a difficulty rule/adjustment to Medley Multiball, default = Hard. To
start Medley Multiball you must collect at least 1 award from every
mode/multiball. 3 Modes (Walk this Way, Back in the Saddle & Rats in the Cellar)
are marked as completed if you drain the ball while the mode is "Cranked Up".
At the start of Medley Multiball the game can decide to give you progress
towards these 3 modes that were auto completed. The "Easy" setting allows
the mode to be skipped during Medley Multiball, the "Hard" setting requires
the player to play this mode during Medley Multiball.
- All of the mode award full playfield lightshows have been reworked to remove
the "shot arrow" lamps, if necessary, from the award presentation. This was
done so that, upon making a shot, the resulting full playfield award
lightshow doesn't obstruct the remaining shots that are available. In turn,
this allows the player to quickly see what shots to aim for next.
- Reworked mode award lightshow presentations to be faster.
- Added more dynamic mode award lightshows for the right/left ramps
(when shot lamp arrows are Solid, CrankedUp, Super).
- Added an Elevator rule adjustment. The adjustment allows the top scoop to
light an Elevator Lock, default = No.
- Added Jacky spotlights to the Toys in the Attic Multiball Start lightshow
- Fixed a Last Child scoring bug where a blinking arrow award was scored the
same as a solid arrow award.
- fixed a Sweet Emotion scoring bug where a blinking arrow award was scored the
same as a solid arrow award.
- Changed the rules for Sweet Emotion, i.e. an ALL shot centric mode. Make 12
shots to complete the Mode. The 6 "easiest" shots are available at mode start.
Once completed 6 more "difficult" shots are added.
- Added pluralized text to Hidden/Super skill shot display effects.
- Moved text to make it more readable in the display effect that appears after
you enter your initials.
- Added Elevator Lit as a Mystery award.
- Added Elevator 1, 2 Locked as a Mystery award.
- Added Mystery award lightshows for Elevator Lit, Elevator Locked.
- Added Mystery Audits for Elevator Lit.
- Added Mystery Audits for Elevator Floor Locked.
- Replaced the "Smart Missiles" mystery award display effect with
"Smart Missiles Lit" and "Smart Missiles Qualified" display effects.
"Smart Missiles Qualified" indicates that Smart Missiles were awarded but are
not yet available to be used, i.e. a mode/multiball is not active.
- Added VIP Pass as a Mystery award.
- Added Shot Multipliers Lit as a Mystery Award.
- Added mystery award lightshows for Special Lit, Extra Ball lit, Increase
Spinner Value, Increase Pop Bumper Value, Bonus X, Shot Multipliers Lit,
Smart Missiles Lit & VIP Pass lit. These lightshows dim the playfield lights
while blinking the lights of the award just given.
- Added Mystery Audits for VIP Pass.
- Added Mystery Audits for Shot Multipliers Lit.
- Improved flipper blowoff on Mystery display effects. Previously the display
effect could be killed/blown off by simultaneously pressing both flipper
buttons. Under this scenario the player didn't get a chance to see what
Mystery award was awarded. Now, instead of completely killing the display
effect, the game fast forwards to the portion of the display effect that
reveals the mystery award. Additionally, this newly revealed display effect
can also be blown off.
- Added a Medley Multiball Wizard Mode High Score Champion.
- Added adjustments to support Medley Multiball Wizard Mode High Score Champion
(default score threshold, type of award to give, # of awards to give.
- Added Medley Multiball Wizard Mode Champion to the attract mode.
- Added Medley Multiball Wizard Mode Champion to instant info.
- Added artwork for the Medley Multiball Champion Background display effects.
- Fixed a bug where Same Old Song and Dance progress towards Medley Multiball
wasn't saved properly. This was due to the rule change where a Cranked Up
arrow shot could advance 2 shots at once, i.e. one for the arrow/gallery award
which spots 1 duck target.
- added a Perfect Bonus rule/presentation (+200M) for starting Medley Multiball
with all the modes/multiballs already completed. The display effect appears
after all the Bonus Level awards have been presented. At the end Final Tour
Multiball is ready to start at the left scoop.
- Fixed a bug where the "Toys in the Attic" level during Medley Multiball
occurred twice and the "Back in the Saddle" level was missing. This occurred
because no shots were made while playing the Back in the Saddle mode. Upon
draining the mode was marked as completed and nothing was added to the
Medley Multiball level sequence.
- Added logic to the Same Old Song and Dance level of Medley Multiball to assist
with scoring neighboring standup targets that are difficult to hit.
- Love in an Elevator scoring has changed. Jackpots start at 500K and increase
by 25K. Elevator Jackpots start at 1M and increase by 1M for each floor visited,
i.e. 1st Floor Jackpot = 1M, 2nd Floor Jackpot = 2M, etc... Jackpot values
reset at the start of each multiball.
- Changed the rules for Medley Multiball, i.e. the first Wizard Mode. Previously
you would play through the 9 levels/songs in a set order,
i.e. level 1 = Same Old Song and Dance, level 2 = Toys in the Attic,
Level 3 = Love in an Elevator, etc... Now, the sequence/order through the 9
levels is determined by the order the modes were played throughout the game.
For instance, at game start, if you selected/played Walk this Way, then
Sweet Emotion, and then Last Child you would be presented those same songs/levels
as you progress through Medley Multiball.
- Added a Bonus Sequence scoring presentation/rule to the start of Medley Multiball
for modes already completed prior to starting Medley Multiball. Completing
1 mode is worth 10M, completing 2 modes is worth 10M+20M, etc...
- Now the player is no longer required to play a Medley Multiball level that was
already completed prior to starting Medley Multiball.
- Now completing a level during Medley Multiball advances the player's progress
towards Final Tour. For instance, if the Sweet Emotion level during
Medley Multiball is completed the player's Sweet Emotion progress towards
Final Tour is also completed.
- Medley Multiball levels are now easier to finish, i.e.
Last Child = 2 shots required to finish, shots are not extinguished.
Walk this Way = 4 shots required to finish, shots are not extinguished until the last shot.
Same Old Song and Dance = 9 target shots required to finish, shots are extinguished.
Sweet Emotion = 6 shots required to finish, shots are extinguished.
Dude Looks Like a Lady = 4 shots (1 scoop, 3 lanes) required to finish, shots are extinguished.
Back in the Saddle = 25 pop hits required to finish.
Rats in the Cellar = 25 spinner hits required to finish.
Toys in the Attic = 6 shots (toy box) required to finish, progress shown on 6 toy box inserts.
Love in an Elevator = 3 shots required to finish, shots are not extinguished.
- Raised the volume of the Medley Multiball award sound effect.
- Added a Bonus/Mode Completion Display Effect to the start of Medley Multiball.
- Fixed a bug where Medley Multiball could start prematurely if a mode shot
was made to the left scoop that ended that mode.
- Fixed a bug where Final Tour could start prematurely if a mode shot
(or Medley Multiball Super Jackpot) was made to the left scoop that ended that mode.
- changed the Medley Multiball ball save timer settings. Default = 40 seconds.
- changed the Final Tour ball save timer settings. Default = 40 seconds.
- Added rule progress (Loops Needed, Ramps Needed, etc..) to the Medley Multiball
background display effect.
- Added speech to the Bonus Sequence presentation at start of Medley Multiball.
- Changed the rules/scoring for Final Tour Multiball, i.e. the final Wizard Mode.
Now all 8 shots stay lit (until the final 8 shots) as you progress thru 24
cities. The first 8 cities are worth 10M each, the next 8 are worth 20M each,
and the last 8 are worth 30M each. Once all 24 cities have been collected
the left scoop is lit for a Super Jackpot worth 100M. All of these scores
can be increased via combos, shot multipliers and double scoring.
- Shot arrows change color during Final Tour to represent the progress/scoring
for each "band" of 8.
- Removed add-a-ball from Final Tour for completing a shot (shots are no longer extinguished).
- Now Final Tour Multiball Wizard mode ends differently. If multiple balls are
still in play after making the final (Super Jackpot) shot the flippers are
momentarily turned off. While the remaining balls are draining you are
shown the total points collected before returning you back to 1 ball play.
- Added Final Tour post Super Jackpot speech while the balls are draining.
- Added City Progress to the Final Tour background display effect.
- Added new artwork to the Final Tour Super Jackpot display effect.
- added Medley Multiball Completion Bonus art.
- Added time to the default Back in the Saddle timer, i.e. default = 50 seconds.
- Added floating score award display F/X to a Cranked Up Back in the Saddle
pop bumper hit.
- Added floating score awards to Super Pops (up to 9 at once). Each award is
associated with a pop bumper hit. Previously only 1 score award appeared in
the presence of multiple cows.
- Added flipper blowoff to the Rats in the Cellar mode start/award display effects.
- Increased the font size and slowed down the animation speed for the large
Rat score award to make it easier to read.
- changed the logic for large Rat Score awards to appear on the screen fully.
Previously, if the rat was near the edge of the screen and died when a shot
was made, the score award might appear partially off screen.
- Added flipper blowoff to the Back in the Saddle mode start/award display effects.
- Added flipper blowoff to the Dude looks like a Lady mode start/award display effects.
- Added flipper blowoff to the Last Child mode start/award display effects.
- Restructured when duck targets are reset during the start of Super Targets.
- Added flipper blowoff to Medley Multiball & Final Tour Multiball advance
display effects.
- Now the left scoop will retain a ball while the Medley Multiball advance
display effect is active.
- Fixed a problem with flipper blowoff where sometimes multiple screens would
be aborted/blown off due to flipper debounce logic.
- Changed the rules for Same Old Song and Dance, i.e. a target centric mode.
Now 12 shots are required to complete the mode. Shot arrows collect both
gallery awards and spot 1 duck target, i.e. advancing the rule by 2 shots.
- Added flipper blowoff to the Same Old Song and Dance mode start/award display effects.
- Changed the score value of the Same Old Song and Dance target awards.
- Added flipper blowoff to Sweet Emotion mode start/award display effects.
- Changed score awards for Solid/Blinking/CrankedUp shots during Walk this Way.
- Fixed a problem with Walk this Walk mode start flipper blowoff.
- Changed Super Targets award scores, i.e. targets score 1M+ based upon coins
collected during Same Old Song and Dance.
- Added time to the default Rats in the Cellar timer, i.e. default = 50 seconds.
- Added time to the default Sweet Emotion timer, i.e. default = 50 seconds.
- Added time to the default Same Old Song and Dance timer, i.e. default = 50 seconds.
- Changed the Rats in the Cellar score award display artwork making the text
easier to read, i.e. now awards are outlined with a brighter Orange color.
- Changed duck target score award coordinates and dynamically scale score award
text to insure display text doesn't overlap with neighboring score awards
and/or boarders.
- Changed how Toys in the Attic qualifies Medley Multiball, i.e. now you must
collect 1 award instead of starting multiball.
- Changed how Love in an Elevator qualifies Medley Multiball, i.e. now you must
collect 1 award instead of starting multiball.
- Moved the clown and wheel gallery score awards in Same Old Song and Dance to
be unobstructed by the Aerosmith logo.
- Now gallery targets in Same Old Song and Dance show score awards in
abbreviated format, i.e. 1M instead of 1000000.
- Changed gallery score awards font color (now it's Yellow) to match arrow shot colors.
- Added outlines to Gallery Target score awards during Same Old Song and Dance.
- Changed default Crank it Up settings, i.e. now Crank it Up is available at
game start instead of requiring a mode shot to be made.
- Added time to the default Walk this Way timer, i.e. default = 50 seconds.
- Added time to the default last Child Way timer, i.e. default = 50 seconds.
- Crank it Up no longer adds time as the default mode timers have already been
increased. Mystery is still available to add time to modes.
- Changed how Medley Multiball is qualified, i.e. now you must collect
1 mode/multiball award instead of starting a mode/multiball.
- Fixed a bug where a mode shot award display/sound/lamp effect was not being
shown if it completed a mode.
- Changed the rules for Last Child, i.e. an orbit centric mode. Now 7 shots
are available after Cranking Up the mode. The last 2 shots require both orbits
to be collected.
- Added flipper blowoff to Crank it Up display effects.
- Changed the rules for Walk this Way, i.e. a ramp centric mode. Now 7 shots
are available after Cranking Up the mode. Make 10 shots to complete the mode.
- added flipper blowoff to Walk this Way mode start/award display effects.
- Added Final Tour Wizard Mode Champion to Instant Info.
- Fixed Tournament Leaders attract mode display effect text, i.e. "Current Winners:"
text is replaced with "Tournament Leaders:".
- Fixed Tournament Winners/Leaders attract mode display effect initials text
that could sometimes exceed the width of the display now that the player can
enter up to 20 initials.
- Fixed Tournament "Top Scores Win" attract mode display effect text.
Previously it would display "Top 5 Scores Win Cash Prizes" regardless of how
many prizes were actually being awarded.
- Added Tournament Winners attract mode display effect title screen. Added
logic to determine if the text should read "Previous Winners" or "Current Winners"
based upon a tournament being active or not.
- Fixed Final Tour Champion attract mode text/position.
- Added the "$" symbol along with several other symbols that were missing from
the outline/embossed fonts.
- Added a Final Tour Wizard Mode High Score Champion.
- Added adjustments to support Final Tour Wizard Mode High Score Champion
(default score threshold, type of award to give, # of awards to give.
- Added Final Tour Wizard Mode Champion to the attract mode.
- Now the Smart Button can collect Medley Multiball awards.
- Changed the criteria for when mode select is available, i.e. now it is no
longer available after a Wizard Mode where there are multiple balls on the playfield.
- Added new Final Tour award sound F/X
- Added new Final Tour Super Jackpot award sound F/X
- Added speech to Medley Multiball Start
- Added flipper blowoff to Final Tour Multiball Start.
- Fixed a bug where the crowd cheering sound f/x was cut short during the Final Tour Super Jackpot.
- Fixed/optimized Final Tour Super Jackpot Ready lightshow.
- Added speech to Final Tour Multiball start.
- Added full playfield Final Tour award lightshows.
- Synced Final Tour start display/speech/shaker/lightshows.
- Optimized Final Tour Ready lightshow.
- Now balls are held in the left scoop during the Final Tour Super Jackpot presentation.
- Optimized Medley Multiball Ready lightshow.
- Now the Smart Button can collect Final Tour awards.
- Changed the criteria when Mystery awards an add-a-ball. Under normal
circumstances Mystery will try to award an add-a-ball if a multiball is active.
A problem occurs when Mystery and Medley/Final Wizard Mode start are both
awarded at the same time. The game would prematurely award a Mystery add-a-ball
and then start the "lit" Wizard Mode. In this case the player wouldn't want
an add-a-ball award yet since the multiball mode is just beginning with a 40
second ball saver. Now, the Mystery add-a-ball criteria has been changed to
make add-a-ball available later in the multiball.
- Extended timer's pause time during the hidden skill shot award.
- Added logic to pause timers during the hidden skill shot, i.e. it takes a
while for the ball to travel to the right eject via the hidden path and
mode timers could have timed down/off during this sequence.
- Added time to how long mode timers are paused when hitting Jacky in the Head
with a Toy/Ball.
- Fixed a delay problem where the game waited too long to kick the right eject
when hitting Jacky in the head with a Toy.
- Add sounds for hitting Jacky in the Head with a Toy.
- Added time to how long mode timers are paused when locking a ball and starting
- Added Slam Tilt functionality to the game, i.e. for games that have a
Slam Tilt switch installed.
- Fixed a power up problem that occurs when the game tries to empty the toy box
of any balls. The toy box lid may close prematurely and restrict balls from
exiting the toy box. Now the lid is held open longer.
- Updated Jacky ball save timer logic to determine if the ball saver should
set/augment/ignore any existing ball savers or multiball savers.
- Updated the top scoop ball save timer logic to determine if the ball saver
should set/augment/ignore any existing ball savers or multiball savers.
- Added Jacky Ball Save logic for times when a ball drains upon hitting Jacky
in the head.
- Added a Jacky Ball Save Timer adjustment.
- Added a Hidden Skill shot rule, i.e. at ball start lightly plunge the ball
to enter the hidden path at the top right orbit.
- Added a Super Skill Shot, i.e. at ball start hold the left flipper in while
lightly plunging to light 1 of 3 Super Skill shots.
- Now, making a Hidden Skill Shot awards 1 Smart Missile.
- Now, making a Super Skill Shot awards 2 Smart Missiles.
- Changed Mystery criteria for awarding Smart Missiles.
- Added "Smart Missiles Qualified" logic, i.e. now you can collect Smart Missiles
during the game when the Smart Missiles are not available to be immediately used,
i.e. Modes/Multiball are not active.
- added Smart Missile award/limit adjustments.
- added logic to disable Smart Missiles during Toys Multiball countdown when
the smart button is used to abort multiball and lock more balls.
- Fixed a bug that occurs when there are balls missing from the game. Upon
locking a ball, if there were no more balls in the trough to serve a ball
back into play the game would dump out all of the balls from the toy box.
You would see this happen upon locking your 5th ball (in a game with 1 missing ball).
Now, the game tests to see if there are missing balls and instead, kicks the
ball into Jacky's head.
- Fixed a bug where, upon entering your initials, the game didn't inform you
of your position/rank. Instead, it just provided player info, # credits won
and score. Now it will also tell you if you are a Grand Champion or which
High Score position you earned.
- Fixed Smart Missiles lit display effect (it had no X/Y text coordinates and
the background video did not play).
- Fixed a problem when there are no balls in the trough to instantly serve the
right outlane ball save. If this happens the game will now wait for the ball
to arrive at the trough and serve it back into play.
- Fixed a problem when a ball drains while a mode's timer is paused at zero.
At the start of the next ball mode select should be available, but instead,
the game was restarting the mode with a full timer.
- Fixed a problem where several modes, upon draining, were marked as played
but were not available to be chosen again during mode select.
- Changed default volume to approx. 75db
- Fixed audit text that overlapped/exceeded screen boundaries.
- Added an audit to track multiple Toys in the Attic Multiball starts per game.
- Changed the toy box difficulty rules, default = Easy. To advance to multiball
you need to light/lock 3 balls in the toy box.
Easy = Light/Collect lock shots in any order.
Medium = Light/Collect lock shots in order, i.e. collecting a lock is required
before another lock can be lit.
Hard = Hit the toy box 2 times to light a lock, collect lock at right eject
in any order.
Extra Hard = Hit the toy box 2 times to light a lock, collect lock at right
eject in order, i.e. collecting a lock is required before
another lock can be lit.
- Added game logic and an adjustment to save progress during Toys in the Attic Multiball,
default is OFF.
- Points accumulated during Toys in the Attic Multiball for lock lit/awards
were not being added to the total tally, this has been corrected.
- Fixed text in the Toys in the Attic Double Jackpot display effect.
- Changed the debounce timing of the Right Eject. This was done to fix a
problem when the Right Eject switch was improperly adjusted. Balls shot into
and past the Right Eject would cause the switch to momentarily close/open.
The game would see this switch activity and, upon seeing that no ball was in
the right eject, perform a "Courteous" kick. Now, the game recognizes the
transient behavior of this switch scenario and waits for a true arrival.
- Fixed a bug where the Jacky multiball start countdown speech, i.e.
"multiball starting in 3..2..1" continued after multiball start was aborted.
- Added slingshot power adjustment.
- Changed default slingshot power.
- Added an adjustment for auto ball launch power.
- Fixed a bug with the credit knocker - it would knock 1 less time than it was supposed to.
- Added start game functionality to action button on the lock down bar.
- Added green light to lockdown button when it can start a game.
- Fixed a problem where mode select was still active after the player plunged
the ball and inadvertently switched the selected song upon pressing a flipper
- Fixed bug report email address in readme.
- Fixed a lamp function that was not turning on the correct number of lamps.
This would occur during whole playfield lightshows.
- Fixed an issue where an X multiplier light would blink incorrectly when an
X multiplier was awarded.
- Fixed an issue where mode timers would display "zero" momentarily upon ball drain.
- Fixed an issue where balls were not ejecting out of the toy box during
game over if match was turned off.
- Added ticket dispenser to diagnostics menu.
- Fixed a problem where balls were not kicked out of the toy box if the Match
adjustment was set to OFF.
- Added LCD high score initial entry display screen.
- Added LCD Tournament display screens to replace default system dots.
- Fixed the custom message default text.
- Fixed an issue with custom message duplicating text.
- Removed old style dot matrix display effects that could appear in the attract mode
- Added emboss and outline to several attract mode display text boxes.
- Added LCD custom message.
- Added LCD screens to report tournament results.
- Replaced competition mode purple dots with LCD Aerosmith text and BG graphics.

- Added USA_13 Coinage 1/$1.00, 7/$5.00
- Update to nodeboard firmware v0.25.0
- Added adjustment to scale GI, Insert, and Flasher LED brightness, range
is 25% to 100%.
- Added adjustment to limit GI, Insert, and Flasher LED Max brightness, range
is 64 to 255.
- Enhanced center channel clarity.
- Added bass frequency filter selection options: 125Hz, 250Hz, and disabled.
- Added treble frequency filter selection options: 4kHz, 8kHz, and disabled.
- Added adjustments for backbox and cabinet speaker types to the service menu
UTIL->VOL. Supported speaker types are "8 OHM" and "4 OHM".
The amplifier power curve is appropriately adjusted for the selected speaker type.
- Added Maintenance Reboot support. The game will automatically reboot if it has
been on for more than 48 hours and has been idle for at least 15
minutes. A 15 second notification display will be presented and can be
postponed by pressing both flipper buttons, inserting a coin/bill, or starting a game.
- Updated AD_TILT_DEBOUNCE minimum value to 750ms to avoid overly conservative configurations.
- DIAG->NODE->COMM test would occasionally falsely report address collisions,
this has been corrected.
- Extend TIMED PLUNGER adjustment range to DISABLED or 1 - 300 seconds
- Correct minimum firing time for flipper coil when an EOS switch is inconsistent
or poorly gapped
- Improved LED refresh rate and blink consistency.
- Improved reporting of shorted General Illumination bulbs and sockets

#1788 7 months ago

w990w (resized).jpg
#1790 7 months ago

Fuuuuuuk the readme is so big it needs an audiobook

Got F'n Dayumn lol

#1798 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

You asked for it!
Start downloading!

Sheeyat you already know dis mang

20180906_180853 (resized).jpg

20180906_181235 (resized).jpg

20180906_181422 (resized).jpg20180906_181427 (resized).jpg
#1810 7 months ago

Sorry to hear of your troubles guys.

The game progresses much faster now once you get it going.

Smart Missiles are cool AF now

#1812 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Do you get a.smart missile more often than once every thousand games now?

Fo sho

I swear a half dozen popped up during my last game

#1831 7 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

I thought Steven Tyler call outs were coming? Was that a rumor?
Also, when you guys get a chance to dig in a bit, please compare where AS is now with your basic Lyman game. Totally different? Some similarity? Is it Lonnie all over, or something more?

What does “Lonnie”mean?

Does it mean “spend entire ball trying to build up a single shot value but never actually take said single shot because of the greed associated with building up the shot you never take before losing the ball”?

Lol, cause that’s what I do.

#1834 7 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Does Lonnie write code like that? That’s my point, Mang, Lonnie’s code can be boring, and sometimes when there’s just a shitload more of it, the game gets worse.
Color me a fan of AS. But I’m terrified of buying a Lonnie Ropp ruleset.

I misspoke. I thought you meant Lyman lol. When I play TWD, a game I enjoy, all I do is work on building up my X value until I lose the ball

AS feels like it did before but faster paced with a lot more to shoot at. I think you can zip through the code a lot faster now tho IMO. But... its more satisfying to actually finish stuff & have a shot at the Wizard modes which appear to have been improved.

Quoted from JimB:

Not good. It has some serious ball searching bugs. Elevator multi ball lost track after I drained the last ball and it sat there doing a ball search for 2 minutes and finally emptied the toy boxes 3 balls. At that point the game was playing normal but I should not have had 3 balls going since it wasn’t muilti ball. Game was confused even going to next ball.

Ah shit, dat sucks. I had so much going tonight on several games I was afraid the fucker was gonna reset. It did not. I was glad. Also played elevator MB twice I think without issue but if there’s a bug I’m sure my luck will find it.

#1853 7 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Does Lonnie write code like that? That’s my point, Mang, Lonnie’s code can be boring, and sometimes when there’s just a shitload more of it, the game gets worse.
Color me a fan of AS. But I’m terrified of buying a Lonnie Ropp ruleset.

To circle back to this after thinking for a bit I'd say AS rules remind me a lot of Family Guy except AS has 7 modes + 2MB's & 2 wizard where FGY has 10 modes + 3 MBs & 2 wizard. (FGY has more to do tho + the mini PF, evil monkey, etc)

IMO the reason AS now documents the scores of the 2 wizard modes is because pinheads will play those 2 modes a lot & now the goal is working on ways to increase its value instead of calling it done once reached.

Is that like Tron? I dunno.

#1867 7 months ago

Played a half dozen games tonight

Prolly gonna play a half dozen more

#1926 7 months ago
Quoted from Moeman65:

Has anybody noticed if this new code added any sound effects to the sling shots? Old code was like the outlanes no sound.

No sound effects were added to the slings.

Heck I think the only game in my collection with sling sounds is LOTR?

#1962 7 months ago

Adjustments say max smart missiles are 3

Sure as shit felt like a lot more

Wonder its 3 separate times you can earn the feature which may consist of 1 or more missiles?

Also, got to medley multiball today & had 2 shots of TITA left to earn final tour...

Then choked.


As one of you already said this update does give it that "one more game" feeling.

#1972 7 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Anyone have any thoughts on what else I can check here?

I’m far from the most technical, and maybe I’m stating the obvious, but if the switch didn’t work in test mode then I’d look for broken or missing or reversed diode if that applies if you’re sure it’s not a wire loose from the solder of the switch.

Maybe it’s the connection @ the harness?

#1974 7 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I’ll have to yank the switch out of the machine tomorrow to take a better look.
Connection at harness might be something to look at but the whole bank of 4 switches is on same connector I think. Other 3 switches work fine.

Can you fake the switch closed by expertly shorting the wires @ the switch via a set of pliers or etc? Or maybe detach from the lugs & touch em together to see if it registers?

#1980 7 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Shouldn’t this switch 14 that isn’t registering trigger a technician alert?
I think it’s strange that this only occurred after I updated the code.

If it's a recent issue then no. I think it takes a good number of games for alerts to occur. You never have a problem till you have a problem & maybe this one is new.

Also, I'm sure there's a better way to test the switch via a meter than what I suggested but I dont know it.

Are you 100% the switch worked before the update?

Can you install the old code & see if the issue remains?

Best of luck. Hopefully someone more savvy than me chimes in.

#1986 7 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Too easy then. Start to change the settings to be harder. I set crank it up back to needing 1 shot before it lights. Too many free bees by default. I feel that the player still needs to earn the CIU by making 1 shot. Great shooting and great score though - way better than I could do.

Once I reach final tour I’m thinking of resetting the scores, making CIU require 1 shot to qualify & reducing the ball save time on the Elevator & TITA MB’s.

#1995 7 months ago

I’ve started Medley several times & it progresses quickly so it’s just a matter of time before I reach Final Tour. I’ve been very close twice now (1-2 shots left, I think).

But right now AS is all I play. Once it settles into the rotation I will lose that muscle memory & the current stock setting may be more approachable.

I did this with FGY when I played it non stop but then it settled into normal rotation & the stock settings seem more appropriate.

Time will tell. It’s nice to own the machine & make the settings whatever fits your preference.

#2028 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Please let us know if that fixes your problem. Is it me or does it seem like theres more magnet action since the code update?

I swear this fcker plays faster, louder, brighter & better now since the update.

Purdy sure the readme mentions enhancements to sound & lighting. Wonder if the coils were cranked up because I spell AEROSMITH a lot now via the slings & now that you mention it the magnet action is awarding me toy box locks more often than before (I think)

#2037 7 months ago
Quoted from Shredso:

This wouldn't work. The toy box is used in Toys in the Attic multiball. You can lock balls for multipliers.
As long as it's not a tournament, I like the idea of stealing locks in multiplayer games.

Agreed. Plus I think the game keeps count & doesn’t launch a replacement after the first drain of a MB even if the ball save timer is on because it’s righting the wrong from the MB overage.

I think. Or it did, in some cases (elevator MB for example)

#2042 7 months ago


The software monitors every Toybox miss & makes incremental changes to the coil power until finding its best setting.

I think you're better off defaulting the coil settings & then playing a few dozen games.

Unless you've already done that.

#2063 7 months ago
Quoted from ktuhde:

I'm having a flipper problem. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
I am having random(kind of) flipper lag. Here are the details. Aerosmith Pro. I have had it for 9 months and never had this issue until recently. I do have BriteButtons that have always worked fine. Only happening on the Right Flipper. Only happening during multiball. Not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but it started after the update.
I looked to see if there were any obvious disconnections or obstructions and don't see anything.
Does it sound like a software or hardware issue? Any suggestions on how to narrow it down or fix it?
Should I leave this post in the Aerosmith group or make it a separate post? I am putting it in the Aerosmith group because I thought if its somehow related to the update others might be experiencing the same thing.

To get max exposure I'd make a separate post + leave this one here. Crossposting is no big deal on Pinside, in fact its all we do here.

Your problem sure does sound like a flipper button switch gap issue but the other parameters sure do not align with that theory.

Have you tried to close/open the switch gaps?

I'd call Stern on Monday if the issue remains.

2 weeks later
#2091 6 months ago

Made it to Medley today.

Had 2 elevator shots left to start final tour & then choked... again. Doh!

Tried to start elevator MB afterward in order to close it out, got 2 locked &... failed

One day, one day she will be mine oh yes

Anyway just wanted to gush all over the software update & post a pic of my new personal best even tho I didnt join the billion point club.
20181007_174307 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#2100 6 months ago

Stern posted on IG they’re finishing up the final run on AS

#2103 6 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Already? Must not be selling very well?

Yeah that was a short run for sure. Damn short. Like 18 mos?

We lucked out big time they finished coding (polishing) it. I won’t tempt fate like that again. Too many other folks have been waiting longer for their game’s overdue update. Shit, I almost feel guilty we all made off so well. Almost like a survivors guilt lol.

On the flip side though I’m really glad Stern finished it & I’m glad I bought one. I think it’s gained “keeper” status for me. It contrasts my current line up so well.

2 months later
#2214 4 months ago

I’ve only played a few games on the new update but it’s nice.

Now I can stop avoiding Sweet Emotion early in the game. It was a bit like LOTR’s Witch King mode in that you sandbagged it for a multiball & still often unable to finish.

It’s nice all modes are consistent now in regards to no longer closing out after a drain. The partial hodgepodge of mode logic in place prior never did sit that well with me.

The game is getting REALLY good. Stern has been SLAYING the code on their titles lately.

#2245 4 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

UPDATE: My buddy had to buy and new CPU board from Stern...wasnt cheap. Stern said they couldnt fix the old board. That being said, he got the new board. I put it in and the backbox lights dont work. Anyone ever seen this before?

How much was the board?

#2249 4 months ago

Why are new boards failing?

That’s weird

1 month later
#2311 87 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

So what do you guys think about the newest code update now that you have had some play time on it?

My opinion as of now & subject to change.

The recent update made the game a bit less fun but gave it better staying power.

If it’s too difficult long term I may close the outlanes a bit or explore software settings.

This is the first game I bought half baked (software, not me). After watching it develop & change I now see the challenge in programming a game with balance & I don’t mean scoring balance.

Make it too difficult & there’s no excitement. Make it too exciting & you either run out of shit to do &/or there’s so much going on you can’t keep track of things.

Game is great. I don’t think it’s ever leaving.

#2313 87 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This is what i think. Before the update you always had that excitement of getting to Medley Tour Multiball pretty often snd now its like you dont have that anymore. I know.....”play better” and that is true, but I personally think getting to the first mini wizard mode should be able to be achieved by most players. They have pretty much taken that away from the average player now.

Good point.

Can each mode have its required shots reduced in the software settings?

Basically, I'm too lazy to get up haha

2 weeks later
#2350 71 days ago
Quoted from andre060:

I’ve never made it to medley, old or new. How did the new code make it harder? (Serious question...)

Shorter timer in previous code = you could start another song sooner.

Some modes completed when ball drained in previous code = you could start another song sooner

Now each mode runs until timed out or completed. This slows down progression towards Medley but results in consistency.

Maybe reducing timers will balance things?

I did not like the hodgepodge logic of some modes being completed upon drain while others did not. Also I disliked Sweet Emotion progress being lost after every drain or failed attempt.

1 month later
#2444 14 days ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

Aerosmith Dude looks like a lady came on today on my SiriusXM station while I am at work. I immediately felt like I needed to complete that mode to move on. Does this happen to anyone else?

Quoted from StormyX73:

'Sweet Emotion' came on the barber's sound system whilst I was having a haircut the other day and I swear my hands went into flipper position below the smock.

Manchurian Candidate stuff right there

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