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Aerosmith owner? Then walk this way!

By TimeBandit

3 years ago

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Post #253 KISS shooter lane protector on Aerosmith Posted by Shapeshifter (2 years ago)

Post #575 Toybox Kickout protector pictures Posted by cooked71 (2 years ago)

Post #616 Full protector set pic for Prem/LE Aerosmith Posted by Pin_Guy (2 years ago)

Post #1246 Spike and Spike 2 sudden reset fix information Posted by vireland (2 years ago)

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#785 2 years ago

Looking to join this club shortly....

#791 2 years ago

Deposit made.

Now to figure out delivery.

1 week later
#831 2 years ago

I join club now?

IMG_20180116_181023 (resized).jpg

#833 2 years ago
Quoted from jrio101:

I joined today

Asle will be going next to my met also

#848 2 years ago

AS needs a jukebox option.

Like Metallica and acdc. Can go into a radio type screen to listen to songs while in attract mode

4 weeks later
#880 2 years ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Just wondering ... I bought a AS Prem used and the bulbs under the plastics are white, blue, and red. Is this the way it is NIB? Or are they all white? Manual says white, yet I watched some AS videos and they are the same color scheme.

Tricolor is normal

4 months later
#1559 2 years ago
Quoted from shelby1000:

Does anyone know if the Aerosmith LE backglass has anything on it which identifies it as the LE mirrored backglass? Since the artwork is the same I was just wondering if there is anyway to tell. I've heard that the mirrored backglass is supposed to look better but from the pictures I've seen online I can't really tell a difference. Maybe I could seeing one in person. I'm thinking of purchasing an LE and while I don't think anyone would swap one out I was just wondering how one really can tell if they have the actual backglass and not translite.

First, it's glass, not plastic. So you can tell immediately if it's been swapped out.

Second, yes, it is mirrored. Pics don't do it justice, but you can see it clear as day in person.

Also, stern puts a limited sticker on backglasses that they do not put on translites.... Almost a coa seal imo

1 week later
#1581 1 year ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Hopefully before august 12th....

That's my birthday Art... Would be a nice gift

1 week later
#1612 1 year ago

Swapped out the t-molding on my le. The chrome didn't work so I went purple.

First pic is one on each side, 2nd is end result.

IMG_20180722_115924 (resized).jpgIMG_20180722_121416 (resized).jpg
#1627 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I was being sarcastic but as far as I’m concerned, my measure is based on kids out of school to kids back in school and we are past halfway on my calendar.

Depends where you're from. Up here in Ontario, kids finish end of June, off July/August, back after labor day.

1 month later
#2004 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Every mode displays a circle in the upper left corner of the display. The circle then has “petals”, which remind you of a flower. Each lit shot you successfully hit will in turn light one of the petals. The goal is to light all petals in the flower.

I always refered to it as a pie.... But I'm not the healthiest guy out there

#2006 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

What's your custom message?
[quoted image]

I don't wanna miss a thing

#2014 1 year ago

Well that didn't take long to get stuck....

IMG_20180915_084307 (resized).jpg
#2015 1 year ago

Also, my update is 4782mb.... Everyone else I've seen is under 3000.


#2016 1 year ago

Attempt #2 has begun.

#2018 1 year ago
Quoted from Moeman65:

That 2914 is just the first step. You are stuck on the second step. Total update is the two steps added together.

Mine was tiny like 237 then straight to 4782.

It worked on second attempt and verify flew through very quickly.

Game is working, but couldn't play as wife had just put baby to sleep.

Will get on it tonight I hope

#2019 1 year ago

Finally played new code. What a huge difference.

Put up a grand champ on game 2 (yes, I know they're reset but check the pic)

IMG_20180916_150749 (resized).jpg
#2020 1 year ago

Then immediately after pulled off this sweet score.

Y'all are jealous..... I know

IMG_20180916_150727 (resized).jpg
#2022 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

That's about what I did on my 2nd game on new code. Plus combo champ of 21. Just got Melody MB yesterday for the very first time. That was a blast, only wished I could have made the shots. I kept the ball in play but kept missing. I was trying to hard. Needed to chill. That would have been a plus. The next half dozen games after that I couldn't score no better than 10 mill. I tried today to make it back to Medley MB, no luck. Try again tomorrow

I think I put up 25 combos in the 500mil run

2 months later
#2170 1 year ago
Quoted from darkryder:

Joined the club today. Haven't even played the game yet, need to upgrade the code from the v1.02 that's loaded on it. Such a pretty game, definitely a keeper![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Congrats, welcome to the club.... but your calendar is out of date

1 week later
#2229 1 year ago

Had a weird issue on my asle tonight. If I loaded a ball into the toybox, it would launch a new ball into play, I'd play a bit 15-30 seconds, and then it would dump the toy box ball back onto the playfield.

Almost like a 2 ball multiball, but nothing else was affected. Mode played normally (happened in multiple modes) and it happened in more than once and in more than one game.

When one drained, the game continued as normal, didn't end ball but also didn't kick out another ball.

Very odd.

#2232 1 year ago
Quoted from Blu:

Check the connections on either side of the toy box. My leftmost one has come disconnected a couple times. When it does, it acts just as you describe.

Will have to check tomorrow when I'm back in the basement

#2233 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Also the 2x trough molex connectors.
Remove and reseat.

Do you mean the trough under the apron? Or something else?

3 weeks later
#2277 1 year ago

So for those saying a shaker doesn't add much, is it a general thing or just for the general game play.

For example, I have a shaker in my Tron. Most people say tron isn't a great shaker game, but I find it's fine if you can progress through the game and achieve more modes.

Seeing that Tron can be a brutally hard game, maybe this is why a lot of people said shaker implementation wasn't great.

Anybody able to chime in on Aerosmith moreso as you progress?

#2282 1 year ago
Quoted from Shredso:

It's not the best integrated game, but it's cheap enough. Shake it up. If you decide it doesn't shake enough for your liking, move the shaker to another game or sell it.

Only other spike 2 game I have is imdnle. Which came with one

#2285 1 year ago
Quoted from Sinistarrett:

Was considering moving my shaker from Aerosmith to Iron Maiden. Does the shaker get used more often in IMDN?

Pro or premium/le?

The premium/le uses it quite a bit. Even has settings to build up as it counts down large after-ball bonus points.

However, the best is its use when the hidden door above the left ramp opens. Just like the movies when a pyramid exploration opens a really old doorway and everything vibrates and shakes.

I love it.

#2289 1 year ago
Quoted from Sinistarrett:

Its a pro, think Im gonna go ahead and swap it over this morning and see which I like better. If I end up missing it on Aerosmith I’ll order another for it.

Good luck. I don't know the pro integration, but I'm sure it's just as awesome.

1 month later
#2362 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I don’t think there is any?
Maybe indifference. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone saying “I HATE THIS GAME!!”
Except in a tournament when the magnet hoofs the ball SDTM lol
I think when people get some time on the game, they like it.
Maybe it suffered from “same as KISS” when it came out - and Stern can only blame themselves for that.

I agree with everything you said (after the first line)

In other threads, and just general watercooler talks at local leagues and tournaments, there are quite a few people that just dont like AS at all. I always try to explain that its a fun game with the 'just one more' fun factor. They dont care to hear it.

Either way, I love mine, and I dont plan on letting it go too fast.

#2365 1 year ago
Quoted from Dallas_Pin:

To those of you on the new code (1.7); has anyone experience the premature release of the balls from the Toy Box (insert witty joke here). I find it happening more on Sweet Emotion, but if you have 3 - 4 balls in the box (holding them for 6), before the song ends the box will just dump the balls at random. Not on every song, but most noticeable on SE.

Check the opto connections underneath the playfield. A lot of people have had this happen and it progressively gets worse.

Mine happened out of nowhere but pushing thr connectors back on tightly fixed it

3 months later
#2510 1 year ago
Quoted from scottslash:

Manual says a 3/8” rubber ring goes here. I don’t even have a post! Am I supposed to?!?[quoted image]

Yes. From the factory there is a post there. It stops balls from escaping the pops to the side.

A lot of people remove them though.

#2511 1 year ago

Didn't realize there was a new page of responses.


2 months later
#2563 11 months ago

Here's one magent cover, but I m think the same guy also did a peace sign version as well.

If anyone wants to email, and find out if be curious to know too.

ebay.com link

#2567 11 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Pretty cool. Are they pretty durable?

Don't know, never bought one. Just remember getting the link sent to me

1 week later
#2586 10 months ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

I'm eventually going to be in the market for an Aerosmith either Premium or LE only. However, I'm wondering the difference between the 2 and am having some difficulty finding this info on Stern website since they are no longer making them. My main concern is the backglass.... is the LE an actual backglass vs. translate that is in the Premium?

Backglass, different cab art, powder coated rails, signed upper playfield, le plaque, and maybe a couple other things I'm forgetting

1 month later
#2617 9 months ago

I can also say my asle doesn't have the rubber strips.

My imdnle next to it does though.

4 weeks later
#2643 8 months ago
Quoted from RedFive:

See the shooter lane protector that was installed on my AS by one of the previous owner. Anybody know where it comes from (i.e. where can I buy similar for my Met)?[quoted image]

Looks like cliffy to me.

3 weeks later
#2659 7 months ago
Quoted from Vans:

Does anyone know If the LE's came with a shaker motor?

They did not

1 month later
#2701 6 months ago
Quoted from JeffJr:

has anyone added light up flipper buttons ?? just wondering where the best place to get them is

I got mine from cointaker.

I do for all my games

#2705 6 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I've always heard that those dont last and it's better to avoid them. I dont know if that is true or not but that's what I've heard.

I've had flipper lights on my Tron and iron Man for years now. Not a problem yet..

#2717 6 months ago
Quoted from djreddog:

In my opinion, this is a game changer. I finally removed the post that sits between the pops and the game is SOOOO much better. It makes the game have so much more randomness and cuts down on the cheap straight down the middle drains out of the pops. I played 3 games without the post and the randomness was pretty awesome. I had 2 ejects out of the pops into the lock, one of the ejects hit the trunk to light a lock and one of the ejects shot it in the elevator! Way cool. Go remove it now. Enjoy![quoted image]

I played an le without the post, and I have decided to keep mine in on my le

I guess it's a personal preference. I found a lot of the sideways escapes lead to outlane drains (on the game I played)

I think it's wise to try it out and see what you like on your own game. It's not like it does any harm to the playfield

#2721 6 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I always short plunge to make sure the ball doesnt go into the pops

So do I, but throughout gameplay, you'll be in the pops enough

4 weeks later
#2736 5 months ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

You can reduce the speed of the auto launch in the adjustments menu. Also you can increase or decrease the lock box ball launch strength so it's makes it most of the time. In most cases you will need to reduce this power from factory settings to make it satisfactory. Also, if an elevator ball goes SDTM too often reduce the strength so it dribbles down to the right flipper.

He said he got a premium, so his elevator will be putting the ball up on the second playfield. I wouldn't recommend reducing the power or it may not make it up.

1 month later
#2804 3 months ago
Quoted from modfather:

I make a bunch of cool mods that are not to big , like the Amps. I have clear double dice flasher covers that light up great when they go off. Mini bicycles, Skateboards, and other various toys look good around the Toybox. I also have a cool Rats head with lites in the eyes that lite up by the right spinner. It matches the graphic on the playfield. I also have an Aerosmith Bus that I have not put on my website yet. Plus some cool shooters I have not put on my website yet either , a retro rat , A jester , and a card playing skull shooter head, all very cool. www.modfatherpinball.com Shop by game, look around ...see if you like anything. Chuck

Two thumbs way up for Chuck.

Met with him on a couple different vacations I took when I went down to Florida. Some great stuff and he stands behind his work.

Anyone thinking of buying but not sure, take the plunge, you won't be disappointed.

3 weeks later
#2828 87 days ago
Quoted from JeffJr:

Man did I do some damage today..
plastic protectors. purple dome light plastics.. more purple rubbers and post protectors. Led flipper buttons, through Leds in the apron, crank it up scoop and toy box LEDs! Speaker light kit, shaker motor. rubber protectors for the floor and a cup holder!
cant wait to install all this stuff!
does anyone have a shaker motor? How do you like it?

I have a shaker on mine, it's not the greatest game for integration, but I e joy the addition of it.

All my modern games have shakers, so maybe I'm biased, but I can only offer my opinion.

#2847 82 days ago
Quoted from Toddolie:

Can anyone suggest where I could find purple colored leg protectors for my AS Prem?

Avoid them

They are often too large and will cripple your decals.

The metal ones are sufficient

#2849 81 days ago
Quoted from Toddolie:

So just go with the standard legs and nothing behind them? I saw where someone offers some felt pieces to place behind the legs to protect the cabinet. Do you use anything or just bolt up the legs?

There should be the metal (sometimes plastic) protectors from the factory.

These... https://www.pinballlife.com/metal-cabinet-protectors-set-of-4.html

2 months later
#2906 20 days ago
Quoted from BMHouze:

I had enough for a Deadpool LE.....
But, my wifes' grail is Aerosmith.
Off to P1 tomorrow for the showroom pro.
Enough left to order Heavy Metal....
First world pinball problems.

Why not splurge on Aerosmith prem or le?

#2909 19 days ago
Quoted from BMHouze:

I had enough left to put 5k down on another pin.
Plus, toybox airballs scare the shit out of me.
One of the wifes favourite pins.
Let her slowly destroy a Pro
My new build we be along in a few months.
I went all in on Heavy Metal.
Love the magazine.

Nice. I've never read/seen heavy metal, but it looks alright.

Have fun with the pro, when does it arrive?

#2942 13 days ago
Quoted from BMHouze:

How often does the shaker motor trigger?
Debating it as mod #2
Just don't know how often it will come on.
Elvis was one mode and a bit after that after that mode was done.

It's really not a ton, but it's not bad.

Also gets better the further you progress. (If I recall correctly)

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