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Advise for second pin

By Seelan

1 year ago

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“Advise for second pin”

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#1 1 year ago

So, I've bought a Iron Maiden Pro.

now I see this pin in my basement and it seems lonely. I want to add 1 more pin to my collection, possibly a NIB, since I am new to fixing stuff.

What should I get in your opinion:

Stern Avengers Infinity Quest
Stern TMNT
Stern Jurassic Park
Stern Star Wars

Maybe something else?

#2 1 year ago

I would get a Star Trek Pro or Attack from Mars

#4 1 year ago

I'll give you the same advice I give everyone else: play a lot of different games, and buy the one you like the most
Everyone has a different taste and opinion, but all that should matter is your own.


#5 1 year ago

You should find a place to play the different games as rob said. Cause you have to find out what kind of games you like.

Some are more like a journey with quests. Others are basically more oriented towards fulfilling objects-things.

Some are a little friendlier for beginners and some kick your butt right away.

From the games you listed

JJP GnR --> not played yet. Looks interesting.

Stern Avengers Infinity Quest --> Loves this game. Nice flow and superb "Ramp-action". Easier then JP2.

Stern TMNT --> A hard, fast and addicting game. It has the "one more game feeling", but not sure how it works in a two pin collection.

Stern Jurassic Park --> A deep game with a lot to do. Has a lot of stuff going on.

Stern Star Wars --> Fast game with a pretty neat rulesheet and cool missions.

All these games are quite good and offer a lot.

#6 1 year ago

I’d get something completely different from what you have, so my first inclination was GNR. However, that’s another music pin. If you are not bothered by that, I say GNR. If you are, take a look at some of the other JJP titles.

#7 1 year ago

Is there a specific theme you're leaning towards? I just brought home my second game this weekend and knew I wanted a "car" theme. I searched out something highly rated and played it - Indy 500, then played the new Hot Wheels to make sure I didn't want one with the latest technology. Came home with Indy 500.

Play all of the games you listed. One of them has to stand out for you.

#8 1 year ago

A few thoughts:

JP is deep and since it is a Stern, you don't have to learn a different manufacturer right off the bat for maintenance/repair

If, however, your prefer Music pins themes, the Guns and Roses would be awesome

If this is going to be it for a while, take the time and everyone's suggestion to go play as many games first as you can. Lots to choice from.

#10 1 year ago

Personally i think it depends what your long term goal and room capacity is. I’m limited to 4-5 pins in my room so I have to be selective. I like a variety of different styles of games, a nice easy shooter like attack from Mars that has some depth, infinity wars for that flow and flash etc...always love matching a great theme with great play but would put play before theme if forced to choose. Music pins can get a bit redundant to me...especially if your entire lineup becomes music based. A Houdini is about 5k$ and will give you a ton of tight shots and a different pace of game..lots to consider but agree with other members go play a few and choose one that is a bit different than what you have so you can bounce between styles.

#11 1 year ago

Go older (and cheaper) with your 2nd.
My opinion the SAM generation (AKA 2006-2014) are often better pins.
They are definitely better construction.

I agree: Metallica is a great game, and I miss mine.

#12 1 year ago

If you are going to learn repair you need to decide what level?

If you get another stern with the same generation hardware, you have less to learn. You can swap parts around to troubleshoot.

If you go with a different manufacturer or older hardware, you can't. If either game has issues you are troubleshooting like you own a single pin. It is more difficult to isolate issues.

#13 1 year ago

The games in your list, you can’t go wrong. Getting a second hand pro would be the way to do it. Worst case you can sell it for close to what you got and move on to a other one.

#14 1 year ago

Don’t get a second pin! If you have two, they will breed and multiply. Before you know it they will be taking over your house. It might even get so bad that you build a “game room” to cage them together. But this won’t help, eventually they will break free. Next thing you know you’re buying a truck, then a trailer; to make it easier on yourself. Then they will break down littering your life with spare parts, as you look at their guts strewn about, you’ll try to convince yourself that it’s “just a project”, but before you know it you’ve bought a rotisserie and are swapping playfields.

Get out now, before it’s too late!

...and happy Halloween, welcome to the club.

#15 1 year ago

Viva variety. Get a game by a different designer for variety of shots and feel. I vote used Star Wars.

#16 1 year ago

I never really understood owning music pins. If I was a super fan I think I would still go nuts hearing the same music from the same band over and over again. They are fine on location but not home use (at least for me). That being said I think you already own the best of the music pins. Star Wars and Jurassic Park are both good and very different from your current game. If you like Stern, the best game out now is Elvira. It is a totally different game from any other Stern title. It feels like and an old school Bally (because it was designed by former Bally designers).

#17 1 year ago

NIB, does not necessarily equal no work. Often you need to fine tune a new game or it has issues. On JJP Pirates, I think a different thing went wrong with every week at the arcade (hopefully the QA/QC is better in the new factory). And not to bash, JJP I have also had NIB issues with Sterns and others. Sometimes buying a lightly used HUO game, gets you a discount and hopefully all the fine tuning has been done by the first owner.

As to your second pin, I would highly suggest a deeper rule set game and as others have suggested a theme that resonates with you. Better to try something first and read reviews, rather than buying site unseen. I have had games that I don't like the theme and/or game play and despite rave "reviews" from others I couldn't get into them. I think Jurassic Park and Star Wars are great examples of good themes and great games. These continue to earn well at the arcade and people love to play them. Attack from Mars and Med. Madness fall into that category as well (however, the rule sets are not as deep).

#19 1 year ago

I started my collection back in July with an Iron Maiden pro, same as you. I decided to go with music themed machines to build my collection, KISS, Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith etc...so I would go for a JPP GnR personally.

#20 1 year ago

CGC AFMr or Stern JP would both be excellent choices.

#21 1 year ago

Quit fooling yourself and start planning on your 4th pin.

#22 1 year ago
Quoted from pinzrfun:

Quit fooling yourself and start planning on your 4th pin.

You forgot the 0 after the 4

#23 1 year ago

very cool answers, thanks for your ideas

I will have to plan to win the lottery and/or divorce if I plan to buy more than 2

Anyways, I will play some more before deciding.

#24 1 year ago

If you have a chance play Deadpool, really fun game

#25 1 year ago
Quoted from Sluggo39:

If you have a chance play Deadpool, really fun game

I completely agree. Unless you can’t stand comic based themes, it’s a good one to consider. It has a great sense of humor and is a ton of fun. Might surprise you.

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