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Advice for a Novice with 4 Amazing Games in PA

By TheGunnett

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

I’ve recently got back into the hobby and I’ve gone the route of NIB modern titles. I’ve had a game at a time in the past and have always been able to maintain my games but I’m not in anyway experienced with major rebuilds. I have a great collection so far and my wife’s uncle has had a set of four games in his home for the past twenty years. They are The Addam’s Family, Fish Tales, Terminator 2, and F-14 Tomcat. He purchased these games from the same small vendor I bought my Jurassic Park and The Simpson’s Pinball Party at. His four games were on route locally in the early nineties until he bought them in 1994-95. He has had them serviced by the same guy since then bought hasn’t ever upgraded lighting or Modded in any way. He has placed them in a “farm house “ that our entire family shares for Birthdays and holiday so that everyone could enjoy. We have 15 children under 18 in the family. The games constantly have balls get stuck and eight year olds are pulling the glass and issues with the games are becoming more often. They are broke down more often then not and I offered to try to sell and get some newer machines that would be more reliable and an air hockey table that they couldn’t break.

I selfishly wanted the Addams Family for myself but I was extremely intimidated once I opened that thing up. Right now the game resets when “the power” or the magnets engage.
I’m sure a decent tech could fix these games but when I really looked over them I see great candidates for complete restores. I don’t think the other three games do enough for me to sink that kind of money in but when I asked our local guy what they’d be worth I instantly knew I had to go another route. He quoted me $8,833.35 for a MMR and he’d give $3,000 for Fish Tales, T-2 & F-14. I have bought games from Cointaker, Pinball Star and Automated Services and he is about 10% high on the new game.
I live in central PA and don’t know whether I should find a collector that will take these games and restore them, apply the money to a NIB. Take the money from the three others and make a HEP out of Addams Family. Make the investment in all four. Tinker with them myself and try not to destroy possible collectors pieces. I’m looking for advice and if I do sell I’ll list them and pay any fees required. I’m honestly looking for advice and my time is precious, my experience is limited. Thanks and be kind!

6E29ED59-0FB3-4CAE-B7C2-B7B50654468D (resized).jpeg
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#2 2 years ago

I would list the three you don't want on Pinside and you will get a heck of a lot closer to 5 or 6K, not some 3k "credit". That's a pretty sad offer for games that typically sell for 3K, 2000-2500, and 1500-2k.

I would keep the Addams. I think you would regret letting go of it. It's worth a LOT more than you other games (even with a reset issue), based on these pictures.

If I visited all 4 games for a few hours and JUST got them all 100%, there is no reason that I could not sell all 4 for 12K. I charge $50/hr but I don't do road trips. Just to give you an idea of your options.

There is likely a tech in your area that frequents Pinside that can help you with repairing games.

The "experienced local guys" that you are used to dealing with sound like the typical smooth talkers that know exactly what to say to get games as cheap as they possibly can. And I doubt they would be interested in ongoing maintenance/service calls or that they even know how to properly service older games. They could sell those 3 games you mentioned for 6K without even fixing them.

#3 2 years ago

If your time is precious, list them here for great prices and two weeks from now when the last one ships order an MMr.

#4 2 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

If your time is precious, list them here for great prices and two weeks from now when the last one ships order an MMr.

Agree. I think you would still have to come up with around $2K after selling those 3. But then you could spend a couple hundred on getting your Addams fixed and in the end, you'll have two awesome games for $2200 out of pocket.

#5 2 years ago

Shoot me a price on the Tomcat

#6 2 years ago

I ended up buying a MMR outright, I plan on buying a Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy.I think the kids in the family will appreciate the LCD screens. My two daughters play our air hockey table more than any of my pins. The “house” these pins were recently isn’t occupied 300+ days a year. Guest stay there and for big events.

As for listing them, what pictures or information is critical for getting the most out of a game. The games I have sold on here were so new I don’t think anyone had any reservations with them.
I sold my TSPP and JP and paid huge fees. I really appreciate Pinside with their modest fees. I had to pay EBay and PayPal $500 on my TSPP before I had ever heard of Pinside.

#7 2 years ago

I would just list them as honestly and as accurate of what you know (known issues, wear, what things has been fixed, etc). Try and look at listings of similar condition games and that should help in finding a list price. All the games are good titles and shouldn’t have much trouble selling especially your Adams Family but as other have said I’d keep that one and fix her up.

#8 2 years ago

Congratulations on the MMr! It’s an amazing game and perfect for a family. Great choice.

#9 2 years ago

My thought would be why not spend a few grand or less to have all 4 fixed up and have 4 nice games vs 1 NIB?

#10 2 years ago

As others have suggested, spending a little money to get them working 100% would fetch you the strongest dollar here. With the glass on, it is difficult to see what is dirt and what is wear. For instance, on the Fish Tales it appears by the inserts near the flippers is bare wood? That is something that can not be easily repaired and will affect value.

#11 2 years ago

If you post all 3 for $6k on Pinside I would recommend you post from the room where they are. I say this because you're going to need time to put your laptop down, get up and open the door for the first buyer.

#12 2 years ago

What is it with kids and air hockey? It's like a damn magnet. I see it as hogging up valuable real estate, but wife won't let me get rid of it. And because the kids love it so much, I won't. For now.
Listen to Snyper. He knows what he's talking about. 3k for all 3 of those? It's just business for him but that's low AF.
FT, even trashed- 2500+
F14- 1500-2k
T2- 2200+
Welcome to Pinside. Your gameroom looks sweet.

#13 2 years ago

6k for the three is a good deal , you would have no problem getting that. i would drive down from
Toronto and deal with the border etc for that.

#14 2 years ago

Welcome back! Nice gameroom. We should hang out sometime!

#15 2 years ago

I’m going to move them to the garage at my house so they’ll be more easily accessible. I’ll do some cleaning and get some detailed pictures of each game. I genuinely appreciate everyone’s input and interest. My thoughts on NIB wasn’t necessarily brand new but a modern Stern. This house were the games are housed is a guest house / family party house and the simpler the better. I’m looking for reliability. Suggestions welcomed on that but kids these days have short attention spans, maybe that new pong table!

#16 2 years ago

I got The Addams family back to my garage. The start button is illuminated but doesn’t start the game. I found a pair of burnt connections in the back box. The machine test showed Check switch F1, switch F3, switch F5,and switch F7. The “Thing” hand motor works well and the bookcase spins but is cracked. I took lots of pictures to Get opinions of whether any of these issues are significant. I know a few months ago the machine restarted when ‘the power’ started.

3C34B095-62DA-47DE-84F6-AAFDB4BE75E7 (resized).jpeg

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#18 2 years ago

I dunno, dude. First off....those are four amazing games for one collection. I would seriously think about having a tech get them up and running the way they should and keep them. They probably haven’t been shopped in a long time. For the most part, once they are fixed and running, they shouldn’t give you problems anymore.

Second...I would never talk to the jackass who offered you $3000 for them. That’s a ripoff. I understand if they are an operator and rely on flipping games to make a living..and games are worth different amounts to different people. But you can get a lot more for those games just putting them on Craigslist and using average pinside prices as starting point.
Hopefully you have other choices for tech work than the guy who lowballed you.

Third...and here is something to serious put thought into for newbies and guests playing these games as you describe...NIB games might be more mechanically/electronically reliable, but playwise, they are extremely more complicated. T2 is an easy explanation of what to do and they can have success. Same with Fish Tales.

Financially speaking, the games you have will hold their value, if not go up slowly over time. You sell these and get a newer Stern, etc...you are gonna lose hundreds and eventually thousands of dollars.

If it were me.....I would find a tech through pinside whom is somewhere decently close, and reasonable with prices, and I would take the games to him and have him fix them up right. Then put them back where they are. Your uncle had great taste in pins....honor him by keeping them! Haha!

#19 2 years ago

Shoot me a PM if you want help getting these going again. I could at least steer you in the right direction. No charge....Id do it for the fun of it.
Can't get much closer.
You're welcome to check out my small collection to see that older games can still look and play like NIB

#20 2 years ago

i am biased, i have all but f-14, so i would say to keep them. but maybe get some help getting them going, you will get more for them if they are fixed and working right. hell no on the 3k offer, worth much more than that. once you got them in better shape, play them for a bit and see which are enjoyed the most. personally, if i could have 3 fun pins rather than one NIB, i would be happier. keep the TAF for sure. more choices are better. best of luck with whatever you do.

#21 2 years ago

Outside the shooter lane playfield looks beautiful would clean up real nice. Cabinet needs a lot of work looks like that game was broken into at one time

#22 2 years ago

Tom Deleo who originally routed the game and sold to my uncle in the nineties called me back today. He has serviced it through the years and I’m going to let him get the machine back working and I’ll order some LED’s from Cointaker. While he’s working on it I’m going to get the other machines back to my house and publish the pictures. Thanks for everyone’s input and time. I must admit some of the responses were so informative that they went straight over my head but I googled them and kinda understand what i’m suppose to be looking for.

#23 2 years ago
Quoted from TheGunnett:

Tom Deleo who originally

Uggh...seen his routed machine fixes...dry wall screws in the playfield. Electrical tape everywhere. To each his own.

#24 2 years ago
Quoted from GLSP3022:

Uggh...seen his routed machine fixes...dry wall screws in the playfield. Electrical tape everywhere. To each his own.

That’s a scary proposition , I’ve asked why he’s been so busy. Apparently “PA Games of Skill” are legal gambling machines that he’s putting all over the county. He said he can’t empty the money out of them fast enough. He said he has a guy that would work on it in his spare time.

This hobby was supposed to be a stress reliever, that’s why I bought all new machines for my house. I may just flip all four. 1 week listing, set a high price and whoever gets closest gets them.

#25 2 years ago

You'll get good prices for them if you do 15 min of research for each and list them here. Just give an OBO and take the best offer after a week if they don't sell at asking price.

Sounds like that Deleo guy isn't going to do you any favors. I'd stay away from operators like that if what GLSP says is true. I'd take advice from fellow folks here if you want help repairing them. I'm sure it's nothing that can't be fixed.

#26 2 years ago
Quoted from TheGunnett:

That’s a scary proposition , I’ve asked why he’s been so busy. Apparently “PA Games of Skill” are legal gambling machines that he’s putting all over the county. He said he can’t empty the money out of them fast enough. He said he has a guy that would work on it in his spare time.
This hobby was supposed to be a stress reliever, that’s why I bought all new machines for my house. I may just flip all four. 1 week listing, set a high price and whoever gets closest gets them.

Relax....These games have been around 20ish + years.You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
You have a very nice offer from GLSP3022.......relax...he has offered you alot for nothing..............meet him,text him,enjoy the spring of 2018.
This will all sort out..it's not your forte and you mentioned that your time is busy and mostly spoken for......we get it.
This can all be done behind closed doors.............you do not have any obligation to tell the world your business...IE:This website which is basically worldwide !!

Take a break and hug your kids and wife..you are doing right by your wifes uncle !!

This is solely based on my opinion and for your best interest !!!

Keep those kids flippin !! Kirk in Colorado

#27 2 years ago

F-14 plays smooth & fast, some lights burned out but otherwise seems to play like it should.

3BB91151-239C-43C8-AF26-55477B25BA07 (resized).jpeg

13F7C738-1070-4DF0-92FE-3571283B17EB (resized).jpeg

B9FE5F49-C02B-4525-BF24-B203EC08F214 (resized).jpeg

913ADD91-5B60-44F0-AAA1-F49C7A772E9E (resized).jpeg

2F999F7D-6BB1-434F-AFA7-F243E97C578F (resized).jpeg

4DABE96F-A236-44F2-9E67-3184DC18C94B (resized).jpeg

98AD5B7D-35FF-492F-82B4-CEB48349655E (resized).jpeg

EA38A66D-E89B-4A97-AD08-2581770D754F (resized).jpeg

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43A7D79E-A13A-4C70-B65D-FEE177894B76 (resized).jpeg

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