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Adding Shaker Motor to TWD

By TigerBall

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

I want to share how to install a shaker motor to save some other poor noob the time in figuring out the instructions sent from Stern.

The shaker I received had the following parts I used:

1. Shaker motor
2. Shaker motor screws - 4x long machine
3. Shaker motor cover
4. Shaker motor cover screws - 2x short machine
5. Large circuit board (SM PCB)
6. Large circuit board screws - 4x wood
7. Small circuit board (part number 520-6934-00)
8. Wiring harness that tees with connectors to the SM PCB, power supply and a long wire that goes to the back of cabinet
9. Warning sticker

Items included that I didn’t use:

9. Extra wiring harness like #8 above.
10. Wiring harness with connectors that connect to J16 on the circuit board in the upper left of the back box and a long wire to connect to J3 on the SM PCB.
11. T-nuts

Items I needed but weren’t provided:

12. Loctite

Installation (at your own risk - I’m new to this and used some trial and error to get to where I did. No guarantees that this is the right or best information)

!!!Unplug the machine!!!

1. Raise the playing field by:
a. Opening the front door.
b. Pulling the yellow handle to the left and removing the top escutcheon with the fire button.
c. Remove the glass by sliding it out.
d. Raise the playing field by grasping it from the top under the center of the field where the balls drain behind the flippers.
e. While raising, pull the field toward the front of the machine until the two metal supports rest where the escutcheon used to sit.
f. Look for the plunger with the spring on under the front right of the field. Push the spring and rod up quickly to eject the four balls in front of the plunger so you can put them aside.
g. Grab the metal supports and pull forward and raise. You will feel resistance at some point. Keep raising and pulling toward you and the field will clear the detente on the slides.
h. Look under on either side of the cabinet and you can see the slides the field is resting on. Pull the field all the way to the front until it stops. Be careful not to get it cockeyed. Raise the field all the way up and back until it rests on the backbox.

2. Install the SM PCB to the left front of the cabinet where the pilot holes have already been drilled. Position the fuse to the back of the machine. Use a nut driver instead of a screwdriver - it is easier. You will probably have to move existing wires out of the way.

3. Look for a small wire with a yellow tag that is dangling from the existing wiring harness next to the SM PCB. The tag that says it is the grounding wire for the shaker motor on the J3 plug. Plug this into the J3 connector on the SM PCB

4. Unwrap the wires from the shaker motor and mount the shaker to the bottom of the box under the SM PCB. There are predrilled holes and existing t-nuts on the underside of the cabinet. Apply loctite to the long machine screws and mount the shaker. Use a magnetic nut driver or magnetic pickup tool to get the screws started. They are hard to reach and get started.

5. Attach the plastic cover over the shaker With the two short machine screws. Apply the warning sticker.

6. Connect the shaker motor wires to the SM PCB.

7. Connect the wiring harness from the kit to the SM PCB and the power connector that is dangling from the wiring harness nearby.

8. Route the long wire to the back of the cabinet. This only goes to the back of the cabinet, not the back box. Use the existing wiring harness clips mounted to the cabinet. They can be pulled out to insert the wire.

9. Lower the playing field so the metal brackets are resting on the front of the machine. This will allow you to see a clear connector that is sitting loosely in the bottom of the back of the cabinet. The wiring harness connector from the SM PCB will fit into this loose connector.

10. Button everything up by making sure any wires won’t be caught by the playing field when it is put back into place.

11. To put the playing field back into position, glide it until you encounter resistance. At this point don’t keep trying to push it. Go to the back center of the playing field, reach under and grab the wooden part of the playing field mounting board (watch out not to grab a circuit board or wiring). Gently raise the back of the field just a small bit for the field to clear the detents on the slides. The field will go back a little bit by itself. Go back to the front and then you can push the field all the way into position.

12. Put the balls back into the game. Install the glass and escutcheon.

13. Take the keys that aren’t inserted into the front of the machine and insert into the lock under the front at the top of the backbox. Unlock the backbox and slide the translite up and pull the bottom to the front and slide it out.

14. Disconnect the J3 connector from the circuit board that is on the bottom right had side of the backbox. Disconnect it by firmly pushing down and out. I used a small screwdriver to help pry some of the teeth up to get it started.

15. The small circuit board goes between the newly discounted wire and J3 connector. Plug the disconnected wire into the small circuit board and then push the small circuit board into the spot where the wire was removed. (I read on another forum that the small circuit board is used to filter the noise from the shaker motor. I wonder if the new machines need this.)

16. Close up the back box.

17. Turn the machine on and test the motor. Go to Menu Menu Diag Test Coil #8. Push the white plunger button to the left of the coin box that is pushed in when the door is closed. This energized the high voltage so don’t touch anything else. While pushing the plunger in, push the menu button and the motor should work. If it does - awesome!!!

18. If it doesn’t, check to see if the shaker motor is turned on and set to anything other than None. Go back to the main menu screen and press Menu Menu Adj Game and then toggle to Shaker Motor. It’s almost at the end of the options so go back instead of forward.

This forum has been very helpful for a new owner like me, so I hope this helps someone else that is new to the game.

#2 1 year ago
Quoted from TigerBall:

This forum has been very helpful for a new owner like me, so I hope this helps someone else that is new to the game

Glad you are enjoying the site. Thanks for the summary, yes I am sure it will help someone.

#3 1 year ago

Took me longer to read it than to do it.

Great game by the way....IMO Sterns best ever.

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