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AC/DC Premium/LE club

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6 years ago

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Post #665 Explains ACDC rules Posted by alveolus (3 years ago)

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#75 5 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

I have heard prem and LE may have got more clear but kinda doubt it. Check out the pic. This is what your protector will prevent. This is a home use game with not a large amount of plays. Your dumpster looks like you are somewhere in Europe. Just curious.

I just don't know how that happens with a low play game because I rarely ever get the ball in the bell scoop. Maybe it was a 1 shot, 1 chip fluke? I added bell and jukebox protectors to mine though. The bell protector was a time consuming to install.

As for the Z connectors under the playfield. Some are marked, but not all (on my game).


#76 5 years ago

Hmm, not much activity on this thread as the last post is 10 weeks old...

Anyhow, I was playing my Luci the other day and thought that the lower playfield songs (modes) felt very restricted if you start a multiball during them. Since you can't get the ball in the lower playfield then, the scoring possibilities are less than if you had an upper playfield song going.

I still feel like the end ball bonus is such a blur that it's difficult (impossible) to discern where you got your points. I still have no idea what the super modes are doing because unless you see the momentary info blurb about them on the DMD, there's nothing else telling you.

Does anyone think Hells Bells is scoring imbalanced with the VIP passes and playfield multiplier? What if the VIP pass only added perhaps 5 seconds (settable) to the timer? Just curious if anyone had thoughts about this since other changes had been made to reduce scoring imbalances.


#86 5 years ago
Quoted from rockrand:

Well that is one thing Metallica has over acdc,the spinners on met they
Have a fantastic drum role sound with a sub of corse

Yeah, but the MET spinners have no light show like ACDC has. The MET spinners also don't do very much except for switch hits in one of the CIU modes - I forget which one.


#87 5 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

I saw a guy made a cross-over ramp in plexi. Looked pretty cool as it blended in more and also picked up some of the colors from the game..
I may have to give this a try and disable that solenoid and see how it feels. Never thought about it before but after you mentioned it my interest sparked. This is one thing I do like the Pro over the Prem/LE on is it's a lot easier to control when the ball goes to the cannon without removing both ramps.

I don't mind the crossover ramp, but it certainly could be used for more than loading the cannon. How about setting up for a bell hurry up shot for example?


#89 5 years ago

I just finished playing some Luci and made an observation on what might be a vague rule and I'm not sure if anyone noticed this.

During TNT mode if you shoot the TNT letters in order from left to right, the center target is lit for 700,000 hurry up instead of the regular 350,000.

I know there's lots of other vague stuff in the game, but this is one thing I did notice and confirm tonight.

Oh one other thing I think would be cool to see is a total score displayed for the lower playfield..


2 weeks later
#101 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Also, are there some inserts that are still not used like cannon fodder?

It doesn't make sense why a game that is such a success like ACDC is, does not get its software completed. Maybe 90% right now? Stern spends the time and effort to make Luci and now the LED Pro, but there hasn't been a significant code update in over a year and a half. Perhaps the idea of cannon modes was simply scrapped well after the playfields were being made? Stern isn't going to admit there will never be cannon modes, but I think if it was part of the design still then there would have been something. Maybe they don't want to fix something that's not broken? If they shoehorn in cannon modes it might not fit well with the flow of the game... Who knows... The saying is that version 2.0 is supposed to be the final... Whether we ever see that is anyones guess except Lyman and maybe Steve.


2 months later
#116 5 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Just a reminder to all that I still think this is the best game yet.
So much fun, again and again!

Have you ever been close to encore? Has anyone here been?

Will we ever see live mode implemented? One can only hope...


#121 5 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

My ACDC didn't come with an Encore mode.
If it had, I'm sure I would have seen it by now.
: )

I just decreased the jukebox song requirements down from 8 to 6. It's something that doesn't really affect scoring much or make the game itself easier, but it does give you a bit more chance on achieving encore if that is what you are going for. I also have the outlane posts on the bottom holes which only helps a little with outlane drains.

No, I have not come close to encore. But yesterday I did complete a few more multiballs and noticed the album insert stayed on solid. I had never seen that before...


#129 5 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

I'm leaning towards the non Luci premium anyway just because some folks don't like the Luci art and it would be easier to sell in the future if I decided to do so.
thanks for feedback..

It's a matter of preference. Some love it, some don't. I have a Luci and love the artwork even if the girl isn't band related. You could also consider that there may be fewer Luci produced so it would be less common than the regular premium. Even though there's many ACDC premium out there, you just don't see them for sale often.

Stern announced earlier this summer that their license for ACDC was ending with 2014. It was a very good run for Stern!


1 year later
#256 3 years ago
Quoted from smassa:

Take the translite out and turn the game on and look at it from a lower level, You'll see dimples. I wouldn't worry about it just play it and enjoy it for what it is, a kick ass game!

It should be dimple city on the left side of the playfield from all the cannon shots...


6 months later
#345 3 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

and don't forget this tutorial by the best in the business.
» YouTube video
watched this then played Keith's tactics and posted my new GC score first game.

I find it interesting that Keith says the game is never in tournaments and takes too long? He also didn't seem to like stacking the multiballs together - especially tour and jam.


#348 3 years ago
Quoted from smassa:

Stacking multiballs makes building the song jackpot more difficult where as if you set it up right you can have all 3 multiballs ready to go one after the other. You can also chose the best song in order to collect song bonuses in tour and album.

Hmm, that kind of sounds counter productive then... You would think stacking them should be more worthwhile.. Are the triple jackpots from the bell not significant enough to be worth it?


#362 3 years ago
Quoted from smassa:

Not as much as being able to crank up the song jackpot during multiball. I've had quite a few 300mil+ song jackpot collects and a few 250mil+ song bonus collects.

Is that with HB and VIP strategy, or something else?


#363 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

It's a special game! If you sell it the odds of getting another are slim, if you don't have to sell it I would keep it!

That's how I feel about my Luci.. Ok, so it's not an LE, but I still really like the artwork and it's what finally sold me on getting ACDC instead of ST LE at the time. If I sold my Luci, I would probably never be able to replace it.

I still hope one day Lyman does release another update for ACDC. Maybe enable that live mode....


#364 3 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

Sell it. They'll run a VE in a few years and you'll be able to buy one for $11k brand new.
Bowen just recorded the wizard mode tutorial for AC/DC » YouTube video
You can support his Patreon to help make more here: https://www.patreon.com/pinball/posts

Just remember all, you can change the number of notes required to complete a song. The default is 8, but 6 might make encore a bit more achievable for us mere mortals. A difficult to achieve wizard mode is ok, but ACDC doesn't have any other wizard modes which are more easy to get to. I think the most songs I have ever completed is about 7 or 8. I don't play specific strategies and try different things. Having fun doesn't always mean scoring the highest amount of points.


1 week later
#380 3 years ago

On my game I turned off the setting for mini playfield to be enabled at song start. I didn't like the mini playfield being a freebie at song start and thought it should be earned. In the grand scheme of things, I'm just not sure if the mini playfield even matters that much in the game. It sure doesn't qualify easily for songs like "HAABPTB". Maybe I'll change the setting back, but I'd like to hear other opinions about strategies for the mini playfield.

edit: I went and checked out Bowen's rulesheet. There's another setting for how hard it is to qualify the lower playfield. Maybe I'll set that easier. I'm not suprised that BIB is listed as 'CRUD' for song scoring opportunities. I think BIB could be fixed if it was only 1 lit target instead of the whole bank to qualify the note shots.


2 months later
#458 3 years ago
Quoted from Radius118:

Quick question.... I was going through the adjustments to turn the radio mode on and I found a family mode setting. Factory setting is on, so I turned it off. Played a couple of games and didn't really notice anything different.
So does anyone know what that adjustment does?

I think you hold the left flipper button while in attract mode and you can play the songs. It does nothing in the game itself.


#460 3 years ago
Quoted from Radius118:

I think you are talking about the attract mode radio - hold the right flipper button. I turned that on too, but I'm pretty sure that's a separate thing from family mode.

Oh right, sorry I misread your post. Family mode means the game doesn't swear - which is kinda rare anyhow.


3 weeks later
#476 3 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

I gotta say, so far this club blows. All the excitement worn out for this title?
Time for some new blood to be spilt up in here. If you want blood...

A code update would sure light the fires again because I think the game could still use one. If Lyman cares so much about perfecting MET, why doesn't he release anything for ACDC? Oh well!


#480 3 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Rob I'm not a good enough player to have that concern. Just a guy that gets a little hard every time that bell is hit.

I've hit that bell so hard it keeps swinging for so long and I can't get another hit on it. There's a magnet to move / stop the bell, but it's not really used except to swing the bell in HB and VIP pass.


1 week later
#585 3 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Luci? Sure all their songs are about gettin laid....but that cab and translite...I just don't get all the fervor. It's just not that big of a deal. Premium cab LOOKS LIKE ACDC.
If you pay $12,000-$15,000 for a Luci you are not just a special kind of stupid, you are also a fucking moron who has no business ever touching money. To each his own I guess...rant off.

I happen to like Luci very much and it was the reason I got swayed into buying mine back in 2013 (NIB). Back then prices were reasonable even in Canada. Now, everything is out to lunch.


#586 3 years ago
Quoted from Silverballer:

Nailing the bell is one of the most satisfying shots in pinball for me. Welcome to the club Gryszzz, we salute you.

It is a great shot, but the bell on mine swings too damn much! That magnet needs to be used to slow it down a bit because there's nothing more frustrating that hitting the bell shot again and it doesn't count because the damn thing is still swinging like crazy.


#588 3 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

When it was first released everyone was worried about it hitting the glass and breaking it.

Mine has hit the glass... Quite hard sometimes too. Those are the times when it just swings too long.


1 week later
#668 3 years ago

I got back into playing ACDC and am having a lot of fun doing so! If you own an ACDC and haven't played it in a while, do yourself a favor and turn it on!

I'm not playing strategies to score high, just to have fun. I'm still averaging 150-200 million on good games. It has been a while and I finally got the super jackpot for Album Multiball, but I didn't see how much it was I've also been playing different songs and seeing how they score compared to each other. HAABPTB lower playfield scoring seemed least rewarding while HB lower playfield seems the best (and most fun).

Some interesting ideas on what I would change if I could. This is just for fun, nothing more...

- Left/right target banks score higher jackpots than center bank during multiball (based on the difficulty of completing them)
- Multiball cannon shot starts at 1 million.
- Cannon inserts add to cannon shot score values (except song jackpot). Each successful cannon shot lights an insert.
- Horn inserts score more during hell songs, making horn insert shots increases lower playfield scoring
- Optional ball save on cannon shot. I despise the left outlane drain from cannon shots!
- Option so a song cannot be replayed
- Lower playfield score total displayed when timer expires
- Bell swings on every shot during HB (except maybe multiball).
- Points for making HB saucer when not playing HB (plus a BONG sound and animation!)

I know people wish the lower playfield could be played while during multiball for example, but I just don't see that working well at all.


#669 3 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I put my cliffies on this morning. Holy Hell.

The bell saucer was tough to do on mine. The screws were so tight that there was no way to remove them by hand. I had to use a drill with a phillips bit to get those out!

On a side note, it's a good idea to put a lock washer on the bell retaining screw so it doesn't come loose. A loose bell can break the opto.


#670 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'll be honest, I hardly ever even play my ACDC, it never grabbed me the way it has some other people, so I bow to your experience over it, I thought you had to shoot the shots after lighting the spinner.

Dust it off and start playing again. You will be amazed what you are missing if you get back into it.


#679 3 years ago

Playing tonight and picked FTATR just before going into multiball, but I really had wanted LTBR. So I thought what the heck, this should be a good challenge! I had Jam and Album multiballs lit.

40 million on LTBR during multiball! Maybe that's not much for some, but for me it was a new record on this song. I can't say enough how challenging it is to keep the balls in play AND shoot that darn cannon during the process. It's obviously not something tourny players are going to do, but at home if you want a challenge then try playing LTBR with JAM multiball.

I put my colordmd back in ACDC after trying it out on IM. Red dots just suck after having color....


#685 3 years ago

Ok for you ACDC rule experts out there. When playing SMANL, what is the difference between the flashing notes and the lit solid ones? As far as I can tell, there's really no difference in how they score.

I also noticed a minor bug where if you are playing TNT, have the TNT middle upright target flashing (premium) and then start a multiball, the target bank resets but the insert is still blinking.

I think I was wrong about FTATR not being lucrative... The shot values are considerably more than other songs so this mode is actually worth giving a try. The jury is still out on BIB, but there's a nice little bonus for completing the ACDC target bank again during the song.

There's A LOT of little scoring nuances in this game if you really pay attention. I finally replaced the coil stops so now flipper travel is back to normal. Having fun playing it again, like a second honeymoon!

ps, while testing the game with the glass off, I hit and looped the bell once!

#688 2 years ago

Check the coil stops on the flippers Freezie. Games from that era had bad stops where the brass part turned to dust.

Now you need a colordmd in that ACDC


20170522_220105 (resized).jpg

#689 2 years ago
Quoted from stevevt:

I suspect the difference is in how they build the song jackpot, and my guess would be that the flashing ones build it more.

Could be! I also noticed that completing all the flashing ones makes them reset to all flashing again and scoring 50,000 more (I think).


#710 2 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

Permanent progress units, as the name implies, are held throughout the game. They are earned by completing all 5 flashing note shots during a song. Doing so earns 3 units of permanent progress, but you can only do this once per song.

VERY useful to know! Thank you!


2 weeks later
#757 2 years ago
Quoted from freezie:

Looking for some advice , my 3x and a couple of other leds off the led lamp board ( http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/520-5324-05 ) are ghosting , and never completely go out , anyone have any ideas on where to look ? I replaced the board in the link but it didn't help at all .

I don't have that particular issue, but I do see inserts briefly flicker on at random times when they shouldn't. For example, bonus count or when the cannon is loading. My game has always done that.


1 week later
#771 2 years ago

Still lovin' my Luci because it plays so much slower than the pro.....


2 weeks later
#772 2 years ago

I think there might be a bug in the multiball start if there's another jackpot shot ready to be collected. I had tour multiball lit, shot the cannon and only got a cannon shot for combo jackpot. Tour multiball remained lit and I had to shoot the cannon again to get it. I've had this happen a few times recently.


3 months later
#814 2 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Hey Rob G. Fellow Saskatchewanan in da club

Welcome to the club!


#817 2 years ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Ok got a question, is an AC/DC Luci pinball a LE or Premium. And what is the difference between them?

It's a low production premium model with different cabinet art, different translite and different mini playfield art (has 2 women on it).


#823 2 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

1. The bell. Damn thing swings like crazy. Hit it hard and swings for like 30 sec and no other hits register as a hit until it slows down again.

Yes, this can be annoying especially during multiball and you are trying to build/hold multipliers.

Quoted from dirkdiggler:

2. Highway to hell. You shoot the cannon. It activates the lower playfield. After the lower is finished the cannon goes and randomly fires the cannon at the tnt targets. Makes it not worth the risk for something that doesn't score much

A missed opportunity in the rules perhaps. The lower playfield could build a jackpot which is then collected from a cannon shot to a specific location.

None of the lower playfield scoring is lucrative that I know of. And if there is, it's something I've never, ever noticed.

Quoted from dirkdiggler:

3. haabptb. Again I like to play a song that activates the lower playfield but it shouldn't take away your ball save. The ball save should start after playing the lower playfield. Makes me not want to ever play that song when you end up with 300,000 measily points after a cheap drain.

Perhaps another thing that could be adjusted in code. I never noticed the lower playfield not stopping ball save timer.

Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Now my biggest question is, Are there magnets in the game? I was told no but when on the stern site going thru the differences in the premium to le models it mentions something about the bell being magnatized. Is it? I'm using silverjet super shiny balls and they aren't magnatized. Maybe that's why my bell doesn't stop?

There's a magnet under the bell. It swings the bell if you use a VIP pass during HB. Other than that, I don't think it's used. The bell on my game swings a long time too.

Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Hopefully one or two of you guys have answers to my problems.


3 weeks later
#830 2 years ago

Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? Listen to request #49 in the game rom....

Ok, ok... maybe it's not that 'special'.... or is it??


2 weeks later
#844 2 years ago

The recent TWD update makes me wonder why Lyman never went back to ACDC like he has for TWD and MET? I'm thinking about selling ACDC and getting a TWD premium.


#849 2 years ago
Quoted from Knoler:

I'd always be happy to see anything Lyman has up his sleeve, but what does ACDC need? Seems pretty complete to me...
Only things I'd like to see is nerfing Hells Bells scoring a bit, and something like an 'set break' mini wizard mode would be fun, half your way to encore. ACDC seems pretty complete as is, tho...

I don't think ACDC needs much, but like you said nerf HB and improve BIB. And show a scoring total for playing the lower playfield.


#854 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Where are you guys setting your outlanes? I am getting a lot of side drains, I have been working on my nudging but I am considering closing my outlanes to the tightest setting.

I set the posts to the lowest spot (most closed). I would say do it.


#855 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Wonder if he will do a surprise final update?
Mini wizard after 6 songs would be great but unlikely.
Don't cannon modes need work on them?

I've been hoping for 3 or 4 years there would be another decent update... Maybe he just doesn't like the game as much as TWD or MET?


2 months later
#909 2 years ago
Quoted from jesperpark:

Speaking of the LCD Color DMDs, does anyone have an idea or mod on how to change the view angle? My Star Trek points up as it is a new metal dmd/speaker cover, where my olderwooden DMD/speaker cover for AC/DC points downwards. Causes the LCD to be noticeably dimmer when they are side by side. I have the brightness turned up for AC/DC. But if i play with my chin on the lockdown bar, looks really bright I am sure it's a view angle issue, wondering if something was done previously?

I just sent an email to colordmd about this. I bought 2 new colordmd and the panels have poor viewing angles. Anyone watching play from the side will see about a 50% reduction in brightness. Two displays I bought 3+ years ago have great viewing angles.


#938 2 years ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

I received my machine a few days ago and a friend just asked me about the live music option which I knew nothing about. I found a setting but it just says none. I have v1.68 installed, am I missing something?

No, you are not missing anything. The option doesn't do anything and cannot be changed.


2 weeks later
#971 2 years ago

I'm in the process of finally fixing the ACDC target bank on my game. It was getting really annoying that 20% of cannon shots were not dropping the targets. I've already done the TNT target bank, but the ACDC is a lot more work. To really be able to easily remove the bank, the mini playfield and left support bracket need to be out of the way. The mini playfield is easy to remove though.

The fix will involve shortening the target drop springs by about 3mm and moderately stetching out the push springs behind the targets.


20180228_182459 (resized).jpg

#972 2 years ago

Pull springs shortened....


20180228_194846 (resized).jpg

#973 2 years ago

The target bank is back together, but before I can reassemble the game, I need to fix the mini playfield targets. They need to be straightened and then the screws holding them together tightened.


20180228_234922 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1015 2 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Have colordmd reworked their software to include the new code graphics ?

I think it's too soon for them to, since we will most likely get another update to fix oi mania.

I noticed the colordmd rom also does not colorize all high score achievements and also stops colorizing when bonus count goes above 25x.


#1016 2 years ago

I've had another problem on my Luci for quite a while now, but I'm finally getting around to fixing it. The band member coil is sticking. It works absolutely fine in test mode and has no binding when actuated by hand. But in game mode the coil stays energized a little longer than test which seems to cause it to mechanically/magnetically stick. Has anyone else had this trouble?


#1020 2 years ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I'm going to try these ... they advised to use the 2 piece splint.

I put lock washers on the target screws and tightened them pretty good. I did something similar on Iron Man Whiplash targets and they have been good since.


2 weeks later
#1076 2 years ago
Quoted from xsonics2k2:

I'm tempted to cut a few milimeters off the arm so it doesn't touch the screw.

This is probably the best solution I think. Although 1mm is probably plenty


#1077 2 years ago

A follow up note about the sticking band member coil on my Luci. I put a small piece of mylar on the coil stop and that seems to have fixed the issue. The coil stop was getting magnetized and holding the coil shaft in.


1 month later
#1171 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Wonder when Oi Mania will be fixed?
Haven't updated new code as was waiting for this fix.

Next version will knock your socks off....


4 months later
#1335 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

See photo - I noticed on a fellow league members AC/DC pro vault edition there is a “guide wire - spring” coming out of pop bumper- swinging bell area.
He says this is Stock from Stern. It is used to prevent the ball from going down the middle and draining.
Should the Premium VE have this spring???[quoted image]

I may be wrong, but I think this was only fitted on the pro models. Maybe there's a slight geometry difference because of the standup targets on the pro?

In the 'Making of ACDC pinball' video that Stern released, the original whitewood appears to show the ball could also exit the pop bumpers to the right, under the right ramp.


2 months later
#1479 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Agreed. The ramps are so late on the flippers and the right orbit is very tough for me to make consistently.

I recently dropped the angle of the flippers on my ACDC Luci just a slight amount. They felt ridiculously high after playing lots of IMDN and BM66. No droop, but in line with the inlanes. I never had a problem making any shots before or now. The right orbit is fun to backhand.


#1484 1 year ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Oh man. I really LOVED my Maiden when I had it, but playing it too much made me WORSE as a player. It's really really forgiving and there are some easy ways to avoid draining. Not sure of BM66 but if it plays similar to TDK, yes it's very forgiving.
AC/DC was a wakeup call for me and I'm glad I did it.

ACDC is an outlane drain monster compared to Iron Maiden or BM66. Throw in a few super cheap drains from cannon shots that follow the same annoying drain pattern from left target -> right target -> left outlane. I found the outlanes so frustrating on ACDC that I moved the posts to the lowest setting and at least it's a little better now.


3 weeks later
#1534 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

What’s everyone’s best song total? I can’t seem to get past 6 even if I’m trying to complete them as efficiently as possible. Encore still a long way off for me I’m afraid.

Maybe 8 or 9 total is my best. I lowered the outlane posts to the bottom on my game because it was an absolute drain monster before that. Extra balls are also more difficult to earn on ACDC and you are lucky to get one - two is rare.

I have tried lowering note requirements for relighting the jukebox to 7 and it helps a little. Yeah, encore is a long way off for me too.


2 weeks later
#1618 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

For those about to Rock is the 7th's jackpot for the Song Bonus

I don't think I'm ever going to wrap my head around these song bonuses, it's too much math!


#1620 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Just think of it this way. Every jackpot you earn in album or tour Multiball has one or more songs associated with it.
Should you be playing that song when its coresponding jackpot is earned, you immediately earn the current value of your song jackpot as a “bonus”. Best part is it doesn’t reset your song jackpot amount.
Here are the lists of jackpots and the songs that apply to them for album and tour. You can see that tnt is a very good choice to have playing during your first run at album or tour. Or both! Haha. Once again, credit to Bowen’s awesome guide. [quoted image][quoted image]

I just flail away and shoot lit shots to score points Thanks for the chart.


#1633 1 year ago


1 week later
#1641 1 year ago
Quoted from adamross:

Excited to finally be in the club! This game can be a drain monster!
[quoted image]

ACDC is the only game where I put the outlane posts to the bottom position because of the drains.


2 weeks later
#1665 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

What do the cannon inserts signify?
How do the horns / Oi mania rules work. I understand that Oi does not function but I’m trying to understand how it’s qualified.

Cannon modes never made it into the game because they just didn't work out how the programmer wanted. Maybe they might do something minor in the next update, but it's not a priority.


#1666 1 year ago

I'm kind of one the cliff edge of selling my game again. I was there last year and then an update came out. But, sometimes finances get in the way of having fun... I don't want to sell it.... I hate this.


#1669 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Easy choice. Sell Metallica instead. Haha

I don't want to sell any games... I already sold enough last year (SWLE, IMVE, GoTPro). Oh well


#1675 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

My slings seem to have gotten more powerful over time. Doesn’t seem like there is a power adjustment, any ideas how could I get less powerful sling action?

The slings on my ACDC Premium have always seemed overpowered and I also wish there was an adjustment. The flippers on my GoT pro were way overpowered too.

I will ask if we can get a sling power adjustment setting.


2 weeks later
#1717 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

For me I knew all along. I played the hell out of this on location for years until I owned it. It I will say, it’s even better than I expected from owning it at home. Finding all kinds of awesome stuff about it that I didn’t know before.

And just think, it's only gonna get better!


#1730 1 year ago

ACDC is probably the only game where I moved both outlane posts to the lowest position. The outlanes can be very unforgiving.


3 weeks later
#1800 1 year ago
Quoted from mountaingamer:

Yep - the game would be so much better if the song would continue.... lazy coding imho.

Absolutely %100 wrong about lazy coding.


#1808 1 year ago

I played a lot of ACDC this weekend so far, trying to set high scores on the songs by only playing 1 song for the whole game. I was killing it on RNR Train during multiball tonight, but strangely (I thought) my high score was only 24 million for the song at the end of the game. Another song which didn't seem to score that well in extended play was HAABPTB. Other songs like TNT and BIB I was easily able to score 70+ million on extended play. Other songs I will try later, but I'm going to revisit HAABPTB and RNRT to see if I can do better

I also noticed Hold Bonus doesn't keep the multiplier which is disappointing.


#1810 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

Sorry if this has been covered, but when I play “Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be” when I am playing the lower playfield it launches a ball on the playfield. Is this normal and if so what is the purpose? The only thing that works on the playfield is the pop bumpers.

Definitely not normal. Probably some kind of switch issue, but I couldn't tell you which one.


#1815 1 year ago
Quoted from mountaingamer:

Uninspired coding?

The song restart matches the song jackpot restarting. There, now you know why it was originally programmed the way it was. I think you guys should just be a bit more patient and then you will all be happy.


#1816 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:Crap..I was hoping it was like a Rollerballs effect. Anybody have an idea of where I should look? It doesn’t happen on “Hells bells”.

Switch test diagnostics. Look for intermittent switches when flipping flippers or lightly banging playfield with hand.
Reseat connectors on drop target bank switch boards
Reseat connector on ball trough opto board (common issue here)


#1825 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Wait, what? You want the song jackpots to continue after a drain? That would kill the absolute best feature of AC/DC and that is the risk vs reward strategy. You let the song jackpot carry over from ball to ball it takes all the stress out of trying to get your fire lines completed to cash out on that song jackpot with 2 or 3x going before you drain if you just had a great ball going.

Song jackpots would only carry over if you beat Bookworm... Oh wait, wrong game.


#1836 1 year ago

This game has sucked me into back playing it, a lot! I'm trying to make it to encore, but no luck so far. Maybe some day


#1847 1 year ago
Quoted from robm:

I would really like some more info on this as well (apart from what has already been posted). To me, its better to take the jackpot whenever its avaialable, and as you say, collect it 2 or 3 times, rather than wait simply for it to build up....unless...there is some multiplier/exponential effect from letting it build up longer.

I take it when I can get it. Unless I know I'm close to a multiplier with 1 more bell hit then I might go that way first.


3 weeks later
#1875 1 year ago

Did Stern change the flasher design of the lightning bolts for the vault edition games? I was shown something that I have not seen on any website. It's also definitely not a hooked or pinbits version either.


#1877 1 year ago
Quoted from TODD969:

Not sure but here are my vault bolts.[quoted image][quoted image]

Yes, those are different and better than the original ones. The original had a 906 flasher bulb socket behind the bolt and the metal bolt bracket did not allow light through it from behind.


1 week later
#1892 11 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Some great thoughts there.
I am waiting for final update before changing my settings.
As the game stands I have zero chance of reaching encore, so will eventually reduce song notes from 8 to 6 to shorten the process.
I love the idea of getting halfway and then having a chance to shorten the journey to encore

I lowered the outlane posts on my game. I got 9 songs the other day too. Some day I will do 12 at default settings.


2 months later
#1953 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Which? There's two "stock" versions from Stern.

The newer Stern designed ones are rather nice quality too.


#1954 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Oi Mania is messed up, for one. So another update is likely coming at some point.

I'm surprised nobody has bothered to fix the colordmd rom for ACDC. Maybe they thought the next update was around the corner and were waiting for that?


#1972 9 months ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

I just joined the club, have a nice Premium with Shaker Motor & mirror blades
What other “must have” mods are recommended for a premium?



#1974 9 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Encore is making me so angry. Backed off on my crazy tight tilt too. Still can’t get past 4-5 songs regularly and 7-8 if I have an amazing game.
I fear this is another wizard mode that will allude me forever.
Not to mention it’s so hard to get one EB, let alone two which I would need to do this I bet.

The thing about Encore is that I don't think you make it there unless you are purposely trying to get there. And if you are purposely trying to get there, then your score probably suffers as a result. Playing songs just to finish as quickly as possible isn't very fun either.


2 months later
#2313 6 months ago

Can someone post a photo of their flippers at rest and full stroke? I think the flippers on my ACDC have too much travel, possibly because the coil stops I bought are allowing that. I lowered the flippers slightly from the factory alignment holes to be more straight with the lane guide and reduce some of the up-travel. But it still seems too much.

20191102_193243 (resized).jpg20191102_193252 (resized).jpg

#2316 6 months ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

Sorry, not the best lighting. My pin is new and still stock.[quoted image][quoted image]

I do see a bit of a difference where mine seems to have a bit more flipper travel. I'm going to have to replace those stops as they are not the right ones then.


#2325 6 months ago
Quoted from Dent00:

While the machine is at rest in attract mode, you can push the right flipper button and operate a "radio" on the machine. Songs are changed with flipper action. If you hit the fire button, you get the live versions of those songs.

No, that's just the jukebox. Live mode is nothing right now and the setting can't be changed.


#2340 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I think the flippers probably we’re traveling a bit too high and probably had super bands on them which slow the ball down. But I couldn’t comprehend it either. Haha

I have that problem on my Luci right now with too much flipper travel and I posted about it several days ago. I don't like how it plays so I am going to go through my 'used' coil stop collection tonight and see if I can find something better.


2 weeks later
#2395 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Ok glass off confirmed. No amount of vip passes in any capacity will work you towards playfield x in any way. Stuff award is an exception. Other than that, have to physically hit the bell.

I think that's the way it is supposed to be now, but Lyman left an 'out' with the VIP pass so it can work like before, it just takes more effort.


1 month later
#2485 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

About to leave the club! Looks like encore will elude me forever.
Going to trade mine towards a STH LE. It was fun while it lasted though! This is still one of the best games I’ve ever played. Surprised I got 2k games on this thing in just over a year.

I really wish Lyman had just released a fix for OI mania and maybe a few other small things. The song rule changes were really necessary though so I am glad the last update was done. But, too bad it wasn't done sooner. We're into 2020 now and a 7 or 8 year old game is not quite complete with one of the features being broken for almost 2 years now. Colordmd never updated the ACDC code either so that left more things kinda broken looking.


2 weeks later
#2493 3 months ago

There were new animations on the lower playfield? I didn't realize that....


1 month later
#2521 55 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Is there an eject ball power setting like on other Stern pinballs?



3 weeks later
#2539 33 days ago

Gonna try leaving the club as I posted mine for sale locally. I bought mine back in 2013 NIB when after a several year hiatus, I decided to get back into the pinball hobby. It was a toss up between Luci and Star Trek LE. I thought I would keep my Luci, but, well, just time to move on from it I guess.


1 week later
#2548 22 days ago

Stern had some new design for the vault games which are much better than original.

I am going to miss my Luci, she is tentatively sold now.


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