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Post #665 Explains ACDC rules Posted by alveolus (3 years ago)

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#1986 9 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

I still love my Blue and chrome.
Added a few more mods and very happy with the outcome. I did a video on my mod addiction.
1) The Plunger with the light under is awesome , plus the coils that are also lit is impressive. They go off Yellow and Blue.
2) The stickers to go with my train track running up the left side is a must and a good price and you get the cannon balls for the right ramp.
3) Clear washers - installing those tonight
4) Drum sticks lighted installing tonight.
5) Lighted shooter ramp installing tonight.
Addicted and need serious help.
How was your day?? haha

Very nice video of your Luci with mods! I will have to revisit your video and mods when my Luci gets out of the hospital!

#2009 9 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Ok is there is no maker for these??
If not, I might make a batch or two - about 10 units per batch.
Is there any interest? Respond to this thread to see everyone can see interest. If enough respondents I will make.
Price - not sure - need to talk with my laser guy.
Looks like this is built with 1/4” lexan.
Not sure how ball marks will look on plastic over time.

I would be interested in one for the Luci I still do not have. You can count me in for one.

#2021 8 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Ok is there is no maker for these??
If not, I might make a batch or two - about 10 units per batch.
Is there any interest? Respond to this thread to see everyone can see interest. If enough respondents I will make.
Price - not sure - need to talk with my laser guy.
Looks like this is built with 1/4” lexan.
Not sure how ball marks will look on plastic over time.

cpr9999 you have 10 at this point. I say look into making them. I am in no rush. Would like a quality product at a fair price for people’s time and effort. Yours included. If it takes you a week or two or three to figure it out, you might be able to find 10 more buyers by then. I bet if you can make 20 for a fair price, others will buy them.

There are still a handful of NIB AC/DC pins out there with buyers that may purchase them.

Just let us know your progress as you move forward and thanks for the effort.

#2024 8 months ago
Quoted from Rensh:

He, I know that guy
Some detail pictures attached.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Well...tell him people like the product and would be willing to buy some more of them. Or anything else they may have up their sleeve.

Oh and thanks for the pictures. Maybe they will come in handy.

#2038 8 months ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

LOL. If only there was an Ozzy pinball....
Ozy is spelt Aussie

LOL, are you trying to say Ozzy has been misspelling his name all these years!

I think it is all the blood rushing to your head from walking on the planet upside down.

Spent two weeks driving around New Zealand with an Aussie once. He told me he could tell when I was getting ready to make a turn, because the windshield wipers would start going just before I turned. Funny, how the wiper controls or on the opposite side of the car! Had a blast with him!

#2039 8 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Yep I need a few weeks to plan out. I have made mods before, so I know roughly what goes into it from time and material. These type of things are never a money maker - more for the challenge and love of pinball.
In the meantime I did reach out to fellow pinsider rensh . If he knows someone that can make that design for us this may be the faster way to go. Will know soon. If not I am asking for some quick info on his version.
Will let everyone know as I learn more.

Thanks! Maybe I will have my Luci by then.

#2064 8 months ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Thanks for the confirmation. I recalled taking that ramp out at some point and not being able to get the crossover off. I just wasn't 100% if I was just being lazy or if it was riveted.
Think that's important info for anyone wanting to do the mod as most, assumption, aren't going to be real comfortable with that process.

Thanks for the information. If they can recreate the one in the photos on the previous page, it’s looks fairly simple.

#2071 8 months ago
Quoted from Strummy:

As long as those two ball guides are part of the design everything will be sweet

Thanks for the photos and letting everyone know your thoughts.

I do not yet have my Luci to verify anything. Waiting for her to be repaired.

1 month later
#2128 7 months ago

Looking for assistance with a NEW Luci I just received.

1. The bell slightly rubs on the plastic protector that sits on top of the pop bumper at the 2 o’clock position. Does anyone have an idea of how to stop it from rubbing? Or is it designed to rub on the plastic?

I do not see anyway to lower the plastic protector or raise the bell.

2. When the ball rolls across the metal ramp that crosses the play field, it sometimes bumps the RH plastic ramp and falls onto the play field. Any suggestions/adjustments on how to stop the ball from falling off the metal ramp?

Thanks for any assistance anyone has with these issues.

62B01E1C-4DC7-4A75-8B6A-0979D76DCC04 (resized).jpeg39851D43-8007-47CF-9ED9-92E250BB6EB0 (resized).jpeg
#2167 7 months ago
Quoted from Mach5Amps:

Alright!! I hope this comes as great news for at least 8 of you!
cpr9999 has said that he'd consider making a special holiday run of 10 AC/DC Lighted Roof Band Mods, if he can get 8 more pre-orders (he's already got me, and one other).
See them here (as well as several spots earlier in this very thread)...
How 'bout it? Who else is in on wanting to catch the boat they missed previously? Reply, and I'll help him keep track. It could be a 1 time only, special Xmas run (same price as before), looking at in time for very early December - IF we can get from 2 to 10!
Let there be rock!

I will be #2 on your list. Will it come with holiday decorations? Just kidding.

#2178 7 months ago
Quoted from Mach5Amps:

Order placed! Can't wait to hear it. Now, to call about my machine. Still haven't heard anything about delivery timing...
I said I was going slow, but given I don't even have my pin yet:
1. Lighted speakers
2. Speaker insert thingies
3. Replacement Lightning Bolts
4. Topper
5. PinWoofer Powered Super Kit
What the heck has gotten into me?!?!?

I just received my Luci a few days ago. Had to wait two months because it was damaged upon arrival. I had never even seen one or played one before. Now I know why people like it!!! It is a blast to play.

I have zero mods for it and am just starting to look for ideas. Just keep the thread showing and we may be able to find other pinsiders that are interested in the lighted band cover. It worked for the clear plastic crossover ramp. A lot of pinsiders are not on the site daily.

#2192 7 months ago

Recently received my Luci. Can someone tell me what the extra plastic parts are for?

The only thing I can think of are keychain fobs.

1584ABE4-0EF7-409E-B37D-40E5C776CD81 (resized).jpeg
#2195 7 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Put them on your coin door key, makes it easy to grab the right key when you have a bunch of pins.

Thanks! That is what I have done.

#2196 7 months ago

AC/DC Utilities>Install menu options question.

In the Install menu options, there are several levels of play (i.e. Easy, Med, Hard, etc.). Does anyone have a table, chart or website that explains the differences between the levels?

In addition there is an option for “Home” install. What is different about this versus the others I previously mentioned?

In my WOZ, it shows all of the different options that are associated with each type of selection. I am looking for something that explains this for AC/DC.

#2213 7 months ago

Display help. Does anyone know what might cause the vertical line in the display?

I checked connectors and everything looks like it is seated properly.

image (resized).jpg
#2220 7 months ago
Quoted from Mach5Amps:

So, I alluded to issues above. After getting it to the basement (which was a fricken bear - the stairway has a landing with a 90deg turn), and getting it set-up, I came across the following:
1. Cut wire in the harness with the start button. No biggie, stripped back the wire ends, twisted, soldered, shrink wrap, done. It looked like that Yellow w/Red Stripe wire didn't go to anything anyway. Maybe it's for optional equipment (like shaker)? See pic 1 & 2, before and after fix.
2. The Start button switch/light was pulled out and needed reinstalled. I see now that there is a harness retainer just to the right of the midpoint of the arrow pointing to the shrink wrapped repair (Picture 2). My guess is that the whole start button wiring harness is supposed to go through that retainer loop (can anyone confirm that?). The fact that it wasn't allowed that harness to rub against the play field support skid thing on that side, which probably cut that wire. I'll have to inspect the rest of that harness now that I see that, to see if any other wires rubbed and were damaged.
3. The ribbon wire from the DMD wasn't plugged into the back box board. It was routed down through the hole into the lower cabinet. Took me a while to figure out where it was supposed to be plugged in, because I initially was looking in the cabinet since it was routed to there. But, I figured it out, found J5, plugged it in, and the DMD works fine.
4. The lower play field's right flipper flipped, but was really slow to return to the home position. I adjusted the mechanism underneath, and it now operates normally.
Everyone in the family played it last night. I think it's going to be a winner. We did have the ball get stuck one time, in the "E" lane of the AXE above the bumpers (see picture 3). A decent bump freed it. Seemed like a weird place to stop. Maybe I need to check my play field tilt angle?
Can't wait to get home from work and hit the basement to play, and make sure everything else is behaving normally. Only when I'm sure it's all correct in stock configuration will I start installing any of the mods.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I occasionally have balls get stuck in my E lane also. It does not happen very often so I didn’t make any adjustments.

I hope your DMD lasts longer then mine did. I need to contact my distributor about the vertical line. I also had the rubber behind the second T drop target snap.

#2224 7 months ago

I ended up putting blue loctite on my bell ball. It kept becoming loose and sticking on the play field. I also re-shimmed the bell because it was rubbing on the right hand metal guide.

I also had to put electrical tape on the far left strobe/lightning bolt flasher as it kept popping out during play.

Had to adjust the far righthand strobe/lightning bolt flasher because would knock the ball off of the metal crossover ramp.

Love the game though. It plays faster than any of my other games and I like the speed when it gets going with the right song! The game in my opinion can be very rewarding with the lights going crazy, good call outs and great music.

#2229 7 months ago
Quoted from Dent00:

I got you beat on the round trip to get this game. I drove from Mississippi to Chicago, stayed overnight, got the machine the next morning and drove back that next day, on a weekend. It was like -4 degrees when I left Chicago and I was not sure if my truck would start.. But it did and I made it home... I probably will not do that again...

Well, my AC/DC went from the factory, to my distributor, to me, back to my distributor, back to the factory, then back to my distributor and finally back to me. I wonder how many miles that adds up to!

Well, I hope you two love your machines. You went above and beyond to get them. I am loving mine so far. I just wish I didn’t have so many issues so early on.

3 weeks later
#2298 6 months ago
Quoted from Mach5Amps:

Unfortunately, AJB4 dropped out, so you're the new #4. Glad you're in, but dang it, we're only at 4.

Well, that sucks. I have yet to buy any mods and this was one I was interested in. Hopefully, a few more owners will decide to buy one.

Still waiting to hear about the clear crossover ramp. That’s another one I would like to have. The rest I need to think about. Just had to buy a new furnace so funds are tighter than usual.

#2312 6 months ago


#2314 6 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Can someone post a photo of their flippers at rest and full stroke? I think the flippers on my ACDC have too much travel, possibly because the coil stops I bought are allowing that. I lowered the flippers slightly from the factory alignment holes to be more straight with the lane guide and reduce some of the up-travel. But it still seems too much.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Sorry, not the best lighting. My pin is new and still stock.

69D4C356-64B8-4A9F-A250-9DE10899BDCD (resized).jpegB4C81C7F-DFBD-4E49-BD29-B9CF39B2C3D9 (resized).jpeg
#2322 6 months ago

I searched for and did not find any good information on this. Can someone explain the “Live Song Mode”?

My menu options do not allow anything other than “None”.

2 months later
3 weeks later
#2503 3 months ago
Quoted from KJL:

After 7 years my cannon is binding near the end of its travel. The cannon shaft has quite a bit of up-down play and when I went to adjust it, I could not get the set screw loose even with heat. It must have moved on the shaft to cause the problem but the screw is on with a form of loctite.
Now, I have read about the set screw on the motor but not the cannon shaft which makes it impossible to get the cannon assembly off.
Has anyone come up with a easier answer than drilling it out? Anyone think a left hand drill bit might do it?
Thanks for any clues.

Instead of heat, try freezing it.

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