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Post #665 Explains ACDC rules Posted by alveolus (3 years ago)

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#1427 1 year ago

Picking up a premium vault next weekend. Anything I should check when setting it up, or common tweaks needed right out of the box?

Can’t wait!!

#1443 1 year ago

Does the Prem VE have the same sound system in it? I have an external sub I plan to hook up to mine, but wanted to upgrade all the speakers so that I can hopefully match the increase in quality of bass with better mids and highs too.

From my research:

the backbox speakers are 4" and the cabinet speaker is 12" ?


#1446 1 year ago
Quoted from Kawydud:

I believe the cabinet speaker is smaller on the VE compared to the originals. The originals had a very nice sub installed.

Thanks so the external sub may be more necessary now instead of just adding an amp to the stock cab sub.

#1451 1 year ago
Quoted from the_one:

Are there rumors regarding a new code update?


#1453 1 year ago

It looks like pinsound is not compatible with stern SAM games? Anything comparable available for SAM?

#1455 1 year ago
Quoted from alveolus:

Have the Pinsound guys given up on SAM?

No idea. Just went to their website and SAM is not available. Not well versed in their stuff.

#1460 1 year ago
Quoted from alveolus:

I ask them about SAM support every year at TPF. They haven’t seemed overly optimistic, but they also seemed like they weren’t planning on giving up on it.

Yeah i would love to be able to get stereo sound out of this game at some point and put a proper sound system in it.

#1463 1 year ago

Shit just got real!

90FFF2B5-74CF-4DD6-9D2C-5C223FFCDCAB (resized).jpeg
#1466 1 year ago

That’s the plan! It won’t be soon though. Gotta prep for a while.

#1468 1 year ago


97869373-AFB9-43B3-8A56-C599FC120312 (resized).jpegF9823C52-373A-46CF-99ED-D18924769582 (resized).jpeg31FF74C1-1739-44E5-9613-8EB593F2F029 (resized).jpeg46A3CC28-2CDF-4D0A-8546-C0EFAC8F8551 (resized).jpeg0AFD79FA-A6AC-4EDD-B288-AAE809A7EA69 (resized).jpeg
#1469 1 year ago

If this thing’s a lemon, I’m coming for ya RL. Haha

#1476 1 year ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

I wish you good luck and a happy new year. AC/DC is brutal. BTW, I get quite a bit of SDTM drains from the bell lane with perfect leveling. I can't help you there.

Mine gets SDTM from the bell very infrequently. More than fair imo. It’s level side to side and like 7.0 degree pitch.

Also TNT mode is my new favorite. Crazy good in music and callouts, and if you survive the dangerous shots, it’s crazy lucrative.

#1478 1 year ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

My outlines are standard and they're the drain monsters. LOTS of nudging w/this game. Shots are a little different than most Sterns I think due to flipper angles.

Agreed. The ramps are so late on the flippers and the right orbit is very tough for me to make consistently.

#1491 1 year ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

Taken at a different time of day. Same camera. Look at the speaker panel.

So taking the speaker light acrylics out was a dramatic improvement? Haha

#1494 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Take another look at the speaker panel. You will see that there is a sticker over it so it looks like a speaker with controls on top.

Oh yeah. That’s it.

#1496 1 year ago

They look cool in pictures, but close up they look cheap. Maybe the ones I saw were poorly installed, but it didn’t look good. If a mod looks stock, I’m usually on board.

#1499 1 year ago

Got my polk sub hooked up. It’s totally sweet. Favorite song so far is thunderstruck.

But man it makes me hope that pinsound figures out SAM though. It Would make this thing a rocker through and through.

1 week later
#1504 1 year ago

Anyone had success with adjusting the center drop to stop bricking so much? For now I just try and glance off the side of it when shooting the cannon, but sucks when you nail it and it bricks.

My first thought is to try and loosen the spring a bit. Anyone else have this issue and have success making it more consistent?

#1506 1 year ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Back on post #1475 I made a rather long winded (sorry, lol) explanation on how I improved the performance of all the drops on my Luci VE.

Word. I’m gonna mess with the spring a bit. The other ones on mine are fine, it just the middle one on a perfect shot from the cannon. Sucks when I have a 200mm song JP ready to collect. Haha

#1511 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Can anyone suggest why it's worth picking Highway to Hell or Hell ain't a bad place to be?
I never ever pick them.
Just seems like you get stuck on lower p/f with very little reward/low scoring?
Wish there was more reward when playing lower playfield.

It’s an easy way to boost your current song JP by 2-3 million usually. No risk of draining.

#1517 1 year ago
Quoted from bsobie:

anybody have experience with changing out some lighting? I have some lights that are blinding that I would like to change and am looking for some recommendations. Underneath both ramps are clear white bulbs that are blinding. thinking of swapping them out for some frosted, possibly color bulbs. Actually, there are several around the playfield I would like to change out. Would it hurt to go with color frosted bulbs?.. Will it affect the lighting too much? ... I do have Pinstadiums installed if that helps... Thank You for you thoughts and comments. Brock

Nope. Have at it. I would probably keep the same color though. Just get frosted bulbs. The two smd bulbs from comet are exact replacements.

#1522 1 year ago
Quoted from bsobie:

I didn’t think of that.. So do I need to use a certain bulb if these change colors?

These don’t change colors but stern put colors in specific spots so their light shows work as intended. If you change all those colors it might look bad since those aren’t the colors stern designed to be in there.

#1529 1 year ago

What’s everyone’s best song total? I can’t seem to get past 6 even if I’m trying to complete them as efficiently as possible. Encore still a long way off for me I’m afraid.

#1531 1 year ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

I got 11 out of 12 songs once... only once. I'm lucky if I get 6 most games. It's pretty brutal.

Man I bet your heart was racing that game! EBs are too hard to come by on this so if I do it it will be from a 4 ball game max.

#1538 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

encore baby! Knowing how much you enjoy GOT and Iron Throne, I can't wait to see what you think about Encore. I wont spoil anything for you but I think you will get addicted to it
For me I have to make the decision before I start. Score or Encore. If going for encore I will complete the easy songs outside of MB but for all the target based songs and the cannon song I don't even think of attempting unless I'm in MB. Get good at backhanding the left ramp on the fly and it will come sooner rather than later for you knowing your skill level.

I’ll need to become more clear on how many shots are needed to complete a mode. Seems like some need less than others.

Is it only based on the music notes you make once you light them?

So single ball modes would be:
Hell ain’t a bad place to be
Hells bells
War machine
Rock and roll train

Rest use MB to complete? So you’d have to have 7-8 MBs to complete the rest. That doesn’t seem too daunting. Just tough to put that all together on a 3-4 ball game. I’ll get it. Definitely the hardest wizard mode to get to of any game I’ve owned.

#1541 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Hope this helps. I know Bowen has a rules write-up somewhere that may help but I just don't know where it's linked anymore.

I have this saved. I’ll be sure to reference this as well.

#1548 1 year ago

Thanks for the additional tips. Just finally realized that lighting the juke box has nothing to do with that specific songs objectives.

My three major goals on this game are:

1. Get to Encore
2. Score a 300 million song JP
3. Get a billion points.

#1549 1 year ago

Just collected a 50 million song jackpot while trapped up with both flippers and firing the cannon with my chin. Haha

#1558 1 year ago
Quoted from bpull:

Hi guys, I tried searching through this thread for my answer but gave up, so I'll just ask it. Do any of you seem to break the rubbers behind the TNT targets a lot? I've replaced these things 3 times, which is 3 times more then any of the other rubbers. Any better solutions to this problem, like post sleeves?
Thanks in advance!
[quoted image]

Maybe put superbands there. They are indestructible for the most part. But some games just need to have certain high traffic rubbers replaced a lot.

#1570 1 year ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

I have Superbands. Me too.
It figures. Because it's TNT and everything. Needs FlexSeal!
[quoted image]

Yeah. Appears some areas just wear like crazy. Maybe double up the rings?

#1578 1 year ago

Starting to side with others in that the quest for encore really needs to be done with all Multiballs. Just got through 7 songs and only played the song if I was in multiball.

So ramps all day and drops when I missed.

Orbits come from starting new songs and other missed shots.

Even if you’re on a jam MB that takes 12 shots to light, safer than trying to pick off mode shots in single ball play.

#1584 1 year ago

This game is so good. Met some friends at the barcade last night. We were just trying to take over the song high scores.

Found myself in a very long ball playing hells bells. Had the base song JP up to 90mm and refused to collect until I had 3x scoring. I kept getting the cannon ready without the multipliers and vice versa. Couldn’t get them both lined up.

Ended up draining without collecting any of it.

Sucked, but just made me want to hit start again right away. Haha

#1587 1 year ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

I'm addicted to it. How does 2x and 3x get lit. Only got 3x scoring once and have no idea. Just bell all day?

Yep. Three hits to bell starts 2x. While 2x is running, if you hit it three more times, that starts 3x.

Each hit to the bell after that restarts the 3x timer.

6x is not possible. They don’t multiply with each other, they are just levels. Think GOT.

#1589 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

3x playfield combined with a 2x Super Lanes shot, during Tour and Album.

Yes. But this does not apply to the song jackpot shot.

From Bowen’s sheet:

Super Lanes should be cashed in immediately unless something huge is lined up, since it impedes progress toward FIRE. You cannot double a Song Jackpot or any Cannon shot using Super Lanes, but you can double a Song Bonus during Album or Tour Multiball. A Super Lanes inlane can also be an excellent time to use a VIP Pass, especially during _____ (spoiler).

SuperLanes:“Inlane=timed2xshot.Outlane=double/triple bonus.” After completing FIRE, one controlled lane among FIRE will flash. Go through a flashing inlane, and the next shot is doubled. Go through a flashing outlane, and bonus will be doubled (or tripled, if it was already doubled).

#1593 1 year ago
Quoted from Hawks:

Just opened my AC/DC Luci vault, started up underworld mini play field mode, only to find no ball was installed
Is this how the game is supposed to be shipped to customers?
Fortunately in my limited tool box selection, I found the correct security screw bit and removed the plastic off the mini play field, dropped a new ball in and game is fine now

instructions taped to the game under the glass. The game has an extra ball for the mini playfield. You install from the bottom, not the top.

#1594 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I wasn't sure, especially as here it says you can get 6x song jackpot.
I guess they were confused with the difference between song jackpot and song bonus?
So, you can get 6x song bonus?
Wonder how big that is potentially?

You cannot double a Song Jackpot or any Cannon shot using Super Lanes.

Quoted from Captive_Ball:

Finally made it to Encore today! Difficult to progress through it so I didn’t score many points...was a rush the last couple songs to make it. Must have done Jam MB 7-8 times.
[quoted image][quoted image]


#1601 1 year ago

What you should try to do it setup 6x shots in TNT. Hit one of those and it can be worth 7-8mm. That’s nothing to sneeze at when it also adds to the song jackpot. Way easier said than done though.

#1603 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

For Album and Tour MB, once you collect the jackpot that is associated with the tour of the song you are playing in it scores you the song jackpot (without erasing it and making you start over like collecting on the bell).

This may be where my confusion is. I thought this was an extra shot from the cannon? You qualify the song bonus at the cannon, collect it, and you still have your song jackpot to collect later at the cannon.

#1605 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

It's the same but different. The song bonus' value for collecting the jackpot associated with the tour of your song is the same as your song jackpot. Unlike the song jackpot from the bell, though, it doesn't reset once collected. So a good strategy is to collect the song bonus before the song jackpot if it's starting to get big.
I always call the song bonus the song jackpot thus where some of the confusion may be. I'm thinking the song bonus could be 6X which could get HUGE if possible.

This is definitely glass off worthy. I’ll try and test this tomorrow to clear things up if someone doesn’t beat me to it. I’d love for this to be possible though. Haha

#1609 1 year ago

6x song bonus collect explained.

Remember, at least in trying to do this with tnt, you cannot use a VIP pass to spot the shot you need. It will spot another shot unfortunately. You need to physically hit the target after the inlane.

#1615 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Sweet that it worked. Thanks for testing it. Now, I want to see you do it with the glass on
That would be a cool side tournament. Biggest song bonus collected. I guess it would require an official to watch the game though the whole time so maybe not but would be a cool challenge, if nothing else, with your friends at home.

Unless I got really lucky, I’d have to only do this with TNT.

Just played like 10 games trying it. Best I could do is 3x for 40-50 million.

Maybe get into TNT and do jam first. Use that to build up value. Then get album lit, build up 3x pf, pray super lanes is lit, then start album and collect. Haha

#1619 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I don't think I'm ever going to wrap my head around these song bonuses, it's too much math!

Just think of it this way. Every jackpot you earn in album or tour Multiball has one or more songs associated with it.

Should you be playing that song when its coresponding jackpot is earned, you immediately earn the current value of your song jackpot as a “bonus”. Best part is it doesn’t reset your song jackpot amount.

Here are the lists of jackpots and the songs that apply to them for album and tour. You can see that tnt is a very good choice to have playing during your first run at album or tour. Or both! Haha. Once again, credit to Bowen’s awesome guide.

1DDA5A56-DE2C-49A8-BB1A-C34402E937B5 (resized).pngB2D3332D-7D3F-478F-AAD8-BEF7124F66D1 (resized).png
#1622 1 year ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

So in Album Multiball, is a jackpot all of the targets in a bank to get the jackpot? then when you hit 15 full banks, you score an album cover basically?

Any bank completed is one jackpot. So start album, hit the three tnt targets and that awards you one jackpot. If you look at the chart, the first jackpot is linked to the tnt song.

So, if you’re playing tnt when you collect the first jackpot in album, you’ll get the song bonus which is the current value of your song jackpot.

#1627 1 year ago
Quoted from bpull:

Alright, I changed some things up with my rubbers, we will see how long these last and if it effects game play. I also need to order some 1" black rings for the left side of the targets and pop bumper post.
What a PIA getting these on, dam near need to take half the machine apart!
[quoted image]

From having MET and how often those post rubbers by sparky get replaced, these will shred up quick too. I would put two post rings on each stacked up. That may help.

#1630 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Agree with Chuck. I saw a mod someone did to a Star Trek they were routing to where they took a cliffy post rubber and cut them in half and put it under the rubber. That seemed to work really well for them. I may try that as well next time I replace them. I can say though that that set-up has lasted a lot longer than the other, at least for me.

Tried this move on MET and caused lots of airballs. Might be a better trick for ACDC though.

2 weeks later
#1649 1 year ago
Quoted from Toads:

Is This code very different to the latest code?

Hells bells doesn’t award bell hits with the VIP pass and scoring balances were made with that and other modes. Also added the stuff awards from collecting horns. Some of the awards aren’t complete like the Oi mania.

1 week later
#1653 1 year ago
Quoted from CTHOMAS1998:

A little late, but joining on as a new member. Purchased my brand new AC/DC Premium Vault in January. Something I don't understand is the scoring in this new system. I have 2 other pin, the newest is 1992. I reset the high scores when the machine arrived, simply because I didn't want to see ABC as the top scorer. Anyway, back to AC/DC. Im the top scorer in a specific song. Even though I beat that score when playing on a specific song, it doesn't recognize that and show he as top score for that song. Do I have a setting wrong? Thanks for your help.

Song jackpots do not effect your mode score. Only made lit mode shots do. If I’m going for a song high score, just play that song over and over again in the same game.

#1656 1 year ago
Quoted from CTHOMAS1998:

Thanks chuckwurt , but what's happening is this. Let's say the Hell's Bells High Score Champ is myself with 16 Million points. I start a game, and select Hell's Bells for the starting song, and keep it Hell's Bells thru the entire game. I finish the game, and my final score is say 32 million points. Shouldn't that 32 mil replace the 16 mil champ?

Not necessarily because your 32 million points weren’t earned with hell’s bells shots. You could go that whole game without getting many hells bells points at all if you never hit the bell.

#1662 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

What do the cannon inserts signify?
How do the horns / Oi mania rules work. I understand that Oi does not function but I’m trying to understand how it’s qualified.

Collect lit horns inserts around the playfield and eventually the juke box lights up. Oi mania is one of those awards. Like the 3 or 4th one.

#1667 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I'm kind of one the cliff edge of selling my game again. I was there last year and then an update came out. But, sometimes finances get in the way of having fun... I don't want to sell it.... I hate this.

Easy choice. Sell Metallica instead. Haha

3 weeks later
#1705 1 year ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Is there a way to set the machine up to play music, when not playing a game?

Hold the right flipper button in during attract mode.

#1716 1 year ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

This game has the best rules and code that I've ever played. I'm never sure if I want to try X2 or X3 score value, by hitting the bell and then shoot for the cannon. When I actually do that and shoot the lightning, it's awesome. When I fail, it makes me want to come back for more or go bigger. Great game! It used to just piss me off in the pincade. You don't realize how good this pinball machine is, till you own it.

For me I knew all along. I played the hell out of this on location for years until I owned it. It I will say, it’s even better than I expected from owning it at home. Finding all kinds of awesome stuff about it that I didn’t know before.

#1722 1 year ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

I actually found that prior. Right now just playing to familiarize myself before reading the rules. A little bit easier to comprehend the rules for me once I'm acquainted with the PF.
Going thru all the posts on this thread. Lot's to learn!

Posted this in the wrong thread. Haha

Going live tonight on ACDC premium at 9pm eastern. I know some were wondering about some of the rules. If you want to tune in, I would be happy to help clear any confusion if I can!

#1725 1 year ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

On the 'to do' watch list! Thanks!

My past few streams have been on ACDC so check them all out. Might learn something you didn’t know about before.

#1728 1 year ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

but I get the impression there's a lot of interaction between rules or maybe just a lot of goals to achieve all at the same time.

Lots to achieve at the same time is a perfect way to look at it. You’re always working to that next big collect, MB, song. And you’re always using one or multiple of those to help get to the other. So many ways to play it and dive in.

#1729 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I find it hard enough to just keep the ball alive long enough to get too far into the rules. I notice on most of these are people holding the ball on the flipper every shot, that is such a boring way to play.

You definitely need to slow it down if you’re missing. But once you make a shot, it’s best to keep the combos rolling.

#1732 1 year ago

Hey everyone. I am getting a ball hang up right under the right controlled gate above the top lanes. It does not happen often, but will happen every so often. My tilt is tight, so no shaking it loose without tilting. Anyone have this issue and have a fix? My first thought is put a smaller rubber on that post it's resting on. the gate itself is not holding it there as when the game ball searches, the gate opens, and the ball doesn't move.


#1734 1 year ago

Yep. Gets stuck right there. I’m thinking if I make that rubber smaller, it may not be able to come to rest there. I think it’s resting on the right side of the rubber on the wire guide.

#1736 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Yes I have that issue occasionally. It gets stuck on the gate itself, I don't see that it is resting on anything. It started after I raised the right side a bit to prevent the SDTM drains from the bell area.It doesn't happen very often, but seems to happen at the worst time when it does.

I think I’ve seen the actual gate when closing punch the ball, stopping it initially. But then during ball search, and the gate opens, the ball just sits there. So I’m hoping I can find a way to have the ball roll free once the gate opens.

#1738 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

my first thought is to try to change the pitch of the game, I'm at 7.2. You also might try raising the left leg a couple of turns to get the ball to tilt toward the right so it doesn't stick there.

K. That’s my next step after the rubber swap.

Mines at at least 7.2 incline. Bubble is off the charts. Haha

#1740 1 year ago
Quoted from JTreds:

nudge the game at the top right corner (grab the top portion of the game and shake it lightly so you dont tilt). The tilt bob is in the bottom left corner of the game so the likelyhood of tilting is much lower. This also happens on my pro occasionally that is set up quite steep

That’s what I currently try. Haven’t had success getting it loose with any less than one danger. Haha

#1742 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

By any chance have you removed that lane guide? I ask because the top and bottom are different. I always get it mixed up but I believe the top is the more oval shape and the bottom is the round shape. the same size rubber goes on both ends but one is slightly larger. If you put it back on upside down it could change that gap there and allow the ball to sit in that spot. It's worth a look at least.

That could be because mine definitely had balls also get stuck when traveling through that far right lane up top. I put a smaller rubber on the bottom to stop that, but maybe the top needs to be messed with too. I’ll report back as soon as I can look at it.

#1756 1 year ago

I’m about to embark on installing a Pinwoofer kit and backbox amp in my game. I’ll report back as soon as I can!

1 week later
#1768 1 year ago
Quoted from Cyrus:

Apologies because I know this question is covered someplace—but I can’t find it. I have a Prem VE. Is there any way to stop the songs from re-starting at the beginning after a drain? I don’t see anything in settings so assuming its a moot point, but it’s annoying as hell. Not an issue with my other music pins.

The rules of the game don’t work like that. Once you pick a song you are in that song mode until you light another song to play, or your game ends.

So as Ritchie would say, “play better!”

#1770 1 year ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Other music pins have “song markers” that pick up the song where it left off at the time of drain. ACDC is the first Stern Music pin and when they programmed it, No one thought to do that.

Wait so in Metallica when you pick a song and drain, the song pauses and starts from that point on ball two? Same with Aerosmith and KISS?

#1773 1 year ago

Very interesting. I swore it always started over. Maiden lets you pick a new song each ball. So if you stayed with the same song it would pick up where you left off?

1 week later
#1791 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

Just joined the club...picked up a LTBR. My lower playfield is cloudy; any remedies?[quoted image]

Congrats! I think a new playfield is your only option.

#1824 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I think he was just referring to the song itself, not the jackpot.

Quoted from mountaingamer:

if it would just continue the song and jackpot at a drain

#1831 1 year ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

AC/DC Premium Guru's:
Simple question. I replaced the rubbers on the lower PF. Removed the plastic from the main PF, did the maintenance, and was reinstalling plastic...curious as to what people consider the proper tightness of the hex screws that hold the plastic PF in place should be set at. I initially tried to adjust tightness so the plastic was level to the PF. But it seems the wood edge has an ever so subtle bevel. So I was concerned if I try to level the plastic to the PF, it would allow an very minute amount to plastic edge be exposed. A slight screw tighten lines up the plastic to the bevel, but now the subtle difference is now present between the PF top and the top plastic.
See below. Blue if PF, red is plastic PF.
Probably nit-picking but would like to have it set to the factory specs. Which one is correct? I went with the plastic PF slightly lower to protect the edges.
[quoted image]

I set mine to be even with the playfield. Not the bevel. It should feel smooth when running your fingers over the edge.

#1839 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

What’s the best song to pick for tournament play?

Depends on your play style and what you’re trying to accomplish. But when you’re starting out, can’t go wrong with Rosie all day.

Or rock n roll train. That requires a left ramp to right ramp/right orbit/or right target bank combo to light all the shots, as opposed to just rolling through a top lane for Rosie. But you’re going to want ramps anyway to get to jam, so should not be a problem getting song shots lit on this one.

Hells bells isn’t a bad choice either as it forces you to go after the bell to light all the shots. Dangerous, but also forces you to get your playfield multiplier as every three starts/increases the playfield multiplier.

But the biggest key to tournament play is fully understanding how the song jackpots work and when/how to collect them.

#1841 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Thank you, I’ll go with Rosie. Do song jackpots grow exponentially? I’d not, is there a reason to let the song jackpot grow instead of just cashing it in?

Again, depends on the situation. Do you need 10mm or 100mm?

The song jackpot grows with each made mode shot until you drain or collect it. The collect is affected by the pf multipliers too.

#1843 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I’d probably like 30-40MM.
For example, if I choose Rosie and make 24 shots to grow the song jackpot, will the total amounts be equal if I collect the song jackpot once after 24 shots or three times after 8 shots?

Too hard to tell. You can always check the current value of your song jackpot in instant info. Then you can decide whether to cash in that current value, build it up more, or go for playfield multipliers to get you that extra value.

If you have a good long Multiball and you’re hitting your shots, it’s pretty reasonable to expect your song jackpot with Rosie to be in the 10-15mm range without a playfield multiplier.

#1845 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

chuckwurt thanks for your help. Sounds like the best strategy is to pick Rosie and then play well.

That’s should do!

#1848 1 year ago

I’m almost positive there is no exponential growth to the song jackpots. Each mode contributes in its own way to the song JP. Some take longer to build up and are safer (Rosie) some build up crazy fast but are crazy risky (TNT).

This is very dependent on game setup too. Some can loop that left ramp with back hands and get back into jam, others you can’t.

It’s always best to know exactly how far you’re away from the next MB, or song jackpot collect.

#1850 1 year ago
Quoted from jester523:

Speaking of jackpots, I just had a 60m song jackpot, with 3x multiplier (180m) hit the target squarely and bounce right off. I almost cried.

If I had a nickel for every time this has happened on my game or any other number of premiums, I’d have about 2 bucks.

It was nice not having to worry about this issue on the pro I played recently.

1 week later
#1856 1 year ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Am I the only one who thinks AC/DC pinball is better than Metallica?

It’s not even close imo. ACDC is far superior. Even with the newest code, MET is a lumberjack’s dream game.

#1858 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Agreed. I really want to like Metallica as I like the band and art better than ACDC but the game feels like chopping wood and doesn't have the excitement and smooth layout of ACDC.

Yeah I’m just not a huge Borg fan. I tend to struggle with his layouts. TWD was so well done all around though. And it’s a dream theme for me. So that one gets a pass. Haha

2 weeks later
#1872 1 year ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Just got 120,000,000+ for a cannon jackpot. I was on Hells Bells x 3 playfield multiplier. That's my highest so far. What's yours?

Haven’t touched that on my NIB I just got. But on location I’ve had over 200. My ultimate goal is 300. I’ve had it set up a couple times, but never cashed in. Current code too. Before I’m sure that was totally attainable with Hells Bells.

#1874 1 year ago

It’s funny. I’ve never broken 400 million for a game but I’ve been one shot away from getting 300 million on one shot. Haha

#1880 12 months ago

I have a vault with sockets. I have taken the bulbs out as I couldn’t get them to stay in.

2 weeks later
#1897 11 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Hi There
I’ve got a Luci and the lower playfield flippers at not working correctly.The right lower flipper returns too slow when fired,I shortened flipper return spring and that helped a lot.Any recommendations to improve performance

The return spring was most likely fine. Need to look at the coil sleeve and the coil stop and the bushing. Some or all may need to be replaced.

#1899 11 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Thanks for quick response,this is first Stern,do they use the same sleeves as B/W?

Possibly. Just need to make sure the length is right. All coil sleeve are the same diameter.

2 weeks later
#1920 10 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Seems like a bug with the Hold Bonus in the new code? On final ball it doesn't give it.
Anyone noticed this?

If it gives it, it’s not obvious. Not sure if Lyman intends you to get bonus twice on the final ball or not, but it’s hard to tell even if you do get it.

#1922 10 months ago
Quoted from ezatnova:

When you say “give it”, you don’t mean that you expected to earn the bonus value, right? Just to clarify, hold bonus just means you don’t start building it up from zero again on the next ball. You still have to earn it like normal.

I think he’s talking about earning gold bonus on the final ball. Most of the time if a game has hold bonus and you earn it on your final ball, the bonus will count down twice in a row since there is no next ball to apply the award to.

I don’t think ACDC currently does this if you get hold bonus on your final ball.

1 month later
#1947 9 months ago
Quoted from Crunch:

What color lightning bolts look the best yellow, white or blue?

I like the stock ones best.

#1950 9 months ago
Quoted from Crunch:

stock ones?

Yeah. The ones that come with the game.

#1973 9 months ago

Encore is making me so angry. Backed off on my crazy tight tilt too. Still can’t get past 4-5 songs regularly and 7-8 if I have an amazing game.

I fear this is another wizard mode that will allude me forever.

Not to mention it’s so hard to get one EB, let alone two which I would need to do this I bet.

#1975 9 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Playing songs just to finish as quickly as possible isn't very fun either.

I agree. The journey to encore isn’t that fun. If I’m specifically going for encore, the fun level drops drastically.

Switch to GOT. The journey to IT is loads of fun, and the experience to get there is different every time.

Dare I say it I might like the journey to Royal Rumble in WWF more. Haha

#1978 9 months ago
Quoted from mymalibu:

Chucky,don't beat yourself up over it, soften the rules abit and that will get you to encore,and you can steadily make it harder as you improve, it worked for me,just a thought...

Right now the only way I’m getting there is 10 ball. I’m not that desperate yet. Haha

1 week later
#2000 9 months ago
Quoted from ezatnova:

The way it was written makes no sense, but I’m guessing he meant change the settings to have 5 balls per game rather than 3?

That’s the same as putting it on 10 ball for me. I’m not there yet. Haha

1 month later
#2124 7 months ago

I use a tapered post Rubber with the fat part at the bottom.

#2132 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

Checked all the connections around the targets and issue was resolved, thanks!
Next issue, when you hit down the three TNT targets and hit the circle target, nothing happens. I think it should get the TNT leaver to go down. Three targets won’t reset until the next ball. Any ideas? I plan to do a coil test tonight, see it the TNT plunger is working ok. Maybe another loose connection on transport? Thanks for the help. Jim

Does anything happen when you hit the center target? Do the music note shots light up?

#2134 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

I don’t see anything happening w the center target. Thanks.

Then the switch isn’t registering. It helps to understand what to expect the game to do when diagnosing.

When in TNT, you need to hit down all three TNT drops. Once you do that the center spot target will light up with a flashing music note insert in front of it. Once you hit that, all the 5 main shot music notes will light up on the playfield.

Check the center target switch first. Sounds like that’s your issue.

#2137 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

Thanks for the details. Would it possibly be a loose wire or connection? What should I be looking for?

The target will be attached to a leaf switch like this. Make sure when you press the target face towards the back of the game, the leaves are touching. Put the game into switch test while you do this to be sure it’s working or not. You probably just need to adjust the leaves of the switch to be closer together.

2FC9236F-4151-455D-8868-10D204A384A7 (resized).jpeg
#2140 7 months ago

Welcome! You’ve just purchased one of the best games ever made. Enjoy!!

#2151 7 months ago
Quoted from PinWoofer:

Let me know if you have interest - I ordered a few of these twelve's and have already cut extra interposers (the interposer is vital when adding power because it prevents the cone from slapping the cabinet floor).

Do you make these interposers for the cabinet speaker for the VE? I cannot remember if it’s 8” or 10”. I think it’s 8”.

#2162 7 months ago
Quoted from Mach5Amps:

OR your stuff's pretty good.

This. I was one of the first adopters of Pinwoofer. I wanted a way to add amplifiers to the cabinet speaker and the backbox speakers. Adding new better speaker does nothing if you don’t have power to drive them. Dan’s stuff fixes that. Super easy to install if you take your time and follow the instructions. Having the two amplifiers allows you to get the mix right perfectly. I don’t think there are better games to put these in than the music pins.

#2169 7 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

IIRC that led isn't a normal led, it's a flashing led or something so replacing it with a normal led won't work. I swear that was talked about somewhere in this thread dozen pages back or so.

The single blue led in the nose of the train is a standard LED. It’s not a flasher. It’s lamp #32 in lamp test. Isn’t part of the flasher test.

#2177 7 months ago
Quoted from Mach5Amps:

Order placed! Can't wait to hear it. Now, to call about my machine. Still haven't heard anything about delivery timing...
I said I was going slow, but given I don't even have my pin yet:
1. Lighted speakers
2. Speaker insert thingies
3. Replacement Lightning Bolts
4. Topper
5. PinWoofer Powered Super Kit
What the heck has gotten into me?!?!?

No idea. Haha. First thing I did when i got my AC/DC was play it.

#2197 7 months ago

Unfortunately there isn’t a guide for them. You’ll need to select one, then go through the settings and see what’s been changed from factory.

#2204 7 months ago
Quoted from Mach5Amps:

Just got the call from the freight company!!! Delivery tomorrow! Oooooooooo, I'm excited.
Just scheduled a vacation day. It's curbside delivery, so I gotta hand truck it from the curb to the basement, then set it up, then, what?
Other than just unboxing and setting it up, any pointers on initial check-out or whatever? First timer, here...

Inspect the balls closely. If rusted, or pitted, replace immediately. Can polish them up too to get any residue off them. One ball is for the mini playfield. You’ll need to remove 4 screws and take a bracket off to get the ball in there. Follow the instructions that should be with the game.

After you play for a bit the ball attached to the bell may work its way loose and drag the playfield. You’ll need to retighten it really good to get it to stay. Just screws on, but kinda hard to get the leverage you’ll really need to tighten it.

#2206 7 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Order Ball Barons Balls ASAP. Toss those away and never look back.

No reason to do that if they are good.

#2208 7 months ago
Quoted from Mach5Amps:

Great, thanks for the suggestions.
Think it's worth being preemptive, and just throw some LocTite on the bell's ball's threads while I'm doing initial set-up? Or would that be bad for some reason?

No reason for that ball to every come loose so I’d go ahead. Blue can be removed anyway so have at it.

#2215 7 months ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

Display help. Does anyone know what might cause the vertical line in the display?
I checked connectors and everything looks like it is seated properly.[quoted image]

Bad dmd. Contact distro and see if they will replace under warranty.

1 week later
#2232 7 months ago

Put the game in switch test before anything else to see if the lockbar button is stuck closed. Does the ball launch right away at the start of a ball? I’m not sure what would cause the cannon to fire right away outside of the lockbar button.

#2243 7 months ago

Seems most settle in the 6000-6500 range in this area.

#2246 7 months ago

Pinwoofer is pretty badass. Adds two amps to the game. One for backbox speakers and one for the cabinet sub. Then you can update all the speakers in the game and really crank it up. Worth looking into.

#2248 7 months ago
Quoted from RGAires:

One of my favorite bands of all time

I couldn’t care less about ACDC at first as a band. But fell in love with this game and now I like their music a lot.

#2274 7 months ago

The plunger for the TNT will only do anything during TNT mode.

2 weeks later
#2330 6 months ago

Damn!! So close. I’m still stuck at 8-9 songs. So hard. I watched a stream the other day where a player could trap after a made ramp and backhand the ramp over and over. Too bad my game isn’t setup like that. I would’ve made encore 10 times over by now! Haha

#2332 6 months ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

I saw the same video. I can't do that either. I was like, man, what's up this???

I think the flippers probably we’re traveling a bit too high and probably had super bands on them which slow the ball down. But I couldn’t comprehend it either. Haha

#2336 6 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Anybody have suggestions on replacing the big bulbs behind and under the ramps with led bulbs? Also which ones work best behind lightning bolts? My premium is an original run and still uses those incandescents. Was curious what vaults have there.

Vaults have red 8smd flashers under the ramps and tower flashers behind the lightning bolts. Mine kept popping out so I took them out of the game.

1 week later
#2361 5 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

So after reading this I tried a couple games. My A in axe is always blue when playing Rosie. Other two are pink. I was assuming the blue was significant, but maybe it's a bad light?

Bad light.

#2366 5 months ago
Quoted from RobF:

I was under the impression that during Hell's Bells, using a VIP award to activated it. I am not seeing this.

It spots a bell hit. It doesn’t physically move the bell. I believe the purpose of the magnet is to stop the bell from swinging. Could be wrong though.

#2369 5 months ago

It spots a hit to the bell for the mode only. It doesn’t spot a bell hit towards playfield X.

#2377 5 months ago

For those with the premium vault, did you remove the lower playfield it take the playfield window off to clean down there and the clean the window? I’m afraid the window will be a pain in the ass to relevel if I take that off.


#2380 5 months ago
Quoted from 85vett:

If yours is nice and level now, I'd just remove it from the bottom. It's only 4 screws and something like 5-6 wire harness connections. Takes about the same amount of time but re-leveling wont be in the mix anymore.

Sweet. Thanks dude.

#2382 5 months ago
Quoted from RobF:

I also confirmed VIP pass during Hell's Bells does advance the pf multiplier count.

Really? I’ve never been able to do this on the new code even if I’m one bell hit away from pf x. I have to physically hit the bell.

#2384 5 months ago
Quoted from RobF:

Yep, unless I did something dumb and wasn't paying attention. Give it a try.

I have. Lots of times. Haha

#2391 5 months ago
Quoted from RobF:

Well damn. I'll have to double check my work. It's possible I only used it for the first and second bell hit, not the third.

I think what we’re getting at is it won’t count as any of your PF x progress. So you could get 6 vip passes saved up, use them all and never light 2x or 3x. 3 actual bell hits are required to start 2x pf and so on. I’ve tried this a lot. Haha. Unless I’m missing something here I believe this was the whole purpose of the most recent update. To take it out of the equation.

#2393 5 months ago

Ok glass off confirmed. No amount of vip passes in any capacity will work you towards playfield x in any way. Stuff award is an exception. Other than that, have to physically hit the bell.

1 month later
#2451 4 months ago

Gonna have to be more specific. Which scoop or scoops aren’t working? There are three. Two upper and one lower.

The playfield light issue is probably a connector under the playfield. Check for loose connections down there.

#2453 4 months ago
Quoted from MJW:

How did that lit target mod work out?

Great! Thanks again.

#2455 4 months ago
Quoted from Humph:

I believe it is the right orbit shot into the scoop that changes the songs at the very top.

Put the game into switch test and place the ball in there. Does it register? If not, switch issue.

#2471 4 months ago
Quoted from ezatnova:

I think there is some sort of bonus or something if you hit all three whole banks, AC⚡️DC TNT and ROCK left to right, which is pretty much impossible lol

Close. You get a bonus for hitting multiple banks on one shot, not completing all of them in one shot. You’re right. That’s impossible. Haha. But let’s say you’re in album MB and only have one target left on all banks, totally possible to finish all of them while super targets is running for a big payoff.

Super Targets: “Target bank combos active. 2x second bank, 3x third bank.” If you hit two or three different target banks with the same shot, the second hit is worth double, and the third hit is worth triple. This can be significant in the target bank songs, and is especially beneficial in Album Multiball, where it can award a 2x or 3x Song Bonus.

#2474 4 months ago

No bonuses for what you’re talking about.

1 week later
#2478 4 months ago

About to leave the club! Looks like encore will elude me forever.

Going to trade mine towards a STH LE. It was fun while it lasted though! This is still one of the best games I’ve ever played. Surprised I got 2k games on this thing in just over a year.

#2480 4 months ago

Yeah hard to get rid of this but I ain’t buying a LE straight out. Had to sell a few games and I don’t have a lot of high value games. It was this or GOT. Never selling that.

Good thing is these things are everywhere so I won’t have any issues getting my fix.

#2486 4 months ago

Yeah that stinks. And funny I’m trading this game for a game that has 12 modes and has wizard modes after 4,6,8,12. I feel like ACDC could’ve benefited from something similar to break up the long path to encore.

2 months later
#2525 49 days ago

Also be absolutely certain the EOS switches are making good contact. I’ve had even new ones not make good contact. Use the switch test to see if they are fostering every time.

#2527 48 days ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

So, I was just wondering what happens if you complete tour, jam and album multiballs in the same game?
Never done it of course.

What do you mean complete them?

#2529 48 days ago

Ok yeah. Pretty hard to get a SJP in all three in one game. Takes like 15-16 jackpots in each to even light the SJP at the bell.

I don’t think there’s anything that happens if you were to do that though.

#2532 47 days ago
Quoted from Olaa:

What else can it be??

Not sure. Sorry you’re having issues.

1 month later
#2579 11 days ago

Wouldn’t length of the ramp be the main factor of its travel time? If you replaced the ramps on ACDC with metal would it really be that much faster?

Now if you’re talking specifically at the very end where it drops to the playfield you can put something to bridge the gap from the rebound rubber to the opening in the ramp. This should shoot the balk directly to the inlane instead of it bouncing off the rebound rubber, coming back and then dropping to the inlane.

#2583 10 days ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Yea, it’s the actual end of the ramp I’m talking about. The ball travels so fast on plastic ramps, their return nubs aren’t good enough to give a quick return to the inland. Metal wire form ramps can handle the momentum much smoother. I’ve tried adding drop dead ball foam to the rebound rubber to bridge that gap but the speed of the ball is too much. I don’t think I’ve tried doubling up the foam, maybe I’ll give that a shot.

Not talking about doubling up the foam. My friend put some lexan in the ramp returns of his tron and the ball shoots through to the inlanes now. It covers the entire gap from the rebound rubber to the whole that the ball drops into, so there’s no where for the ball to go but down.

#2593 4 days ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Any loud sound would work

How about the loud explosion and massive font with your score only on the screen? It’s pretty hard to miss currently. Haha

#2598 4 days ago

Switch isn’t always registering. Get in there and adjust that switch to be more sensitive.

#2602 4 days ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

So, there is a loud explosion?

Yep it’s amazing. And a callout from Ritchie too congratulating you for collecting it too.

#2607 4 days ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

No Ritchie call out.

Try again. Haha. Make sure you actually have a song jackpot ready. If you miss Ritchie rips on your too. Maybe make sure the insult setting is turned all the way up.

Not sure what to tell you. It’s there. Haha

Tell me this. What does your game do when you collect a song jackpot? Nothing?

Start watching at 10:30. I collect a song JP. Explosion followed by Ritchie saying great shot.

#2610 4 days ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Thanks - link to your video?
Ok, maybe a misunderstanding.
When getting a SJ there is an explosion and Steve says fantastic.
When collected as an extra award in Album MB, there is nothing.
That's what I was hoping could be changed. Explosion and a fantastic!

I gotcha. That’s called a song bonus. That’s why I misunderstood. Yeah that can be improved for sure.

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