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Pinball-Browser : Customize your game !

By oga83

8 years ago

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Post #1 Description of capabilities and download link. Posted by oga83 (8 years ago)

Post #600 How to find the names of the lamp matrix locations. Posted by oga83 (8 years ago)

Post #858 Video on how to replace a song. Posted by Underspin (8 years ago)

Post #1432 Macro function explained. Posted by oga83 (7 years ago)

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#919 7 years ago

Wanted to try out this awesome tool. Downloaded V3.00 and put facebook.dll and pinballbrowser.exe in same directory. Starts up fine, can search for text and replace. However, sound is a totally different story

If I select a sound (for instance request 308) and push play I hear nothing. If I click again than often the program just freezes for some time and does nothing. When it works again I can push Stop. I assume that during this waiting time? it extracts the song from the binfile?

Using W7 and ACDCLE 1.65 bin.

What am I doing wrong?? And yes, I checked if my sound on PC was really working with other programs

Thanks for any help

#927 7 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Try to export and play the file with your default media player (double click on the exported file).
If the sound does not play, you probably have a codec issue on your pc (we'll try to fix it if it's confirmed).
The delay you are talking about is related to sound decompression. It's only noticeable on large sounds.

Thanks Dug for the test. I can't do it until next week...

When I export the soundfile and doubleclik on it it plays fine, only when I push play in the pinballbrowser menu the button switches from play->stop but no sound

When I select the very first sound (which is a very short one) and tick the autoplay box it will go (without sound) to the next one and than the program will no longer respond for at least 30 seconds (where the sound is <1 sec) befor it jumpt to the next one. This all without sound.

Guess I should try it on another computer or any further hints?

3 months later
#1260 7 years ago
Quoted from digitalbytes:

Awesome. If anyone here is using this app and has not tossed this man a few bucks for his effort you really should. Building and maintaining software like this is no simple task and he keeps the updates flowing.
Thanks Oga.

Correct. Money sent

#1263 7 years ago
Quoted from KindOfRadNow:

Way to break your own program. Since switching to begware now NO SOUNDS can be imported, not even 24khz wav files!
(Audacity says they're 24khz mono wav files, your program says they're not and that I need a license. GOOD JOB! Er, not.)

I bought a license but prior to receiving that license I did a job on ST PRO and was able to import with the free version 24K wav files and worked fine on ST PRO. So have to disagree with these findings.

And yes, the developer deserves some financial credit for all his excellent work so just make a donation if this solves your problem. This also will encourage Oga to keep on developing which is also good for you

#1265 7 years ago

The version I used was downloaded last Saturday and was rel 351

1 month later
#1321 7 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

How long does it take I get a license? I donated a week ago and never heard back. Had to use an old version to get my job done.

That's strange. Got a reply from oga within a day. Perhaps he is on holiday, drop him a PM would be my advice

3 months later
#1467 7 years ago
Quoted from Nemesis:

Has anyone put a sound package for Batman Dark Knight? I am thinking about doing one myself now... Is there a guide or read me on how to use the tool properly?

Not made by me :

6 months later
#1688 6 years ago

Great work, thanks !!

The best just got better

5 months later
#1811 6 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Would it be possible to remove the following songs from Rolling Stones le and add these?
Love is strong
Hand of fate
Rain fell down
When the whip comes down
Remove Possibly
you got me rocking
Paint it black
Gimme shelter
Can't you here me knocking
Add Possibly
Tumbling dice or Miss you
Thanks for the help, me buying this game sort of hinges on this.

Don't know the songs but see no reason why not. Only if replacement song is shorter you will have a silence.

You can even try it without buying the RSLE. Download the firmware from stern website, open PB and see if you can make it Happen

4 weeks later
#1911 6 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Importing sounds and songs into the code also is a copyright issue, so that doesn't seem a valid reason to remove exporting.

I am not a lawyer if if I have bought the CD with the music on it am I than not allowed to make a copy of it for personal use?

3 months later
#1997 5 years ago
Quoted from Mando:

Has this always been restricted to song less than 10 seconds if not registered? I made a rom before with long songs, so wondering if I registered it and just used a different machine or if this used to not be a restriction ? I don't mind paying, just making sure

Can tell you from experience that the licensecode is linked to the PC

#2005 5 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Same here. I paid for the license but I'm on a different computer and it doesn't seem to work. I emailed Olivier for resolution.
I certainly don't mind paying again, just want to be sure.

Licensecode is linked to the PC. So if you install it on another PC (or you upgraded for instance W7 to W10 like I did) you will need a new licensecode from Olivier

4 months later
#2150 5 years ago
Quoted from the_barto:

I think the side-chanel option can not be done with my software, I use dmd led rgb cable that works with direct data from the plate sam.
I'll look like I can minimize this
Thank you

If you are stating here you are using a pin2dmd rgb led display you are correct, no side channel possible. Side channel only works with total smartdmd solution with raspberry pi

3 weeks later
#2153 5 years ago

I heard that with rel 179 apparently the sidechannel doesn't work anymore so think this is related. Don't know any details, just heard some side info

1 month later
#2179 5 years ago
Quoted from CourtneyBlush:

Has anyone already coloured a Flintstones please?

You can't color a flinstones unfortunately, only stern SAM games.

The only thing you can do with a flinstones is a fixed colorpalet for all scenes

4 months later
#2255 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinhunter:

Hi all, I am trying to colourise acdc, i have a pin2dmd so i am colouring for rgb.
With the palette choice i have the following.
smart dmd
is there any way to create my own so i can pick from the drop down list.
I have played with the smartdmd option but these do not come up on the display page.
Is there a tutorial on colouring sam roms.
any help appreciated.

There is a macro for smartdmd available which makes AC/DC fully colorized. So no need to do the work all over again. Is made by pinball mike d. Contact him to ask for the macro, run it with in-frame coloring enabled, flash the AC/DC firmware and enjoy.

See also

9 months later
#2459 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Has anyone done a video showing how to change out songs on games? I want to change a few on my KISS pro.
Is it right have to find songs that are same length? How close in seconds i.e if a song is 3.05 and replacement is 3.10, is that too long?

If the replacement is longer it will just cut of at the 3.05 mark. If replacement is shorter you will have silence at the end.

2 months later
#2564 3 years ago

For those wanting the pinballmiked acdc macro sent me a PM with your Mailadress. I still have it and it’s not messed up. Are you guys using the right Smartdmd.txt file?

1 month later
#2723 3 years ago

In another thread Kapsreiter is reporting that his AC/DC was no longer booting after updating with PB. That’s why he looked for the original firmware.

Anyone else having same issue, eg a new release like 6.31 is required??

In any case, my advise is to first backup the firmware on your AC/DC on usb prior to updating.

#2725 3 years ago
Quoted from wiggy07:

Backing up the SD card.
» YouTube video

Thanks but AC/DC is a SAM system and you video is for Spike. Backup can go via the service menu on an USB stick.

#2728 3 years ago
Quoted from jesperpark:

I had no issues booting with AC/DC 1.70 after using Pinball browser 6.30.

Did you only exchange songs or also use it in combo with a smartdmd and or mikeD displaymod?

#2729 3 years ago

Opened ACDC 170 today to have a look at it.

Tried to run MikeD marco for Smartdmd (as it also contains the comm patch it also helps with the display mod). Got an error message when running the macro, clearly items have moved around. For instance picture at 0XB7 is now at 0XC8. Tried ShiftId,0,0XB7,0XC8 but got an error message at that one.

Afraid that this is above my capacities , how is best way to compare the 2 images? As I leave the sound alone,just Smartdmd, I assume I only have to worry about the location of the animations and where music/callouts are located is of no interest to me?

1 month later
#2778 3 years ago
Quoted from Petar2:

Hi, I'm trying to install a pin2dmd in my SMVE pinball. I unloaded the rom from the Stern page, applied the diff patch of sharkky with vpucolorROMpatch_v0.01.
I put the .bin file in a usb memory and try the update
At the end of the update, I get error code 7.
Can someone help me fix this?
thanks and regards

I was looking into pin2dmd with PB as well yesterday for a friends SMVE m. As far as I understand the European SMVE has a little more code (or less free memory) and it doesn’t fit anymore in the memory hence error 7.

Can only hope Oga finds a way to free up some memory which makes the patched code fit. Work in progress I hope so

#2780 3 years ago

That’s interesting. If the pin still plays well perhaps we are lucky. Are you seeing different shades of red? As coloring is different even in just the standard red you should see changes compared to the standard firmware.

Keep us informed pls when you have received the pin2dmd shield

1 month later
#2803 3 years ago
Quoted from jorro:

Been changing some sounds on my POTC , and was wondering has anyone tried changing the graphics on POTC?

Changing out graphics not but there is a smartdmd macro for potc.

3 months later
#2831 3 years ago
Quoted from Coolpinballdino:

Just started using pin browser for the first time on my Metallica I am a bit confused on this part. Example I change unforgiven to four horseman do I have the change the DMD animations to say four horseman or will it change by itself.

You have to change yourself

1 month later
#2883 3 years ago

You can adjust via settings in the Smartdmd.txt. Just run PB and get to the Smartdmd tab. There you can fiddle with settings to get this done.

1 year later
#3790 1 year ago
Quoted from lucky1:

Did you read this https://pin2dmd.com/pinball-browser/ ?
You need a serial cable to make pin2dmd detect the palette switches created with pinball browser.

Dear lucky1

Are you stating here that the in-frame coloring technique smartdmd also has doesn’t work with pin2dmd?

2 months later
#3913 1 year ago

Playing a macro requires much less skill as making the changes.

Biggest problem here I think is that when a macro let’s say changes out a song. The macro is than told to look in a certain folder for a file-song called ..... In order to play the macro correctly you should have in a same folder the same named file-song.

Legally I understand this fully (you should own the IP material) but having this work in practice can be a challenge I am afraid of.

Or am I missing something?

6 months later
#4395 9 months ago
Quoted from Phantasize:

Was it ever concluded that there was an error with the encoding / sound volumes? Some people mentioned the latest version resulted in really low volumes on all replaced sounds.
I am getting ready to purchase PB for use on my Deadpool and Ghostbusters. And perhaps even TMNT even though that is all 1 minute loops
But i would hate to buy the software only to find out i cannot use it for my machines

You pay easily 20K for 3 pinballs and than worry about eur 20 for the greatest software package ever existed for pinballs??

3 weeks later
#4445 8 months ago
Quoted from adam12hicks:

Hi guys! Quick newbie question (but experienced computer guy) - I have a Jurassic Park premium and very much enjoy the aftermarket software which added the film assets and sounds. Was that image created with this tool? If not, does this tool provide the functionality to do so? I have an Avengers IQ Premium on the way and am anxious to try replacing some of its assets and building a custom video / audio setup for my HOU machine.
Thank you! And sorry for the basic question that's likely been answered many times before (but I didn't know what to search for.)

Pinball browser is the only program I know of which can replace sound and video on stern pinball machines. Several people have made an alternative firmware as you described with PB so chances are very very very high you saw one of these.

3 months later
#4525 5 months ago
Quoted from jacksparrow0112:

Thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t edited or inserted any call outs yet. Just music.
I did find a setting called “Music Attenuation” in the game menu that seems to increase the music volume when set to a negative value. Can someone confirm what exactly the Music Attenuation is doing? Thanks much!

This indeed lowers or increases the music volume compared with the rest. So exactly the setting you need to get it louder compared to the call outs.

5 months later
#4596 15 days ago
Quoted from Drussksu:

Im looking to replace the alternate soundtrack songs in my black knight sword of rage. Where is the download for the latest version of pinball browser? Anyone with tips on replacing songs?

Download link can be found on page 1 of this thread

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