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Pinball-Browser : Customize your game !

By oga83

8 years ago

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Post #1 Description of capabilities and download link. Posted by oga83 (8 years ago)

Post #600 How to find the names of the lamp matrix locations. Posted by oga83 (8 years ago)

Post #858 Video on how to replace a song. Posted by Underspin (7 years ago)

Post #1432 Macro function explained. Posted by oga83 (7 years ago)

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#58 8 years ago

Metallica 1.06 works fine, I just loaded it. What doesn't work for you the audio or the DMD display images? Yes, a very cool tool for sure.

Metallica Pro 1.05 works 1.06 does not.
Great work, this program is amazing.


#65 8 years ago

So the Stern Logo is compressed-7, you can't put in your own logo then right? It must be Raster-12 type? There are probably only 10 frames in the whole rom that are Raster-12

Quoted from oga83:

On which pinball ?There might be no room at all on the one you are trying, or the app doesn't know where to place it.Anyway, it should work on any Raster-12 image.

#73 8 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Could you please take a photo of your DMD displaying an image you cannot find in the app ?
It would be even better if this image is part of an animation.

Its not one photo, its like 75 percent of the video is missing in when you load tron. There are only the arcade, flynn sequences and the scoring,startup. Load the rom and see what you get. Perhaps tron has another compression section that is getting bypassed so you cant see the screens? Maybe all of the split screen stern games have this too. Like ij4 and wheel of fortune....

#75 8 years ago

Confirmed. Excellent work! With the latest rom, check out segment beginning at 16EA showing where QUORRA lost her arm, that wasn't used in the game. Interesting ...

#108 8 years ago

Yes this is a major improvement. Not only can you export, but you now know the exact size of the image in case you want to reproduce it. Great work!

Export-16F6.png Export-18CB.png Export-170A.png Export-185E.png Export-1745.png Export-1766.png

#115 8 years ago

That looks cool.

There is a whole arcade segment in the rom thats not used. What would happen if you removed the arcade segment and loaded up your GEM. How do you point the animation to the correct frames?

Quoted from Russo121:

Needs a way to delete some sections to fit more in for Tron. I made a pretty cool Gem animation and it would only let me upload just one picture frame. If i could upload multiple pics, i would use them as frames to replace the animations.

EDIT: I might be able to get a short version of the animation working, but i will have to reduce the quality quite a bit.

#146 8 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

You did a nice animation !
I works on my side : I have replaced the 6 raster-0 images starting at 0x1fa8 with yours (see screen shot below).How I did :- rename TRN_174.BIN to TRN_174LE.BIN (with an underscore, not a dash)- Select and analyse TRN_174LE.BIN- load, patch 1st image, and save to the same file- (no need to re-analyse the firmware in between)- scroll 1 image right (0x1fab)- load, patch 1st image, and save to the same file- ... same process for all images
Again, if the filename is not TRN_174LE.BIN, you'll have a "no free memory" message.[EDIT]Starting with version 1.46, the filename does not matter anymore; no need to rename it.

Can you upload this modified rom for us to try? The one Russo121 modified is giving me a crc error and won't load. Perhaps the way you inserted the frames overwriting the other frames will be succesful.

#150 8 years ago

Was this segment used in Spiderman? If I recall this was the part in Spiderman-3 where venom made this in the web... Its really interesting peeking inside these animations. Look how much free space is still left in this one.


#152 8 years ago

ok, this loads in the tool. Curious what his looks like in my game I noticed 21 frames in the tool starting at 0x1FA8, but I thought you inserted 6 images. Does the tool account for timing?

Quoted from Russo121:

Here is the ROM with the gem animation replacing the finger animation in the correct place this time. Works for me with the new and old browsers but not yet tried in my machine.:

#171 8 years ago

Oh my gosh this is awesome! I pulled music from XMEN I never heard before.

#174 8 years ago

I loaded the exported wave into audacity and the same song extracted from CD in wav format. I chose Unforgiven to compare.

When I exported sound-301 (unforgiven), it was slightly slow and a bit flat.
In Audacity, I increased the speed 2.0 percent and increased the pitch 2 half steps and it sounds pretty close to the original. Maybe this helps with your calculation?

Very very fun tool.

#182 8 years ago

Thank you! I will continue exploring the options tonight. Can't wait to try it. The audio features are great.

#185 8 years ago

Not only do I appreciate the work oga has done on this tool, but it also allows you for the first time ever to appreciate the hard work done on the dots and audio as you can now see how they are assembled and hear them all. Surprising to hear many sounds/music selections for the first time.

The audio work on Metallica is brilliant. Something like 12-15 snippets of each song in varying lengths from 10 seconds to full song, and played back no doubt with some gametimer running to keep track of time played. I know some people don't like the replaying of the song, but its very cleverly done and I think its great. It also gives the programmer lots of snippets to work with and would allow adjustments in the code without new samples.

In Metallica, I guess End of the line is the WIZARD MODE? Since its not in the game at the moment, and not selectable as a start song (although the other 11 are). The song is in the rom and can be played on the pop up radio, but not in gameplay. I imagine a huge surprise is waiting in a future update.

#279 8 years ago

oga, about the sounds requests. I noticed you can have many audio files tied to sound request. Is it the programming that decides which audio file from the sound request to play?

Is there anyway to export a group of images instead of one at a time? Whats the little drop down box next to the image name?

btw did anyone else notice the family guy chicken fight in the shrek rom?
I don't know what's more fun to play with - the sounds or the images! Great stuff.

#281 8 years ago

Thanks, I see now. I thought the .dat file was for importing. Got it now.

#299 8 years ago

Yes this is true, each song has many snippets of varying length and if you want to replace a gameplay song, you'd have to have the song in those durations. This is the only rom like this.

You can try replacing the songs in the radio as a test. They are full songs and that should be easy.
Based on the time (greater than 6 min), here are a few to check out:


Yes, I haven't figured out the song letters either in the radio.

Quoted from movingpictures:

This is proving to be much more difficult than anticipated.
For example, I am trying to replace 'sad but true' with a good song.The problem is that the song is split up into 35 different clips of varying lengths,from Request 785 - 820.If I were to replace the song, I imagine I would have to replace each and every segment with another of the same duration.
Is this the case? If so, MET will be too much effort to convert.
I was also wondering about the wording on the song selection radio.There are no programmed "words" on the DMD, just letters that are configured in particular patterns. Not that it matters at the moment, but I haven't been able to find out where or how to change the song title displays.

#301 8 years ago

This is great news DugFreez! Nice discovery! How did it sound with the song replacements, did you like it? Did it add variety to the gameplay?

#316 8 years ago

The variety I am speaking about is when you play a game and get used to a certain song and pattern happening, you know exactly whats is going to happen. But if you replace the song, the game isn;t what it was before. The song cues you know so intimately are different now. I'm wondering if it will seem like a new game, or parts that were unremarkable in the game, may take on a new mood. Anyway, can't wait to try it with one of my games.

Quoted from epthegeek:

Wait, what? How could replacing song A with song B add variety? Maybe the first time you hear it, but after that, it's the same song over and over again -- its just now a different one than before. I'm confused.

#324 8 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

I will bet any money, the fact that we can hack these pins will equate to more sales for Stern. I can honestly say my ACDC will never be sold if I can add, "Listen to your money talk", "Who Made Who" "Dirty Deeds" "Big balls".............Oh and what about adding, "Whiskey in the Jar" and "Hero of the day" to my future Metallica. Wait until Iron Maiden comes next year. This is the most exciting discovery yet in my opinion. I cannot believe this thread is not at 10,000 hits.

I think the coolest thing about acdc and metallica is the ability to replace the radio songs and not replace the gameplay songs. Since metallica doesn't have the titles onscreen that would be even better. Ride the white lightening anyone? And yes dirty deeds and big balls would be my choice for song replacements on acdc in the radio for sure.

#357 8 years ago

Lots of new images in the metallica 1.13 that are not used yet. Good stuff!

#366 8 years ago

I wonder what the album titles are doing in the MEtallica rom ... hmmmmm

#368 8 years ago

This is interesting.

Metallica PRO and LE are identical with regards to images and sounds.
BUT the LE has much less free memory available, which can only be attributed to programming rules and messages!

Name = METALLICA LE Version : v1.13 Date : JUN. 10, 2013 Free memory : 270079
Sound System :
1152 sound requests 3518 sound scripts (v3) 1174 sound fragments Type 1 : 1174
Display System : 4791 images (v2) Raster-0 : 1895 Compressed-1 : 720 Compressed-3 : 2 Compressed-7 : 2086 Compressed-9 : 18 Raster-12 : 70
Messages : 1589 messages

Name = METALLICA PRO Version : v1.13 Date : Free memory : 314815
Sound System :
1152 sound requests 3518 sound scripts (v3) 1174 sound fragments Type 1 : 1174
Display System : 4791 images (v2) Raster-0 : 1895 Compressed-1 : 720
Compressed-3 : 2 Compressed-7 : 2086 Compressed-9 : 18 Raster-12 : 70
Messages : 1567 messages

#392 8 years ago

Its truly amazing what you have accomplished oga83 with this tool. Thanks for your continued work.

Is it possible to see the rules programmed in the rom? I understand it's a compile, but it would be very cool to peek inside and see the rules or the programming logic even if it was impossible to change the code. It would help to understand the complexity and marvel of these games.

#437 8 years ago

Nice work Dug, I hear shadowcat will make her debut in the next version as a ball save animation!

#455 8 years ago

Wow, I like the new adjustments feature.

I loaded MetLE and noticed there are adjustments for End Of Line starting mode. Perhaps a glimpse of how it will work when implemented - 50 snakes, 50 grave markers, etc. Cool stuff.

Can't wait to peek in the other game adjustments. Looks like it pulls the standard game and game specific adjustments. Great idea!

#476 8 years ago
Quoted from jackal2001:

I think it would be cool if someone changed the music for tron/le so that the music corresponded to the modes that were used in the movie. Make it all daft punk.
Maybe I'll look into messing with it since I have the soundtrack.

Of all the games, i think Tron is just about perfect the way it is. I can think of 2 songs that i'd like to add, like especially solar sailer, but David Thiel did an incredible job with the sound. I agree the daft punk soundtrack is excellent!

I would like to complete the phrase thats missing the key word when sam is about to enter the arena. What am i supposed to do with this .... SURVIVE.

1 week later
#586 8 years ago

I just compared the new Metallica rom (1.16) and it has:

11 new messages
2 new adjustments in the menu
171 new images
37 new sounds

1 week later
#628 8 years ago

In metallica there are multiple copies of each song, but only 1 entry is the full song.
Every other copy is a varying length of the full song. The earlier post shows the entry point of each full song. If you replace the full song, the snippetsmget replaced automatically.

#634 8 years ago

My understanding is the 2 full length songs are for:
(1) for game play snippets
(1) for the radio feature

Why they can't use 1 full length song for both, I don't know, but I am sure its necessary this way or they wouldn't use the space.

#640 8 years ago

Knocker? you mean solenoid?
So if I understand this, you can associate the breakout game to play when you hit a certain solenoid, like a VUK, scoop, trough, etc...

Quoted from oga83:

v2.01 is online !
It can be used to associate a patch to any knocker.Here is an example with X-Men :
For a patch example, see the breakout game :http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-breakout-game#post-982139

2 months later
#746 8 years ago

Hmm, unable to download the new version, says its not there. Are you going to upload it again?

Quoted from oga83:

v2.10 can be downloaded at http://www.sendspace.com/file/a5uhdi
I have added features to play image animations and to play sounds in sequence.
I have also added a selection of dmd colors, including the ones used with the Vga interface (http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/svga-on-stern-flipper). Next version will probably include an editor to colorize images.
Let me know what you think of this !

#763 8 years ago

Wow this sounds exciting! We can't view the picture you posted and there is no download link to try it yet. Maybe you are still working on it...amazing stuff man!

Quoted from oga83:

v2.15 is ready to download !
There are a major changes in display rendering :I have added a 'Leds' display mode (see photo below)I am now using the non-linear, true dmd light intensity (measured from hardware).I think that the result is now close from reality
The gamma value can also be adjusted in the Pinball-Browser.xml file (but IMO the default value is ok and you don't need to change it).
First image : previous versionSecond image : v2.15 with dmd light intensityThird image : same in 'leds' mode

#778 8 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Do you mean you have bad performances in this mode ?
Could you please describe it ?
Does anyone else have issues with this mode ?

I dont see any performance hit when selecting led mode. The images change to whatever color you have selected and now have dots all over. Not sure what i should be seeing ... I thought there were going to be different colors on the image associated with the shade intensities?

#786 8 years ago

Thanks oga, I got it now. Very cool albeit crazy colors displayed. Still amazing and I will be watching your development on this feature for sure! Great stuff indeed.

Quoted from oga83:

Good to know about 'leds' mode performance.The main difference in this version is about contrast which is now closer to what you have on your pin.To have 'fake' colors, select the Vga mode (but it's rather useless without a color display on your pinball).

2 months later
#926 7 years ago
Quoted from hassellcastle:

Id love to get an updated .bin file from someone that has modded Tron LE code with original songs from the movie. Marlboroa did some pretty cool ones for Gem and Light Cycle that i like for the Pro.
Has anyone modded the code for an LE?

Its been said many times before. Passing bin files is a sure fire way to get Stern interested doing something about this great tool. Right now they dont care and oga was kind enough to add macros so anyone can pass on the macro and make the changes themselves ( with the necessary audio files on your own computer).

#958 7 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Can somebody who's not using Avast test it with its antivirus software ?The download link is PinballBrowser202.zip (removed from the OP)Thanks in advance

I just tried to open it running the latest AVG virus scanner and its fine. No problem oga.
Avast is giving you a false positive.

#977 7 years ago

Wow, excellent work! The soundtrack is a terrific pairing with a great game! Well done!

#990 7 years ago

I thought there was a text file created when you update the audio or images with pinball browser? This is the macro people are asking for.... This will make the update reproducible for anyone provided they have the audio files necessary.

1 month later
#1113 7 years ago

I tried to load the latest xmen le code (1.51) and I get an error unknown firmware. This is with the latest pinball browser (version 3.14)

2 weeks later
#1137 7 years ago

any update oga? I'd like to take a peek at the latest Metallica 1.50
I'm using 3.14 and get the unknown firmware error when loading the rom.

#1174 7 years ago

I'm getting an error code HRESULT 0xc))D36E3 when I try to play audio from any rom with this new version 3.20
I can export and import, but can't play the audio in pinball browser.

************* Exception Text **************
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0xC00D36E3): Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00D36E3
at NAudio.MediaFoundation.MediaFoundationInterop.MFStartup(Int32 version, Int32 dwFlags)
at NAudio.MediaFoundation.MediaFoundationApi.Startup()
at NAudio.Wave.MediaFoundationReader..ctor(String file, MediaFoundationReaderSettings settings)
at  .(String , UInt32 )
at  .(UInt32 )
at  .(UInt32 , Boolean )
at  .(Object , EventArgs )

#1176 7 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Which version of windows do you have ?
[EDIT] I guess it is XP because I dit not test PB v3.20 on this version
If so, I'll try to find a computer with XP tomorrow to see why it doesn't work.
[EDIT] If you import a MP3, then export it to a WAV file, can you play it with a media player ?

Yes, XP service pack 3. I know, its almost time to upgrade, but Im holding on until the end.
I cant play any rom audio IN the browser i get that error. I didnt try to export and play it with my audio player, which i am sure would work, unless i could mass export all audio samples from the rom, i wouldnt want to export a file just to hear it. Thanks oga

#1191 7 years ago

Wow this works great oga, I just tried it in XP with the latest MET. Awesome!

1 week later
#1235 7 years ago

oga, is there anyway to extract a bunch of images at once to a folder instead of one at a time? Same goes for the audio, it would be cool to extract a bunch of samples at a time and pick and choose the exported files instead of one at a time.

#1237 7 years ago


Quoted from oga83:

Done, for both sounds and images

#1243 7 years ago

Cant wait to try this and donate. Great work!

#1245 7 years ago

Oliver do you get a key in the email when you donate?

2 months later
#1295 7 years ago

Doug, the earliest XMEN LE rom I have is LE 1.2 and this opens and plays the sounds fine in the latest pinball browser.
Is LE 1.1 somewhere I can try?

Quoted from DugFreez:

I ran into a strange issue when trying to open X-Men LE 1.1 software. This is a software revision that was shipped with my X-Men LE game and version 1.1 was never posted on Stern's site. I thought I had browsed this software before, but now I am guessing not.
Anyway, Pinball Browser will open it and I can browse the DMD animations fine, but if I select the sound button it causes the program to stop responding. I have tried this software with older versions of Pinball Browser and though some of them behave a bit differently....none of them will play the sound files.

1 month later
#1347 7 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

Wow, this seems like a great program I tried it now, but it seems that it wont recognize SEGA roms, can anyone confirm this?

Correct. At this time only Stern SAM and WPC are supported. Sega is an early whitestar boardset and is not supported.

3 weeks later
#1395 7 years ago
Quoted from Elwood_BE:

I'm not a specialist of X-Men. Someone can tell me who is this character ?Thank you.

Untitled.jpg 8 KB

Can you show a WIP video of what your colorized XMEN looks like in the game?
I understand there are tons of frames to go, but it would be very cool to see at least a few seconds of XMEN colorized on the LCD of your game.

#1396 7 years ago

I was watching the first stern metallica pinball making of.

Seems that Stern creates their DMD animations in color and then drops them down to 16 shades of gray to display on the red dmd. Here is a frame of the metallica making of pinball. Notice the dmd frames are in color. At 0:53 you can see the pallette in the lower right... Hmm

#1400 7 years ago

Wow, well done! I like the color choices! Surely a labor of love, but it will be fun to see this on the LCD when its done!
Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your video when you get everything hooked up!

Quoted from Elwood_BE:

I haven't yet received my Raspberry Pi and almost all big sequences are stored in "Motion" format for which I have a problem to edit (see above my example with Magneto).
So, for the moment, I work to define a palette of colors for each character, it's the task that takes the most time. When it's done, it's not difficult to do all frames of the character.
But when I will receive my Pi, no problem to post a WIP video.
Here is some static examples:

3 months later
#1506 6 years ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

By 'thumb drive' do you mean USB stick... which I guess I simply plug into the pins USB port...?
Sorry if I sound dumb... there's a very good reason for that: I am!!

Yes, a usb stick is required to update the new rom to the game. Also read the "preparing sound files for pinball browser" thread somewhere on here as you need to prepare your new sounds a certain way in order to hear them clearly (compression, range, etc). Its not hard, but you have to follow the suggestions for the best results, you can't just drop a few mp3s in the browser and expect magic to happen

#1508 6 years ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

Thanks for the guidance... I really do need all I can get!!
And once I've put the new sound files on the 'thumb drive' (must be a USA-ism ) I guess I then plug that into the USB port on the game and use the game menu buttons to upload the new ROM in the same way as I upload the latest code, correct?
I guess that means I lose my high-scores when I change the music...?

Yes, the update process is the same as any other SAM rom update. You are creating a new rom with your new music. You can update your rom without losing high scores. Do yourself a favor and read the thread listed a few replies back. Its all explained by OGA and others that have done it. Have fun!

2 months later
#1642 6 years ago
Quoted from thefunkpunk:

Now that WWE 1.11 ROM is out (https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/wwe-111-code-out-now#post-2285567), any chance this will work with Spike Code?

No. The file structure is very different. Maybe someday.

4 months later
#1754 6 years ago

With version 3.2 of pinball browser, some new features are reserved for those that donated to the project. One time donation gets you a registration key that opens up all features. If I recall the auto conversion of audio files that were not 24khz is one of these features. The program still works without donating, but you will have to feed it 24khz wave files if you want to use the free version. I think oga asked for $10 or so as a donation. A super bargain as the program has had constant updates for the past 2 years. Click on donate in the program if you want to donate to the project and oga will send you a registration key.

Whoops sorry didn't see the previous poster answered

3 months later
#1908 5 years ago

Seriously oga, you ROCK! Thanks for letting us customize our games.

1 month later
#1933 5 years ago

The official link is in this post. Download it from there.

Quoted from Lermods:

I downloaded the program, but can't get the pinball-browser.exe file to run. any suggestions?
I pulled it from this site

1 month later
#1960 5 years ago

Wow, whitestar in pinball browser very cool! Is there any way to display the DMD frames or is it just sounds for now?

1 month later
#2032 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

So it does more than check CRC (which is disabled by checkbox)?

Get the latest vpinmame version from vpuniverse. It has cabinet mode and ignore CRC so modified roms (like pinballbrowser saved) work fine without any errors.


#2035 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Yea, I have that version. It just crashes trying to load a modified rom instead of complaining about the crc not matching.

If you keep the name of the bin and zip that vpinmame has defined it works. For example:
Clelands TWD PRO version. This would crash vpinmame until it was renamed to the defined name.

twd_156.zip (twd_156.bin inside the zip)

If you want to know the names. Click on setup in the vpinmame folder, then test and it shows the name of the binary that vpinmame has defined for the game/version. Of course if its a SAM game you also need the sam.vbs

8 months later
#2226 4 years ago

The samples in the STERN SAM roms are 16 bit mono. Anything that is replaced will also be saved in 16bit mono so don't expect audiophile quality out of the Stern SAM. I've been playing TWD resamples by various folks and don't notice any crackles.

Quoted from delt31:

thanks but the problem is I don't want hero of the day in the game at all EXCEPT for the game over. The intro to it would fit well. I guess that's not possible.
I have noticed that some of the songs have a very small crackle noise during them (hard to tell but I can hear it every so often). My songs are 320kbps quality so rock solid. It must be this software or the fact I'm increasing the volume of the songs? Anyone have this issue and what are you guys doing to get the best audio quality out of it? I'm thinking of swapping stock with pinball pro even though I have a polk sub. maybe that would help?

#2228 4 years ago

See post 798 in this thread for sound file specifics. You can't just use a high bit rate stereo wave file, it has to be mono

Quoted from delt31:

thanks but the problem is I don't want hero of the day in the game at all EXCEPT for the game over. The intro to it would fit well. I guess that's not possible.
I have noticed that some of the songs have a very small crackle noise during them (hard to tell but I can hear it every so often). My songs are 320kbps quality so rock solid. It must be this software or the fact I'm increasing the volume of the songs? Anyone have this issue and what are you guys doing to get the best audio quality out of it? I'm thinking of swapping stock with pinball pro even though I have a polk sub. maybe that would help?

2 months later
#2260 4 years ago

I'm curious. Are the animations stored as movie files or are they compressed images?

Quoted from oga83:

It's because a .spk file only contains elements to be upgraded.
If an animation has not been modified in a new firmware, it is not included in the .spk
I've been working for some weeks on a new version of Pinball Browser that can directly open a Spike SD card image.
This way, everything will be displayed
The new version should be released soon.

1 week later
#2267 4 years ago

Is there anyway to play back the movies in the .spk or .img for batman 66?

Quoted from oga83:

Pinball Browser v5.90 is now ready
It took a while to implement this feature but you can now read Spike SD-cards (that contain everything) instead of .spk files (that only contain what's upgraded).
See "How do I open a Spike firmware ?" in the FAQ

#2271 4 years ago

That's some fine work oga!!!

3 months later
#2373 4 years ago

I thought you could do that right now? Aren't they just mp3 files in a folder on the sdcard? pinballbrowser is not needed for this.

Quoted from hAbO:

Do you think you will look at being able to modify sounds in Spooky Pinball games? I'd love to redo some of the call outs/songs on Rob Zombie. I've mapped all the sounds currently for v19.

2 weeks later
#2393 4 years ago

Get an older version of pinball browser 4.40 or earlier and you can export sounds.

Quoted from Rondogg:

Any eta on the new version w sound exporting?

3 months later
#2438 4 years ago

No. Stern Sam, spike, white star and wpc
See first post for faq

Quoted from FlippyD:

Does this work with JJP games?

2 months later
#2512 3 years ago

You have to use an older version of pinball browser 4.40 or earlier or 6.00 (corrected, thanks oga!)

Quoted from dmieczko:

same question for SAM games - does anyone know a way to export sound files?

#2519 3 years ago

I took a quick look and it appears they used 2 images.
Image-0x07C5 - the eye ball on the left
Image-0x07D6 - the flaming tail on the right

If you overlay both of these you get the image you posted. Not sure what would happen if you modified the individual frames, it probably would mess up the animation.

Quoted from j_m_:

they may have used a single frame from the flaming eye animation and then flipped the animation and used a 2nd frame (like a camera double exposure)

3 months later
#2698 3 years ago

Looks like Pinball Browser can't open the latest ACDC 1.70. I tried the PRO and LE roms and neither load with the latest pinball browser. The program just hangs and spins its wheels and you have to kill the process. 1.68 all variants load just fine.

#2706 3 years ago

oga, are you able to load the latest ACDC code in pinball browser? Several of us have tried the Pro or LE and the program just spins and spins.
I tried several versions of pinball browser including the latest.

Quoted from oga83:

Do you mean that you can open the latest BM66 firmware with an older version of Pinball Browser ?

#2714 3 years ago

Thank you!

Quoted from oga83:

No, I can't open AC/DC 1.70 and I've been working on this since a few days.
I just wanted to make sure that, for BM66, it was not an issue introduced in Pinball Browser v6.20 but rather something related to the new firmwares.

#2719 3 years ago

Thanks! Confirmed, I had no problem opening 1.68 and 1.70 with the new version. Great work!

Quoted from oga83:

Pinball Browser v6.30 can now open AC/DC 1.70

10 months later
#2947 2 years ago

Pb is a great tool for pinball customizations but colorizing an entire Sam game is next to impossible since the color data will fill up availabile memory in the rom. Would you rather spend 6 months colorizing your game and getting some of the game colorized or drop in a colordmd and have the entire game already colorized to enjoy now? I guess if you want to do it for fun go for it. I know what I would do.

Quoted from Petar2:

Hello Oga, I already bought a license last year and it has already expired. my intention was to be able to color my SMVE, but it seems that there is a problem with the memory of European machines.
my question is if you know if you can solve this problem, or if it has already been given and I have not read it, forgive me for asking. I only have SMVE of stern and dream of seeing the color ... without going through colordmd, if it is not possible, then I would consider it.
A greeting and happy new year to you and all the users of pinside.

8 months later
#3231 2 years ago

True but you can't test SPIKE roms on the vpin.

Quoted from Jahkub:

A virtual machine is handy for such things, I use visual pinball.

2 months later
#3318 1 year ago

No, p-roc games don't use Roms.

Quoted from snailskin:

does it work with spooky pinball? (for example alice coopers nightmare castle) and if not, is that something that will be available in the near future? thanks!

#3320 1 year ago

Spooky changed to new electronics with all their games since TNA so pinball browser will do nothing with the p3roc games.
AMH, Rob Zombie, dominos, and jetsons use the ben heck board.

Quoted from oga83:

snailskin I did not check with the latest ones but Pinball Browser is already compatible with some Spooky games. See

2 weeks later
#3332 1 year ago


Quoted from pinballslave:

Can this be used to change the music on Oktoberfest? Sorry if this has been answered previously.

#3335 1 year ago

There are no roms in P-roc games. Audio files(music/sounds) are discrete files saved in the assets folder.

Quoted from pinballslave:

Not even the odd yodel?

3 months later
#3639 1 year ago

I think you'll see this with every release from now on unfortunately.

Quoted from fooflighter:

Looks like the latest version of JP update 1.01 broke Pinball browser access

#3719 1 year ago

Match number is dynamic, like a score. You won't see this as an image in pb.

Quoted from pinballfan2000:

Match animation for Black Knight: Sword of rage is Black Knight throwing hatchet at Skeleton trapped on wheel, and hatchet destroys Skeleton's head, then Match number is displayed
But in Pinball Browser, Match number is not displayed after Skeleton's head is destroyed in Match video
Is this a bug, or Match video is default to not have a Match number in Pinball browser video?
[quoted image][quoted image]

2 months later
#3956 1 year ago

Nope, sending the macro to someone simply gives them the pointers they need to build the modified rom. The user you give a macro to will need to have the songs/clips on their computer in the correct directories for the macro to work. No copyrighted content is sent in the macros so they are tiny files.

Quoted from delt31:

From experience, that would be great!
I’m still a little confused on the sharing of this.....so using the macro method, if I were to share doing it that way and generating that file, would the user who I share it with have to have the same songs/clips I’ve embedded on their pc as well along with the he same location like the previous user mentioned? is that really true?

#3961 1 year ago

Nope. The tool does nothing to gamecode so there is no option to change any gamecode.

Quoted from 85vett:

Elephant in the room.... So, can we unlock the "Topper Mode" in JP Prem with this tool? I know there was talk in other threads about it the Topper having it's own node board but then others thought it would already be in the code and just need to be turned on. Curious if that was ever figured out.

4 months later
#4242 11 months ago

Yes, its a rom memory issue (nothing to do with the pc or sdcard). it doesn;t seem like all colored frames will fit in the rom space, you'll run out fast.

lucky1 had some advice on maybe using another tool to get around the size limit. Other people have failed at coloring SAM titles for the same reason. (post 4076)

Quoted from Malenko:

I don't know exactly what its choking on, but has nothing to do with an SD card. PBB and the bin are on the same 1TB SSD with nothing else on it and there's plenty of free RAM on the PC. I am assuming theres no space left in the bin, meaning there's too much data to flash onto the actual pin.

1 week later
#4275 10 months ago

of you can turn off the sound if I recall in the settings on the pinball machine.

Quoted from Malenko:

I cant seem to find the "match win" aka "get a free game sound" to replace. I don't know what the fuck Stern was thinking with the death of a rubber ducky sound but its terrible and makes my daughter cry (she's only 4 months old) it also startles anyone who hears it the first time.
I was just going to replace it with a fake knocker sound.

4 months later
#4468 6 months ago

Nope, not possible with pinball browser.

Quoted from HopBeard:

Has anyone done Spooky's ACNC? It looks like newer version of Pinball Browser lets us work with Spooky games.

4 months later
#4559 69 days ago

probably better to ask in the AIQ threads

Quoted from jamieflowers:

Is there a link for an updated version of AIQ Premium?

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