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Pinball-Browser : Customize your game !

By oga83

8 years ago

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Post #1 Description of capabilities and download link. Posted by oga83 (8 years ago)

Post #600 How to find the names of the lamp matrix locations. Posted by oga83 (8 years ago)

Post #858 Video on how to replace a song. Posted by Underspin (8 years ago)

Post #1432 Macro function explained. Posted by oga83 (7 years ago)

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#421 8 years ago

Holy crap how did I miss this thread? This is some excellent work! This only works for Stern SAM games? I would be willing to bet that Stern Whitestar games (pre Pirates) have a very similar if not the same data structures. So obviously you must rip the ROMs yourself until Stern comes out with their new system. How are the images compressed? Is the algorithm documented? I'm assuming raster-12 is a 12-bit bitmap format?

#435 8 years ago

WPC support?

#440 8 years ago

I had always assumed Stern's downloads were delta updates, but evidently they are full ROM images. Downloaded and messed with a few games, it's an interesting program. What format are the sounds in, OKI/IMA ADPCM or something less archaic?

#450 8 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Is WPC support something you would consider in the future?
Or is their system too proprietary or locked down to make it a viable option?

Looks like there is already a program for WPC games, surprised no one seems to have mentioned it here. Been in development for several years.


// Error: Image 110330 not found //

#453 8 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I played around with it that now that you mention it. Seems you can export images as ascii art (0,1,2,3 for shades of brightness), but I don't see anything that allows you to re-import it. Good to know there's at least someone working on something?
Also let's say that you were able to modify and save the bin file, I would imagine you would have to write to a new rom to try it out since there is no way of flashing via usb on any WPC?

Correct, you would have to re-flash the ROM(s).

#456 8 years ago

Well it's a full-blown reflash file, it has every byte stored in the ROMset, instructions, dots, sounds, text strings, everything.

#460 8 years ago

Well first of all I doubt the stored data format is PNG-deflate. But if you're confident the image you injected back into the ROM is taking up the same amount of space, it's easier to pad the extra bytes than to remap loads of ROM pointers.

#471 8 years ago
Quoted from sixsixtie:

1st of all thanks for doing that. It was already amazing and I appreciate all the work you've put in. I really was just posting to let other POTC hackers know, but hey you probably fixed it! so thanks triple!
I will give it a shot asap. Unfortunately I don't even have a POTC my buddy is an operator and he allowed me to hack his one on location. I will do it and get back to you but I'm just not sure when. Probably early in the week.

You'll get in some hot water modifying these on location, I would suggest retracting those edits immediately before Stern gives you a call.

#508 8 years ago
Quoted from movingpictures:

mono .wav 24000 bit rate

24KHz to be exact.

#522 8 years ago
Quoted from jsalce:

In case anybody wants to replace the knocker sound:

Broken link.

#580 8 years ago

You guys should really be sharing macros instead of full blown flash files, which also contain free music... it would be best to keep Robin and this site out of trouble from copyright holders.

#583 8 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

A bunch of people have my BIN file now. If you want to try it out just send me a PM and I will give you a Dropbox invite so you can grab it. The file is 114 MB and a bit too large for an email attachment.

Sharing links wouldn't be ideal.

#606 8 years ago

If you replace a song with a shorter song, does it loop properly? Obviously you can't have longer songs.

#614 8 years ago

Would it be possible to fragment messages/songs to allow them to expand into previously unallocated space? This would allow people to use blank space without remapping the pointers of every asset past the expanded resource.

1 week later
#666 8 years ago

Can you change the pointers around if a song is extended, moving data further down the ROM given that there is enough unallocated space at the end? If so you can implement a function to defragment the ROM's unallocated space and move it all to the end for overwriting with useful data.

2 weeks later
#683 8 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

I'm looking for new ideas :
So, what kind of feature would you like to see in Pinball Browser ?

Exporting of sequenced music either in raw format or MIDI format?

2 months later
#833 8 years ago

Modifying the update bin files simply feeds the loader, you are not flashing ROMs. It throws an error because the hash value has been changed by the edits.

2 months later
#929 7 years ago

Is the knock sound a sample like anything else?

#954 7 years ago

What is causing the detection?

#960 7 years ago

I'll check it with Avira Antivir.

#964 7 years ago

Probably don't want to be sharing music files...

2 months later
#1142 7 years ago

Asking for donations is great until someone starts a torrent/ HTTP back channel sharing the program for free. Regardless though these are some incredible efforts on your part! Any plans for the Williams WPC platform in the future? To my knowledge no one on this planet has been successful in adding custom DMD animations and sounds (dat elusive Harris CVSD format).

#1158 7 years ago

You can actually use the PinMAME emulator to experiment with editing WPC stuff. Also, there is a viewer for DMD animations called WPCEdit.

#1178 7 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

That ship sailed a long time ago!

Nope. I was using XP ever since last October. The superior OS. It's a shame it will become unusable in April.

#1187 7 years ago

Of course it will still boot and run, but will it be usable, even in the short term? There are numerous zero day exploits people are keeping from Microsoft until the day support ends. The week of the April 8 "hacking party" may be a bit hairy for people, as going to simple websites with infected ads and similar drive-by downloads can drop backdoors and other malware. For example, I got a virus years ago that logged me off every time I tried to log on, making my PC usable. I had to boot Linux to fix the Winlogon registry entry to point to the legit Windows files.

#1194 7 years ago

Or just write it in Java. Code isn't that far off from C++.

#1199 7 years ago
Quoted from Part_3:

Good God no! Java is atrocious!

It is? I've seen numerous people switch to Java to make projects multi platform with some pretty good success.

9 months later
#1527 6 years ago

Another one that would love to see WPC support!

8 months later
#1785 6 years ago

Don't worry, JJP's encryption schemes are more than enough to make up for that. Not a soul will get in!

#1822 6 years ago

Any chance for WPC sound support? Nobody has managed to fully crack the Harris CVSD codec.

#1826 6 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Any chance for WPC sound support? Nobody has managed to fully crack the Harris CVSD codec.

Or to put it another way, do you think it would be possible to use PCM data in the ROMs? Based on the ROM images floating around I don't think there's a "BIOS" ROM that determines how the DSP operates like in Data East and Sega games. Something like this is quite possible with the NES and large cart sizes by passing 7-bit PCM samples straight to the DSP instead of using an external ADPCM decoder. If anyone knows a little more about the Harris based architecture what are your thoughts?

#1832 6 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

I'm not very familiar with Williams hardware and I thought that the Harris chip was just a DAC (that uses a CVSD conversion), not a codec; am I wrong ?
I've been working for a while on the WPC-DCS codec (without success until now..).

It seems more complicated to me than implementing the codec in PB.

I'm not entirely sure, I'm not a software engineer so my knowledge stops there. There are people who know a thing or two about it though. DCS actually uses compression, and the encoding specification is available online.



2 months later
#1941 5 years ago

Doesn't Whitestar use ADPCM sounds?

1 week later
#1953 5 years ago

Does this work with Sega and Stern Whitestar?

#1956 5 years ago

No game in particular, I just assumed the hardware was the same.

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