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Pinball-Browser : Customize your game !

By oga83

7 years ago

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Post #1 Description of capabilities and download link. Posted by oga83 (7 years ago)

Post #300 List of Metallica song request locations and lengths. Posted by DugFreez (7 years ago)

Post #600 How to find the names of the lamp matrix locations. Posted by oga83 (7 years ago)

Post #858 Video on how to replace a song. Posted by Underspin (6 years ago)

Post #1058 Tron song and sound effect locations. Posted by tomdotcom (6 years ago)

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#1481 5 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

I've been working on this for a while and I still have a lot of work to acheive it.
Pinball Browser is already able to open WPC firmwares and display the DMD frames (since v4.00) but there has been very little interest in this feature.

I'm actually quite interested in the WPC side of things, and will donate if more work is done on that side.

(One thing with the already-implemented DMD frames - locking on the "Group With Next Image" checkbox, so that while scanning through animations it's not required to re-check it each time a frame is advanced.)


3 months later
#1571 5 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Pinball Browser can't modify Williams roms but it can read them and display the dmd frames.

There is a checksum. Pinball Browser displays it in the info panel.

If anyone needs help on figuring new checksum, I have a (slightly cornfuddled) document on how to generate one after modifying a ROM..

#1581 5 years ago
Quoted from Colnagocolumbia:

oga83 and epthegeek: Given this is a Williams machine, it appears my only option is to burn the ROM I modified and install it in the machine to see if the messages have been changed correctly? As for the DMD image, I guess I'm SOL?
I'm I correct in these assumptions? Thanks.


Keep in mind -
On some animations, text is overlayed onto the image.
On other animations, text is part OF the animation.

On the first, you can edit the text and have it changed in-game.
On the second, you would need to decode each animation frame, change the text (art), and then re-encode and insert into ROM. I do not think this has been done - though there are systems that will decode (PinMame, this Pinball-Browser tool, etc.), however rewriting to the ROM image is near impossible.

3 weeks later
#1644 5 years ago
Quoted from yonkiman:

Great software! I know it's optimized for Sterns, but I have a question about Williams ROMs.
I was trying to use your software so I could choose colors for my DMD Extender (https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/dmd-extender-update).
The game is HS2 (The Getaway), and I have L2 ROMs, so I grabbed the ROM image from ipdb (http://mirror2.ipdb.org/files/1000/Williams_1992_The_Getaway_High_Speed_II_Game_ROM_L_2.zip).
The ROM loads fine, but the images show up as 1 bit (black and white):
But they display as 2 bit (4 color) on the DMD:
Then I noticed the images come in "pairs" - same "shape" but different. I'm pretty sure that when assembled by the Williams software, the pairs compose a 2 bit (4 color) image:
Would it be possible to modify your software to combine these pairs to make a 2 bit / 4 color image?

You can - there's a checkbox (can't remember the name at the moment, the program's not installed on this laptop).. Checking it will combine both. Be sure to have the two frames in the right slots - otherwise it'll show a ghosted image, using the wrong image for the bits.

6 months later
#1790 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballwil:

Is it still not possible to change my wms Medieval Madness logo into medieval castle.?
Any one?.

No, you will need to completely re-write the ROM. Meaning, change the platform out for a P3 or other system.

#1800 4 years ago
Quoted from Mocean:

Incorrect on a few points. P-ROC, not p3. Also if you only want to change a few logos, you could hack the ROMs, but the genuine WPC-95 board would fail to boot the hacked rom. If you replace the cpu board with a p-roc, you could load and run the hacked rom on pinmame...

AFAIK, the logos are compressed (not bit-for-bit) so his new logo would need to take up the same or less space, otherwise other addresses referenced would need to be updated as well. Also AFAIK, there's no documentation on the bit sequence used in the ROM itself. (Though, something tells me it was a two-bit type, 0 - off, 1 dim1, 2 dim2, 3 on - though I don't remember where I found that or know that from.)

And, technically, changing the checksum is easy. I've done it many times. Changing the image, however, is a different story.

So, yes, I was wrong about the P-ROC, 'cuse me.

#1802 4 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

or wait for Pinball Browser v6...

Hey, I've BEEN waiting!

1 year later
#2414 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

and no further code installations are possible

Being more specific:
Cannot update to the same or an earlier revision. You can still update to later revisions.

1 month later
#2470 2 years ago

I'm sorry, I gotta show my anal-retentiveness here, but.. those aren't even proper Jukebox Titlestrips. Argh.

3 weeks later
#2508 2 years ago
Quoted from gameroompinball:

Following up: I edited the images (G is 0x1289, E is 0x1287, A is 0x1283, R is 1294, S is 1295) the to be the ones I wanted. Good news/bad news: my filled in letters show up correctly for hitting the GEARS targets, bad news the end of ball "BONUS" and "REPLAY" that use the same letters are misspelled now.
Further testing: I started with the unmolested code and changed the text for BONUS and REPLAY in messages, uploaded the code and those 2 words were correctly changed.
Maybe I'm missing something. Can someone tell me what else to look for in the code? What do lines lines with things like this mean??
+%u GEAR%P1//S/%
+%u GEAR%P1//S//%

That's interesting code there.
It's some kinda to string format code. My guess is that the code is pulling up that string, and using those commands ("%P1", "%u") to determine whether thedisplay shoudl show "x GEAR" or "x GEARS". Again, I'm just guessing, since I haven't actually seen the animation, that the +u% is going to be a number about how many you've collected.

3 months later
#2749 2 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

Yeah this is a big downer for me too. Why cant we modify 20+ year old code yet?????

Because, Assembly language.

#2753 2 years ago
Quoted from lucky1:

I don´t think that that is the problem, but changing the sounds and burning a EPROM to test it is not something for the broad mass compared to
the flash upgrade of Stern machines. Replacing the sound board with a PinSound board or a DIY raspberry Pi based soundboard is a much better approach for "old" machine types.

Not.. really. Considering how the sounds are stored in the EPROMs and how display images are stored, the 'new' sound/image could take up more room than the existing one. And in some game ROMs, you have less than 128bytes free. On top of that, you would have to move everything after the image, which would change all the addresses of other images/sounds AFTER it, and have to update the code to point to all the new addresses of the sounds and images.

It's a hairy mess, all in all. Heaven forbid there's a bug that locks on a coil that you don't know about, and start a fire.

On the other hand, changing strings is pretty easy - as long as your replacement string is the same length.

#2756 2 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

That makes it more difficult, but not impossible.

You're right! Never said impossible.

#2760 2 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

No, assembly language is not the problem (even if the adsp processor code is not easy to read).
DCS, which is a proprietary system, is the difficulty.
I've been reversing the code for a while but I'm still missing a lot of informations.

I was also dumbing it down, since not everyone is that technical.
But aside from that, unless you rewrite EVERYTHING, you would still need to compile it to fit the largest EPROM WPC could fit in.

Or, get into hardware, and write an SD adapter for the WPC MPU board, a memory mapper, and then you would be free on any size limits.

Now, then, unless you rewrote (or modified) the OS part, you would still need it to pass the checksum.

In summary, I never said it was impossible - just WHY it wasn't done.

1 month later
#2790 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Bump to confirm if this software works with Iron Maiden. Purchase depends upon it. Black Sabbath and others are interested to know

You can find out by using the free version of the software..

#2792 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

I was about I don't own the game but you're right - I can download the code and try it myself. I already own the software. Hello you who! I'm good thanks

Yeah, I believe you can get the FW off of Stern's site. Granted, you can't test the communication plugin, but you can at least tell is the firmware can be loaded up in.

#2798 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Yes that's correct. Ok good to know. Anyone have a link to this file I need as I can't seem to find the exe from reputable site and the program crashes when trying to get it.

Official releases are here: https://www.ffmpeg.org/

1 year later
#3338 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

I see... I think... so there's no way of getting to these discrete files in the assets folder and changing them I take it...

It the game manufacturer locked down their system properly, no.

#3341 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

That begs the next question: does anyone know if AP have locked down their system properly to stop these files being accessed?

You will need to figure that out for yourself, sadly. If you have the game, it shouldn't be difficult. On top of that, if you have trouble figuring out how to see if the system is locked down or not, then you wouldn't be able to get in there yourself and make modifications, sadly.

Plus, since it's *possibly* considered 'hacking' or spossibly omething legally ambiguous, talking about it here on Pinside is NOT the best place to do so.

3 months later
#3645 3 months ago
Quoted from Dantesmark:

Its empty in vid tab... if i hit the “play “ symbol, it opens up a bunch of windows.
Heres other windows im seeing on startup...[quoted image][quoted image]

Do you have FFMPEG installed and copied, as it says?

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