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Pinball-Browser : Customize your game !

By oga83

8 years ago

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Post #1 Description of capabilities and download link. Posted by oga83 (8 years ago)

Post #600 How to find the names of the lamp matrix locations. Posted by oga83 (8 years ago)

Post #858 Video on how to replace a song. Posted by Underspin (7 years ago)

Post #1432 Macro function explained. Posted by oga83 (7 years ago)

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#1280 7 years ago

oga you are the man, utilizing your programming talents to make the world a far better place. if only ppl knew how important C family of prog langs was to their lives.
if Stern doesn't like this, they're crazy, this will increase demand for home use games; so long as machines on location are not severely messed with- which could misrepresent the original design of the games...not to mention infringement. and, if they really don't like it, then i'm sure they could lock their code down to make it a lot harder for you to "open" (sort of like apple locking code down until it is jailbroken, or android until the bootloader is unlocked/rooted)

anyways- short and sweet how to for beginners:

download PB software, DONATE TO OGA, wait for license, input license
format, clear a usb stick
download an official firmware .bin/.dat/.pbm zip of stern code
use pb software to open .bin file
use pb to navigate to song request you want to replace, replace it with (length matters) song you want by clicking green import button
confirm import volume/length
navigate to 'messages' to double click on text and replace text
save as your newly edited .bin image firmware to usb root folder (no sub folders), i also brought along the stock .dat and .pbm files in case those are needed
update stern game code on your machine with usb stick

watch a youtube video of updating stern pinball game code, it's basically: remove translite, flip switch #8 to on, plug usb in, turn on machine, hit select to update, avoid the 'verify image' step

make sure:
usb is formatted, clear, reliable!
you have an hour or so, even more time to determine what songs you want to replace, length matters immensely, so you may need to utilize audacity or pb browser's built in 'trim' function
it's easier to bring in a new longer song and trim it then it is to bring in a short song and try to extend it

successful example: on MET, i replaced Fuel with King Nothing. although I need to do it again because I didn't check the box for "this instance only" so my Fuel Mode was essentially turned into King Nothing mode. I'd like to preserve the Fuel song for only the Fuel mode.

essentially the better you get at cataloging the .bin file (page 25 of forum has Metallica song map locs for v151) to map the sounds locations (script numbers) the better and more satisfied you can be with your exact tinkerings. I plan to have my wife record some call-outs because she is pretty funny...and hopefully she'll want to play more

1 year later
#1774 6 years ago

Has anyone used pinball browser with Iron Man Vault Edition IMVE ? I've looked at the code and during the start-up query where the message box pops up to ask about "check for bookmarks online" it didn't find any sound bookmarks.

the first request I know for sure I'm looking for is:
the one that plays during 'Game Over' screen (after Match sequence)

i'm also looking for the attract sound- i don't have the game yet just getting prepared for when I do...

2 months later
#1939 5 years ago
Quoted from Msch:

Can I just pay one of you computer people to change the music in my Metallica?

if you still need help on 12/23, i can swing by and help. ill be in your hood, grew up in Warren.

1 month later
#1972 5 years ago
Quoted from Porkfritter:

Hi all. Just donated to the cause and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mark and a proud owner of a NIB Transformers Decpeticon LE. Got a heck of a deal on it and after almost 100 plays I don't see the lack of love for this Gomez design. I LOVE IT and the theme! Thanks everyone for making my purchase that much less expensive!
I will be changing up some of the lame voice calls that were not done by Petter Cullen and adding some of the real music from both the G1 movie and Bay poo.
Thanks Olivier and I look forward to making new friends!

your username is strange, pork, but we won't hold it against you. congrats on the purchase. I agree, I think TF is way solid, sounds like it'll be even bette me once you pinbrowse it!

1 month later
#2026 5 years ago

just a micro bump for Oga83, the savior. You literally are enabling me to pick-up an xmen that I otherwise could not have owned due to the atrocious and environment ruining wolverine multi-ball "panting" music. will donate for a third time.

1 week later
#2059 5 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

When I try to edit high scores with the latest Metallica code, it works fine from Grand Champion down to 4th Highest altering the scores and initials.
But when I make changes to any of the other score champions, it will only allow one set of initials. It will override any other initials that were entered for any other song/feature champions.
Has anyone else had this issue?

yes- this happened to me a few days ago on TWDLE. kept high scores but all mode scores I typed went bye bye

#2062 5 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

So is this a bug?

dunno, hoping Oga will chime in

2 months later
#2117 5 years ago
Quoted from zene10:

This is easy to fix.
1. Export the sound clip with an earlier version of PB or Use whatever sound capture software you're comfortable with
2. With Audacity use the "change tempo" modification. This will keep the pitch the same. Double the time of your "chipmunk " clip. The result will be exactly what you want and expect.
3. The clip was also down sampled. Try decreasing 1 to 3 do and then boosting the sound with the "compressor" mod. You'll need to experiment a bit.

Unfortunately- there is no pbb version that both supports Spike AND provides exporting. Exporting died before Spike compatibility.

#2125 5 years ago
Quoted from the_barto:

but also the palette file is needed, because when I open it with pinballbrowser, the last pallet is loaded I use and all colors change as you coloring.
I do not have this machine, but I want to see your way to work and pallets for world poker tour

you've confused me. I didn't touch the palette or images. I only replaced sound files. Also, preview is not necessary. it's a pinball rom. save it to an empty formatted USB stick, place into avengers machine, flip dip switch 8 in the backbox to on then turn on machine and follow simple prompts.

1 week later
#2137 5 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

The LCD images are installed before the game leaves the factory. The .spk does not contain them because they have not been modified since then.
Are there any functions in the service menu to save the firmware on a USB stick (as in Sam when the dip switch 8 is on) ?

You can extract a rom from a machine by setting dip switch 8 on and searching thru menu's?

10 months later
#2359 4 years ago
Quoted from oga83:

Thanks for the information.
For those who are not familiar with Linux, here is how to do it :
cat aerosmith_le-1_02_0.spk.002.000 aerosmith_le-1_02_0.spk.002.000 >aerosmith
mkdir /mnt/spike
mount -t squasfh aerosmith /mnt/spike
ls -al /mnt/spike
-rw-rw-r-- 1 1000 1000 4784617252 Mar 14 21:16 aerosmith_le-1_02_0.spk

The .spk format has slightly changed and Pinball Browser is not able to read it yet.
[EDIT] The .spk format has just been modified to deal with archives that are bigger than 4Gb. I'll make the modification in Pinball Browser soon.

They had to, because USB sticks are usually FAT32-preformatted (and most users don't reformat them).

thanks Olivier, you're incredible. I'm donating more once that's done. There's one song (cat woman mode... slow jazz for a fast paced ramp mode) on BM66 that's sorely out of place in my opinion, I'm going to tinker with replacements if/when you get an update to pinball browser. Thanks again.

6 months later
#2454 4 years ago
Quoted from nikpinball:

Same question. Is there a sharing community space for this? I made a new Metallica (75% done) rom with new music and titles. I want to see what others did and are doing!

Here’s my TWD with NIN/Radiohead on top of Cleland’s callout work. Def check it out if you like TWD, or NIN/RH...


A couple dedicated threads exist on custom sounds but no repository that I’m aware of. I started doing PMs only due to legal concerns on mine in particular.
- - -

Oga83, thanks so much. This is amazing. I can finally start trying to tinker with BM66. Catwoman music has got to go!

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