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AC/DC vs Metallica 2019

By RA77

6 months ago

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“AC/DC vs Metallica 2019”

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#1 6 months ago

I was just in the AC/DC Prem-LE club and was interested to read feedback of AC/DC being superior over Metallica.

Got me thinking, cause I'm fortunate to own both.
It's such a tough call for me.
The way I see it both games are evenly split and spectacular in there own way.

So what is your favorite from these 2 gems and why ?

Premium/LE only for this thread.

If anyone wants to Vs the Pro's please go ahead.

Poll added

#3 6 months ago

HaHa, Damn,

I knew it was done, Cool super old threads

I must look harder next time

Interested if any opinion changes for 2019 ?


#4 6 months ago

Owned both, Metallica is still here. Also, my family has told me if I ever sell it I will be murdered. So there is that

#5 6 months ago

Owned both. ACDC is gone while Metallica will never leave.

#6 6 months ago

I own both games love them but I vote AC/DC PREMIUM/LE.

#8 6 months ago

I find Metallica to be an easier game. With ACDC the shots are pretty short, if you miss them, you are dead. Both are good.

#9 6 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I find Metallica to be an easier game. With ACDC the shots are pretty short, if you miss them, you are dead. Both are good.

I agree, but sometime feel like AcDc can be more cheap drains. I mean the TNT targets are deadly for example. Love both but feel like Metallica is just a small bit better.

#10 6 months ago

Owned both, Metallica remains. Better rules, music, and shots on MET for me.

#11 6 months ago

I had MET for quite a while & now we have a AC/DC Vault Pro. Look at the top 100, as this rating system has kept both within the top 10 for a reason. This is one of the few times that the top 100 has a legitimate rank for two phenomenal machines. Flip a coin & you'll win!

#12 6 months ago

Two great games! Owned both - AC/DC is still here. Can be a bitch to play but much more satisfying when you have a good game.

#13 6 months ago

All great comments and spot on
AC/DC is brutal and just so satisfying when you get a good game on.
Metallica being such a smooth shooter is satisfying for different reasons.
Warming up on AC/DC then playing Metallica is heaps of fun .
Both designs have their own character.

I just love what Lyman has done with code on both and certainly consider Metallica to be complete. Many are saying AC/DC needs a final code polish.

I still find it hard to separate the two.

Interesting to see that Metallica is slaughtering AC/DC in the poll.

I can only guess that the brutality of AC/DC must frustrate the hell out of many ?

Thanks for the feedback everyone

#14 6 months ago

AC/DC ftw

This notion that AC/DC “needs” a code polish is erroneous. Yes, there are a couple of bugs. But 99.999999% of players won’t nit pick. The game was already an all time great before the last code drop. I’m sure he’ll fix small bugs...

But I wouldn’t harp on AC/DC code as a negative in any respect.

Would be curious to see a thread comparing collector/player opinion on Met vs IM vs GOTG, seeing how they all share very similar bones.

#15 6 months ago

I have Premiums of both and love 'em both, but I give a slight edge to Metallica. AC/DC is a mean player with the cannon shot putting the ball in instant side to side action danger. I mean, that's exciting, but man.. it's a drag cashing in a jackpot shot with the cannon and being rewarded with an instant outlane drain. Also, I've had my AC/DC for more than a year, and I only sniffed Encore once when I completed 11 songs, noticed I had 11 of 12 songs completed, then got really nervous and botched some shots and that was it. The closest I've gotten other than that was 10 songs a handful of times. Will I ever get to Encore? I wonder, but it does keep me coming back to try. Metallica by comparison is kinder to me and less infuriating, LOL. It's just plain old fun and I love the Dirty Donny artwork and the James Hetfield callouts and taunts are gold to me. I love 'em.

I find I pretty much agree with the rankings of AC/DC and Metallica on the Pinside Top 100 currently. I think they're both top 10 games in my opinion. The funner and friendlier to play Metallica with better looking Dirty Donny art seems fairly positioned at #6, and the meaner playing and sometimes infuriating AC/DC is at #10 which also seems fair. AC/DC may, just may, move up a couple of spots and get closer to Metallica when Lyman finalizes the current code by completing the OI Frenzy mode and possibly (I repeat - possibly) puts in a mini-wizard mode that recognizes the accomplishment of completing 6 songs, something that us mere pinball mortals can do. Metallica code I think is pretty much finalized.

#16 6 months ago

I had both a few years and hated selling both but give the edge to AC/DC for more flow vs wood chopping feel on Met.....I’d rather smash the bell I guess!.....don’t get me wrong very close Met definitely better art no one can argue that

#17 6 months ago

Owned ACDC Premium and Pro both. They have since moved along but Metallica remains.
ACDC scoring strategy was always a bit of a mystery to me whereas Metallica is a bit more straightforward. Both great games but personal preference is for Metallica.

#18 6 months ago

I own acdc premium and Metallica pro. Acdc is my favorite band and Metallica has become a favorite band. Game wise I play Metallica far more. It's a prettier game, and has really cool toys even on the pro. I like mini wizard modes and Metallica offers that where acdc doesn't. Acdc feels like your only playing for high scores since I'll never see the encore mode. I honestly never could decide between the two, but if I had to let one go it would be acdc. Both are good adrenaline rush games though so it's really a coin toss. Just depends if you want a deeper thought provoking game (acdc) or a mode based wood chopping game like Metallica.

#19 6 months ago

I’ve also own both met still here. But really miss Ac/dc.

#20 6 months ago

Looking at Pinside owners both games have owners/location of ~2000 games which makes them both best sellers. Metallica is evenly split with pro/premium while AcDc much heavier weighted towards the premium.

I just sold my AcDc premium after 5 years and it's a fantastic pin, I loved the lower PF except for the rules (IMO) of the lower PF didn't make up much to me perhaps because the two pins pro v premium don't both have the lower PF so that wasn't given much priority in the grand scheme.

#21 6 months ago

I love both of these games! In my opinion, they are two of the best modern games that belong in every collection.

#22 6 months ago

i would go ac dc vault premium. never owner either. playing in arcades i've blown thru all there is to see for the most part on Metallica. seems like more going on in ac dc. i dig these upper and lower playfields. so for me, i would do the vault premium of it.

#23 6 months ago

I really like AC/DC Premium. It’s probably Steve’s best layout, and it’s really fun to play. That said, I ended up with a Metallica Pro. The selling points for me in 2013 were the inline drops, the piston shot, the art and the dots and the band callouts. The rules were pretty basic when MET first came out (e.g., no Crank It Up), but Lyman has delivered again and again, and the game is now a standard-bearer for rules. When I saw Keith Elwin hit the blown piston combo to win his match at Pinburgh yesterday, I smacked my forehead and thought “that’s what I should be doing!” The point is, you’ll never get tired of coming up with new scoring strategies on Metallica.

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