About Stern and Commitment to Code Releases

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About Stern and Commitment to Code Releases

By Jared

3 years ago

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#200 3 years ago
Quoted from Barron:

That may have been the best thing Jack has ever done.

I sure loved his passion for pinball! Really sad to hear he is no longer at Stern. I thought he was the young stud they really needed for the succession plan, but then again none of us ever see what happens insdie the walls.

#202 3 years ago
Quoted from Jared:

There is an unofficially policy we have. I agree with it on a personal level. "if you don't like it, don't buy it".

That is a piss poor business policy, unofficial or not, and even worse to tell your potential customers. Most business are focusing on HOW to bring in more customers and use the feedback from a large portion of their customer base to bring in more value added changes (i.e. better code on release, polishing code in a reaosnable amount of time, clearing the backlog of games with currently poor code > WWE and KISS)

I do fully agree with this policy, or should it be a mantra, as a pinball hobbyist and hope more people continue to put their $$$ where there complaints are. As more people send money to other pinball manufacturers or just not buy NIB Stern games, then maybe they will change this unofficial policy.

Your unofficial policy woudl at least carry more weight IF all previous release fromt he past 5 years had finished or close to finished code.

#298 3 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

I don't buy it man.

every location is different but by and large pinball on location takes both the regulars and the casuals in order to make it even remotely feasible.

It is like the bar that needs the guys whom have their butt worn into a specific seat and the casuals who come out for a drink every once in a while. Most bars/ pinball needs some of both, but if you cater to only the player you will not make it.

#305 3 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

What I disagreed with is that pinball fans don't play on location and code did not matter.

you are correct 100% CODE DOES MATTER for on route also. TWD was the typical hotness when it first came out then died VERY quickly after people realized the original code stunk. Now post code update it is back up which to me says 100% with evidence that good code matters on route.

#396 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Given the leaked Ghostbusters art


#545 3 years ago

I am not quite sure how threads like this are tolerated on Pinside and not realized to be considered flat out trolling.

Sorry but ANYONE starting a thread that brings about tons of posts in the past week and only has 2 total posts int he whole thread obviously trolled the whole site. This thread is obviously troll bait from the start based on the topic alone. Can someone explain why this sort of posting behavior seems to continually get a pass?

If a member wants to tell lies and provoke conversation then they should be part of the conversation instead of leveraging their inside knowledge and making up thread content without backing it up and then disappearing.

#548 3 years ago

well, then he should actually engage in the conversation... With out him continuing to engage in the conversation it quickly becomes trolling and speculative claims without fact (now against Pinside ToS)

"Make speculative claims without fact: Speculation and opinions are fun to share and discuss, but avoid stating speculation as fact. Any claims of fact or allegations made on the forum must be supported by evidence and/or a trustworthy source. Moderators reserve the right to modify or remove claims of fact that lack proper supporting evidence."

These are all speculative claims where in fact evidence supports the opposite. I am not sure how that is not considered trolling?

Quoted from Jared:

The games are going to be good out of the box, and then improve from there.

History shows us that is in fact not the case. They may be starting a new trend with GoT, but a trend is not made with n=1.

Quoted from Jared:

This is bearing in mind that the vast majority of people in the world who are stepping up to a machine are playing for 3-5 minutes and earning money for operators.

I have lots of metadata to show the opposite of this from both an owner for home use and operator of many games for general public use. Or more accurately, they maybe stepping up to the game for 3-5 minutes and ONLY playing once and then walking away because the code sucked (saw it happen with WWE and sold for a quick loss when realized how bad it was).

Quoted from Jared:

Every day that the factory is open, several of our team members are working on code updates for machines that have already been released.

Again just pure speculative claim without evidence of any of this happening.

I am all for the new ToS rule of being respectful to industry, but I would like to see them be respectful in return. If not, I expect them to be called out on it. This thread was all troll bait when it was placed to bring about reaction but not conversation (I worded that poorly before). Conversation is good but when industry shows up to spread BS and lacks the evidence to back it up and then promptly exits stage left, that is nothing more than trolling. If industry wants to now use Pinside as another PR platform then they should be expected to engage in the community with discussion.

#554 3 years ago
Quoted from DNO:

By conversation, you mean argument? He made his statement, as has always been begged for here. (More communicatin!)
And now you're calling him a troll for not wanting to argue with you? Classic.

I am not looking for him to argue at all. I would expect that industry people are not allowed to pull this crap.

What he has done here is NOT communication. It is PR bullcrap without any evidence or real facts to back it up. If Jared/Stern wanted to have a real conversation and engage with the community then they would actually discuss what is being worked on, by whom, and what the community can expect. Get real feedback, talk with the players they claim to be working to win over or please (or more currently show that they are not leaving games for dead in order to win more sales), and have a genuine conversation.

A shallow promise of more code is coming and a few flat out lies about what they are currently doing with nothing to back it up wont cut it anymore. Making this BS statement here is in fact trolling. He was looking for a reaction and not a conversation. There is a big difference.

#557 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Why can't people just accept things for what they are and move on?

ummm... Because the Pinside ToS specifically point this action out as now being against what is allowed. It is hypocritical as best to allow this sort of stuff on the forum.

I have zero issue with PR stuff in the right place. A forum for DISCUSSION is not the right place for a COMPANY to bring it.
I am still amazed they brought this fluff here. (esp Jared since he had seemed to be so much better about this junk as of late).

#560 3 years ago
Quoted from Xerico:

Conclusion #1: The Pinside Staff has determined that Jared's post is not a violation of the Pinside ToS. We do not feel that Jared is making speculative claims. His post represents Stern Pinball's Public Relations message. As such, we disagree with the opinion that this is a Troll post.

Conclusion #2: We look forward to future posts made by Jared in his official capacity as Stern Pinball's Pinside voice.

Just to be clear >>> So long as a post represents a companies public relations message then it is OK to make claims without them being backed up with facts? in short >> PR statements regardless of factual nature are allowed.

Genuine question as the new ToS seems to be unclear with all this.

I am assuming if I came in an made a claim that was negative or positive in nature but had nothing to back it up then that would be a violation and removed. For example I know there was that one post that supposedly leaked what the next JJP title was, there was no factual evidence to support it so it was completely deleted. I honestly see little difference between that and this thread. The only difference seems to be that this thread was started by a company PR person with the intent of helping their business (and by default hurting the business of others). I never saw the other thread details but I assume it had a similar but inverse intent?

#571 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

Calling out companies for BS practices and praising them when they 'get it right' is neither of those things and far from self destructive.

thanks for the support!

Sad to me that you don't get this Boob. If that is all you want is PR Fluffers, cool i guess, but I find that to be pretty dull and non-engaging.

Quoted from pmWolf:

just let this thread die a natural death


#578 3 years ago
Quoted from pmWolf:

If so, that is surprisingly coherent for someone that may have been plastered.
Well done.

drunk coherent and high coherent are 2 entirely different thing IME.

#587 3 years ago

some of them are pretty sensitive about pot talk or use on a personal level and it extends to their moderation heavy handedness.

Back on topic, I wonder if any of the programmers at Stern are recreational users. All the coders I have ever known enjoy a little toke every once in a while, esp for creative brainstorming sessions.

1 month later
#645 3 years ago
Quoted from fatality83:

Jared please come back, most of us appreciated you and what you were doing. Don't let a few people ruin it for you and others. Please announce your return.

if the AV update tells us anything it is that he is better not here. Shit seems to get done now that he is not posting here

#650 3 years ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

Like Jared has anything to do with code updates, facepalm.

It was a joke

2 weeks later
#681 3 years ago
Quoted from DNO:

Bottom line to me is, Stern doesn't owe anyone here shit, yet many love to insist they do.

I think you are misunderstanding peoples passion and desire for stern to provide BETTER customer service. We all want Stern to do better and we see obvious ways they can. Many of us also see obvious failures in previous code that sits unfinished and the games languish.

Stern doesn't owe anyone shit, but if they are in the business of making more money then they should want to provide more than they currently are.

At the same time, people with 5k toys and luxury items should be expected and encouraged to provide feedback.

7 months later
#861 2 years ago
Quoted from Eric_S:

5 year bump for Wheel of Fortune code release...

Sad part is that they were willing to provide an update to papa but nobody else

#879 2 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

I'm fine you think the game is terrible. I have no problem with that. Most people hate it and I get it.
However, If you don't know what is going on in the game, how can you comment that the game is finished.
Let me tell you, the game is 5x better than the Rolling Stones pin in your collection. I actually speak from experience. I have owned them both. The band is great but the game blows. Rant over.

Quoted from markmon:

Yea I don't actually own a rolling Stones. It's an iron maiden but since it was self converted, there's no way to update that on pinside.com. The rule set in rolling Stones is a combination Lyman / Lonnie rules set similar to avatar, iron man style. It's actually quite good with some strategic stacking. And there is some decent mini wizard modes and a real wizard mode. The software is good and it's all there. The ramps are wide and have a Steve Ritchie style feel. Once the stones was removed from the game, it has really come alive and is a great game.

Quoted from badbilly27:

TomGWI wins that round.

2-0 tomg...

3 weeks later
#912 2 years ago

does anyone have a specific list of all realistic code updates needed for games in the past few years?

I would like to have it on hand for questions.

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