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AAB v Replay EM's Opinions

By Shapeshifter

6 years ago

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    #34 5 years ago

    Some like aab's.
    Some like replays.

    I grew up playing replays and I'll be honest with you this Dimension I've been playing lately is the only aab I've had so far where I like the ruleset better than it's counterpart 2001 (haven't played it yet). But, the more I play it the easier it is to run the ball count up to 8 or 10 balls thereby making it a long game. And, I have a bad pop I haven't had the time to fix yet. So, when i get my 2001 up and running I'll have to compare them.

    I have a Drop a Card and I think it has a great ruleset. I don't get all the drop targets down very often and it keeps you coming back for just "one more game" as the designers had hoped for. I haven't played Pop a Card yet.

    I had a Gold Strike and it was too easy with super-long game times. I like El Dorado better.

    But, there's two camps here. The aab's may reset targets on some games where the replays don't but what I like about the replays is it's so hard to get all the drop targets down! They designed them so you will be close but a lot of times you WON'T get all the drop targets down. That's why I like replays. Short game times and if you do achieve your goal the designers incorporated into the game, you had one heck of a good game!

    #68 5 years ago

    Dimension follow-up:

    I'm really trying to give aab's a chance as I'm a replay guy through and through. I replaced a couple drop target's, adjusted a few kick-outs, and worked on the flippers and pops. Best score so far is 67,000. Don't laugh. My question to you aab guru's is what's a good high score on a game like this? Do you guys roll these over pretty easy?

    I do agree this does have a good ruleset.

    #71 5 years ago
    Quoted from jrpinball:

    Even on "Dimension" you can have the occasional stinker game. You can get a truly massive score as well. You should be able to roll it over if you get a fair amount of extra balls via the "WOW". It's not a really big scoring game; points can be hard to come by. Although it's tempting to whack away at the "cherries" when the "WOW" is lit, keeping the ball up near the top of the playfield can accelerate your score because the holes corresponding to the groups of completed drop targets are now each worth 3000 points, and the pop bumpers are worth 1000 points. If you have the ball counter pinned at 10, get the ball up to the top and try to keep it there as long as you can. The game has some tough angles, and the balls can drain just as quickly as you can accumulate them. It takes a little while to get used to the shots.

    Thanks jr for the info.. I have it set on 5-ball currently.

    #74 5 years ago
    Quoted from jrpinball:

    The manufacturers made add-a-ball machines to skirt the anti-gambling laws that some states and localities had, or even still have (I believe it is still illegal to this day to win a replay on a pinball machine in New York). Growing up with them here in NY state, I've come to like them very much. When you were a kid and had only a few dollars or maybe just a quarter or two to plunk into a machine, you tried to extend your play for as long as possible, and you also tried to get a stratospheric high game which would sometimes stand for months until someone else achieved a better score.
    In places where it was legal to win replays, the goal was to rack up as many free games as you could, and I understand the value of this to a kid who had a limited amount of change to play pinball with. That to me is the primary difference between replay and add-a-ball games, but it's basically the same thing; extending your playtime as a result of your skill. Replay games reset and start a new five ball game with somewhat limited scoring potential, and add-a-ball games extend the current game, allowing for an open-ended high score. They are both fun in their own right, but I believe the objective of pinball is to get as high a score as possible. You're somewhat limited with only five balls on a replay machine, but sometimes five balls is all you want to play.

    Agree with what jr said about replay games adding that our dual objective was to light special to win replays and also to achieve the high scores for replays also. Mainly, we wanted to get the highest score possible with the most replays possible.

    #82 5 years ago
    Quoted from StevenP:

    As others have noted, replays are meaningless (other than attaining a pre-set score)

    It seems as if this phrase keeps getting recycled ^^^

    As others meaning players that grew up/like playing aab games.

    Since about 75% of the em games are replay games that are in collections, that tells me that replays are not meaningless and are very important to us that grew up playing replays. Also, besides the pre-set scores which I call the high scores, the goal of the game is to reach special for another way to win replays. Still exciting after all these years.

    Replays, aab's, re-aab, and multi-players are all fun games - just different strokes for different folks.

    #99 5 years ago

    In defense again of replay games, the main reason for us to like them for years and even decades is just one simple thing - the sound of the knocker - period. Credits may be "meaningless" but hearing the knocker isn't.

    I had a Gold Strike about 5 years ago that looked as if it just rolled out of the factory. It played like that too. Strong flippers, pops, etc.. You could turn it over two times, three times, four times, etc.. Long game times - 20 minutes, etc.. To me it was boring - to other folks that like aab they just had a great game when it was a long game - not me. I grew up with short game times so that game wasn't for me. I sold it and got an El Dorado and it's one of my favorites.

    #105 5 years ago
    Quoted from jrpinball:

    Ach! Wish you still had it. I'd gladly take it off your hands!

    You may have seen it up or auction on ebay.......

    #107 5 years ago
    Quoted from jrpinball:

    When did you sell it?

    December, 2010

    GS rt sd cab wh gm 104.JPG
    2 years later
    #168 3 years ago

    Nobody will ever win the replay vs. aab argument.............

    Pop a Card over Drop a Card
    Replays over AAB's except for a couple like Pop a Card, Captain Card, etc.

    Replays are still fun to us who grew up on replays on location. It's achieving either the high score goal or special goal or whatever makes the knocker go off - same as the goal is to win a free ball on aab's for features or points. Both are trying to achieve the highest score on that game whatever it may be - aab or replay.

    I grew up playing replays with rulesets that made game times short. I would much rather play 3 games in my collection than spend 15 minutes playing Dimension and winning ball after ball after ball - 275,000 once this summer (although it is still a fun game and a tad rare).

    I don't understand this statement: "replays are no fun in a home environment" - they are to me. It's a good thing everyone doesn't think that way or we would all be jumping on any aab that popped up on CL. Prices would be through the roof!

    #173 3 years ago

    I had a pristine Gold Strike and sold it because of long game times. You can have pretty long game times on El Dorado too compared to other replays - I think either one is a bit too easy but great for a bigger collection. Great artwork too. My ED isn't going anywhere.

    #175 3 years ago
    Quoted from boilerman:

    what you grew up playing ALWAYS will play a part in what side you fall on in this.
    myself I enjoy both for many reasons, BUT do I like the title enough to buy it/add it to my lineup ?

    Agree, and I'll try any replay or aab anything once because you never know what you might like..........just like when you played Team One - it kind of surprised you it was such a good player.

    #177 3 years ago

    That's a winner!

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